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God is the loveliest of all,by His remembrance right actions are performed.

Murli 25.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, it is the task of the one Father alone to give peace to the whole world and this is why people say: O Bestower of Peace! Therefore, it is the Father who should receive the prize.
Question: Which children can follow the Father fully?
Answer: The children who become as pure as the Father can follow Him fully. Those who become true lovers can follow Me, the Beloved. I only take such lovers back with Me. It is portrayed in the scriptures that you can go across by holding on to the tail of a cow. However, here, there is no question of a cow or a cow’s tail.
Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
BapDada (God Father and Brahma-Adam), both are there, you know ShivBaba (GodFather) is the Father of souls, you also know I am an incorporeal being and souls are also incorporeal, souls and the Supreme Soul are the embodiments of peace. The religion of soul is peace and your place of residence is also land of peace. People call out for the Lord of Peace. God is the one who gives peace to the whole world. Many receive prize in the name of peace, becoming instrumental in creating peace. Now, the whole world needs peace otherwise those who are not peaceful disturb others peace.
Ravan-vices are known as enemy (of peace), Ravan’s effigy is burnt (in Bharat). No one knows the real kingdom of Ram (God, not the Ram of the Sita). The New world is being created, New Delhi becomes the kingdom of God – golden age. Delhi is the capital, Delhi was heaven, Radha and Krishna are shown in delhi, they are Prince and Princess, certainly there will be many other Prince and Princess, you have to use your intellect, there is praise of 8 main kings and queens.
The population keeps increasing, there are kings even for small cities, in heaven the Lakshmi Narayan is being praised. For 1250 years, there was the kingdom of Lakshmi Narayan, people say that they ruled for millions of years. Your intellect is being opened up. Rishis and Munis say they do not know about the Creator and Creations, but you know about them, you also know about your cycle of 84births, you were deities in the beginning, later in the middle you become vicious because of Ravan-vices.
You know that the old world will be transformed to the New world, there is kingdom of deities in the beginning, in the middle, there is kingdom of Ravan-vices. You have to become the deity from human being, this is the true story of Satya Narayan (deities). The mother of all scriptures is Gita (spoken by God Shiv) which is known as the scripture of deity religion. In golden age, there are no vicious  souls to become pure. The Gita of Krishna never purifies the soul. Gita (spoken by God Shiv) is spoken during this confluence age by which one religion gets established. Gita (of confluence age) is known as the scripture of deities, it is not the scripture of Brahmins. Brahmin name is not mentioned in the Gita.
The Supreme Father Supreme Soul comes and explains you the secret of Vedas and Scriptures. Brahmins never exist in golden age, there only deities exist. It is said that the land of Vishnu-deities established through Brahma-Adam, they (Vishnu and Brahma) both never exist together. Now, you children receive the inheritance of heaven through Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father). The main scriptures are of four religions, Gita is the Number One by which Number one religion of deity is established. Then comes Quran of Islam, then comes Dhampad of Buddha, then comes Bible of Christ.
Only in Gita it is said, Shrimad Bhagwad. It is not said Shrimad Islami or Shrimad Boudhi. Shrimad Bhagwad Gita (spoken by God Shiv)is the One by which the deity religion gets established at the end (of world cycle),this has to be understood. Now, Father is teaching you in the form of Teacher, this has to remain in the intellect that God is our Father, Teacher and He also remains SatGuru. Every soul remembers the God. In Gita, they mentioned the name of  Krishna, GodFather made Krishna like he is (virtuous) and he becomes a teacher, Now, you are listening directly from the God-Father.
You understand that we souls are incorporeal-bodiless in reality, later take birth- the body. God-Father is also incorporeal. Soul cries out to God Father to come and make them pure. People worship the ling, but they do not know that, the Purifier is One God. You have been calling Shiv Bhagwan, Easwar, they must know that they receive inheritance from God, the resident of Bharat had received the inheritance certainly but they forgot when they received it.
Children say that they have come to the God-Father, Shiv Baba explains you coming in the body of Brahma-Adam, there is praise of three deities. Even in song, you heard that God is the Ocean of love, liberator of all souls, He is the One who gives happiness and peace, One who removes sorrows and give happiness. So, God-Father is very sweet, there is no one more loving like God-Father. The Father who makes you the master of the kingdom certainly remains very loving, God says, You receive inheritance through Me, you souls are brothers amongst yourselves, you souls listen through the body, calls out God to make you pure.
You know God has come to make you pure. Father says, 5000years before, I had come to make you pure, now you remember the God-Father so that your sins will be removed and all your sorrows will disappear. People call for the Purifier, keep clapping hands (in devotion) with music, this is the depth of hell. In Garud Puran, lot of things are mentioned about karmic actions and their result, and also has mentioned that, by holding the tail of cow, you reach heaven but such thing never happens. In reality you are the mothers (mentioned as cows),those who do not follow you, they cannot find the right path. It is said by holding your tail, we would reach the shore. Here you need not hold the tail but have to follow (Father). To follow means to remain pure, you are the real true followers. I have come to take you all back home. If you remember Me, your sins will be removed. You have to follow the Father completely.
In devotion, you have been remembering the GodFather,you know souls are beloved of One God-Father, souls remember the Father and hence He has come to take you back home. God tells , if you follow Me, you will become pure. I am pure, you are impure, so certainly you have to follow Me. To follow Me, you have to become pure like Me. I cannot take the impure ones with Me to home (soul world). Souls remember Me because that much sins are there, souls have to return home, I am pure soul and hence I would make you all pure, I come in the body of Brahma-Adam, it  is shown that through Brahma God establishes the deity religion, you are known as children of God, you have to follow the GodFather. By following Me, if you remember Me, I promise you, I would take you back home with Me.
River Ganga is not the purifier, it is only water appeared from Sea (through clouds), you have to hold the tail, you have to become pure and hence you have to follow Me , only then I would take you with Me back to home. You were with Me, you have gone around the cycle of 84births, became impure, now have to become pure. I stay in Soul world, you also have to come with Me, do you like to stay here in this vicious world? you have been calling Me, I have come now , I come in every cycle to take you all back home.
Golden age is pure world . Who gives that much happiness to the deities? Heavenly God Father. You celebrate Shiv Jayanti, birthday of God, Bharat is the birthplace of God, the Purifier of Souls. God is the liberator of all souls and hence Bharat is the most elevated. God knows that according to the drama, when the children suffer a lot, He would come to give inheritance. God is the Ocean of happiness, peace, gives inheritance to the children. He says, Follow Me. You know that the soul is impure and hence the body is also impure. In golden age, soul is pure and hence you receive a pure body. Father says, become pure, only by remembrance you can become completely pure.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim the inheritance of heaven from the Father, make it firm that all of you souls are brothers. Live with one another with a lot of love. Just as the Father is the loveliest of all, so too, become just as lovely.
2. Become as pure as the Father is and follow Him completely. In order to go back home to the land of peace with the Father, you must definitely become pure.
Blessing: May you know the secrets of everyone’s heart and make everyone happy and become constantly victorious.
In order to be victorious, you have to know the secrets of each one’s heart. If you know the secrets of someone’s heart through the words spoken by him, you can become victorious, but, in order to know the secrets of the heart, you need to have introversion. To the extent that you remain introverted, accordingly you will know the secrets of each one’s heart and be able to please them. Only those who please others are able to be victorious.
Slogan: Disinterest is such an appropriate field in which whatever seeds you sow, they will definitely bear fruit.
For service through the mind:
I, the sparkling star, am separate from the costume of this body. Experiencing the body and the soul to be separate as a detached observer, just observe the external side scenes and give sakaash.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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