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You must remember the God-Father who transforms the stone-like intellect in to a golden intellect.

Murli 23.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, donate the vices and the omens of the eclipse of Rahu will be removed.
Question: What awareness does the Father, the Lord of the Tree, give you children of Bharat in order to bring the omens of Jupiter?
Answer: O children of Bharat, your original eternal deity religion was extremely elevated. You were full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full. You children of Myself, the Ocean, have become ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust and become eclipsed. I have now come to make you beautiful once again.
Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor)…
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Father asks, whose praise you listened to (through the song)? The Highest on high is the spiritual Father who is the Father of all souls. He is known as Shiv (Benefactor). Without name nothing exists. Now, everyone has the eclipse-omens of Rahu (Saturn), hence this time is known as iron age. Now, you children have the omens of Jupiter (good omens). You have been calling God by different names but His original name is Shiv. I am the form of Seed (of the world human tree,point of light), I am the embodiment of sat chit anand (Truth, Conscious and Bliss), I am the Ocean of happiness, peace and knowledge. People of Bharat have been praising God but they do not know the truth.
People have become stone-like intellect by Ravan-vices. In golden age residents of heaven had golden-intellect, 5000yrs before, the Bharat had the golden intellect deities, now has become impure souls. How you became impure, Father had explained, you sit in the pyre of lust, by the fire of lust you have become impure. Bharat had the kingdom of deities and was known as the land of Vishnu or Ram-deities.
Father says, Sweet Sweet Beloved children, when you were in golden age, you were complete in all virtues of 16celestial degrees, completely vice-less, all these are your greatness, there in golden age, no vice exists, then from copper age, Raven kingdom begins, the omen of Jupiter turns into omen of Rahu. The omen of Jupiter is considered fortunate when there was kingdom of deities in golden age. Then silver age of 14 celestial degree virtuous follows, later copper age and iron age. The omen of rahu – Saturn appears in iron age.
It is said if you donate (the five vices), your omens-eclipse disappears. This is spiritual knowledge, not any knowledge of scriptures which is of devotion. In golden and silver age, devotion never exists. Golden and silver age is of knowledge, then comes devotion later disinterest (over the old world). Resident of Bharat was vice-less, Bharat was heaven 5000yrs before, the creation was very small. Father comes and teaches you RajaYog. Shiv-achariar (like Sankara achariar) comes and teaches you this Rajayog.
God is known as the Ocean of knowledge, the Purifier (of souls) cannot be any human being, the Liberator of all, the Purifier is only One God. God comes at the time of impurity, suffering and liberate you from Ravan-vices. He is the liberator of sorrows for all, He guides you and hence He is known as Spiritual Guide for all souls. I have come to take you all back home (soul world), there is no other guide like Me. People say God is light, He is the Guide and God is Blissful, God comes and shows mercy for all souls because all are children of God, you children lose your virtues by sitting on the pyre of lust.
You residents of Bharat-India were very pure, completely virtuous have become impure by sitting in the pyre of lust, now God comes and makes you virtuous. Father comes and makes the omen of Jupiter sits over you. Now, there is the eclipse of Rahu on everyone. I come and give liberation and liberation in life for you souls and the Bharat. The most Beloved Father is the One beloved of all souls.
People worship the form of ling with a point, because Shiv is the Father of all souls, the temple is known as Shivalay, in golden age, there are deities but when the golden age appeared no one knows, the people have given a long duration for golden age. Now, you have the omens of Jupiter, you receive the inheirtanc e of heaven – kingdom for 21births, God is known as the Purifier, the remover of sorrows, God is praised as the Mother and Father.
In Golden age , there was unlimited happiness, God creates Heaven and hence He is known as Heavenly God-Father. You residents of Bharat must know that you certainly were the residents of heaven. Bharat had the ancient religion of deities. The Christians call themselves followers of Christian religion. You resident of Bharat were belonged to deity religion have left the original religion and were calling yourself as Hindu. Father comes and gives you the awareness that your religion and actions were very elevated, now you have lost your greatness and you have become worshippers of deities.
