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Divine Guidance for self-transformation

Divine Guidance for self-transformation: Themes of each Year from 1969 to 2017
-The main theme of yearly Avyakt Murlis spoken by Divine God, the Father through Brahma - Adam, the father of humankind.
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This compilation of most elevated divine version is made by Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy to reveal to the humanity that God, the Father has been teaching the easiest spiritual practice through  Brahma (Adam, the father of human-kind) kumaris world spiritual university to get rid of all sorts of suffering and create a world of light and love known as golden age.

This book is a list of themes that were explained each year from 1969 to 2017 through the divine versions called Avyakt Murlis. Those who are interested can read the complete teachings by approaching local Brahmakumaris Centre or through the websites.

The Teaching starts with Intense spiritual practices with direct practical guidance of God from 1969 and there after each year, it was explained about the powers and benefits attained by the spiritual practice with self transformation of attitude, vision and consciousness. Later it was explained about the different stages of spirituality, the divine powers accessible for success in life, the final stages of spirituality, the applications like healing of self and others, transformation of mental beliefs, schemas and development of virtues and healthy habits to become a perfect and complete natural human being with all spiritual powers.

Hope the list of themes will create interest in spiritual effort to lead a healthy, happy and successful life and create hope in every one of us for a healthy and happy new world of golden age.


1.      16 years of spiritual practice redesigned for 16 days and less than 7 days of bhatti (Intense spiritual effort known as volcanic yoga) – to move away from corporeal feelings to subtle feelings.

2.      Enlightenment on right spiritual effort
1.      Give a finger of love to the problems of the mind, the problems of the body, the problems through the atmosphere and to the mountain of all other problems.

2.      Description of Techniques, Powers and Benefits of Spiritual Practice (Consciousness – Attitude - Vision and Vision – Attitude - Consciousness)
1.      This year's gift is the power of transformation.  Self-transformation and world transformation: it is with the lift of this gift that you will bring world transformation close.

2.      What is the result that each one has to determine this year?  Each one has to determine something.  You have to keep four aspects in mind for this.  Firstly, to what extent is there the stage of being elevated in all aspects?  Secondly, how close have you come to your complete stage and in relationship with all others?   Thirdly, to what extent is there contentment with the self and in relationship with others?  Fourthly, to what extent has courage developed in the self?  You have to check these four aspects in yourself.

3.      Just as you do have faith in Baba and faith in the study, in the same way, you are lacking faith in the intellect for the self at every moment and in every thought.  When will you remove this weakness?  In two to three years time?  Do not think about two to three years even in your dreams.  What should you say?  Now. 

4.      Self Transformation in a Spiritual Furnace Fueled by Yoga (Remembrance of God).

5.      7 days Bhatti (yoga practice for self transformation)

1.      Just as you create service plans for every year, in the same way, make a plan for yourself for your stage of ascent, for becoming perfect and for having elevated thoughts and performing elevated karma.  Together with keeping the plans in front of you, put them into a practical form at every moment.

2.      Signs of spiritual development
1.      This year, you now have to become even more of a detached observer.  Till when will you continue to celebrate the avyakt meeting through the corporeal form?  Therefore, in this new year, BapDada is teaching you the drill to experience that avyakt stage and stabilise yourself in that stage, so that you can become avyakt and celebrate an avyakt meeting with the avyakt Father.

2.      So, celebrate this year as the special year for bringing about a fast speed in your effort.  Transform yourself and celebrate the special task of transforming the world.  Achcha.

3.      this year is now your chance to stabilise yourself in whatever stage you want.  In order to make yourself complete in this way, in just a little time, then making ordinary effort will not do.  Now, you have to make intense effort, that is, you have to practise making your thoughts, words and actions the same.  This is known as being an intense effort-maker.

4.      In this year, finish the percentage and become perfect.  Then, this year will bring about the shower of destruction.  You are being given one year so that you then do not complain that you did not know.  One year is instrumental to create an elevated reward for many years.  Become a checker and check your own self.  Make yourself perfect in this one main aspect, and then all the different types of defects will automatically finish.  So, this effort is easy, is it not?  If you remain absorbed in the love of the Father, then you are easily able to make others similar to the self and similar to the Father.  So, this year, you have to continue to move along whilst considering this year to be the year to become similar to the Father.  So, according to the drama, BapDada is also instrumental to give such children the blessing of "tattwam - you are the same".  The speciality of this year is to become similar to the Father and bring the time close.  You have to bring about the speciality of the time within yourself.  Achcha.

5.      Now, the complete stage should be visible in a practical way.  This year, it is essential for this transformation to take place in a special way.

6.      Divine power and its application for self and others
1.      To challenge the impossible and make it possible is the original dharma (religion) of you Brahmins, that is, it is your dharma and your dharna.  So, is it easy or difficult to stabilise yourself in your original religion?  What do you write on the boards you put up?  "Claim your birthright in one second."  So, you definitely must have a practical plan to claim it in one second, for this is why you write this.  So, this is the challenge you issue for making the impossible possible, is it not?  When will you begin to perform such a fast task?  You also write other words at the bottom of the board.  "If not now, then never."  Then, it should be from now, should it not?  This year, create a unique plan.  But first, are the images that grant visions ready? 

2.      So now, is it time to take service or to give the return?  If you do not give the return you will not be able to create subjects.  Therefore, now make yourself powerful and knowledge-full.  Liberate yourself from the many different types of queues. 

3.      Intense spiritual effort and God-like powers attained by checking and changing 
1.      There should be the deep concern that you now have to return home.  To go home means to be beyond.  You automatically make effort according to where you have to go, and so, you now have to return home.  Since you have to return to your incorporeal home, you also have to make your costume like that.  So, in this new year, the special effort you should make is that of returning home and taking everyone with you.  With this awareness, you will automatically go beyond the attractions of all relationships and all elements, that is, you will become a detached observer.  By being a detached observer, you will easily become the Father's companion and equal to the Father.  Only when everyone is constantly able to see the form of fire will the flames of destruction be clearly visible.

2.      in this year, in your final stage, become free from all bondages, karmateet and let there be an accurate balance of being loving and detached.  Create such an incorporeal stage collectively within the gathering.  Only then will you clearly be able to see the scenes of destruction and the scenes of the new world both together.  Everyone has to make this effort this year.  Only through this last effort will your speed and the speed of destruction become fast.

3.      This year, show such specialities as you saw in sakar Baba.  The sound emerging from eveyone's heart was "My Baba!".  No matter who it was, everyone said "My Baba!".  This was the experience of every soul.  Until this sound of love, of all rights and of belonging to the special souls, emerges from all souls, understand that you cannot become a master of the world seated on the throne of the world.  You should be able to see such signs of success.  Each one should experience you special souls being there for bringing about world benefit.  This is the sign of perfection.  Achcha.

4.      So, this year, two types of service in particular should take place.  One is of making the self complete, and for this, you need to have everywhere methods for progress, facilities for yoga bhatthis and bhatthis for having dharna.  In the same way, have special programmes for different groups everywhere.  Free everyone and give them the experience of a bhatthi.  Just as last year you had a programme for a yoga bhatthi, in the same way, there should be a bhatthi to make yourself complete in both the subjects of remembrance and dharna.  All of you together should create such a programme.

5.      Second, the subject of world service.  All centres have to create programmes in their areas, with great force, to give Baba's message to everyone.  None of the places around you should be deprived of receiving Baba's message.  Because, otherwise, there would be a great burden on the instrument souls of those who have been deprived.  This is why you have to become rulers of the globe.  To be a great donor means you have to continue to move forward whilst giving the great donation.  Each of you instrument souls must not just be an instrument for the two to four centres, but you have to be an instrument to go around all the places in your zone.  Continue to make others instruments like yourself and continue to move forward.  Do not just stay at one place.  So, this year, this is the special service you have to do whilst touring around.  Whilst giving Baba's message and making others instruments like yourself, you have to give Baba's message to the entire world and also those around yourself.  Now perform the task of creating hands.  According to the time, because the speed of time is becoming fast, ready-made instrument souls can emerge easily as a practical result of service.  You simply need to have the aim, the courage and the power of discrimination.

6.      The plans that you have made for revelation to take place are good.  You have made plans for revelation to take place next year.  However, for the time that still remains this year, according to the present atmosphere, it is now that you need people to come into contact with you.  The success of the service that is to take place next year will depend on this year. 

7.      The plans are good.  This year, something new definitely has to happen.  You have to become instruments, but everything has to happen according to the drama anyway.  However, those who become instruments are glorified within the whole Brahmin family.  There is this prize also.  Each one of you should extract the results of the meetings in your zone.  Set your plans and then get the results of your meetings.  Everyone says "yes" to the plans, but only five emerge as a result, and so have a meeting for the result also.  Also have the aim to increase enthusiasm.  Keep everyone busy so that they feel happy that they also gave their finger.  Whether someone is a hard worker or has a planning intellect, keep the younger ones at the front.  Otherwise, whilst some do service with zeal and enthusiasm, the vibrations from others cause obstacles, and so you need everyone's help.  Give a particular duty to each one.  Just as you distribute prasad, in the same way, distribute service.  When everyone has an atmosphere of enthusiasm, then because of the influence of the atmosphere, no one will go out of this atmosphere, whether someone is a moth circling around the flame or whether someone completely surrenders the self.  So, there should be this speciality this year.  Just as everyone says, "My Baba", so too, they should say, "My service".  No one should say, "The seniors have made my programme, so I don't know whether this will happen or not."  No, "my programme".  When there is this sound from everyone, there will be success.  Give everyone a chance to do service.

8.      Now, before celebrating the year of revelation, this power should also be revealed, either within yourself or as a gathering of serviceable instrument souls.  If you are not able to reveal the power within your own self, you will not be able to achieve success in revealing the Father to the extent that you want.  Whatever has to happen according to the drama will happen anyway, but the reward that instrument souls should receive for being instruments would then not be visible.  It is as though destiny is making everything happen.

9.      World transformation and signs of Maharathis, those who have constant attention and constant fire of love for God.
1.      Now, this year, have the determined thought to fulfil the many desires and wishes of the souls of the world.  To fulfil the desires of others means to make the self ignorant of any knowledge of desire.  Just as to give is to receive, in the same way, to fulfil the desires of others is to make the self complete.

2.      Only when you have this awareness in a practical way, that is, only when you have this in your thoughts and in your form will you be able to celebrate the year of revelation.  In order to reveal the highest-on-high Father, you yourself have to become an embodiment of the highest and the holiest.  Otherwise, how can you reveal the Father?  To reveal within yourself virtues and activities like the Father's is to reveal the Father Himself.  Through performing an elevated task, you will glorify the name of the highest Father.  Through your spiritual image, you have to reveal the spiritual Father so that every soul sees father Brahma in every Brahmin.  The creation should reveal their Creator.  From everyone's lips, there should just be the sound emerging that God Himself has made them so fortunate.  Each one's fortune should glorify the image of BapDada.  Each one of you should make yourself such a divine and clean mirror that many others have a vision of BapDada.  The practical stage of being equal to the Father will enable others to have a vision of the Father.

3.      The meaning of celebrating the year of revelation is to make the self equal to the Father.  These physical means are just in namesake, for the permanent means is that of being an embodiment of success.  An embodiment of success will automatically prove that it is highest-on-high God who has made you so elevated.  So, together with the facilities, also adopt the form of success.  All three, your thoughts, words and deeds, should be the holiest and the highest.  Only through having such a stage will you be able to reveal the Father.  BapDada is happy to see the children's zeal, enthusiasm, elevated thought, effort and love but is also showing you a plan to be able to take co-operation in the future.  Everyone has the same thought; united thought has great power.  Stabilise yourself in a stable stage and put this thought into practice.  There is praise even now of the image of fortune of every kalpa, that is, it is eternal.  Achcha.

4.      In order to celebrate the year of revelation, everyone has made special effort to reveal BapDada through the newspapers and cards.  These too are essential tools for service.  However, people look at the newspapers and cards etc. when they receive them, but then these things merge in their awareness.  You would not say that they completely vanish because it is this awareness which merges that then emerges at the right time.  This is why one would not say that it has vanished, but that it has merged.  Through this, the land received a little water of love and introduction, but how could it give the fruit of revelation?  Of course you watered it, but what for?  To receive fruit.  How will that fruit be received?  That is, how will those thoughts take a practical form?  You would not have cards printed all the time for this.  Nowadays, what desire do the majority of souls have?  To attain peace and happiness.  Of course, they desire to have peace and happiness, but what do the bhagat souls in particular desire?  The desire of the majority of bhagats is to see light for even one second.  How will you fulfil their desire?  The eyes of Brahmins are the means to fulfil this desire of theirs.  Through your eyes, they should be able to have a vision of the form of light of the Father.  Your eyes would not be visible as eyes, but they would be seen as globes of light.  Just as you see the stars in the sky, in the same way, your eyes would be like sparkling stars.  However, only when you stabilise yourself in the form of light will this be visible.  You should be light in your actions, that is, there should be lightness; your form should be of lightness and your stage should also be light.  When all the effort-makers see you special souls make such effort, and that you have this awareness and form, they will also continue to make this effort.

5.      Whilst performing actions, check again and again: Am I light in my actions?  Do I have any burden of actions?  The burden of action would pull you towards itself.  If you do not experience any burden in your actions, then you will not be pulled by that but there will be transformation to karma yoga.  So, this method and form (embodiment) of celebrating the year of revelation is in everyone's intellect, is it not?  You have made such a plan, have you not?  You saw how Baba, in the sakar form, performed a great deal of actions; he was involved with the expansion, was entertaining and had contacts and relationships, and how he was completely detached to the same extent whilst having contacts and relationships.  Just as it is easy to interact and relate with others, so it should be just as easy to be detached.  You need to have such a practice.  At one moment, it will be the extreme, and the next, it will be the end.  This is the effort for the final year and the final stage.  Create such a stage.  Rehearse this and perform this drill.  Perform the drill: Going into the extreme and then the end.  At one moment, be in close relationship and the next moment, be just as detached as you were in connection, as though merged in a lighthouse.  A lighthouse means your home of light.  One minute be on the field of action and the next minute be in Paramdham.  Achcha.

6.      You are celebrating the year of revelation, are you not?  Before revealing the Father, first of all, reveal these aspects of praise within yourself.  Only then will you be able to reveal the Father.  This year, make effort whilst especially stabilising yourself in the intense form, that is, in the stage of a light-and-might-house.  Let the pilgrimage of remembrance be especially powerful.  Become experienced in being an embodiment of knowledge.  Make such special programmes for your self-progress.  Through the pure and benevolent attitude of you elevated souls and the powerful atmosphere, many desperate souls who are calling out, and who are wandering without any destination, will experience bliss, peace and power.  Do you understand what you now have to do?  You mustn't just relate something, but you must also give them an experience.  In order to give an experience, you first of all have to become an embodiment of experience.  Have this special determined thought for this year.  You have to bring about world transformation by transforming yourself.  Do you understand?  The result of determined thought is always successful.  Achcha.

7.      You mustn't just relate something, but you must also give them an experience.  In order to give an experience, you first of all have to become an embodiment of experience.  Have this special determined thought for this year.  You have to bring about world transformation by transforming yourself.  Do you understand?  The result of determined thought is always successful.  Achcha.
1.      Now, this year, start this type of powerful service.  Give all souls who come into contact with you through words or through the practical impact of your life, and those who you still hope will come into contact with you, the experience of spiritual power.  You have already given them the experience of your efforts and your elevated stage.  Now, together with both these experiences, also give them the experience of your spirituality.  Let them experience all these three.

