Sunday, 30 November 2014

by churning the ocean of knowledge, your sins can be absolved and you will also become healthy.

01/12/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,
If not today, then tomorrow, the clouds will disperse… 

You children understand that your days of misfortune are now changing into days of great fortune forever. Your fortune continues to change, numberwise, according to your efforts. A student’s fortune continues to change at school too, that is, it continues to increase. You know very clearly that this night is now ending and that your fortune is changing. You are being showered with knowledge. Every sensible child understands that we are definitely changing from unfortunate ones to fortunate ones, that is, we are becoming the masters of heaven. Numberwise, according to our efforts, we are changing our misfortune into fortune. The night is now changing into the day. No one, but you children, understands this. Baba is incognito and His matters are also incognito. Human beings have written about easy knowledge and easy Raja Yoga in the scriptures. Those who wrote them are now dead, and those who read them are unable to understand anything because they are senseless. There is so much difference! You also understand, numberwise, according to how much effort you make. Not everyone makes the same amount of effort. Only you Brahmins know what it means to be unfortunate and what it means to be fortunate. Everyone else is in immense darkness. You have to wake them up by explaining to them. Those who belong to the sun dynasty are very fortunate. They are the ones who are becoming 16 celestial degrees full.
We are creating the fortune of heaven for ourselves through the Father, the Father who creates heaven. You can also explain to those who speak English that you are receiving the fortune of heaven from Heavenly God, the Father. There is happiness in heaven and sorrow in hell. The golden age means the age of truth and happiness, and the iron age means the age of sorrow. This is a very easy matter to understand. We are now making effort. Many English and other Christian people will come here. When they come, you must tell them: We only remember the one Heavenly God, the Father, because death is standing ahead of us. The Father says: You have to come to Me. People go on pilgrimage. Buddhists have their pilgrimage places and Christians have theirs. Each religion has its distinct customs and systems. Here, it is a question of your intellects’ yoga. You have to return to the place from where you came down to play your parts. God, the Father, who established heaven, has told us this. We are showing you the true path.
By remembering God, the Father, your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. When someone falls ill, everyone cautions him and says: Repeat Rama’s name. In Bengal, when someone is about to die, they take him to the Ganges and say: Chant the name of Hari (God) and you will go to Hari (God). However, no one goes to Him. In the golden age, you won’t say: Chant Rama or the name of Hari. The path of devotion begins in the copper age. It is not that God or a guru is remembered in the golden age. The only thing you remember there is that you are a soul: I, this soul, will leave this body and take my next one. You remember your sovereignty. You understand that you will go and take birth in your kingdom. You now have the firm faith that you will definitely receive your sovereignty. Who else would you remember or give donations to or perform charity for? There is no one poor there that would need you to give a donation or perform charity. The customs and systems of the path of devotion are separate from the customs and systems of the path of knowledge. You now give everything to the Father and claim your inheritance for 21 births. That’s all. There will be no need to give donations or perform charity at that time. We give everything to God, the Father, and then it is God who accepts everything. If He didn’t accept it, how would He give you the return of it? If He didn’t accept it, that would be your misfortune. He has to accept it in order to remove your attachment. You children understand this secret. If there were no need, why would Baba accept it? You don’t have to collect anything here.
You have to remove your attachment from everything here. Baba has explained that when you go somewhere, you should consider yourself to be very light. We are the Father’s children. We souls are even faster than a rocket. If you walked in such soul consciousness, you would never get tired. There would not be the consciousness of the body. It would be as though your legs were not working and that you were flying. You can go anywhere in soul consciousness. Previously, people used to go on pilgrimage etc. on foot. At that time, the intellects of human beings were not tamopradhan. They used to go with a lot of faith; they didn’t get tired. You receive help by remembering Baba. Even though devotees prayed to stone images for things, Baba fulfilled their desires at that time, temporarily. At that time, remembrance was rajopradhan, and so, due to that, they received some power. There was no tiredness then. Important people now get tired very quickly. Poor people go on many pilgrimages. Wealthy ones go with great pomp and splendour on horseback whereas the poor go on foot. The wealthy do not receive as great a reward for their devotion and faith as the poor do. You know that, at this time, Baba is the Lord of the Poor. So, why do you become confused? Why do you forget Baba? Baba says: You don’t have to endure any difficulties. All you have to do is to remember the one Bridegroom. All of you are brides. Therefore, you have to remember your Bridegroom.
Are you not ashamed that you eat without offering bhog to this Bridegroom? He is your Bridegroom as well as your Father. He asks: Will you not offer food to Me? You should offer your food to Me, should you not? Look at the clever methods that Baba shows you. You accept Him as your Father and your Bridegroom, do you not? You should first offer food to the One who feeds you. Baba says: You should eat only after first offering bhog to Me in My remembrance. This takes great effort. Baba repeatedly tells you that you must definitely remember Baba. This Baba himself repeatedly makes this effort. It is very easy for you kumaris; you have not climbed the ladder. A kumari becomes engaged to her fiance. You should eat your food after remembering such a Bridegroom. When you remember Him, He comes to you. When you remember Him, He takes the fragrance of the food. Therefore, you should instil the habit of speaking to Baba in this way. When you stay awake at night in remembrance of Him, that practice will develop and there will then be remembrance during the day too. You should also remember Baba whilst you are eating. You are betrothed to that Bridegroom. You have to keep the firm promise: I will eat with only You. Only when you remember Him would He eat it, would He not? He is only going to take the fragrance anyway, because He doesn’t have a body of His own. It is very easy for you kumaris; you have more facilities. Shiv Baba, my beautiful Bridegroom, You are so sweet! I have been remembering You for half a cycle. You have now come and met me. You should also eat what I am eating. It is not enough just to remember Him once and then continue to eat on your own and forget to feed Him. If you forget Him, He cannot take anything. You eat a variety of foods, like rice and lentils, mangoes or a sweet etc. It shouldn’t be that you remember Him at the beginning and then stop. How would He then eat the other things? If your Bridegroom doesn’t eat it, Maya would come in between you and eat it. She would not allow Him to eat it. You can see that when Maya eats it she becomes powerful and keeps defeating you. Baba shows you all the methods.
If you remember Baba, your Father, your Bridegroom, would remain very pleased with you. You say: Baba, I want to eat with only You and sit with only You. I eat in remembrance of You. We know, on the basis of this knowledge, that You will only take the fragrance. This body has been taken on loan. Baba comes when you remember Him. Everything depends on your remembrance. This is what is meant by yoga. Yoga requires effort. Sannyasis would never say this. If you want to make effort, note down all of Baba’s shrimat and make effort frilly. Baba shares his experiences. He says: Perform the same actions that I perform. I am teaching you those actions. Baba doesn’t have to perform actions. In the golden age, you do not suffer for your actions. Baba tells you a very easy thing to do: Let me eat with You alone and listen to You alone. This is remembered of you. Remember Him in the form of your Bridegroom or your Father. It has been remembered that you can extract points of knowledge by churning the ocean of knowledge. By your practicing this, your sins can be absolved and you will also become healthy. Those who make effort will profit from it and those who do not will lose out. Not everyone in the world will become a master of heaven. This too is taken into account. Baba explains everything very clearly. You heard in the song that you are going on a pilgrimage.
You definitely have to eat food etc. on a pilgrimage. A bride eats with her bridegroom and a child with his or her father. The same happens here. The more love you have for your Bridegroom, the higher your degree of happiness will rise. Your intellects will develop faith and you will become victorious. To have yoga means to race. This is the race of your intellects’ yoga. You are students and the Teacher is teaching you how to run this race. The Father says: Don’t think that you only have to perform actions through the day. After you have performed actions, you must become like a tortoise and sit in remembrance. Buzzing moths buzz around throughout the day and then some fly away and others die. That is just an example. You Brahmins buzz knowledge and make others similar to yourselves. Some develop a great deal of love. Some decay, some only half-develop: they run away and then become insects again. Therefore, it is very easy to buzz all of this knowledge. The saying “It didn’t take God long to change humans into deities” has been remembered. We are now having yoga. We are making effort to become deities. This knowledge is mentioned in the Gita: He changed human beings into deities and then departed. Everyone in the golden age was a deity. It must have been at the confluence age that God came and changed humans into deities. The yoga for becoming a deity would not be taught in the golden age. The deity religion began at the beginning of the golden age. By the end of the iron age, there is the devilish religion. This aspect is only written in the Gita. It doesn’t take God long to change humans into deities, because He gives you your aim and objective. There, there will only be the one religion for everyone in the world.
The whole world will exist; it is not that China and Europe will not exist. They will exist, but human beings will not exist there. There will only be those who belong to the deity religion. Those of other religions will not exist. It is now the iron age and it is God who is changing you from humans into deities. The Father says: You will be constantly happy for 21 births. There is nothing difficult about this. You have been making so much effort on the path of devotion in order to reach God. It is said that someone went beyond sound, to nirvana. They would never say that he went to God. They would say that he went to heaven. Heaven is not created for just one soul to go there; all of you have to go there. It is written in the Gita that God is the Death of all Deaths. He takes everyone home like a swarm of mosquitoes. The intellect also says that this cycle has to repeat. So, first, the deity religion of the golden age will definitely repeat, and then the other religions will repeat. Baba tells you such an easy thing: Manmanabhav! That’s all! The God of the Gita also said 5000 years ago: Beloved children! If it had been Krishna who said this, people of other religions wouldn’t have heard it. When God says this, you all feel that God, the Father, is the One who establishes heaven. You will then go and become a ruler of the globe there. There is no expense in this. You simply have to know the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. You children have to churn the ocean of knowledge. Whilst performing actions day and night, continue to make such effort. If you don’t churn the ocean of knowledge and remember the Father, but simply continue to perform actions during the day, you will then continue to have just those thoughts at night. Those who build buildings will only think about buildings. Although the responsibility of churning the ocean of knowledge has been given to this one (Brahma), it is said that Lakshmi was given the urn of nectar, and you all have to become like Lakshmi. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Spiritual children say namaste, thanks and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be ever healthy and always stay in a happy state with the instant and visible fruit of all elevated attainments.   
At the confluence age, for you to do something and immediately experience its elevated attainment is instant and visible fruit. The most elevated fruit of all is to experience closeness. Nowadays, in the physical world, it is said: Eat fruit and you will stay healthy. They show fruit as a means of staying healthy and you children eat the instant and visible fruit at every second and this is why you are ever healthy anyway. If anyone asks you what your condition is, tell him that you move like angels and are in a state of happiness.

