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Do you remain busy in settling your own accounts or doing world service?

Avyakt Murli 17.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) 19.4.1973
Murli 1: The Effort for Revelation
Do you consider yourself as the most elevated souls who remain close to the God-Father?
Those who remain close receive the quality of other person, hence when you remain close to the God-Father, your qualities will also be equal like Him. Those who constantly remain (combined) with the God-Father, do you experience the spiritual colour of God-Father constantly. The physical colours and the attitude because of impure connections (relationships) are visibly seen, like that do others see the colour of your spiritual contact (relationship with the God-Father)? Do others see it or still it remains merged (incognito)? Have you become merged (become one) in the colours of God-Father?
The final date (of transformation) depends upon revelation of everyone’s spiritual qualities. When there is revelation, many will repent, without repentance they never return home. Hence, it is asked with the instrument souls about the date of revelation? You are all instruments in bringing the perfect stage near, do you see your perfect stage?
You understand about the perfect stage, but what do you understand about your own stage? Do everyone reveal your perfect stage? Who are you? What were you in the earlier cycle? Did you forget your previous stage of perfection? You create the awareness of previous cycle amongst other souls, so, do you remember your own stage of perfection (of previous cycle)?
You special souls, the most elevated souls, don’t you see your perfect stage? That much delay is there for transformation, till the instrument souls reveal their perfect stage.
How much time there is for transformation? In the subtle world, there was a discussion on future stage, Father asked for the result? Majority in the first question, never came out with more than 50% pass, this year, you were asked to remain in pilgrimage of remembrance and imbibe the blessing being in soul conscious stage, according to this direction, did you have the spiritual stage like you had in the beginning (of this organisation), there is difference in stage and experience.Like the souls got more attracted earlier, can’t you do the same even whilst doing service, the result is not even 50%.
In the next question on service and enthusiasm, the result is good, but there is a lack of balance. If you have proper balance, you can relieve the suffering souls from the sufferings. Now, you don’t hear the cry of suffering souls because you don’t know about your own stage, then how can you reveal your spiritual form?
The third question is, in relationships, do you see yourself content and how much other souls remain content? In this, majority are pass, it is 50 and 50, one day you are alright and other day you are not, this is known as 50:50. You were told that you will receive special blessing in this year, first month you had attention, later you forget about receiving-imbibing the blessing, when you do not have this awareness, you find difficult to face the obstacles.
To get rid of all types of obstacles, like in previous year, you lit the fire of intoxication, even this year, you have to light the fire of avyakt (soul conscious) stage, it is not that you remove obstacles and become satisfied, only for yourself, but you have to do it for the whole divine family, you have to increase your speed in this. When the speed decreases, the delay in revelation is seen in the world drama. You have to reveal the complete powers, not just one power. You are the descendant of Almighty Authority (One who is with all powers, constantly) and hence you have to reveal the Almighty Father by revealing all your powers (constantly).
To those Master knowledge-full, blissful, successful souls, those who remain in spiritual relationship always, to such special souls, remembrance and namaste.
Murli 2: The fruit of devotion and bhavna (feelings/wishes).
The devotees are given the fruit of devotion (which is knowledge), like that when souls come to you with bhavna (expectation) to give life (energy) and peace of mind, can you give them the fruit for their expectation? If someone comes to you that they do not have power, can you give them the reward of their expectation, through the powers which you have received from the Father? They would know about the Father later, but first you have to give them. Such bhavna souls (who have wishes-desires) will come to you at the end.
One is, receiving inheritance by effort. Other is, there are souls who are weak, who will come to you, to them, you have to fulfil their bhavna, you have to become instrument in this, they would feel that they have received it by the shaktis (deities or children of God), who give the blessing by remembering the God-Father, this is sung in the name of nazar se nihal (fulfilling the desire at a glance).
When there is darkness, in just a second, the light removes the darkness. Like that, when you souls remain in your complete powerful-perfect stage, when such soul (who has desires) comes to you, in a second, when you become soul conscious and switch on the stage of good wishes (and good feeling) of benefitting the soul, immediately, their wish would get fulfilled. They become content with very little, they will feel that all their wishes got fulfilled. Their role is to take few grains, so when their wish is fulfilled, they would become contented-excited.
For every soul to receive the fruit of their bhavna, and for no one to be left out, for this, you elevated souls have to accumulate the powers. By this powers, you would give powers like the power to merge, power to be patient and other powers to them.
When a patient goes to the doctor, doctor gives dose according to the need. Like that, from now, you have to make effort in accumulating powers, because, those who would become Maharajas (Great Kings), their effort is made not only for them, just passing-overcoming the obstacles of self is not great, they have the power to use for the sake of the world. So, like this, here also, the special souls must experience all the power within (to use it for world service). Then, you will know the time of revelation is very near, that time you would not think about self-effort, you will think about the benefit of others-the world.
Now, you make effort for the self, you had to use your mind for your effort, later this stage will change-pass, you would experience your perfect stage. Every second, you would use it for the sake of worldly service, this is known as complete and perfect stage. If this is not complete, it cannot be known as the perfect stage, so your effort must also become refined day by day, the special souls make special effort.
Now, the souls who are benefactors-bestowers, have to reach the stage of bestowers, you receive by giving. So according to the time, there is need of perfect stage, your perfect stage will come close and so also the time of revelation. Check your selves, do you spend your time and effort for others or for your own self? According to the circumstances, you would remain soul conscious automatically. Without soul conscious, you never attain success, so the stage of soul conscious would become natural. Have you become the one who benefits the world or you benefit only your  self? Do you remain busy in settling your own accounts or the accounts of the worldly souls? You have the aim to use your mind, body and wealth for the sake of world service, so, constantly use them for the world service.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you be a master creator with a powerful stage who remains distant from all the attractions of the creation.
When you remain stable in the powerful stage and intoxication of being a master creator and master knowledge-full, you will be able to remain distant from all the attractions of the creation because the creation will now create even more of a variety of colours and forms. Therefore, now forget the mistakes of childhood, mistakes of carelessness, mistakes of laziness that are taking place and reveal your powerful form of power, your form that is holding all the weapons and your form of the ignited light and you will then be called a master creator.
Slogan: Become so hard (strong) in the stage of your mind that no adverse situation is able to melt it.
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