2.      This year, a group should be prepared of those who have the determination to maintain the power of stability, so that they are able to have these unique experiences.  One is like receiving diamonds and jewels by going to the bottom of the ocean, and the other to experience moving along with the waves of the ocean of knowledge.  You have had the experience of moving along with the waves; now you have to go to the bottom of the ocean.  Invaluable treasures are found at the bottom.  By making this aspect firm, you will easily be able to step away from everything else.  This is known as having thoughts of the original self, self-realisation and powerful service.  This is the stage of a light-and-might-house.  Then, you will have to donate through your drishti.  This is the stage of taking someone beyond with just a glance.  The power of stability can show you many wonders.  Those with occult power attain their power with the power of stability.  You can even cure yourself with the power of stability.  You can make many diseased souls completely free from disease.  You can have many unique experiences through this power.  To stop something moving is the result of the power of stability.  When something stops when you say, "Stop!", then the drums of victory of your being the bestowers of blessings will beat.  At present, they only beat the drums of "wah! wah!".  You have given very good lectures and worked very hard and your life has become very good.  Later, they will beat the drums of victory.  So now, do you understand what the aim and object is for this year?  You need to do double service.  You can do this special service at amrit vela.  At that time, you will also be able to hear the call of the devotees.  You will feel as though someone is personally calling you.  Therefore, you have to increase this power.  Whatever time you have, two minutes, five minutes, just experience the power of stability.  By accumulating a little at a time, you will accumulate a lot, and then the revelation of the Almighty Authority will take place through the Shaktis.  The perfection of the Shaktis will work like a mirror for the blind.  The year of perfection means to have this perfection.  Achcha.

3.      The time for becoming perfect is approaching, so are you experiencing this speciality in yourself before that time actually comes?  The most elevated method of putting the final full-stop is to be stable instantly in the stage you are told to.  Are you making this method your practical experience?  Do you practise this?  BapDada has been teaching you this practice for a very long time and is still teaching you, but to what extent are you accomplished in this practise?  Will you be able to make yourself ever-ready by the end of this year?  Are you ready, or on seeing the time, have you become even more careless in this practice for your self?  Thinking that you don’t know when destruction is going to take place, instead of becoming perfect through your efforts, have you become one who loves rest and comfort due to the weakness of wasteful thinking and wasteful thoughts?
1.      For how many years has the season for hearing knowledge continued?  Whether through the sakar form or through the revised course, the season for hearing knowledge has lasted a long time.  Now, serve through your form.  This is the last season in which the drums of revelation can be beaten.  The noise is to stop and there will be silence. 

2.      What newness will you show BapDada in this New Year?  According to the time you were all given, you should all appear to be perfect.  According to the aim, all Brahmin souls should have completed all their efforts.  You are all ready for transformation are you not?  The time that you Brahmins have been given is not for making effort for yourselves, but every thought and every word of you children of the Bestower has to be used in giving all the treasures you have attained to all souls of the world.  This extra time is not for your own efforts, but is the time for giving others your virtues and treasures.  If you use this time and treasures for yourself instead of the purpose for which Baba gave them to you, you are being dishonest with the treasures entrusted to you.  This year is the special year for Brahmins to become great donors and bestowers of blessings.  Just as you make monthly programmes and have a special month for yoga and a special month for service, so too, according to the drama, you have been given this extra time to become great donors.  Even now, all of you know very well the old language, the old situations and the old customs and systems.  This year, time should not be spent on this.  Just as you have surrendered yourself to the Father, so now surrender all your time, attainments, knowledge, virtues and powers in serving the world.  Whatever thought you have, check whether it is for world service.  By surrendering everything for service, you will very quickly become complete.  When you make a special programme for service, then because you are busy in a special task, you do not pay so much attention to having rest, or having facilities for yourself, or even to the trivial tests that may arise from other souls.  You ignore all of those because you constantly have your task in front of you and remain busy in that.  You do not use time for yourself, but for service.  In the same way, in the New Year, by remaining busy in this task and by using every second and every thought for service, you will pass all tests in such a way that it will be as though there were none. 

3.      The more detached you remain from all desires, the more your desires will be fulfilled.  There is no tiredness when there is happiness and attainment.  Madhuban niwasis should find new ways of making effort so that everyone else can follow.  Now that the New Year has begun, you have to find something new.  Invent a new way to make easy effort and share your practical experience with others.  All souls look at you with great regard.  Just as they look at the sparkling stars in the sky with great regard, so too, everyone regards you as being the most elevated, the luckiest and closest souls.  So, remain stable in the stage in which you are regarded by others.  They regard your way of walking, eating and speaking as a divine activity.  Every act of the Father was also regarded by you as a divine activity.  So, you have to be those with an elevated character, not ordinary, as you perform every act.  Madhuban is a stage in front of the world.  Every actor pays so much attention to his every movement whilst he is on the stage.  Even if he lifts his hand, it would be with great attention because he knows that everyone is watching him.  Every act of yours has great importance.  BapDada also watches all of you with the same importance as he sees the Madhuban niwasis.  Achcha.

4.      Create new plans for becoming easy, natural yogis, because this year, everyone has this aim of the final stage of experiencing easy and natural yoga.  On what basis are you able to have easy yoga and with which method can you become a natural yogi?  Create this plan and experience it and then share that experience with others and everyone will sing your praise.  Create new methods of effort whereby you have to make less effort but achieve greater success.  Create such plans that when everyone sees them, they will all give thanks to the Madhuban niwasis.  Achcha.

5.      This year, what is required is the balance between the self and service.  Together with service, the influence of your own personality and the influence of your being an embodiment of dharna will be like the final touch on a golden ornament.  Whosoever sees you should experience you to be an embodiment of knowledge and an embodiment of virtues.  The two should be equally visible.  As yet, the sound that emerges is that the knowledge is very elevated, but your activity is not like that.  By paying attention to maintaining a balance between these two, both subjects and heirs will become visible.  You have many means of service.  You have not yet reached the religious leaders; that will be the last battle through which the sound will spread in all directions.  This will happen through aspects of knowledge, just as your name will be glorified through proving who the God of the Gita is.  For this, create small groups and make them co-operate with you.  You had a students' competition, and then you selected one out of all of them.  So, there should be small groups at all the places and a gathering of all of them at one place.  Then your name will be glorified.  This is the year for glorifying your name.  Achcha.

6.      This year, at Shiv Ratri, together with serving - you will of course do something through which many souls will receive Baba’s introduction - but together with this, have such a thought that, as well as giving them the Father's introduction, you will also enable them to experience the prasad of having a glimpse of the Father.  When you hold a function, everyone is attracted to the spot where the prasad is being distributed.  Because of the attraction of prasad, people automatically come there even against their wish.  So, keep the aim of creating such an atmosphere.  On the basis of your power, and with the attraction of your merciful thoughts, distribute to weak souls the prasad of attainment and experience.  As well as this, create a special group of mahavirs who have the determination in their mind to reveal themselves as janijananhar and karanhar in practice. 

7.      All of you children have had one year to hand in your results.  So, what transformation have you brought about in one year?  Have you brought about such self-transformation that when others hear your experience, they also become inspired to transform themselves?  Sometimes, when souls relate their experience with enthusiasm and with sincere love for the Father from the heart, many other souls become transformed whilst listening to their experience.  The transformation of one becomes a way of transforming many others.  So, have you brought about such self-transformation that you have become an example for others?  Have you had such a wonderful experience in this one year?  Who has taken a high jump?  Who has taken the gift of a lift?
1.      through this final bomb of silence, all the temporary supports you have kept for your spiritual endeavours will finish, and the one Father will be revealed to everyone through the one and true means of Raja Yoga.  The World Father will very clearly be seen by everyone in the whole world.  The same words will emerge from all souls of all religions: “This is our Father”.  Not the Father of the Hindus or the Father of the Muslims, but “the Father of all of us”.  This is called the final revelation through the Godly bomb.  Now, did you understand the result of what you are doing and what you have to do?  This year, drop the Godly bomb.  Bring about the revelation of the Truth on the basis of your cleanliness and fearlessness.  Achcha.

2.      This year, together with making your own form powerful, you also have to bring about a powerful form of service.  Those who are responsible for destruction are progressing in their task at a great speed.  They are creating an easy and refined method to liberate souls from the bondage of their body within a second, that is, they are creating an easy method to liberate souls from their physical sorrow; a method to save many souls.  On the basis of what?  On the basis of the authority of science.  Similarly, are you master almighty authorities, who are instruments for service, ready to liberate souls for birth after birth in one second from the bondage of Maya, and from the many types of sorrow they are experiencing because of Maya, and to give these souls the blessing of peace and happiness for all time, so enabling them to reach their destination?  Even now, the group responsible for destruction is ready; they are just waiting for the order.  Is the group instrumental for creation ready to this extent?  When the task of creation is completed, those responsible for destruction will receive their order.  When the “hand” shows that time is up, the bell automatically rings.  So too, in the unlimited clock, when creation is completed, the “hand” automatically shows that it is time for destruction to take place.  So, are you ever-ready for this completion?

3.      What are the victorious group going to do to make this thought of Baba’s practical this year?  In order for you elevated victorious jewels to fulfil this thought of Baba’s, you have speed up the machinery of liberating souls in a second with your special form of a master almighty authority.  The majority of souls are now tired of the limited facilities of matter, of the limited places that have been created to experience spiritual peace; they are now tired of the people who say that they can enable souls to meet God.  Souls have now become disheartened by them and feel that the truth must be elsewhere.  They are searching for the destination of the Truth.  They are thirsty for some attainment.  Even a single drop of the accurate introduction of the soul and the Supreme Soul can quench the thirst of such souls.  Therefore, take the urn of the nectar of knowledge and quench the thirst of those who are thirsty.  Constantly keep the urn of nectar with you.  As you move along, continue to make souls immortal by giving them this nectar.  Only then will you be able to be with Brahma Baba at the inauguration of the opening of the gates of liberation.  At present, just the bhavans are being inaugurated; the unlimited gate now has to be inaugurated.  For this, remain constantly immortal and make others immortal.  Become a bestower of blessings and give others the blessing of becoming immortal.  Now, the last effort-making souls, the weak souls, don’t have the courage to make any more effort.  You have to use your own powers to enable such souls to attain something.  Therefore, the part of being a bestower of blessings is needed even more than the part of giving knowledge.  Souls don’t even have the power to listen.  They no longer have the courage to carry on.  They just thirst to receive something.  Many such souls are wandering around the whole world.  You will have to give them legs to walk, that is, you have to give them courage.  So, have you accumulated such a stock of courage?  Is your urn of nectar full?  Is it limitless?  Is it constant?  Should we start a queue?  Is your own queue finished?  If you are still busy with your own queue, how are you going to make other souls complete?  Therefore, this year, finish your own queue. Change the language of “why?” and “what?”.  There should be just one language.  Your language of thoughts and words should be just of giving blessings; you should be a bestower of blessings and give a lecture showering blessings on everyone.  The experience of whoever hears you should not be of hearing a lecture, but of being showered with flowers of blessings.  Only then will this inauguration take place.  This is the newness you have to bring about in the New Year.  Achcha.

4.      now, in the New Year, play such a new game that every scene fulfils your aim of victory.  The thought, “I am victorious and I will remain victorious”, should be actually visible in your every act.  In your image of the previous kalpa, everyone in the Shakti Army is waving a flag of victory.  Even today, you elevated souls are still remembered and worshipped as the victorious jewels.  You have had a lot of time to make effort, and each of you has been making effort, numberwise, according to your own capacity.  What do you have to do now?  You now have to become the practical form of effort – an embodiment of success – and be so successful in every task you carry out that you instantly enable all souls to claim a right to their reward.  You now also have to change your language.  The clock of world transformation is moving fast; the closeness of your completion is the closeness of the time for world transformation.  Therefore, now settle your accounts of waste and let the past be the past.  Constantly accumulate in your savings account through your every thought.  From this moment on, experience yourself for all time to have the crown, the tilak and the throne.  To rub off your tilak means to lower your consciousness.  Now, put an end to these things even in your dreams.  Celebrate such a completion ceremony now!

5.      If there is this awareness only sometimes, then success too would only be sometimes, not all the time.  So, this is the year to underline the word, “constantly”.  To have remembrance is not a big thing; the great thing is to have constant remembrance.  It is now the time to do this “constantly”.  Add the word “constantly” and you will constantly be an embodiment of success.

6.      Therefore, examine your form in the mirror of perfection.  Make yourself a complete sample.  Do you understand what you have to do?  This year, make yourself complete and become a world benefactor.  Check and change yourself.

7.      How many 18th January anniversaries have gone by?  What is the result of all the years that have gone by?  The result required is that of transformation.  The things of the previous year should not continue this year.  So what newness have you brought?  At the end of your visit to Madhuban, you are asked what you are leaving behind and what you are taking back with you.  So, too, in this year’s result, check what you have renounced and what you have attained.  You are celebrating the New Year, and the New Year means a year filled with newness.  Check amongst yourselves to see what results there are.  See to what extent you think that on the whole there has been transformation within the majority.  This is why BapDada told you earlier that He would come to see the result.  So, what is the result?  Service is increasing and all the serviceable souls are also progressing in their efforts.  When the balance is equal between the two, completion will take place.
1.      Compared to you, the souls that come now are too late, because they belong to the last harvest.  Therefore, give them some of your own enthusiasm and help them progress.  You have to become great donors and bestowers of blessings, because they cannot move forward by themselves.  Now invent such a powerful instrument with which they can have an experience within a second.  Increase the number of your equals.  Prepare such an injection that as soon as you inject them, they become unconscious;  that they become unconscious to that world and come to this world.  You now have to prepare such an injection.  We shall see how much your numbers increase this year.  At least your equals should not complain that they weren’t told of this.  They would even complain and say that although they didn’t wake up by themselves, it was your duty to wake them up.  If you send them an invitation or a leaflet only once, how could they wake up with just that?  If you just shout out once to awaken someone sleeping in the sleep of Kumbhakarna how would he awaken?  This is why you have to awaken them repeatedly.

2.      Instead of Maya coming to you as your enemy, she should now come to you as a toy.  Bring about this transformation in this New Year.
1.      The basis of becoming a constant embodiment of remembrance is remembrance and service.

2.      Those who now have the total right over their mind, intellect and sanskaras become the images who bestow blessings.

3.      Today, Baba, the Bestower of Blessings and the Bestower of Fortune, is regarding His children as great donors and bestowers of blessings. At present, all of you are playing your role of great donors according to your capability. However, as the end of final time is now coming close, you especially now have to play your part of bestowers of blessings in a practical way. You great donors serve through your words, but now the percentage of especially serving through your mind simultaneously is a little less. Your percentage of serving through words is higher than your percentage of serving through your mind. As bestowers of blessings, your percentage of serving through your mind should be higher than serving through words. Serving through your mind means that with your good wishes and pure feelings, you should be able to see the practical fruit of greater service in a shorter time.
1.      You are now preparing new strings whilst the old ones are being broken. Even whilst understanding everything, you are tying new strings because they are sparkling strings. So what do you have to do this year? BapDada sees, as the detached Observer, the games of the children. You are going ahead of each other in the race of the bondage of strings. Therefore, whilst amidst the expansion, maintain the form of the essence.

2.      This year, become an embodiment of experience and a mine of experiences and give the great donation of making all souls into embodiments of experience so that on the basis of their experience every soul becomes like Angad. Not that they are moving along, doing that, listening, relating etc. but, instead, they should be singing that they have attained the treasure of experience and swing in the swing of happiness.

3.      This year, as well as enthusiasm for service, enthusiasm for the flying stage should also increase. Together with enthusiasm for service, celebrate such a festival that your enthusiasm remains imperishable. Do you understand? Constantly have enthusiasm for the flying stage and increase everyone's enthusiasm.

4.      This year, each one of you has to keep the aim of serving souls of different professions and make each one of them belong to the Father, and bring a bouquet of souls of the variety of professions in front of the Father.

