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Transform the old sanskar and stabilize in your constant, stable,natural stage,similar to GodFather-BapDada.

Avyakt Murli  10.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Murli 1: Power of gathering – to stabilize in one thought (transformation)
You sit here with one thought now, like that, stabilize in one thought of remaining in one bodiless-soul conscious stage. Let there not be any other thought, the power of one concentrated thought has to be created in one second. You have to become strong in creating-stabilizing in one thought in just a second.
The physical army soldiers fires at one shot, all together, to create the required effect or overcome the enemy, like that, this spiritual army, every one of you, if can stabilize in one spiritual stage in one second, then the drums of victory will be heard.
In this gathering, do you experience the single powerful stage or some of you struggle to stabilize in a single-constant spiritual stage, can the drums of victory be heard with this? When everyone’s thought merged in one one thought – stage, then the drums of victory will be heard.
Is it that only few souls must have that stage, you have the memorial of lifting the rock together with everyone’s co-operation of little finger, it is the sign of one thought, one stage of all of you together. Father asks how you will lift this rock of iron age? what you will do? when you will lift? (children say when Father gives order) Father would give order to stabilize in one stage, one thought, can you bring into practical? This one second of practice has to become constant. It is not that you stabilize in one second and you lose the stage afterwards, you have to maintain the stage in a natural way, constantly to become victorious.
You have good wishes to give light of knowledge to every soul, like that, even in the divine family, you have to cooperate amongst each other in stabilizing your thought in one second, in one stage by various ways and means.
Do you make plans to stabilize in one second in the gathering? Unless the divine family has the one stage together, the time for revelation of God cannot come close.
You have the aim to become the master of the kingdom, not an independent king, if you have the aim, you will attain it accordingly. Every child have the responsibility that, not just one have to become stabilized, everyone has to attain the stage. It is not that you become happy with your stage, if one bead is not of equal stage, the rosary will not be created.
The difference between the knowledge of soul (of people in general) and Supreme soul is, here you have the power of gathering unlike there, where they have only the knowledge of soul.
It is sung about the one kingdom, one religion, one direction-path, you have to make it practical. The victory attained in previous world cycle is imminent even in this cycle, but bring them in to practical by removing your veil. Bringing the stage in physical form is to reveal the God. You say that transformation has happened then why do you say, little more to be done.
The basic sanskar is your original sanskar from the beginning, which you call it as my nature, I am like that, this basic sanskar of yours must not remain even a little. Now, you are transforming but you hide yourself by saying still to be done, you say, this is my role, my sanskar, this is my sanskar of speaking-behaving, do these thoughts reveal  your selves as an embodiment of perfection-complete stage?
Your original sanskar (the acquired habit-nature identifying our self-our personality) is the basic sanskar, you have to bring transformation in this, the last effort is to transform your original sanskar (and imbibe the true nature of soul or the sanskar of God-Father or BapDada), only then you will become one in your gathering. You have to erase your basic sanskar and has to become or bring in the sanskar of BapDada. So, the BapDada – GodFather will be revealed to the world by your practical form. In devotion, it is said, wherever I see, it is you and only you. Here in practical, wherever whoever souls see, BapDada’s sanskar should be revealed to them.
You find it difficult to imbibe the original natural sanskar of BapDada because, you use your intellect instead of following the Father, then you ask how to erase the wrong one and you make real effort of Following Father only when you feel that you are not reaching anywhere by your own directions of mind, completely and hence, it takes time and energy. If you just follow Father , the time and energy will be saved.
The effort to make difficult spiritual effort to easy and the last (final) effort to become successful in spiritual effort is to cremate the old (acquired) sanskars completely.
Father says, what you will do to become courageous, to cremate your old sanskar? Just  follow father, this is the first role to play (and also your final effort) and this first role will bring your final stage. So that, you will become concentrated – stabilized in one thought (of being lost in love of God).
To such effort maker, those who remain in one taste of God, those who remain with the one beloved, Namaste.
Murli 2: Transformation
The present time is known as the time of transformation. Time is the basis for transformation. The transformation in you, the Instruments for world transformation, is the clock by which the present time is known. Those who become instrument to create transformation, you must have transformation in mind-thoughts, words and actions, this is known as the flying stage of transformation.
Transformation takes place even in copper age but that is of coming down from your elevated stage and here at this confluence age, you are climbing up in your spiritual stage. Do you increase the speed of transformation which takes place even in a second, a day . But according to the present time, what is the stage of transformation, do you experience? If the instruments for world transformation take time for transformation, then it will also take time for the creations for their final transformation. Along with great instruments, even others (every soul and elements) are to be transformed.
The clock shows the time, like that, the great souls are like the clock, the clock shows the nearness-closeness of time, you have to check the time for yourself, so that the transformation will become fast and the transformation of the creations would reach the final stage. The creation also transform very little by little, you understand the stage and time of transformation, let the transformation be such that souls would feel and see your transformation completely and be revealed in  a natural form. Let the sanskar of self look natural irrespective of whatever action you perform, at all times. Now, it is seen for sometime, but the natural form has to remain for a long time, constantly.
The basic sanskar (of individual – weakness which is there for a very long time – say from the beginning of copper age or from birth) are known to each other, if you never pass fully but in percentage, the basic sanskar, which you say, it is my sanskar - nature that is being revealed, let others feel that your old sanskar got transformed completely. Let others know about it (your individual transformation).Unless you do not transform in your basic sanskar, complete transformation never takes place. When everyone has to be transformed, the great souls who are instruments must transform their basic sanskars and no one should say that you, the instrument souls, have these sanskars from the beginning (and even now), let the old and basic sanskars not be seen, let it be erased. This is known as complete transformation. Even if a little is seen, it is not known as complete transformation.
Ordinary transformation will not be asked- checked with you souls who are instrument in world transformation. The stage  of you souls and  others must be seen with a difference of day and night when compared, When your stage has become elevated (by complete transformation) you are known as lucky stars in your memorials. The knowledge-able Sun (God) and moon (Brahma-Adam) are fixed. You follow the sakar (physical Brahma-Adam or BapDada), you have to take the help  by the power of intellect, you follow the instrument of transformation.
Let there be the gathering once in a year and share about your spiritual transformation, do you have such transformation that your complete stage is revealed in the stage, let this transformation happen in a special form.
One is that you have the Dharm yuddh (knowledge- proving the truth and existence of God) and the other is to reveal by Dharna (becoming the embodiment of knowledge). The proof of Supreme Knowledge is the practical image of imbibing virtues. The virtues are to be seen in practical. In the Dharm yuddh, let your image of imbibing knowledge and virtues are revealed. Nowadays you are not able to prove your stage (knowledge) by discussion, but you can reveal your stage in practical by making them silent by being an embodiment of knowledge.
Like you make plan –program for service, let you make progress in your spiritual stage. Make progress of sharing your experience, let the progress of sharing your stage and service plans go together.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you be an equal companion and with the method of total surrender finish all rights for the self.
You can only fulfil the promise you have made that you will stay together, return together and come back to rule your kingdom together when you become equal to your companion. There will be equality when you are surrendered. When you have totally surrendered everything (by intellect), you or any others have no rights over anything. While you still have a right, it means that something is lacking in being totally surrendered and this is why you are unable to become equal. Therefore, in order to remain together and fly back together, you need to become equal quickly.
Slogan: To use your time, breath and thoughts in a worthwhile way is the basis of success.
For service through the mind:
Remain stable in the form “I am a light-and-might house” and spread the impact of light and might everywhere. Stabilise yourself in the final powerful stage and serve through the inner body, the body of light.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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