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when God-Father is giving the inheritance of heaven,is it difficult to remember Him?

Murli 18.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, the old tree is to be destroyed in this Mahabharat War. Therefore, claim your full inheritance from the God-Father before the war takes place.
Question: Baba (Father) wants a gathering of mothers, but what speciality should that group have?
Answer: It should be a gathering that makes full effort to remain soul conscious. They should have the firm faith that they have to become pure and make the world pure. They mustn’t become impure. Only when the group is that of destroyers of attachment can they show wonders. There should be no attachment to anyone. Strings of attachment cause a lot of loss.
Sweet Children,
You understand that the sweet Father has come here to make you the master of heaven. You have to explain everyone that we become pure by the pilgrimage of remembrance , just you have to remember the God-Father. Children understand that Father gives liberation and liberation in life in just a second, you know that all are entangled in the bondage of vices-Ravan.
You remember the unlimited Father hence you must become very happy, you have been calling for the Father during sufferings and now He has come down for you. Now, you never remember the Father by suffering, you understand that, the Father whom the whole world has been remembering has  come now from soul world, like in every cycle. It was Father’s promise, I come when you cry out for the Father, after half of the world cycle, I come to establish deity kingdom.
Now, Father has come, you do service giving introduction of God to everyone. You understand that the unlimited Father has come once again to give the unlimited inheritance. You say that you have come to Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father), Father says, I have come in the body of Brahma-Adam like in previous cycle. Maya-vices makes you forget the remembrance of the Father, by which you become pure. You know the liberator of all souls is One SatGuru-the GodFather.
The souls have been calling out for the Purifier to come and remove the suffering. Great people, when they meet each other, they celebrate the meeting. Here, God has come in an incognito way, He is known as the One who remains in the world very far beyond. Now, He has come in this old world. You know that you are also resident of the soul world, you play the role here, being a traveller. People do not know about this, only you know and hence you have to imbibe the knowledge very well.
You are all travellers, residents of peaceful (Soul) world, now have come into the world of talkie to play different roles. Now, it is the time of final judgement day, you remember the God Father.
God comes and establishes the New world through Brahma –Adam, He comes in an ordinary body, in this impure world where no one remains pure. The deities of Sun dynasty have become impure, Those who belonged to the deity religion have become the ones of low caste.
America is nothing when compared to the heaven, now, they show the limited attraction. You must have more intoxication that Father has come to establish the New World, if you do not remember Him, who else would remember?
You say maya never allows you to remember the Father, Father says, hey souls, when Father is giving you the inheritance of heaven, why it is difficult to remember the GodFather?
The Mahabharat war is well known (in scriptures) many die, but people do not know what really happened in Mahabharat war. Everyone dies in Mahabharat war. Initially, the sapling remains very small, later it grows into big, the deity religion was very small, later it grows into various religion, later through the Mahabharat war everything has to be transformed-destroyed.Now, you are in the light of knowledge, you have to receive the complete inheritance before the Mahabharat war, it is very simple, you must remember the Father and remain pure.
Children suffer a lot, you mothers must help them to get rid of suffering but you have to remain soul conscious, You must have intoxication to remain pure so that you can explain to others. You must become pure, you are becoming the one who spin the discus of self realization, you know the history of world cycle, now, you have to receive the kingdom of heaven from the God-Father, you have these intoxication.
If you remember Me, all your sins will be destroyed. Purity is important. You have taken 84births, and now you have to receive the inheritance. You children come here to become refreshed, hence Father reminds you again, children, Remember Me, you have to receive inheritance of 21births, you must not have any attachment towards others (look at every one as soul), and even for your own body. This body has become old but you have to maintain it so that you can study this knowledge, if the body is not well, it has to be taken care. You know that the body is very old and something keeps happening, soul experiences the pain, now you have to leave the old body (at the end), you have to take care of the body, you must not remember anyone of the old bodily relations (but look at everyone as a soul), you must know I am not a body but a soul.
Father says, I have come to give you the inheritance, you must become pure, when the soul becomes pure, you get a pure body. The Lakshmi Narayan take 84births, but the complete Sun dynasty never takes 84births. Souls of Moon dynasty never take 84births, the servants of Sun dynasty may attain high status in Moon dynasty and those who come in the beginning of sun dynasty take complete 84births. Keep churning like this, to the extent possible remember the Father, by moving, walking remember the Father, those who does not know about the God-Father has to be explained about the God-Father.
Father has come in the body of Brahma-Adam, to make you brothers and sisters of One Godly family, masters of the kingdom. You can make visiting cards to introduce about yourselves, many do not understand about you and God, they would say, it is not possible. You must give the complete address – complete introduction of God, you are of One family, receive inheritance from One God-Father.
You children know that you receive inheritance from Shiv Baba through Brahma-Adam, you  must study and explain to others. It is the responsibility of the God-Father to sustain the children, you study to live on your own, you study to take inheritance of 21births. You study to pass with honour. The more you study, that much you attain elevated status. You wanted to become deities, this is the true story of True Narayan-deity. People do not know how the deities attain the elevated status. The followers of Radha say, they look at Radhe everywhere, the followers of Krishna and Shiv, they say they see their god everywhere, and it is said God and deities are omnipresent. They sing that wherever we see, it is You and You alone.
People never understand because this is an impure world, the heaven is known as vice-less world, then people keep asking how the child will be born (children are born by the power of yoga), and they say, if children are not born how the population would grow. The statistics show how many are born but not those who die. Father says, first you have to benefit yourself, so, know that you are a soul. Then you have to remember the God-Father. It is said, you become (reach) that what you think at the end (at the time of leaving the body). You have to remember the God-Father to attain Him at the end. In devotion, they remember the Krishna not even Narayan, they think Krishna gave the knowledge. People do not know about the Lakshmi-Narayan, the king and Queen of Sun dynasty.
People do not know about the descendants of Brahma, you know the deity religion is established by God Himself through Brahma. Brahma never establishes any religion, this, only you understand because God has explained to you, people of the world do not know about it.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Study and earn an income for 21 births while in that old body. Look after it but let there not be any strings of attachment to it.
2. Practise so that you only remember Shiv Baba at the end. Do not get caught up in thinking about anything else. Bring benefit to yourself.
Blessing: May you pass with honours and remain beyond the confusion and punishment of your own thoughts.
To pass with honours means you do not experience any punishment even through the thoughts in your mind. Punishment from Dharamraj is later but to remain beyond the confusion and punishment of your own thoughts is a sign of those who are to pass with honours. Speech, actions, relationships and connections are gross matters, but there shouldn’t be any confusion even in your mind. When you make such a promise you will pass with honours.
Slogan: When the oil of knowledge and the wick of yoga are fine, the lamp of happiness will remain ignited.
For service through the mind: A soul that is blessed, a great donor soul, am sitting with BapDada and giving all souls of the world the donation of liberation and liberation-in-life. Stabilise yourself in this thought and experience powerful yoga.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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