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In mother's womb,you make promise not to commit sins,but forget when you take birth.

Murli 09.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, this land of Bharat is the birthplace of the incorporeal Father. It is here that the Father comes to teach you Raja Yoga, to give you your sovereignty and to serve you.
Question: What promise does Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) have each of His children make?
Answer: Sweet children, promise Baba that you will not perform any sinful actions. You are donating the five vices. You should have the fear inside you that if you take anything (five vices) back that you have given as a donation, you will undergo punishment-pain. The story of King Harishchandra is based on this.
Sweet Children,
God Father says, this is the Godly student life for you children. You have come to your Father now who gives the inheritance of kingdom in every world cycle. God comes only in Bharat. People have respect for their own country, when they die in other than own country, they are taken to their own country.
Bharat is known as the God’s birth place. You are sitting in front of Allah, the God. Although people call God in the name of Allah, they worship the form of ling (Sang-e-aswad). You also say God-Easwar and the form of ling is worshipped by many.
God is known as the Incorporeal (one without body). You children know that you come to the God-Father in every cycle to receive teachings. He teaches RajaYoga (the yoga-remembrance of God by which you become kings), to become Kings and Queens, there is nothing of war or battle. Deities attain kingdom by RajaYoga. People do not know how the deities attain kingdom in golden age.
Now, you children receive the kingdom of golden age. You are with the God, not with Krishna who is only a child (of God). Even Krishna studies now with the Godfather.
You know that you are receiving the kingdom. People become barrister, engineers by learning them. You know that you have become impure and Father had come to make you pure, you receive the unlimited inheritance.
Now, you children sit in front of the Father , He is the formless God-Father, He is worshipped as the Mother, Father and everything. Now you children know that you play your roles of devotion in copper and iron age. You children have come to Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) and while writing post – letters, you write Shiv Baba Care of Brahma. Shiv Baba appears on Brahma and establishes the world of deities, once again.
This is the path for the householders. Male and female learn Barrister and engineering. Sanyasis are of renunciates. If Sankarachariar did not come, Bharat would have lost all its purity.
Bharat was very pure earlier, now has become very impure. It is said the golden lanka has gone under the sea which is not truth but mentioned in scriptures, which never helps you by anyway.
Father promises you, if you make effort to remain in remembrance constantly, your sins will disappear. Even in devotion, you have been making effort to see divine visions. You have the desire to become like a deity.
Now, after the iron age, golden age would come certainly. In golden age, only one religion exists. Now, you receive the knowledge of Soul and Supreme soul which no human beings can understand or explain. Father is the Ocean of knowledge, the purifier, the incorporeal one.
Now, you know that you are becoming pure from impure. In golden age, all remain charitable (pure) souls and now all are impure souls. It is not that rich ones are charitable souls. In golden age no one does charity but remain charitable (pure) soul. You surrender your health, wealth and mind for the unlimited task.
Who sacrifices first?  you or Me (God)?  Father says, first you children sacrifice yourself for God. Then God-Father sacrifices Himself by giving you inheritance for 21births. You children understand very nicely.
If you remain in household and cannot come to the centre, you receive the Murli at home, you remain far away and listen to Murli-God’s knowledge.
I am your Father and also the Teacher. Being the Teacher, I give you directions. Those who do not take 84births in this world cycle, cannot understand this knowledge. You souls have come without a body and now, you have to go back without a body by becoming pure. You are making effort to become pure by the power of yog-remembrance. The right word is remembrance not yoga. Yoga means remembrance.
Father says, remember Me alone, remove your intellect from everything and remember Me, The more you remember Me, that much your sins will be removed.
People celebrate the birthday of Shiv as Shiv-Jayanthi, He is the Highest on high. Krishna is the prince of golden age, certainly he must have been taught by someone such that He becomes prince in golden age. It is said God is one and all others are creations. By the creations, you never receive inheritance. Brothers cannot give inheritance to another brother. All souls receive the unlimited inheritance from the One unlimited Father. I give liberation and liberation in life for all souls.
It is not that you get all the reward of this study here, although by barrister and engineering studies you attain status here, in golden age you receive inheritance by this study. In golden age, you do not have barrister or doctors.
You remain in the mother’s  womb, of heaven-like, in golden age. During iron age you remain in womb, of jail-like. In the womb, you make promise to the Supreme judge that you will not commit any vicious actions but you forget (do not keep up the promise) when you take birth. Here, you make promise to the Supreme Father that we will not commit any vicious actions at any time, we offer You the five vices. It is not that you get rid of the vice just like that, you have fear within, that you have made promise and never do any vicious action, if you perform sinful action after making a promise, it becomes more sinful, there is a story of Raja Harishchander. It is not that you get rid of vices just like that, until karmateet  (free form bondages of actions) stage, you never get rid of vices. The most important vice is body consciousness.
Father says, consider yourself as a soul and remember Me. By coming in to body consciousness, you commit sins. This body consciousness is very strong hence it takes time to offer the five vices to God. Without the Beloved (God), the souls cannot go to liberation and liberation in life. The Beloved God comes and takes every soul back home. You have to make effort till you attain the karmateet stage.
You children say, we fall coming into body consciousness. Father says, even if (vicious) thought comes, never bring them in to action. If you are married, remain pure so that even sanyasis-renunciates will also be surprised (when you remain pure being in an household life) and you will attain more elevated status. There is a need for yoga-remembrance. Only by purity you receive inheritance of the pure world but maya-vices wages war with you. Lot of courage is required. Your sins will be removed by remembrance. Ask the experience of others how they remain in constant remembrance.
To consider yourself as a soul and remember God-Father is very unique and new knowledge. Here you have intoxication, you understand that God has come and He is the incorporeal one. It is said a lot about Krishna about stealing clothes, butters, but all these are not true, Sri Krishna is most pure, he is known as completely virtuous, even causing disturbance is a vice (which never exist in golden age).
The purifier is only One God, the physical gurus cannot be a purifier. Now, you know the complete history of the God, you know about the role of the God, in the whole world cycle, through God Himself because God is knowledge-full, He is praised as the Ocean of knowledge, love, happiness.
God has all the treasures and certainly He would give all His treasures to His children, and He gives it now, hence He repeatedly says, children make effort and receive the complete inheritance of kingdom.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to attain the karmateet stage, don’t make any mistakes through the physical senses. Together with remaining pure, also become strong in remembrance.
2. In order to be a constantly charitable soul, surrender your body, mind and wealth (surrender by intellect and remain a Trustee) to the Father. By surrendering yourself to the Father once, you become a charitable soul for 21 births.
Blessing: May you finish the complaint of waste thoughts by remaining constantly busy and become completely karmateet.
A storm of waste thoughts creates an obstacle in becoming completely karmateet. In order to finish the complaint of these waste thoughts, keep your mind busy at every moment and learn the method to book your time. Make a programme of where to keep your mind occupied throughout the day. Daily, keep your mind busy in four things: 1) Meeting (heart-to-heart conversation) 2) Speaking (service) 3) Being absorbed in love (of God) 4) Having a deep longing (for God). By doing this your time will be used in a worthwhile way and the complaint of having waste will finish.
Slogan: Only those who consider their success to be a Godly birthright can remain constantly happy.
Service through the mind: Remain stable in your angelic form, and as a detached observer see everyone’s part and give them sakaash-vibrations. Maintain the self respect “I am a soul who is instrumental for unlimited world benefit” and give everyone your co-operation.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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