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God is the Father of every soul even if the soul does not accept it.

Murli 06.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, only through the power of yoga - remembrance of God, will the rust on the soul be removed. Therefore, never be careless about this!
Question: What method has the Father shown you children for you to claim your unlimited inheritance, even though Maya-vices creates obstacles everywhere?
Answer: The Father has shown you the method: Children, you are children of the one Father, brothers and sisters. Therefore, you must not criminally assault one another. Brothers and sisters must not indulge in vice. Follow Shiv Baba’s (Benefactor Father’s) directions and claim your unlimited inheritance. However, Maya-vices is no less. She continues to create obstacles everywhere in this. You forget that you are brothers and sisters and that you are claiming your inheritance from the one Father.
Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world. The earth, the sky, everything belongs to us.
Sweet Children,
Father says, even one word of song is sufficient. You receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, in every world cycle, in Bharat. Now, it (the inheritance) is not there, but once again you are receiving  the inheritance. By vices you suffer, you receive the curse of Ravan (vices).
Prajapita (father of human kind) Brahma is the father of human kind, no one else can be called the father of humankind. God is the Father of incorporeal souls of the world.
God-Father has made you belong to Him to give the inheritance, Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is the incorporeal and hence you say you come to BapDada (Bap-Father and Dada- Grand Father or big brother). There is Shiv Baba and there is Brahma Dada. Shiv Baba is incorporeal and at the same time God is also known as the Grand Father. Everyone receives the inheritance from the God-Father certainly.
In golden age, no one remains unhappy. God establishes heaven. Heaven consists of everything new. The Golden and iron age is known in India-Bharat. When Bharat has become old, it has to become New, where the deities ruled the kingdom. You know about this.
When you go to temple of deities, you understand how they attained the kingdom, who gave the kingdom to them. Earlier, you did not know about this. But now, you have the knowledge in your intellect. Earlier, you have been chanting without knowledge, in the temple of deities, now you know number-wise. Now, you know how they attain the inheritance in confluence age because only during confluence age, the old world has to be transformed, where the God-Father comes and explains you about the highest RajaYoga.
Through Brahma-Adam, the land of deties are created. Along with Brahma-Adam, you children also exist. First it is Brahma-Adam, later you come into existence. Those who do spiritual effort remain a detached observer.
Even among kings there are different status. You can explain to people how the deities attain the kingdom and the same kingdom is being established now. You know about the world mother (Eve), people did not know about her in temples. In this confluence age, Father teaches you RajaYoga. There are many children of world mother, all of you cannot be seated at one place. Even in earlier cycle there were the father (Adam) and mother (Eve) of human kind.
Now, you receive the third eye of knowledge. Father is the ocean of knowledge. God is neither called as a human being nor as a deity. He is known as the Supreme Soul who comes and teaches you. You can explain the biography of any deities including Ram. The Moon dynasty of Ram (not the Ram who is mentioned in the scriptures) is also being established now. You children of One God-Father are brothers and sisters, you brothers and sisters cannot fall in vice, cannot have criminal vices amongst each other.
In reality all souls of the world are the children of Brahma (and God-Father). You children are brothers and sisters, but many forget about it. Now, you know about it very well, hence if you remember this at all times, you will not fail through maya-vices. In golden age, only one religion exists and all other religion disappear, this, only you children know.
This world cycle keeps repeating, you children must keep  in your intellect that you are receiving the inheritance by this method (of looking at souls as brothers and sisters).
Only by the power of yoga (remembrance), you get rid of sins, you become strong by listening to the murli, wherever you are. Even if you do not receive murli, know that the Father has made you understand the soul which has become impure and will become pure by remembering the One Father. This great mantra of Manmanabhav (Rest your mind on Me), only Father comes and gives you.
Father says, sweet children, only by the power of remembrance, you become completely pure from completely impure. No one knows about this. You have the complete knowledge through the God Father. Even in earlier cycle, Father had said, you must forget all the religion of body and bodily relations (by looking at others as souls) and remember the One God-Father. All souls cry out for the One God-Father. Even Pope calls out for the One God-Father to change the vicious intellects and to stop the fight against each other.
Only the God-Father has to be remembered. Everyone calls out for One God-Father to make them pure. When you become pure, you cannot remain in this impure world and certainly new world is required, then the golden age is required from this iron age.
