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God-Father is present on Earth now, to take you all souls back Home to the soul world.

Murli 14.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, up to now you have continued to move along on the basis of things you have heard from others. The Father now gives you knowledge directly and makes you as knowledge-full as He is.
Question: What are the signs and the praise of the stage of good effort-makers?
Answer: Good effort-making children follow the Mother and Father fully. They have mercy for their lives and pay full attention. They definitely make even a little time to sit in remembrance of Baba. Their stage is remembered as unshakeable, immovable and stable. They are called mahavirs (Great warriors against vices).
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord…
Sweet Children,
In devotion, the whole world sings (the above song), now, you children understand you also were singing in devotion, the Innocent lord is with you now, you call Him Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). You children understand that, according to the eternal fixed drama, Father comes only at the confluence age to make you do spiritual effort.
How long you children were doing devotion? (from copper age) Father gives you the duration and now you have belonged to the Father. Those who did devotion will come here to receive the inheritance from the God-Father. The deity dynasty existed in Bharat.
You have mentioned the name of Krishna in place of God Shiv, in the Gita (of copper age – which is the memorial of the real Gita). The One who spoke the Gita (in confluence age) never teaches the worldly Gita, no one knows the real Teacher of the Gita (of the confluence age). Those who have written the Gita (of copper age) is being praised but people do not about the One who spoke the real Gita (of confluence age).
You children know that, the God is the Ocean of Love and He explains with love, He never becomes angry. God says, children you were deities (in golden age) have come down from your elevated status by taking rebirths, you belonged to the deity religion. You residents of Bharat who belonged to the original deity religion come again to receive the inheritance.
God Father appears only during confluence age although you have been calling since long time. The kingdom of Ravan (vices) and Ram (not the Ram mentioned in scriptures) exist only in Bharat. When you say Shiv Baba, you remember only the incorporeal one. The soul is an incorporeal being. It is not that God comes on His own, by Himself, but God comes according to the fixed plan of the drama. It  is not that God sits and listens to the cry of every child. It is not written anywhere when the God-Father comes.
People have mentioned wrongly about the duration of the world cycle. Father says, you must have the picture of three main deities in every home so that everyone can remember (about themselves) by looking at the picture. Children, you have to become completely pure, you must remember Me, so that your sins will be removed. Only God Father can explain this to you.
You say Shiv Baba speaks, in-between father Brahma-Adam also speaks and say that he is also an effort maker. God Father establishes heaven through the Brahma-Adam. There is no peace now. To establish peace, there will be a battle. Now, the iron age is in total darkness, there is a huge population and everything has to be transformed. There is the world cycle, many religions would disappear and the One deity religion would come into existence.
God is doing everything through you children. Only He gives liberation to everyone. You study for the future 21births. I teach you and make you the master of the heaven for 21births. So, certainly the establishment of Sun and Moon dynasty have to be carried out. Those who make effort will attain elevated status. You must follow the Mother and the Father, who are shown in subtle world, heaven and you see yourself becoming the kings and queens.(You had divine vision of playing dance with Sri Krishnain golden age).
You know that this Bharat was heaven, there was the land of Krishna, now it is the land of kamsa-demons-vices, once again the land of Krishna would come. There is the unlimited day and night. There is unlimited day for half the cycle and unlimited night for half the cycle. When the darkness – night of Brahma comes to an end, the day appears. Father comes once again and give the eternal knowledge to bring the day-light again. The day of Brahma-Adam is the day for you children.
This Bharat was the pure Rajasthan (place where the king rules), now have become impure Rajasthan. God comes only in Rajasthan (Bharat-India where Kings had ruled) and create the sacrificial fire of knowledge. The religious founders come and establish only their religion. When God comes all religion and kingdom is established.
He is known as the Ocean of knowledge, peace and happiness. Now, you know that, you are receiving the inheritance from the God-Father. The more you make effort, the more you show the right path to others, that much you attain the elevated status. When you remember Me, you will become pure and become the master of the kingdom, it is very easy method.
Many children listen to the Parents to learn this spiritual study and show the right path to others. God says, children, you have to become Messengers, in reality the real Messengers are, you children. To everyone you have to give the message that the God-Father has come now and now you have to return Home-soul world. Father says, children if you remember Me, you will become pure. You were pure, Ravan-vices made you vicious and now once again, you have to become pure.
