Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!

Essence: Sweet children, remove your defects and have a clean heart. Imbibe the virtues of honesty and purity and you will continue to receive success in service.
Question: How and when will you children reach your karmateet (free from bondage of actions) stage?
Answer: When all the preparations for war are fully completed, all of you will reach your karmateet stage, numberwise. The race is now going on. In order to become karmateet, your intellects have to be removed from the old world. You mustn't remember anyone except Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) from whom you receive an inheritance for 21 births. Become completely pure.
Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!
Sweet children,
When children receive the unlimited GodFather and children had identified GodFather, they must remain in unlimited happiness. Now, you live in the world of Ravan-vices. The Dilwada temple at Mount Abu has the memorial of first man and woman along with you children showing in remembrance of God.
You can explain about Godly knowledge to the Temple priests and devotees. By honesty and purity you can serve others in a better way. Now, this world human tree has become very old, God teaches you unlimited renunciation. The transformation has to take place certainly and hence remember the GodFather and the inheritance of golden age.
Unless you develop faith about God and soul, people cannot understand this knowledge. Like soul appears in a body, the Supreme Soul appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge. The whole world is vicious now and hence according to the world drama, I appear in this world to make it virtuous, give liberation and liberation in life to the children.
God Father is also known as Liberator and Guide. God takes all souls back to soul world. He shows the path to soul world and golden age. You children were worship-worthy have become worshippers at this time. God is teaching you at this time, establishes the heaven through the body of Adam-Brahma.
Adam-Brahma is also known as the mother of world mother Eve-Saraswathi. God is praised as Mother and Father because the bodiless father appears in the body of Brahma to serve as Mother to create-adopt you children by means of knowledge.
God also remains a friend, relative. God adopts all of you children through Adam-Brahma. God is known as Ustaad who teaches you, not Sri Krishna. Brahma is shyam (ugly) at this time to become sundar (beautiful) in golden age.
Beloved remembers only one loved one. Likewise your intellect must remember only One GodFather. Children, if you become pure-virtuous, you will become the master of the world.
There are students who leave this study of becoming beautiful, affected by the storm of vices. You promise to GodFather that we will become worthy of the throne by elevated spiritual effort. Your features-activity has to be very royal. Many souls would come to receive this Godly knowledge. You children must have unlimited happiness.
All study centres have to be very close to temples. Saraswathi is known as goddess of knowledge. Every action is destined in this world drama. God takes different forms (Father, Teacher and Guide) to serve you children and you children must also serve souls in different ways and forms. You have to serve in temples.
If you have even a little body consciousness, you find difficult to do service.
Essence for dharna:
1. After belonging to the Father, don't be influenced by Maya. Make effort to become karmateet. You mustn't become an atheist by forgetting the Father.
2. Let your intellect have unlimited renunciation. Stay in unlimited happiness and serve with a broad intellect.
Blessing: May you be a special soul who experiences spiritual pleasure by being ever ready for every test.
The confluence age is the age to stay in spiritual pleasure. Therefore, constantly stay in pleasure and never become confused. If there is confusion for even a little while in any situation or any test, and if that moment happens to be the final moment, what would then be your destination in those final moments? Therefore, constantly remain ever ready. No problem should become an obstacle to your becoming perfect. Always have the awareness that you are the most valuable of all, a special soul and that your every thought, word and deed should be special. Not a second should be wasted.
Slogan: Continue to accumulate in your account of elevated actions and the account of sinful actions will automatically finish.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

World will become a land of death to become a land of angels.Just surrender yourself to GodFather.

Essence: Sweet children, Bharat that was very wealthy has now become poor. Only the Father makes this poor Bharat wealthy once again.
Question: Who are the most fortunate of you gopes and gopis and how?
Answer: The most fortunate are those who perform the Godly dance of knowledge. They are the ones who will go to the golden age and dance with the princes and princesses. Such fortunate children surrender themselves to the Father completely at this time and say: Baba, I belong to You. Nothing is mine. You make me into a master of heaven and so why would I not surrender myself to You?
Sweet Children,
GodFather gives hope to the children, those who are worshippers of deities. People remember the founder of religions and others remember the deities. At this time all deities are available in this world in physical form.
At this time, the world is of sorrows, which was a heaven five thousand years ago. People in the world remain in darkness of ignorance, are brought to the light of knowledge. God comes and creates unlimited creation.
Deities are worshipped as completely virtuous. Bharat was wealthy when the deities ruled the kingdom, when there was the ancient religion of deities. At this time of confluence age, you children belong to GodFather.
There were no elevated human beings like virtuous deities. GodFather explains to those who belong to the original ancient religion, you children come to Me at the end of every world cycle to receive knowledge.
Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) appears on earth at this confluence age and makes you children belong to Him. Supreme Father is the father of all souls. He is the master of the Brahmand (soul world). He is not the master of the physical world but Father of every soul. I never become master of the New world created by Me, I make the children become master of the physical world. I am the master for creation of new world.
GodFather’s role is to make the children elevated, I make you light, I create the new world through you children, I make you the master of the new world and go into retirement. You are also known as the master of the Brahmand where you live without a body. On earth you rule the kingdom and then you lose it to gain again, in every world cycle.
God says, you children play a hero role in this world drama. The residents of Bharat play the game of ruling the heavenly kingdom and lose them later to gain it once again.  It is said religion is might, which refers to the ancient deity religion.
At this time, there are various religions. I give you this knowledge of Gita by which you get rid of the bondages of sins of so many births. In scriptures, they have mentioned the name of Sri Krishna in place of GodFather. I make you fight the battle against vices to become master of the new world.
Now, you children have to serve the devotees of temples, tell them that the Lakshmi Narayan ruled the kingdom of Bharat 5000years ago. In devotion people make effort to meet God to be saved from sorrows. At the end, at the time of final transformation, people would find difficult to get food. It is said Mumbai is the Queen of India, in fact no one knows the real happiness what you experience in golden age.
Only by knowledge of world cycle, you receive liberation in life. Now, find out how you can explain this knowledge to people. Devotees will be happy to receive this knowledge. You know that the daughter of Adam-Brahma is the World Mother Eve-saraswathi, she will become the No.1 princess in golden age. You know the biography of Adam-Brahma and GodFather.
The most elevated job is of giving knowledge to others. God never rules the kingdom but you children. You children receive the kingdom and you lose it to gain once again. People do not know how many years you ruled the kingdom.
Now, you turn towards the soul world, you leave this old body, go to soul world, to get a new body in golden age. The unlimited GodFather appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge and make you the master of the world. Then I retire to soul world. There will be many who would leave the body by looking at the final transformation. You have to become so strong that you never get disturbed by seeing the transformation-destructions.
God is your spiritual guide takes you to the spiritual land. By remembering GodFather, you would leave the body at the end in a good status. Sometimes a soul takes a body and leaves the body in a day or two to take a new birth.
This Godly knowledge has to be explained even to the Sanyasis by the power of yoga (Godly remembrance) and knowledge. You have to make plans to explain this knowledge to all types of people. You children are known as gope and gopis who listen to this Godly knowledge. Gopi Vallabh is the memorial of GodFather.  This knowledge is the Godly dance of knowledge while you listen to it. In future, you would dance with the deities-virtuous kings and queens, in golden age. You just have to surrender yourself to GodFather.
You listen to this knowledge but many leave the knowledge at a later date. You dance (intellectual happiness) listening to this knowledge, you receive unlimited happiness with this knowledge. This world will become land of death and later it will become the land of angels.
Essence for dharna:
1. Always maintain the intoxication that you are becoming the masters of Brahmand and of the world. You Children will then become deities.
2. Make your stage strong. Don't even be afraid of death. Stay in remembrance of the Father. Imbibe this knowledge and serve others.
Blessing: May you die alive and finish being ordinary by making the sanskars of uniqueness (specialties) your own nature.
When someone has a particular nature, it automatically works by itself. That person does not then need to think or do anything. Let the sanskars of uniqueness become your nature and let it emerge from everyone’s mouth and mind that the nature of this special soul is unique. When you finish performing ordinary actions, you would then be said to have died alive, that you have died from being ordinary and are living an extraordinarily life. Let there be nothing ordinary even in your thoughts.
Slogan: A powerful soul is one who finishes all waste with one method or another.