People listen to the knowledge, but never understand. People think the iron age would continue, Father says, how iron age would continue, is it looking good? Many come with regard and respect but they never understand.
Even if little is known through the God-Father, they would come in heaven. God-Father says, I am the Father of all souls, even if they accept it or not. They ask how God appears, God says, if the soul can appear on earth, why cant I come? If I don’t come, how will I teach you RajaYoga. It is said, the purifier God has to come and make you pure. I come at the end of the world cycle, in the body of father of human kind (Brahma-Adam), when you complete your 84th birth. You know that God has come to give you the unlimited inheritance. Father says, my job is to transform the old and make it pure. It is said, the destruction of old world and creation of New world. You will come in the New world and would rule the kingdom.
The deity Kali is shown in a violent form, in reality the Kali is known as the World Mother - Eve, it should not be shown so violent. In Bengal they sacrifice animals without any knowledge. The World Mother can be only one.
Now, you children have the knowledge, there is nothing which is unknown, God-Father has explained you everything, you are receiving the unlimited inheritance and hence you have to make the complete spiritual effort.
The sufferings appear in the world when a boy and a girl start marrying. Hence you children must never think about marrying. You children are brothers and sisters amongst each other, if you are strong in this, you will win over vices. You must never marry at any time. This is the world of vices. It is sung about being completely vice-less and  most respectable in nature. But no one knows who made the deities completely vice-less. Golden age is the vice-less world. There is a lot of difference between the vice-less world and vicious world. When there was the kingdom of deities, only few people exist.
When souls come in the beginning, they come in the complete world cycle. Now, the creation of human beings (world cycle) has come to an end.
The souls of the Soul world would appear on earth completely and then you would reach the stage of karmateet (free form the bondage of actions).Then the souls of the physical world would leave this old body of the iron age, you must return home (soul world). Souls come in groups little by little from the soul world. The land of liberation, nirvana, is the soul world, until the soul world becomes empty, you cannot return back to home. You must understand this.
Even if you do not understand other things, Father says, you must remember your sweet God-Father, only by this you will benefit, the history and geography is not that difficult to understand.
God-Father explains how God comes, how this world transforms, only God-Father explains you ,no one else has this knowledge. People go to the moon, but nothing exists there. You go even far away from moon and stars very easily (in meditation), the people of the world never understand.
You understand that Father explains you according to the plan of the drama. I play the role of making you pure. I have this role to play. God is praised a lot, even deities are praised but no one knows how the deities are made worship-worthy. Deities remain very happy. Here even the rich ones suffer with disease. See, Birla have lot of money, person is very rich, but what is in the fate-destiny, one birth you would become very rich, they have pain in the mind although there are many relatives, some type of sorrow is experienced by everyone.
Now, everything will be lost-transformed, so what is the use of going after them, now, you have to receive complete inheritance from the Father, hence forget the body and bodily relations (by looking at everyone as souls) and remember the One God Father, so that I can take you to the land of liberation and liberation in life.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Attain your karmateet (free from the bondage of actions) stage and return home. However, you can only go when souls stop coming down from soul world. Keep these details in your intellect and remember the one beloved Father with a lot of love.
2. You have received enlightenment through this knowledge. Therefore, have faith in the intellect and claim your full inheritance from the Father. Wherever you may be living, make effort with the power of remembrance, to make the tamopradhan soul satopradhan.
Blessing: May you be a victorious master almighty authority who surrenders the self, instead of accepting defeat again and again.
Create every thought and perform every deed considering your self to be a constant victorious jewel and you will never be defeated. A master almighty authority can never be defeated. If you are constantly defeated, you will have to accept punishment from Dharamraj (Supreme Judge) and those who are defeated (haar) will have to make garlands (haar) in the future and have to garland many images from the copper age onwards. Therefore, instead of accepting defeat, surrender (balihaar) yourself, and promise to imbibe your complete form and you will become victorious.
Slogan: The word “sometimes” signifies weakness. Therefore, never say, “I will do it at some point,” but do it now!
For service through the mind: Remain stable in the self-respect, “I am the light of God’s eyes.” Let only one Baba (God-Father) reside in your eyes and then do the service of taking many others beyond.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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