5.      This year celebrate a double festival and all of you also prepare a bouquet of spiritual roses. Those who have come here today are also a variety bouquet. Souls have come from everywhere. This is now the variety bouquet from this land and abroad, is it not? Double foreigners have also claimed a share in the last dip. BapDada is congratulating you for coming here. All of you have received congratulations and so all of you have met, have you not? Have all of you met? You have received congratulations, so what else remains? Toli! Therefore, all of you come in a line and take your toli! Such a time will also come. Since you are building such a big hall, what will the condition then be? The same system cannot continue for all time! This time Baba especially satisfied the complaint of the children from Bharat. Every season has its own customs and systems. Just see what happens next year. If Baba were to tell you now, there wouldn't be any pleasure! All of you will come with a bouquet, will you not? Bring quality because together with quantity you will be given a number on the basis of the quality. Even the politicians are very clever in gathering a crowd. There should be quantity, but with quality. Bring such a bouquet. Don't bring a bouquet of just leaves. Achcha.
1.      This year, don’t allow anyone to remain empty.  Don’t go back empty-handed and don’t come empty-handed.  Give to everyone and also receive from everyone.  This is the year to distribute gifts.  Not just for one day, but throughout the whole year, every day, every hour, every second and every thought that passes should bring further spiritual newness.  Everyone speaks of the new day and the new night, but only when you elevated souls have new thoughts and new seconds can you show souls of the world the dream or vision of the sparkle of the new world to come.  Up to now, souls of the world still want to know what is going to happen after destruction.

2.      However, this year, when every second and every thought of all you souls who are the images of support, are the newest of all, the highest of all and the best of all, the sound of the sparkle of the new world being seen will spread everywhere.  Then what else will happen?  They will see that instead of it being like this, it will be like that.  They will feel that such a wonderful world should come quickly and will very quickly become busy in making preparations for such a world.  At the beginning of establishment, there were the special divine activities of dreams and visions.  In the same way, at the end too, these unique divine games will be instrumental in bringing about revelation.  The sound will echo everywhere: This is the One.  This is the One.  Then this sound will be instrumental in creating the elevated fortune of many.  Many lamps will be ignited from just one.

3.      Therefore, what do you have to do this year?  Make preparations to celebrate the true Deepmala.  Celebrate the Dashera (burning ceremony) of all things and old sanskars because it is only after Dashera that Deepmala comes.  Therefore, today, Baba is telling the things of His heart to the souls who are the friends of His heart.  To whom do you tell the things of your heart?  You speak of them to your friends, do you not?  Achcha, you have received greetings.  Together with greetings, also keep with you the gift of this New Year.  How many gifts do you want?  There are many gifts merged in each and every one, and many are merged in one.  BapDada has already given all of you children the best gift of all which is the diamond key with which any treasure you want appears in front of you.  What is the diamond key?  Just the one word “Baba!” Will you ever find a better key than this one?  You will not find such a key even in the golden age.  All of you are carefully looking after this diamond key, are you not?  It hasn’t been stolen, has it?  If you lose the key, you lose all treasures.  Therefore, always keep the key with you.  Do you have a key chain?  Or do you have just the key?  The chain for the key is to remain a constant embodiment of remembrance of all relationships.  So you have also received the key chain as a gift, have you not?  The best gift of all is the key.  Together with this, Baba is also giving you a bracelet for the promise you made for the year.  What is the bracelet of the promise?  You have already been told this: that every second and every thought when you are in connection with other souls should constantly be the newest of all, that is, the highest of all.  Don’t look at the things down below.  Don’t adopt the stage of when you are down below.  Constantly remain up above.  The highest Father, the highest children and the highest stage and then there will be the highest service of all.  This is the bracelet of the promise.
1.      What is the new plan for this year's service? Answer: In order to bring time close, you first have to do the service of making the atmosphere powerful through your attitude. For this, pay special attention to your attitude. Secondly, in order to serve others, especially make emerge such souls, who truly believe that the method for peace can only be found here. Let the sound emerge this year that if there is to be peace, it will only be through this method. This is the only method. What the world needs is nothing else but this method. This atmosphere should be created everywhere at the same time. In Bharat or abroad, let there be the sparkle of peace in a very visible way. Let everyone everywhere betouched and be attracted and say that if there is a right place, it is here. Just as the Government has the UNO, so that when anything happens, everyone's attention is drawn there, in the same way, whenever something happens and creates peacelessness, everyone's attention should be drawn to you as the souls who give the message of peace. Let them experience that this is the only place where they can remain safe from peacelessness and where they can seek refuge. This atmosphere should be created this year. "The knowledge is good, your life is good, Raja Yoga is good." Everyone says this, but now let the sound be heard that real attainment can be attained here, that the world will benefit at this place with this method. Do you understand? For this, especially advertise peace: If anyone wants peace, you can find the method here. Have a Peace Week. Have a gathering for peace. Have yoga camps for giving them the experience of peace. Spread vibrations of peace in this way.
1.      If you become one of the eight, you will also become just as great in being one of the specially beloved deities. For this, remember three things throughout the whole year and check yourself. If any of these three things still remain in you, even in your thoughts, then bid farewell to them. Today is the day for bidding farewell. When you take leave, what do you do at the time of taking leave? (Sugar pieces, almonds and cardamom seeds are given.) There are three things here. So, you will also give three things to BapDada, will you not? It isn’t farewell, but congratulations and this is why your mouth is sweetened. So, what are the three things here given for? So that you remember to quickly come back. Today, BapDada is also going to tell you about three things which sometimes become an obstacle in service. So, BapDada is especially drawing your attention to the three things once again, and by paying attention to these, you will automatically pass with honours.
1.         Let there be no type of attachment to anything limited. To have attachment to the Father is something else, but let there not be any limited attachment.
2.         Let there not be any type of tension with yourself or with others. Let there be no attachment. Instead of battling with Maya, let there not be any type of conflict with one another.
3.         Let there not be any type of weak nature.

2.      This year, keep the aim, that at every centre, there should be every type of variety.  There should be lawyers, doctors, judges and scientists etc.  There should also be souls from all religions.  There should be every type of variety.  There should be the maximum variety.  However, there should at least be a variety of the different professions at every place.  There should be students, the elders, young people and also children.  There should be every type of variety.  There should also be couples from families.  When you make lists, one variety is based on age groups.  Another is of separate groups in terms of service.  Not a single occupation should be left out.  This is known as a variety bouquet.  There should not be a single flower of any colour missing.  Each centre should increase the numbers in this way.  The more you increase the numbers, the higher the number you will claim.  This year, prepare students of such variety.  Whoever goes to any particular class should be able to see all types of variety.  Each of you should definitely serve your equals and the numbers will increase and there will be variety.  You continue to serve VIPs anyway.  Let there be this addition in that also.  BapDada has told you that they should not just come here to listen to you, but that they should receive something.  They should become something when they leave here.
1.      This year, BapDada is giving you the time to make your every thought immortal and imperishable with the tapasya of determination, repeatedly to have a spiritual conversation with yourself with the practice of determination, to make you have realisation, and then to come into action in your form of reincarnation and to make these stages permanent and strong.  Together with that, you especially have to increase the account of accumulation of the power of pure thoughts.  There is now a greater need to experience the power of pure thoughts by becoming even more introverted.  With the power of pure thoughts you can easily end your waste thoughts and bring about transformation in others with your good wishes and pure feelings.  Now, the special experience of the power of pure thoughts will easily end all waste thoughts.  Not just end your waste thoughts, but, with your good wishes and pure feelings your pure thoughts can bring about transformation in others.  There is now a great need to accumulate a stock of these pure thoughts for yourself.  You very much love to hear the murli.  Murli means treasure.  To accumulate every point of the murli as power is to increase the power of pure thoughts.  Use this at every moment as a power.  You now have to pay special attention to this speciality.  The more you now continue to experience the importance of pure thoughts, the more easily you will become experienced in serving through the mind.  First of all you need an accumulation of the power of pure thoughts for yourself, and then, together with the Father, you are also world benefactor and world transformer souls.  A great deal of work of transforming the world with the power of pure thoughts still remains to be done.  At present, Father Brahma, having become one with an avyakt form, is now sustaining all of you with the power of pure thoughts.  He is co-operating with you for the growth of service and making you move forward.  This is the special service of the power of pure thoughts that is taking place.  So become like Father Brahma and increase this speciality in yourself, for you now have to practise this in the form of tapasya.  Tapasya means to practise with determination.  Anything ordinary would not be called tapasya, and so Baba is now giving you time for tapasya.  Why is He giving it at this time?  Because this time will be accumulated in your account of a long period of time.

2.      BapDada is instrumental in enabling everyone to have attainment for a long period of time.  BapDada wants to make all the children have a right to the fortune of the kingdom over a long period of time.  So the time for a long period of time is very short.  Therefore, in order to practise everything in the form of tapasya, Baba is giving you this special time, because such a time will come when all of you will have to become bestowers and bestowers of blessings and give to everyone in a short time.  So, Baba is giving you time to make your account of all treasures full. 

3.      Another thing: You promised to become a destroyer of obstacles and an embodiment of solutions.  So let there be specially determined thoughts and the form of determination to become a destroyer of obstacles for yourself and for others.  Let it not just be in thoughts, but also become the form.  So, this year, BapDada is giving an extra chance.  Whoever wants to claim this special chance of becoming a destroyer of obstacles can take it this year.  This year has a special blessing.  However, in order to claim this blessing, you will have to pay special attention to two things.  One is to be a constant bestower, equal to the Father, and not to have any expectation of receiving.Let it not be that you feel you will be loving when you receive regard and love, or that you will give regard when you receive regard; no.  I have to be a child of the Bestower and give.  I must not have any expectation of receiving.  Whilst performing elevated actions, I must not have any expectation of receiving anything in return.  The fruit of elevated actions is elevated anyway.  You have this knowledge, but at the time of doing it, do not have this thought.  Firstly, in order to be worthy of claiming blessings, constantly be a bestower.  Secondly, be a destroyer of obstacles.  So, especially pay attention to the power of accommodation.  The power to accommodate is also essential for the self.  You are children of the Ocean and the speciality of an ocean is to accommodate.  Only those who have the power to accommodate will be able to have good wishes and benevolent feelings.  Therefore, be a bestower, be an ocean, an embodiment of the power to accommodate.  Always put these two specialities into every act.  Sometimes, some children say that they thought they would do that, but when it came to doing it, they changed.  So, this year, you especially have to practise bringing about equality in all four subjects at the same time. 

4.      This year has especially been given to create the angelic stage.  Some children are thinking, “Will we just need to practise remembrance or will we also do service?  Should we be liberated from service and just sit in tapasya?” BapDada will now tell you the accurate significance of service.  Feelings of service means to have constant good wishes for every soul, to have feelings of the most elevated pure desires.  Feelings of service means to give every soul fruit, according to their own feelings, and not to have any limited feelings but to have the most elevated feelings. If anyone has the feeling of seeking from you spiritual love or the feeling of wanting co-operation of any of the powers, or of happiness or zeal and enthusiasm, or the feeling of attaining all powers, then service means to give them the fruit of all of those varieties of feeling.  That is, with your co-operation, to inspire them to have that experience.  This is what is meant by true feelings of service. Just simply to give a speech or to explain to groups, or to give the course to someone or open a centre doesn’t mean to have feelings of service. Service means to serve souls in such a way that they experience some attainment. When there is service in this way, there is also tapasya within that. You have heard the significance of tapasya; it is to perform any task with determination.  Where there are accurate feelings of service, the feeling of tapasya is not separate from those. Where there is the combined form of renunciation, tapasya and service, that is true service.

5.      Don’t feel “I have tolerated so much so they should also do something in return.”  Don’t have feelings of temporary fruit; have feelings of mercy. This is what is meant by feelings of service. So, this year, give the proof of true service and take a golden chance to come into the list of those who have given the proof of that.  This year, Baba will not see that you had a good mela (spiritual fair) or a good function, but you have to claim a number in the service of being jewels of contentment and giving contentment to others. Claim the prize in the ceremony of gaining the title of “destroyer of obstacles”. Do you understand? This is the stage that is described as “a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance.”  So, now, show the special form of becoming complete, of reaching the conclusion in this 18th year, by being an embodiment of that 18th chapter. This is the stage described as ‘being like the Father’.  Achcha. 
1.      The play of the past, present and future continues to take place.  Use all these three words in this New Year in a new way.  How?  Let the past become the past by always passing with honours.  Of course, it will be “past is past”, but how are you going to pass through it?  You say that the time passed by, that this scene passed by.  However, did you pass through that whilst passing with honours?  You made the past become the past, but did you pass through the past in such an elevated way that, as soon as you remember the past, the words “Wah, wah!” emerge from your heart?  Did you make the past become the past in such a way that others can learn a lesson from your story of the past?  Your past should become the form of a memorial, it should become a devotional song (kirtan), that is, it should be worth singing praise of, just as people on the path of devotion, continue to sing devotional songs of your actions.  Through the songs of praise of your actions, the livelihood of many souls is even now being made.  In this New Year, let every thought and every moment become the past with this method.  Do you understand what you have to do?

2.      Do you understand what you have to do in the New Year?  In 3 words become master Trimurti, master trikaldarshi and trilokinath.  Everyone is now wondering: What are we going to do now?  Through your every step, whether it is through remembrance or service, continue to attain success through all three methods.

3.      This year, do not sing songs of those two words.  Those two words are “Why?” and “I”.  Generally, whenever BapDada sees the TV of the children, instead of saying, “Wah, wah”, children are saying, “Why?  why?”  So, instead of “Why?” say, “Wah, wah” and, instead of “I”, say, “Baba, Baba”.  Do you understand?

4.      Whoever you are, whatever you are like, BapDada loves you and this is why all of you come running to meet Baba with love.  At amrit vela, all the children always sing the song, “Lovely Baba, sweet Baba”.  And, in return, BapDada sings the song, “Lovely children, lovely children”.  Achcha.  In fact, this year is the year to learn the lesson of becoming detached and loving.  Nevertheless, the children’s loving invocation of the Father brings Him from the nyari (detached, unique) world into the pyari (loving) world.  There is no need to consider all of these things in the subtle form.

5.      What does BapDada want now?  You have received blessings, and now, this year, whilst especially practising being free from bondage over a long period of time, that is, whilst having a karmateet stage like the Father’s, give the world an experience of being detached and loving.  Now change the method of experiencing this only sometimes, and reveal the experience over a long period of time - of being unshakeable, immovable, free from obstacles, bondages, sinful thoughts and sinful actions, that is, being incorporeal, viceless and egoless.  Bring this stage in front of the world in a practical way.  This is known as becoming equal to the Father.  Do you understand?

6.      Because of having the same wave in all places, everyone has zeal and enthusiasm and there is a spiritual race, not competition, between everyone as to who will give the maximum proof of service.  So, with this enthusiasm, the name is glorified everywhere.  Therefore, make a group of any profession, but let there be attention paid to doing the same type of service in the same way everywhere this year.  When those souls see the gathering everywhere, they will feel enthusiastic too and have a chance to move forward.  Continue to make plans and move forward in this way.

7.      The Seed has to be kept underground, but make sure that it doesn’t just get left underground.  It should be revealed externally; it should become the form of fruit - that is the advanced stage.  Do you understand?  Keep the aim of doing something new.  Do not think that it will happen this year.  However, your aim will reveal the Seed externally too.  It should not be that you go and immediately start giving lectures to them.  First of all, you have to give lectures to give them the feeling of the power of truth.  It should emerge from everyone’s lips, “At last that day has come…”  You show a drama in which all religions unite and become one: “We are united, we belong to the One”.  That is just showing a drama, but this is everyone from all religions coming together on the stage and saying together with one voice, “The Father is One, there is just this knowledge, there is just the one aim, just the one home and this is it.  Now, this sound is needed.  When such a scene comes onto the unlimited stage, the flag of revelation will be hoisted.  Then everyone under this flag will sing this song.  The same sound will emerge from everyone’s lips: “Our Baba”.  Only then will it be said that you celebrated Shiv Ratri in a practical way.  The darkness will end and the scenes of the golden morning will be visible.  This is known as the game of today and tomorrow.  Today, there is darkness and tomorrow, there will be the golden morning.  This is the final curtain.  Do you understand? 