Monday, 29 October 2012

You children battle against vices and run the race of remembering GodFather.

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Essence: Sweet children, run the race of remembering the Father. If you forget Him, you will be hit by the bomb of Maya.
Question: Which deep and significant aspects of this drama do only you children understand?
Answer: 1. You understand that there are many varieties of actor in this drama and that each one has a separate part. The part and features of one cannot be the same as another’s. There is praise of those who play all-round hero parts, whereas those who play short parts of one or two births are very weak actors.
2. God is not present in every actor and doesn’t dance alone. He is the Director of this unlimited drama. He is not beyond name and form. If He were beyond name and form, the praise they sing of God’s directions being unique would be wrong.
Sweet Children,
God says, I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma during his retirement age (the stage beyond sound). There are the world of peace (soul world) and world of happiness (golden age). At present this world is of sorrows.In golden age, people have peace as well as happiness, they never live in caves and keep silent. In soul world, souls do not have a body, they remain peaceful-silence there. In golden age, there is only one religion. In soul world, only souls reside without body. With body souls cannot remain in silence for a long time. This study is about the world drama.
All souls of the soul world have to come on earth to play their roles numberwise. There are some souls who remain sato,others rajo and tamo in nature. The important role is played by God who is the highest on high. The next can be praised of religious founders. You children know about the world cycle. GodFather comes and gives you the most elevated knowledge. Each soul takes different name and features in different births.
The highest is God Father and there is great great grand father who is known as Adam-Brahma. All creations are created through the first man and women who is known as Adam and Eve. Those who belong to GodFather being a child of God come in golden age as deities.
In this unlimited sacrificial fire of knowledge all this world will be sacrificed.Later for 2500years, there will not be any sacrificial fire. People remember only GodFather but they don’t know about God. People say God’s role is very unique. I transform souls from being vicious into virtuous. In golden age, the sorrows never exist at all. You souls go to golden age and others go to the land of peace. At present since there are sorrows, this world cannot be called as heaven.
In heaven, there is the kingdom of deities – Lakshmi and Narayan. In this old world, people rule the kingdom. The father of human kind never live in subtle world, he lives in physical world who is next to God.
People commit sins from copper age losing their virtues. It takes 5000 years to lose all the virtues. Initially you lived in karachi doing only meditation, being away from the world. Everyone cannot make effort in the same level. This sacrificial fire is known as Rajaswa Aswamedh Rudr Gyan yagya. You battle against the maya-vices and you run the race of remembrance of GodFather.
Those who leave the body has to take rebirth on earth,they never either go to heaven or receive liberation (by going to soul world). When you become pure, you go to the pure-virtuous world. GodFather gives you a lot of methods to become virtuous. At this time, you make a promise to remain pure- virtuous.
Essence for dharna:
1. Create your own methods to make yourself pure. Promise that you will remain pure and thereby claim a kingdom for 21 births.
2. In order to become the most elevated, have an exchange with only those who are elevated. Stay in Baba’s company and remain fearless.
Blessing: May you constantly be a detached observer and simply use the facilities for the sake of it instead of making them your support.
While moving along, some children leave aside the Seed and become attracted by the branches and stems. Some make other souls their support whereas others make some facilities their supports because the colour and form of the Seed is not attractive but the forms and colours of the branches and stems are very beautiful. Maya transforms the intellect to such an extent that even false supports are experienced as real and this is why you have to increase the experience of the Father’s company in the corporeal form and also the stage of a detached observer. Do not make the facilities your support. Simply use them in name.
Slogan: Maintain your spiritual honour and you won’t have any feeling of ego.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Love for God makes you content with all attainments,self respect and free from attractions.

