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Become fearless being a detached observer with the awareness of soul.

Murli 04.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you now have to think about yourself and not others, because, according to the world drama, whoever does anything receives the return of that.
Question: What have you souls become aware of by becoming trikaldarshi?
Answer: You souls have become aware that you were originally residents of the incorporeal world and that you came here to play your roles in this drama. You became the main actors and played your roles for 84 births. You are now personally in front of the Father and you will then go back home with Him. You have to become pure and return home, then go to the land of happiness. The whole of this play is based on Bharat. You souls have become aware of all of this by becoming trikaldarshi.
Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.
Sweet Children,
Children sing this song to become a garland for the Father. Father reminds you again and again, to consider yourself as a soul and remember the Father. You know that you souls live in the soul world along with the Father.
You know that you are the resident of the soul world, now, once again Father has come and you sit in front of Him. You souls have experienced happiness and sorrows, now you have become Trikaldarshi ( one who has knowledge of past, present and future) number-wise.
You must remember the study-lessons, you have the awareness that Father is the resident of soul world, you know that, you are the important actors of this world drama. You children have the complete knowledge in your intellect. For half the cycle , you remain in the land of happiness where vices never exist.
You children say that, we belong to You and to the possible extent we would remember You. Father says, you must remember throughout the day that, you remain highest on highest (most elevated) along with the highest Father.
Father is worshipped in devotion along with you children. Only One Father can make you souls pure not any one else. You understand this play of world drama, which is based on Bharat.
Every soul understands that Father is the Ocean of knowledge. You have been calling out for Him during devotion. You must become soul conscious and remember that, you have to follow the One God-Father.
Now your third eye of knowledge has opened up. Father gives introduction about Himself.In no other gathering, they would say I teach you souls, this, only you children understand.
Father has to repeat to the children, to become soul conscious. Soul plays role in this world drama. Even the actors of limited drama change their dress. You incorporeal souls appear on earth and wear the dress made up of this body.
Now, you children know that, the Father has come and you would co-operate with  the Father by becoming pure and make the world pure.
Now, the Godly direction is to become pure. Those who made effort in the previous cycle would come and become pure.
You souls lived in the soul world, then appear on earth (during golden age) and now have reached the iron age. The residents of Bharat have been crying out for the Father to teach them the elevated actions.
Father says, now, you children have the awareness that, the Father has told this even during the previous cycle which no one has explained to you. I come in every 5000years and take the help of this body (of Brahma).Now, once again I tell you children, children become soul conscious.
The actors of the drama knows what role they would play in different costumes but they are in body conscious, here you have to become soul conscious. Your roles of 84births have come to an end. You must not forget this.
Father says, children, you must not commit any sinful action, you have to check if my senses get disturbed? You have to win over vices. You have to remember only the One God-Father. If your senses get disturbed, it is known as body consciousness, You must not fear anyone, you have to become soul conscious, you have to see things being a detached observer, if you  go anywhere.
In soul world, there is the tree of all souls, like the leaves appear number-wise, this is also the tree of souls. Souls appear on earth from soul world, no one can see how the soul leaves the body.
The soul has become impure, now has to become pure. If soul does not appear in the body, body cannot perform any actions.
Father is the Ocean of knowledge, sits and explains you. This role of God is fixed in the drama. Your soul plays the role of happiness and sorrow, you experience lot of sufferings. I never come into birth and death. I give you the easy method so that you will be relieved of sorrows. The organs of soul remain small and later grow, but the soul never grows physically.
Now, you know how the soul appears. Soul is very subtle, very small, has such a larger role and knowledge recorded in it, like the seed of the tree has the whole tree with in it.
The Banyan tree grows in to very large in numbers and the main tree becomes old and cannot be identified. Like that, here also the deity religion is not seen now. You know that, you would transform the whole world , only then New pure world will appear.
You have been calling God as the image of peace, but no one knows peace is the quality of soul. Very few people live in golden age.There, no one asks for peace although you perform actions. The golden age and soul world are different. In golden age, you remain ever healthy and every wealthy at all times.
The people of the world do not know what is a heaven, this deity of Lakshmi and Narayan are the children of God (like any other soul), and God gives happiness and kingdom of golden age. When you are in heaven you never say the iron age-hell would repeat. Now you say that the golden age-heaven will repeat.
The New world had existed once, and it is known as heaven. You have this knowledge in your intellect. You know that, you are becoming deities once again, you must know this very well, your aim object is this.
You souls remain in soul world, come on earth to play different roles, you have the awareness how you take 84births.Father explains through the body of Brahma. Heaven is created through Brahma.
Children ask whether Spiritual Effort is important or Drama is important. Father says, without effort how you would attain elevated status? Many lose the status in the long run. Children say, it becomes difficult to remember the Father, the aim is very high, the most important is to become vice-less. For this, you have to get rid of vicious actions. The spiritual stages of children repeat, like in every cycle. You know that, you would make effort in a very good manner and receive the complete inheritance from the Father.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. See this unlimited play as a detached observer. Don’t be afraid of anyone. In order to become fearless, make the lesson, “I am a soul,” firm.
2. Check and test yourself to see that none of your physical senses cause mischief. Have I conquered the vice of lust? To what extent have I become soul conscious?
Blessing: May you become an immortal image and gain victory over all adverse situations with the facilities for spiritual progress.
Just as you adopt many means for the livelihood of your body, in the same way, adopt facilities for your spiritual progress. For this, constantly practise remaining stable in the stage of an immortal image. Those who move along considering themselves to be an immortal image (soul) are saved from untimely death and all other problems. In order to remove mental worries and adverse situations of the mind, simply continue to remove the consciousness of your old body.
Slogan: Those who repeatedly become over sensitive about anything, fail in the final paper.
For service through the mind:
With the power of your mind, remain stable on the globe of the world, in an elevated stage with the Father in the supreme abode and give the sakaash(vibrations) of powers to the whole globe.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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