8.      The Diamond Jubilee means to make the sound of revelation be heard loudly.  So, from this year, the curtain of revelation has started to open.  On the one hand, there was the revelation in Bharat from the lands abroad, and on the other side, there was the success of the great task of the mahamandleshwars.  Abroad, the United Nations became the instrument, they are especially very well known and in Bharat, it is the authority of religion that is very well known.  So, to bring about revelation of the dharam-atmas through the authority of religion is to begin to open the curtain of revelation. 
1.      For you elevated souls, it is not just today that you give congratulations, but it is because of having elevated fortune and elevated attainment at every moment, that you give congratulations to the Father at every moment and the Father congratulates you children and constantly takes you into the flying stage.  In this New Year, continue to experience this special newness in your life.  You of course congratulate the Father at every second and in every thought, but among yourselves too, like the Father, let congratulations of happiness and greetings continue to emerge from your heart at every moment for every soul, whether they are Brahmin souls, souls whom you don't know, souls who have no knowledge or those who are in contact and connection with you.  No matter what someone is like, your greetings of happiness should give that one an experience of the attainment of happiness.  To give greetings is to give and receive happiness.

2.      this year, especially show the the world and the Brahmin family the speciality of becoming equal to the Father.  For instance, when any soul says "Baba", he experiences sweetness and happiness.  By saying, "Wah Baba!", your mouth is sweetened because you attain something.  In the same way, every Brahmin soul should become happy on mentioning the name of any Brahmin soul because all of you are also equal to the Father and so you share among yourselves the specialities you have received from the Father.  You are co-operative companions with one another and you continue to progress.  Do not become life companions, but you may become work companions.

3.      Look at the speciality of this coming year: it has the numbers 8 and 8.  The number 8 has so much importance.  If you look at your worthy-of-worship form, there is the memorial of those with eight arms, and eight powers.  There are eight jewels, eight kingdoms.  The figure eight is remembered in many different ways.  Therefore, celebrate this year especially as the year for having determination to become equal to the Father.  Whatever actions you perform, let them be equal to those of the Father.  Whatever thoughts you have, whatever words you speak, when you come into contact or relationship, be equal to the Father.  It is easy to become equal to Father Brahma because he is corporeal.  
1.      Spiritual love gave you the divine birth and you are now being sustained in a divine way through the blessings of BapDada, the Bestower of Blessings. Everyone is receiving the same sustenance at the same time from the same One. However, the imbibing of the sustenance you have received makes you numberwise. In fact, the sustenance received through all three relationships is extremely elevated and easy. You receive your inheritance from BapDada and then the awareness of your inheritance sustains you. There is no difficulty in this. There is nothing difficult in the sustenance received through the study of just two words from the Teacher. There is also nothing difficult in the sustenance received through the experience of blessings from the Satguru either. However, because of a weakness in imbibing those, some children have developed the habit of making difficult something that is easy. The sanskars of working hard compel them to experience something easy as difficult and because of being compelled, because of lacking the ability to imbibe it, they come under an external influence. Seeing the games in the life of such children who are influenced, BapDada feels mercy for them because a sign of the Father’s spiritual love is that He cannot bear to see a weakness or defect in any child. Any defect in your family is your own defect and this is why the Father doesn’t feel dislike, but He does feel mercy. Sometimes, BapDada looks at the horoscope of the children from the moment they were born until now. For some children’s horoscope, there is nothing but mercy, whereas the horoscope of some children is such that it reassures the Father. Check your horoscope from the beginning until now. You can look at yourself and know for yourself whether your imbibing of sustenance through the three relationships is easy and elevated. You can move along easily in two ways. One is an easy life through blessings and the other is an easy life through carelessness and a “don’t care” attitude. One can move through life easily with such an attitude too. Souls who move along easily with blessings and spiritual sustenance will be careful; they will not have a “don’t care” attitude, and they will not have any tension of paying attention. According to the time, facilities and circumstances of such careful souls they have the Brahmin family’s help and also special help and co­operation from the Father. This is why everything is experienced to be easy. So check: Are all these things co­operating with me? The co­operation received from all of these things makes you an easy yogi. Otherwise, even though minor circumstances, facilities, time and companions are like an ant, even a tiny ant is able to make a maharathi (an elephant) unconscious. To become unconscious means to fall from the elevated stage of easy the sustenance received through blessings. Being compelled and having to work hard are both signs of being unconscious. So check your horoscope in this way. Do you understand what you have to do? Achcha.

2.      To those who are always being sustained with the sustenance of all three relationships, to those who become jewels of contentment, who remain content and spread the sparkle of contentment, to those who become fast effort­makers and enable themselves to claim the first right to the first birth, to such fortunate and happy children, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada, the Bestower of blessings.

3.      Today at amrit vela, BapDada was seeing the children concerning the direction that He gave two years ago about the newness that had to be brought into the new year. You gained an extra year, did you not? So BapDada was seeing to what extent each child has brought newness into his life. What newness have you brought into the mind? What newness have you brought into your words and what is the newness in action? What newness have you brought into connections and service? All of you said that you like newness, did you not? So it is good to bring that which is good into your life.
1.      BapDada was seeing the children concerning the direction that He gave two years ago about the newness that had to be brought into the new year.  You gained an extra year, did you not?  So BapDada was seeing to what extent each child has brought newness into his life.  What newness have you brought into the mind?  What newness have you brought into your words and what is the newness in action?  What newness have you brought into connections and service?  All of you said that you like newness, did you not?  So it is good to bring that which is good into your life.  Today, the Madhuban niwasis are also especially sitting here.  Where are the Madhuban niwasis?  Raise your hand.   Where are the kumaris and the mothers of Madhuban sitting?  What newness has each one of you brought into yourself?  What is the chart of your mind for in the past year?  Check the chart of every aspect separately.  Newness means speciality.  In which aspect must you bring about newness?  All you have to do is to bring about a speciality, is it not?  To bring newness means to bring a speciality of the flying stage into the mind.  The speciality of those with a flying stage is that there is automatically the experience of the vibrations of good wishes and pure feelings for other souls and for the self.  That is, there should automatically be blessings emerging for every soul.  Let the mind constantly be busy with this service. 

2.      So what will you do in the new year?  Use a magic mantra.  Let there be this newness, that is, bring about this speciality.  What other magic mantra is there?  Let there be the meeting of the mind and the words.  Let there be the balance of the two and the meeting of the two; this is the magic mantra.  Why is that?  When the practice of giving good wishes and pure blessings through the mind has been developed naturally, your mind will become busy.  You will not then lose hope in the mind in the way that you do now.  So this is a magic mantra, is it not?  Sometimes, you get frightened in the gathering.  You are all right when you are alone, but then when you have to come into the gathering you get a little frightened.  Because you think: The promise I made was: Baba and I.  I did not promise to live in the gathering.  Baba is very good and to live with Baba is very good, but to live with the sanskars of others is very difficult.  However, this also will become easy.  If there are only blessings, good wishes and pure feelings for other souls, then because your pure feelings are powerful the sanskars of others will get buried.  They will not oppose you, but as they continue to keep being buried they will eventually finish.  Then it will become easy.  They will say: Yes, we will be able to live with forty.  It is not just four we can stay with but forty.  It is like this, is it not?  You have courage, do you not?  So this year, children from all four directions, not only the double foreigners, but the children from this land also have to bring about this newness and speciality at all times. 

3.      Do you understand what you have to do?  Increase the quality of your mind and the quality will come close to you.  There is double service in this:  that of the self and also of others.  You will then not have to make separate effort for yourself.  The attainment is then the reward, you will experience that state.  The future reward is the kingdom of the world, but the reward of this time is to be able to be complete with all attainment and become complete.  The reward at this time is the most elevated.  The future is guaranteed anyway.  A guarantee given by God can never change.  So what did you hear?  So, you will celebrate this new year in this way, will you not? 

4.      BapDada is especially making you underline this.  In order for there to be progress in efforts and service, two years ago, BapDada told the maharathi souls who are moving forward as well as everyone else, three things for speech.  Do you remember this?  Speak less, speak softly and speak sweetly. ...You heard the result about there being a lack of attention on words.  And so what should you do?  Double underline it.  Especially pay attention to your words this year.

5.      What do you have to do this year?  Finish all that is limited for self-transformation.  Whoever you see, and whoever sees you should experience your intoxication of being an unlimited emperor.  Those with a limited heart cannot be unlimited emperors.  Don't think that the more centres you have or the more your service is, the bigger the kingdom you will create.  The prize of heaven is not based on this.  There has to be service, there have to be centres but there has to be no trace of any limits.  Such souls claim the throne of the kingdom of the world numberwise.  Therefore, do not just please your heart now for a short moment of time.  One who is fragrant, the same as Baba and close now will also be close to Brahma Baba for twenty-one births.

6.      Children had also arranged a topic: 'Self-Transformation', but this year every centre has the freedom to do whatever it can with self-progress.  First of all, plan a budget for saving for the self.  Together with this, give this experience to others.  If someone is able to arrange large programmes, they can do so.  However, if they are not able to do this, then organise small ones.  You are free from being compelled to organise large programmes.  But special attention should be paid to balancing self-service, serving others and world service.  It should not be that you become busy in service and you do not have time for self-progress.  Did you hear what you have to do?  This is a year of freedom of service.  Do as much as you want.  Keeping both the plans in the consciousness, you can make further addition: you can add other things within the plans, because Baba always keeps the children in the front.  Achcha.

7.      This year, especially underline paying attention to four types of service.  Number one is the service of the self, second, service of the world; third, service through the mind: one is service through words but service through the mind is also special.  And fourthly, service of the yagya.  Wherever you may be, at whatever service place you may be, all the service places are the places where the sacrificial fire (yagya) is created.  It isn't that Madhuban is the only yagya and your places are not the yagya.  And so, to do service of the yagya means to definitely do one or another service through actions.  BapDada keeps an account of three types of service for all the children: service through the mind, words and actions; body, mind and wealth.  Some Brahmins think that they are not able to become co-operative through wealth, they are not able to do such service because they are surrendered; that they do not earn anything, and so how can they do it?  But if a surrendered soul is economical in a task of the yagya, however economical he is through his own attention and his own effort, the money economised through his economy is accumulated in his account.  This is a subtle account.  If someone creates loss, there is a burden accumulated in his account and if someone is economical, there is wealth accumulated in his account.  And Baba has told you about this account previously also.  Every grain of the yagya is equal to a sovereign.  If someone is economical for the yagya, not just for showing to others, but from the heart, he continues to accumulate sovereigns.  And secondly, if a surrendered soul inspires others to make their money successful through service, he accumulates a share through that also.  This is why everyone has three types of accounts: body, mind and wealth; and through the mind, words and actions.  The percentage of all three accounts should be good.

8.      what aim will you keep this year?  What slogan will you remember?  You have to take the three certificates from the Trimurti Father in the three special relationships, and you also have to become co-operative to give others these certificates.  You have to become a close bead of the rosary.  So, did you hear what the self-progress is that you have to do?  So what was the foundation for number one transformation of father Brahma?  Unlimited disinterest.  So Brahma did what Baba said.  This is why he won and became number one.  BapDada will see this result.
1.      Year of Tapasya: The Year of Tapasya means to pass with 100% in all virtues, all powers, all relationships and all aspects of nature and sanskars.

2.      Now, in the Year of Tapasya, do such tapasya that the souls of the whole world are liberated from sorrow and peacelessness.  Because after all, they are your brothers and sisters.  Since all of you have become the children of the Bestower of Happiness, you have to liberate them from sorrow. 
1.      New Year means the year to constantly give and receive congratulations.  Be a master bestower and bestow one or another power or virtue and have good wishes and pure feelings.  Do not have any thought of taking.  To receive something and then give something is not called a blessing; that is called a business.  You are the master bestowers, the children of the Bestower.  Whether someone gives or doesn't give, you have to give.  If someone gives you something which you do not like, what will you do then?  Do not accept that, that is, do not keep it with yourself.  But, definitely give them something in return.  Don't think: That one has given me a stone, so what should I give in return?  Set aside the stone and give a jewel instead, because you are the children of Baba, the Jeweller.  So in the New Year, bring into your life the special aim of giving and receiving blessings at every second.  Just as was sung in the song just now: "You said goodbye to the old sanskars,", so did all of you say good bye?  Who said goodbye?  Did you say 'ta-ta' to them very well?  Or, will they emerge again?  Achcha, so congratulations for having said goodbye.  When anything comes up in front of you, remember this promise: I have already said, 'bye-bye', so how can I shake hands with them?  Just give them a vision of good wishes and pure feelings from a distance.  Achcha.

2.      During this new year, especially accept love and give love.  You have to create the loving world through loving vision, a loving attitude and actions that are filled with love.  Even if someone does not give you love, you, the master loving souls, must be the bestowers and keep giving spiritual love.

3.      after the Year of Yapasya is completed, after claiming the prize, let there be the stage of balance which has been mentioned; balance between karma and yoga and service and yoga.  Balance means to remain equal.  There should be equality in remembrance, tapasya and service.  There should be equality in power and love, equality in having love and in being detached.  There should be equality in being detached at the time of performing actions and in being detached whilst sitting separately.  Someone who claims a number in the art of maintaining a balance of equality will become great.  Are you able to do both these?  Or, is that if you were to begin these, you would come down from the stage of being up above?  What do you think?  You have become strong during the year, have you not?

4.      What special transformation did you bring about in this Year of Tapasya?  Achcha, now in the Year of Tapasya, you do not still continue to say, 'sometimes, sometimes', do you?  Do you still say, 'sometimes'?  Has the word, 'sometimes' finished?  No?  Has it finished only a little?  BapDada remembers the word, 'sometimes' of the double foreigners.  So finish this sanskar.

5.      What will you become this year?  The yogis who find it difficult or the easy yogis?  Or, do you like it when it is a little difficult?  Why do you adopt the things that you do not like?  So what thought will you have this year?  Easy yogi, constantly easy yogi.  Baba is called the One who makes that which is difficult easy.  So Baba does not like it when His children say that it is difficult.  If you say that you have love for Baba, why do you love the things that Baba does not love?  What is the sign of love?  Baba does not like you to labour.  So why do you labour?

6.      So what will you do now?  Will you show any newness, or will you do the same as you did this year?  There will come a time when BapDada will only meet those who are going to do, those who are becoming, not those who just speak about it.  Look!  At the moment, everyone is being allowed to come.  Those with devotional feelings can come, gyani souls can come and yogi souls can also come.  However, the time has to change.  Therefore, underline this for yourself ten times: Transform yourself and show Baba.

7.      if you have love for Baba, if you have true love, not mixed love, then this year become the same and show Baba.  Become equal angels and show Baba. 

8.      You are going to do tapasya again, are you not?  Baba told you last time also that you have to give the proof of your love and the proof of your love is to become equal.  What is the other thing you have to do?  Baba is giving you homework for a year.  You heard about one type of work, and now this is the second aspect: Make the foundation strong on all four sides.  Let there be no weakness in any aspect.  It is then that you will be a bead of the rosary; you will be a soul that is worthy of worship and you will be a soul who has a right to the kingdom, because Brahmins become deities.  You cannot become a deity without becoming a Brahmin.  So to be able to get on with Brahmins means to claim a right to the divine kingdom.  So you have to get on with the family.  You will have to finish the upheaval.  Then there will be equality between faith and victory.  The great mantra to finish the difference between the two is to be strong on all four sides. 

9.      How many types of homework, did you receive?  You received many types, did you not?  So, during this year there should be no subtle stains on your register.  Then Baba will say: Yes, you have love for Baba.  Otherwise Baba thinks that you are simply pleasing Baba and pleasing yourself.  Waste news should finish completely.  This hobby is increasing a lot, and this is the obstacle to tapasya.  Let each one think: I should take the responsibility of finishing this hobby of mine.  Do you understand?  Or is it that others did it and this is why I did it, so it is not a big thing?  Four others were speaking, and so I also spoke a few words.  So is this right?  Is this courage?  Is it courage?  Do you have the courage to finish your interest for this?  This is now a new fashion in the Brahmin clan, but it is improper fashion.  So do you have courage?  Do you have the courage to have a completion ceremony? 

10.  Did you hear the result of the year?  What will you do now?  Transformation. Transform yourself. Do not worry about transforming others.  That is not being one who has good wishes for others.  Then you say, "I am not worried, but I have good wishes."  However, to have good wishes for others and forget the self is not called being one who has good wishes.  Together with others, there should also be concern for the self.  If there isn't concern for the self, and you try to have good wishes for others, the arrow will not hit the target and there will not be success.  First of all, there has to be the self, and together with the self, others.  This is BapDada's love from the heart for the children.  The sign of love is that one cannot bear to see the weakness of those for whom there is love.  You cannot bear to hear about their weakness.  You would make even that one complete.  This is the true love of the heart. 
1.      The speciality of this year: According to the world, it is New Year's day and according to you Brahmins, you are especially celebrating the Avyakt Year.  So you are beginning the New Year, that is, the Avyakt Year.  Constantly remember the special slogan of this New Year, that is, the Avyakt Year.  It is: The special method for constant success is to use every second, every breath and every treasure in a worthwhile way. 

