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Increase the account of elevated deeds and the account of sinful deeds will finish.

01/01/15    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   
Sweet children,
Song:     I have come with my fortune awakened...  
You children are now creating your fortune. Krishna’s name was put in the Gita and this is why those versions say that God Krishna says: I teach you Raja Yoga. However, there could have been no versions of God Krishna. Shri Krishna is the aim and objective. “I make you into the king of kings” was said by God Shiva. Therefore, Krishna would definitely have first of all been made a prince and so there was no God Krishna to speak. Krishna is the aim and objective of you children. This is a school. God is teaching you, and you are becoming princes and princesses. The Father says: I give you this knowledge at the end of your many births in order for you to become Krishna again. Shiv Baba, and not Shri Krishna, is the Teacher at this school. It is Shiv Baba who establishes the deity religion. You children say that you have come here to create your fortune. You souls know that you have now come to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, in order to create your fortune. This fortune is that of becoming princes and princesses. This is Raja Yoga. First of all, the two leaves of heaven, Radhe and Krishna, are made to emerge by Shiv Baba. This picture has been created very accurately. It is a good picture to use to explain to others. You created your fortune by studying the knowledge of the Gita. The fortune that you had awakened previously has now all ended. You are now at the end of your many births and have become totally tamopradhan beggars. Therefore, you now have to become princes again. Radhe and Krishna are the first ones who become this. Then their dynasty continues; it wouldn’t be just one kingdom. When Radhe and Krishna get married they are renamed Lakshmi and Narayan. To become a prince, to become Narayan from a human being is one and the same thing. You children know that Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of heaven. Heaven must definitely have been established at the confluence age, which is why this period of time is called the most auspicious confluence age. Establishment of the original eternal deity religion is now taking place, and then all the other religions are to be destroyed. In the golden age, there was only one religion and the history and geography of that have to repeat. Heaven, which is also called Paristhan, where Lakshmi and Narayan ruled their kingdom, is now being created once again. At present, this world is a graveyard. Everyone has been burning away whilst sitting on the pyre of lust. In the golden age, you will build palaces etc. It isn’t that a city of gold - Dwarika or Lanka will emerge from under the ground. A city of gold may emerge, but Lanka can’t. The kingdom of Rama (God) is also called the golden age. All the real gold has been looted from Bharat. You explain to others how wealthy Bharat used to be. It is now poverty stricken. The words “poverty stricken” are not so bad. You can explain that there is only one religion in the golden age. There can’t be any other religions there. Many ask how this is possible and whether only deities live there. There are many different opinions. It is such a wonder how no two people’s opinions would be the same. How many actors are there? Heaven is now being created. By remembering that you are now becoming residents of heaven, you will remain constantly cheerful. You children should have a lot of happiness. You have a very elevated aim and objective. You are becoming deities, residents of heaven, from ordinary human beings. Only you Brahmins know that heaven is now being established. You should remember all of these things, but Maya repeatedly makes you forget. If it is not in your fortune, you won’t reform yourselves. Some are unable to remove their habit of half the cycle of telling lies. They consider falsehood to be a treasure and keep it with themselves and do not let go of it. So, it is understood such is their fortune. They don’t even remember the Father. Only when you remove all of your attachment will you be able to remember Him. Then, you will have disinterest in the whole world. Even though you see your friends and relatives, it will be as though you don’t see them. You know that all of them are living in the graveyard of hell. This all has to be destroyed. We now have to return home and this is why we remember the land of happiness and the land of peace. Yesterday, we lived and ruled in heaven. We then lost that kingdom and are now reclaiming it. You children understand how much you have been bowing your heads and wasting your money etc. on the path of devotion. People continue to cry out, but they receive nothing. Souls call out to Baba to come and take them to the land of happiness. It is when they experience sorrow at the end that they remember the Father. You can see that this old world is now to be destroyed. We are now receiving all of this knowledge in this, our last birth. You must imbibe this knowledge fully. Earthquakes etc. happen suddenly. So many people died at the time of partition from Pakistan. You children now know everything from the beginning to the present, and you will also come to know everything that is still to come. There would not have been just the one temple of gold built to Somnath. There would also have been many temples of gold built to others and also palaces of gold. What happened to them? Where did they all vanish to? Were they all buried below the ground when earthquakes happened? Will they not emerge again? Will they just decay underground? What happens? As you progress, you will come to know what happens. It is written that the City of Gold went down below. You now say that, according to the drama, it went below and will emerge again as the cycle turns. That will have to be built again. You should have great happiness whilst turning this cycle around in your mind. Keep this picture in your pocket. This badge is very serviceable, but none of you does much service