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God has come now, to bring death for old body and donate life for the New World.

Murli 19.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you have come here to make the bodies of the whole world, including your own, as eternal as the kalpa tree. It is only by having remembrance that your bodies will become eternal (body being eternal meaning having a long life).
Question: What is the way to become residents of heaven from residents of hell? How do you children now receive the donation of life?
Answer: In order to become a resident of heaven from a resident of hell, you definitely have to die (leave the old body). Baba (Father) says: I have come to bring death to all of you. I will finish off all the bodies and take all the souls back with Me. This is the true donation of life. The Mahabharat War, in which everyone will be destroyed, is for this. Souls will become pure and return home and then go to heaven.
Song: Mother, O Mother, you are the Bestower of Fortune for the world!
Sweet Children,
Sweet Sweet spiritual children listened to the song. World Mother is praised only in Bharat. Then there will be the world Father. Here, World Mother is present in a physical form. There is also the father of human kind. Both are present in the world.
There are father and mother for human kind, God is the father of all souls, He is the Supreme Father Supreme Soul, you must not call Him as God, He is known as the God-Father. One is the Father of all souls and other is the father of physical body.
Soul says, Supreme Soul  is my Father. When you get the physical body, you have two fathers. There is Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) and there is Brahma, the child of Shiv Baba. (Brahma says, you have both father (God) and mother (Brahma himself) but I do not have mother). There is physical father and there is incorporeal father. The Brahma - Adam and Saraswathi – Eve are not called as Purifier. Only Incorporeal God is the One who purifies the soul.
You have been calling the Purifier to come. Shiv Baba is the Creator. The deities Vishnu and Shankar are not known as father of human kind but Brahma-Adam. The God appears in the body of Brahma to make you pure. He makes the soul pure, soul has become impure and hence the body also remains impure. The gold (soul) is added with the alloy of copper (age) and iron (age).
One is the Father and the other is Grand Father. You are children of God. God and Brahma are combined. Shiv Baba is present now and teaching you RajaYoga. God is transforming human beings in to deities, the deities are not known as father or purifier. Lakshmi Narayan together is known as Vishnu which people do not know.
In golden age , you have only one physical Father, there, you never call out for God-Father as Liberator or Purifier, there you never undergo suffering. In Bharat, 5000yrs ago, there was the kingdom of deities. Father says, in Satyug (golden age) and Treta (silver age), there was only one religion of deities, later other religions come into existence.
God is rejuvenating you, makes you strong and eternal, makes you the master of the kingdom. When Bharat was immortal (where there was no death), there was the kingdom of deities. You come down the ladder of 84births, you were the master of Bharat, now have become residents of hell from residents of heaven, you become the residents of hell after taking 84births. God takes birth – appears only in Bharat. The Shiv Jayanti (the birthday of God) is celebrated only in Bharat.
Krishna Jayanthi (Birth of Krishna) happens in golden age. All kings, people appear in Sun dynasty, later they get transferred to Moon dynasty. You understand that you are the top knot. Above the knot, there is Shiv Baba. God adopts you and you become a child. You know that you are the descendents of Brahma, children-brothers and sisters of One Father. Many children call Him as the Father.
You have to become pure certainly, how men and women can remain pure? the method is there in the drama, many never recognize God. If you do not know about God-Father and history of world cycle, you remain an atheist.
Golden age is the pure world, Iron age is the impure world, now it is impure world known as Raurav narg (the depths of hell). From Copper age, the hell comes into existence, even the devotion was pure in the beginning, later undergoes rajo and tamo. Earlier there was the unadulterated worship of God Shiv, later people started worship of even water, they praise the river Ganga as purifier, how water can purify, God is the purifier, Shiv Jayanti is celebrated only in Bharat and hence He must come in Bharat certainly.
God comes to make you pure, there are two types of devotion, there cannot be any human being with four hands. The country-land of Lakshmi Narayan is being praised. Deities are known as Vaishnav, now, Vaishnav remains a vegetarian but not vice-less. In reality those who live in the land of Vishnu are known as Vaishnav. There is a different temple of Krishna and Radha, Radha Krishna becomes the Lakshmi -Narayan. Radha Krishna is of younger days, later they are known as Lakshmi Narayan when they are grown up. There is no younger days picture of Lakshmi and Narayan.
You know the history of world cycle, Father explains about the world human tree, the history of the world drama. By looking at the world human tree, you know that, the Shankarachariar (of Advaita – sanyasi religion) appears in iron age, Sanyasis never come in golden age, you become the deities, residents of golden age.
Everyone knows , the young and old, all say, Father we are your children, you know about AdiDev Brahma, who sits in front of God Shiv. Father says, remember Me, you would become pure. ShivBaba is our Father, He is the Purifier, He is also the Guru, This is the gathering of becoming pure, you become pure from impure through the Purifier God. In confluence age, they show about the confluence of river and Sea, in reality, it is the confluence of God and you children, you are the rivers appear from the Ocean of Knowledge (God), to purify the souls, you bring the souls here to give knowledge. So, when you become a child of the Father, you have three fathers, one is physical father, there is Brahma-spiritual father and there is Shiv Baba. In golden age you have only one father.
Your soul says, I have only One God-Father, no one else. You remember the Father and become pure, soul knows that God is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. Father has come to take you all back home, He has come to give you death, you have to leave this old body to become residents of heaven, your old body has to finish, I have come to donate life, the soul has to become pure to go back to the soul world. The iron age has to be transformed – destroyed, only then the Golden age would come, there is praise - mention of Mahabharat war, Mahabharat war takes place now, in this confluence age.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Bathe in the ocean of knowledge and make yourself pure. While living with friends and relatives, let it remain in your intellect that “Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other.”
2. In order to go to the land of Vishnu, become true Vaishnavs, that is, become pure. Die alive to hell and connect your intellect’s yoga to heaven.
Blessing: May you wear the crown and the tilak (victory sign on the forehead) and by becoming BapDada’s helpers be seated on the heart-throne.
When someone is seated on a throne, his visible sign is his tilak and crown. Those who are seated on the heart-throne have the tilak of the stage of soul consciousness constantly sparkling on their foreheads, visible from a distance. Good wishes for the benefit of all souls, is visible in their eyes and on their face. Their every thought, word and deed are equal to those of the Father.
Slogan: Imbibe the virtue of easiness for easy remembrance and make your sanskars (nature-habit) easy.
For service through the mind:
Experience: I, the soul, an embodiment of peace, am a child of the Father, the Ocean of Peace. I am giving the donation of peace to the whole world. Rays of peace are spreading everywhere.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD https://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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