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Essence: Sweet children, at this time, God Himself is present in front of you. He has come with the gift of Paradise. Therefore, stay in limitless happiness.
Question: What blessings does the Father give His children?
Answer: To make the children as knowledge-full as He is Himself, is His blessing, and on the basis of this knowledge, you change from an ordinary human into Shri Narayan. Baba says: Children, I give you the teachings of Raja Yoga and make you into the kings of kings. No one apart from Me can give you such blessings.
Song: Embrace me and hold me, my Beloved!
Sweet Children,
This song is for the whole world. Souls of the world experience sorrow at this time and cry out for God. Every soul feels that God make them belong to Him. When you make a promise, it is asked to consider God is present within and with out. Certainly God would have been present on earth at some point of time. There is also celebration of Birthday of Shiv (Benefactor).
Somnath temple is built in remembrance of GodFather but no one knows about God. Scriptures have been made in memorial of God’s actions. At this time, God is present here at this time.He is knowledge-full, Blissful. He gives knowledge which is His blessing. With this knowledge, you become a deity from ordinary humanbeing.
God says, I teach you to become King of all kings by this RajaYog. In golden age, there cannot be only one king, there will be kings ruling different parts of the kingdom. I have come now in person once again to give you the kingdom of golden age. I am present in front of you children. When I come from such a far distant land, certainly I would bring a gift for all of you children.
I am the father of all souls who remembers Me. I bring such a gift that no human being can bring, I bring the inheritance of heaven for you children where each of the being remain a fragrant flower. There is a wide difference between the body of this iron age and body of the golden age. With this knowledge, God makes you a virtuous deity from vicious humanbeing.
5000years before, this Bharat was a land of Indra where the body and elements remained pure. Now, God serves you completely and makes you elevated. God does not have a Father or Teacher. But for you children God plays the role of Father, Teacher and the Supreme Guide. No one in this world know about God’s occupation.
Unless you know about the golden age, you cannot know that you are in hell at this iron age. Now, God has come to make the ugly into beautiful ones. Now, the Sun of knowledge creates the Moon of knowledge. In golden age, everyone lives in family path unlike Sanyasis who leave the household. You children remain pure living in the household protecting yourself by the sword of knowledge. There will be obstacles in remaining pure-virtuous especially to the one in whom I appear.
If you learn Rajayoga, you will become virtuous deities from vicious human beings. You will not fail by following this Godly path. Souls who are virtuous – 16 celestial degree virtuous come in golden age, later they come in silver age with 14 celestial degree virtuous. The golden age Queen and King Lakshmi Narayan hand over the kingdom to the Silver age king and queen Ram Sita.
God is the Father and Mother. There is also father Adam-Brahma and mother Eve-Saraswathi.  In fact Eve- Saraswathi is the daughter of Adam-Brahma at this time. Even Adam-Brahma can be considered as mother and the God can be considered as the Father.
God is your Father, Teacher and Guide, teaches you through the body of Adam-Brahma. You call out God as your Father and Mother. Adam-Brahma is also known as your mother. Saraswathi is also known as the goddess of knowledge.
Manmanabhav – just remember GodFather and the inheritance of heaven. There will be many souls who will serve the rulers of the godlen and silver ages. Even the servants (sanskars of all souls) of golden and silver ages are created at this time of confluence age. Golden age is known as Ashok Vatika ( Garden free of sorrows). Now, you live in shok vatika (world of sorrows).
When the final battle begins, the gateway of heaven will be opened up. The master (God) is content with the honest heart. Those who are mischievous keep creating obstacles. In scriptures, they have defamed SriKrishna a lot. Now, GodFather is present in front of you children. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma. I appear in the vicious body of Adam-Brahma. Adam-Brahma is present in the darkness of iron age and he will become vishnu (virtuous deity) in the lightness of golden age.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to please the true Lord, have a very honest heart. Don't create obstacles.
2. In order to experience happiness, let your yoga be accurate. By spinning the discus of self-realisation, have your sins absolved.
Blessing: May you be content, complete with all attainments and remain constantly merged in love for the one Father.
The children who remain constantly merged in love for the one Father can never be separated from the Father and the Father can never be separated from the children. In return for the Father’s love, they remain complete with all attainments and content at every moment and this is why they are not attracted by any other type of support. Because souls who are merged in love are full of all attainments, they easily remain in the experience of belonging to the one Father and none other. For souls who are merged, the one Father is their whole world.
Slogan: Instead of running after limited respect and honour, remain in your self-respect, the most elevated honour.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

sanskars are in harmony with each other when you are deeply absorbed in love for the GodFather.

28/10/12                          Madhuban Avyakt BapDada                                                         30/09/75

Essence: The specialities of the elevated souls who play special roles throughout the world cycle.

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Points to Churn from the Murli of October 28, 2012
Praise of Baba:
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father)  is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father...Magnet...

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the great souls,  playing special parts, performing special tasks, have special virtues, special positions or status, and, with every thought enable others in  connection and relationship to have special attainments to make them great...we are the special and the most elevated souls  who constantly have a star of fortune shining in the middle of our foreheads...
By constantly keeping the specialties of the entire cycle in our awareness, we constantly perform the unique spiritual dance with enthusiasm... by being the lamps that are constantly ignited, and with harmonious sanskars, we make night into day...we are the most fortunate, multi million times fortunate gopes and gopis dancing in unity and harmonized rhythm on the day of the full moon...
With the sun of being satopradhan rising in our lives and by being absorbed in the love for the Father, we make Maya being hand-in-hand and dancing in unity we harmonize our natures, sanskars, virtues and services... we are the beads in the rosary of victory who make a circle (that is a cycle) of a gathering of love and co-operation and surround the fortress of maya and matter in the form of power...
2.    By merging in the Supreme Soul with deep love, we, the incorporeal souls, become combined and become one...we are engaged in racing to have a first number meeting, and with powerful experiences, become the bestowers of blessings in  every thought, give blessings with vision and take others beyond with a glance...we are the truthful, clean and clear hearted transparent Maharathis with the virtues of the Father, who are  with the Father, the Magnet, close to Him, and in the form equal to Him ...
3.    We, the victorious souls, are the master creators who influence the atmosphere with our impact  by remaining stable in the stage of a carefree emperor...we are the pure, clean and humble souls who experience coolness in the shade of happiness...