with it. You children can do a lot of service in the trains, but none of you writes of your service news telling Baba how much service you do on trains. Even in the third-class carriages you can do service. Those who understood this knowledge a cycle ago, those who changed from ordinary humans into deities, are the ones who will understand it again. It has been remembered that humans were changed into deities. It isn’t said that human beings were changed into Christians or into Sikhs; no! You became deities from ordinary human beings. This means the original eternal deity religion was established. All the other religions went and rested in their own sections. It is shown in the picture of the tree when each religion was established. The deities became Hindus, and then some were converted from Hindus into other religions. Many left their elevated dharma and karma (religion and activity) and went into other religions. They will emerge and understand a little at the end and then become subjects. Not everyone will go into the deity religion. They will all go and stay in their own sections. All of these things are in your intellects; what people in the world continue to do. They make so many arrangements for food. They set up huge machines etc., but nothing happens. The world had to become tamopradhan and you had to come down the ladder. Whatever is predestined in the drama continues to happen. The new world has to be established. Scientists are at present learning everything. In a few years time, they will be very clever; they will create many good things there. This science will give you a lot of happiness there. Here, there is little happiness but plenty of sorrow! How many years has it been since scientists developed these things? Previously, there was no electricity or gas etc. Just look what has happened now! Everything there will be ready made. Everything will be built very quickly. Here, too, just look how quickly buildings are constructed. Everything is ready. They build so many floors! It will not be like this there. There, everyone has plenty of land. There is no tax etc. There, there is plenty of wealth and also plenty of land. There are many rivers, but there are no canals; they are dug later. You children should have so much happiness inside you. You have received a double engine. When a train has to go up a hill, it is given a double engine. You children also give your fingers of co-operation. There are so few of you. You know that you are praised as being God’s helpers. You are doing service according to shrimat. Baba has also come here to serve you. He establishes the one religion and destroys all the many other religions. As you progress a little, you will see many upheavals. Even now, there is a great deal of fear that a war will begin and that bombs will be released. There will be many little sparks beforehand; they will continue to fight with one another. You children know that this old world has to be destroyed. Then we will return to our home. The cycle of our 84 births is now coming to an end. We will all return home together. There are very few of you who stay in remembrance. According to the drama, there are both kinds of students - active ones and lazy ones. Active students pass with good marks, whereas lazy ones continue to quarrel throughout the day. They don’t even remember the Father. They remember their friends and relatives throughout the day. You have to forget everything here. I am a soul and this tail, this body, dangles behind me. When we reach our karmateet stage, we will discard these tails. We are just concerned about reaching our karmateet stage and discarding our bodies. We have to become beautiful from ugly. Therefore, we have to make effort. Just look how much effort you have to make for an exhibition. Mahendra (of Bhopal) showed how much courage he has. He courageously holds so many exhibitions on his own. He will definitely receive the fruit of his efforts. One person showed such wonders. He benefits so many! He does so much with the help of friends and relatives; it is such a wonder. He tells his friends and relatives to use their money etc. for this task and asks what they would do by just keeping it. He had the courage to open a centre. So many people have had their fortune created. There would be so much service accomplished if five to seven people like this were to emerge. There are some who are very miserly. It is understood from this that it isn’t in their fortune. They don’t understand that destruction is standing ahead of them and that they should do something. People won’t receive anything from whatever they donate in the name of God now. God has now come in order to give you the sovereignty of heaven. Those who just donate money won’t receive anything. Those who have used their bodies, minds and wealth in a worthwhile way in this confluence age, and who are still doing it, are the fortunate ones. However, if this is not in their fortune, they do not understand. You know that there are those brahmins and that you too are Brahmins. You are the Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. There are so many of those brahmins. They are born through a womb, whereas you are mouth born. The birth of Shiva takes place at the confluence age. The Father now gives you the mantra to create heaven: Manmanabhav! Continue to remember Me and you will become pure and thus the masters of the pure world. Print such cards in a clever way. Many people die in the world. Whenever someone dies, you can distribute these cards there. This old world has to be destroyed when the Father comes. Then the gates to heaven open. There is the mantra “Manmanabhav” for anyone who wants to go to land of happiness. You should all have such interesting cards. You can distribute them at the cremation grounds. You children should be keen to do service. There are many ways to do service. Write this down very clearly. Your aim and objective is very clear but you do need ways to explain to others. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you show royalty in your every action and word through your reality and thereby have a right to the first division.   