Slogan:  Become filled with the treasure of everyone’s blessings and you will not have to work hard in your efforts.  

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Where there is determination, it is impossible for you not to have success.

30/11/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     30/03/98

Essence: “Allow the awareness of all attainments to emerge, experience your unshakeable stage and thereby become liberated in life.”

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing His most elevated, fortunate children of the world. God, Himself, is singing praise of the fortune of each child. Souls anyway sing praise of God all the time, but God, Himself, is praising you children now. Did you ever think, even in your dreams, that your fortune could be so elevated? However, it was already created. Although people of the world say that God created them, they neither know God nor His creation. Each of you fortunate children say from experience and with spiritual pride that you are a Brahma Kumar or a Brahma Kumari who belongs to the clan of Shiva. “We know how BapDada has created us.” Whether you are a small child or a mature Pandava or Shakti, if anyone asks you who your father is, what would you reply? You would say with pride that you were created by Father Shiva through Father Brahma and this is why you are God’s children. You meet God directly. Not only do you say that He is God and your Father, but that He is your Father, Teacher and Satguru. Do all of you have this intoxication? (Everyone clapped.) Now, clap with just one hand! Now, this exercise has to be taught to the older ones too. Seeing the children happy, BapDada also swings in happiness and constantly says: Wah! my each and every elevated, fortunate and special soul! From the form of the Father, you experience Godly sustenance. This Godly sustenance is received just once throughout the whole cycle in this Brahmin life through which souls experience being embodiments of all attainments. God’s love enables you to experience all relationships. God’s love enables you to forget the consciousness of your bodies. As well as this, it also makes you forget all selfish love. You are such fortunate souls who are being sustained by God with His love! How fortunate you souls are that the Father, Himself, leaves His home and comes to teach you Godly students.
Have you ever seen before such a teacher who comes from a faraway land to teach you every morning? Have you ever seen such a teacher? However, the Father becomes the Teacher and comes to teach you every morning and what He teaches is so easy! It is the study of just two words: You and Baba. Call it the knowledge of the cycle, the drama and the cycle tree - it is all merged in just these two words. In other studies, you have such a huge burden on your brain, whereas with the Father’s teachings, your brain becomes light. The sign of something being light is that it flies high. Anything light always remains above. So, through this study, your mind and intellect experience the ascending stage. So, your head has become light, has it not? You receive the knowledge of all three worlds. Throughout the whole cycle, has anyone else studied such a study? Did you ever find such a Teacher before? So, this is fortune, is it not? Then, from the Satguru, you receive such elevated directions (shrimat) that your questions of “What should I do? How can I continue? Should I do this or not? What will happen?” etc. all finish. “What should I do? How can I do it? Should I do this or not?” The answer to all these questions is just found in the one expression: Follow the father! For your practical actions in the corporeal form, follow Father Brahma. In your incorporeal stage, in becoming bodiless, follow Father Shiva. To follow both Bap and Dada means to finish all questions and to follow shrimat.
Is this difficult? Is there any need to ask anything? You just have to copy; don’t use your own head. To become equal to the Father means to follow the Father. Is this easy or difficult? It’s easy, is it not? Those who have been with Baba for 30 years or more, raise your hands! Achcha, did you find it difficult in 30 years or was it easy? Now, just look, even those who have been with Baba for 30 years found it easy. Therefore, is it easy or difficult for those who have come later? Is it easy? (Because the weather was very hot, everyone was given colourful fans.) It is good. The colour and splendour of the fans are very beautiful. (All waved their fans.) This scene is very good. There has to be some newness. So, this is the newness of this group. This is also being recorded on the TV. It is good that all of you have come running and arrived here. BapDada congratulates you with love. How many blessings do limited gurus give? One or ten; no more than that. However, you receive blessings from the Satguru every day. Have you ever seen such a guru? You haven’t, have you? Only you have seen such a guru, and you have seen Him cycle after cycle. So, constantly keep the attainment of your fortune in front of you. Do not just keep it merged in your intellect, but let it emerge. Transform your sanskars of keeping everything merged and let this emerge. Keep the list of your attainments emerged in your intellect. When the list of attainments has emerged, no type of obstacle can attack you. All obstacles will simply become merged and your attainments will remain emerged.

When BapDada hears that some children, for one reason or another, are labouring hard or battling, or are trying to have yoga, but unable to do so, that instead of becoming soul conscious, they become bodyconscious, BapDada does not like it. What is the reason for this? You do not keep the attainments of your fortune emerged in your awareness; they remain merged. Then, when someone reminds you of them, you begin to think that it should always be like this; therefore the effort is very easy: Let your attainments remain emerged. Keep in your awareness your fortune from the moment you became a Brahmin. Do not fluctuate! Remain unshakeable, because what is your memorial in Mt. Abu? Is it Achalghar (Home of Stability) or Halchalghar (Home of Fluctuation)? What is it? It is Achalghar, is it not? Whose memorial is it? It is your memorial, is it not? When you find the path of subtle effort to be difficult, or when your intellect fluctuates a great deal, bring your memorial to your awareness. Very often, you children speak points of knowledge: “I am a soul! This is the dramal This is just an obstacle! It is just a side scenel”. Even though you continue to speak knowledge in this way, you also fluctuate at the same time. You fluctuate and speak knowledge at the same time. When your intellect becomes such that you are unable to become unshakeable, then remember Achalghar of Madhuban. That is a physical thing, it is not subtle. It is something that can be seen with your eyes. Remember: “My memorial is Achalghar, not Halchalghar”, because BapDada wants to celebrate this year as the year of liberation for all of you children. It should not be that when you are asked to raise your hands, some of you raise your hands and others do not. No, everyone should clap with great happiness. (All began to clap.) OK, you have now clapped, and so it’s OK now, but BapDada wants to see you clap just as loudly at the end of this year. You have clapped now, and that is fine, but also clap at that time. Will you clap then? Look, you pleased Baba by clapping with both hands, but in the New Year, on the 18th of January - the day when Brahma Baba became free from his body? So, on 18th January, BapDada will make you raise your hands again as to whether you celebrated the year of liberation or whether you just thought about it. You haven’t just kept thinking that you have to celebrate it, that you have to celebrate it, have you? Have you put it into the practical form? Or, while thinking about it, will you still remain thinking about it till the end? BapDada wants to see this result. Will you show this result? Achcha, you will remember, will you not? Keep your attainments in front of you. Together with having remembrance of the Father, also allow what the Father has given you to emerge: what He has made you and what you have received!

After this year, BapDada will see each of you children in the stage of liberation-in-life. In the future, you will be liberated-in-life, but you have to let the sanskars of liberation-in-life emerge from now. Bring into your experience the sanskars of a constant karma yogi, a constantly easy yogi and a constantly liberated soul from this time. Why? BapDada has already signaled that the transformation of time is waiting for you world-transformer souls. The elements are invoking you souls who are masters of the elements, holding a garland of victory for you. Time is holding the bell of victory and looking at you future world-sovereign souls to see when the bell should be chimed. Devotee souls are also constantly waiting for the day when their worthy of worship, deity souls will become pleased with them and grant them the blessing of liberation. Unhappy souls are calling out and wondering when the souls who are the removers of their sorrow and are the bestowers of happiness will be revealed. All of them are waiting for and invoking all of you. Therefore, o merciful, world-benefactor souls, put an end to their waiting! All of them are waiting for you. When all of you become liberated, all souls, the elements and the devotees will then become liberated. So, become liberated, become master bestowers and donate liberation! Now, become souls who wear the crown of responsibility for world transformation. You are responsible, are you not? You are the Father’s helpers. Do you not feel mercy? Can you not feel their waves of sorrow in your hearts? O world-transformer souls, now celebrate the coronation of your responsibility. You have held many Junctions, but what has been the result of those? You simply wore a golden chuni and a crown and celebrated them. BapDada was also pleased with that, but simply to wear a chuni, to put on a garland and to apply a “chindi (tilak on a chain on the forehead) - the Pandavas wore their turbans like crowns. So, to celebrate in this way means to take care of your responsibilities. Children were happy; the Father was even happier, but what is the future? You will put the chunis and tilaks away in your cupboards - is that all celebrating is? No! This chuni (scarf) is a symbol of your golden stage. Do not just put them away in your cupboards, but keep them in your minds and awareness. To celebrate means to be responsible for the Father’s task. Do you like this? Or, was it good for you to wear a chuni? It was good. Even BapDada feels that it was very good. Therefore, now become eternally co-operative.