Blessing: May you be a master creator and influence the atmosphere with your impact by remaining stable in the stage of a carefree emperor.
The Father has such a big family and yet is a carefree Emperor. While knowing everything and seeing everything, He is carefree. Follow the Father in the same way. Make your impact on the atmosphere. The atmosphere should not influence you because the atmosphere is the creation and you are a master creator. The creator should influence the creation. Whenever any situation arises, then remember: I am a victorious soul. By doing so, you will constantly remain carefree and not be afraid.

Slogan: Experience coolness in the shade of happiness and you will remain pure, clean and humble.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Now you transform your monkey-like(attached to all)attitude to divine-like to be worshipped in temples.

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Sweet Children,
The soul has the mind and intellect, hence soul is called as manva. The Supreme God remains very simple. You children are present in front of GodFather.  Souls know that Supreme bodiless God is our Father.
God gives His own introduction: I am the Supreme Soul, I am the Father of all souls who reside in the land of peace-soul world. I gather all souls at the end. If God is not there, there cannot be even Adam-Brahma. There is no difference between you soul and Supreme Soul. Even you get divine visions of Supreme Soul, the point of light. If people say God is so bright who cannot be seen, it is not true. I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma, at the middle of his forehead to give you knowledge.
Every soul has their role of maximum 84births recorded within them. Soul and Supreme Soul look alike but by saying God is Supreme Soul, people get confused. Souls are known as charitable and sinful soul. Supreme soul cannot be called either as charitable or sinful soul. I come only once to transform the vicious souls into pure souls.
People call God, to purify them, not Sri Krishna. God comes from a place supremely beyond and hence God is known as Supreme Soul. God explains this knowledge through Adam-Brahma: Children become soul conscious.
At this time everyone has become vicious in nature, My job is to transform the vicious souls into virtuous souls.I come at the end of iron age, once in every world cycle to establish the religions of golden, silver and confluence age.
Now, you belong to Godly family to become a family of deities. You must remember the GodFather to get rid of sins, spin the discus of self realization to become every healthy and ever wealthy. You must make effort to remember Godfather. Keep a chart to check how long you remember GodFather with love, to experience the super sensuous happiness (bliss).
GodFather has the same image like souls. This world human tree is an inverted tree where the Seed (GodFather) is at the top. Even the souls come from Soul world one by one. Now, God has come to liberate you from the world of vices. I benefit the whole world. There is lot of praise of God in Granth, but no one knows the real meaning although they consider themselves more religious minded. In reality at this time every one belongs to the ravan-vicious nature.
God is so sweet, takes you soul to heaven. The more you remember GodFather, you will be intoxicated and experience bliss. God says, I speak to souls, why not you follow My direction? God asks, why do you become weak in nature? When you receive Godly direction, why do you have to follow the demoniac direction?
God gives power to you souls to wage battle against the maya-vices.God explains you the essence of all scriptures. Whatever knowledge you receive at this time never continues later, it comes to an end. God says, follow My direction, become soul conscious. Sanyasis never ask you to become bodiless and rest your mind on GodFather. Every soul belongs to Me, I have come to take every soul back home. Only you children listen to Me directly.
God is like a star, the images representing God is not right. You take rebirths, I never come into birth and death, only then I can liberate you souls. God is known as Purifier. The world will not be covered with water. I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to purify the souls, to make them come in Sun dynasty.
Now you transform your monkey-like (attached to all)attitude to divine-like to be worshipped in temples. God sits at the middle of the forehead of Adam-Brahma and teaches you this knowledge. God makes you spin the discus of self realization to destroy the sins of so many births. Whenever you become free, like a tortoise sit quiet and churn the discus of self realization. Become pure-virtuous in this final birth. Make effort to become virtuous, don’t remember the body and bodily relations.
Consider yourself as a soul and remember the GodFather to become virtuous. In golden age you become a fragrant flower. Remain in the household but follow the Godly direction. Do not fall in vice.
Murli 2:
The God who lives beyond say to the souls who live on earth: Become free from attachment. I give you unlimited happiness. I am the Saccharine to give you happiness. All your relations give only sorrow. You have to forget this vicious world.
At this time, people feel that they are in heaven even with a little wealth. If some loss happens, they keep worrying. In golden age, accidents never take place, people never worry or cry over there. You remain happy in golden age. I come on earth for the poor who live in iron age. I am the most wealthiest and hence I never give it to rich ones but to the poor ones.
This study centre is known as the land of Indra, only the pure swans come here not the ones who remain vicious.
Murli 3:
Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual warriors. You have received very big bombs of knowledge with which you have to conquer Maya, the enemy.
Question: By understanding which secret have you become carefree emperors?
Answer: By understanding the secret of the whole drama, you have become carefree emperors. You know that you are now settling your old karmic accounts and filling your aprons with knowledge and yoga for 21 births. You are Shiv Baba’s (Benefactor GodFather’s) grandchildren and the children of Adam-Brahma Baba. So, what is there for you to worry about?
Song: Having awakened my fortune, I have come.
Essence for dharna:
1. Listen to the murli at amrit vela and then repeat the points. Definitely take notes from the murli. In order to remain happy, do the service of making others equal to yourself.
2. In order to climb Father Adam’s - Brahma’s heart, become powerful in knowledge and yoga. Pass with number one and claim a scholarship.
Blessing: May you remain constantly happy with the awareness of your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune and share that happiness and thereby become an easy yogi.
The confluence age is the age of happiness and the age of pleasure, and so constantly remain in pleasure and continue to share that happiness. Always remember your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune. The awareness that you have found the Father and so found everything will make you an easy yogi. People of the world say that you cannot find God without suffering, whereas you say that you have found the Father while sitting at home, that you have found what you never even thought of. You have found the Ocean of Happiness. Constantly stay in this happiness. This is easy yoga.
Slogan: Those who do everything with cleanliness and in the right way are true and real children of God.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

If you have anger and body consciousness, you give pain to others.