1.      Celebrate this year by being a great donor and a bestower of blessings.  Be a great donor and give all those who come into contact and connection with you a donation of some power, knowledge and virtues.  You have become so full in all three treasures.  The treasure of knowledge is overflowing, is it not?  Or, is it lacking a little bit?  You are master knowledge-full, are you not?  So you have the treasures of knowledge, the treasures of power and the treasures of virtues.  You are full.  Are all of you full?  Are you full in all three?  Or, are you full in one and not in the other two?  At the present time, souls need all three a great deal.  So throughout the day, you must definitely give one or another donation.  Whether you give a donation of knowledge, of powers, or of virtues, you have to donate something.  No day of a great donor soul should go by without something being donated. 

2.      this year keep a chart in all four subjects; gyan, yoga, dharna and service to bring about newness in every subject every day.

3.      This year is the special year of economy: to belong to One and to be economical.  You are constructing Gyan Sarovar, and so you have to be economical.  You have to be economical in everything.  Be economical in all treasures: in your time, in your thoughts, and in your wealth; economical in everything.

4.      In this new year, every day at amrit vela, make this slogan emerge: "I constantly have to fly with zeal and enthusiasm and make others fly also".

5.      So this year, become the souls who experiment.  Do you understand what you have to do?  If all of you were to engage yourselves in experimenting with the self, then how powerful would the gathering of the souls who experiment be?  So the rays, that is, the vibrations of the gathering will achieve a great deal.  You simply need determination for this.  "I definitely have to do this."  The influence of the carelessness of others should not fall on you.  The influence of your determination should fall on others.  Is the power of determination elevated or the power of being careless elevated?  It is the power of determination, is it not?  And BapDada has given the blessing that wherever there is determination, there will definitely be success.  So what will you become?  (Those who experiment.)  What else will you become?  Those seated on the seat of being trikaldarshi.  And thirdly, what will you become?  According to the time, you will become the embodiment of success through using the right method.  So, this is the homework for the year, is it not?  This homework will automatically bring you close to the Father.  
1.      what will this year become?  The Year of Good Wishes and the Embodiment of Virtues.  Each year is given its own name.  When everyone makes this promise, then this year will become the year of good wishes and the embodiment of virtues.  Are you in agreement with this?  Then do not change your mind when you return home.  Then, you would say: The atmosphere in Madhuban was very good, whereas here, we have the company of the atmosphere.  One who transforms everyone does not get coloured by the atmosphere and does not come under anyone's influence.  If the transformer becomes influenced, what transformation would he bring about?  This is why you will celebrate this year in this way, will you not?  Just be the embodiment of virtues and have good wishes.  You should take anyone's impure aspects as something pure.  Even whilst seeing anything impure, see it with your pure vision.  When you are able to change nature, are you not able to change human souls?  And in that too, are you not able to transform Brahmin souls?  So what will this then become?  The word "reason" will finish and you will only see the word "solution".  It happened because of this; it happened because of that.  No.  Transform the reasons into solutions.

2.      So this year, celebrate it as a powerful year.  Because the time has to come close and you have to bring it close.  According to the drama, it has to come, but who are those who are going to bring it close?  It is you, is it not?

3.      What is the second speciality you will bring about in this year?  In the New Year, firstly you give greetings, and what else do you give?  (Gifts.)  Do you give gifts to everyone or only to some?  So, in this New Year, whosoever comes into contact or connection with you, whenever they come into contact with you, whether they are part of the Brahmin family or whether they are other souls, constantly give them the gift of sweet words, the gift of words of love; and, secondly, constantly give them a gift of one or another virtue or power.  You can give a gift in even one second.  You cannot say that you did not have any time.  Neither did the receiver have any time nor did the giver have any time.  However, if you have an attitude of elevated wishes and elevated feelings, then in one second's thought, with your drishti and a smile from your heart, you can give someone a lot in even one second. 

4.      this year, BapDada wishes to see a programme of a combination of the methods of this land and the foreign lands.  Those from the foreign lands should not step backwards and those from this land should not step backwards either.   

5.      Achcha, this year's season is now finishing.  BapDada has one thought.  All of you have adopted the vow of celibacy very well, but next year, only those who do not get angry should come in the season.  Is this possible or will you fail?  You will speak the truth, will you not?  And so, automatically, the numbers for the season will be reduced.  Should we do this?  On your form, you will not only have to write about celibacy for six months or six years, but for how long you have not been angry.  Should you keep a strict eye on anger?

6.      BapDada wishes to make one special programme for this Diamond Jubilee; so are you all ready for it?  BapDada wishes that whichever children He sees in the Diamond Jubilee, whether the child is two years old or sixty years old, or even two months old, whether a teacher or a student, whether he is surrendered or in a household, they should all become free from attachment.  Baba has taken on the responsibility of purity for the year of the Diamond Jubilee, you have also taken on the responsibility of purifying the elements: do you have this thought or does the Father alone have to do all this?
1.      Today, it is a double celebration: one is the New Year and the other is the Diamond Jubilee.  It is the gathering of both of these.  So, in the Diamond Year, BapDada wishes to see this speciality: that whomsoever every child looks at, what should they see?  Diamond.  A sparkling diamond or a diamond in the mud?  The sparkling diamond. 

2.      This year, BapDada's special hope or elevated shrimat for all the children is that you must not  become anything except a diamond.  No matter what happens, you must not  allow there to be a flaw in the diamond.  If you are influenced by any obstacle or by anyone's nature, then that would be a flaw.  There will be obstacles.  Should obstacles come?  Should obstacles come or not?  Since you have the title of being the destroyers of obstacles, only when the obstacles come will you destroy them.  

3.      If a victorious person says that an enemy should not come, but he is victorious anyway, then who would believe him?  No one.  So, although the obstacles will come, whether from the elements, from other souls or from many other situations, you are such powerful diamonds that you cannot be influenced by the flaws.  Is this possible?  There would be some flaw, because something or the other happens.  Does this happen to the Pandavs?  Doesn't it?  So the Diamond Jubilee Year is a great year.  Just as a special month is celebrated, so too, this Diamond Jubilee Year is a great year.

4.      This year, BapDada wishes to see everyone as walking, moving angels.  Many say that the soul is a point, but because it is so tiny, they are only able to see the body.  The point is so tiny.  BapDada agrees that the point may slip away, but the angelic form is still a physical form of the body; that is not a form of a point; an angel means a form of light.

5.      So, constantly have the aim this year to remember both your forms: one is to be a double-light angel and the other is to be a real diamond, a flawless diamond and an invaluable diamond.  This is the aim for this year: to become a diamond and make others into diamonds.  And BapDada knows that Brahmin children definitely bring about the qualifications of the aim that they have.  This year, the Diamond Jubilee Year, is the year for many souls to come close to the Father.  So the children in all four directions will take full and maximum benefit of this easy blessing and give others this blessing also.  Diamond good night and good morning.

6.      BapDada is not forbidding you to do service, but maintain a balance.  The life of everyone is in your bodies.  If the body is well, then good service can take place.  Therefore, do a lot of service, but do not push yourself.  What happens when you push yourself too much?  The battery becomes low.  Therefore, from now on, it is essential to keep a balance.  Do not think: Let me do it this year, because I do not know what is going to happen next year.  No, you have to live and make others fly.  It is now your part, is it not?  So, understand your part and then push yourself, but push yourself whilst keeping a balance.  OK?  Do not make a fast programme, that you are in one place for two days and on the third day, have to be somewhere else.  No.  It is not the time for that yet.  When such a time comes, you will have to go to four different places in one day, but not yet.
1.      This year is the year to become experienced and to make others an embodiment of experience.

2.      You are experienced, but this year, no child should say that he has the experience of some aspects, but is lacking the experience of other aspects.  There should be no such child, because knowledge does not mean just to understand, but to experience also.  For, unless you have experienced something, you cannot make others experience it.

3.      So, this year, first of all, strengthen your foundation of being an embodiment of experience.  Whilst moving along, you may be very fast today, but tomorrow, your face would have changed a little; the reason is that the foundation of experience is not strong.  Souls who are experienced will solve even the greatest problems as though nothing has happened.

4.      Do you understand what you have to do this year?  Become an embodiment of experience!

5.      What else will you do in the New Year?  Even now, one aspect of service still remains; what is that?  The God of the Gita will be proved. 

6.      In this year, the result of the impact and the subjects is good, but what does BapDada want?  Now, prepare heir-quality souls.  Only when you create heirs here will the advance party be revealed.  Then the drums of revelation of the Father's name will beat in all directions.

7.      Whether it is something good or something else, everyone knows how to copy Madhuban very easily.  A slogan has been created, 'This also happens in Madhuban'.  Therefore, this year, do not speak this slogan.  The slogan for this year is: "I have to do this."  Not that, "this happens and that happens"; no.  "I have to do this."  I am Arjuna, not the one whom I am seeing.  I am Arjuna.  I am an instrument to become this.

8.      In this year, do the service of creating your own hands.  Do not ask for hands, create your own hands and, in fact, donate them to others. Donate and perform charity.
1.      This year, BapDada wants to see a bouquet of a variety of special souls from all the different professions of this land and abroad. 

2.      Celebrate this year as the year of being free from everything: The Year of Liberation.  Only when you celebrate this year as The Year of Liberation will you be able to go to your land of liberation.

3.      What will you do for this?  It is a very small thing, not a big thing.  Will you do this small thing?  BapDada is giving you a very short slogan: Use everything in a worthwhile way and attain success!  Do you understand what it means to use everything in a worthwhile way and attain success?  What do you have to use in a worthwhile way?  Whatever you have, whatever property, time, thoughts and breath you have, body, mind and wealth you have, do not waste anything!  Do not keep anything carefully locked away for a time of need!  Use everything in a worthwhile way!  Even your thoughts; each and every thought is your property.  Money is your physical property.  Similarly, time, breath and thoughts are your subtle property.  Not a single thought should be wasted.  They should all be used in a worthwhile way.  Whether you are serving through your mind, words or actions, check how much you are using in a worthwhile way at all times.  How much did you accumulate?  This year, BapDada is giving this special blessing: Use everything in a worthwhile way and experience multimillion-fold success! 

4.      You are now celebrating the year of freedom, are you not?  Are you celebrating it or are you engaged in working hard?  Especially remember today's blessing: May you be free from labouring!  This confluence age is the age of becoming free from labouring. 
1.      you must constantly continue to experience this year as the Year of Victory.

2.      Let this spiritual intoxication emerge.  When your mind and intellect become busy in other matters, your intoxication becomes merged.  However, you should check every now and again to see whether you have this spiritual intoxication whilst you are doing things.  If you have faith, you definitely have this intoxication.  The sign of faith is intoxication, and, if you have intoxication, then you definitely do have faith.  The two are interconnected.

3.      The two are interconnected.  Therefore, now, in this year 1999, constantly let your intoxication emerge and you will become free from making mistakes.  Neither will you make mistakes nor will you have to labour.  BapDada has already told you that He doesn’t like to see you children labouring or battling.  And so, how are you going to celebrate this New Year?  You have celebrated the Year of Liberation; you have put an end to all negativity and waste.  Therefore, this year will automatically become a Year that is free from labouring.  All of you souls are those who experience pleasure; you are not those who have to labour.  Do you enjoy having pleasure in your life or do you like to labour?  You enjoy having a life of pleasure, do you not?  So this year, become free from having to labour even in your thoughts.
1.      In the New Year, have the determination to become equal.  Keep your aim of definitely becoming angels.  Now stop all of your old things.  Your original and eternal sanskars must now emerge.  Always remain aware whilst walking and moving around, “I am an angel like the father.  I have no connection with old sanskars and old things.”  Do you understand?  This thought of transformation needs water and sunshine just as when you sow a seed, you provide it with all these things so that it can bear fruit.  Therefore, give this thought, this seed, the water and sunshine of your awareness.  Keep revising the promise you have made to BapDada again and again.

2.      This year, BapDada would like to see two specialities in both the activity and on the faces of all the children. 

3.      ....balance of being constructive and having humility. 

4.      In this New Year, aim to transform your sanskars – your own sanskars – and also co-operate with others to transform theirs.  If someone is weak, help that person.  Don’t speak about it or create an atmosphere, give co-operation.  This year’s topic is “Transformation of sanskars!”  Sanskars like an angel’s and sanskars of being equal to Father Brahma. 

5.      Now, in this year, be in the angelic form and everyone everywhere will begin to have visions.  They will see who it is that has come!  Just as they saw Father Brahma in the early days, so too, together with Father Brahma, they will also see you Shaktis and Pandavas. 
1.      What do you have to do in this New Year?  No matter what you do, whether through thoughts, words or deeds, according to the time, there should be this deep concern in your mind: “I definitely have to become a constant great donor.”  A constant great donor, not just a great donor; constant!  Donate powers through the mind; donate knowledge through words and donate virtues through your actions.  In today’s world, whether in the world of the Brahmin family or in the outside world, they no longer want to hear about everything, they want to see everything.  They want to do everything after seeing it.  Why was it easy for you?  You saw Father Brahma as the image who donated virtues through his actions.  You donate knowledge anyway.  However, this year, pay special attention to donating virtues to every soul, that is, you have to give co-operation through the virtues in your life.  You wouldn’t donate to Brahmins, would you?  You would co-operate with them.  No matter what happens, no matter how many weaknesses others have, you donate virtues through your life, your actions and your contacts, that is, you have to co-operate.  

2.      Everyone is asking: What are we going to do this year?  You have to do double service.  First, totally surrender the self!  Surrender the self to such an extent that your vibrations, atmosphere, company, co-operation of the heart, and blessings of the heart help others to bring about easy transformation.  You have to transform the self to this extent.  You have to totally surrender everything.  This is one type of service and the other is serving other people.  As a result, it has been seen that everywhere in this land and abroad, whatever service you Brahmin children have done, even in the villages, you have done it with love for the Father.  BapDada is giving many, many congratulations for that.  What will you do in the future?

3.      BapDada has seen that there is growth of Brahmins and there will be even faster growth.  However, together with this, the service you have done that people like, the service that is taking place through the different projects, is very good.  Now very good co-operative souls have become good instruments at many different places.  They are very good co-operative souls.  They have taken one step of co-operation; they have put one foot forward.  However, the other foot is to become an easy yogi and a karma yogi.  A few have become karma yogis and easy yogis to some extent; this is the second stage.  Now, such souls have to play a practical part on the stage.  A mike is always on the stage.  Therefore they should become mikes and definitely come on to the stage of service in a visible way.  You are the might and they are the mikes.  Just as Brahma Baba in the subtle form is the might who has made you children mikes, in the same way, now become the might and prepare such mikes.  They are very good, there is hope for them, and they can go fast.  However, now it is necessary to increase the connection with such souls.  They want to know what to do and how to do it.  Become the might and show them that whilst maintaining a balance of their worldly occupation and their spiritual service, they, who have come last, can go fast and come into the line of those who come first.  There are such souls; they just have to be revealed!  Simply maintain a connection with them and give them a current!  The current of spirituality, the current of vibrations and atmosphere and also show them the way to become instruments to reveal that a balanced life is very good and easy.  Is this all right?  You have now heard what you have to do, have you not?

4.      What year did you celebrate?  Of transforming the world through transforming your sanskars. 
1.      For this year, BapDada is especially signalling every child.  According to the time, every child – whether you are sitting here in the corporeal form personally in front of Baba, whether you are in this land or abroad, listening and seeing through the facilities of science – and BapDada is seeing everyone is sitting very comfortably and watching with great pleasure – so BapDada’s signal for all you extremely loving, sweet children of the whole world is: “Now, in this Brahmin life of yours, increase in your account of savings and your account of accumulation from amrit vela till night time.”  Each one of you make a plan according to your task.  Now increase your account of savings or accumulation of each and every treasure you have received in your Brahmin life,

2.      In this New Year, make a plan of a savings scheme of all the treasures for yourself.  Increase your account of accumulation.  Fix times throughout the whole day for yourself to be in the furnace of introspection from time to time.  You yourself can do this, others cannot do it for you.