This year, BapDada gave a signal and, for this, at the end of the year on 18th January (1999), we will celebrate the function of the “Year of Liberation”. Do those of you who were clapping feel that you will become this? So, then, do not say to Baba that you wanted to become that, but what could you do, because such-and-such happened. You now have to become free from those things too. You definitely have to become this. Not, “What can I do?” You have to become free from this language too. It has to happen. You have to become this, no matter what happens. BapDada told you earlier too that, even if you have to face an obstacle greater than a hundred Himalayas, you will not step away from them; you will not be defeated. You will definitely celebrate the coronation and the “Year of Liberation”. BapDada will look at your chart daily. It should not be that, as soon as you leave here, you say in the train, “I don’t know what happened”. Or that, as soon as you return home, the fighting between storks and swans begin. Do not say that this or that just happened. Baba will not listen to that any longer. Baba will put your letters in the waste-paper basket. Baba will hear none of this! Have the determined thought: It has to happen. Where there is determination, it is impossible for you not to have success. So, all of you have determination, do you not? Teachers, raise your hands! There are many teachers. Have you all left your centres empty?

If all of you were suddenly given a direction to become bodiless right now, would you be able to become this? Or, would there be some upheaval? Why? This practice of the last moment will make you pass with honours. So, now, BapDada is saying that you have to step away from everything in a second and become bodiless. (Baba conducted drill). Achcha.

To the extremely fortunate souls everywhere, to souls who have a right to Godly sustenance, to those who have a right to the teachings of God, to those who have a right to blessings from God, the Satguru, to those who constantly claim success by having determination, to those who are constant and unshakeable yogis, to those who wear the crown of responsibility for world transformation, to those who constantly experience all attainments in an emerged form, to such special souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing:May you souls who are bestowers of blessings donate virtues with the cool water of mercy to angry souls.   
When someone who is burning in the fire of anger comes in front of you and insults and defames you, then, with your good wishes, pure feelings, through your attitude and your stage, give that soul the donation of virtues and the blessing of the power of tolerance. An angry soul is under an external influence, and so cool such a soul down with the cool water of mercy. This is the duty of you souls who are bestowers of blessings. It is because you in the living form are filled with such sanskars that the devotees receive blessings through your non-living images.

Slogan:  Those who experience all treasures through remembrance become filled with power.  

Friday, 28 November 2014

give every soul co-operation through atmosphere of your elevated stage and vibrations of your attitude, to be a bestower of blessings.

29/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father asks you sweetest, long-lost and now-found children: In whose remembrance are you sitting here? (The Father, the Teacher and the Satguru). Are all of you sitting in remembrance of all three? Each of you should ask yourself: “Do I have remembrance only when I am sitting here, or do I also have remembrance whilst moving around?” This is a wonderful aspect which is not told to other souls. Although Lakshmi and Narayan are the masters of the world, you cannot say of those souls that they are the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. In fact, you cannot say this of any other human being in the whole world. It is only you children who remember Him in this way. You feel internally that Baba is your Father, your Teacher and your Satguru, and that He is the Supreme. Do you remember all three or only one? Although He is only one, you remember Him with the qualities of all three forms. Shiv Baba is our Father, Teacher and Satguru as well. This is something extraordinary. You should remember this whilst sitting down and also whilst walking and moving around. Baba asks: Do you have the thought whilst remembering Him that He is your Father, Teacher and Satguru? There can be no such bodily being. Krishna is the number one bodily being, but he cannot be called the Father, Teacher or Satguru. This is an absolutely wonderful aspect. So, you should say truthfully whether you remember Baba in all three forms. At the time of eating, do you remember only Shiv Baba or do all three emerge in your intellect? You cannot refer to any other soul in this way. This is a wonderful thing. The Father’s praise is unique and so you should also remember the Father in this way. Your intellect will then be completely drawn to the One who is so wonderful. The Father sits here and introduces Himself and also gives the knowledge of the whole cycle: These are the different ages and this is how many years each one lasts, and this is how it rotates. Only that Father, the Creator, can give you this knowledge. You will receive a lot of help by remembering Him. He alone is the Father, Teacher and Guru. No other soul can be as elevated as He is. However, Maya makes you forget to remember such a Father and you then forget the Teacher and the Guru too. Each of you should feel in your heart that the Father is making you into the masters of such a world. The inheritance of the unlimited Father is definitely unlimited. His praise should also emerge in your intellects. As you walk and move around, all three should be remembered.
Only that soul does all three types of service at the same time. This is why He is called the Supreme. People arrange conferences etc. to find a means of establishing peace in the world. Tell them that this is happening now and so they should come here to understand how. Who is doing this? You have to prove the Father’s occupation to people. There is a vast difference between the Father’s occupation and Krishna’s occupation. Everyone else is called by their bodily names, whereas the name of that one soul is praised. That soul is the Father, the Teacher and the Guru. There is knowledge in that soul, but how can He give it? He can only give this knowledge through a body. It is when He gives this knowledge that He is praised. You children hold conferences on Shiv Jayanti. You invite the leaders of all the different religions. You have to explain that God is not omnipresent. If God is in everyone, then is every soul God, the Father, the Teacher and the Guru? Tell me: Do you have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle? No one can tell you this. It should emerge from inside you children that there is such great praise of the highest-on-high Father. He is the One who purifies the whole world. Matter too becomes pure. At the time of a conference, you should first ask: Who is the God of the Gita? Who established the golden-aged deity religion? If they say that it was Krishna, the Father’s name disappears. Or, if they say that He is beyond name and form, it is as though He does not exist. Therefore, without the Father, it means they are orphans. They just do not know the unlimited Father. They use the sword of lust and cause so much distress and sorrow for one another. Therefore, your intellects should churn all of these things. You have to show them the contrast: Lakshmi and Narayan are a goddess and god. Because theirs is a dynasty, they must all be gods and goddesses. So, you should invite people from all religions. You must only invite those who are well educated and who can clearly give the Father’s introduction. You can write to them and say that we will make arrangements for the travel and accommodation of those who are able to give the introduction of the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of creation. You know that no one else can give this knowledge. Even if someone comes from abroad and can give the introduction of the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of creation, we would pay all his expenses. No one else can advertise in this way. You are courageous; you are mahavirs. Do you know how they (Lakshmi and Narayan) claimed the kingdom of the world? What kind of courage did they have? All of these things should enter your intellects. You are carrying out such an elevated task!