Reality means to have the constant awareness of your real form through which royalty will be visible even on your face. Reality means belonging to the one Father and none other. When you have this awareness, royalty will be visible in your every deed and word. Whoever comes into contact with you will experience you to have a character the same as the Father’s in your every action, and the authority, the same as the Father’s in your every word and also attainment. Because the company of such a one is real, it will work like an alchemist’s stone. Only royal souls with such royalty claim a right to the first division.

Slogan:  Increase the account of elevated deeds and the account of sinful deeds will finish.     

Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

In order for all Brahmin children to experience especially the avyakt stage from 1st January to 31st January, make a note of these points and, while churning them throughout the day, become an embodiment of the experience of these points, remain introverted and continue to tour around the subtle region.

 1) By paying special attention to adopting good wishes and elevated intentions for every soul throughout the day, transform impure intentions into pure intentions, impure wishes into pure wishes and maintain a stage of happiness. 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Children, first of all, remove your own weaknesses. Check yourself: How many defects do I have?

31/12/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You children are not only sitting on the pilgrimage of remembrance, but you also have the spiritual intoxication that you are establishing your land of angels (Paristhan) by following shrimat. You should have so much happiness and enthusiasm. All useless things and rubbish should have been removed by now. You should have great enthusiasm on seeing the unlimited Father. The more you stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance, the more improvement there will be. The Father says that there should be a spiritual university for you children. Yours is the World Spiritual University. So, where is this university? A university is created especially for you. Together with that, there should also be a very royal hostel. Your thoughts should be so royal. Day and night, the Father thinks about how to teach you children and enable you to pass the highest exams through which you will become the masters of the world.
Originally, you souls were completely pure, and so your bodies were also completely pure and beautiful. You had such an elevated kingdom! Your time is very much wasted in the useless things of this limited world. You students should not have any dirty thoughts. You set up many very good committees, but there is no power of yoga. You tell one another many tall stories about how you will do this or that. Maya too says: I will get hold of them by their noses or their ears. There is no love for the Father. There is the saying, “Human beings want something to happen and something else happens instead.” So, Maya too stops you from doing anything. Maya deceives you a great deal; she cuts off your ears. The Father makes you children so elevated. He gives you directions to do this, that and the other. Baba also sends very royal daughters outside for service. Some children ask Baba: Baba, should we go for training? Baba says: Children, first of all, remove your own weaknesses. Check yourself: How many defects do I have? Maya makes even great maharathis into salt water. There are such salty children that they never remember the Father! They don’t even yet know the “a b c” of knowledge. They put on a great deal of external show.
Here, you have to remain very introverted. However, some of you children behave in such a way that it is as though you are illiterate. When some people have even a small amount of money, they become very intoxicated. They don’t understand that they are totally bankrupt. Maya doesn’t allow them to understand this. Maya is very powerful. When Baba praises them even a little, they become very happy with that. Day and night, Baba thinks that there has to be a first-class university where you children can study well. You know that you are going to heaven and so your degree of happiness should remain high. Baba gives you various doses to take in order to keep you intoxicated. When a bankrupt person drinks alcohol, he thinks that he is a king, but, when the effect of the alcohol wears off, he’s back to where he was. However, here, you have spiritual intoxication. You know that the unlimited Father has become your Teacher and is teaching you and is giving you directions to do this and that. Sometimes, some of you have false pride. There is Maya, isn’t there! You make up such tall stories, don’t even ask! Baba understands that such children won’t be able to carry on here.