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Essence: Sweet children, continue to make effort for your own progress. Donate the jewels of knowledge and become instruments to bring constant benefit to yourselves and others.
Question: Which virtue is it necessary to have for doing God’s service? Which thoughts should children who do service not have?
Answer: In doing God’s service, you need to have a very sweet nature. If you become angry and show someone a stern eye, it damages many people. Serviceable children should not have the slightest arrogance or anger. These vices become a very big obstacle. Then, Maya enters and makes some children have doubts in their intellects. In order to do God’s service, don’t have the thought: I should leave my job and do this service. If you do leave your job and then don't even do service, the burden of that will increase.
Song: Salutations to Shiva…
Sweet Children,
The devotees worship Shiv saying Omnamashivaya. You call GodFather as Mother and Father. You know that Shiv Baba, the bodiless Benefactor is teaching you in a physical form. God teaches you Easy Rajayoga and Knowledge.
The True ShivPuraan is this Gita of Godly knowledge. You have to explain this knowledge to others. People create book on biography and teachings of the religious founders. God is the only One who has created the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita but people say it is the teachings of Sri Krishna. In fact Sri Krishna is not the Purifier but GodFather.
The ancient deity religion of golden age is established by God Himself. It is the duty of you children to perform spiritual service. You must have lot of happiness. When you receive unlimited wealth of knowledge, you must share it with others.
God comes and gives the reward of liberation and liberation in life. Sri Krishna is not known as the liberator of souls but GodFather. Sri Krishna is not known as Supreme but GodFather is known as Supreme Soul Supreme Father.
You children must give proper introduction of GodFather. God is the Purifier, Ocean of knowledge. You can explain in the temples of Lakshmi Narayan and Radhe Krishna. Children have to make spiritual effort for their own sake. You must have interest to receive elevated status from GodFather. God benefits every soul and so you must also benefit every soul.
God says, I never give sorrow to anyone but the vices-Ravan. This you must explain to everyone. If you don’t share knowledge with others, you don’t help yourself and benefit others. You listen to the knowledge and forget when you go home. If you don’t share with others, you never remain a child of God. You must make human beings into deities.
GodFather says, I am a Benefactor, and you must also benefit others. The world drama also benefits every soul. You children must ask yourself, how much you have benefitted others. Very few do service to others, others spend all their time for their job. If you don’t do service, what you would attain in future?
Children become a guide for others and they are at different levels. Those who never benefit others, what elevated status they would attain? You can share it with others when you have enough knowledge and strength.
The soul appears in a small body in the mother’s womb. There are other souls who keep wandering because they don’t have a body. They take a form of a shade, they come and go. You need not have to go deep into this. If you go deep into this, you would forget GodFather. You must remember GodFather, have to forget the body and bodily relations (looking at everyone as a soul). Manmanabhav – you have to remain in the pilgrimage of remembrance, have to rest your mind on GodFather to get rid of your sinful actions.
Sri Krishna cannot be a guide but GodFather. You children have to make spiritual effort, must have interest in doing service. By listening to God directly, children receive a lot of happiness.
Those children who revel in the love of God have to go home by home to give this Godly knowledge. No one must blame you that you did not tell them about GodFather. You must move forward, benefit every soul. If you make effort for yourself, you can help others.
There are different ways to do service, the leaflets are to be printed in all languages, children must have unlimited intellect. It is not that you leave your job and don’t do even Godly service, then you will incur bondages of sins.
Children have lot of anger within them. Even good children feel that others don’t listen to them, you must not speak these words. If you have anger and body consciousness, you give pain to others. GodFather takes lot of care for their children.
There are many who become doubtful about this knowledge and leave this study. There is war against the vices, people blame a lot and they show it in scriptures about Sri Krishna. You children must win over the lust to be victorious.
God is the wonderful Father, you must give introduction of GodFather, receive inheritance from GodFather. If you don’t imbibe virtues, it is also an obstacle. When you receive inheritance from God, you must have some interest in doing Godly service. If you don’t do service, you don’t attain elevated status.
People have forgotten about God and His knowledge. God’s direction is: Children must not have anger within them. You have to churn knowledge and then have to share it with others. You can give this knowledge to others in an incognito way and indirectly.
Even if people never understand when you explain this knowledge, they will remember about it at the end.
Essence for dharna:
1. Have a lot of interest in doing service to benefit yourself. Don't become tired and sit down. You definitely have to do the service of changing human beings into deities.
2. Don't perform any such actions that would cause anyone to report you or that would cause concern to the Mother and Father. Under no circumstances must you become an obstacle.
Blessing: May you be a conqueror of attachment and transform all the consciousness of “mine” into “Yours” and attain your elevated destination.
Where there is the consciousness of “mine” there is upheaval. “My creation, my shop, my money, my house…” Even if you keep a little bit of this consciousness of “mine” aside, you will not be able to reach your destination. In order to reach your elevated destination, transform “mine” into “Yours”: not limited “mine”, but unlimited “mine”. That is, “my Baba”. With the awareness of Baba and with the knowledge of the drama, you will have an unshakeable and immovable stage of “nothing new” and become a conqueror of attachment.
Slogan: Be a true server and continue to do altruistic service and you will automatically receive the fruit of service.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father)is the Saccharine,makes every soul sweetest like Him.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to save you from all types of choking. You are now going from this cottage of sorrow to the cottage that is free from sorrow. You are going across this river of poison.
Question: When sitting in remembrance, what is it that causes obstacles and what doesn't cause obstacles?
Answer: When you sit in remembrance, sounds and noise don’t create obstacles. Those are obstacles in knowledge. However, Maya definitely creates obstacles in remembrance. It is at the time of remembrance that Maya causes obstacles. She brings many types of thoughts and sinful thoughts. This is why Baba says: Children, remain cautious! Don't allow yourself to be punched by Maya. Remember with a lot of love Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) who gives you infinite happiness and who is the Saccharine of all relationships. Run fast in remembrance.
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off.
Sweet Children,
You Sweet Children are in pilgrimage of remembrance. This pilgrimage is so wonderful, you go to the soul world of peace by your intellect. There is the story of Satyavan and Savitri about faith, self confidence and determination. People don’t know that their enemy is the Ravan-the five vices. God comes and liberates you from these vices and takes you to the world of heaven.
The wings of souls have been broken and could not fly. God comes and gives you the wings to fly. You receive the pull of pilgrimage of remembrance.
God gives you the nectar of knowledge by which you receive liberation in life. Scriptures cannot be called as nectar of knowledge. By scriptures, heaven cannot be established and you never receive liberation in life. By this knowledge you receive 100% liberation in life and hence this knowledge is known as the nectar of knowledge not any scriptures.
You know that God is the One who shows mercy to every soul. God is known as Sri Sri because He creates the Sri Ram, SriSita, Sri Krishna. Along with GodFather, there is also the Supreme Judge who never pardons. God, His knowledge and the directions are incognito. Human beings cannot give you this knowledge.
The Father of humankind (Adam-Brahma) has to exist at this time on earth not in subtle world. The old world of sorrows has to be transformed, the sapling for the new world is planted at this time. God is praised as Mother and Father but no one knows how. At this time, in practical, God plays the role of Mother and Father, and during devotion, He is praised as Father and Mother.
Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is the Saccharine. Human beings give sorrows due to vices (of body consciousness). I give you the elevated direction: Children, the more you remain in pilgrimage of remembrance, remember the individual roles in this world cycle (spin the discus of self-realization), remain like a lotus flower (being pure-virtuous, living in household), that much you will achieve an elevated status.
You receive third eye of knowledge at this time. The soul has everything in the intellect. The body of Adam-Brahma is a mahal (palace) for the God to appear in him. Soul is like a rocket, can reach anywhere in a second.
The God has the role of giving divine visions, fulfil wishes of devotees during copper and iron age. I give knowledge, make the souls pure and I make you the master (child) God at this time of confluence age. Those who made effort in every world cycle, will do it again. You had come to Me earlier and have come once again to the Mother and Father. Adam – Brahma is My wife. God has come to connect every soul with GodFather.
You transform from ugly to beautiful. You children are the student of God, who purifies the souls. In this school, you have to make effort to become virtuous. In other satsangs, no one asks you to remain pure-virtuous.
Your pilgrimage is towards the temple of God (heaven) through the land of God (Soul world).
Achcha. In remembrance, there can not be the obstacle of sound but in knowledge. In remembrance, there is obstacle of maya (waste thoughts).
Essence for dharna:
1. Adopt all the ornaments of knowledge and become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation, trinetri and trikaldarshi, that is, become a master god.
2. Keeping the Father's right hand, Dharamraj, in your awareness, don't perform sinful actions. Having made a promise to become pure, don't indulge in vice.
Blessing: May you have an imperishable tilak and make your stage elevated by knowing the importance of your awareness.
On the path of devotion, a tilak has great importance. When a kingdom is handed to someone, a tilak is applied. The sign of being wed and the sign of fortune are also tilaks. On the path of knowledge, the tilak of awareness has huge importance. As your awareness, so your stage. If your awareness is elevated, your stage will also be elevated and this is why BapDada has given you children the tilak of three types of awareness: the awareness of the self, the awareness of the Father and the awareness of the drama for performing elevated actions. The stage of those who apply the imperishable tilak of these three types of awareness at amrit vela remains constantly elevated.
Slogan: Constantly continue to think about everything being good and everything will become good.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Soul connects to the GodFather when you consider yourself bodiless,a soul.