You are purifying the whole world. Therefore, you have to remember the Father and your inheritance. You should not just remember Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather), but you must also speak of His praise. This praise only belongs to the Incorporeal, but, how can the Incorporeal give His introduction? He definitely needs a mouth in order to give the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation. This mouth is praised a great deal. People stumble around so much to go to a Gaumukh (cow’s mouth). They have created all sorts of stories. They say that an arrow was shot and the Ganges emerged. They think that the Ganges is the Purifier. How can anyone be purified by water? Only the Father is the Purifier. The Father continues to teach you children so much! The Father tells you what to do. So, who is going to come and give the introduction of the Father, the Creator and creation? Sages and holy men know that even the rishis and munis used to say: Neti, neti (Neither this nor that), we do not know anything. That means that they were atheists. Now, see if there is anyone who is a theist! You children are now becoming theists from atheists. You know the unlimited Father, the One who makes you so elevated. People call out: O God, the Father, liberate us! The Father explains: At this time, it is the kingdom of Ravan over the whole world. All are corrupt but they will become elevated again. It is in the intellects of you children that the world was pure in the beginning. The Father does not create an impure world. He comes and creates the pure world which is called the Temple of Shiva. Shiv Baba creates Shivalaya (the Temple of Shiva). You know how He does this. Neither does total annihilation take place nor does a total flood take place. They have written all sorts of things in the scriptures, such as: Only the five Pandavas were left and they then melted away on the Himalayan mountains. However, no one knows what happened after that. The Father sits here and explains all of these things. Only you know that the Father is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. These temples do not exist there. The deities used to exist; their memorial temples exist here. All of this is fixed in the drama. Second by second, something new takes place as the cycle continues to turn.
The Father gives very good directions to you children. Some children who are very body conscious think that they know everything. They do not even read the murli; they don’t value it at all. Baba urges you: Sometimes, a murli is very good. Therefore, you should not miss it! If you have missed the murli for ten or fifteen days, you should sit and read them. The Father says: Challenge them and say that if anyone comes and gives the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of creation, we will pay all his expenses. Only those who know about this will be able to issue this challenge in this way. Only when a teacher knows the answer can he ask a question. How could a teacher ask a question without knowing the answer? Some children have a “don’t care” attitude about the murli. They say: We just have a connection with Shiv Baba. However, you also have to listen to the things that Shiv Baba says, not just remember Him. Baba tells you such good, sweet things, but Maya makes you completely arrogant. There is a saying that a mouse found a piece of turmeric and thought he had become a grocer. There are many who do not read the murli at all. New points keep coming up in the murli. Therefore, you have to understand all of these things. When you are sitting in remembrance of the Father, you also have to remember that this Father is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. Otherwise, how would you study? The Father has explained everything to you children. It is you children who will reveal the Father.
Son shows Father and Father shows son. It is the soul that is shown. Then, it is the children’s task to show (reveal) the Father. Then the Father will not let go of you. He will say: Today, go to this place and tomorrow, go somewhere else. There is no one who can order that One. People will read this invitation in the newspapers. At this time, all the people in the world are atheists. The Father alone comes and makes you into theists. At this time, the whole world is worth not a penny. No matter how much wealth and property America has, it is not worth a penny. All of this is going to finish. Out of the whole world, only you become worth a pound. There, no one will be poverty-stricken. You children should constantly churn this knowledge and remain cheerful. It has been remembered: If you want to know about supersensuous joy, ask the gopes and gopis. These things only apply to the confluence age. No one else knows about the confluence age. By serving at a fast speed, praise of the confluence age may emerge. It has been said: O God, Your play is wonderful! No one knows that God is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. The Father continues to teach you children. This intoxication should remain permanently in you children. You should have this intoxication until the very end. The intoxication now very quickly becomes like soda water: soda goes flat. If you keep it for a while, it just becomes salty water. This should not happen. You should explain to people in such a way that they begin to wonder. They say that it is good, but it is very difficult for them to make time to understand and make their lives like this. Baba does not forbid you to do business etc. Just become pure and remember everything that Baba teaches you. That One is your Teacher and this is an uncommon study. No human being can teach you this knowledge. The Father enters this lucky chariot and teaches you. The Father has explained: This is your throne on which the soul, the immortal image, comes and sits. You have been given that entire part. You now understand that this is something real. All other things are artificial. You must imbibe this very well and tie a knot, so that every time you touch it you will remember. However, you sometimes forget why that knot has been tied. You have to remember this very firmly.
There must be knowledge as well as remembrance of the Father. There is liberation, as well as liberation-in-life. Become very sweet children! Although Baba understands that you children study every cycle and claim your inheritance, numberwise, according to the effort you make, the Teacher who teaches you still inspires you to make effort. You repeatedly forget, which is why you are reminded to remember Shiv Baba. He is your Father, Teacher and Satguru. Small children would not have remembrance in this way. You cannot say of Krishna that he is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. How could the prince of the golden age, Shri Krishna, be a guru? You need a guru at a time of degradation. It has been remembered that the Father comes and grants everyone salvation. They make Krishna as dark as coal. The Father says: By sitting on the pyre of lust, everyone at this time has become like coal. That is why he is called ugly. These are such deep matters to understand. Everyone studies the Gita. It is only the people of Bharat who believe in all the scriptures. They keep everyone’s image. So, then, what can you say about that? It means that their devotion is adulterated. Unadulterated devotion is of only the one Shiva. Only from Shiv Baba do you receive knowledge. This knowledge is different. This is called spiritual knowledge. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Spiritual children say thanks, namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather
Blessing:  May you be a great donor and a bestower of blessings who donates to every soul while coming in relationship and connection with them.   

