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Light of Silence being Stable, Determined and Concentrated in Remembrance.

Power of Silence (From 2000 to 2010 Avyakt Murlis)
Secret of Magic: Light of Silence being Stable, Determined,Concentrated in Remembrance.
- Karmateet Stage, Victory over Science by the virtue of easiness, simplicity, sweet, happy at the time of performing actions.
- Since atomic power is able to carry out elevated tasks through science, then what can the power of the soul (atma), the power of God not do?

1.   1978: The noise is to stop and there will be silence.  The drums will only sound through silence.  For as long as the drums are being beaten through your lips, the drums of revelation will not be heard.  When the drums of revelation are beaten, the drums through your lips will have become quiet.  It is victory of silence over science that has been remembered; not that of words.  What will you recognise as the completion of time?  You will automatically not feel like coming into sound; this will not be according to a set programme, but your natural stage.  What was the sign of perfection that you saw in sakar Baba?  Whether it was two minutes or one minute it could be recognised from this stage.  You will automatically have disinterest in coming into sound. Just as you now have the habit of coming into sound whenever you want, in the same way, you should develop the habit of going beyond sound whenever you want and only come into sound according to a programme.  When you see this change, you will understand that the drums of victory are about to beat.

2.   Do you know your power of silence very well?  Or do you forget its value when you receive many other powers?  Since atomic power is able to carry out elevated tasks through science, then what can the power of the soul (atma), the power of God not do?  Until now, however, you have experienced very little of this and that too, only sometimes.  Since you can make God's power your own and also make Him transform His form, then can you not change the form of the elements and the circumstances and make them virtuous?  Can you not transform the tamoguni (impure) elements through your satoguni (pure) stage?  Can you not attain victory over adverse circumstances with your own original stage?  Have you not become such powerful master creators?  When BapDada sees the elevated attainment of all you children, He says: Each of you children is such an elevated soul that you can all perform many wonders.

3.   Through this final bomb of silence, all the temporary supports you have kept for your spiritual endeavours will finish, and the one Father will be revealed to everyone through the one and true means of Raja Yoga.  The World Father will very clearly be seen by everyone in the whole world.  The same words will emerge from all souls of all religions: “This is our Father”.  Not the Father of the Hindus or the Father of the Muslims, but “the Father of all of us”.  This is called the final revelation through the Godly bomb.  Now, did you understand the result of what you are doing and what you have to do?  This year, drop the Godly bomb.  Bring about the revelation of the Truth on the basis of your cleanliness and fearlessness.  Achcha.

4.   1987: Since the power of science is able to finish someone’s pain and suffering for a short time, then, can the power of purity, that is, the power of silence, not finish pain and suffering?  The medicine of science has temporary power, but how much power does the power of purity and the blessings of purity have?  According to the time, when people nowadays become tired of medicine due to one reason or another, and when their illnesses go into the extreme, then, at such a time, they will come to you pure deity souls to receive blessings: Take us away from sorrow and peacelessness for all time.  The vision and attitude of purity is not an ordinary power.  This powerful drishti and attitude of a short time will enable you to attain something for all time.  Physical doctors and physical hospitals are now increasing from time to time, but, in spite of that, doctors don’t have any time nor is there any space in the hospitals.  There is always a queue of those who are ill.  As you progress further, they won’t be able to go to the hospitals or doctors for any medicine even if they want to.  The majority will become disheartened.  Then what will they do?  Where will they go when they have become disheartened with medicine?  There will be queues in front of you people.  Just as they now continue to ask for mercy or blessings in front of the non-living images of you and the Father, saying, “O merciful One, have mercy!”, in the same way, they will come to ask you living, pure, worthy-of-worship souls ,”O pure deities, pure goddesses, have mercy for us!”  Nowadays, so many people continue to wander around to those who have temporary occult powers for a cure or for the mercy of happiness or peace.  They believe that if that one’s drishti falls on them even from a distance… However, you will have become embodiments of success through the Godly method.  Where will they go when the temporary supports have finished?

