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In reality, this knowledge is for the complete world. All are children of One God-Father.

Murli 21.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, only the one Father reforms everything that has gone wrong for you, that is, only the one Father creates your fortune. He gives you knowledge and makes you fortunate.
Question: What discipline do you children have in this spiritual furnace (bhatti)?
Answer: Those who sit in this spiritual furnace (bhatti), that is, those on the pilgrimage of remembrance, should never have thoughts going here and there. Only the one Father should be remembered. If your intellect wanders here and there, you continue to yawn and doze off and the atmosphere is spoilt. You then cause yourself a loss.
Song: Neither should the heart’s support break nor should your fortune break after it has been created…
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)
Sweet children listened to the song, now, other than you children, all others fortune is not waken up, you are creating your fortune. Father is known as the Bestower of the fortune. Baba (Father) word is very sweet. You children male and female receive inheritance from the Parlokik-Supreme Spiritual father.
Father is teaching you children, souls, who are brothers and sisters amongst each other. Souls understand we are brothers amongst each other, there is only one brotherhood, then why do you fight against each other? There are many religions and many directions. The most important is, in this world of vices, there is violence, kings fight against each other, they also fight because of lust, they become happy by getting attracted (falling in love) and later even kill them.Those who are angry, they are known as krodhi, those who are lustful are known by different names.
The most big mistake is calling God as omnipresent. Then it is mentioned Krishna is the sermonizer  of the Gita instead of God Shiv (Benefactor). Also people do not know about the real Purifier, Ganga-rivers are praised (for purifying sins-actions carried out in body consciousness) in place of God. Father explains, Sweet children, who is making you pure? who is making things right (by giving right knowledge)? When did the purifier come, no one understand this eternal world play, God is known as knowledge-full, blissful.
You know that one who makes you vicious is Ravan-vices (of body consciousness), this game of victory and failure has been created. Vices-Ravan is the greatest enemy of Bharat, the people have been burning the effigy of Ravan for many years. In reality, the biggest mistake is calling God as omnipresent, Father never blames anyone, it is fixed in the drama, this drama is made of victory with Maya-vices and failure with maya. For half the cycle, the kingdom of Ravan exists, there cannot be any difference of even a second, half cycle there is the kingdom which is free from vices. Everything happens according to the fixed eternal world drama. In golden age, there cannot be any Lanka because Ravan cannot exist there.
You receive the third eye of knowledge, the old mothers cannot understand many points (of knowledge), they have to remember only one thing which helps them at the end (when they leave the body). People read many scriptures but at the end, they are asked to remember the God’s name, they are never asked to remember any other deities or listen to the scriptures. What you think a lot (during life time), only that you will have in remembrance at the end.
What you will think at the end? some remember Krishna, some remember their guru, some remember their relatives, if you remember the body (any relatives), then you end up in trouble. Even if you remember the guru, atleast-sometimes you may receive liberation or liberation in life.  
Here, you are asked to know yourself as a soul and remember the God. You must keep the chart of remembrance (of God), you become pure the more you remember. Everything is of soul , soul becomes pure, and it is soul which becomes impure.Father has explained soul is like a star, very subtle, you children can understand it now.
Father says, I come at the end of confluence age, people have mentioned the word of yuga (1250yrs) instead of kalpa(5000yrs), Peoplehave understood wrongly, I come at the end of confluence of every kalpa, when there is complete darkness. I never come at every yuga-age. When you climb down the complete ladder of complete world cycle(of 84births),then I come.
In reality, this knowledge is for the complete world. Many say that, the pictures are imaginary. Without picture, how it can be explained? Many do not have the knowledge of soul and Supreme soul. In futur , you can see this exhibition takes place at many places at the same time.
All are children of God, everyone burns in the pyre of lust, those who come in the beginning of the world cycle get burnt in the fire of lust, in the very beginning (of copper age), you have become instrumental in showing the right path to others, you get liberation in life in the beginning, then others receive it.
Father explains you in a very simple manner, He just asks you to remember the Him, because soul has become impure, undergone the stages of sato, rajo and tamo, Father gives you the practical method to become pure.
When people see the picture of Brahma, they get confused. Father says, this Brahma was very famous, got published in the news paper that He is calling himself as Sri Krishna and he needs 16,108 queens, it is difficult to make everyone understand, there are varieties of people. Even in Mount Abu, people were against him. Father says, You call Me, the Ocean of Knowledge, World Almighty Authority, One who understands all the Scriptures. Even the educated ones (Pundits) are called as authority over scriptures, they get the title of Sri Sri.
In scriptures, there is the story of King Janak asking to teach the knowledge of Brahm, whatever is sung in scriptures are the story of what is happening now, here. There is story of Shankar and Parvathi, in reality Shankar never recites any story, only Shiv speaks the story-knowledge, All the stories are memorial of this time.
You explain the knowledge even to the rulers, you belong to Sun dynasty, Moon dynasty and you become the dynasty of merchants and workers, You have to receive the Sun dynasty once again and so you have to make effort. Now, the One who teaches RajaYoga has come and gives the inheritance of unlimited happiness. You must send letters to the rulers. But letters are never received by  the kings, it is read by the private secretary and gets sorted out.
It is shown in scriptures that Ashtavkara gave the knowledge of liberation in life in a second, but everything is of this time. There are many who sit here but never understand. Now, Father explains you in a very good manner. Father understands those who listen well, if their intellect is concentrating or getting bored (feeling yawning), the vibration spreads everywhere.In the beginning, those who felt sleepy are asked to freshen up.
Initial days, children were going in trance and new ones thought that you have magic. They even tested with needle and fire coal, to check if you are in trance, Trance messengers had played important roles in the beginning.
God is also known as Magician. Souls are attracted with the love of God. When you have love for other, you say, they have reached heaven when they leave the world, but no one understand about heaven or hell, but they remember heaven when anyone leaves the body.
Father says, once again God is making you resident of heaven, the kingdom will be created in heaven-golden age, there is lot of different status in the kingdom, you have to become deity from human beings.
You know that Mamma and Baba will become the Lakshmi Narayan in the future, by their own spiritual effort. Like them, you also have to make effort by remembering the Father and spinning the  world cycle (by intellect). You never think about anything else.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim a high status in the golden age, follow the mother and father fully. Make effort in the same way. Remain busy in service. Study with concentration.
2. Keep a true chart of remembrance. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Don’t remember your body or bodily beings (instead look at everyone as a soul).
Blessing: May you be free from all attractions and experience supersensuous joy through your constant and stable stage.
When you become free from the attraction of the physical senses and bodily relations you will then be able to experience supersensuous joy. When you are influenced by any of your physical senses different attractions then create obstacles in your experiencing supersensuous joy and in giving happiness. However, when your intellect is free from all attractions and becomes stable in one place and all fluctuation finishes, then, by having a constant and stable stage, you experience supersensuous joy.
Slogan: Constantly keep the line of your intellect clear and you will be able to understand the feelings in the minds of others.
For service through the mind: I, the soul, am doing tapasya (meditation – remembrance of God) sitting under the kalpa (world cycle of 5000yrs) tree and giving all the powers and the water of purity to the trunk and leaves of all religions of the kalpa tree.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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