Thursday, 31 March 2011

Peace is your original religion.Souls are residents of the land of peace.

Murli 01.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, you have now heard the true knowledge from the true Father and come into the light. Your duty is to remove everyone from darkness and bring them into the light.
Question: When you children give knowledge to anyone, what should you definitely remember?
Answer: Constantly continue to make your mouth say “Baba, Baba (Father)”, because by doing this any consciousness of “mine” will finish. The inheritance will also be remembered. When “Baba” is said, the notion of omnipresence (of God) is destroyed. If someone says that God is omnipresent ask him: How can the Father be in everyone?
Song: People of today are in darkness.
Sweet Children,
Children say that people of today are in the darkness. Father is the Ocean and Sun of knowledge.
God is your Father and you are all children.
By saying Father, you receive love from Him, you remember the inheritance.
You wanted to light up your soul, to wake you up from darkness. People specially drop oil (here, the light of knowledge), to keep the light on.
Golden and silver ages are called as the day of brahma and copper and iron ages are known as night of brahma-Adam.
By searching, you never attain God. You start your search for God from copper age, from where, the vices start to appear.
God gave you the inheritance of kingdom for golden and silver age. Vyas  created scriptures in copper age.
Now you have the bondages of 84births.
You were the master of heaven, the land of Krishna. Now it is the world of demons.
God is the Purifier. Christ has said that there is only One bridegroom-the God, but people never understand.
Souls do not know who is the Father of soul.
Can father of children be omnipresent? All the knowledge what you have been receiving are direction of demoniac nature.
The body consciousness is the no.1 vice, it keeps saying my and mine without knowing about the soul.
Soul does not have a name but the Supreme soul is called Shiv (the Benefactor).
How God comes, in whom He appears to give knowledge, no one knows.
One Shiv – the Benefactor is the Father of all souls, He is the unlimited Father.
Souls are the children and God is the unlimited Father.
Soul cries out towards God, to come and make them pure. Vices make you suffer. In golden and silver ages, during happiness where you had everything, you do not call for God.
Peace is your original religion. Souls are residents of land of peace. Then they come into the land of happiness.
In pain you call out for the sweet and beloved Father.
No one knows when Krishna lived. Radha Krishna becomes Lakshmi Narayan.
Soul says, Oh God Father. Then how can He be beyond name or form?
Blindly, it is said soul becomes Supreme Soul. The soul is a point of light, like a star, located at the middle of eyebrow.
The small soul has the fixed eternal role of 84births recorded in it.
The vices appear from copper age, and you call out for Father to take you into light of knowledge.
There are many gurus but the Ocean of knowledge, the Purifier, the One who gives salvation for all is only One God.
People make a lot of effort to reach God but how do you become pure?
Father says, I come by Myself. Deities cannot be called as God.
You become worthy to go to heaven.
Children have taken 84births. Soul and Supreme Soul remained separated for a very long time.
Father says, now remember Me. By remembrance your sins will be destroyed. You have reached iron age from golden age, now make effort to remember Me.
Leave behind all body and bodily relations (looking at everyone as a soul by your intellect) and remember Me, to get rid of sins.
One who gives knowledge, the Ocean of knowledge, who gives liberation in a second is only One God.
In Golden and Silver ages, no one will say, someone has died. There is no uncertain death, you win over death there. There is no sorrow there.
In copper age, you build so many temples with lot of treasures.
Now, the highest on high, God-Father is establishing heaven.
By knowledge, you children receive liberation. It is said, knowledge (in golden age), then devotion (copper age)  and later, disinterest (now during confluence age).
By remembering Me alone, you come back to Me, at the end.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. The burden of sins on your head will be burnt away with the fire of yoga (remembrance). Remove your body and all bodily relations from your intellect (looking at self and others as a soul)  and remember the one Father.
2. Instead of calling out or crying out in distress, remain stable in your original religion of peace. Peace is the garland around your neck. Don’t use the words “I” and “mine” in body consciousness. Have the faith that you are a soul.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of remembrance and a conqueror of attachment who transforms your limited responsibilities into unlimited ones.
In order to become a conqueror of attachment, simply transform your form of remembrance. There is attachment when you have the awareness of being a householder and you have a house and relatives. Now transform that limited responsibility into an unlimited responsibility. When you fulfil your unlimited responsibilities, the limited ones will automatically finish. However, if you forget your unlimited responsibilities and simply fulfil your limited responsibilities, you spoil them even more because that duty becomes a disease of attachment. Therefore, transform your form of remembrance and become a conqueror of attachment.
Slogan: Now fly so fast that you are able to go through clouds of adverse situations in a second.
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Constantly reveal your true self, being combined with the God-Father.

