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Meera and you children have had divine visions of possessions and activities of golden age.

Murli 29.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, become detached from your body while alive. Become bodiless and remember the Father. This is known as dead silence.
Question: You children are now making your foundation strong. On what basis do you make it strong?
Answer: On the basis of purity. The purer the soul becomes, that is, the more it becomes real gold, the stronger it becomes. Baba is now laying such a strong foundation of self-sovereignty that no one can shake that foundation for half the cycle. No one can snatch away your kingdom.
Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor)…
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
God-Father says, Remember Me, which means becoming bodiless, which means Dead Silence. When the soul leaves the body, it is said soul got separated from the body, there is dead silence. You experience dead silence by being detached from body. You have to die alive. This is the true silence. when someone leaves the body, it becomes dead silent. People go to Samadhi (burial place) of Gandhi and remain silent-dead silent.
We souls are the image of peace, religion of soul is peace. This is not known by others hence they ask and look for peace outside. Soul has forgotten its original religion. When it’s original religion is peace, why do you ask for peace. Sanyasis experience silence by pranayama, it is known as aritificial silence. You know that you are becoming swarajy (self independent, ruler of self and ruler of kingdom).
Soul does everything, soul becomes barrister, Soul asks for swarajy, You have come to the Father to attain swarajy once again. You know that you are a soul, you have to become swarajy, Krishna had his kingdom and later he lost the kingdom, now Father has come to give you swarajy, this is known as RajaYog.
God Father comes and teaches you Rajayog. People say I am this, they identify with the body, in reality when it is said, I – male or female, it refers to the soul, it is the soul who does everything, in reality soul is a male. Soul is receiving Swarajy from Supreme Father Supreme Soul.
There is difference in devotion and knowledge. In devotion they play varieties of music to wake you up especially in the temple of Shiv. Here Father is awakening you to give swarajy, there is nothing of music. Here, you remain a student, study and attain elevated status. Sanyasis (renunciates) ask for peace, there is a story of a queen searching for her necklace although she was wearing it, in reality original religion of soul is peace but they look outside for peace. You also have to remain pure.
Father says, you are a soul, you have taken 84births, no one else can explain you this other than the Supreme Father. You are the children of God. Father explains, without purity, you cannot imbibe the knowledge. It is said, the milk of lioness should contain only in the vessel of gold. Here also, to imbibe knowledge you need the vessel (intellect) of gold (purity). By remembering the God, you become pure, true gold. Soul remembers the God, who is the real Gold, you were also true gold.
Father says, I come and give you swarajy. This swarajy, you would receive when it is the end of old world and beginning of the New world. Human beings never receive the unlimited kingdom-world, deities receive it. You children belong to God and become the master of the world. God explains your story of 84births.
Deities do not know about their (history of) births (if they know about their births that they rule the kingdom and later kingdom would disappear, their happiness would disappear). Deities, if they know that they would climb down the ladder, the happiness would disappear. You know that you are a soul, you know about the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.
Now, Father explains you the complete secret of world drama. You understand that this soul belong to your clan, had done more devotion and have come once again to receive the kingdom. Many do not know that the world is old now and it would become new. Many make new houses such that even if earth quake happens, it would not fall, the new house has to become old.
The foundation of your swarajy is being laid now, for 21births. People themselves never have any foundation, anytime they leave the body. Father is laying foundation for 21 births, no one will be able to shake you up. Even in Gita, it is said about asking for swarajy which is unshakeable. Soul must be much happy that God-Father is taking you to the place where there will not be any trace of unhappiness.
You have faith on God. You children certainly have faith and so the number keeps growing, you know that the Puriifer, the Ocean of knowledge is teaching you Rajayog, It is said, Sri Krishna comes and teaches Rajayog but you know that God comes and teaches Rajayog.
In front of Shiv (The God-Benefactor), no one sings that You are 16 celestial degree completely virtuous, the praise of Shiv and Krishna-deities are different. Shiv is the Ocean of knowledge, the Benefactor of all, who fills the apron of everyone (with knowledge), He is the innocent Lord. People have been calling for the God-Father, to remove sorrow and give happiness. In reality Only God gives happiness, He is only being praised. Gita (spoken by God Shiv) is the direction of Sri Sri God by which you children become most elevated.
