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Now,God creates three religions of confluence age,Golden age and Silver age,all others come to an end.

Murli 27.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you know the beginning, middle and end of this drama. You have received the third eye of knowledge from the Father and this is why you are theists.
Question: Which of the Father’s titles cannot be given to the founders of religions?
Answer: The Father is the Satguru. No founder of a religion can be called a guru because a guru is one who liberates you from sorrow and takes you into happiness. The souls of the religions established by those founders follow them down. The founders of religions do not take anyone back. When the Father comes, He takes all souls back home. Therefore, He is the Satguru of everyone.
Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a place of rest and comfort.
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
God Father says, This is an impure world and it is really (you feel) bad to say this world is impure world of sinful souls but certainly there is impure world and pure world (heaven-golden age). When soul leaves the body, people say soul has gone to heaven but in reality no one goes to heaven. Heaven and hell exists on earth.
Father says, have patience, you have become full of sins (by performing actions with body consciousness), now, I make you pure and take you to the heaven where there will not be any sorrow or unhappiness. Now you are here, later you go to the Soul world and then to heaven. When patient is improving, doctor consoles him that very soon, you will be alright. Here also God Father says, have little more patience to go to the pure world.
Father says, you children have become impure and have been suffering, now I have come to make you pure, first I make you (a theist)  believe in God, then give you the inheritance of heaven.
The rishis and munis (saints and renunciates) say they do not know about the Creator and Creation. No one in the world knows about the world cycle. I come and make you believe in God, then gives you the knowledge of world cycle, gives you the third eye of knowledge, I give you the light. When the light of eye finishes, it is known as blind. At this time people do not have the light of third eye. Those who do not have the third eye of knowledge are known as one who does not have (use) intellect.
It is said that after Mahabharat war, one true religion gets established. Father has come to give you self-independence - kingdom of golden age. It is the soul who becomes kings, now your soul understands that you are receiving the kingdom through the Creator of the world-heaven. He is the Creator and also He has the knowledge of complete history and geography of the world cycle. Now, no one understands about the world cycle because they do not have the third eye of knowledge.
Along with the world history you children understand about the subtle world and soul world. Sanyasis (Renunciates) say, they would become leen (merged) with the light of Great Brahm element but it never happens. You children know that you will reside in the Brahm element. Sanyasis say Brahm element is the God, Brahm is the Great element (Soul world) where soul and Supreme Soul reside. Soul world is known as the sweet home of the souls. You know that soul never gets merged with the Brahm element, soul never perishes at any time, soul is an eternal being, this world drama is eternal, has many actors of various religions, they are available now in this world stage, the world drama comes to an end and again it repeats.
The physical limited drama can have changes, can become old, but here the unlimited drama is the eternal, never becomes old at any time. The God-Father, who knows the three periods of time, the Trinetri  (One with third eye of knowledge) Father makes you trinetri like Him. Deities never become Trikaldarshi, only you become Trikaldarshi. Unless you become the child of God, you never receive the third eye of knowledge. You know about all religion, you become master knowledge-full. Father who is the Ocean of knowledge, makes you also knowledge-full. The Ocean of knowledge is One Father of all souls, makes you believe in God and makes you one who has third eye of knowledge.
God is the only One, you have to remember the One God. Those who believe in God have to remember Him very well. It is said, people-souls have non-loving and loving intellect (towards the God-Father) at the time of destruction-transformation. This Gita (spoken by God) is the scripture of the Original deity religion. There are four main religions, the religious founders come to establish their religion, they cannot be called as gurus. Ibrahim, Christ, when they come, their followers also come after them. But real guru is the One who removes sorrows and take you towards happiness. They come to establish their religions. But now in the world many are known as gurus, even the deities Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are not to be called as gurus. God is only One but He is called by different names. In truth God’s real name is Shiv (The Benefactor). There is somnath temple, the memorial of God, who gives the nectar of knowledge. Father makes you knowledge-full, Bliss-full.
River Ganga never makes you pure. From the one Ocean, many rivers are created (by means of rain-clouds). You children are in confluence age, now the whole world belongs to Ravan-vices, have become a Lanka. In the kingdom of God (golden age), very few people would reside.
