Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wishing you and family a very Happy New Year 2014!

Wishing You and Family a very Happy New Year 2014!

Kindly accept the 2014 New year’s gift: the power of transformation. Self transformation and world transformation, it is with the lift of this gift that you will bring world transformation close.

Constantly bring about a newness in the intensity of your effort. Congratulations for the newness of the New Year, for the new sanskars, a new nature, new zeal and enthusiasm, for having an elevated thought of making the world new, and for constantly having the elevated thoughts of giving everyone the blessing of mukti and jeevan mukti. Congratulations for saying good bye to the old sanskars, the old behaviour, the old supports, and everything of the old.

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Sweet Children,

Spiritual GodFather tells Spiritual Children, consider yourselves as ones who belong to this most elevated Confluence age at this time, you are not present at the end of iron age.

God appears at the confluence age, the confluence of iron and golden ages.

You children belong to God at this time. People are vicious and poor at this iron age (hell).

You children clearly understand about the old world (iron aged) and New world (golden aged).

People at this time belong to the vicious old world.

You have to explain about the vicious human being and virtuous human being (deities) to people of the world.

No one of golden age exists in iron age.

Gita was spoken by GodFather not by Sri Krishna.

It is God who speaks the Gita at this time, children forget about GodFather by coming into body consciousness. You create mistakes by not following God’s direction. God’s direction is to consider your-self as a soul and remember God-Father.

You perform sinful actions due to the body consciousness of 2500years.

The more you remember the GodFather, that much you will become pure-virtuous.

The unlimited GodFather does not have a body, appears in the body of Adam-Brahma and gives knowledge to you children.

By taking 84births, your soul has become vicious. Now, remember Me to become pure-virtuous, and your body and soul will appear in golden age being pure.

Thoughts, words and actions, you have to become virtuous-pure. You may get storms of maya but you must not perform any sinful action by sense organs.

GodFather never takes birth but Sri Krishna.

There is no one who has an unlimited divine intellect like you children.

You become king of kings by this Rajayoga. Knowledge is the source of income.

In scriptures, there is no aim object unlike here. Here, it is GodFather who is teaching you children. The deities of golden age attain their elevated status by this Godly study of this Confluence age.

Being a stone-like intellect, it is difficult to understand this knowledge. Yours is a golden intellect.

You receive 21births of inheritance by this Godly knowledge. Keep sharing this knowledge with others.

Body consciousness is the worst dirty enemy. You have come without a body and have to return without a body. There is effort in remembering GodFather.


Blessing:  May you constantly have zeal and enthusiasm and sing songs of happiness in your mind and have the imperishable fortune of happiness!  

You fortunate children attain imperishable success by using imperishable methods. Songs of "Wah! Wah!" of happiness are constantly being sung in your mind. "Wah Baba, Wah fortune! Wah my sweet family! "Wah, elevated wonderful time of the confluence age! Every action is "Wah Wah!" and you therefore have the imperishable fortune of happiness. You can never have the question "Why me?" in your mind. Instead of "Why?" it is "Wah Wah" and instead of "I” there is the word "Baba".

Slogan:  Put the imperishable stamp of the government on the thoughts you have and they will remain firm.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Do not beat or hurt kids,they are like Mahatmas.Control them by tying to a rope or by not giving food.

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Sweet Children,

You children follow the path-direction of GodFather.

You remember GodFather not Sri Krishna. You know that you will become Prince Princess of golden age.

Sri Krishna lives in golden age.

Gita spoken by GodFather is not the scripture of Bharat alone but of the whole world.

God is the most elevated who makes you souls most elevated. Sri Krishna and deities live in golden age.

You receive the knowledge from the most elevated Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather.

After GodFather, there are deities of subtle world who are elevated.

GodFather is the Creator, infact God establishes golden age through Adam-Brahma.

You children belong to Godly family. In iron age, people are vicious, give births to many children. In golden age, each family will have only one boy and one girl.

You become happy listening to knowledge and lose the happiness by going out. You become trikaldarshi by this knowledge.

Deities-virtuous human beings of golden age are not trikaldarshi.

If there are obstacles, if there is illness, there is no need to worry about them. Everything happens like it had happened in every world cycle. (The old body and soul experiences sorrow based on karmic bondages).

The soul has become weak to experience sorrow at this iron age. Soul was powerful when it appeared first in golden age.

Bharat-India was wealthy, have become poor, you souls have to become complete Beggar, you have only One GodFather and none else. You must remain in household but like a lotus flower. There is the example of King Janak and Harischandar.

