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It is fixed in the world drama for the world to become pure.God inspires only self realization.

Murli 28.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, has come to give you the third eye of knowledge through which the light of the soul is ignited.
Question: Why is the Father called Karankaravanhar? What does He do Himself and what does He inspire others to do?
Answer: Baba says: I carry out the task of speaking the murli to you children. I speak the murli to you, give you a mantra and make you worthy. Then I carry out the inauguration of heaven through you children. You become messengers and give everyone the message. I give you children directions. This is My mercy and blessings.
Song: Who has come here in the early morning hours?
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Who has come early in the morning? You children’s third eye of knowledge opens up through the God-Father. No one knows about the God-Father. People speak about Brahma-samaj, they know God as light and in their temple, they keep the light lit. Now, this Father never keeps the light burning with any match sticks, Here it is very unique. People say God’s methods and ways are unique.
Father teaches knowledge and yoga, someone should be there to learn, Soul does everything, Soul has the good and bad sanskars. Now, because of appearance of vices, people’s sanskar have been changed. Five vices exist in human being not in deities. When there was the kingdom of deities in Bharat these vicious sanskars did not exist, they remained completely virtuous, you had good sanskars.
Father comes and gives liberation to all souls. The gurus are known in devotion for giving liberation, but no one get liberation and liberation in life at any time. You get liberation only after Father comes.
People have been calling out to destroy the vicious world and establish the pure world, to open-inaugurate the gateway of pure world.Father comes and opens one through the mothers. It is praised about Vande Mataram, the Shiv Shaktis  (The Companions of God) of confluence age. At this time, no mothers are being praised because there are no pure souls. The elevated soul is one who takes birth by the power of yoga. The Lakshmi Narayan are known as elevated souls. Bharat had elevated beings but not now, here people have spoiled the name of deities saying war-violence existed in golden and silver ages.
Gandhi also asked for RamRajy, from this it is sure there is kingdom of Ravan-vices. Gandhiji had wanted the Kingdom of God from self independence. For Ram rajy, you needed the Unlimited Bapuji. Children know that it is the kingdom of Ravan, all souls are in the darkness of ignorance. You know that you were also sleeping in darkness but God has come and awaken us.
The night of darkness has come to an end, now the day has to come. Now it is the confluence age (early morning hours-time),Father comes and gives the third eye of knowledge. You have it in your intellect that this is the eternal drama, which keeps repeating. Now, how much you have woken up. The whole world is under sleep. Now you know about the world cycle and the three worlds. Rest all the people of the world are in the ignorance of sleep. And no one knows about the One who makes them pure.
People never ask to know about the world cycle, the most they needed is to become pure. By knowing this world cycle, you become the master of the kingdom. By remembrance, you become pure. You also know, the destruction is about to happen, there is no war of Pandav and Kaurav (as mentioned in scriptures). No one knows who are Pandavas. You have the Supreme Father with you sakshath- in reality. You receive inheritance from that Father.
You know, the soul of Krishna takes 84births and takes inheritance once again, the history and geography of the world repeats. Now, you children have to become pure before the destruction-transformation happens. Being in the household, remain pure like a lotus flower. Start with purity and end up in satopradhan. It is sung about God’s spoken words, being in the household, you have to remain pure in this final birth.
The world has to become pure, it is fixed in the world drama, It is not God’s wish. The God and Nature has different roles. Father explains to you, He comes when the half world cycle ends, when the kingdom of Ravan-vices ends, I come . Shiv Jayanti is celebrated. Government  must give holiday atleast for 1month for the celebration of God’s birthday. No one knows God is the one who give salvation for all, remove sorrows and give happiness. For one month all religious followers must celebrate the God’s birthday.
Especially God comes directly in Bharat and gives salvation. During golden age, only one religion exists, there were no partitions, hence it is praised about the immovable, imperishable happiness of deities, you are receiving  it once again, you received the inheritance of heaven 5000years ago. There was no sign of unhappiness in the Sun and Moon dynasty. Everyone remained happy and hence it is praised that, King, Subjects and everyone remained happy alike.
Father has explained about the Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, what is the relation among them. From Brahma-Adam, Vishnu (King of golden age) appears, and from Vishnu Brahma appears. Even this Lakshmi Narayan become Brahma Sarswati, later become Vishnu once again. Whatever image you seein devotion does not have any truth. The large image of God-light is shown in big ling, otherwise how a point of light can be worshipped. There is creation through Brahma, Sustenance through Vishnu and destruction by Shankar. In reality Brahma never creates anything, only God establishes Heaven , Shiv Baba speaks through the body of Brahma. Brahma would become pure and go away and would become Narayan. The father of human kind exists here on earth.
