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Your Love makes others to co-operate and by co-operation you attain success.

Avyakt Murli 24.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) dated 24.04.1973
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Murli 1: Spiritual Horoscope
Are you able to stabilize in the stage of perfect stage within a second? Have you become the one who practise the spiritual drill? In one second, are you able to stabilize yourself in any of the stage, as much time you want? Do you have this practise or Does the obstacles of karmic accounts influence you, even this influence when comes to an end, it is known as completely ignorant of any desires. When there is desire for any thing, it attracts repeatedly. When your stage is not influenced by any desire but remain stable, this is known as the perfect stage.
Let the feet of the intellect do not get influenced by the situations-obstacles of nature. The aim is this, Is there difference between aim and your stage up to now? To get rid of this difference, what is the method of fast effort? Do you have the machinery to get rid of the difference? You have it but have you become worthy to use the machinery? The more you become worthy, the greatness will be seen. What is the reason there is not that much greatness?
Do you know the reason for the lack of greatness? you explain to others about your belief but you don’t know the subtleness-refinement of the belief, by becoming refined, you become great and there by greatness. So, the requirement is of refinement, The refine objects can be accommodated anywhere, the more refined the thing is, it becomes more powerful.
The great refined Belief is the direction of God. First direction is you have to forget everything or  to drop even your own body consciousness. Forgetting is leaving (dropping), even by remaining close (near) if you forget-don’t think about it, it is like you have dropped (left) it.
Renunciates, although leave the household, still they have not left it if they have not forgotten. Like this if according to the circumstances, if you have left it in external form, but if you have not forgotten it by mind, can it be called that you have dropped it? Here, leaving (dropping) means forgetting-not to think by the mind.
Have you forgotten by mind, have you left it or still have to leave (drop) it? If you say, yet to be left, then you will be out of the list of those who left it for the long time and come in to the list of those who are leaving (trying to leave) now.
Those who have sacrificed the body and bodily relations by their mind, (that moment) their date, time are fixed in the drama and by the BapDada. Like the astrologer writes the horoscope according to the date, time and stage of the birth, they see the situations that in what situation (position of planets) child is born. Here, the stage of beginning (the day when you received Godly knowledge) is considered to be the basis of the future, whether you sacrificed immediately or little by little in the long run. By your stage, time and date of the confluence age, you can know about your future horoscope.
Every thing of future is based on the practical life. This is the machinery to know about your fortune. By this you can know the number-status of the final stage. The astrologer know about the fortune by the line of the hand, like that, you master trikaldarshi, trinetri (one who has the third eye of knowledge), embodiment of knowledge, master knowledge-full, you can know  your fortune of future by the time of birth, line of thoughts and the  line of action. Do the line of thought is seen directly?
Check if you have spent the stage, relationships, (time) based on the direction of God and for how long? The time means the account of long time in relationships, long time means, it is not that based on physical time and year but the interest you had shown for a long time in all subjects. For example, if you have spent 35 years, but if you have not spent your time in spiritual effort for a long time (constantly), then all 35years will not be considered, but if you have come in 15years and have made effort-with constant enthusiasm in 15years, then all those years will be included.
Those who had constant enthusiasm (lagan me magan) for a long time, they attain the fortune for a long time. Those who have experienced for a short time, they attain the fortune for short time or in an ordinary way. That is why the astrologers give importance of time. You had to remain free from obstacles, the action of your line should be straight, if the line is cut in between it is not seen as good sign. Like that, here also due to obstacles, if the line connected to the Father is disconnected in between, you never attain the elevated status for a long time.
So, you can understand about your birth horoscope-fortune. The direction-Omens also analyzed whether it is of Rahu-saturn or of Brhaspathi-Jupiter. If you do not remain obstacle free, you cannot come in the obstacle free world for a long time. So, check this.
Even the birth sign - Raasi also seen in the horoscope. Here you have three rasi-signs. One is of Rasi of Maharathi (elephant riders-powerful ones). Second is of Horse riders and third is of soldiers. So, check yours in these three. Check if you had the birth sign (rasi) of Elephant rider or Horse rider or soldier from the time you have taken (spiritual) birth.
You can know about your fortune by yourself by being Master trikaldarshi (one who knows the three aspects of time). You can differentiate birth signs - Rasi, direction-omens and lines. After checking, you make use of the method to change-correct your fortune - horoscope.Even in physical study many methods are used to change, here also you can achieve perfect stage by different given methods.