Throughout the day, whoever comes into relationship or connection with you, definitely donate some power, knowledge or virtues to them. You have the treasures of knowledge and also the treasures of powers and virtues. So, let there not be a single day when you have not given any donation, you will then be said to be a great donor. The spiritual meaning of “donation” is to give your co-operation. So, give every soul co-operation through the atmosphere of your elevated stage and the vibrations of your attitude and you will be said to be a bestower of blessings.

Slogan:  Those who are close to BapDada and the family always have a smile of contentment, spirituality and happiness on their faces.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

It is impure ones who meet God in order to be purified. God does not meet pure ones.

28/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

I am a peaceful soul (om shanti). Who said this? It was the soul who said this. The imperishable soul said this through the body. There is a vast difference between the soul and the body. The body is a large puppet made of the five elements. Even if a body is small, it is still much larger than a soul. To begin with, it is a very small foetus. Then, when it grows a little bigger, a soul enters it. It continues to grow and becomes so big. A soul is a living being. The puppet is of no use until a soul enters it. There is a vast difference. It is the soul that speaks and moves. It is a very tiny point. It never becomes smaller or larger. It is never destroyed. The Father, the Supreme Soul, has explained to you: I am imperishable whereas this body is perishable. I enter it to play My part. You now think about these matters. Previously, you neither knew about souls nor the Supreme Soul. You just used to say “Oh Supreme Father, Supreme Soul!” for the sake of it. You used to consider yourselves to be souls, but someone then told you that you were the Supreme Soul. Who told you that? It was the gurus and the scriptures of the path of devotion. No one will tell you this in the golden age. The Father has now given you the understanding that you are His children. A soul is natural, whereas a body is unnatural, made of clay. A body speaks and moves when a soul is in it. You children now know that the Father comes and explains to you souls. Only at the confluence age does incorporeal Shiv Baba speak to you through this body. These eyes are part of the body.
The Father now gives you the eye of knowledge. When there isn’t any knowledge in the soul, there is the eye of ignorance. The soul receives the eye of knowledge when the Father comes. It is the soul that does everything; the soul performs actions through the body. You now understand that the Father has adopted this body. He explains the secrets of Himself and also the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world. He gives the knowledge of the whole play. Previously, you didn’t know anything. Yes, this definitely is a play. The cycle of the world keeps turning, but no one knows how it turns. You now receive the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of creation. Everything else is devotion. The Father comes and makes you into knowledgeable souls. Previously, you were devotee souls; you souls used to perform devotion. You souls are now listening to knowledge. Devotion is called darkness. You can’t say that you meet God through performing devotion. The Father has explained that there is the part of devotion and there is also the part of knowledge. You understand that at the time you used to perform devotion there was no happiness. Whilst performing devotion you would stumble around searching for God. You now understand that creating sacrificial fires, doing penance, giving donations and performing charitable acts whilst trying to find God only led to your stumbling around and becoming distressed. You became tamopradhan as you continued to fall.
To perform wrong actions means to become dirty. You also became impure. It wasn’t that you performed devotion in order to become pure. Without being made pure by God, you cannot go to the pure world. That doesn’t mean that you cannot meet God unless you have become pure. People ask God to come and purify them. It is impure ones who meet God in order to be purified. God does not meet pure ones. God does not meet Lakshmi and Narayan in the golden age. God comes and purifies you impure ones and then you leave your bodies. Pure ones cannot reside in this impure tamopradhan world. The Father purifies you and then disappears. His part in the drama is wonderful. Souls are not visible. Even if someone were to have a vision of a soul, he wouldn’t be able to understand. You are able to understand about everyone else. You realise that this one is this and that one is that; you remember them. People want to have a vision of someone in the living form, but there is no purpose in that. Achcha, even if you did see them in the living form, what would be the purpose of that? Even if you do have a vision, that vision would disappear again. Your desire for happiness would only be fulfilled for a temporary period. That is called the temporary happiness of a moment. The desire you had for a vision was fulfilled, that was all! The main thing here is to change from impure to pure. If you become pure, you become a deity and go to heaven. In the scriptures, they have written that the duration of a cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. They think that there are still 40,000 years of the iron age left. Baba explains that the whole cycle lasts for 5000 years and so human beings are in darkness. That is called immense darkness. No one has any knowledge. All of that is devotion. Ever since Ravan came, devotion has been here with him. When the Father comes, He brings knowledge with Him. It is only once that you receive the inheritance of knowledge from the Father. You can’t receive it again and again. There is no need for you to give knowledge to anyone there. Only those who are ignorant receive knowledge. No one knows the Father at all. They don’t say anything without insulting the Father. You children now understand this too.
You say that God is not omnipresent, that He is the Father of all souls whereas they say: No, God is in the pebbles and stones. You children have clearly understood that devotion is totally distinct from knowledge. There isn’t the slightest bit of knowledge in it. The time period completely changes. The name of God changes and the names of human beings also change. In the beginning, they are called deities, then warriors, merchants and shudras. Those are human beings with divine virtues whereas these human beings have devilish traits; they are completely dirty. Guru Nanak said: Many people earn their living in an unrighteous way. If someone else were to say this, people would instantly say that he is insulting them. However, the Father says: All this belongs to the devilish community. He clearly explains to you: That is the community of Rama and the other is the community of Ravan. Gandhiji also used to say that he would like to have the kingdom of Rama. In the kingdom of Rama, all are viceless; in the kingdom of Ravan, all are vicious. This kingdom is called a brothel, the very depths of hell. At this time, human beings are in the river of poison. Human beings and animals etc. are all alike. There is no praise of human beings. You children are the ones who conquer the five vices and receive a deity status by changing from humans into deities. Everything else finishes. Deities used to reside in the golden age. Devils now reside in the iron age. What is the sign of devils? The five vices. Deities are called completely viceless whereas devils are called completely vicious. Those deities are 16 celestial degrees full, whereas here, there are no degrees. Everyone’s celestial degrees and body have become totally degraded.
The Father now sits here and explains to you children that He comes to change the old vicious world. He changes the kingdom of Ravan, the brothel, into the Temple of Shiva. They have used the names Trimurti House, Trimurti Road, here. Previously, they never had these names. What should it really be? To whom does this whole world belong? It belongs to the Supreme Soul. The world of God is pure for half a cycle and impure for the other half. The Father is called the Creator and so this is His world. The Father explains: I am the Master, I am the Sentient Being, the Seed, the Ocean of Knowledge. I have all the knowledge. No one else has this knowledge. You understand that only the Father has the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. All of the other things are tall stories. The main tall story is a very bad one, and this is why the Father complains: You have been thinking that I am in the pebbles and stones and in cats and dogs! Look what a bad state you have reached! The difference between the human beings of the new world and the human beings of the old world is like that of day and night. For half the cycle, impure human beings bow their heads to the pure deity idols. It has also been explained to you children that worship in the beginning is of Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba is the One who changes you from worshippers into those who are worthy of worship. Ravan changes you from being worthy of worship into worshippers. Then, according to the drama plan, the Father makes you worthy of worship. There are the names, Ravan, etc. When they celebrate Dusshera, they invite so many people from abroad, but they don’t understand the significance of it at all. They defame the deities a great deal, but it is not like that.
They say that God is beyond name and form, but that would mean that He doesn’t exist. In the same way, the plays etc. that they create are nothing like that. That is the intellects of human beings! Human dictates are called devilish dictates. All the kings, queens and subjects, everyone, becomes the same. This is called the devil world. Everyone keeps insulting one another. Therefore, the Father explains: Children, when you sit here, consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. When you were ignorant, you used to say that God was up above. You now understand that the Father has come down here. Therefore, you now realize that He is not up above. You have called the Father here into this body. Even while you are sitting at your centres, you understand that Shiv Baba is in Madhuban in this one’s body. On the path of devotion you used to think that God was up above. You used to call out: Oh God! Where do you now remember the Father? What do you sit and do? You understand that He is in the body of Brahma and so you definitely have to remember Him here. He is not up above. He has come here at this most auspicious confluence age. The Father says: I have come here to make you so very elevated. You children remember Him here whereas the devotees remember Him up above. Even if you are abroad, you still say that Shiv Baba is in the body of Brahma. A body is definitely needed. Wherever you sit, you would definitely remember Him here (in Madhuban). You have to remember Him in the body of Brahma. Some senseless people don’t accept Brahma. Baba doesn’t tell you not to remember Brahma. How can Shiv Baba be remembered without remembering Brahma? The Father says: I am in this body. You remember Me in this one, and this is why you remember both Bap and Dada. You have the knowledge in your intellects that this one is a separate soul. Shiv Baba doesn’t have a body of His own. The Father says: I take the support of matter. The Father sits here and explains the whole significance of Brahmand and the beginning, middle and end of the world.
No one else knows about Brahmand, the brahm element, the place in which you and I reside. The brahm element, the land of peace, is the place where the Supreme Father and the non-supreme souls reside. The land of peace is a very sweet name. All of these matters are in your intellects. Originally, you were residents of the great brahm element. That is called the land of nirvana, the land beyond sound. All of these matters are now in your intellects. When there is devotion, there isn’t a single word of knowledge. This is called the most auspicious confluence age when change takes place. Devils reside in the old world and deities reside in the new world. Therefore, the Father has to come to change them. You wouldn’t know anything of this in the golden age. You are now in the iron age and you still do not know! When you are in the new world, you will not know anything of this old world. Now that you are in the old world, you have no knowledge of the new world. People don’t know when the new world existed. They speak of hundreds of thousands of years. You children understand that the Father only comes at the confluence of every cycle. He comes and explains the significance of the variety tree. He also explains to you children how this cycle turns. Your business is to explain this to others. It takes a lot of time to explain to each one individually. This is why you explain to many at the same time. Many come and understand. You have to explain these sweet matters to many. You explain at the exhibitions etc. At the time of Shiv Jayanti, you should invite many and explain clearly to them. You can tell them accurately about the duration of this play. These are the topics which we will explain to you. The Father explains this knowledge to you and through that, you become deities. Just as you understand and become deities, in the same way, you have to inspire others to become the same: The Father has explained this to us; we are not defaming anyone. We simply say that knowledge is the path to salvation. Only the one Satguru takes everyone beyond. You should extract such main points and explain them. No one, except the Father, can give all of this knowledge. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say thanks, namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be an unlimited server who spreads vibrations through your unlimited attitude while doing whatever type of service.   
Now, bring about an intense speed in the unlimited service of transformation. Do not think, “Well, I am doing whatever I can and I am so busy that I don’t have any time. However, while doing whatever type of service, you can be co-operative in an unlimited way. Simply let your attitude be unlimited and the vibrations will continue to spread. To the extent that you remain busy in the unlimited, the more easily you will be able to fulfil your duty. To spread elevated vibrations through your every thought at every second is to be an unlimited server.

Slogan:  The decoration of the Shiv-Shaktis who remain combined with Father Shiva are the weapons of knowledge.  

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

God does not destroy anything. To say that, is such ignorance!