There has to be great cleanliness inside you. You souls have to be very good. You have had a love marriage. In a love marriage, there is so much love. That One is the Husband of all husbands. So, it is not just one, but many of you have love marriages; all of you say that you are betrothed to Shiv Baba. You are going to sit in heaven. This is a matter of great happiness. Internally, you should be thinking about how much Baba is adorning you. Shiv Baba adorns you through this one (Brahma). Your intellects know that by remembering the Father you will become satopradhan. No one else knows this knowledge at all. There is great intoxication about this. At present, there isn’t the intoxication that there should be. It is said: “If you want to know about supersensuous joy, ask the gopes and gopis.” Some of you souls are so dirty! It is as though you are sitting on a pile of dirt. The Father comes and changes you, He rejuvenates you. When people have their glands changed, they have so much happiness. You have now found the Father, and so it is as though your boat has gone across. You understand that, as you now belong to the unlimited Father, you have to transform yourselves very quickly. You should be very happy and also be concerned about this, day and night.
Just look at whom you have found as the Marshall! Day and night, you should keep busy with these thoughts. Those who clearly recognize and understand Baba would start to fly. You children are now at the confluence age, whereas everyone else is in the dirt. It is as though they are living in those little shacks that have been made by the rubbish dump. There are so many little shacks. This then is a matter of the unlimited. Shiv Baba is now showing you a very easy method to help you remove yourself from that: Sweetest children, you know that, at this time, both, you, the souls and your bodies, are impure. You have now moved away from that world. Those who have moved away from that world are now enlightened with knowledge. You have found the Father, so, what more? Only when you have this intoxication will you explain to others. The Father has come. He is making us souls pure. When a soul becomes pure, he receives a first-class body. Just look where you souls are sitting now. You are sitting in your shacks, your bodies. This world is tamopradhan (completely impure). You are sitting beside the rubbish dump. Just think where you have come away from!
The Father has now moved you away from that stagnant, dirty water. Therefore, you souls will now become clean. You will then have first-class palaces built to live in. The Father is adorning you souls and taking you to heaven. You children should have these kinds of thoughts inside you. The Father makes you so intoxicated. Once upon a time, you were so elevated. Then, you gradually began to fall until now, when you have reached the very bottom. When you souls were in the Temple of Shiva, you were so pure. Therefore, you should now get together and quickly make effort to go back to the Temple of Shiva. Baba is so amazed that you children don’t have enough brains to do that. From where has Baba removed you? It is the Father who has established this Pandava Government. The Bharat that was once heaven is now hell. All of this refers to souls. Baba has great mercy for souls. The world that you souls are now in is completely tamopradhan and this is why you remember the Father and say, “Baba, come and take us back home!” Even whilst you are sitting here, you should have such thoughts as these. This is why Baba says: A first-class university has to be built for you children. It is built every cycle. Your thoughts should be very royal. At present, you do not have such intoxication. If you did have that intoxication, you would be able to show great wonders.
You children don’t understand the meaning of “university". You don’t maintain the intoxication of that royalty. Maya is suppressing you. Baba explains: Children, you must not have any wrong type of intoxication. Each of you should examine yourself to see what qualifications you have and how much you are studying and helping. You shouldn’t just tell tall stories; you have to put into practice what you talk about. You should not just tell tall stories. Today, you say that you are going to do something. Tomorrow, death comes and everything will be completely over for you. You wouldn’t say this in Satyug. Untimely death doesn’t take place in heaven. Death cannot go there. That is the land of happiness. Death has no right to enter the land of happiness. You have to understand the meaning of “The kingdom of Ravan” and “The kingdom of Rama”. Your war is now with Ravan. Body consciousness performs great wonders; it makes you completely impure. By becoming soul conscious you souls become clean. You understand what kind of palaces you will have there. You are now at the confluence age. You are now improving yourselves, numberwise, and making yourselves worthy. Because you souls became impure, you received impure bodies. I have now come to make you into the residents of heaven.