Avyakt Murli 31.03.11

Essence: Remain combined with God and become an authority-ruler of senses, mind, intellect and sanskars. Fix time, everyday to give the vibration of happiness to the suffering brothers and sisters. Make use of your power of thoughts and the most elevated time. Become a sample, those who are free from tension, become an image of solutions. Practice applying full stop to the past (waste thoughts).

Today, the Great Great Grand Father, sees the lines of fortune of the children who are very few among the millions.

Father sees the brightness of sparkling divine stars in the middle of eyebrow. The fortune of this most elevated confluence age keeps you moving in the future, attain fruit for so many births according to your effort.

Do you experience these eternal attainments of confluence age constantly or only sometimes? Father wants to see every child as the authority, the king-ruler of the self over the senses, mind, intellect and sanskars. Do you have ruling power, controlling power over them, not a subservient?

You are not alone, Father is combined with you always. So, the mind, intellect and sanskar cannot make you subservient. This makes you victory over maya-vices and nature.

Now, the nature keeps doing her job because human souls disturb her. But you children become victorious over nature and make her satopradhan in nature - completely pure.

People become anxious looking at the natural calamities but you know that whatever happens is for good, in this confluence age, during the early morning hours of world cycle. After the dawn, bright day is about to come.

You know that the world of happiness has already arrived where there would not be any sign of sorrows. You become victorious over nature at this confluence age.

You remain happy and congrats for you. But  you have to give the vibration of happiness to your suffering  brothers and sisters. Fix time in your routine for this service of power of mind. Make them happy by fixing the time because they are your brothers and sisters. Do you have mercy for them?

Father wants to see especially two things. One is the power of thoughts and the (usage of) time of confluence age, because during this one birth, you create your fortune for so many births.

Father sees many get waste thoughts not vicious thoughts. It should have been come to an end by this time because every second is most valuable to attain fortune of so many births. So, become aware of the value of thoughts and time, and make use of them to become victorious ones.

Father gives a special blessing today. From today, every children should make yourselves tension free. Keep determined thought that from today, keep attention but no tension.

Father wants you to be victorious over world, by winning over the mind. Are you the master or is your mind the master? Keep little attention to experience the (power of ) blessing.

All the time, your face should look happy like a full blossomed flower, free from tension.

Now according to time, the Father wishes that, by your mind, face and features, do the service. This practice will help you in future. There may not be sufficient time to do service by words. So, become free from tension.

For the souls who are in tension due to situations – problems, your face and feature should become a support for them.

You are aware that people are after  temporary things to keep them happy.

Become a sample, being free from tension, which will become an instrument for others (to become happy). Those who are courageous and have determined faith will become victorious. You have to do it.

There is a difference of day and night between ordinary thought and determined thought.

In next season Father wants to see every one of you as an image of solution not an image of reasons-problems.

There should not be any name or sign of tension in this spiritual life.

Father knows that everyone wants to do it, but when situation-problem comes, you say, it happens. Become one who has got Royal sanskars of kings-rulers, become the one who rules the self.

Father sees in His heart those who are listening being very far. Father gives loving remembrance to everyone who is far and near.

The first comers can go fast and come at first as an easy yogi.

Father wants to see balance in self-effort and service, because there is not much time for self effort alone. Every one must become free from obstacles and keep attention for self transformation. Create the wings of interest and enthusiasm.

Father gives good wishes and blessings to each child, to move forward constantly.

Keep flying and make others fly.

To all children, to move forward and make others move easily in spiritual effort, father gives congrats.

Father has given direction earlier, to become fast effort maker and to apply full stop, point in a second. This practice is very important. Do not take it easy. One or other thing has to happen suddenly. Father’s wish is that you will remain combined (with the Father), will go together with the Father (back to the soul world) and come in golden age to rule, along with father Brahma.

Congrats for the New Year – Next Season of meetings.

You have to become equal to the Father constantly, achcha.

Keep your intellect connected with the Father, do not become influenced by the situations. Looking at you, every one should remember the Father.

Those who reach up to Mount Abu, your true home, are the most luckiest.

Father’s blessing is, remain happy and share happiness with every one.

Murli- Everyday Godly versions, remembrance (of God, the Father) and action-work, together makes you a karma yogi.

More you become cooperative in service, it makes you an easy yogi.

Remain accurate in daily Godly study.

Keep moving forward.

To Chiranjeevi – Cine actor turned politician:  You are not just a hero, remember you are also a zero-point-soul. When you say Mera Baba (My Father), you have become an heir for the inheritance. Remember yourself as a karma yogi.

When you have love for murli, you have love for the Father.

Sahyog – Co-operation in Godly task, makes you move forward, you become a karma yogi soul.