5.   All of those who have temporary powers continue to attain temporary success with some method of temporary purity or other.  That cannot continue for all time.  That too is temporary success attained as a result of the purity of those (present) golden-aged souls, that is, the souls who have come down from above at the end, through having come from the pure land of liberation and according to the principle of the drama, according to their satopradhan stage.  However, they are souls who pass through their sato, rajo and tamo - all 3 stages - in a short time.  This is why they don’t experience permanent success.  Their success is not attained with the Godly method.  This is why selfish motives or ego somewhere or other finishes their success.  However, you pure souls are constant embodiments of success; you are those who enable souls to receive an attainment for all time.  You are not those who just show a miracle, but those who make others into sparkling forms of light; you are those who make others into sparkling stars of imperishable fortune.  This is why all of those supports are only for a short time, and, at the end, they will eventually come to you pure souls to take a drop.  So, have you become such pure souls who are mothers of peace and happiness?  Have you accumulated such a stock of blessings?  Or, are you even now asking for blessings for yourself?

6.   Even now, some children, from time to time, continue to ask the Father: Give me some blessings for this; give me good wishes.  How can someone who is asking be a bestower?  Therefore, know the greatness of the power of purity and become a pure, that is, a worthy-of-worship deity soul from now.  Do not think that you will become that at the end.  This power that has been accumulated over a long period of time will be useful at the end.  So, do you understand what the deep philosophy of purity is?  To be a soul who is constantly a mother of peace and happiness: that is the depth of purity.  It is not an ordinary thing.  You have become pure and you remain celibate.  However, purity is the mother, and, to become a mother of peace and happiness whether through thoughts, attitude, the atmosphere, words or through contact, is known as being a pure soul.  So, check yourself to see to what extent you have become this.  Achcha.

7.   Today, the Almighty Authority, BapDada, is looking at His Shakti Army.  This spiritual Shakti Army is a unique army.  It is called the spiritual army, but it has especially the power of silence and it is a non-violent army that gives peace.  So, today, BapDada was looking at every child who is a bestower of peace: to what extent each one has accumulated the power of silence.  This power of silence is the special weapon of the spiritual army.  All of you are those who hold this weapon, but you are numberwise.  The power of silence will make the whole world peaceful from peaceless.  It will transform not only human souls, but it will also transform the elements of nature.  The power of silence now has to be known and experienced in an even deeper way.  The more powerful you become with this power, the more you will continue to experience the importance and greatness of the power of silence.  At present, you are experiencing through the power of words and the power of the facilities of service, and through this experience, you are achieving success.  However, the power of silence is very much greater than the power of words and the physical facilities of service.  The means of the power of silence is also elevated.  Just as you use pictures, projectors and videos as a means of service through words, in the same way, the means of the power of silence are pure thoughts, good wishes and the language of the eyes.  Just as you give the introduction of the Father and the creation through the language of words, in the same way, on the basis of the power of silence and with the language of the eyes you can give an experience of God, the Father.  Just as you show images through the projector, in the same way, you can clearly show the sparkling image of yourself and the Father in the centre of your forehead.  Just as, at present, you give people an experience of the pilgrimage of remembrance through words, in the same way, with the power of silence, your face will automatically give the experience of the different stages of remembrance.  Those who have that experience will easily feel that, at that time, they are experiencing the seed stage or that they are experiencing the angelic stage, or they will automatically experience various virtues through your powerful face.

8.   you can just as easily carry out and enable others to carry out any physical task with the elevated method of the power of silence, that is, with the power of pure thoughts.  Just as the facilities of the power of science are the telephone and wireless, in the same way, these pure thoughts will give you the experience of speaking directly, face to face, or like having a task carried out through the telephone or the wireless.  These are the specialities of the power of silence.  The power of silence is no less.  However, because you use the power of words and physical facilities a lot more, you find that easy.  You haven’t yet experimented with the methods of the power of silence and this is why you haven’t got that experience.  You find the other way easy and this one difficult.  However, according to the transformation of time, you will definitely have to use the methods of the power of silence.