Together with having remembrance, you should also have divine virtues. This is not like going to your aunty’s home! You understand that Baba has come to change you from human beings into Narayan. However, Maya wages war on you in an incognito way. Your war is incognito. This is why you are called unknown warriors. There aren’t any other unknown warriors. You are called warriors. The names of all the others appear in a register. They have taken the symbol of you unknown warriors. You are so incognito that no one knows you. You gain victory over the whole world in order to control Maya. When you try to remember the Father, Maya makes you forget Him. You establish your own kingdom every cycle. You are the unknown warriors who only remember the Father. You don’t even have to move your hands or feet in this. Baba shows you many ways to have remembrance. Whilst walking and moving along, stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. You also have to study this knowledge. You understand what you were and what you have now become. You also understand what the Father is making you into. He gives you such easy methods. Wherever you souls are living, remember the Father so that the rust can be removed from you. He shows you this method every cycle.
Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father and you will become satopradhan. You have no bondage other than this. Even when you go to the bathroom, consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father so that the dirt on you souls can be removed. You do not have to apply a tilak to the soul. All of those things are signs of the path of devotion. There is no need for any of those things on the path of knowledge. You don’t even have the expense of a penny. Even whilst sitting at home, continue to stay in remembrance. It is so easy! Baba is our Father, our Teacher and our Guru. Generally, the rule is that there is first the remembrance of your father, then your teacher and then your guru. You would definitely remember your teacher because you receive the inheritance of a study from him. Then, when you reach your age of retirement, you have a guru. This Father gives you everything wholesale. Baba gives you a kingdom for 21 births wholesale. When a girl gets married, she is given an incognito dowry. They don’t make any external show about that. “Incognito donation” has been remembered. Shiv Baba is also incognito. There is no question of ego in this. Some people have a lot of ego, and they want everyone to see what they give. Here, everything is incognito. The Father gives you the sovereignty of the whole world as your dowry. You are being adorned in such an incognito way. You receive such a huge dowry. The Father gives it to you in such a way that no one knows about it.
Here, you are beggars, whereas in your next birth, you will have a golden spoon in your mouth. You are going to the golden-aged world. There, everything will be made of gold. Wealthy people will have palatial mansions decorated with gold. There will definitely be a difference. You understand that people are now dangling upside down like bats. Maya makes them dangle upside down. The Father has now come, and so you should have so much enthusiasm. However, Maya makes you forget whether these are the Father’s directions or Brahma’s directions, whether they are the Father’s directions or the brother’s directions. They become confused about this. The Father says: Whether you think the directions are good or bad, you should consider them to be the Father’s directions; you have to follow them. Even if there is a mistake in them, Baba will rectify that mistake because He has that power. You can see how this one follows everything. Who is sitting in his head? He (Shiv Baba) is sitting right next to him (Brahma Baba). Gurus also make you sit beside them when they teach you. Nevertheless, this one also has to make effort. He has to make effort to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. The Father says: Remember Me whilst you are preparing food. No one else is able to receive food prepared in remembrance of Shiv Baba. The Brahma bhojan that is praised is of the present time. Although worldly brahmins sing praise of that food, they do not understand what it means. Those who just sing praise do not understand anything. However, you can understand that when someone is a worshipper he is religious minded. There, in the golden age, there is no question of being religious minded because there is no devotion there. No one there knows what devotion is. People speak of knowledge (gyan), devotion (bhakti) and distaste (vairaag). These terms are first class. Knowledge is the day and devotion is the night. When you have distaste for the night, you become able to go into the day. This is so clearl You have now understood and so you no longer have to stumble. The Father says: Remember Me! I am making you into the masters of the world. I am your unlimited Father. It is so easy to learn the knowledge of the world cycle. Remember the Seed and remember the tree. Now that it is the end of the iron age; the golden age is about to come. You are now at the confluence age and becoming beautiful flowers. You souls will become satopradhan and so you will receive satopradhan palaces in which to reside. The whole world is becoming new. Therefore, you children should be experiencing so much happiness. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say thanks, Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing: May you be a powerful emperor who has sanskars of one religion with the elevated dharna of purity.   