You are not the doer, you are the instruments. Become a companion (of God). Your good wishes will make many others receive attainments.

Supreme God,The Father calls Himself as the most obedient Servant of you children.

Murli 31.03.11

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Today’s Murli:

Essence: Sweet children, you have to become as pure as a lotus flower while living at home with your family. Follow the directions of the one Father. Don’t do any disservice.

Question: Which children does Maya punch very hard? What is the highest destination?
Answer: Maya gives very hard punches to the children who stay in body consciousness. They become trapped in name and form. As soon as body consciousness comes, you are slapped. The status is destroyed through this. It is a very high destination to break body consciousness. Baba (Father) says: children, become soul conscious! Just as the Father is your obedient Servant and therefore egoless, become just as egoless. There shouldn’t be the slightest ego.

Song: Neither will He be separated from us nor will there be sorrow in our hearts.

Sweet Children,

Father has come to teach you Raja Yoga to make you the masters of heaven.

Father has come again like He comes every world cycle.

You have to remain pure like a lotus flower, being in the household.

This is your final birth in this world cycle.

I have come to make every human being pure. The Purifier, The Liberator is only One God.

I come when you reach the lowest status at the end of 84th birth, according to the eternal fixed world drama.

Father takes you back home after purifying you souls and you attain the inheritance of golden age, the land of happiness.

At the end, you get visions of actions you performed and the status what you are going to attain.

Since you are becoming a charitable soul, you must not create any sinful action.

When you perform any sinful action, you receive hundredfold punishment-agony.

You give happiness to everyone and become a charitable soul.
If you get entangled in any bodily name and form, it also becomes a sin.

The Supreme Father teaches you children without any trace of ego. He calls Himself as the most obedient Servant.

When you come in to body conscious, you get hurt and lower your status.

Now, the Father makes you intelligent. There is no land purer than Bharat-India. You souls have forgotten that, the residents of Bharat lived in Golden age, where there was unlimited happiness.

Do not become entangled in any name or form (of self and others), never come into body consciousness. Become Soul conscious and remember the Father constantly (even whilst performing actions). Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become as egoless as the Father. Don’t accept personal service from anyone. Don’t cause anyone sorrow. Don’t perform any sinful action due to which punishment would be experienced. Live together like milk and sugar.

2. Follow the shrimat (divine direction) of the one Father and not the dictates of your own mind.

Blessing: May you be yog-yukt (accurate in yoga-remembrance of One GodFather) and free from bondage, by surrendering yourself and sacrificing the consciousness of the body.

Every action of those who sacrifice their body consciousness becomes a mirror. When you have sacrificed something, that thing is no longer considered to be yours. Similarly, by sacrificing your body consciousness, your ownership finishes, and all attachment then finishes. This is known as complete surrender. Those who surrender in this way are constantly yogyukt (immersed in yoga) and free from bondage. Their every thought and action are yuktiyukt (full of the accurate method).

Slogan: Make the Almighty Authority, the One with all Powers, your Companion and success will be at your feet.

Retreat to Mt Abu

Often referred to as 'an oasis in the desert' Mount Abu is the highest peak in the 800 kilometre long Aravalli mountain range, in Rajasthan, western India.  The peak of the mountain is Guru Shikhar and sits 1722 meters above sea level.  Mt Abu heights are home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and forests.  For centuries it served as a hill station (summer base) for the Rajput kings, a cool summer haven away from the dry dusty plains of Rajasthan.  In later years it became a favourite destination for the British Raj, seeking an escape from the scorching heat – and in some places humidity – of the Indian summers.  Current day travellers are mostly tourists, honeymooners and pilgrims.

It was in the early 1950s that the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University moved to this ideal location.  Serving as the world headquarters, the original complex located two thirds up the mountain remains a centre for administration.  It also functions as a beautiful and tranquil home to many dedicated brothers and sisters, some from the earliest days of the organisation.

The initial campus begun at Pokhran House, a relatively small and rustic building that had a lot of land around it.  Since then two other large campuses have been built over the years, Gyan Sarover (‘Lake of Knowledge’) a place for spiritual learning which hosts many retreat guests from around the world, and Shantivan (‘Place of Peace’) which is at the base of the mountain and caters to the rapidly expanding BK community.

Shantivan houses the largest solar cooking facility in the world, and the largest hall in Asia without pillars - ‘Diamond Hall’.  When Diamond Hall is in use, the sight of over 20,000 yogis dressed in brilliant white, the preferred colour of the BKs, is truly stunning and resembles an ocean of milk.  White denotes a cleanliness and simplicity; also a gentle reminder that at the end, one’s body will be wrapped in nothing but a plain white cloth.
Dada Lekhraj, a Sindhi businessman later known as Brahma Baba, was the founder of the BKs.  The BKs have over 9000 centres in just under 110 countries.  The vision of the founder was simple: that each individual should have an experience of inner peace, power and wisdom.  And when, through a divine meditation experience, one is able to realise one’s inner riches – that is when we stop seeking from outside ourselves.

