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God-Father takes everyone back home (soul world) purifying either by knowledge or by pain.

Murli 11.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)                           
Essence: Sweet children, you mustn’t have any of the desires that people of this old world have because this world is to be destroyed-transformed.
Question: What desire should you have at the confluence age so that all your desires are fulfilled for all time?
Answer: I have to become pure, remember the Father and claim my full inheritance from Him. Just have this one desire, for it is with this desire that all other desires will be fulfilled for ever. “May you have a long life! May you have children! May you be wealthy!” You receive all of these blessings. In the golden age all your desires will be fulfilled.
Song: You are the Mother and You are the Father…
Sweet Children,
God-Father gives you the blessing to live a very long life (of 150yrs in golden age), there you will have children who will give more happiness unlike here. Father is giving you unlimited inheritance, certainly you would become very wealthy and live a long life.
All your desire will be fulfilled in golden age. Here you must not keep desires for a great job and huge salary, here you need just two rotis to eat, you must not have more desire, every thing has to be destroyed-transformed. Father is making you master of the kingdom hence Father says, leave the body consciousness, offer the five vices to Me, then all your eclipse (bad omen) will disappear and you will become pure.
You have to become completely virtuous with 16celestial arts and highly respectable, here in confluence age and hence you have to offer the five vices here. You must not have any other desire except to receive complete inheritance from the Father, only little time is left out.
Just you have to remember the Father and become completely pure. The worldly people have more desires, you must have only the desire to take the inheritance of heaven, you must not give any pain to anyone, the very important is, you must not fall in lust, to get rid of lust, the sanyasis remain away from women, they say that they renounce everything.
Father says, the time is very short (only few years are left out) now, unless you follow the direction of God-Father, you never attain the elevated status. You have to offer the five vices, to receive inheritance of heaven, you have to certainly become pure. You have become completely vicious-impure from completely vice-less-pure.
Father says, never become impure-vicious, you have to win over the lust. In heaven, you were completely pure, now by following the Ravan-vices, you have become impure and hence you bow down in front of deities.
By becoming vice-less, you receive only happiness. Now, I have come to make you children pure. You have to get rid of the worldly desires, keep sharing the nectar of knowledge with everyone. You have to become free from desires with only desire to become pure. Only by remembrance you have to become pure, you have to become vice-less now, you have to become the deities from human beings. You were worship-worthy (in golden age), free from illness. You have to become worship-worthy from worshippers, Father is making you free from all types of illness (making you ever healthy).
You must not keep any desire, this is a dirty world, you must keep the first class desire to become flower from a thorn. If you remember Me, you will become a pure –charitable soul.
Now you have been covered by the eclipse (bad omen), God comes and removes the eclipse by which you receive happiness for 21births. The more you remember, you will have everything in your awareness. You have to return home (Soul world) along with the God-Father. If you remember the Father, your sins will be removed. The maya-vices have removed your wings (of light (purity) and might (virtues)). Now, you become the master of every one (including the five elements) by following the Godly direction.
The Godly direction is just to remember the Father, so that you will leave the body at the end in a very good way (You attain God, if you remember God at the time of leaving the body). Only pure souls become worthy to come in heaven. There you will have a long life (of 150yrs), you will become very wealthy (would live in golden palaces). Father says, Aishmanbhav, Puthrvaan bhava –Blessing for long life and have children). In golden age, you have one male and one female child by the power of yog. People ask how you take birth in golden age, In golden age children are born by the power of yoga.
Sri Krishna is known as yogeshwar, it is not that he remains in yoga, it is because he remains pure. Now, Father is making all of you yogeshwar. The yogis have a very long life, the bhogis (who never controls the five senses) have a very short life. Father is making you pure and you are known as yogi. You are also known as rishi (renunciates) and Rajrishi. You are learning Rajayoga to attain (rule) the kingdom.