The religion (dharna), that is, the dharna of your sovereignty is purity. One religion means one dharna. Let there not be any other religion of impurity even in your dreams or your thoughts because where there is purity, there cannot be any name or trace of impurity, which means wasteful or sinful thoughts. Those who completely fill themselves with the sanskars of purity are the powerful emperors. The future world is created on the basis of the elevated sanskars of the present time. The sanskars of the present time are the foundation of the future world.

Slogan:  Only those who have true love for one God become victorious jewels.  

Monday, 29 December 2014

Children have to be taught to have remembrance of Shiv(Benefactor) Baba(God-Father). There are twelve Ramas and Sitas. So, which of the Sitas was abducted?

30/12/14    Morning Murli       BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

The anniversary of Shiv(Benefactor) Baba’s birth will soon be here. How are you going to tell others about it? You have to explain to others in the way that the Father explains to you. It is not that Baba has to teach everyone else just as He teaches you. Shiv Baba is teaching you. You know that He is teaching you through this body. You definitely celebrate the birth of Shiva. You also mention Shiva’s name. He is the incorporeal One. He is called Shiva. Those people say: Shiva is beyond the cycle of birth and death. So how can you celebrate His birthday? You understand how you have been celebrating it in different ways and how you will continue to celebrate it. Therefore, you have to explain this to them. The Father comes and takes the support of this body. He definitely does need a mouth to speak and that is why the mouth of the cow is praised. This is a somewhat complicated secret. You have to understand Shiv Baba’s occupation. You understand that our unlimited Father has come. Only from Him do we receive our unlimited inheritance. The people of Bharat definitely had an unlimited inheritance. No one else had this. Bharat is called the land of truth and the Father is also called the Truth. You should explain these things. Nevertheless, some don’t understand this as quickly as others do.
Here, both yoga and education can slip away very easily. Of these, yoga is more slippery. Knowledge stays in the intellect but remembrance is repeatedly forgotten. The knowledge of how you take 84 births remains in your intellects. Those who have this knowledge are the ones whose intellects can understand that only those who come in the first number will take 84 births. Lakshmi and Narayan are said to be the first and most elevated deities. The story of changing from an ordinary human into Narayan is also very well known. In many places, on the day of the full moon, they read the story of becoming true Narayan. You understand that you are now truly studying with Baba how to change from a human being into Narayan. This is the study to become pure. It is also the easiest of all studies. You just have to understand the cycle of 84 births.
This study is the same for everyone, young and old. Little children have a right to this education too. There is a lot of time for their parents to continue to teach them a little at a time. Children have to be taught to have remembrance of Shiv Baba. The Father of souls is different from a father of bodies. Souls are incorporeal children and the Father too is incorporeal. The intellects of you children know that that incorporeal Shiv Baba is your Father and that He is very tiny. You have to remember this well; you must not forget it. We souls are also as tiny as points. It is not that when you go up you will seem larger, and when you are down, you will appear smaller. No; it is always a point. When you go up above, it would be as though you can’t be seen because you are a point. How can you see a point? You children have to think about these things very deeply. I, this soul, came here from above to play my part through a body. Souls don’t decrease or increase in size. Their physical organs are at first small and then they grow larger. You now have to explain these things to others in the way that you have understood them. It is certain that you will teach this knowledge in the way that you studied it, numberwise. You all definitely have to become teachers and teach this knowledge to everyone.