As one steps into any one of the campuses, loving acknowledgement with the eyes known as drishti and a sweet ‘Om Shanti’ (a greeting of peace) reassures the soul that it has definitely arrived home.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

You can remember God constantly only when you have love for Him.

Murli 30.03.11
Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim a high status, always remain honest with the true Father. If you make a mistake, ask the Father for forgiveness. Don’t follow the dictates of your own mind.
Question: Which specially loved children can never remain hidden?
Answer: The serviceable children who love God’s family, those who are concerned to do service day and night, those who are serviceable, obedient and faithful and never follow the dictates of their own minds, and who have honest hearts and are true to the Father, can never remain hidden.
Song: You are the Mother, You are the Father, You are the Relative, You are the Friend, You are the Companion, You are everything, no one else for us other than You...
Sweet Children,
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
In the song, there is children’s guarantee that You are the only One, no one else for us. With this guarantee, children attain the elevated status.
Every one should ask themselves if they have belonged to the One Father.
Many speak something and do something else.
The serviceable children have love for God’s family, amongst brothers and sisters, and think about service day and night.
You can remember the God only if you have love for God.
It is wrong, to say something and do something.
Very few among the millions know about the God in His true form.
You promise Father that you will come in golden age, not in silver age, but you should have such attitude-personality.
Father has come to give inheritance, so check how much you have to follow the Father.
Many fall in body consciousness, then there are lust, anger and attachment. Stealing or hiding things (for future) is a very bad habit.
You must understand that if you keep doing sins, what status will  you attain.
However much you say, the habit never changes. Many get attached to bodily beings, Father comes to know about everything.
Many get attached to maya-vices even after belonging to the Father.
The aim is very elevated, you need the purity of heart in this path.
Those who follow truth in heart will play with Krishna in golden age. Those who come later by not being completely truthful will play with Ram in silver age.
You have to throw away the ghost of maya-vices. Father says, become soul conscious and remember the Father.
No one gets liberation. Now the whole world is under the influence of vices. No one knows that there was the kingdom of deities in golden age.
You say deities are completely virtuous, then how vices can exist in golden age. You have to remain pure.
People say without vice how the world can exist, but people never know how the golden age existed without vices.
Father says, follow the direction of God, since death is imminent. At the end tribunal is formed to list out the sins.
If you fail now, it repeats every world cycle. Hence, you have to make a lot of effort in every step.
Check if you are in body conscious.
The incorporeal (bodiless) Father is teaching you incorporeal souls, the easy Rajayog.
You know that you have to become deities, charitable soul.You have to remain in remembrance of One Father and attain the elevated status.It takes effort to attain elevated status.
By remembrance you must attain Me at the end. This is the pilgrimage of remembrance.
Whatever forgetfulness-mistakes happen, say to the Father and become light, otherwise it will not be easy to remember the Father.
Knowledge is very easy but remembrance needs effort.
You attain the kingdom after becoming victorious over vices.
Those who do not follow the direction of One God (becoming truthful and virtuous) attain less status.
You have good yog (remembrance of One Father) when there is fear of sins.
Those who cannot do service get entangled in one or other issues or bodily beings.
By body consciousness, you make a lot of mistakes.
Father says, Children remain careful, otherwise it becomes painful. Even if you are negligent in doing a small sin, you will do many making it a habit, then you cannot face the Father.
By speaking lies, you must feel bad. It is not that God does not know about your actions.
You have come to receive the Godly Inheritance.
If  you do not remember the father what status would you attain?
You have to speak truth, see truth, hear truth, remain truthful to the Father. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Engage yourself in the Father’s service with honesty. Remain completely honest and faithful. Have true love for God’s family.
2. Don’t mix the dictates of your own mind or the dictates of Ravan (vices) with shrimat. Keep firm the guarantee of belonging to the one Father and none other. Make your heart pure and clean.
Blessing: May you be completely pure and be innocent of the knowledge of Maya (vices) and a Saint in knowledge.
Just as golden-aged souls are innocent of the knowledge of vices, so that same sanskar (habit-personality) should clearly be in your awareness and you will become innocent of the knowledge of Maya. However, only when you are permanently and clearly aware of your soul-conscious form will the future sanskars remain clearly in your awareness. Just as you are able to see your body clearly, in the same way you should be able to see the form of your soul, that is, you should experience it because only then can you be said to be innocent of Maya and a saint in knowledge, that is, completely pure.
Slogan: Impurity within creates obstacles in becoming completely pure.