People of Bharat, because of being vicious, never call them as deities. Now, the Mahabharat war is about to happen, hey residents of Bharat, I teach you Rajayoga for golden age. You were worship-worthy, have become worshippers-devotees. Now by this knowledge, you must become worship-worthy, later you become devotees in copper age. Those who have taken 84births come and belong to the Father once again to become deities.
It is said about the Father of humankind, The whole creation is created by God through the Brahma-Adam, the deity religion has also been praised, many subjects are being created. You children have to become deities, God establishes the deity religion from the lowest religion, this is known as the most benefitting confluence age. The Mahabharat war will be more benefitting, by which the Gateway of heaven will be opened up (in Bharat).
You have come here to go to the golden age, you have the eternal omens of Jupiter by which you become 16celestial degree virtuous, later 2degree reduces in silver age. Now, through the Father, you have the omens of Jupiter, He is the unlimited Father, Ocean of knowledge, Purifier, He is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. People call themselves as guru, but real True Guru is only One Father, they cannot give liberation in life to anyone. This is the vicious world, the heaven is vice-less world. The vicious world has all the sufferings, in future when there is Mahabharat war, it is known as the dangerous game of blood.
The Bombs are created for great destruction, now it is confluence age, Father says, sweet sweet children all preparation are being carried out to help you in creating heaven. Father says, sweet sweet children, Manmanabhav – Rest your mind on Me. Who said this? Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father), He is the Incorporeal being, you souls are also incorporeal (point of light) beings. The Incorporeal Father looks at you the incorporeal souls, You come in the cycle of rebirths, I never take birth. Now, no one is pure, according to the world fixed drama, you have to become impure, go through the cycle of sato, rajo and tamo.
Now, the whole world has become very old and once again it has to become New. Now, there are varieties of people. In the New world, very few live, and one religion exist there. The residents of Bharat belong to golden age and they remember the heaven. In golden age, there will be only 9lakhs of people, initially there will be a small garden of flowers. There are big forest of thorns now. In Delhi, there is a big Moghul garden , like this the golden age will be a garden and later the population increases.
Now, it is the forest of thorns, the old world. By Ravan-vices, everyone has become a thorn, everyone keeps fighting against each other, people have become worse than a monkey. Hence Father says, My sweet children, now you have the omens of Jupiter, If you donate (your vices), your eclipse would disappear, keep donating the vices, become vice-less here, then if you leave the body, you would come in the temple of Shiv, where there is kingdom of deities.
Now, Father says, children , now you have to become pure from impure certainly, will you become pure by bathing in river? You never become pure by bathing in rivers. People keep bathing wherever they see water, they think Ganga would purify them, knowing themselves as vicious. In reality, now the Parasnath (Lord of the Gold, the Ever pure God) Father is making you one with golden intellect and teaches Rajayoga to give you the kingdom of deities. You must remember such a golden Father with more love. Father teaches you with a lot of love, still children say, we forget You. Father cannot be forgotten, you must remember such a Father who makes you one with Golden intellect, you must not forget Him at any point of time.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to go from this world of thorns to the garden of flowers, remove all the thorns (vices). Remember with a lot of love the Father who makes you divine.
2. Make effort in this benevolent confluence age to become deities. In order to remove the omens of the eclipse of Rahu, donate the vices.
Blessing: May you be loving to all and keep the record of yourself good by giving regard to everyone.
To the extent that you give regard to everyone, you accordingly keep your record very good. To give regard to others means to create your own record. Just as to become a helper of the yagya means to take help, in the same way, to give regard is to receive regard. Give once and you claim a right to receiving many times. It is said that you have to give love to the younger ones and regard to the elders, but those who consider everyone to be their elder and give regard to them are loved by all. For this, make the lesson of “you first” very firm in every situation.
Slogan: To remember the teachings received from BapDada at the right time is to make intense effort.
For service through the mind:
I am a completely pure soul, an incarnation of purity, and the vibrations of purity are making the world pure and the elements are also becoming satopradhan.
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