The Father has all this knowledge. He is the very tiny Supreme Soul. He always resides in the supreme abode. He only comes here once, at this confluence age. When people become very unhappy, they call out to the Father: Come and make us happy! You children now understand that you kept calling out: Baba, come and take us away from this impure world to the pure, new, happy world of the golden age. Show us the path to go there. It is only when He Himself comes that He can show you the path. He only comes when the world has to be transformed. This is a very simple matter to understand. Note down what Baba explains each day, so that you can also explain it in the same way. By practicing in this way, your mouth will open (you will have the confidence to speak knowledge). You are the children of Murlidhar and so you definitely have to become murlidhars. By benefiting others in this way, you will claim a high status in the new world. Other studies are for here (this world). This study is for the future new world where there is constant happiness. The five vices that cause everyone distress do not exist there. Here, you are in Ravan’s kingdom which is a foreign kingdom. You are the ones who were in your kingdom at the beginning. You would call it the new world. Then Bharat is called the old world. It is said that Bharat exists in the newworld. You wouldn’t say that the people of Islam and the Buddhists are in the new world; no.
It is now in your intellects that the Father comes and awakens you children. Such is His part in the drama. He comes to change Bharat into heaven. Bharat, the first land, is called heaven. The lifespan of Bharat is limited. To say that it is hundreds of thousands of years makes it unlimited. Things of hundreds of thousands of years couldn’t be remembered by anyone’s intellect. Bharat used to be new; you would say that it is now old. Bharat is to become the new world again. You understand that you are now becoming the masters of the new world. The Father advises you souls to remember Him so that you become new and pure and that you will also receive new bodies. You souls and your bodies become totally satopradhan. You receive the kingdom for only happiness. This drama is eternally predestined. There is happiness and peace in the new world. There are no storms etc. there. In the unlimited world of peace, everyone is peaceful. Here, because there is peacelessness, everyone is peaceless. Everyone in the golden age is peaceful. This is a wonderful thing. This play is eternally predestined. This is an unlimited aspect. Engineering and barristery etc. that others study are limited. Your intellects now have unlimited knowledge.
The Father only comes once and explains the secrets of this unlimited drama. You never heard before how this unlimited drama continues to be performed. You now understand how the golden and silver ages passed and how it was the kingdom of deities during that time. In the silver age it was the kingdom of Rama. All the other religions came later on. You know about all the religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Christians etc. They all came in the last 2500 years. The iron age lasts for 1250 years. Everything is accounted for. It is not that the world lasts 2500 years; no. Achcha, who else was there? You have to think about this. Before they came (the different religions), the deities were definitely there. They too were human beings, but they had divine virtues. The sun and the moon dynasties lasted for 2500 years. Everyone else came during the second half of the cycle. No one else can account for any more years. There are four parts: full, three quarters, half and a quarter; it is divided equally. The deities exist during the first half of the cycle. It is said that it was the sun-dynasty kingdom in the golden age and the moon-dynasty kingdom of Rama in the silver age. You can prove that those who come at the beginning of the golden age have the longest lifespan. The cycle is 5000 years, yet those people speak of 8.4 million species. They also say that this cycle lasts for hundreds of thousands of years. No one could accept that. The world population couldn’t be that large. Therefore, the Father sits here and explains: All of that is ignorance whereas this is knowledge. Where did this knowledge come from? No one knows that either.
