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You would find time to remember the God-Father whilst bathing.

Murli 02.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you have come to the Father to make your life as valuable as a diamond. Only through remembrance of the Father, will your life become like that.
Question: What main effort do you need to make in order to claim a high status in the new world?
Answer: Baba (Father) says: Sweet children, now remove your intellects from the trap of attachment to the old relations who have made you so unhappy and remember Me! While living with them, connect your mind to Me. Constantly remember the mantra “Manmanabhav (Rest your mind on Me)” and you will claim a high status in the new world.
Song: You spent the night sleeping and the day eating! Your life that was as valuable as a diamond has become as worthless as a shell.…
Sweet Children,
Like I explain the essence of scriptures, I explain you the meaning of these songs. The GodFather explains being in the body of Brahma-Adam. You children know that your diamond-like life is being created. You come to the Father to lead a life like a jewel. The residents of heaven are known as one who takes birth worthy of diamond. The birth is of shell like in iron age-hell.
Now, it is confluence age and only in this confluence age, you attain liberation and liberation in life through the Traveller who comes from the Soul world. You are not a traveller (who come and go). God is a Traveller. You never come and go back. God comes to the old world and returns. Only He is the One Traveller who does service for the whole world, serve you children, such a service no one can do.
You have been calling out for the Father for the sake of service, to come and serve the impure ones. Father says, I have come to serve the children who are suffering a lot. You cry to remove the sufferings and give peace. Two things are remembered always – peace and happiness. Here there is no peace and happiness and hence you cry out for God.
This is an impure world, by devotion you had come down and by knowledge you climb up to attain the highest stage. Later, the reward of your action comes down. No other place people do such devotion, like they do in Bharat-India. Devotion begins from copper age, it was very good in the beginning, like heaven was very good in the beginning, later devotion degrades. You start doing unadulterated worship  in the beginning, worship Shiv (The Benefactor, the point of light). For half the cycle there was no devotion and other half you do complete devotion.
Father makes you the master of kingdom, the Traveller of far away land (Soul world) has come now, you receive a great inheritance but no one understands about it. Bharat have many temples for worshipping, now, you know whose temples they are. Initially the temples are built for ShivBaba (the Benefactor Father), later the temples are built for the deities. One end you worship Shiv and other end, Shiv is making you worship-worthy. The worshippers of Shiv and deities would come and belong to the Father. Everyone cannot study together, those who studied earlier would come again to learn.
You are taught about the world cycle by which you become the master of heaven. You children know how this world cycle keeps repeating, the story is not of millions of years. You explain who ruled the kingdom during the 5000years, the kingdom of deities existed 5000years ago, later you come around the complete world cycle. The story of deities is of Lakshmi and Narayan (Queen and king of golden age). People write autobiography, you explain the biography of the whole world. By knowing this world cycle, you become master of the kingdom.
No one can do devotion like the residents of Bharat. You were living flowers, with a small population (in golden age), it was a garden of flowers, later you become the garden of thorns. God explains how the thorns are transformed into flowers. Pricking each another means to give suffering. You are Godly students. By marriage, you prick each other. In Golden age, you never prick each other, there was treasure of gold, now, it is not there.
In the beginning, America and Bombay never existed. By the end of iron age, you never see much gold, later in Golden and silver ages, you have lot of gold. Like you have brick of sand here, you will have brick of gold in golden age. Here, even the brick of stone has become more valuable. There in golden age, you get bricks of gold without any cost, so, why not you make effort to reach there?
Here you are entangled in attachment, you undergo suffering by relationships, Father never says, you must leave the relationships but just rest your intellect on Me, Remember Me and the golden age, so that you will be relieved of sufferings.
In devotion you have lot to do. Here you are the beloved of One Father and He makes you the master of kingdom. You become the beloved of One Father only once. All others are beloved of physical body. Now the unlimited most beloved Father comes and makes you belong to Him. You have been calling out for only One God, to make you pure, because you become impure.
By bathing in rivers, you never get rid of your sins. Now, God Father is giving you the rain of knowledge, to the whole world, the whole world becomes so green, the treasures of gold and diamonds would be filled in mines.
Father says, wherever you are, even if you are taking bath, just remember the Father by your intellect, while bathing you would find time to remember the Father (even if you are busy all other time). Only by remembrance you earn an income, have you heard about it any time? You earn a lot of income, you become the master of deity kingdom. The incorporeal God is your Father, He has taken the help of this body of Brahma, use his body as a chariot.
God appears in this body (of Brahma) to give knowledge, I come at his final birth, at his retirement stage, I never come in a chariot or vehicle.
You children must become much happy because you receive the most elevated knowledge. Those who learn ICS, have lot of intoxication, here, it is the school of God, now question arises who is God, Shiv or Krishna? Everyone does not call Krishna as the Father. God comes only once to make you the master of golden age.
What you would become in golden age, you have seen through the divine visions. God says, I make you the King of kings. In the world, by doing a lot of charity, they only attain limited happiness. They take birth in the family of kings and die immediately, some die in the womb, or born handicapped according to their actions.
You tell Father that, you sacrifice over God and hence you will attain the complete kingdom. Bharat is known as Mahadhaani, the great benefactor. You surrender the mind, body and wealth to the Father. Now, Father says, remain a Trustee and carry out your action. You surrender by your heart (intellect).Father says,  (wherever you are)  even if you remain in Palaces, keep going around places, but just remember Me.
Father says, sweet children, only by the power of yoga (remembrance), you will become victorious over the vices. Only by Godly elevated directions, you become the masters of the world.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim a royal status, surrender yourselves (by intellect) completely to the Father. Surrender your body, mind and wealth and live as a trustee. Make effort to become a conqueror of sin.
2. Only through remembrance is an income earned. Therefore, make effort to stay constantly in remembrance. Become such spiritual flowers that you claim a right to the world of flowers. No thorns should remain inside you.
Blessing: May you be an image of success and move along in a yuktiyukt (accurate) manner by keeping a balance of being a child and a master.
As much as possible, be a child in terms of service and a master in the stage of your effort. Be a child with connections and service, and be a master in the pilgrimage of remembrance and in churning. Be a child with companions and in gatherings, and be a master as an individual. To move along with this balance is known as moving along while being yuktiyukt. By doing this, you will easily be successful in every task. Your stage will remain constant and you will easily be loved by all.
Slogan: When your thinking and doing are equal, you will be said to be a powerful soul who has will power.
Service through the mind:
To create the atmosphere with an attitude of remembrance is service through the mind. Those who serve at every moment with their elevated vision, attitude and actions are true servers.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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