9.   Therefore, o elevated souls, bestowers of peace, gain experience of the power of silence.  Just as by practising with words, you have become powerful in words, in the same way, continue to become more practised in the power of silence.  As you progress further, you won’t have time to serve through words or physical facilities.  At such a time the methods of the power of silence will be necessary because that which is greatly powerful will also be extremely subtle.  So, pure thoughts are more subtle than words and this is why the impact of the subtle will be powerful.  Even now you are experienced in that where the power of words cannot carry out a task, you say: This one will not understand through words, he will only be transformed through pure feelings.  Where words cannot make a task successful, the experience of mercy and love through the means of the power of silence - pure thoughts, good wishes and the language of the eyes - can accomplish a task.  Even now, when someone who debates a lot comes, through words he would debate even more.  Therefore, you make that one sit in remembrance and give him the experience of the power of silence, do you not?  If he then experiences peace for even a second through remembrance, he himself will surrender his debating intellect in front of the experience of silence.  So, continue to increase the experience of the power of silence.  As yet, there is very little experience of this power of silence.  The majority of you have only experienced as little as a drop of the sweetness of the power of silence.  O bestowers of peace, your devotees ask your non-living images for peace more than anything else because happiness is merged in peace.  They only experience that for a short time.  So, BapDada was seeing how many souls have the experience of the power of silence, how many souls speak about it and how many souls experiment with it.  For this, there is a need to become introverted and to stay in solitude.  It is easy to come into extroversion.  However, according to the time now, a lot of practice of being introverted is required.  Some children say that they don’t have time to be in solitude, that they don’t have time to experience the stage of introversion, because the activities of service and of the power of words have increased a lot.  However, there is no need to find half an hour or an hour at a time for this.  While in the midst of the activities of service, you can find that much time in between in which you can experience being in solitude.

10. To stabilise your mind and intellect in a powerful stage is to be in solitude.  You saw sakar Brahma Baba: the sign of coming close to perfection was that, while in service, while listening to news, he used to go into solitude.  You experienced this, did you not?  He would understand the news of one hour in its essence in five minutes and would make the children happy and also give them the experience of his stage of introversion and solitude.  The sign of perfection is that he experienced the stage of introversion and solitude while walking and moving around and while listening and doing things.  So, are you not able to follow the father?  Does anyone have greater responsibility than that which Father Brahma had?  Father Brahma never said that he was too busy, but he became an example in front of the children.  Now, according to the time, there is a need for this practice.  While having all facilities of service, there will be a need to serve through the power of silence because the power of silence is a power that gives an experience.  Mostly, with the power of words, the arrow only hits as far as the head, whereas the arrow of experience reaches the heart.  So, according to the time, there will be the cry: Give us an experience for just a second.  Those who are tired of listening and speaking will come.  With the methods of the power of silence, you will be able to take them beyond with a glance.  With your pure thoughts, you will be able to end the waste thoughts of souls.  With your pure feelings, you will enable their feelings of love for the Father to emerge.  Only when you make those souls content with the power of silence will they sing praise in front of you souls who are the living bestowers of peace, “O bestower of peace, o bestower of peace.”  Then, by carrying this last sanskar with themselves, they will become devotee souls in the copper age and sing this praise in front of your non-living images.  Baba will tell you at some other time about the importance of traffic control and also how necessary it is.  However, know the power of silence for yourself and use it for service.  Do you understand?

11. Today, Punjab has come.  In Punjab, there is importance of service through the power of silenceWith the power of silence, you can make those with a violent attitude non-violent.  You saw at the time of the beginning of establishment how those who had a violent attitude were transformed in front of the spiritual power of silence.  So, it is the power of silence that will quieten those with a violent attitude.  They are just not ready to listen to words.  When a wave of heat or cold is able to spread everywhere with the power of nature, then can the waves of silence not be spread everywhere by the lords of nature?  Instruments of science can transform a very hot atmosphere into a cool atmosphere.  So, can spiritual power not transform souls?  So, what did those from Punjab hear?  Everyone should feel the vibrations of someone with a treasure-store of peace giving them rays of peace.  It is Punjab that has been given time to do such service.  You hold functions and exhibitions anyway, but experience this power and also give others this experience.  Your mind needs to have a concentrated and powerful attitude.  The more powerful a lighthouse is, the further it can send its light.  So, this is the time for those from Punjab to experiment with this power.  Do you understand?  Achcha.

12. A group from Andhra Pradesh has also come.  What will you do?  You will quieten the storms.  Many storms come in Andhra.  In order to quieten the storms, the power of silence is needed.  Human souls are left wandering in storms.  So, to give wandering souls the destination of peace is the special service of those from Andhra.  When they end up wandering physically, first it is their minds that wander, and then the bodies wander.  When their mind is fixed (stable), their intellect will work for the support of the body.  If the mind is not stable, then the intellect doesn’t work even for the physical facilities required for the body.  Therefore, in order to put everyone’s mind at rest, use this power.  Both (Punjab and Andhra) have to be saved from storms.  There, they have storms of violence and the other has storms of the ocean.  There, it is from the people and here it is from matter.  However, there are storms in both places.  Give the gift of silence to those who have storms.  The gift will transform the storms.  Achcha.