Monday, 28 March 2011

You have become the child of such a Father (God) who does not have a Father of His own.

Murli 29.03.11
Essence: Sweet children, save yourself from the influence of company and pay full attention to the study. Then, no storms can come. Don’t blame Maya-Vices.
Question: To what one aspect should you constantly pay attention so that your boat can go across?
Answer: “Baba (God-Father), whatever Your orders are!” Constantly continue to follow the Father’s orders and your boat will go across. Those who follow orders are protected from being attacked by Maya. The locks on their intellects open and they experience limitless happiness. They never perform any wrong actions.
Song: Having found You, I have found the whole world.
Sweet Children,
Om shanti  (I am a peaceful soul).
Sweet  Sweet children of all the centres listened to the song. You are receiving the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, every cycle you receive it.
The Ocean of knowledge, Purifier, Liberator is your Father, Teacher and the Satguru (the True Guide).
In study, you cannot say maya or storms disturb you.
When your features-attitude is not good, Teacher says the conduct is not good.
Some children were loved by the father (in physical world), others become vicious.
You children know, God is teaching you, not any human being. By studying well, you become masters of heaven.
There are many children who come into the influence of company and stop the study.
Whatever directions you receive from the Father, Teacher and Satguru are to be followed.
Children know that you are studying, to attain the inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father.
Those who belong to the deity sweet sapling ( trunk of the world human tree) will come here.
There are many who remain in the household and live a life of surrender. The single ones cannot be called as those who belong to the household.
No souls cannot attain liberation, go back home (soul world) on their own.Only God is the One who gives liberation and liberation in life. Every one does not go into liberation in life (golden and silver ages), many only receive liberation (soul world).
You children (both brother and sister) have the right to receive inheritance from the GodFather.
Those who do not study well attain less status.
Everything is based on your spiritual effort. Your spiritual effort cannot remain hidden.
Those who remain in household do not come under more influence of maya like the one who remain here (in Mount Abu).
Many run their own centres but the students move faster than the teacher, based on the spiritual effort.
You have become the child of such a Father (God) who does not have a Father of His own.
Children get entangled in the company and blame the Maya-vices.
By getting angry, stealing, you lose your elevated status.
You come into subjects even by listening to a very little knowledge.
Those who got converted to other religion will come back to their deity religion.
Those who belong to other religions can also attain elevated status by remembering the One Father and the world of silence.
Those who have less attention on study attain less status.
If there is in the fate-fortune, day and night you will make effort.
Many never listen even to God, they become confused  due to the body consciousness.
By soul consciousness, you understand that, what is said by God has to be followed.
By coming into body consciousness, you forget the Father and God never becomes responsible for it.
God says, I give you the elevated directions, Remember Me, whatever knowledge I give, imbibe them and make others practice.
You have to say to the Father, whatever You say, I will follow them.
Father says, practice remembrance, so that your intellect opens up, you will not do any wrong action.
Many are there, who do not remember the Father and sins never get destroyed. And hence they experience the karmic bondages.
You have to follow the Father and Mother (Brahma-Adam) to attain the throne.
God is the Creator. Here Mother and Father give you directions.
If you do disservice, you will lose even the little that what you have attained.
There should not be any ego, taking help from others is also body consciousness. Otherwise you will have to face the tribunal at the end.
Many does service and make their life worthy like a diamond.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Follow the teachings you receive from the Father, Teacher and Satguru. Don’t blame Maya, but check your own weaknesses and remove them.
2. Renounce arrogance and remain intoxicated in your study. Never take any personal service from others. Protect yourself very well from the influence of bad company.
Blessing: May you be full of all powers and become free from all bondages with the awareness of a being a companion and a detached observer.
In order to be full of all powers and free from all dependence, always remember two things: Detached observer and companion. Through this you will easily become free from all bondages. When you have the company of the Almighty Authority Father you automatically attain all powers, and, by moving along as a detached observer you will not become trapped in any bondage. Simply carry out your task for name’s sake while in that body and become a detached observer. Specially increase this practice.
Slogan: If there is still a battle between purity and impurity going on inside you then, instead of being a Brahmin (spiritual child) you are still a warrior.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

By the fire of remembering One God,in all actions,stains on you,souls are removed.