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Essence: Sweet children, make effort to remove from the quicksand human beings who have forgotten the Father and become trapped in that. Churn the ocean of knowledge and give everyone the Father’s true introduction.
Question: Which religion does the Gita scripture belong to? What significant things are to be understood from this?
Answer: The Gita scripture is the scripture of the Brahmin (children of God) deity religion. It is said: Salutations to the children of God who become deities. You wouldn’t call it just the scripture of the deity religion because deities don't have this knowledge. Children of God listen to the knowledge of the Gita and become deities and it is therefore the scripture of both the Brahmins (Children of God) and the deities. It is not said to be a scripture of the Hindu religion. These things have to be understood very clearly. Incorporeal Shiv (Benefactor) Baba, Himself, and not Shri Krishna, is giving you the knowledge of the Gita.
Song: Neither will He be separated from us nor will our hearts experience sorrow.
Sweet children,
Supreme GodFather teaches the children very well. The Supreme Father has many children unlike any physical Father. People call out for God in the name of Father. The bodiless GodFather is only One, He is the highest on high. He stays in a place where we souls reside.
Father says, you receive inheritance by knowing God as Father not as God. Souls lose their status (liberation) by following the direction of Ravan-vices. By listening to the true Gita, you receive liberation in life.
Deities of golden age never have any scriptures. You children receive the knowledge of the True Gita. The most important is to know about the God of the Gita. People have lost the connection of intellect with GodFather.
You children of this confluence age become the virtuous human beings of golden age. By this sacrificial fire of knowledge, the flame of destruction (of old world of sorrows) is created.
At this time people are full of sorrows, as if they are caught in the quicksand. It is difficult to come out of the quicksand. You have to win over the five vices of body consciousness. Every soul is covered by the deep darkness of ignorance. It is said God comes and gives liberation. Certainly God comes and teaches Rajayoga.
There are only four main religions but now there are many religions. God is known as the Purifier who transforms the vicious souls into virtuous souls. You can explain about this knowledge to others. The destruction by bombs had taken place in every world cycle and it will repeat once again.
Those who come in golden age will understand this knowledge very well. Share this knowledge with the devotees and those who read the Gita. This world is a hell at this time, you the residents of hell at this time will become the residents of heaven – golden age in future.
Night Class:
God is the highest. Souls who come to play different roles on earth take rebirths. Some take one birth and more and others take maximum 84births. No human beings can give liberation to any one other than GodFather.
The world of souls is known as Incorporeal world where the Supreme Soul and the souls reside. I am the highest on high, still I have to come on earth. Every soul cries out for GodFather. Every soul has to take rebirth including the religious founders. All souls are present on earth at this time, souls cannot go back before the end of world cycle.
God comes and gives the knowledge. God is knowledge-full, Blissful, peaceful, ever pure. God purifies every soul at the end and takes every soul back home. Hence He is known as Liberator. At this time every religious founder is present on earth. Very few souls come fresh from soul world.
You children take maximum 84births in this world cycle. At this time, this world is being ruled by the Ravan-vices. You were the master of the virtuous world in golden age.  
God is known as the Eternal Surgeon. The Incorporeal soul world (sweet silence home) cannot be called as heaven. Soul is a tiny point of star. The father of all souls is Supreme Soul who never takes birth. The world cycle duration is 5000years. Now, it is the most elevated confluence age where God Himself comes and makes the soul more elevated.
This is the true satsang – the true company of God.
Essence for dharna:
1. Churn the ocean of knowledge and remove human beings from the quicksand. Awaken those who are sleeping in the sleep of Kumbhakarna.
2. Remove your intellect's yoga from subtle and corporeal bodily beings and remember the one incorporeal Father. Connect the intellect's yoga of everyone to the one Father.
Blessing: May you be a master bestower and fill everyone with infinite treasures by being generous hearted.
You children of the Bestower are master bestowers. To take something from someone and then give is not real giving. If you take something and then give, that is business. Children of the Bestower are generous hearted and continue to give. The treasures are infinite, so give everyone whatever they want and continue to make them full. If someone wants happiness, love or peace, continue to give that. This is an open account, not something of karmic accounts. Everything is open in the court of the Bestower, therefore, give everyone as much as they want. Do not be miserly in this.
Slogan: Make the attitude of your mind so powerful that even anything or anyone bad becomes good.
Essence: Sweet children, the Father is giving you the musk of knowledge. Therefore, you should surrender yourself to such a Father. Follow the mother and Father and serve to make everyone pure.
Question: What are the signs of fortunate children?
Answer: Fortunate children study and teach others very well. They have firm faith in their intellects. They never let go of the Father's hand. While doing their business etc., they also follow this course. They remain very happy. However, even if those who don't have it in their fortune were given a lottery they would lose everything.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord!
Sweet Children,
God is the Innocent lord. People have become so innocent or forgettable that they do not know about their Father and the inheritance what they receive from GodFather.
