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Create your own fortune by the treasures of your every thought,action,words,time and breath.

Avyakt Murli 31.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: One who has a right and one who is dependent.
Do you experience the stage of silence in a natural way like the stage of coming into sound? Do you experience both the stages as your natural sanskar (habit) or the practice of coming into body conscious of 84births is more strong?
For 84births you have been coming into sound, can you remain beyond sound just in a second or the sanskar of 84births pulls you towards it?
What do you understand? Which is more prevalent? the sanskar of 84births or the stage beyond sound? Which is more powerful? One is of 84births and the other is of an experience of just a second. Which attracts you a lot, this experience or the other one? The sanskar of coming into sound or sanskar of remaining beyond sound, which attracts you the most?
In reality, this experience of one second, is the basis of experience for a very long time, will give attainments for a very long time, hence this one second, of practice, is equal to so many years.
You are able to move your hands like you want, a stage of being a master of the body. Who can become the master? Only those, who can become a child first. If cannot become a child, you cannot become the master of your body, the child of Almighty Authority. When you have the awareness of being a child of the Almighty Authority, you become master of the nature and master of the Universe.
The more you remember of being a child, you will have that much happiness of being a master and you remain in that intoxication.
If any point of time, if you become subservient to nature, what is the reason for it? You forget your stage of being a master almighty authority, you never keep your stage with you always, the master never becomes subservient, to the nature.
Do you see yourself as Ever-ready and All-rounder? Ever-ready means, irrespective of the situation or obstacles, whatever stage you want to stabilize according to shrimat (Godly direction), do you stabilize in that stage? do you follow according to the order-shrimat, have you become ever-ready that you follow according to shrimat?
If shrimat is, to stabilize in a second being an observer, and if you take even two seconds instead of one second, can it be called as ever-ready? If military orders to stop, everyone stops in a second, never one step is taken forward. Like that, you must able to apply a stop in a second, in such a stage, can you stabilize with-in a second?
To able to apply stop with in a second is known as fast effort maker. You have crossed the stage of (ordinary) effort-maker, have you all reached the stage of fast effort-maker? Let there not be any disturbance of thoughts, such stage, do you experience? In this way, do you remain ever ready always?
The shakthi (Sisters) army is ever-ready, who holds the powers, are you ever ready? or yet to reach this stage? Pandav (Brothers) army or shakti army, who is Number One? Pandav gets in to varieties of situations and yet are you able to maintain the stage? The car or any vehicle, you have complete control to stop it wherever you want. Like that, your every senses-organs (mind-intellect and sanskar) have to be used wherever you want and other times, they have to be kept under control, are you able to stabilize your intellect in whatever stage you wanted?
Pandavs are number one or Shaktis? even shaktis are not less, even shaktis co-operate, like this, you have to become ever ready.
Do you understand the meaning of All Rounder? Do you remain an all rounder? What is the experience of an all-rounder in the perfect stage? You have to keep three qualities in your awareness. 1) They remain in (spiritual) service,  2) They mix with everyone in terms of sanskars and relationships and 3)Whatever physical actions, while doing it, they fit (get moulded) in every situation as if they are doing it for a very long time. They never see any action as new. They see everything as very old (have practiced before). When you fit in all three, you are known as an All-Rounder.
In this every point, based on these, your action-future is revealed. All these have very good connection with the future. If in these points, if there is a short-come of even 10%, this small difference will make a big difference of your future attainments. Like in any action, everyone seem to be equal with others, but if you observe in a subtle way, there is a difference in numbers. Like that, you can know your own number, observing these three qualities. What is the percentage? if you have all three qualities with you, you have to see how much percentage you have it in each quality.
Like this have you become an Ever-Ready and an All Rounder?
Every one has the aim to come first. Some think, even if they come last what does it matter? If you have the aim that you are content with what you receive (spiritually), what would such weak souls be called? It is mentioned in scriptures about them that, when God is distributing the fortune, few remained sleeping. Those who are careless are, as if they are sleeping. What title they would receive? They are called as ones who lose the fortune which came on their way. Even after becoming a child of the Bestower of fortune, after coming close to the Bestower of fortune and still stay away from receiving it, you never become like that. You are the creator of your own fortune.
You create your own fortune and hence you receive the image of your own future-fortune. How much you have become the one, who creates your own image? Is it already made and waiting for final touch up? If you don’t have your image in front, then it means you have not created your own image?
You are all Number one artists. Some artists are very good, but some are very good but never become benevolent in using their instruments of paints and hence they never paint completely. Your thought, action, words, time, breath, all treasures have to be used with benevolent heart, then your image will be very good.
There are some who have received everything, but they never use them completely, you must not be economical in this, even the time must not be limited to put in use. For elevated actions, you must not look for economy (in using the obtained treasures). Time, words actions, you have to put them in use. The right Economy is to become Ek Nami, to belong to One God and remember Him, to have His name in your awareness constantly. The Ek nami is to be economical. If you do not become Ek Nami, you cannot be economical practically.
Like this, those who remain constantly in the true religion of self, those who remain beyond sound and come into sound, those who use all powers-treasures in actions-service constantly, to the master almighty authority, ever ready, all rounder children, love and remembrance, Namaste.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you transform your attitude and so your vision, and become an image that grants visions and transforms the world.
With the transformation of your attitude, make your vision divine. Then through your drishti, many souls will see their real form, their real home and their real kingdom. In order to grant them a real vision, there should not be the slightest mischief of body consciousness in your attitude. By reforming your attitude, you will make your vision divine and only then will the world be transformed. Those who are watching everything will experience those eyes not to be eyes, but magic containers. Your eyes will become a means to grant visions.
Slogan: Together with zeal and enthusiasm for service, an attitude of unlimited disinterest is the basis of success.
For service through the mind:
Just as the physical sun dispels darkness with its sakaash and brings you into the light, and with the power of its rays is able to transform many things, in the same way, become a master sun of knowledge and with the rays of happiness and peace that you have attained and with sakaash, liberate every soul from his sorrow and peacelessness.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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