GodFather makes you a trustee, it is mothers who share knowledge with others. World Mother is praised a lot.

You receive wealth of knowledge from the Ocean of knowledge, the most Beloved GodFather. GodFather belongs to all souls of the world. Sri Krishna is the first prince of golden age.

You children will be born as prince and princess of golden age to rule the kingdom of golden age.

GodFather teaches RajaYoga through Adam-Brahma at the end of iron age.

The most important is to remember GodFather and the inheritance of heaven. The most important is purity, to come to Me. You can attain elevated status being at home. Without purity, you cannot have yoga (remembrance of God).

Government wants to control population. GodFather does population control, asks you to remain pure-virtuous.

You never consume alcohol here, you have to be honest with GodFather. If you made any mistake, it has to be revealed to GodFather; the ghost of anger, vice came to me, slapped me.....

You must not beat, become angry with children. Children are like Mahatmas, you can stop giving food. You must not slap or hurt them, and ask for pardon.

Even in judgement day, souls ask for pardon. You must not speak lies. Your wealth is used to transform Bharat-India into heaven.

If people start college, Dharamsala, they get the reward in next birth. You receive inheritance of heaven from GodFather.

If you remember GodFather, you receive happiness in return.

You have to remain in household like a lotus flower. Even if you don’t have anything to offer, imbibe knowledge, do service through body and mind.

First you must take care of your household, children must not experience sorrow.

Achcha...Vande Mataram, Salam Alaikkum.

Blessing:  May you gain victory over all limitations and become a victorious jewel who experiences the karmateet form!  

The main essence of all four subjects in this study is "unlimited". To remain stable in the form of the word "unlimited" is the first and last effort. First of all, from limitations of the body, you stabilize yourself in the unlimited soul conscious form and die alive. Then, in the end, you go beyond all limited relationships and become an angel. Those who gain victory over all limitations and become stable in the unlimited form and who become unlimited servers are the ones who become victorious jewels and experience the final kamateet form.

Slogan:  When you have the intention to change yourself, you will continue to receive success in the gathering.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

When God fulfils the desires of devotees in copper age, He never thinks about His role of Teacher in iron age.

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Sweet Children,

People call out for GodFather and now He is present with you children. GodFather teaches Rajayoga to give you happiness.

God teaches you Rajayoga to transform you into deities-virtuous human beings. Human-beings cannot transform others into deities.

GodFather establishes heaven-golden age where deities live.

GodFather had to appear on earth to transform the vicious into virtuous.

You children understand about the history and geography of this world.

Deities who live in subtle world do not have any history and geography, they interact with movements. You also understand about the soul world.

Other religions (branches) than ancient deity religion cannot be called as a tree. The human world tree appears from the Seed (God) and the trunk of ancient deity religion.

You children are trikaldarshi, trilokinath who knows past, present and future, knows about 3 worlds. Deities of golden age are not trikaldarshi and triloknath but only you children who listen to GodFather at this confluence age.

There are many new ones who leave this study without proper understanding.

People think Dwapar age (copper age) had gone inside sea, like people say Sun go into the sea during Sunset (out of ignorance).

Now, you children become more elevated and receive unlimited happiness at this time of sorrow (iron age).

People call religious gathering as Satsang. (real satsang is to be present with GodFather).

You children know that you receive unlimited happiness through father of humankind Adam-Brahma and world mother Saraswati, through GodFather (who can be called as grandfather).

People have defamed GodFather saying God is present in stones and dust. You children have loving intellect only towards one GodFather.

In this whole creation, there are none who are most lucky than you children.

God is very very sweet. Souls defame God by becoming vicious. Now, the Amarnath (Eternal God) speaks the Eternal story (Amarkatha) to you children.

Children those who become master of the world never wash feet of GodFather (like they do in satsangs).

Destruction had taken place earlier and it happens in every world cycle. You children will become resident of golden age, you have to check if any vice exist within.

GodFather is the Ocean of knowledge, When He fulfils the desires of devotees in copper age, the thought of coming on earth, establishing heaven on earth never appears but remain merged within GodFather.

God transforms the thorns (of iron age) into flowers (of golden age). You must check how long you remain in remembrance of GodFather.

The more you remain in remembrance, that much your sins will be removed. At this time, the whole world is the kingdom of Ravan (Satan)-vices. Now, you must consider yourself as soul to remember GodFather, and attain happiness.

GodFather is the resident of soul world, I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to explain knowledge to you children. Unless you become virtuous-pure, you cannot come back to Me.