Murli 28.03.11
Essence: Sweet children, only Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is the first-class blotting paper that absorbs everyone’s sins. Remember Him and your sins will be absolved.
Question: What are the deepest stains on the soul? What effort do you need to make to erase them?
Answer: There are very deep stains of body consciousness on the soul. Souls repeatedly become trapped in someone’s name and form. Souls don’t remember the Father but continue to remember bodily beings. They continue to cause sorrow for one another’s hearts. In order to erase these stains, make effort to become soul conscious.
Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart and check how much sinful or charitable you have become....
Sweet Children,
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
The unlimited Father speaks in front of the unlimited children, check yourselves how much charity and sins you have created.
Only one God is the purifier of all souls.
The sins and charity are present in souls.
Now, all souls have stains of sins and hence souls are called sinful souls.
How these sins are removed like a blotting paper removes the stains of liquid?
No one other than the Supreme Father, there is no other blotting paper, to remove the sins.
He is only a point but remove the sins of all the souls.
Father just says, remember Me, the blotting paper, the living conscious being.
I do not give any pain to you. You are also a point like the Father.
By remembering Me, your sins are removed. Check your selves, how much sins are removed and how much are remaining. How do you know this?
Guide everyone to remember the Father, to get rid of sins.
Only One Father is the Purifier, others have sins of lust, body consciousness.
The sin of body consciousness is very strong. The more you remain in soul consciousness, in remembrance, that much stain of sins will be removed.
The more you explain to others, it helps you. Do this service.
When you explain others to remember the Father, you will become a charitable soul.
You all are the rivers of knowledge, have to remember the One Father alone. He is the Ocean of knowledge.
Remain in soul consciousness. Father says this to souls from all directions.
Father remembers the serviceable children, the fragrant flowers of His Garden.
Father is the first class blotting paper for the souls of the world to get rid of sins.
By remembering Me, the stain of your body consciousness will be erased.
Many never say the truth to the Father. Others write the chart of remembrance and later forget about it.
The body consciousness of half the cycle is not leaving you.
Now do this elevated service of showing this right path of remembrance to others.
Father’s remembrance is called the fire of yog by which your sins are destroyed.
The more you remember the Father, that much your mercury of happiness will be high.
You can know about each other by the service you make.
Now, the world, souls and body are tamopradhan (completely impure). In soul world, all souls remain pure. When you become pure, you return to the soul world.
Keep the blotting paper of the Father, so that all the sins of vicious action will be absorbed.
It is said that God takes every soul back home, making them pure.
First, the residents of heaven come on earth. The medicine what Father gives is meant for all.
Give this medicine to whoever you meet, to go to the Father.
If you remember the lovely Father, you will become the Master of heaven.
There is no need to say anything more, just ask every soul to remember the Supreme Father. Even the children of the One Father are blotting papers but they have not attained that stage, even the stage of an ordinary paper.
Many souls become sinful souls than becoming charitable souls.
God Father has the account of every soul, by looking at their face (not by reading the mind).
If the soul is happy, the health also looks good. The face will say if the soul remembers God or not.
Many remember Krishna (physical body), but their sins are not removed (by remembrance of any bodily being), instead more sins are piled up.
Like soul is a star-like, Supreme God is also star-like. But people say God is omnipresent and soul becomes supreme soul. Soul cannot become Supreme soul, they are different ( remain separate but become God-like in virtues, they are look-alike in their form).
The form of Soul and Supreme Soul are same, there is no difference, but Supreme Soul remains pure for ever and makes you souls become pure.
Now become soul consciousness, remember the Father and show the right path to everyone.
Father says, I do not speak much to you but just ask you to remember Me alone. Then I explain you little that you were pure souls and now have to become pure once again.
Soul can become pure only by remembering the One Father, and this is called the pilgrimage of remembrance.
Remain in the form of soul. When you remember the Father, you will receive the inheritance, you will become pure.
Those who cannot remember the Father, think what status they will attain.
Father says, just for one birth remember the One Father.
Soul becomes sinful or charitable and hence you souls must never give sorrow amongst yourselves. Do not become entangled  with the form-body of others.
Now, the Father says, children become soul conscious.
This knowledge is  very simple unlike the worldly subjects.
To know about the world drama is very simple.
When Father sees the difference in making effort, Father says, it happens as per the world drama.
If you remember the Father, your sins will be removed by the fire of yog (remembrance). Even very good children fail in this subject of remembrance. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Never hurt anyone’s heart. Give happiness to everyone. Stay in remembrance of the one Father and remind others of Him.
2. In order to erase the stains of sins, become soul conscious and remember the Father, the imperishable blotting paper. Make your stage so sweet that you continue to benefit everyone.
Blessing: May you be a true yogi and a co-operative soul who has yoga with the one Father and receives co-operation from everyone.
You receive co-operation from everyone to the extent that you are yogi. Because a yogi soul has a connection with the Seed and love for Him, as a return of that love, such a soul receives co-operation from everyone. Those who have yoga with the Seed and who give the water of love to the Seed attain the fruit of co-operation from all souls, because when you have yoga with the Seed you become connected with the whole tree.
Slogan: To say old sanskars (weak nature-habits) as “mine” means to become slack in your effort.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Constantly remain content, happy, gentle and humble, by keeping the elevated name, regard and honour in your awareness.