27/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

All of you children have the faith that the Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching you souls. The unlimited Father only comes once every 5000 years and teaches you unlimited children. If any new ones were to hear this, they wouldn’t be able to understand. They wouldn’t be able to understand who the spiritual Father is and who the spiritual children are. You children know that all of you are brothers and that that One is your Father, Teacher and Supreme Guru. You children must surely be remembering this automatically. Whilst sitting here, you understand that there is only one spiritual Father of all souls. No matter which religion they belong to, all souls remember Him; all human beings definitely remember Him. The Father has explained that there is a soul in each one. The Father now says: Renounce all the religions(consciousness) of the body and consider yourself to be a soul. You souls are now playing your parts here. It has also been explained to you what part you play. You children understand this, numberwise, according to the efforts you make. You are Raja Yogis. All those who study are yogis. They definitely have to have yoga with the teacher who teaches them. They are also aware of their aim and objective', they know what it is they will become through their studies. There is only this one study here and it is called the study to become a king of kings. This is Raja Yoga. You have yoga with the Father in order to claim the kingdom. No human being can ever teach this Raja Yoga.
A human being is not teaching you. The Supreme Soul is teaching you souls, and you then teach others. You must also consider yourselves to be souls. The Father is teaching us souls. Because this is not remembered, power isn’t accumulated. This is why these things don’t stay in the intellects of many. So, the Father always says: Remain constantly linked in yoga and stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and then explain. I am teaching brothers. Each of you is a soul and He is everyone’s Father, Teacher and Guru. You have to see each one as a soul. It has been remembered that liberation-in- life is attained in a second, but a lot of effort is required for this. Because you do not become soul conscious, there isn’t power in your words. Therefore, you are unable to explain in the way that the Father explains. Some explain very well. It can be understood who are thorns and who are flowers. Children study in a school up to five or six grades and then they are transferred. When good children are transferred, all the teachers of other classes very quickly understand which children make very good effort and which ones have studied well and have received a high number. A teacher definitely understands this. That is a worldly study whereas it is not so here. This is the parlokik study. Here, you cannot say that, because someone studied very well previously, he is studying well now; no. There, when a student is transferred after an examination, the teacher understands that he made good effort and has thereby taken a number ahead. Here, this is a new study. No one studied this previously because this is a new study. The One who teaches is new; everything is new. He teaches the new ones and, out of those, it is the ones who study well who are known as good effort-makers.
This is new knowledge for the new world. There is no one else who teaches this. The more attention you pay to your study, the higher the number you claim. Some are very sweet and obedient. As soon as you see them, you feel that they are ones who are going to teach well. You can understand from their behaviour and their way of speaking that they have no defects. Baba asks everyone: How does this one teach? Are there any defects in this one? Many say that no one should give news about them to Baba without first asking them. Some teach very well, whereas others don’t have shrewd intellects; they are attacked by Maya a great deal. The Father knows which ones are deceived by Maya a great deal. Although they have been teaching for ten years, Maya is so powerful that they become body conscious and become trapped. The Father explains that all those who are strong are hurt by Maya. Maya also becomes powerful and fights the powerful ones. You understand that the one whom Baba has entered is number one and that there are many who are numberwise after him. Baba gives examples of one or two, but there are many who are numberwise. The child Gita in Delhi is very clever. She is a very sweet child. Baba always says that this Gita is the true Gita. People read that Gita, but they don’t understand how God taught Raja Yoga and made you into the kings of kings.
When it was the golden age, there was truly only the one religion. It is a question of yesterday. The Father says: Yesterday, I made you so wealthy. You were multimillion-times fortunate. Now look what you have become! You can feel this. You don’t get any feeling from those who relate the other Gita. They don’t understand even the slightest. The Shrimad Bhagawad Gita is remembered as that which is the most elevated. They sit and study the Gita and relate it to others. The Father does not take up any books; there is a difference. They don’t have the pilgrimage of remembrance at all; they continue to fall. Look what everyone has become by having the concept of omnipresence! You understand that this will happen cycle after cycle. The Father says: I teach you and take you across the ocean of poison. There is a vast difference. The study of the scriptures is the path of devotion. The Father says: No one meets(reaches) Me by studying those scriptures. They think that you will reach the same place no matter which path you take. Sometimes, they say that God will come in some form or other and teach us. In that case, since the Father has to come to teach, what is it that they are teaching? The Father says that there are just as many right words in the Gita as a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour. You can take up those points with them.
There are no scriptures in the golden age. These scriptures belong to the path of devotion. You can’t say that they have been in existence for eternity, that they have existed from the beginning; no. They don’t understand the meaning of “eternity”. The Father explains that this eternal drama is truly eternal. The Father is teaching you Raja Yoga. He says: I teach you now and then I disappear. You say that your kingdom is eternal. It is the same kingdom; it is just that its name was changed because it became impure from pure. Instead of being called deities, you are called Hindus, but you still belong to the original eternal deity religion. Just as others go through the stages of satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo, in the same way, you also come down. When you become rajo, because of impurity, instead of being called deities, you are called Hindus but, in fact, the name “Hindu” belongs to the land of Hindustan. Originally, you were deities. Deities are always pure. Human beings have now become impure, and so they have been given the name “Hindu”. Ask them: When was the Hindu religion created and who created it? They will not be able to give you an answer. The original eternal deity religion did exist. It was given many beautiful names such as Paradise etc. That which has passed will repeat. At this time, you know about everything from the beginning to the end. As you continue to know more, you will stay alive; some even die. Your battle with Maya begins when you belong to the Father, but some also become traitors. You belonged to Ravan and you then belonged to Rama. Then Ravan defeats the children of Rama (God) and pulls them to himself. Some of you become ill, and then, neither do you belong there nor do you remain here. Neither do you have enjoyment nor do you experience sorrow; you remain in between. Amongst you, too, there are many who are in between: they do not belong to the Father completely nor do they belong to Ravan completely. You are now at the most auspicious confluence age.
You are making effort to become the highest of humans. These matters have to be understood very well. When Baba asks you something, many of you children raise your hands, but it is understood that you don’t have such intellects. Baba says: By all means, say auspicious things. You all say that you will change from an ordinary human into Narayan. The story is of changing from an ordinary human into Narayan. On the path of ignorance, you used to listen to the story of becoming true Narayan, but nobody there could ask this question. Here, the Father asks you: What do you think? Do you have sufficient courage? You definitely also do have to become pure. When someone comes, he is asked: Have you committed any sin in this birth? All have been sinners for birth after birth. If you speak about the sins of this birth, you become light. Otherwise, your conscience would bite you inside. By telling the truth, you become light. Some children don’t tell the truth, and so Maya punches them very hard. Your boxing match is very hard. In that boxing, your body gets hurt, whereas here, it is your intellect that is badly hurt. Baba also knows this. This Brahma says: I have reached the final birth of my many births. I was most pure and have now become most impure. I am becoming pure once again. I do not say that I am a great soul. The Father also confirms this and says: This one is the most impure one.
The Father says: I come into a foreign land and enter a foreign body. I enter the one who has taken the full 84 births at the end of his many births. He is now making effort to become pure once again. You have to remain very cautious. The Father knows this. This child of Baba is very close. He can never be separated from the Father. I cannot even have the thought that I should leave Him and go. He is sitting absolutely next to Me. Baba is mine, He is sitting in my home. Baba knows this and he laughs and jokes with Baba. This one says: Today, Baba, You can bathe me, You can feed me, I am Your small child. I remember Baba in many different ways, and then I explain to you children: Remember Baba in this way. Baba, You are very sweet. You make us into the masters of the world. These aspects cannot be in the intellect of anyone else. The Father continues to refresh everyone. Everyone continues to make effort, but your behaviour should also be accordingly. If you make a mistake, you should instantly write and tell Baba: Baba, I have made this mistake. Some write and say: Baba, I have made a mistake; forgive me! If, after becoming My child, you make a mistake, that mistake would multiply one hundred times. If you are defeated by Maya, you become as you were before. Many are defeated. This is a very powerful boxing match. It is a battle between Rama and Ravan. They show that God took an army of monkeys. That is a play that has been created for children. Little children don’t have a lot of understanding. The Father says: These people’s intellects too are only worth a few pennies. They say that each one is a form of God. Does it mean that each one becomes God and creates, sustains and destroys?
God does not destroy anything. To say that is such ignorance! This is why it has been said that people keep worshipping dolls. It is a wonder what the intellects of human beings have become! They spend so much money! The Father complains to you and says: I made you so great, but what did you do? You also understand that you were deities, and that, having gone around the cycle, you have now become Brahmins. You will then become deities again. This must be in your intellects. When you are sitting here, this knowledge should remain in your intellects. Baba is knowledge-full. Although He resides in the land of peace, He is called knowledge-full. All the knowledge also remains in you souls. People say that their eyes were opened by this knowledge. The Father gives you the eye of knowledge. The soul now knows about the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. The cycle continues to turn. It is Brahmins who receive the discus of self- realization. There is no one who teaches the deities; they don’t need any teachings. You, who are to become deities, have to study. The Father now sits here and explains these new things. You become elevated by studying this new knowledge. Those who are first become last and those who are last become first. This is a study. You now understand that Baba comes every cycle and changes you from impure to pure. Then, this knowledge ends. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say thanks, namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a master bestower of liberation and liberation-in-life and, by remaining constantly alert, fulfil everyone’s desires.   
Now, let the pure thought emerge in all the children that they have to fulfil everyone’s desires. Everyone’s desire is to become free from birth and death, and so, give them that experience. For this, transform the elements of nature and the attitudes of human beings with your powerful and satopradhan vibrations. Be a master bestower and fulfil the desires of every soul. Give the donation of liberation and liberation-in-life. The awareness of this responsibility will keep you constantly alert.

Slogan:  You are the true gopes and gopis who forget all consciousness of the body with the murli of Murlidhar.  

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

At the time of destruction, everyone will realize that the Father has come. Even now, some people say: “God has definitely come somewhere”.

26/11/14    Morning Murli    BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