Now, I purify the souls of bondages, of so many births.

Sanyasis remember the Brahm element, but you must remember the One who liberates all souls (including sanyasis).

You have the aim object to become deities of golden age. The creations (sanyasis) cannot give inheritance to others but only One GodFather.

Liberation is Peaceful soul world and Liberation in life is the golden age. Souls have to become pure-virtuous certainly.

People have destructive intellect at the time of destruction and you children have divine loving intellect to become victorious (over vices) at the end of this world cycle.

People never know about the occupation of deities (Brahma,Vishnu and Shankar) of subtle world.They never appear in golden age.

Check yourselves how long you remember GodFather in a day.


Blessing:  May you be a great and elevated soul who, with the method of unbroken yoga, becomes one who is constantly worshipped!  

Nowadays, souls who are said to be great have names such as "Akhandanand" (unbroken bliss). However, it is you are who are the ”akhand” (unbroken) forms in everything. You are unbroken in your bliss and in your happiness. Simply make sure you are not influenced by bad company. While seeing and hearing about the weaknesses of others, have a "don't care" attitude and with this speciality you will become an akhand yogi. Those who are akhand yogis become worthy of worship in an akhand way. You are such great souls that you yourselves remain in a worthy of worship form for half the cycle and your non-living images are then worshipped for half the cycle.

Slogan:  A divine intellect is the basis of the power of silence.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Opportunity to reveal BapDada

Now, it is the right time for Brahmakumaris Institution to join hands with AAP, to impart spiritual values in society.

The root cause of all evils is the degeneration of spiritual values in society not just corruption.

Since AAP has taken the initial step in the name of eradicating corruption, Now, Brahmakumaris can give him full support and guide him how Brahmakumaris can help him to create a value based society by introducing BKs in to politics as part of AAP.

In what ways these spiritual values to be incorporated in society.

It should start from home like:

1. Children take care of parents
2. Parents take care of children
3. Parents cooperate with children by knowing about their simple desires and wishes instead of forcing them to become part of the rat race
4. Give values more important than money
5. Let relationship become more important than fighting to dominate
6. Let living a life be simple than just accumulating money and wealth
7. Live a contented life giving importance to relationships than comparing life with others

Then in organizations:

1. There should be co-operation amongst colleagues than having a wide difference of boss and colleague
2. The salary structure should be according to the requirements one has in need rather than depending upon their education
3. Gandhiji and Vinoba Bhave showed with example how an organization can run on paying salary equally for all irrespective of whatever work they do, but at the same time giving importance to individual actual needs.

In society:
1. People must live a life based on satisfaction rather than live an extravagant life for the sake of maintaining status quo.
2. People support each other like even nowadays there are community like Jains who help each other and live a life together

In business:
1. The faith,truth and values become more important than documents and legal instructions.

Those who support this idea, please send an email to ashish@soulchemy.org which can be forwarded to the Institution and also kindly mention if they are willing to contest in election for Baba's party along with AAP

Thursday, 26 December 2013

May you be a yogi soul to reveal power of your mind through happiness of your face.

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Sweet Children,

Children praise the unlimited GodFather, knows He is making you master of the golden age. GodFather is known as knowledge-full who gives knowledge to you children.

Mamma-world mother is known as goddess of knowledge. Children receive knowledge through Adam-Brahma.

There will be only one world mother known as Saraswati at this time becomes Sri Lakshmi – goddess of wealth in golden age by God’s knowledge. GodFather gives knowledge about the world cycle.

GodFather’s children become master God.

GodFather who speaks knowledge of RajaYoga is known as God of the Gita.

Knowledge is the source of income. You earn a true income by right spiritual effort. If your company is not good, you cannot continue study and hence you fail at the end.

Without study, people are called ignorant ones, those who study are called clever.

Those who never study remain vicious and fail in the exam.

Maya-Satan influences children, you must follow the direction of GodFather not come under the influence of Ravan-Satan.

The intellect must have yoga with God, the features must also be royal. You have to win over the five vices by God’s direction.

World Mother is only one known as Saraswati with sitar. She also learns RajaYoga at this time.

You receive health, wealth and happiness through this RajaYoga.

It is said in scriptures, Sri Krishna received insults which cannot happen in reality. In fact God is insulted more, then it is Adam-Brahma who gets insulted.

All religious followers know about their religious founder but not those who follow deity religion ( God is the one who establishes the ancient deity religion which existed during golden and silver ages)

Each religion exists for half of the world cycle and even deity religion.