27.03.11 Avyakt Murli dated 16.03.1995
Constantly remain content, happy, gentle and humble, by keeping the elevated name, regard and honour in your awareness.
Essence: The sign of souls who are full of all attainments is that they are content and happy.
Today, BapDada (the combined form of Supreme Soul and Brahma-Adam), the One who enables you to attain all attainments is seeing His children everywhere who are full of all attainments.
You are  the children of Complete (full) and perfect Father.
Father has given the right of inheritance of all attainments for every children.
Father is looking at how much Father’s authority-right, you made it belong to yourself. The more you made it belonged to you, that much you have intoxication and happiness.
The intoxication and happiness is given to all but everyone experience it number-wise.
The sign of attainments you receive from early morning (Amritvela) till night , is contentment. They remain content and spread the vibrations of contentment. Their face remains sparkling (happy), free from all doubts-confusions. They do not have any questions like why, what, how. Have you become happy like that?
Do the questions like how will this happen, why is this like that? What is this? arise either in mind or through others? Have you become free from all types of questions? Or only sometimes?
Your praise is that that there is nothing lacking in your treasure store.
The lack of attainment is the reason for discontentment.
If there is discontentment, see what is the reason? You experience lack of attainment. But you have attained everything. Or, do you think you are yet to attain.
Whether in relation of self or others, are you content or still some question arises?
However  Maya- vices-situations try to disturb you , you have to become victorious over her, remain satisfied, constantly.
You have to remove the question mark and exclamation mark from your dictionary of your intellect. It should be always a full stop.
You have to remain ever sparkling (happy)-free from questions. And they remove the question of others too.
The vibration of discontentment must not spread because of you. It spreads very quickly than the vibration of happiness.
I should receive this, others should not have this, these questions of wanting makes you full of questions and do not allow you to remain happy. So, what is everyone’s aim? To be contented and happy.
The speed of wastage in mind and intellect of those who are contented will not be fast. They will be constantly gentle and humble. Because of being humble, the coolness of the shade of happiness and contentment, of those who are free from questions, make others those who are burning like a fire or hot temper, become cool under the vibrations of happiness.
By seeing others weaknesses, hearing about it and speaking about it, you come under their influence.
By repeatedly filling your heart with a little, you create a sanskar. Then, when you have this sanskar, you don’t realise that it is wrong, it finishes the judgement power of your intellect.
The easiest method of remaining constantly content (intoxicated and happy), every day, is constantly keep one special attainment or another in front of you, and become embodiment of it, which can be the treasures of knowledge, powers of yoga, the divine virtues and more.
When you adopt even one virtue, it is just as the vices have a very deep relationship with one another, if you have anger, along with anger there will be greed and arrogance. They are all one another’s companions. So too, virtues have connection with one another. You may keep one virtue in an emerged form, but other virtues would also be emerged along with that one.
What is the important attainments people in the world look for?
Everyone wants their name to be good. Second is respect-regard. Third is honour (shaan). These three they want to attain. What do you, children, need? Your name is already so elevated in the world. The speciality of your name is, who is chanting your name, the God Himself is chanting your names. By your name, many souls make a living. By your name, the devotees-brahmins make a living, so how much elevated your name is? So, never chase after the limited name. Your name is always elevated in the Father’s heart. If your name is missed out in the limited world, nothing happens. You never have to go after the name.
Because for the majority, it is name, regard and honour that makes you fall and it also the same that increases your intoxication.
Look in the form of attainments. If you feel that your name has to become well known but if it never happens, still your name is fixed in the victorious jewels. So, do not worry about it.
So, if by mistake, your name is missed out, do not worry because your name has come among the victorious jewels and present in the Father’s heart, and your name always does service in the world.
The God Himself has given respect-regard for you. Even your image has so much respect in this world even if you do not know about it. All souls look at your image of deities with a lot of respect. This is the proof  that those who are given respect become worship-worthy.
When your images are respected, then it is the proof that your living feature also had so much regard.
Your respect is more than the respect given to the Father.
When you have received the respect-regard from the Father, nothing you lose if you do not receive respect-regard from souls (world).
The name and respect of limited world, look at them, in the form of shadow, visible under the sun of Maya, they are nothing. Whenever you try  to catch hold of a shadow, are you able to catch it?
So, you have received name, regard and see how much honour is given to you. Do you see your every regard. You are seated in the Father’s-Supreme Soul’s heart throne.
You also receive throne in the future, the greatest honour.
You have received the throne and the crown.
When you remain in these intoxication-honours, you never come into issues of maya-vices-situations-obstacles. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who becomes free from attachment with the speciality of being detached and loving.
In order to experience the life of an easy yogi, be detached with knowledge. Do not just become detached externally, but have no attachment in your mind. To the extent that one becomes detached, one also becomes loving. A detached stage is very much loved. Those who are not detached from external attachments become distressed instead of loving. This is why to be an easy yogi means to be one who has the speciality of being detached and loving and free from all attachments
Slogan: With the balance of effort for the self and for service, bondage will change into relationship.
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The four great mistakes-misunderstandings of human beings.