What does the God-Father come and say to you spiritual children? What service does He do? At this time, the Father is doing the service of teaching you the spiritual study. You know this. He plays the part of the Father, the part of the Teacher and also the part of the Guru. He plays all three parts very well. You know that He is the Father and also the Guru who grants salvation to everyone. He is for everyone; for the young, the mature, the old and the adolescent, there is just the One. He is the Supreme Father and the Supreme Teacher. He gives unlimited teachings. You can explain at the conferences that you know the biography of everyone. You also know the biography of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiv Baba. Your intellects remember all of this, numberwise. The whole unlimited, variety-form image must surely be in your intellects. You have now become Brahmins and you will become deities, warriors, merchants and then shudras. You children remember this, do you not? Apart from you children, no one else would remember these things. Let the whole significance of the rise and fall, remain in your intellects. We were in the stage of rising and then went into the falling stage and are now in the middle. We are no longer shudras and have not yet become complete Brahmins either. If we were firm Brahmins, we wouldn’t perform any shudra acts. Even Brahmins have some shudra traces. You know when you began committing sin: from the time you climbed onto the pyre of lust. You also have the whole cycle in your intellects. Up above is the Father, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and then there are you souls. You children should definitely keep these things in your intellects. We are now Brahmins and are becoming deities and we will then go into the merchant dynasty and shudra dynasty. The Father comes and changes us from shudras to Brahmins and then we change from Brahmins to deities. We become Brahmins, attain our karmateet stage and then return home. You know the Father.
You also know the somersault and the cycle of 84 births. Baba explains to you very easily using the example of the somersault. He makes you very light so that you can consider yourselves to be points and quickly run home. When students are sitting in class, they just have the study in their intellects. You too should remember this study. We are now at the confluence age; we will then go around in this way. This cycle should constantly turn in your intellects. Only you Brahmins have the knowledge of this cycle etc. Shudras do not have it. Even deities do not have this knowledge. You now understand that all the pictures that have been made on the path of devotion are defective. You have accurate pictures because you are becoming accurate. You have now received knowledge and this is why you understand what is referred to as devotion and what is referred to as knowledge. You have now found the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, who gives you knowledge. When studying at school, you are aware of your aim and objective. On the path of devotion, there is no aim or objective. You didn’t know that you were elevated deities and that you then fell down. It is now you have become Brahmins that you know this. You definitely became Brahma Kumars and Kumaris previously too. The name of Prajapita Brahma is glorified. Prajapita is a human being. He has so many children, and so they must surely be adopted. So many are adopted.
As souls, all are brothers. Your intellects now go so far. You know that just as there are stars up above, and they appear to be so small from a distance, so, you too are very tiny souls. A soul never becomes larger or smaller. Yes, your status is very high. They call them the sun deity and the moon deity. The Sun is said to be the Father and the moon is said to be the mother, and all the other souls are stars of the sky. So, all souls are tiny and the same. Souls come here and become actors. Only you become deities. We are becoming very powerful. By remembering the Father, we will become satopradhan deities. There is a little difference, numberwise. Some souls become pure and become satopradhan deities, whereas other souls don’t become completely pure. They don’t have any knowledge at all. The Father has explained: Everyone definitely has to receive the Father’s introduction. At the end, they will know the Father. At the time of destruction, everyone will realize that the Father has come. Even now, some people say: “God has definitely come somewhere”, but they can’t tell where. They think that He could come in any form. There are many human dictates. Yours are only one - God’s directions. What are you becoming by following God’s directions? One is human dictates and next is God’s directions and third are the directions from the deities. Who gave directions to the deities? The Father. It is the Father’s shrimat that makes you elevated. Only the Father, and not human beings, is called Shri Shri. Shri Shri comes and makes you shri (elevated). It is only the Father who makes deities elevated. He is called Shri Shri. The Father says: I make you so worthy. Those people have then given themselves the title Shri Shri. You can explain at conferences. Only you have become the instruments to explain to them. Only the one Shiv Baba is Shri Shri who is making us into shri deities. Those people study the scriptures or other studies and receive a title.
The Father who is Shri Shri is Himself making you shri, which means elevated. This is the tamopradhan, corrupt world. People take birth through corruption. There is such a great difference between the Father’s title and that title which those impure human beings give themselves. Truly elevated and great souls are deities. In the satopradhan world, there cannot be any tamopradhan human beings. In the rajo stage, there would only be human beings with the rajo stage, not tamoguni human beings. The clans are also remembered. You now understand this, but, previously, you didn’t understand anything. The Father is now making you so sensible. You are becoming so wealthy. Shiv Baba’s treasure-store is completely full. What is Shiv Baba’s treasure-store? (That of the imperishable jewels of knowledge.) Shiv Baba’s treasure store is completely full and all sorrow is removed. The Father is giving you children the jewels of knowledge. He Himself is the Ocean. He is the Ocean of the jewels of knowledge. The intellects of you children should go into the unlimited. All of those billions of souls are seated on the thrones of their bodies. This is an unlimited play. Souls are seated on those thrones. No two thrones are the same; each one’s features are different. This is called the wonder of nature. Each one has an imperishable part. Such a tiny soul has a part of 84 births recorded within him. It is extremely subtle. There cannot be any wonder more subtle than this. Such a tiny soul is filled with a whole part and that part is played here. No part is played in the subtle region. The Father explains to you so well. You come to know everything from the Father. This is knowledge. It isn’t that He is the One who knows what is inside each one.
He knows this knowledge and this knowledge is now emerging in you too; and, it is through this knowledge that you claim such a high status! You have this understanding, do you not? The Father is the Seed. He has the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the tree. Human beings have given it a duration of hundreds of thousands of years, and so they cannot have any knowledge. You are receiving all of this knowledge now at the confluence age. You have now come to know the whole cycle from the Father. Before this, you didn’t know anything. You are now at the confluence age and this is your final birth. By making effort, you will eventually become complete Brahmins. You are not that now. Now, even very good children become shudras once again from Brahmins. This is called being defeated by Maya. You become defeated in Baba’s lap and go into Ravan’s lap. There is such a difference between the Father’s lap in which you become elevated and the other lap in which you become corrupt. You receive liberation-in-life in a second and you reach a stage of complete degradation in a second. Brahmin children know very well how there is degradation. Today, you belong to the Father, and tomorrow, you are caught in the claws of Maya and belong to Ravan. Then, when you try to save them, some of them are saved. When you see that someone is drowning, you continue to try and save him. There is so much conflict.
The Father sits here and explains to you children. You are studying here in school, are you not? You know how you go around this cycle. You children receive shrimat: Do this and this. There are definitely the versions of God. These are His elevated directions: I have now come to make you children into deities from shudras. Now, in the iron age, there is the shudra community. You know that the iron age is coming to an end and that you are sitting at the confluence age. You have received this knowledge from the Father. All the scriptures that have been created have human dictates in them. God does not write any scriptures. They have given so many names to just the one Gita: the Gandhi Gita, the Tagore Gita etc. There are so many names. Why do people study the Gita so much? They don’t understand anything at all. They just take up a few chapters and extract their own meaning from them. All of that is created by human beings. You can tell them: By your studying the Gita written by human beings, this has become the condition of today. The Gita is the number one scripture. This is the scripture of the deity religion. This is your Brahmin clan. This is also the Brahmin religion, is it not? There are so many religions. Whoever creates a religion, his name continues. The Jains speak of Mahavir. All of you children are mahavirs. Your memorial is in the Dilwala Temple. There is Raja Yoga, is there not? Down below, you are sitting in tapasya or yoga and, up on the ceiling, there are the pictures of the kingdom. That is an accurate temple of Raja Yoga. Then, some gave it one name and others gave it another name. The memorial is absolutely accurate. They have used their intellects and made it very well. Then, whatever name someone gave, they kept that name. That is a model that they have created.
Heaven and Raja Yoga are created at the confluence age. You know the beginning, middle and end. You have also seen the beginning. You can call either the confluence age or the golden age the beginning. The scene of the confluence age is shown down below and the kingdom is shown up above. So, the golden age is the beginning and the copper age is the middle period. You are now seeing the end. All of this is to end. An accurate memorial has been created. The deities themselves go onto the path of sin. The path of sin begins with the copper age. The memorial is very accurate. They have created many temples as memorials. All the signs are here. The temples are created here too. The deities, the residents of Bharat, ruled and went away. Then, later, they built so many temples. If there are many Sikhs, they build their own temple. Those of the military also build their own temple. The people of Bharat build temples to Krishna, Lakshmi and Narayan, Hanuman and Ganesh. Look how the world cycle turns! How establishment, destruction and sustenance take place! Only you know this. This is called the dark night. The day and night of Brahma are remembered because it is Brahma who goes around the cycle. You are now Brahmins and will then become deities. The main one is Brahma. Should it be Brahma’s name or Vishnu’s name? Brahma exists in the night and Vishnu exists in the day. That same one goes from the night into the day. Then, from the day, after 84 births, he comes into the night. The explanation is so easy. Even that cannot be remembered fully. If you don’t study well, you claim a status, numberwise, according to how much effort you make. The more remembrance you have, the more satopradhan you will become. Satopradhan Bharat then becomes tamopradhan. You children have so much knowledge: you have to churn this knowledge. This knowledge is for the new world. The unlimited Father comes and gives it to you. All human beings remember the unlimited Father. English people say: O God, the Father, Liberator, Guide! You children have the meaning of these words in your intellects. The Father comes and removes you from the iron age, the world of sorrow, and takes you to the golden age. The golden age definitely passed. This is why they remember it. You children should have a lot of happiness inside you. You should also perform divine actions. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say thanks, Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you have self-respect and make your stage powerful with the awareness of your title.   
At the confluence age, the Father Himself gives elevated titles to His children. Therefore, maintain the spiritual intoxication of that. According to the title that you remember, so your stage becomes powerful. For instance, your title is a spinner of the discus of self-realization, and so, as soon as you have this awareness, looking at others should finish in front of the cycle of self-realization and the throat of Maya should be cut. When you remember your title of Mahavir, your stage becomes unshakeable and immovable. So, together with the awareness of the title, make your stage powerful and you will then be said to be one with elevated self- respect.

Slogan:  In order to fulfil the desires of wandering souls, increase your power to discern.      

Monday, 24 November 2014

It is common for sound to emerge from your mouth and that is called “akaashvani” (sound from ether).The God-Father also has to speak through the ether.