Many have body consciousness and remember bodily relations (by not looking at self and others as souls). If you remember bodily relations, you cannot remember the GodFather who does not have a body (known as Supreme Soul).

If people don’t understand knowledge, they keep insulting.

GodFather does selfless service, He benefits the ones even those who insult Him. God is defamed a lot by saying God is omnipresent.

Lot of obstacles happen in this Godly service.

Now the sun and moon dynasty are being established. Since God has come, you must receive complete inheritance from GodFather. You must not do disservice, not come under the influence of name and form.

Even the strong ones are affected by the storm of maya. You must not hide anything from the Eternal Surgeon. If you hide, you degrade more. If you ask for forgiveness, you will stop repeating mistakes and stop losing your income in every world cycle.

Now, the kingdom is being established like it happened in every world cycle.

Explain to people about Highest on High GodFather and about the three deities. Adam-Prajapita Brahma is the Child of GodFather, top amongst the three deities.

You receive Godly direction, through Adam-Brahma to rule the golden age-heaven, in the form of RajaYoga.

In fact, all human beings are souls without body, reside in soul world.

Religious followers do not know what they are going to attain at the end, they just follow in blind faith. Neither they follow their Guru nor they become like them.


Blessing:  May you be a yogi soul and grant a vision of the power of your mind through the mirror of your face!   

A view of whatever is on your mind definitely appears on your forehead. Do not think that you have a lot in your mind. However, the mirror of the power of the mind is your face. No matter how much you say that your yoga is very good or that you constantly dance in happiness, no one who sees your unhappy face, would believe you. The sparkle of the happiness of having attained everything should be visible on your face. Your face should not appear to be dry, but it should be filled with happiness for only then would you be said to be a yogi soul.

Slogan:  When you have an easy nature, you will speak simple words and your deeds will be filled with simplicity and you will then be able to glorify the Father's name.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

To remain constantly happy and to spread waves of happiness in everyone is elevated service.

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Sweet Children,

The Gita is the mother of all scripture. Mamma is the world mother. GodFather is known as mother and father. Adam-Brahma is not worshipped a lot, only one temple was built in Ajmer.

People who are fortunate feel, it is the mercy of saints and sages. In fact only God shows mercy to all. Saints help the world by their power of purity. But only GodFather is the benefactor.

I have come to relieve you from diseases and sorrows. I am known as the Creator of the world, in fact I create the heaven where sorrow never exists.

This world drama is about the game of victory and defeat, sorrow and happiness, based on Bharat-India.

GodFather makes you the master of the world in golden age where deities – virtuous human beings live.

No one knows about the world Mother. Devotees do not know about the deities whom they worship. You must explain about the history of deities to the devotees.

You children belong to Adam-Brahma. You children can do a lot of service, you have to become free from attachment. You have to remain pure and do service to transform this world into heaven. Souls accumulate stains after marriage (if they don’t lead a celibate life).

At the end, there will be a lot of violence, vices are the greatest enemy.

GodFather appears only in Bharat, at the end of iron age - darkness of ignorance.

You children have to do service, those are awake can make others awake. Those who are free from maya-vices can do service.

In golden age, you never perform service, (everyone will be complete with wealth of knowledge).

God is the Lord of the Lords. GodFather is also the Lord of the Lord Krishna.

In the beginning, you used to have trance visions, which will happen even at the end, to entertain you.

Night Class:  8.4.1968

Now, you are in Godly mission.

You have to do service with lot of cleverness. You have to liberate the souls, God will take every soul back home – soul world.

God is only One who appears only at the end of iron age.

Now, God has come to make you worship-worthy. Deities exist only in golden age. They are most elevated and hence they are worshipped even now in this iron age.

People of the world don’t know that you are becoming the master of the world.

You have to remember GodFather with lot of love, He makes you the master of the world, Then you also have to imbibe divine virtues.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

May you be a great soul who remains stable on the seat of authority and experiences the life of an easy yogi!   

Just as you easily take the seat of a speaker, similarly, now take the seat of the authority of all experience. Remain constantly stable on the seat of authority and you will become an easy, constant and natural yogi. Those who have such authority will make Maya bow down and will not bow down to Maya, like those with limited authority all bow down to special people. The greatness of authority makes everyone bow down. Similarly, when you great souls stay in the authority of experience, everyone will bow down to you.

Slogan: To remain constantly happy, to share the treasures of happiness and to spread waves of happiness in everyone is elevated service.