The decoration of knowledge belongs to you but it is given to Vishnu. In deep devotion, you receive sakshatkar (divine visions), there is praise of Meera, In men the no.1 (great) devotee is  Narad. Now, you are listening to this knowledge to marry the Lakshmi or Narayan. It is also explained about Narad, he had wanted to marry the Lakshmi, in reality you are making effort to marry the Narayan. Narad exists in copper age, how he can come in golden age. Radha Krishna are known as Lakshmi Narayan after their marriage but even this, people of Bharat never understands.
Father is the Benefactor, you children also benefit others. You children have to churn the knowledge to find out how this knowledge can be explained to others. Father explains how the pictures are to be created. It is shown Nehru appears through Gandhi, like Vishnu appears from Brahma, they compare deities with human being.
The unlimited Father is teaching us, this you have not heard before any time. When Krishna has spoken Gita, the date and time is not known. It is said whenever there is irreligiousness, Krishna comes and reveals Gita. The time of world cycle also no one knows. The tree of you children keeps growing and becomes unaccountable.
You know how the clans are created, the clan of you children are most elevated because you are the True incognito spiritual social worker of Bharat.The Supreme Soul Supreme Father is making you perform spiritual service, People ask you what service you do for Bharat, you are inaugurating the heaven, He creates establishment. The Karankaravanhar (One who makes everyone perform action) is doing it now (through His Children). Who is reading this murli? He gives direction, He gives the great mantra of Manmanabhav – to remember Him alone, then tells you to teach others and hence He is known as Karankaravanhar. You have to study this knowledge and have to teach others, remember the Father and the Inheritance. It should not be that you tell others and you yourself  never remain in remembrance of God.
By not making effort of remembrance, you never attain the elevated status. Others become pure by remembrance, children even write letters without seeing Him (without even coming to Mount Abu), they wanted to remain pure, you children have loving intellect towards the God-Father, there is the rosary of loving intellects, there is also the rosary of Vishnu, at the top of rosary there are two beads and people say namaskar to those two beads, then there is rosary of other beads. You are making Bharat in to heaven and the rosary belongs to you. Father creates the sacrificial fire (of knowledge) in which whole world is sacrificed. God gives inheritance for 21births.Those who have taken inheritance in the previous cycle, would come certainly to the Father but according to the time.
Children , if you have to go to the land of happiness, 1) you have to remain pure. 2. Have to remember Me. 3. You must not ask anything like show mercy or ask for help. You help everyone, you need not have to ask, you have to make effort, there is nothing of taking blessing from the God, Father says, Remember Me alone. It is your duty to remember the God, God’s role is to give direction, this is the mercy God is showing towards you children.
Then rest you can eat, drink, go around, you must eat only pure food. You are becoming pure deities. There in golden age, you have only pure food, the dirty food of this iron age never exists in heaven.  Because the seed is sown here (you have to practice what you would do in golden age). Like illness never exists in heaven, impure things also never exist there, everything will be of satopradhan (completely pure).Here see, what all people eat. Now, Father asks children, Remember Me, leave the company of others (by intellect and looking at others as a soul) and keep the company of God.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Past is past. Forget the past and make effort to become satopradhan while living at home with your family. Definitely become pure before destruction takes place.
2. Remain engaged in doing the true service of making Bharat into heaven. Your food and drink must be very pure. Only eat pure food.
Blessing: May you be one who uplifts all and with the awareness of your birth in which you have died alive, transform any bondage of karma into a relationship.
Because of your having died alive in this birth according to shrimat (God’s direction), the relationships of lokik (physical) karmic bondages are the basis of relationships for service. There are no karmic bondages but relationships for service. If you move along in the field of service, having imbibed knowledge of the variety of souls, you will not be distressed by bondages. However, if, instead of having feelings of dislike or hatred for sinful souls or souls that cause defamation, you are merciful and compassionate and serve with the relationship of service, you will then be remembered as well-known world benefactors and those who uplift all.
Slogan: If you have disinterest according to the time or the situation that is temporary disinterest. Now become one who has disinterest all the time.
For service through the mind: Remain stable in your form of a special beloved deity, your merciful, compassionate and kind form, and fulfil the desires of the devotees. Now, with powerful vibrations of your mind, give all souls the experience of attainment.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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