You children know about GodFather, you make effort to make the souls become soul conscious. The soul has to have faith on the Supreme Father. You children understand that GodFather is teaching you.
You must become either bodiless or soul conscious. It is the soul who listens to everything. If you consider yourself as a body, you cannot remember GodFather. Consider yourself as a soul. GodFather calls the souls as children, not the bodies. All children- souls call the Supreme Soul as their GodFather. Even Adam-Brahma is the child of GodFather.
You must remember GodFather and also about the world cycle. Every soul has their role to play on this world drama. You know about the world cycle, you must churn about this world cycle. You are known as Swadharshanchakradhari – one who churns-spins the discus of self realization (to become aware of roles in world cycle).
The more you make others eligible, you will be known as merciful. You know what effort God is making at this time. If you are aware that you have received GodFather, you must have lot of happiness. You must not depend upon anyone for anything, have to make the most elevated spiritual effort by following the direction of spiritual Supreme Father, by becoming pure-virtuous.
You have to make effort to transform the vicious souls into virtuous souls. The souls who follow other religions come after their founders. They need not be converted to other religion. You have to convert the vicious into virtuous souls by your effort. You children are known as Rup Basant, who spreads good vibrations and speak only knowledge. You are like the GodFather.
There is God and God’s inheritance received through Adam-Brahma which are to be explained to others. People like the pictures (chitr) and you like the bodiless (vichitr). Hence you remember the bodiless GodFather.  God has asked you to become soul conscious. When God comes, certainly He will create the new world.
(You children are the ones who rule the self – Swarajyadikari. You have the spiritual vision. You have the intoxication of divine happiness and silence.) You must remember the GodFather and the inheritance of kingdom of golden age, to go to the virtuous pure world. You know that you are becoming virtuous deities of golden age from an ordinary beggar of iron age.
You become rulers of golden age, there are great kings and small kings, subjects in golden age. You are enlightened by the knowledge at this time. This old world is hell at this time and you will belong to the heaven of golden age like in every world cycle.
In golden age there were lakshmi Narayan and in silver age, there was Ram and Sita. In this world cycle, you know about the cycle of 84births. You also know about the world human tree of various religions.
You know that people are atheists at this time not knowing about GodFather. You remain underground – incognito at this time of confluence age. No one knows about you. God Himself comes and teaches you at this time. God never remains in the body of Adam-Brahma all the time. I appear to make the children fortunate, one who spins the discus of self realization, you must speak this knowledge (identified as conch shell or flute in scriptures) to others.
When children go away from here, you forget about God and knowledge. You must remember GodFather by your intellect even whilst doing all actions, like newly married couple think about each other. Know that you belong to only one GodFather and none else. If you have this faith, you must not leave GodFather at any time, you must have unlimited happiness, not to forget about God while doing your actions.
You receive the biggest fortune, you find the most cleverest ones here, even the most ignorant one. You surrender to God and God surrenders to you children. God comes to teach you the eternal story, the story of truth and the story of third eye of knowledge.
You are the true children of True GodFather, you must not have any alloys within you. If you have any alloys, you never attain the elevated status.
Night Class:
You imbibe virtues and at the same time remove your sins of so many births by the power of remembrance of GodFather, to rule the world from 01.01.01
God makes the children more elevated and says Namaste to the children. There is Sun (God), Moon (Adam-Brahma) and the lucky stars - you children.
This knowledge is wonderful, your soul is wonderful that the little point of soul has the knowledge of the complete world cycle. Although it is destined, GodFather makes every soul do the spiritual effort. Souls attain their status according to their spiritual effort. It takes just a second to attain elevated deity status and it takes 5000years to become a humanbeing.
You children are the multimillion fortunate ones, still you remain ordinary and simple. God is known as the lord of the poor. If you want to do service, open centres, make effort, imbibe divine virtues. Bharat-India is the most poor at this time, it was wealthiest in the golden age. Once again, God is making you virtuous deities. You make lot of effort to make others understand.
You children know about the world clock which would repeat in the same manner in every second. Manmanabhav – rest your mind on GodFather.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become true children of God. Don't have any defect inside you. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and blow the conch shell. While doing your business, also do this course.
2. Become as merciful as the Father and become a stick for the blind. Make the elevated effort of following the mother and Father. Stand on your own feet and don't make anyone your support.
Blessing: May you be knowledge-full and finish all feelings of dislike by becoming a master ocean of love.
Knowledge-full children, that is, gyani souls are master oceans of love for all souls. They have nothing except love. Nowadays, love is even more essential than money. So, become a master ocean of love and uplift those who defame you. Just as the Father has feelings of mercy and benevolence for all children, in the same way, the children who are oceans of forgiveness, merciful and equal to the Father cannot have any feelings of dislike for anyone.
Slogan: To finish all limitations and adopt an unlimited attitude and vision is the basis of unity.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Whatever happens, you must not lose your awareness of elevated roles and stage.