No one knows how this world can be elevated, they feel the saints would do it. To make it elevated, to establish elevated world, only God has to come and do it. In golden age, the Kings are so powerful that ministers never exist there. There is no praise of any ministers. You will rule the kingdom like you have ruled before. Everyone will attain their kingdom which would be different. Krishna would rule his own kingdom, minimum there will be at least eight, later 108, in future you will know how many exactly would be there.
It is not that everything will be told now it self, you will know about things according to the time. Those who live in future would hear all new knowledge (about future). Father knows that everything is fixed in the drama, whatever you have to know, you will come to know according to the time. Children, in future, you will come to know more, day by day, you are being told new things. You also know that, how you will rule the kingdom there, how marriage takes place, you have seen all these in trance-divine visions.
You go in trance, you go to heaven and see how the palaces are, only gold is seen everywhere. When you go in to trance, you see the house with bricks of gold and wanted to take a brick of gold with you to this world. Meera also have seen in trance that, she is dancing with Krishna. You go to the subtle world, when you come out of trance, you say you had nectar and seen garden but in subtle world, you cannot be given nectar, in subtle world gardens will not be there, but you say, you have seen the garden and had nectar, (You see heavenly gardens and other images through divine visions), you never get the things of heaven here on earth. Here there are only sorrows.
You say, Hey God, remove us from this world of sorrows, the devotee of Krishna and Hanuman praise them, the deities whom they worship. Here, Father says, Remember Me, such that at the end (when you leave the body), you never think about others. When you go to the Kasi culvert, you make effort that you do not get any thought other than the God. People who die in kasi culvert, they get rid of all sins, they get visions of all their past sinful actions and experience the pain (by visions-thoughts) as if they experience it for years together (and when they take re-birth, their accounts start new).
This world is the world of sinful souls, Soul calls out for the God, Hey Supreme Soul. The true name of God is Shiv (Benefactor), He is known as the Supreme Father.  Shiv and Saligram (the souls who co-operate with God in establishment) are worshipped together, Shiv is the Pure One. In devotion the sacrificial fires are created. Only in Bharat, all types of devotional activities are carried out.
The residents of Bharat have forgotten about their true religion, in reality Hindu is not any religion, the deities of ancient deity religion, who were pure come in stages of sato, rajo and tamo. When they are in tamo, they cannot be called as deities (but human beings). Now you are told that once again you can become a deity, those who were deity have forgotten themselves taking so many births, now God has come to make you a deity once again by this knowledge.
You ask people to come and listen to this knowledge. Father says, I make you belong to Me, to give the inheritance of peace and happiness. When people remain together, they remain very loving. Here also you have to remain loving together and you receive inheritance in future. In physical world also family live together with lot of love, spend their earnings together, still, this period of earth (iron age) cannot be called as heaven. There in golden age there is no sorrow, no disease, there everyone remains happy.
You have come to receive happiness from the Father, you say, God - You are the Purifier, come and make us pure. You are also khudai khidmatgaar (Godly helpers) like the Father. Father has become helper for the children and hence God is also known as khudai khidmatgaar.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim self-sovereignty, now make the foundation of purity strong. Just as the Father is the Purifier, so become as pure as the Father.
2. Stabilise yourself in your original religion of peace. Renounce body consciousness as much as possible and remain soul conscious. Practise remaining in dead silence, that is, practise becoming bodiless.
Blessing: May you be powerful and with your catching power, catch your real sanskars and become an embodiment of them.
The main basis of effort is catching power. Just as scientists are able to catch sound in advance, in the same way,  with the power of silence, catch your original deity sanskars. For this, always have the awareness that you were that and are once again becoming that. The more you catch those sanskars, the more you will become an embodiment of them. Things that happened 5000 years ago should be experienced as clearly as if it were a matter of yesterday. Make your awareness so elevated and clear that you will then become powerful.
Slogan: The breath of Divine life is happiness. Even if you leave your body, you must not lose your happiness.
For service through the mind: Become free in your mind and with your pure attitude and thoughts, do the service of transforming the atmosphere of the world. For this, constantly keep the attitude of the mind be clean and clear. Let there not be any conflict in your mind for only then will you be able to serve with a pure attitude.
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