3.      Before the Year of Revelation, BapDada calls this year “The Year of Being Successful.”  The basis of success (safalta) is to use every treasure in a worthwhile way (safal karna).  Use them in a worthwhile way and achieve success.  Success will automatically reveal the revelation.  You have served through words very well, but now, with the blessing of success, bring the revelation of the Father and the self closer.  Let souls experience the life of every Brahmin to be full of every treasure.  Souls of today are wanting to have an experience through you images of experience.  They want to hear less, and want have an experience more.  The basis of experience is the account of accumulation of the treasures.  Now, throughout the day, every now and again, check this chart of yours.  To what extent have I accumulated all treasures?  Look at your account of accumulation.  Look at your chart.  How many thoughts do you have in one minute?  The speed of thoughts is fast, is it not?  How many were worthwhile and how many were wasted?  How many were powerful and how many were ordinary? 

4.      Newness this year:Father Brahma says: I especially want to tell one thing to my great-great-grandsons.  What is that?  That, firstly, every child should always have a smile of spirituality on his face.  Did you hear that?  Listen to it very carefully with open ears.  And, secondly, that you always have sweetness in your words.  Let not even one word be without sweetness.  Let there be spirituality on your face, sweetness in your words and in your mind and intellect, let there always be good wishes, merciful feelings and feelings of being a bestower.  Follow the father at every step.  Are you able to do this?

5.      Do you not have controlling power that they just emerged?  It just happened, so are you not the king?  It means you are under the influence of some of your physical senses, are you not?  This is why the words just emerged or something else just happened.  So this year, together with congratulations, also underline: Constant determination in everything.

6.      Celebrate this year as the year to become humble,pure and clean and the year of freedom from waste, the year of freedom

7.      This is why BapDada wants to give this year the title of “The year to become humble, pure and clean”.  You will celebrate this year, will you not?  To celebrate means to become.  Don’t just speak about it: Yes this is the year.  Become it!

8.      This year BapDada wishes to see every child free from waste.  Celebrate this year – the year to be free.  Whatever weakness you have, be free from that weakness.  Because, until you have given liberation, you will not go with the Father to the land of liberation.  So, will you give liberation?  Will you celebrate the year of liberation?  Those who will celebrate it, wave your hand.  Will you celebrate it?  You have seen one another. You will celebrate it will you not?  It is good.  If you celebrate the year of liberation BapDada will give you congratulations and greetings in platefuls of jewels.

9.      It is good.  Liberate yourself!  Liberate your brothers and sisters from sorrow too.  This sound of happiness should emerge from the hearts of the poor things: Our Father has come.  OK.  Achcha

10.  Think of plans for the New Year from now.  Just as, Father Brahma always remained an instrument and humble, similarly, let there be the awareness of being an instrument (nimit) and having humility (nirman).  Not just the awareness of being an instrument, but together with the awareness of being of instrument, let there also be the awareness of being humble.
1.      The main aim of the coming year(2003) is the awareness of these three words: incorporeal, egoless and viceless.  There shouldn’t even be a trace.  The gross form is fine (is finished), but there shouldn’t even be a trace, because it is the trace that deceives you.  The meaning of “follow the father” is constantly to keep these three words in your awareness.  Is this OK

2.      In this New Year, use all your treasures in a worthwhile way and show the speciality of becoming an image of success.

3.      According to the time, in this New Year, everyone has to keep the special aim that whatever treasures you have – time, thoughts, virtues, knowledge and powers – the biggest treasure is that of thoughts – elevated thoughts and pure thoughts.  You have to use all of these treasures in a worthwhile way every day, that is, you have to attain success.  Distribute them a lot.  Become master bestowers, children of the Bestower.  Distribute them a lot.  Why?  To use them in a worthwhile way means to attain success.  Therefore, constantly keep this speciality of the New Year with you at all times.

4.      Now, what newness will you bring this year?  You have not yet done the work BapDada gave you.  You haven’t yet brought the group of “mikes” and heirs.  

5.      You have been given the slogan for this year: Use everything in a worthwhile way and success is guaranteed.

6.      In this season, and today is the first chance of this season, BapDada wants that, throughout the whole year, even though the season is only six months, throughout the whole year whenever you meet anyone, whomsoever you meet, whether it is amongst yourselves or with other souls, whenever you meet, whomsoever you meet, give them the co-operation of contentment.  You yourself remain content and make others content.  The self-respect of this season is: Jewel of contentment.  Always a jewel of contentment. 
1.      especially this year, you have to become endless, constant great donors; endless. 

2.      So, this year, what special attention do you have to pay?  Check your own account of accumulation.  Become a checker and also a maker because you are seeing the scenes of the closeness of time.  And all of you have promised BapDada that you will become equal.

3.      Become a checker and also a maker.  Become a maker who gives an experience.  Become a checker of your account of accumulation.  Achcha.

4.      So, now the New Year will begin with your service.  So, Gujarat, you can show this newness.  For the whole year, Gujarat has to become number one in being free from obstacles.  Is this possible?  Then BapDada will give all the zones your example - that it is big and it is also free from obstacles.  Number one in both. 

5.      give such a gift for the New Year that you become a unique mirror.  Whoever sees you, whoever hears anything from you, should only see and hear BapDada.  They should hear BapDada’s sound.  So, will you give this gift?  Will you?

6.      What was that thought?  It is not anything new.  It is something old: To bring about transformation in everyone through self-transformation.  Put aside the world for now, because BapDada now wants to see transformation in the Brahmin family through self-transformation.  This is what BapDada wants to see. 

7.      Whenever anyone gives bad wishes, do not imbibe that in your mind.  You understand that those are bad wishes, and so do not imbibe those bad wishes in yourself, for otherwise, it will become a defect.  So, this year, and there are a few more days left of this old year, make a determined thought in your heart.  Even now, if there are any bad wishes for anyone in your mind, then remove them.  And, from tomorrow, only give good wishes and receive good wishes. 
1.      You are master almighty authorities.”  When the Father had good wishes and pure feelings for you, what did your heart say?  “My Baba”.  And what did the Father say?  “My children”.  If you continue to have good wishes and pure feelings in the same way, what will you be able to see?  My sweet brother of the previous cycle, my long-lost and now-found sister.  Transformation will take place.

2.      So this year, demonstrate this by doing something.  Don’t just raise your hands.  It is very easy to raise your hands.  Raise the hand of your mind.  Why?  Is there a lot of work still to be done?  When BapDada looks around and sees the souls of the world, He feels a lot of mercy.  Now, even the elements of nature are fed up.  Nature itself is now fed up, so what can she do?  She is causing distress to souls.  And seeing the children, the Father feels mercy.  Do all of you not feel mercy?  You hear the news and you become quiet.  That is all.  So many souls have gone.  Those souls have been deprived of Baba’s message.  At least now become bestowers, become merciful.  This will only happen, and you will have mercy only when the attitude of unlimited disinterest emerges in yourself right from the start of this year.  

3.      Now, this year, BapDada will ask for a list of how many heir quality souls there are in each zone.  We will have a ceremony of those heirs.  You teachers know them, do you not?  We shall see which is the number one zone in this.  It will be Maharashtra, will it not?  Very good. 

4.      Within a second, you can go to the subtle region, the incorporeal world and at least Madhuban in the corporeal world, can you not?  If you order your mind to reach Madhuban in a second, are you able to do it?  Reach there with your mind, not your body, but your mind.  If you give this order to it: You have to go to the subtle region or the incorporeal world, are you then able to make your mind reach wherever you want in a second?  Do you have this practice?  There is now a greater need for this practice.  BapDada has seen that you do practice this, but there now has to be greater attention paid to becoming concentrated whenever and for as long as you want, to becoming unshakeable and not coming into upheaval.  There is the saying, “Those who conquer the mind conquer the world”, but now sometimes even still the mind deceives you.

5.      So, today on the day of power, BapDada is especially drawing your attention to this power.  O self-sovereign children, now check this practice whilst walking and moving around, because according to the time, you will now see many games of things happening suddenly.  The power of concentration is necessary for this.  With the power of concentration, you are easily able to develop the power of determination, and determination automatically enables you to achieve success.  So, especially on the day of power, pay particular attention to practising this power.  This is why it is also said on the path of devotion, “Those who are defeated in their mind are defeated by the world, whereas those who gain victory in their mind gain victory over the world”.  So, since you say that it is your mind, become the master of your mind and gain victory with the reins of the powers.  Pay special attention to this homework in this New Year.  This is known as being yogi anyway, but also becoming a prayogi (a soul who experiments).
6.      At present, BapDada is repeatedly drawing your attention to two things: 1) Stop.  Put a full-stop.  Put a point.  2)  Accumulate your stock.  Both are essential.  Especially accumulate three treasures: 1) Accumulate the reward of your efforts, that is, the practical fruit of your efforts.  2)  Always remain content and make others content.  Do not just remain content, but also make others content and, as a result of that, accumulate blessings.  Sometimes, some children accumulate in their account of blessings, but whilst moving along they become confused over trivial matters and then become discouraged, and put a line through the treasures that they have already accumulated.  So, accumulate in your account of blessings, and the method for that is to remain content and make others content.  3)  Accumulate the fruit and treasures that you receive through service.  And in service too, especially serve as an instrument with humility, with pure and gentle words – unlimited service.  It is not mine, but Baba’s.  Baba, Karavanhar, (The one who gets everything done through others) is getting everything done through me, karanhar (the one who does everything): this is unlimited service.  Check these three accounts.  Have I accumulated all three treasures?  Let the consciousness of “mine” be missing.  Be completely ignorant of the knowledge of desires.  You are thinking what you are going to do this year.  Now that the season is ending, what are we going to do for 6 months?  Firstly, accumulate in your accounts.  Check very thoroughly that there are no limited desires in any corner.  Check that there is no consciousness of “I” or “mine”.  Are you those who take?  Become the bestowers of fortune, not those who take.  Do not be those who want in any way - name, fame, respect etc.  Become the donors, become the bestowers of fortune.
1.      Now, the New Year is about to begin, is it not?  So, in the New Year, within all of you in the unlimited Brahmin family, with your good wishes and elevated feelings, each one of you has to help one another to transform.  Even if someone is weak and you know that that one has a particular weakness in his sanskars, just help with your love and power of co-operation.  Give the hand of co-operation to one another.  The scene of hand-shaking with co-operation will become such that it will be as though you are putting your hand in the other one’s hand, that you are uniting in co-operation, and a rosary will then be prepared.  Do not give teachings, but give loving co-operation.  Do not become detached, do not step away, but be a support because your memorial is the rosary of victory.  Each bead is a co-operative companion of the other beads for this is why the image of the rosary has been created.

2.      Everyone is asking BapDada what they have to do in the New Year.  You have carried out many programmes of giving the message; you are doing that and will continue to do that.  Now, bring the love and co-operation of the message-carriers onto the stage.  Be a great donor.  Co-operate with your virtues and make others the same.  With your virtues – in fact they are God’s virtues but you have made them yours - with the power of those virtues, remove their weaknesses.  Are you able to do this?  Are you able to do it or is it difficult?  Teachers, speak!  Are you able to do this?  Are you able to do it?  Or, is it that you definitely have to do it?  You definitely have to do it?  No one should remain weak (with weaknesses) because you are all the lucky handful out of multimillions, are you not?  Even if it is the last bead, it is of a handful out of multimillions.  Your title is a master almighty authority.  So, what is the duty of those who are almighty authorities?  To give and receive love.  Give and take between you the virtues that you have received from the Father.  Give this gift of co-operation to one another.  In the New Year, people give one another gifts, do they not?  So, this year, give one another the gift of virtues.  Keep benevolent feelings, and then, just as you give a message through lectures and words, in the same way, with your benevolent feelings, benevolent attitude and benevolent atmosphere, give this gift of virtues and gift of powers.  To give co-operation to weak ones is to give a gift at the right time.  Do not make those who have fallen fall even further.  Lift them up, lift them higher. 

3.      to have the cremation ceremony (sanskar – final ceremony when a person dies) of the old sanskars, pay attention with determination to burn them in the fire of yoga in the New Year.  You ask what you have to do in this New Year, do you not?  The question of service is a different matter, but first it is a matter of the self.  You do have yoga, for BapDada even sees you children practising having yoga.  You also make a lot of effort at amrit vela, but your yoga-tapasya is not in the form of an intense fire.  You definitely remember Baba with love, you also have many heart-to-heart conversations, you also practise taking power from Baba, but you haven’t made your remembrance so powerful that if you had the thought to bid farewell, you would actually be able to bid farewell.  You are not using yoga in the form of the fire of yoga.  Therefore, make your yoga powerful.  The power of concentration is especially necessary to burn particular sanskars.  Whatever form you wish to become stable in, for however long you wish to become stable in that, you just have a concentrated thought and you will be able to burn it.  This is called the fire of yoga.  All name and trace finish.  When you kill something, the corpse still remains.  When it is burnt, all name and trace of it finishes.  So, this year, let your yoga reach a powerful stage.  Whatever form you wish to stay in, when you, a master almighty authority, issue an order to the power to finish something, it is not possible that that power would not obey your order.  You are the masters. 

4.      So, did you hear what you have to do for the self this year?  To be a powerful carefree emperor, because this is everyone’s aim.

5.      Are the royal subjects ready?  The royal family should be ready.  It is, but this year, they just have to finish some sanskars.  BapDada has the thought that every centre should have an official programme for this yoga practice and have the aim that it should be printed in the papers in this land and abroad that the Brahma Kumaris are going to have the same programme at so many centres on the same day.  Also have the aim that you won’t have yoga with just a commentary but that you will give them an experience.  An experience makes them strong.  There should be the same programme at the same time at every centre.  Each centre should write the result of what everyone experienced.  You may have a one-day or a three-day programme, but it should be at the same time everywhere, just as you have the programme for the third Sunday.  Now, aim to have a programme everywhere for giving an experience, so that people from this land will also understand that you have held a programme everywhere in the world at the same time to bring about peace in the world.  Aim to make them experienced.  They should not go away having just heard something, but they should go away with an experience.  How did all of you come to belong to the Father?  You experienced something or other, whether it was love, or whether you experienced love by eating toli.  You experienced the behaviour of the sisters, you experienced the smile of the sisters, you experienced their hospitality.  You experienced something or other and this is why you came to belong to Baba.  So, make them have an experience in this way.  Now do continuous service.  A lot of service still remains to be done.  Achcha.

6.      And, together with that, in this New Year, whatever treasures there are - knowledge, powers, virtues, and elevated thoughts - firstly, use them in a worthwhile way and secondly accumulate them.  Accumulate them and also use them in a worthwhile way.  Your title and blessing is “The stars of success.”  Your title is “A star of success”, is it not?  All of you say with intoxication that success is the garland around your neck, that success is your birthright.  So, you are embodiments of success.  So use them in a worthwhile way and also accumulate them.  No matter how much service you do, the sign or the golden key of whether you accumulated it in your account or not is to do everything with the consciousness of being an instrument, to have humility and to have pure words.  Do you have all three?  If even one of the three is missing, then, no matter how much service you do, it doesn’t accumulate in your account.  Then whatever you accumulate is very little, just in name. 

7.      All the children celebrated the New Year with a lot of love.  You celebrated and also made a promise to BapDada that you will finish your sanskars.  So, you have to finish them and unite everyone with good wishes, pure feelings and elevated vibrations.  To finish, to unite and to celebrate.  Everything is included in this.  Now, remain very cheerful through the whole year and make everyone happy: I am a contented soul.  Remain content and make others content.
1.      This year, your title for the self and for the Brahmin family is ‘World Transformers’. 