Murli 25.3.11
Sweet Children,
By coming into body consciousness, you forget the Father.
Father comes to transform this world of vices.
Half the cycle in golden and silver ages, you remained soul conscious but not conscious of Supreme Soul. Now, you are in body consciousness, once again you have to become soul conscious.
It is not that soul remains free from stains. In reality it is the soul who does every action. According to the action it performs, it takes rebirth.
Consider yourself as a soul and remember the Father.
Those who are free from bondages can do a lot of service.
This Godly knowledge has to be given to every soul free of charges.

Murli 26.3.11
Sweet Children,
Father says, first of all remember the Father and the inheritance.
You have to remember the Supreme Father constantly, so that your sins will be destroyed.
It is not that the soul gets merged in the Brahm element (Brahmand). Brahm element is not at all the God.
It is said that God is beyond name and form, but He is praised as the Purifier and the Ocean of Knowledge. Father says, I come and give knowledge to my children, later the knowledge disappears. I come and transform Bharat in to Heaven. By remembering Me, the stains will be removed and you will become pure. This is called the fire of yog.
Even Krishna receives inheritance from the Supreme Father. Krishna is the first prince of heaven.
God and His knowledge are the highest on high. Only through Him, everyone gets liberation.
You have to prove to the world: 1) God is not omnipresent. 2) God of the Gita is not Krishna but Shiv (The Supreme Soul, Benefactor) 3) Every world cycle is only of 5000years old not of million years. 4) Supreme Soul never plays His role just by influence of thoughts but He speaks directly to the children.
You children are becoming worship-worthy from being worshippers.
The residents of Bharat take 84births.
Father explains the meaning of tatatvam – Tatwamasi –I am that - You are that. Soul cannot become the Supreme Soul. I (soul) was a deity and later I become a warrior. This is the meaning of I am that. The residents of Bharat become worship-worthy from worshippers.
We souls are residents of the soul world-the world of silence.
Father says, I come and transform the old world (not create a new world), when only vices exists on earth, at the end of iron age – confluence age.
There is nothing called renunciation of action. You have to act even to drink water. Remain in the household and remember the Father. Do not remember any bodily beings (by looking at everyone as a soul).
You will rule the world by the power of yog-remembrance, not by any violence.
You will become silent at the end.
Do not get entangled in any name and form of bodily beings.
If you remember Me alone, you will come to Me at the end. Then you will rule the kingdom in golden age. Everything depends upon remembrance of One Father. Achcha.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Remain introverted and then come in to extroversion - actions.

Murli 26.03.11
Essence: Sweet children, to remain silent is a great virtue. When you remain silent and continue to remember the Father, you will earn a huge income.
Question: Which words that mean “renunciation of karma” should you not say?
Answer: “If it is in the world drama, I will do it.” Baba (Father) says that these words mean “renunciation of karma. You definitely have to perform actions. Unless you make effort, you can’t even take a glass of water. Therefore, don’t just say, “If it is in the drama,” and put everything aside. If you want to claim a high status in the new kingdom, then make a lot of effort.
Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t become trapped in the name or form of any bodily being. Follow the shrimat (Godly Direction) of the one Father and receive salvation. Remain silent.
2. Study very well for your future 21 births and also teach others. Only by studying and teaching others will your name be glorified.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Blessing: May you be introverted and give the experience of spirituality by remaining stable in your elevated form and elevated intoxication.
The sparkle of some special stars in the galaxy of stars is unique and visible from a distance. In the same way, you stars appear as special souls in the midst of ordinary souls. While being in an ordinary form, your stage should be extra-ordinary and alokik (spiritual) and then, while in the gathering, you will be seen as God’s people. For this, become introverted and then practise coming into extroversion. Constantly remain stable in your elevated form and intoxication. Together with being knowledge-full, also be powerful and then give knowledge because only then will you be able to make souls experienced.
Slogan: If you keep Ravan’s (vices) property with you, the Comforter of Hearts will not then be able to stay in your heart.