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Remember the Home - soul world, Heaven-golden age and the God-Father at all times.

Murli 08.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, stabilise yourself in your original religion and say “Om shanti” to one another with love. This is also giving regard to one another.
Question: Why is there the system of offering bhog (food) to God on the path of devotion as well as here?
Answer: Because this is also giving regard to Him. You know that although Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is incorporeal and beyond effect of experiencing anything and doesn’t eat anything, the fragrance does reach Him. The Father is the Bestower of Salvation for All and the Purifier. Therefore, bhog can be offered to Him.
Song: Our pilgrimage is unique…
Sweet Children,
God Father, Brahma-Adam and the children say om shanti. Om shanti means I am a peaceful soul. Om shanti is said amongst each other just to show regard and for nothing else.
Now you children sit in front of the Father,made the Father belong to you. You are the stars of the earth and there is the need for the Sun (The God) and the Moon (Brahma-Adam) even on the earth .
You children understand that the unlimited Father of souls has appeared on Earth, establishing the ancient true deity religion, the kingdom of sun dynasty is established only by God. You have been calling out for Him to come and remove your sufferings.
In golden age, you never ask for anything to God  because God Father gives you everything now for the Golden age and hence in golden age no one remembers the God-Father. God makes you the master of the land of happiness. You children also know that once again you have to receive the unlimited inheritance from the One God-Father.
You know how the tree of world human beings is sustained, how this world cycle repeats.You know this is the physical world and there is also subtle world. Now it is the end of iron age, you receive the inheritance at the end of iron age-confluence age.
Unless souls receive the introduction of the Father, no one can understand about the God-Father. God comes at the iron age in the old world. Initially only one religion exists in the New world, known as heaven, where New India-Bharat existed.
Mahatma Gandhiji had desired for New Bharat – New Delhi. The New Bharat – New Delhi have the kingdom of deities. Now there is the kingdom of Ravan-vices. New world-New Delhi has to be mentioned. God is the one who creates the New world. God creates the New World through Brahma and you children receive the inheritance of New world –golden age, heaven.
You know that you come to meet the ShivBaba (the Benefactor Father). In the world, people meet each other unlike here. Shiv Baba is the incorporeal being (does not have a body). The incorporeal Shiv is known as the God. God is known as only One, the Incorporeal being. Only God is praise worthy, you souls have also been worshipped in the form of deities and saligrams (point of light-dot applied on a small half elliptical stones).
Here, it is the Rudr Gyan Yagya (God’s sacrificial fire of knowledge). Outside you see the sacrificial fires are created according to the capacity – richness of the one who creates it. The rich ones use more saligrams and saligrams are made by stones or by sand. If it is made on sand,it is easy to break and re-use them.
All devotees are children of God, everyone remembers Him, Shiv Baba comes only in India-Bharat, devotees worship only those souls who serve along with the GodFather, in the form of deities and saligrams. They make small  saligrams (lingams – point of lights) and use for the worship. Many have seen such sacrificial fires.
God serves you children and you children serve others and hence you also become worship-worthy.
You become worship worthy now, when you leave the old body and take new, you become the worship worthy living deities, you remain very pure. God comes only once to make the impure souls pure.
God gives the understanding that, it is the soul who listens, like the soul listens through the body, Supreme Soul takes the help of this Brahma’s body to teach you this knowledge. This world is of physical, God is incorporeal, He is the ocean of happiness, love and knowledge, He comes and transforms the world into pure.
If God makes the world pure by influence (being far beyond), He need not come and take the help of the body (the cow is shown as a memorial), even in temples they keep the memorial of cow in front of shiv ling and also shown along with Sri Krishna. But people never understand about it. (Neither Shiv nor Krishna ride on a cow) Krishna appears only in heaven-golden age. God explains the real meaning.
You are all draupadis, in scriptures it is shown that Krishna gives cloth (saree) to one draupadi, in truth God saves all of you from the vices and vicious ones.
You do not understand from when the vicious world of Ravan begins. People worship the sun and moon, in reality the sun and moon exist all times even in golden age. They never change. You are removing the darkness of Bharat-India and bring it in to light, you are the stars of the earth. When there are stars, sun and moon also required. You are going to such a world where there will not be any death. Now, it is the world of death. You go to the immortal world and later from copper age there is the world of death.
You know that, your pilgrimage is different from the world. You do this pilgrimage by remembrance. Your sins are removed by remembrance. By going to pilgrimages, you never get rid of sins. Nowadays even the pilgrims are not pure as before.
You remain pure, you are the true children of God, your soul becomes pure by the remembrance of God, you have to become completely pure. Father says repeatedly, children if you remember Me, you will become pure and you would become the master of the pure world. God gives only one direction (to rest your mind on Him), it is very easy.
Children, wherever you go , you can earn an income, whatever you do, keep remembering the Father, only by this you will be benefitted. People go to temple and remember the deity of the temple and offer the food. The master of food (one who feeds every soul) is only One God-Father, He is the liberator of all, He is the Purifier. God-Father says, I am the incorporeal (bodiless), I never take any food. Devotees offer food for Me, but only devotees eat the food.
You offer food to the God, this is also like giving regard to the God, It is God’s treasure house (God is the One who feeds every soul), Although you offer food to God, only you children take food, God never takes food. The Brahma also takes food, God can feel them (sense the food) through the body of Brahma-Adam.
I appear in the body of this brahma-Adam, to make you  children pure. It is praised as Mother and Father. God appear on this brahma and create you children and hence Brahma is also known as the Mother, shown cow as a memorial. There is also praise for Mother Saraswati (who was adopted to take care of the surrendered children).
You children become like the God, Like God is the Guru, you children teach others and become gurus like God. You show the right path for heaven, to all. Souls show the path through mouth-words –mantra. Manmanabhav (rest your mind on Me) and  Madhyajibhav (Become a deity with complete virtues). Father and children show the same right path to heaven.
Here, you remain in remembrance naturally, by listening to the murli, then when you go out, you find difficult to remember the Father. Father says, spin the discus of self realization, this is the method to go to soul world, so always remember the Home - soul world, Heaven-golden age and the God-Father.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Give real regard to one another and the Father. Although the Father is beyond experiencing anything you must definitely first offer everything to the One whose bhandara (treasure house) is sustaining you.
2. In order to become worthy of worship, become God’s helpers. Become a helper of the Father in service. When both the soul and body become pure you will be worshipped.
Blessing: May you be an elevated effort-maker who makes good effort by renouncing the desire for any reward.
An elevated effort-maker is one who doesn’t have desires to experience any reward of the effort. Where there are desires, cleanliness finishes and you become one who constantly thinks about that. Those who desire to experience the reward here miss out on accumulating their income for the future. Therefore, instead of the word desire (ichcha), remember the word “good” (achcha). An elevated effort-maker constantly makes effort to become flawless. They never fail in anything.
Slogan: Use all facilities available as a lotus flower because they are the fruit of your karma yoga.
For service through the mind:
Shed the costume of physical body consciousness and wear the angelic dress of light. Tour around every where,as an angel. Whoever wants peace, happiness or contentment, give them that experience through your angelic form.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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