Only the one Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. He is the One who gives knowledge through this mouth. They speak of “The mouth of the cow”. This refers to all of you being adopted through this mother, this cow. It is very easy to explain this small matter. If you only explain for a day and then stop, their intellects become involved in other matters. Do school children only study for a day or do they study regularly? Knowledge cannot be learnt in one day. The unlimited Father is teaching you, and so the study He teaches must also be unlimited. He gives you an unlimited kingdom. That unlimited kingdom existed in Bharat. Lakshmi and Narayan ruled that unlimited kingdom. No one else even dreams of these things, so they don’t even ask how they claimed their kingdom. Because they were yogi souls, they had a great deal of purity and their lifespan was therefore long. We too were yogis but then, whilst taking 84 births, we definitely had to become those who indulge in sensual pleasures. People don’t know that they too would have taken rebirth. They cannot be called a god or goddess. No one else who takes 84 births would go there before them. Those who rule at the beginning of the golden age are the ones who take 84 births. Then, others come down, numberwise.
You souls become deities and then warriors as your celestial degrees continue to decrease. It has been remembered that those who were worthy of worship become worshippers. You change from being satopradhan to tamopradhan. Whilst taking rebirth you come down. Although all of this is very easy to remember, Maya is such that she makes you forget everything. You could collect all of these points of knowledge and make a book of them. However, none of this is going to remain; it is temporary. The Father did not recite any Gita. The Father is now explaining everything in the same way as He did in the previous cycle. All of those Vedas and scriptures etc. will be created later on. All of them, the whole lot, will be burnt when destruction takes place. There are no religious books in the golden and silver ages. They will be created again on the path of devotion. So many things are created on the path of devotion. They create an effigy of Ravan, but, because they don’t understand why, they are unable to explain anything. The Father explains why they create this effigy every year and burn it. Ravan is definitely a great enemy, but no one knows in what way he is everyone’s enemy. They think that perhaps he is their enemy because he abducted Sita. If he had abducted Rama’s Sita, he would have been a great bandit. When did he abduct her? Would you say, “At the start of the silver age or at the end of the silver age”? You have to think about these things. Could she have been abducted? WhichRama’s Sita was abducted? Was there a kingdom of Rama and Sita? Has there only been one Rama and Sita? This is just like a story in the scriptures! You have to think about which Sita it was.
There are twelve Ramas and Sitas. So, which of the Sitas was abducted? It must have been the one at the end. You talk about the abduction of Rama’s Sita. There cannot have been the kingdom of only one within the kingdom of Rama. There must have been a dynasty. So, which number Sita was abducted? All of these matters have to be understood very well. You children can explain to anyone all of these secrets with great coolness. The Father explains that people have become so unhappy whilst stumbling along so much on the path of devotion. When they are in extreme unhappiness, they cry out: Baba, take me away from this sorrow! Ravan is nothing physical. If he were something, why do you kill your king every year? Ravan must have a wife too. They show Madodri as his wife. Have you ever seen anyone make an effigy of Madodri and burn that? Therefore, the Father sits here and explains: All of that is false Maya and false bodies. You are now sitting here to change from false humans into real deities. There is such a difference! There, you will always speak the truth. That is the land of truth whereas this is the land of falsehood in which everything people say is false. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say thanks, Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:May you be an altruistic server who does service while remaining free from any limited royal desires.

Father Adam-Brahma gave the proof of being free from any bondage of karma and being detached. Apart from having love for service, there were no other bondages. There are limited royal desires in service which bind you in the bondage of karmic accounts. True servers remain free from any karmic account of, for instance, bondage of the body, or bondage of bodily relations. In the same way, selfish motives in service is also a bondage. Be an altruistic server who is free from this bondage and any royal karmic accounts.

Slogan:Do not keep your promises in a file, but demonstrate it by becoming that final.