To those who attain the aim by the intellect of being an embodiment of knowledge, who reveal the perfect form, those who overcome obstacles by own spiritual stage, to those elephant riders, Namaste from BapDada.
Murli 2: Personal Meeting with the Residents of Madhuban (Mount Abu) dated 21.04.1973
What name be given to those who are present here?. Do you consider yourself multimillion fortunate. Do you experience the praise of madhuban. Madhuban is known as the Great land, those you reside here will be great souls, are you intoxicated knowing yourself as great souls?
Great souls have greatness in action and thought, their thought and action never remains ordinary or without meaning. Their every action and thought are not without any meaning, they are known as great souls, the residents of madhuban.
So do you check everyday, whatever action takes place, it happens with meaning-reason, raise your hands if you check your actions like this. The action of great souls are praised a lot, their images of smile, attraction are praised in the form of memorials-images of deities. So, check throughout the day, our image, our action are worthy of worship, like it is praised in your memorials.
Here, you come for study, your aim is this, your action of confluence age is also praised in memorial of deities, it happens now, not that it happens in golden age. In golden age, everyone remains with smiling face naturally. Here you find the difference and are praised. Those who remain in happiness always, are praised by those who cannot. So, check in practical.
Now, you smile by understanding what you hear-read, like that, every day if you check , you can reply immediately, now you think whether to raise your hand or not, why do you think to raise your hand? Like this (by everyday checking) bring your perfect stage in your physical form , not just in words.
Like, if anyone comes to you, they must feel happiness. People become happy by going in front of the deities (images in temples) -your memorial, the image is of perfect form. When the (living) self is the image of revelation, could reveal the vision (of perfect stage) immediately to others. If anyone comes to you, let them feel that they are not like the one (in giving happiness) they look at, When will you reach this stage?
The revision course is going now, the course has to be completed in practical life, It is not that you become in practical when the revision course is completed. Have you done any plan for yourself, or do you think someone would create plan for you? BapDada sees the residents of Madhuban as sample, Have you become the sample or still becoming, if the sample is ready, it becomes example for others to become like that. Once you are ready, Father would show you as a sample to others.
The simple effort is, Keep seeing the sample of Father, keep the symbol of the Father with you always, so that, the effort will become simple and very quickly you would become a sample.
(When there are four engines - the sustenance given by seniors, you have to reach fast) The golden chance has been received by the residents of Madhuban, when you become worthy in receiving respect (blessings) from others, you become worthy of worship in future. If you are not respected by others, how you would become worship worthy? Those who become worship-worthy are seen as samples.
The more you become saaz yukt (one who understands-plays the music or who is musical-easy-light-sweet in nature), that much you become accurate in doing actions with significance (raazyukt). Those who are raazyukt, they have raaz (secret-knowledge) in all actions. Like this you have to keep the balance of Raazyukt and Saazyukt.
The residents of Madhuban are the most lucky stars and hence more loving for all. You must not become happy being lucky, those who are lucky, certainly become lovely for all.  Giving knowledge and receiving has become thing of the past, now you have to share the love with each other. Whoever comes to you, give love and take love. This is known as one who becomes loving for all.
The donation of knowledge is not done amongst yourselves, instead you have to become great bestowers-donator of love and co-operation amongst yourselves. It is said, if you donate, your eclipse gets removed, so by this donation, all types of eclipse will be removed. Understood. Now, let us see, who will become great  bestowers in this donation.
Love is not just of words, but even in thoughts let there not be anything but love. When you have love for all, the response will be of co-operation and the result of co-operation is success. When there is co-operation, there will be success and like this every one of you will become embodiment of success. So, Father would check this result.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you be an easy effort-maker and become an all-rounder by imbibing the essence of every situation.
Whatever you see and hear, understand its essence; whatever you speak, whatever deeds you perform, let there be essence filled in that and your effort will become easy. Those who are such easy effort-makers become all-rounders in every situation. No weakness will be visible in them. They do not lack courage in anything nor do they say that they are unable to do something. Those who are such easy effort-makers themselves remain easy and also make others easy.
Slogan: While using the facilities, remain detached from their influence and become loving to the Father.
For service through the mind: I, the soul, am a sparkling diamond in the centre of the forehead. I am sitting in an orb of light and I am donating peace to the whole world.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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