At this time, you have to remember the Father, you must not have wrong-troublesome desires like to give birth to a child, then you would fall in vice (become vicious). The body conscious ones fall in lust not the soul conscious ones. Father says, become pure. Now, you must not fall in lust, become pure, then all your sufferings will go far away. Father explains you very well, you have to receive complete inheritance. It is said Sudama (friend of Sri Krishna) gave two hands-full of rice and received the palaces in return.
Now, you understand that everyone has to return home. Now, to the extent possible help in the task of the Father, open the university to teach yoga (remembrance of God), put a name board to show the right path to become ever healthy and ever wealthy for 21births. Now how many surgeons have you become? You also put a board outside your home. Whoever comes, first tell them about the two fathers, one is physical father and the other is Spiritual God-Father. From physical father you receive the limited inheritance of property and you receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father by remembering Him.
By this spiritual effort of remembering One Father, you attain elevated status. You have to become the resident of heaven from iron age. You residents of Bharat have to become the residents of heaven. Father says, just remember Me, remember the Aliph (the first alphabet) – the Allah. This is a dirty world, do not keep any desires. You are here to die alive (to surrender mind, body and wealth by intellect and live a life of Trustee). People say they reach heaven after death. You say that you remember the Father to become the resident of heaven. By remembering the God-Father you will never cry or suffer.
The storm of maya-vices will come because this is the world of battle (against vices), the storms come to pass away, storms never remain-stay for a long time. Wake up early and remember the Father, receive inheritance from the unlimited Father. Father never gives you any difficulty, just He says children, remember the Father and forget everything else. Everything has been already become dead (lost its purity-newness), the destruction-transformation has to happen, keep speaking about the inheritance you receive from the Father and help each other.
Fix your time to wake up early morning by 3am or 4am and certainly remember the Father, talk to the Father like, Baba, we would certainly receive the inheritance from You. Remember the knowledge of Creator and Creations, You have come to play the role in this world drama, you have the knowledge of world human tree, how you are taking 84births. Now you are returning home after playing your role and you would return home to rule the kingdom.
Only by remembering the Father, you would become the ruler of the world kingdom, you have become the master of the kingdom for so many times earlier, later you become the resident of hell. Now you have to become the resident of heaven. You get removed of sins only by remembrance, it is known as the fire of yoga. You are known as Rajrishi. You have to receive the complete inheritance from the unlimited Father. You can remember the God Father even if you are not well.
God makes the children write to Him, children write Shiv Baba Care of Brahma. The spiritual Father comes and makes you pure and hence Father is known as the Purifier, He never leaves anyone (from becoming pure and take everyone back to soul world). You children become pure by the power of yoga (remembrance of God), all others also made to become pure by settling the karmic accounts by means of pain-receive visions of past sinful actions. Even the nature (five elements) becomes pure. You know that, the elements of satyug-golden age will remain pure. Now, even the body is impure and people go to river ganga to make the soul pure but soul never becomes pure by bathing in ganges. The soul becomes pure by the power of yog. Father says, keep remembering Me, so that by this fire of yoga, you will become pure.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t have any wrong type of desire in this iron-aged world. In order to become completely satopradhan (pure), follow God’s directions.
2. Only have the one desire to return home having become pure. Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. So, don’t waste your time with the storms of Maya-vices.
Blessing: May you be truly loving and, by remaining stable in your inner form, reveal the incognito form of yourself and the Father.
The children who remain introverted by remaining stable in their inner stage or their inner form can never become engrossed in anything else. They cannot be deceived by the old world, relationships, prosperity or possessions that are temporary and showy. By remaining stable in the inner form, your form of power that is incognito is revealed and the Father is revealed through this form. Those who carry out such an elevated task are truly loving.
Slogan: Maintain the honour of your faith and your birthright and you will not be distressed.
For service through the mind: Allow thoughts for the benefit of every soul to emerge. With the awareness of the intellect and with your vision you should not see anything except the soul form. Sit in your form of soul consciousness and spread sakaash-vibrations everywhere.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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