Father says that, I come and establish only three religions known as Brahmin (Children-souls who receive knowledge through God by the medium Brahma-Adam), Devta (deities of golden age) and Kshatriya (deities of silver age). It is sung-praised about the destruction of all other religions and establishment of One religion. Supreme Father comes and establishes kingdom through Brahma, then through Vishnu (the King and Queen of golden age) the golden age is sustained.
God is known as the One who makes you instrumental in carrying out actions. He teaches you the secrets of karm (action), vikarm (vicious action) and akarm (Neutral action).Whatever you do in iron age, it becomes vicious, whatever you do in golden age, it becomes akaram-neutral actions. In golden age, the vices never exist.
Every thing has to be understood very well. Father has explained the meaning of Om in detail and very easily. Om means I am a soul. You know, you have to go to the land of happiness. Mothers make lot of effort to go to the land of Krishna. Now, you children never do devotion, you have received knowledge. Others are doing devotional activities, I make you pure and take you to the pure world. Ravan makes you vicious. You spend half a cycle in golden age, then for half a cycle, Ravan makes you vicious. Only One God gives liberation to every soul. Father says, you are all sitas in the jail of Ravan, hence now the world is the land of sorrows, Father comes and makes you the master of the deity kingdom, the pure world.
Now, only you children receive this knowledge, Lakshhmi  and Narayan, in the younger days are known as Radha Krishna, when they ascend the throne, they bcome Lakshmi and Narayan. You get this knowledge only from One God-Father and from no one else. Soul is the eternal and imperishable, because you have forgotten this,  Father comes and makes you eternal and takes you to the immortal land. You become truly immortal by just remembering the God-Father. Like Snake leaves one skin and takes another, you leave one body and take another in heaven.
You give this knowledge to souls and make them belong to God, you are receiving the immortal knowledge through God. Now God is explaining the Truth. The first true knowledge is to consider yourself as a soul, you know that Incorporeal Supreme Soul is your Father and the same Father is giving you treasures of knowledge through Brahma-Adam, now you have to become soul conscious. Supreme Soul is giving you realization of your own self, such soul consciousness and introduction of God Father, only God can give and no one else. Father asks you to become soul conscious.
People celebrate Shiv Jayanti (Birthday of God), but no one knows when and how it happens. I appear in the ordinary old body of Brahma-Adam. ShivBaba comes in the impure world and in the impure body. God says, If I appear in the subtle Body of Brahma (every soul has a subtle body-the body of individual perfection in the subtle world and physical body in the physical world), Brahma-Adam cannot become instrumental in creating pure souls (by giving right knowledge) on earth, hence I had to take the help of this physical body of Brahma-Adam. Father comes in the impure world, impure body, it is sung about the establishment through Brahma. People get confused by seeing the image of Brahma-Adam, the father of human kind.
Certainly the father of human kind has to be here on earth, human beings cannot be created in subtle world. You children say that you receive inheritance from Shiv Baba. There is subtle Brahma-Adam in subtle world , there is physical Brahma-Adam in the physical world, only by physical body of Brahma, through God’s knowledge you children are created. Father takes the help of the body of Brahma, gives knowledge and makes you pure. Only  impure ones become pure. First, Shiv Baba makes the Brahma pure and through Brahma, makes you children pure and take you children to the pure world-golden age.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become soul conscious and listen to the story of immortality with your ears. Buzz knowledge and remain busy in serving others to make them equal to yourselves.
2. Become knowledge-full and blissful, like the Father. Drink the nectar of knowledge and also give it to others to drink.
Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who constantly does the work of renewal with the remembrance of Karavanhar (the One who inspires).
Change any action into one that is carried out by a karma yogi, not just as a doer, but as a karma yogi. Karma means action and yoga means for the sake of God and there has to be balance between the two. Do not forget the livelihood of the soul behind the livelihood of the body. Whatever action you perform should be for the sake of Godly service. For this, constantly have the awareness of being a doer and remember the mantra of being an instrument for service. If you do not forget the One who inspires you, you will then continue to perform the task of renewal at every moment.
Slogan: The reason for obstacles in service and in relationships and connections are the old sanskars. Therefore, have distaste for those sanskars.
For service through the mind: Concentrate your mind and intellect in a second and practise spiritual drill. As a drill master, stabilise yourself in the stage you want, whenever you want, in a second and spread rays of powers everywhere.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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