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By soul consciousness (instead of body consciousness),you never become tired.

Murli 05.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, never become tired of the pilgrimage of remembrance. It is the storms of body consciousness that make you tired. Become soul conscious and your tiredness will be removed.
Question: Which sanskar spoils your elevated fortune for 21 births?
Answer: If anyone has the sanskar of sulking and sulks with the Father or the study, then the fortune becomes spoilt for 21 births. This is why Baba (Father) says: Sweet children, never have any wrong type of intoxication due to body consciousness, such as how you explained to so many or how you helped so many people. Look how great an authority Baba is and yet He is so egoless. Therefore, see (follow) the Father!
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary! Your days of happiness are about to come.…
Sweet Children,
Sweet sweet children listened to the song, the serviceable children understand the meaning immediately. Now the darkness has come to an end. The devotion is known as the darkness of unlimited night and the knowledge is known as the light of the unlimited day. Now, it is the early morning hours (Amritvela-confluence age) for the world cycle.
You must not become tired of your spiritual pilgrimage. In the physical journey-pilgrimage, they go by walking with their luggage, in a group. Now, here, the spiritual pilgrimage is very easy, it is said, easy Rajayoga, you just have to remember the Father and the inheritance. Here you must not become tired. You become tired due to body consciousness. By body consciousness, you become tired.
You have to perform actions for your daily earning, for 8hours.You can take rest for 5 to 6hours (not 8hours), spare 8hours for remembrance. At the end you would remember (the God) for 8hours.You must keep increasing your chart-level of remembrance. You sit in remembrance of the Father, it is not that, you sit in remembrance only here. Father says, whatever actions you perform, do it in remembrance of the Father. While taking bath in river Ganga, devotees chant while bathing, here you need not say anything by words. Here you earn a lot in remembrance (by mind), the storms of maya-vices creates obstacles in remembrance, you get the thought of children, work etc. Now, you have become the heir of unlimited God-Father.
Rich ones think that their children will grow and become their heir for the inheritance. If you die in remembrance of the children or wealth, you will lose your income. You have to leave the body in remembrance of the God-Father, so that you attain inheritance for 21births.
You must not have too much desire for physical wealth, otherwise you forget the God-Father. Many come in knowledge and fall ill, you fall ill due to your own karmic bondages, by remembrance your karmic bondages will finish. This body has bondages of so many illness, you become heart fail in the long run.
You lose interest in the old home (world), wanted to create the New World. Yours is the unlimited renunciation, Sanyasis renounce the limited world and go to jungle. Father says, Children along with the body, you have to forget all the bodily relations and remember the One God-Father, You have to forget whatever you see by your physical eyes because whatever you see will be destroyed-transformed, you must not have love for them.
You children say that, some souls fall from the fifth floor of lust, the body consciousness. the bones get broken. Then once again, they start making effort. Lust is the greatest enemy. You have been calling out for the Father to make you pure.
Bharat had deities, who were very pure, now everyone had become impure. Sun dynasty  (Satopradhan) was there and later in Moon dynasty (Sato) purity level comes down. You wanted to become the master of heaven. Here you need not have to say anything, your intellect must rest on God, the remembrance must be complete so that when you give knowledge to others, they will follow the instructions.
There is power in remembrance. Children, you must not turn against the God-Father. Many children become arrogant by the body consciousness saying that they helped many souls. Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is the Highest authority, He never has any ego. He comes among the poor.
Now, you children have to wake up. Father gives you very good method. According to the world drama, things would become worse day by day, you tell the Government that you are going to create heaven. If heaven is created, old world has to be transformed. Whatever properties you see now are only for temporary period. All these houses which are being made in madhuban (Mount Abu) are for the children to stay, you will rule the kingdom in Delhi.
Whatever actions you do now, have done even 5000years before, you become successful in it.  Initially the temple is made for Shiv Baba, Delwara temple is the memorial of establishment.
You children must remain very happy, Father gives the method for service. You have to perform actions (go for jobs) to maintain the body. The serviceable (surrendered) children who are known as Pandavas can get sustenance from the Government (Pandav Government-Madhuban),but the stage of children must be such. You have to forget the whole world, if you are strong in remembrance, your stage will be very good. You leave the body in remembrance of the God-Father, like the sanyasis leave the body in remembrance of the Brahm element, the surroundings become dead silent.
You must get rid of body consciousness and leave the body with lot of happiness at the end, you must know what you are going to attain.
When soul become detached from the body, that is known as real silence. You know soul is the embodiment of peace, but soul cannot do anything without the body. You know that the religion of soul is peace, now we have to return home-soul world.
Father says, Remember Me and the Inheritance of heaven. You have to remember Me in Soul world so that you will have remembrance of God-Father and also would remember the Home-Soul world. This world is of physical creations, you must not forget the God-Father and the Home. By leaving the body in remembrance of the God-Father you will attain elevated status. Always See (follow) father (Brahma).Brahma-Adam surrendered everything to the mothers. Many surrender but never stay for long.
You did Bhatti (long meditation of 14years) in Karachi. You listen to the knowledge in practical. Father says, Hear No Evil while performing actions. Father says, take guidance from the Father, you earn an income in every step by following the Godly direction. You earn a lot of income, always remember that you are earning an income of multimillions.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to be threaded in the rosary of victory, make full effort to become detached from your body. Continue to renounce body consciousness. Remove this world from your intellect.
2. Don’t have too much greed for wealth. Don’t think about anything other than remembrance of the Father. Never sulk with the Father or the study.
Blessing: May you be a spiritual server who achieves success in service with the powers to accommodate and oppose.
Spiritual servers cannot think of anything except service. They do not take rest from service through their thoughts, words or deeds for even one second. This is how they become the best. In order to achieve success in service, they always remember that their goal is to accommodate and to oppose. They accommodate their old sanskars and they oppose Maya, not the divine family. Such children who are powerful as well as knowledge-full are said to be spiritual servers.
Slogan: Do not make small things big but make the atmosphere powerful (big).
For service through the mind:
Let pure feelings for every soul emerge in your mind. Spread thoughts of your good wishes and pure feelings into the atmosphere. Think of benefitting everyone.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD https://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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