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Children,I have come now to decorate you and take you with Me to our Home-Soul world.

Murli 12.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you should have the intoxication that your Baba (God-Father) has come to make you into the masters of the world. We are personally sitting in front of Him.
Question: What effort do those who know the deep philosophy of karma definitely make?
Answer: That of staying in remembrance, because they know that it is only through remembrance that their past karmic accounts will be settled. Those souls know that if they don’t settle their past karmic accounts, their suffering of karma, there will be punishment and their status will be destroyed. Then the next birth would also be according to that.            
Sweet Children,
Father asks, do you have unlimited happiness when you know that, the God-Father has come? You know that the Father has come in the body of Brahma-Adam after 5000years, you know the reason why Father has come. You children know that, the God who makes you master of the kingdom has come now, He makes you worthy to rule the kingdom and hence you have to become completely pure from impure.
Father gives you the method to become completely pure, the very easy method of remembrance. Father teaches you how to remember the Father very easily. In the world when a child is born, they think the heir has come, here Father adopts you children. Every child belongs to the Father but how He makes you belong to Him? For that He had to take the help of an ordinary body. Father speaks through the body of Brahma, I have come to make you the master of the kingdom but now your soul can neither go to the land of liberation (Soul world) nor to the liberation in life (Golden age).
You children are being adopted by the God-Father. Father says, Hey souls, you belong to Me, Now, you know yourself as a soul and you have to remember the Father. You have been remembering the Father for half of the world cycle. You have been calling for the remover of suffering, giver of happiness. Now, many think they are very happy with the wealth and properties, but these are all of limited value, at the end you will see all these never exist, and people would cry out, all these wealth would disappear in a second. Now, Father gives the inheritance of the world for you just in a second, because the old world will be transformed with natural calamities and war.
Now, you souls are becoming pure, through the God Himself. Father gives you the easy method. Father understands the effort of the children, Father only ask you to know yourself as a soul and remember the Father. The God is the incorporeal one. Father says, you soul who has become impure, how would you become pure? The purifier is only One. He comes and gives you the method to become pure. The rivers cannot make you pure, still people take bath in rivers (ganga) but remain vicious like before.
You call out for the Sita Ram to come and purify you. You are all the Sitas and One God is the Ram who comes and makes you pure. The husband of all husbands is the only One God who comes and makes you pure. You have been calling for the God Father, now He has come and hence you have to follow the Only Father.
People think by devotion they would reach God, but then, why they are not saved? You are saved when you are in trouble. This world is the world of suffering, everywhere there is suffering, and hence you ask Father to remove the suffering. The Bharat had the happiness and Bharat has lost its happiness. The other continents come later and the souls who come in other continents takes  minimum number of births.
Those who come after 2500 years will take only half of 84births unlike those who come from the beginning. People never understand this, you are now filling your apron with the treasures of knowledge. Father explains you the valuable treasures by very easy method. You have been calling out to make you pure and I have come now.
Father explains directly to you children that if you become pure now, you will become the master of the kingdom. Father is making you golden intellect from the stone-like intellect. In devotion, you have been wandering after the stones. Whatever you have been doing in devotion, you never achieve anything. You were even sacrificing (animals) in front of deities, but later you remain as you were. In devotion, devotees even become ready to sacrifice themselves, these things are not asked to do in knowledge. In devotion, even human sacrifices were offered (long back).
Father says, when you were deities, you were very clever, Father had given you unlimited wealth of golden palace, what happened to those wealth? Now you have come into Rajo and tamo, but remember yourself that you belonged to the deity religion, now you call yourself Hindu and there are other religions. You belonged to deity religion, you were pure, vice-less. Now, why did you become so much vicious? You know that you were completely vice-less and now have become completely impure by taking 84births.
From Golden age, iron age has to come, people also undergo the stages of sato, rajo and tamo.
In the world human tree, the Brahma is shown in the beginning and end to show he takes complete 84births. You are shown as learning Rajayoga at the bottom of the tree, at the end of the iron age. You must explain about this tree to the people. God comes and gives you the understanding. The Delwada temple is your memorial of doing meditation, remembering the God-Father. In practical you are all  the real living Delwada temple. Now, the true heaven is being established.
Here, the world Mother (Eve) Brahma-Adam and children are present in living form which is shown in the Delwada temple (of Mount Abu). The temples are built from Copper age. You children build temple of Shiv (Benefactor Father) according to the capacity (wealth they possess), at many places including Somnath. Now, you children know that you were worship-worthy had become worshippers in copper age. ShivBaba makes you so much wealthy and hence you build temples for Him.
Now, you have to make effort and become King of all kings. In Satyug-Golden age, they call Maharaja, In Silver age, they call Raja. From copper age, the kings and people both become vicious. The vicious kings build temple for the vice-less kings and start worshipping. You go around 84births. For half the cycle, you become worshippers and for half the cycle you become worthy of worship. From copper age, you build temples of your own worship-worthy images and worship them.
People say every thing is given by God and He takes away everything. If God gives everything and takes everything, you remain a trustee, then why do you cry?
Father explains, children, now, you have to become soul conscious, there are many who never remembers the God, never remain in soul conscious. Father explains that you are a soul, it is the soul who becomes barrister and other, what you will become tomorrow, no one knows. If the soul remembers the Father very well, you will rule in the eternal kingdom where there is no death. Now, this is the land of death which has to be destroyed-transformed.
If there is any karmic accounts (bondages) left out, you have to undergo pain, you have to settle them, then you never attain elevated status. In golden age, every object remain pure, people say Krishna takes birth in heaven and take care of cows, will the kings take care of cows? In golden age, the cows remain very first class and they are known as Kamadhenu, Even the deities are known as kamadhenu who fulfils all your wishes, You are also known as kamadhenu. If cows in the palaces of copper age are very good, in golden age, they look more beautiful than here.
Father says, I have come now to decorate you and take you with Me. You have been calling Me, I have come in the impure world, in the impure body. Here God takes the help of a human being in the world of human beings, The subtle body of Brahma is shown as pure angel. You will also become pure angels. The residents of subtle world are known as Angels and you children are becoming pure Angels. In golden age, they are known as deities not angels.
When you come here (Mount Abu), you must not remember about your job, relatives, because you come here to earn an income through yog-remembrance (of GodFather), and hence when you come here (Mount Abu), you must not waste your time on anything else except making self-effort in remembrance.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become free from punishment, settle all your past karmic accounts with the power of yoga. Become a trustee and look after everything. Don’t worry about anything. Become soul conscious.
2. This is the time to earn an income. You mustn’t remember your home and family or business etc. in this. In order to become an angel, make full effort to stay in remembrance of the one Father.
Blessing: May you be a true yogi who grants a vision of the third eye through your forehead.
In the memorials, they have shown a third eye on the foreheads of yogi souls. You children who are true yogis have to stay in the company of the one Father with your intellects in order to grant a vision of the third eye through your foreheads. “One Father and I alone, and no third person.” When you have such a stage, others will then have a vision of the third eye. If there is a third person in your intellect, your third eye will be closed. Therefore, in order to keep the third eye constantly open, remember that there should not be a third person in your intellect.
Slogan: To have questions in your heart means to be distressed and to cause distress for others. Therefore, be one who has happiness in the heart, not questions in the heart.
For service through the mind:
“I, am an ancestor soul, the special trunk of this kalpa tree. Maintain this self-respect and give sakaash-vibrations of the powers to the whole tree. Give strength to those who are weak.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD https://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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