2.      This year, BapDada wants to make you bid farewell to the word ‘reasons’.  Let there be solutions and finish reasons.  Let problems finish and become an embodiment of solutions.  Whether the reason is the self, your companions, the gathering or the circumstances, in the Brahmin dictionary, the words ‘reasons’ and ‘problems’ should be transformed into ‘solutions’. 

3.      what will you designate this year as?  Earlier, you used to designate each year; do you remember?  So, this year, BapDada doesn’t just want this year to be designated as the year for elevated and pure thoughts, determined thoughts, thoughts of love and co-operation, but Baba wants to see you become like that.  Make the power of determination and the power of transformation your constant companions, even when someone gives you something negative.  You give a course to others to transform the negative into positive so can you yourselves not change the negative into positive?  Others are externally influenced, so you have mercy for those who are influenced.

4.      So, throughout the whole year, do not show any bitterness.  Those people sweeten the mouths; you mustn’t just sweeten the mouths, but your face should also become sweet.  Your face should always be filled with the love of spirituality, and always smiling.  No bitterness.  When the majority of you have a heart-to-heart conversation with BapDada, you tell Baba honestly about yourself, because no one else listens anyway.  So, in the result of the majority, there is a greater report of anger and the children of anger.

5.      So, in this New Year, BapDada wants you to remove this bitterness.  Many of you have written your promises, saying that you don’t want it to, but it comes.  So, BapDada told you the reason, that it is a lack of determination.  You even make a promise in front of BapDada in your thoughts, but determination is such a power that even people of the world say about it, “Even if you have to leave your body, your promise must not be broken.”  You may have to die, bow down, transform yourself, tolerate, but only those who remain firm in their promise are successful at every step, because determination is the key to success.  All of you have the key, but you lose it when it is needed.  So, what are your thoughts?

6.      Children, you don’t ever get angry, do you?  Do you sometimes become angry?  Do you get a little angry?  So, this year, write your result at your centres, and then your teacher will write, saying, “These children did not get angry throughout the whole year, and they made effort very well.”  Then you will be given a prize.  Achcha.

7.      So BapDada wants to celebrate this year as the Unique Year, the year of being loving to all, the year that is free from effort and the year that is free from problems.  Do all of you like this?  Do you?  Will you celebrate the Year of Liberation? 

8.      Big, big programmes are being held in many places.  Each professional wing is working very well, but now, this year, make this addition: Whatever service you do - for instance, you may be doing verbal service, then don’t let it just be service through your mouth, but let there be service through your thoughts, words and deeds filled with love and co-operation – let all three types of service take place at the same time. 

9.      BapDada gave homework for this year: Never think these two words – ‘sometimes’, ‘something’.  Have you done that?  Or, is there still ‘sometimes’?  ‘Sometimes’, ‘ something’, should now finish.  There is no question of getting tired in this dancing.  Whether you are lying down, doing work, walking or sitting, you can perform this dance of happiness and you can also sing songs of the attainments received from the Father.  You know the song, do you not?  Everyone knows this song.  Some may know the song of words and others may not, but everyone knows the song of the attainments, and the virtues of the Father.  So, every day is a festival, every moment is a festival.  Constantly dance and sing; Baba hasn’t given you any other work to do.  This is the only work you have to do: dance and sing.  So, enjoy yourselves!  Why do you carry a burden?  Enjoy yourselves, sing and dance, that is all.  Achcha.

10.  Now, do you remember the drill that BapDada taught you?  Throughout the whole day, you have to perform this drill for 5 minutes many times.  Have you done it?  Those who performed this drill, raise your hand!  Only a few of you have raised your hand!  Why?  You have only done it for a short time, is that why?  You have not done it for a long time?  So, what shall we do now?  At the very least, as a minimum, can you do it 8 times in the whole day?  Can you do this?  Raise your hands for this!  Will you do it?  It is good.  Then, when the next season begins, BapDada will ask for everyone’s result.  Baba will tell you one more thing later, not now.  He will tell you about it later.  Those of you from Madhuban will do this, will you not?  You will take the first number, will you not?  So, this year, the homework from the end of this season until the next season: definitely perform this drill 8 times every day.  You definitely have to do it.  Not that you will see about it; you definitely do have to do it.  If you miss it, then do it many times in one hour and complete it.  Sleep later.  Go to sleep afterwards.  First perform the drill eight times, and then go to sleep.  Is this all right, teachers?  You have got fans in your hands.  You must be feeling hot.  Very good.  The atmosphere of the teachers will automatically spread everywhere. 
1.      Celebrate this year as the “Year for Becoming an Embodiment of Success” because success is your birthright.  Use that birthright and become an embodiment of success because the success of the present time will remain with you for many births.

2.      So this year, from tomorrow, everyone should keep their chart every day.  What and how much was used in a worthwhile way and how much was wasted?  At amrit vela have the determined thought; become an embodiment of the awareness: Success is my birthright.  Success is the garland around my neck.  To be an embodiment of success is to become equal.  You have love for Father Brahma, do you not?  So, what did Father Brahma love the most?  Do you know what he loved?  The murli.  Even on the last day, he did not miss the lesson of the murli.  In becoming equal, check: Whatever Father Brahma loved, the proof of having love for Father Brahma is that I should also easily and naturally have love for everything that the father loved.  What was the other speciality of Father Brahma?  He was always alert; he didn’t have any carelessness.  Even on the last day, he played his part of service with such alertness.  Even though the body was weak, he remained so alert and did not sit with any support.  And he even made everyone else alert.  He departed having given you the mantra of three things.  You all remember that, do you not?  So, to the extent that you remain alert and follow him, accordingly carelessness will finish.  BapDada keeps hearing words of carelessness in particular.  You know them, do you not?  If you constantly continue to revise and realise these three words (incorporeal, egoless and viceless) in your mind, you will automatically become equal easily and naturally.  Firstly, use everything in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success. 

3.      So, this year, firstly, the vibrations of the power of your mind; a current through the powers and co-operation of virtues through actions.  Give the donation of virtues to those who don’t have knowledge.  You give gifts for the New Year, do you not?  So, this year, you yourself must become an embodiment of virtues and give the gift of virtues.  You feed the toli of virtues, do you not?  When you meet, you give toli, do you not?  They become happy when you give them toli, do they not?  Even souls who have left Baba become remember the toli.  They forget everything else, but they do remember the toli.  So, what toli will you give this year?  Feed the toli of virtues.  Have a picnic of virtues because according to the closeness of time, and according to the signals from Dadi, it is possible that time will be completed suddenly at any time, the same as the Father.  This is why you have to become equal to the Father and give the return of Dadi’s love.

4.      Always remember the word “Sada” (always).  Take this gift for this year.  Never forget the word “Sada”.  Don’t have the word “Sada” for obstacles coming, but for becoming free from obstacles.

5.      Now, this year, BapDada wants to see every child full of love and remaining free from labour.  No name or trace of any type of labour should remain in your heart or in your life.

6.      The bell of “suddenly” is now becoming intense.  According to that, now, this year, to what extent have you become an embodiment of experience in all four subjects?  You need to have good marks in all four subjects.  If you have less than pass mark in even one subject, how can you become a bead of the rosary that has passed with honours and a garland around BapDada’s neck?  Those who are defeated in any way cannot become a garland around the Father’s neck.
1.      The speciality of this New Year is that you definitely have to become complete and perfect, equal to the Father.  No matter what effort you have to make, it is fixed that you definitely have to become equal to the Father.  Speak!  All of you have this firm thought in your mind, do you not?  You may nod in agreement.  The Father also wants each child to become equal to the Father.  The Father is the Father, but the children are higher than the Father.  So, in order to fulfil the aim of becoming equal to the Father, you have to follow the Father.  Just think about it: How did Father Brahma become perfect?  What was his speciality?  What was the special basis for his perfection?  Father Brahma used his every moment in a worthwhile way.  He used every breath and every second in a worthwhile way.  So, in order to become equal to the Father, what aim will you keep for this year?

2.      You have to use everything in a worthwhile way and definitely become an embodiment of success.  Success is the garland around your neck.  Success is your Father’s inheritance.  So, with this aim, check.  Every day you have to check yourself: Did I become an embodiment of success and use my time, breath, treasures, powers and virtues in a worthwhile way? 

3.      what will you do this year?  You have to become equal, do you not?  So, if you have to face constant opposition, then sit on the seat of self-respect and opposition will change into position.  

4.      this year, BapDada is giving the blessing of one particular power.  When you say “My Baba” from your heart, then one power will become present.  You mustn’t say “My Baba” just like that, but if you say it from your heart and if you have a right that it is “My Baba” then the power will become present in front of you.  What power is that?  The power of transformation.  With the power of transformation, especially change the negative into positive.  While seeing negative thoughts and negative behaviour, change them into positive.  Just see, speak and do everything positive.  Simply with your good wishes and pure feelings, it will become easy because this opposition will come, but your power of transformation will easily bring you success.  So, did you understand the special blessing for this year?  Use the power of transformation with determined thoughts.  You can bring about transformation, can you not?  This is your challenge.  You do remember it, do you not?  You are world transformers, are you not?  Since your title is a world transformer, then, is it difficult to transform yourself?  When anything difficult arises in your heart – in fact, nothing is difficult but you make it difficult; what can be difficult in front of a master almighty authority?  However, you make one mistake and make it difficult.  For instance, if it suddenly becomes dark here, and then, by mistake, someone tries to chase away the darkness, will the darkness go away?  The correct method is for you to switch the light on and the darkness will go away in a second.  So, you also make the mistake that when something has happened, you go into the queue of questions such as, “Why?”, “What?”, “When?”, “How?” etc.  You make a small thing big and something big is difficult.  If you make it into a small thing, it will become easy.  The Father has shown you an easy method to use any particular power.  Sit on the seat of the awareness of being a master almighty authority.  If you sit on this seat, you won’t become upset.  Without a seat you become upset, but if you have your seat you won’t become upset.

5.      Therefore, this year, bid farewell to anger and its progeny.  Is this possible?  Not even to have bossiness.  The Father is asking those who become angry from time to time in order for something to be done or in order to rectify something, but does the other person reform through that?  Has anyone reformed by you getting angry with them?  Show Baba that list!  In fact, they become even more irritated; they don’t reform themselves.  They create opposition in their mind.  If they are older, they create opposition in their mind because they can’t say anything and if they are young, they begin to cry.  So, Baba is telling you all the things that you have to do this year.  Do you like it?  Are you going to do it?  You may now raise your hands!  Are you going to do it?  Those with the TV camera, take their photograph!  Raise your hands!  Keep them high!  The cameramen are taking a picture.

6.      BapDada’s desire is that everything Baba has told you to do this year, on the last day of every month, each one of you should write your chart on a small blessing-card sized paper and simply write “OK”.  In all the things that Baba told you about, if you were able to do a couple of things and not able to do a couple of things, if you weren’t able to do something, then just put a line through “OK”.  Simply write this much as your result.  Do not write a long letter.  If you write a long letter, those who have to read it will take a long time.  Therefore, if you simply write “OK” on a small piece of paper it will be easy to read. Simply write “OK” or put a line through it; it is easy, is it not?  This year you especially have to chase away the evil spirit of anger.  Do not have any bossiness either.  Some become angry with their eyes.  Have you seen this?  They even get angry with their face.  So, what will you do?  You have to renounce something, do you not?  Will you renounce this? 

7.      The Father is definitely bound to help but do not keep other things in your heart.  If you say “My Baba” and you have weaknesses in your heart, the Father will not give His help.  If your heart is clean, your desires will be fulfilled.  The Father does not enter a heart that is filled with rubbish: and remember Him with love!  Do not just remember Him on the basis of knowledge; you were told that knowledge is the seed and love is water.  If you simply know Him with knowledge, but do not experience Him with love in your heart, if you don’t remember the Father with love, you won’t receive the practical fruit, that is, you won’t have that experience.  The form of experience is the fruit, but if you don’t water it, then it becomes like dry sugar cane.  You may give courses, give lectures and even receive prizes, you may even give up to four lectures in a day, but there isn’t love in the heart.  The sign of having love for the Father in your heart is to have love for the whole Brahmin family.  If there isn’t love, you face more obstacles from Maya because if you haven’t watered it, how can you receive any fruit?  Some children say that they have understood knowledge, that they even have all relationships with Baba, but that they don’t have any experiences.  Experience is the fruit.  Do not become dry knowledgeable souls.  Be loving.  Be loving to the Father and you will easily become loving to the family because you are equal to the Father.  The Father has love in His heart for even the last child.  He sees each one with an attitude of love.  So, do not just be knowledgeable, not just those who give lectures, but be an embodiment of giving that feeling of belonging.  Ask yourself: Do I have love for the Father in my heart?  Or, do I only have love for Him when there is a need?  That is being a knowledgeable devotee.  So, what will you do this year?  Create an atmosphere of love.  When you see each one, even if they are weak, at least they are effort-makers.  They are part of your family, are they not?  Do not make those who have already fallen fall further.  Increase their zeal and enthusiasm and create an atmosphere of love.  Achcha.

8.      Everyone celebrated the New Year.  Continue to celebrate every day as the day for self-transformation and world-transformation.  Each day is new for transformation every day of this year.  Every day is for new service, every day is constantly for new zeal and enthusiasm.  Not a single day is for worry or other thoughts.  Let every day and night be spent in zeal and enthusiasm.  In this New Year, you definitely have to do something new each day for the self, for the world and for service.  Have such a determined thought, bring time close, become perfect, become equal to the Father, fly and continue to make others fly.  Good night.  Achcha.

9.      You will have to become a protector.  You will have to renounce something and take love.  Did you raise the hand of your mind or just your physical hand?  Who raised the hand of their mind?  When your mind changes, the world will change.  So, what will be the slogan this year?  What slogan will it be?  “NO PROBLEM”.  The flag of victory will be hoisted in your heart, and everyone will perform the dance of happiness in their mind.  The dance of the mind is happiness.  So, you will perform the dance of happiness at every moment.  And, you are children of the Bestower, and so whoever comes to you, definitely give each one the gift of one or another virtue.  Then, in one second, that determined thought, the thought of the bestower will become a lift and, within a second, they will reach wherever they want – the supreme abode, the subtle region, physical Madhuban, or the corporeal world – without having to make any effort.  Whoever comes in front of you, do not send them away empty-handed.  Do not meet them without any virtue in your words, on your face or in your behaviour.

10.  BapDada wants this year’s homework to be that you become liberated and grant liberation because, day by day, problems are going to increase a lot.  So, the problems should change into the form of solutions.  Now, your time and effort should not be used for finishing problems.  Can you not hear the call of your devotees and the call of time?  So, now, according to the time, what transformation is essential?  Now, each one of you has to become an experienced image and definitely give one or another experience.  So, Baba now wants the faces and activity of all of you to be so clear as to show that you are children of the Bestower of Liberation who will give liberation.  From your forehead they should have the experience of sparkling stars; not just by relating knowledge to them, but they should experience this from your face because experience brings them close.  So, show them this experience through your face and activity; just as instruments of science enable them to have experiences – now that it is the season of hot weather, science enables you to experience heat and cold.  Since the instruments of science make you experienced, then can the power of silence not give you the experience of power?  So, BapDada now wants the children to remain stable in the stage of that experience and give the experience of one or another power through your eyes and your forehead.  Whatever they hear, they like it at the time of hearing it, but then, when any obstacle comes, they forget it.  However, an experience is not forgotten for life.