You have to give message to everyone that this world never remain as it is, there will be bombs thrown and it is the time of battle now. People say God is Krishna, they are confused, unless you become confused, God would not come, hence it is fixed in the drama, there is the game of devotion.
Father says, children, if you remember your GodFather, your sins of so many births will be removed. By remembering Me, all your sins will be destroyed. Earlier, you were body conscious, now you must see yourself as a soul. Father says, children you must become soul conscious now.  You children explain to others, here (in Mount Abu) God-Father tells you directly.
This gathering (of soul and Supreme Soul) is the most benefitting one. You must remember the Father constantly, to receive inheritance, you must remember the Father and inheritance, you must also not commit any sins. If you do any vicious action, you undergo pain. Maya-vices makes you perform sinful actions, you must overcome the maya, you are the victorious jewels, you must not perform any sins. You win over the vices by remembering the Father.
You must remember the Father by which you will become completely pure and free from vices. The good effort-maker says, they have to follow the Father, they would remain in pilgrimage of remembrance, they will not perform any sinful action. All the relatives would leave the body. Father says, I have come here to take you all back Home-soul world. I take you to the soul world, soul leaves the body and go back to home. Now, I have come on Myself to take all the souls back home to the soul world. Now, you have to leave this old body, you have to become pure.
God comes and takes you to the land of liberation and liberation in life. Now, even the five elements, body are impure, in reality, your body was pure earlier. I come once again to establish the deity religion, you have forgotten your original religion. Every one call themselves after their religion but you residents of Bharat have forgotten your ancient deity religion. Father explains you how the residents of Bharat come down from the elevated state.
You must become worthy of worship by remembrance, you must remember the Father early in the morning, you converse with the Father in the early morning, you know that God is speaking to you souls directly. When souls receive God, they receive Him with a lot of love. By conversing, you also create more love like Father has more love for the children. You know that God-Father is speaking to you directly, even if you meet the Brahma-Adam, remember the God-Father.
Even amongst you, very few understand and others forget, come into body consciousness and you forget Me, you also make promise that, we belong to you. You say, Father, we will receive complete inheritance from you. If you remember completely-constantly, you can receive complete inheritance. Without remembrance, your stain of alloys cannot be removed.
In golden age you have 21births of eternal happiness and peaceful kingdom. You sing that when you have received the Supreme Soul who is far beyond and unlimited, what to do with the limited attainments. Those who do not understand now, will understand later, they will know about the One who establishes the sacrificial fire of knowledge which is created for transformation.
This sacrificial fire is created by God and every object will be offered in to this sacrificial fire. People do not know that the ancient deity religion will be established after the battle. No one can say that they know the life history of God-Father. People have been calling out for the God-Father but they do not have knowledge about Him.
People think that by God’s grace they received the child and some feel that what God gave is taken back and never feel bad when they lose them. Now, you have to remember the Father by which you will receive the kingdom of golden age-heaven. Only you children understand the complete world cycle, God Father had made you knowledge-full by explaining everything and so you also become knowledge-full like God. You must not become like a touch-me-not plant, by not remembering the Father, you sulk.
The time is coming near, and you know how much effort to be done. Before the end, you must complete your effort, you know very well when the world cycle would come to an end.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Study the spiritual study and earn a true income and inspire others to do the same. Give everyone the message to return home. Don’t now perform any more sinful actions.
2. Wake up early in the morning and remember the Father with a lot of love. Don’t become like a “Touch-me-not” plant over trivial matters. Make your stage unshakeable and immovable.
Blessing: May you be in the combined form and serve through your combined form and thereby bring souls into a close relationship.
By serving just through sound you continue to create subjects, but when you stabilise yourself in the stage beyond sound and then come into sound, when you are in the avyakt (bodiless) stage and then come into sound, by serving in this combined form, you will then create heirs. Souls who are impressed with sound come and go when they hear many sounds, but when you serve in the combined way through your combined form, they will not be influenced by any other forms.
Slogan: Do not let the spiritual endeavour of the attitude of unlimited disinterest become merged in the facilities.
For service through the mind:
Just as you give sakaash-vibrations from the highest tower and you spread light and might, in the same way, sit in your elevated stage or position and give light and might to the world. In order to give sakaash to the corporeal world, be a resident of the highest place.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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