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Essence: Sweet children, wake up early in the morning and practise remembrance of God. Even at meal times, remind one another of the GodFather. By continuing to have remembrance you will pass with honours.
Question: Of which one weakness does the Father receive reports about the children?
Answer: Even now, many children have not yet become embodiments of love. They continue to speak words that cause sorrow for others and this is why the Father receives a report about them. You children have to interact with a lot of love. If you yourselves have defects, that is, evil spirits, how would you remove the evil spirits of others? Therefore, you have to become embodiments of love, like the deities. Remove evil spirits!
Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come…
Sweet Children,
Children sit in remembrance of the Lord of the Poor. It is asked to perform action by hand and remember God by intellect.
You have remembered God for 2500years and now God Himself has come to you in person. You know about the world cycle of 84births. Those who play the role of 84 births will repeat the same role in every world cycle.
You recollect your roles (of complete world cycle) in your awareness through GodFather and this is known as becoming an embodiment of awareness (nasht moha smriti labhda) by which you become free from attachment. The Supreme GodFather says, get rid of this old body consciousness. Now, it is your final birth, very little time is left, you receive the unlimited inheritance from GodFather.
People never know about the deities like Lakshmi Narayan. God is known as the Bhagwaan, Gardener and Boatman. God is also known as Liberator. People remember GodFather. There are many who had made God belonged to them like Adam-Brahma.
Supreme Soul speaks to the souls of the world at this time through the body of Adam-Brahma.  Without body, souls cannot speak to other soul. In soul world Souls never speak to each other. At the right time, each soul comes down to play their different roles. Soul leaves one body and takes another to play roles.
God asks you to get rid of the five vices that exist within. If you offer the vices, your eclipse-ignorance will be removed. If you offer the vices to GodFather and take it back, elevated status cannot be attained.
You have to check if your heart is attached to GodFather, there are bondages of sins of so many births that are to be removed. You must get rid of consciousness of body and bodily relations by intellect and rest your mind on GodFather.
The soul who takes 84births will become aware of their roles to be played. The world cycle repeats. God is known as the Ocean of love and Ocean of knowledge. If you hurt anyone by your words, know that there is the ghost of anger within you. If you have any ghost within, you cannot marry the Lakshmi/Narayan of golden age. If you have any ghost within, you come only in silver age not in golden age. You children must not have any ghost within, you must be very loving towards each other.
If you don’t become an embodiment of love, it is like you have ghost within. You must become embodiment of love like the image of lakshmi and Narayan – deities. You must get rid of the vices by all means, you have to become very loving. If anyone shows anger, you have to throw flowers (remain peaceful) at them to make them calm.
Unless you transform yourself, how can you transform others? One is to remain loving, then, you have to become an embodiment of awareness. Third, you must churn the knowledge, churn the discus of self realization.
Sleep early to wake up early in the morning to remember GodFather. Whilst taking food, see that you remember GodFather. Make others remember GodFather. The Supreme Soul is the Almighty Authority. By remembering GodFather, the vicious sins will be removed. The morning hours are good to remember GodFather.
GodFather says, I have come to take you back home to soul world. You must be very happy. When you have become an embodiment of awareness, you will not fear death. Whatever happens, you must not lose your awareness of elevated roles and stage. The early morning hours is the time to remove the alloys of sins. You study to become the master of the land of Sri Krishna.
Essence for dharna:
1. While carrying on with your business, continue to spin the discus of self-realisation. Remind one another of the Father. No matter how many tests come, you must definitely maintain awareness.
2. After donating the vices, never take them back. Never cause sorrow for anyone. Don't become angry. Remove any evil spirits from within you.
Blessing: May you be free from waste by considering yourself to be an instrument for world benefit and become equal to the Father.
Just as the Father is the World Benefactor, in the same way, children are also instruments for world benefit. The atmosphere is to be transformed through the attitude of you instrument souls. As are your thoughts, so is your attitude and this is why souls who are responsible for world benefit cannot allow their thoughts or attitude to go towards waste for even a second. No matter what the circumstances are or what people are like, your feelings and your attitude should be for benefit. Have pure feelings even for those who defame you and only then would you be said to be free from waste and equal to the Father.
Slogan: With the power of co-operation, impossible things become possible.