11.  BapDada has now told you what you have to especially do practically this year: the sparkle should be visible on your face.  Whoever sees you, you have to be an instrument for revelation, you have to reveal the Father, and so what do you have to do?  Your face should always be smiling.  There should be no thoughts or confusion.  BapDada had told you to remember two expressions now: Signal Maya to get out and to experience yourself to be in a guest house.  This world does not belong to you; it is a guest house.  You definitely have to return home now.  The scenes of the home should be visible in your mind and intellect.  Then, you will automatically feel that the home is here.  You have a song: We now have to return home.  Whether you are from Bharat or abroad, now give this experience in a practical way.  Have unlimited disinterest.  One’s heart cannot get attached to a guest house.  You always remember: I have to return.  I have to go back.  Unlimited disinterest would completely finish any type of thoughts in your mind or any obstacles of Maya in a gathering among yourselves.  The storms of Maya will become a gift for you.  Then, the small test papers that come to you will not seem like test papers, but they will seem like a lift to increase your experience.  Gift and lift.  Do you understand?
1.      You are doing service and BapDada is pleased to see the service of you children, but the Father’s hope is that none of His children should be left out of receiving this message.  They should not complain that you received the gift of the golden world and they did not even know about it.  “Our Father came and we did not receive that message”.  This is why this is the effort you have to make in the New Year.  Make a plan amongst yourselves so that no corner is left out.  You should not receive any complaints, but they should become happy: at least they should know, “Our Father has come!”  They should not remain deprived.  So, what will you do in this New Year?  Get together and make a plan: BapDada feels mercy for every child.  You, too, especially have to adopt a merciful and benevolent form towards your brothers and sisters and give everyone the message.  At least they should not make such a complaint.

2.      So, today, for the New Year, BapDada especially has the thought that just as you bid farewell to the old year, in the same way, every child should bid farewell to Maya.  Bid farewell to waste thoughts because it has been seen in the majority that there are more waste thoughts.  It is very few who have many vicious thoughts – those are very few, but to finish waste thoughts as well as their name and trace, every thought should be powerful.  There should not be a wasteful thought because when you have thoughts of waste, it is not just your thoughts of waste, but your time is also wasted.  This makes you distant from becoming equal to the Father.  Your desire is to become equal and you also raised your hand.  However, BapDada always says: Raise the hand of your mind. It is easy to raise your physical hand.  So, do you have the courage to bid her farewell?  Do you have the courage?  Raise your hands!  Achcha, you are courageous.  Simply keep this courage with you at all times.  If you remain courageous, then you will fulfil the aim that you have kept because BapDada is also with you.  BapDada doesn’t want any of His children to be left behind.  They should return hand-in-hand with Baba.  Father Shiva is incorporeal and He doesn’t have a hand, but shrimat is His hand.  To follow shrimat at every step means to walk hand in hand.  Multi, multimillionfold congratulations to everyone for the three: the New Year, the new life and the new age.

3.      So, this year, the whole year, you will bring as many heirs to Madhuban as there are teachers. 

4.      At midnight – Farewell to 2009 and Greetings for 2010.:All of you said Happy New Year, but for all of us, it is always happy.  According to today’s world, we celebrated the Happy New Year, but every day of the confluence age for us is a festival.  It is always a festival because you have that enthusiasm.  It is the happy confluence of the confluence age.  Many, many, many congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all of you for your transformation.  Just as it is the New Year, in the same way, it is new sanskars and so farewell to the old sanskars and welcome to the new sanskars.  Therefore, you are constantly cheerful and will always remain cheerful.  For us and for you, every year is benevolent.  It makes us move forward and enables others to move forward and this is why it is always happy, happy, happy.

5.      become well known as the Brahma Kumaris who make everyone free from anger, because everyone wants to become free from anger. There is stress, isn’t there? It is because there is stress that everyone wants to become free, but they don’t know the method. They used to think that it was impossible to become pure, but now, on the basis of the experience of all of you, they think that it is possible. In the same way, this year, spread this wave of it being possible to become victorious over anger, that it is not difficult. Bring such examples of those who have the practical experience onto the stage. BapDada has seen that many children have become victorious over anger while engaged in activity. There are such examples in your family, in your Brahmin family. So, what will you do this year? You have come to celebrate Holi, have you not? So, what do you do at Holi? Something is burnt, is it not? So, what will you burn in today’s Holi? You have already done this for anger; you will now make it firm. However, BapDada has seen that the reason for there being stress is the word “I” of body consciousness. It is the “I” of body consciousness. One is “I am a soul” – this too is an “I”, but the word “I” of body consciousness can be of ego or insult. The “I, I” of being disheartened also makes you fall. So, today, in order to move forward in becoming victorious over anger, burn the “I” of body consciousness in the fire of yoga. Burn the many forms of “I, I” and make the one “I” of “I am a soul” firm. Burn all the rest of the forms of “I” in the fire of yoga today before you go from here. There are many types of “I”, are there not? So, today, you will celebrate the Holi of burning something. The reason for anger is that there is a lot of stress. In order to finish this “I”, have this determined thought for yourself today. You have to burn it, because that too is a burden, is it not? Whether you go back by train or plane, go from here having burnt this burden. You can burn it, can you not? Those who think that when you maintain courage, the Father helps and is with You, and victory is therefore also with you, those who think that you definitely have to become victorious, raise your hands! You have to become that. Achcha.
1.      Together with bidding farewell to the old year, bid farewell to the old sanskars and have the determined thought to remain free from obstacles.  Be merciful and a master bestower and give support to unhappy and peaceless souls by serving through your mind.

2.      BapDada has given you the signal that, whatever old sanskars still remain, you have to see and know those sanskars with your mind and definitely finish them.  BapDada sees that these old sanskars are obstacles to your efforts.  On the one hand, children say that Baba is their world and so from where do the old sanskars come?  Since the Father is your world and the old sanskars create obstacles in your efforts, they should be finished, should they not?  At amrit vela, when all of you have a heart-to-heart conversation, the Father has seen that all of you give your chart in saying that, even until now, it is your old sanskars that make you slack in your effort.  So, today, when bidding farewell to the year, can you also bid farewell to those sanskars?  Can you bid farewell?  Raise your hands!  You will have to bid them farewell.

3.      Greetings to all the children from BapDada for the New Year 2011: Congratulations to everyone for the New Year.  Throughout the year, remain free from obstacles and happy.  Through your activity and your face, teach everyone how to remain happy and how to smile.  Constantly fly and make others fly.  Do not walk, but fly.  Everyone loves the flying stage.  Therefore, give the message while flying.  Seeing you, everyone should begin to swing in the swing of happiness.  Happy, happy, happy New Year.
1.      In the New Year, with the blessing, “May you be an intense effort-maker”, show the angelic form through your face. With the volcanic yoga through the form of light and might, burn the waste and donate powers to the unhappy and peaceless souls.

2.      On this day, each one of you has so much enthusiasm in your heart for the coming year. Each one of you has made a plan in your heart of what you have to renounce and what you have to become. Have you made both plans? Have you? Those who have made a plan for the self to move forward and make intense effort in the coming year, raise your hands! Have you made a plan? Congratulations! Everyone knows what BapDada wants for every child. BapDada has the pure wish for every child: Every child should become complete and perfect, the same as the Father. Now, even time is co-operating with you. Each one of you has made a new plan in your own mind for yourself, have you not? You have to renounce something and you have to move forward a little. So, what are you going to renounce? BapDada has seen that, in terms of renouncing the old world and relationships, all of you pay attention to making effort for this. There is one thing that you all wish to renounce, but until now, BapDada has seen that it takes you a little effort to renounce the old sanskars. BapDada wants each of you children to cremate your own old sanskars in the New Year. All of you also want to fulfil this thought, do you not? It is the old sanskars that you refer to as your nature. “That is not my intention, but it is my nature!” So, it is not the nature of this Brahmin birth, but it is an old nature. On this day, cremate that old sanskar. Each one of you knows yourself. So, today, together with bidding farewell to the year, can you have the determined thought to renounce that sanskar? Can you do that? You do want it, it is not that you don’t want it, but it is that same sanskar that repeatedly creates obstacles in different ways, in your putting intensity into your efforts. So, BapDada wants that, together with your bidding farewell to the year, on this day, also bid farewell to that sanskar.

3.      So, today, together with this old year, BapDada wants every child to bid farewell to that old attitude and vision.

4.      So, today at amrit vela, BapDada went on a tour everywhere – in this land and the lands abroad. What did He see? The majority of you sit for yoga at amrit vela – you sit with love, you have a conversation with BapDada, you sit in the awareness of soul consciousness, you even take power from BapDada. However, BapDada wants there to be newness in the coming new year because, day by day, time is now going to become more and more delicate. At such a time you now need to have volcanic yoga. It is now necessary to have volcanic yoga. Volcanic yoga means to be in a powerful form of light and might because, according to the time, sorrow, peacelessness and upheaval are now going to increase. This is why you now have the need to give powers to the unhappy and disturbed souls through special volcanic yoga. In return of their sorrow and peacelessness, you have to give them some powers and peace through the service of your mind. You have kept the topic for the present time: One family. Now, since this is one family, accordingly, you will have to give a drop of something or other to peaceless souls. Therefore, BapDada is now drawing your attention to the need for volcanic yoga especially for the coming new year, that now, there is a need for volcanic yoga. It is only through volcanic yoga that the remaining sanskars will be burnt.

5.      BapDada is giving the blessing: In the next year, may each child be an intense effort-maker. At amrit vela, when you sit down for remembrance and when it is time for you to get up, remember this blessing in your heart from BapDada: May you be an intense effort-maker. BapDada drew your attention to two things in the beginning because the time of the confluence age is going to finish suddenly. 1) Time. 2) Thoughts. Pay attention to both of these at every moment. These are the pure feelings that BapDada has for every child: In this year, what should each child become? What will you become? Whoever looks at your face, they should see from your face the angelic form. Not that “I am so-and-so, so-and-so”. They should experience you as an angel; so, for this, you have to have volcanic yoga. Not any wastage! Through your light and might form of yoga, burn the waste. Whomsoever they look at, they should only be able to see only a powerful angel, because you are the long-lost and now-found children of the Father, are you not? The Father has especially selected you from so many different places and made you belong to Him. Therefore, keep the aim: I am a Brahmin who is going to become an angel. So, at amrit vela, remember this in your timetable: I am a Brahmin and so an angel. As you move along, be in your angelic form. You like the angelic form, do you not? Father Brahma became an angel; so, follow the father!

6.      You were given the blessing for this year – an intense effort-maker; not an ordinary effort-maker. If you make ordinary effort, you will not become a companion in the kingdom. The Father’s desire is: However many students there are who are studying the murli, however many Godly students there are, what will all of them become? Angels. All burdens will be removed. The burden of any sanskar will finish. So, what was the homework for this year? It was: Stay in the angelic form. This is known as intense effort. Now, every centre should look at the result of every student every week and see: Were they intense effortmakers? If any situation arises, be co-operative and give courage with love and make that centre and the students’ intense effort-makers. Look at the result every week because time will definitely fluctuate.

7.      Baba gave greetings to all the children at the auspicious beginning of the New Year 2012: To the whole family everywhere, to the Godly family, including all the Brahmins who have come to Madhuban, multimillion-fold congratulations, congratulations. Now, in the New Year, definitely do the homework which BapDada has given and show BapDada your angelic form. Now, on this day, have the firm faith: Who am I? I am an angel. I am an angel. I am an angel. This is the face and activity that you have to show to the Father and the world. So, in response to BapDada’s “Who am I”, everyone must say, I am an angel. Will you remember this firmly? At amrit vela, immediately after yoga, remember: Who am I? I am an angel. In the angelic form, I will definitely become complete and perfect, the same as the Father. Is this firm? Are you sure? Achcha. Multimillion-fold congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to everyone. Goodnight.
1.      In this New Year, each one has to become a jewel of contentment and become problem- proof and an embodiment of solutions with the power of contentment.

2.      You have very good love for having to do something, but specially use the power of contentment this year for the circumstances that come in between. Check this and you will automatically continue to move forward. Achcha.

3.      This year Baba specially wants to see the result of your becoming problem- proof and an embodiment of solutions.

4.      BapDada has given love and remembrance to everyone everywhere, but, this year, everyone everywhere should be number one in their efforts. Now be co-operative with one another in this way and bring about this result. Whichever zone you see, it should be free from obstacles. Is this possible? Is it possible?

5.      BapDada gave all the children greetings for the New Year  Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for the New Year to all the children everywhere! In this New Year, you have to bring about one newness or another in yourself. The transformation that you have not yet brought about in yourself and what you have been finding difficult, do that in the New Year and write your news to Baba. Make yourself free from obstacles and also be co-operative in making others free from obstacles. All you jewels of contentment should remain sparkling. This is what BapDada wants to see. Achcha.

6.      Lots, lots and lots of love and remembrance to all the children everywhere and congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for celebrating your transformation.
1.      Together with bidding farewell to the old year, have the determined thought to let go of any slightest weakness, even in your dreams, and as well as imbibing virtues with zeal and enthusiasm, remain constantly remain 'wah, wah' (wonderful). Revise this thought daily at amrit vela and you will receive extra help from BapDada.

2.      BapDada wants that from the start of the New Year, each of you children wake up and make a determined thought with your heart - not because you are told to do so. If you make effort with your heart, you will receive help. Have the determined thought tomorrow morning - have the determined thought to renounce something, because BapDada sees that everyone has this thought. However, together with having this thought, hand over that weakness to the Father every day and have the determined thought. You have to imbibe the virtue of zeal and enthusiasm and definitely do this.

3.      the New Year is to come. So, each of you has one or another determined thought in your heart that you will renounce something. Think about this in your heart. However, check it daily after amrit vela: Is the thought that I have had determined? Check because carelessness also comes in thoughts. So, today, imbibe something elevated in your heart and revise it every day at amrit vela. Do not take back what you have given because, as you make further progress, in the times that are to come, as you see those times, you will have to have daily determination in your every thought. Look at the result: To what extent has the thought you had been fulfilled? If the percentage reduces - if at first there is a lot of enthusiasm and it then becomes a little slack - do not allow it to become slack. Have the determined thought that you definitely have to demonstrate this by doing it. You are master almighty authorities, not ordinary. So, tomorrow, bring one or another determined thought in front of you and revise it daily at amrit vela and check it. Take help from BapDada.
1.      While paying attention to making intense effort in the New Year, constantly keep moving forward. Check and transform yourself. The final paper will take place suddenly. Therefore, claim pass marks in every subject. Always remain together and come into the kingdom together.

2.      BapDada wants the handful to definitely pay attention. BapDada knows that the final paper is going to take place suddenly. Circumstances will be like that, and this is why you have to check your checking, as to whether it is according to how BapDada wants it to be and speaks about it. “Is my checking according to that?” You definitely continue to hear about what BapDada wants. At the very least, every night before going to sleep, it is necessary to check yourself because you get tired with all the work that you do. You do give time and you have it in your heart, but tiredness pulls you. So, seeing the time, BapDada is once again drawing your attention: never become careless in paying attention.

3.      BapDada sees that you make effort in many ways. You also pay attention; you are not completely careless, but the time will come suddenly. It can come at any time and this is why BapDada is thinking generally and telling each child: Attention please! In every subject, you should at least have pass marks. To have a number slightly lower is a different matter, but check that there is attention and transformation. You do not become careless, do you? “It will happen, it will happen…” “It is not a big deal.” This is known as being careless in paying attention. BapDada is pleased with the efforts of the majority of children, but, every now and again, Maya also takes her chance. BapDada is congratulating you and, at the same time, also drawing your attention. Attention means no tension. In any way, in any subject, let there be full attention.
1.      Now, in the New Year all of Baba’s children who are instruments, each one of you will carry out your task in the best possible way.

2.      Greetings to everyone for the coming New Year: You are moving according to Baba’s directions and so you will continue to move forward. Victory is already guaranteed. You have the Bestower of Victory with you and so where can victory go?

3.      Everyone remembers Baba at every step and everyone now knows in their hearts who Baba has made an instrument. Whoever Baba makes an instrument, everyone is that one’s companion. Therefore, all of you will fulfill your responsibility of companionship at every step. As the New Year has started, there is definitely a thought for newness. Let there definitely be something new for the year that is beginning.

4.      Whoever has any thoughts, if anyone has any ideas of something new that should happen, then you can write it down and send it to Baba. There is no need to speak about it. If you have any ideas for newness, write them down and send them and time will be saved. It is good if your thoughts also get used. Therefore, in short, write down your thoughts and send them. Achcha. Greetings to everyone for the New Year.
1.      The Comforter of Hearts is One, those with a heart are many and “Mera Baba” is merged in each one’s heart. There is pleasure in this life of happiness. No matter what happens, practice remaining stable in a constant and steady stage as soon as you receive a signal, Merge yourself in supersensuous joy according to the order.