25/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father sits here and explains every day to you sweetest spiritual children. It has been explained to you children that this world cycle of knowledge, devotion and disinterest has been created. This knowledge should remain in your intellects. You children have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. The Father is beyond the limited and the unlimited. You should understand the meaning of that too. The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you. This topic - knowledge, devotion and disinterest - also has to be explained. Knowledge is called the day when it is the new world. Devotion and ignorance do not exist there. That is a limited world because there are very few people there, and then growth gradually takes place. After half the cycle, devotion begins. The sannyas religion doesn’t exist there. There is no renunciation there. Then, later, the world population grows. Souls continue to come from up above and growth continues to take place here. It begins by being limited and goes on to become unlimited. The Father’s vision goes beyond the limited and the unlimited. He knows that there are very few children in the limited and that so much growth then takes place in the kingdom of Ravan. You now have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. The world is so small in the golden age. There is no renunciation or disinterest there. Later, in the copper age, the other religions begin. There is the sannyas religion where they renounce their homes and families. Everyone has to know about these things. That is called hatha yoga and limited renunciation. They simply renounce their homes and families and go to the forests. Devotion begins in the copper age; there is no knowledge.
Knowledge means the golden and silver ages and happiness, whereas devotion means ignorance and sorrow. This has to be explained very well. Then you have to go beyond happiness and sorrow, beyond the limited and the unlimited. People try to discover how high the sky is and how deep the ocean is. They try so hard, but are unable to reach the end. They fly an aeroplane, but it has to have enough fuel so that it can also return. They go very far, but they cannot go into the unlimited. They only go as far as the limited. You are going beyond the limited and the unlimited. You can now understand that, in the beginning, in the new world, there is the limited. There are very few people and that is called the golden age. You children should have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation. No one else has this knowledge. The Father, who is beyond the limited and unlimited, is the One who explains to you. No one else can explain this to you. He explains to you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of creation. He then says: You have to go beyond this. There is nothing there. No matter how far people go, there is just the sky everywhere. That is called going beyond the limited and the unlimited. No one can reach the end. They would say that it is infinite. To say that it is infinite is easy, but they should understand the meaning of infinite. The Father is now giving you understanding. The Father says: I know the limited and also the unlimited. Such-and-such a religion was established at such-and-such a time. Your vision goes towards the limit of the golden age and then to the unlimited iron age. Then, we will go beyond to where there is nothing. We are going even above the sun and moon to where our sweet home, the land of peace, is. In fact, the golden age too is our sweet home, where there is peace and also the fortune of the kingdom and happiness; they are both there.
When we go home, there will just be peace there. You wouldn’t mention happiness there. You are now establishing peace and also peace and happiness. There is peace and also the kingdom of happiness there. There is no question of happiness in the incorporeal world. Your kingdom continues for half the cycle, and then, after half the cycle, there is the kingdom of Ravan. There is peacelessness through the five vices. You rule for 2500 years. After 2500 years, there is the kingdom of Ravan. Those people have written about hundreds of thousands of years. They have made everyone into complete buddhus. To say that the cycle of 5000 years is hundreds of thousands of years is real foolishness. They do not have any manners at all. The deities had such divine manners. That has now become a lack of manners; they don’t know anything. They have developed devilish traits. Previously, you too didn’t know anything. They made others unhappy by using the sword of lust and causing one another sorrow from the beginning, through the middle to the end and that is why they are called Ravan’s community. They have portrayed Rama taking an army of monkeys. Ramachandra belonged to the silver age, so how could there have been monkeys there? Then, they also say that the Sita of Rama was abducted. Such things do not happen there. There won’t be as many of the 8.4 million species of living things and animals etc. that exist here, in the golden and silver ages. The Father sits here and explains the whole unlimited drama. You children have to become very far-sighted. Previously, you didn’t know anything at all. Although you are human beings, you didn’t know the play;
you now understand who the greatest of all is. The Highest on High is God. They also sing the verses: Your name is the highest.... This is not in the intellect of anyone except you. You are also numberwise. The Father tells you the secrets of both the limited and the unlimited. There is nothing beyond that place. That is your place of residence which is also called Brahmand. Similarly, you are sitting in the element of sky here, but can you see anything of it? They refer to the radio as the sound from the ether. This sky is infinite: you cannot reach its end. So, what would people understand by calling it the sound from the ether? The mouth is also hollow. Sound emerges from the mouth. It is common for sound to emerge from your mouth and that is called “akaashvani” (sound from ether). The Father also has to speak through the ether. He has told you children the whole significance of yourselves. You now have faith. It is very easy. Just as we are souls, so the Father is the Supreme Soul. He is the highest soul of all. Everyone has received his own part. The highest of all is God, and then there is the dual-bead of the family path. Then, look how small the numberwise rosary is! Then, as the world grows, it becomes so large. There is the rosary of so many millions of beads, that is, of souls. All of this is the study. Imbibe very well in your intellects whatever the Father explains.
You continue to hear the details of the tree. The Seed is up above. This is a variety tree. Its duration is so long. The tree continues to grow and so let just this remain in your intellects the whole day. The duration of the kalpa tree of this world is absolutely accurate. In 5000 years there cannot be the difference of even a second. You children who are very strong have so much knowledge in your intellects. Only when you are pure can you be strong. In order to imbibe this knowledge, a golden vessel is required. Then, it will become so easy - as easy as it is for Baba. Then, you will also be called master knowledge-full. The beads of the rosary will be created numberwise according to the effort you make. No one, except Baba, can explain these things to you. This soul is also explaining to you. The Father only explains through this body, not through the body of the deities. The Father only comes once and becomes your Guru, but, even then, it is the Father who has to play that part. He will come and play His part in 5000 years’ time. The Father explains: I am the Highest on High. Then, there is the dual-bead. Those who are the emperor and empress at the beginning then become Adi Dev and Adi Devi at the end. You have all of this knowledge in your intellects. If you explain this anywhere, they will be amazed: What you are saying is right. Only the Seed of the human world tree is knowledge-full. No one, apart from Him, can give knowledge. All of these things have to be imbibed, but children are unable to imbibe them. It is very simple; there is no difficulty.
First, the pilgrimage of remembrance is needed so that the jewels can stay in a pure vessel. These are the highest-on-high jewels. Baba was a jeweller. He used to receive very good diamonds and emeralds and he would keep them in silver boxes, beautifully laid on cotton wool. Anyone who saw them would say: This is something first class. It is the same here. Good things look nice in good containers. Your ears hear this and you imbibe it. If there is purity and your intellect’s yoga is connected to the Father, you will imbibe it well. Otherwise, everything will flow away. A soul is so tiny and is filled with so much knowledge. Such a good and pure vessel is required. No thoughts should arise. All wrong and bad thoughts should end. Remove your intellect’s yoga from everything else. By having yoga with Me, your vessel will be made golden so that the jewels can stay in it. Then you can continue to donate to others. Bharat is considered to be a great donor. People donate a lot of physical wealth. However, this is the donation of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Renounce everything including your body and let your intellect’s yoga remain connected to One. We belong to the Father, and it is in this that effort is needed. The Father gives you your aim and objective. It is the children’s duty to make effort. It is only now that you can claim such a high status. Let there be no wrong or impure thoughts. The Father alone is the Ocean of Knowledge. He is beyond the limited and the unlimited. He sits here and explains everything. You think that Baba is seeing you, but in fact, I go up above, beyond the limited and the unlimited. I am the Resident of that place. You too have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. Let there be no ordinary or impure thoughts. This requires effort.
Whilst living at home with your family, you have to live like a lotus. Let your hands do the work whilst your heart remembers Baba. There are many householders. The children who live here do not take as much knowledge as householders do. Even those who run centres and read the murli fail, whereas those who are just studying go higher. As you progress further, you will continue to know everything. Everything Baba tells you is absolutely right. Those who used to teach have been eaten by Maya. Maya completed swallowed some maharathis; they are no longer here. They become influenced by Maya and become traitors. Abroad too, some become traitors. They go to other places and seek refuge there. They go to the side that is powerful. At this time, death is just ahead, and so they go to the one who has a lot of power. You now understand that only the Father is powerful. The Father is the Almighty Authority. By teaching us, He makes us into the masters of the whole world. There, we receive everything. There is nothing lacking there which we would need to make effort to attain. There, there is nothing that you don’t have; and, in that too, you attain a status, numberwise according to the effort you made. No one, except the Father, knows these things. All are worshippers. There are the great Shankaracharyas and Baba tells you their praise too. They are the ones who become the instruments to support Bharat well at first with the power of purity, that is, when they too are satopradhan. They are now tamopradhan. What power do they have now? You, who were worshippers, are now making effort to become worthy of worship. You now have all the knowledge in your intellects. Let your intellects imbibe these things and continue to explain them to others. Also remember the Father.
The Father alone explains the secrets of the whole tree. You children have to become just as sweet. This is a battle, is it not? Many storms of Maya come. Everything has to be tolerated. When you stay in remembrance of the Father, all storms will go away. They show the play of Hatamtai - putting a bead in your mouth. When the bead is put in your mouth, Maya goes away. When the bead is removed, Maya comes. There is also the “touch-me-not” plant; as soon as you touch it, it wilts. Maya is very clever. Whilst you are studying such an elevated study and just sitting here, she makes you fall and this is why the Father continues to explain: Consider yourselves to be brothers and you will be able to go beyond the limited and unlimited. If the body doesn’t remain, where would your vision go? You have to make so much effort. You mustn’t become unconscious on just hearing about it. Your effort continues every cycle and you claim your fortune of the kingdom. The Father says: Forget everything you have studied, but listen to the things that you have never heard before and have remembrance. That is called the path of devotion. You are Raj Rishis. Conduct the murli with your hair loose. Everything that the sages and holy men relate is a murli of human beings. This is the murli of the unlimited Father. In the golden and silver ages, there is no need for the murli of knowledge. There, there is no need for knowledge or devotion. You receive this knowledge at the confluence age and it is only the Father who gives it to you. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Thanks, Namaste and Good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing: May you become a destroyer of attachment by experiencing God’s company and being constantly detached in your lokik and alokik life.   

The sign of being constantly detached is to experience God’s love and, to the extent that there is love, you will accordingly remain together and not be separated. Love is that which enables you to stay together. Since the Father is with you, hand over all your burdens to the Father and become light. This is the way to become a destroyer of obstacles. However, underline the word “constant” in the subject of effort. Remain constantly detached in your lokik and alokik life and you will experience constant company.

Slogan:  Make the snake of the vices your bed and you will become an easy yogi.