13. "I don't know why, but today I feel empty inside."  Nothing much has happened as such, but yet there isn't the experience of perfection or happiness.  At that time, they didn't perform a wrong action or make a little mistake, but, while moving along, because of being ignorant or careless from time to time, they don't do everything according to instructions.  Firstly, the burden of disobedience to time pulls you towards itself at some moment.  Just as the strong sanskars and nature of the previous birth sometimes pull you towards themselves even against your conscious wish, similarly, from time to time, the burden of your  disobedience sometimes pulls you towards itself.  Those are karmic accounts of the past and these are karmic accounts of the present time, because no account - whether of this birth or past births - can be burnt without your being in the stage of an embodiment of the fire of love.  Because of not constantly having the stage of being an embodiment of this fire, that is, because of not constantly having the stage of powerful remembrance, of the seed stage, of being a lighthouse and might house, you are unable to burn your karmic accounts and that is why the accounts that still remain pull you towards themselves.  You don't make a mistake at that time and yet you feel, "I don't know what happened".  Sometimes, your mind won't be able to stay in remembrance or in service and sometimes there will be waves of unhappiness.  One is to experience peace through knowledge and the other is the peace of dead silence where there is no happiness or bliss.  That is peace without any sweetness.  The heart's desire would just be to go and sit somewhere in solitude.  All of these things are signs of being disobedient in one way or another.  The burden of karma pulls you.

14. One form of disobedience is to commit a sin or to make a big mistake and the second is disobedience in little things.  For instance, the Father's instruction is: At amrit vela, stay in powerful remembrance according to the right discipline.  So, what would you say if you do not observe this instruction at amrit vela?  Would that be being obedient or disobedient?  Perform every action as a karma yogi, with the feeling of being an instrument, with humility - you have these instructions.  There is a long list of these, but Baba is just quoting one as an example.  You have been given instructions for everything: your vision, your attitude etc.  Out of all these instructions, if you don't follow any one instruction in the right way, it is known as being disobedient in little things.  If you continue to accumulate in this account, then it will definitely pull you towards itself, and this is why you say that you are unable to experience as much as you want.  When you are asked, "Are you moving along OK?", you all say, "Yes".  However when you are asked if you are experiencing as much as you should, you then have to think about it.  While receiving so many signals, while being knowledge-full, if you are still unable to experience as much as you should, what is the reason for that?  The burden of the past and the present do not allow you to become double-light.  Sometimes you become double light and sometimes, the burden brings you down.  You don't constantly experience the stage of supersensuous joy and peace filled with happiness.  You don't experience the attainment of the lift of special blessings from BapDada for being obedient.  This is why you sometimes find it easy and at other times you find you have to labour.  You very clearly heard about the specialities of a number one obedient soul.  So, who is number two then?  Those who are lacking these specialities are number two and they become the beads of the second number rosary.  So, you want to become part of the first rosary, do you not?  Nothing is difficult.  The instruction for every step is very clear.  So, is it easy or difficult to move along according to that?  The instruction is the Father's steps.  So, it is easy to place your steps in His footsteps, is it not?  In any case, all of you are true Sitas, the brides.  So, the brides place their steps in His footsteps, do they not?  This is the method.  So, what is difficult?  In the relationship of a child too, a child is one who follows the footsteps of the Father; one who does what the Father says.  The Father says and the child does: this is known as being number one obedient.  So check and change yourself.  Achcha.

15. You have been told of the two papers of tolerance.  The first paper were the bad words and assaults from people.  Secondly, the different obstacles that came in establishing the yagya.  Thirdly, some Brahmin children become traitors, or create opposition because of discontentment about small or large matters.  However, in this too, with the feeling of satisfying those who were discontent while considering them to be influenced by something else, by having benevolent feelings and with the silence power of tolerance, he made each one move forward.  He still taught the lesson of tolerance with sweetness, good wishes and pure feelings to those who came to oppose him.  When someone opposed him one day, and the next day, came to ask him for forgiveness with words emerging from his lips, “Baba is truly Baba!”, that is said to be making those who fail pass with tolerance and to pass through the obstacle.  So, you heard about the second step.  For what?  So that you can place your steps in his steps.  This is known as “follow Father” or to become equal to the Father.  Do you want to become this or do you just want to observe from a distance?

16. May you be powerful and catch your original sanskars with catching power and become the embodiment of them: The main basis of effort is catching power.  Just as scientists are able to catch sound from a long time ago, in the same way, with the power of silence, catch your original deity sanskars.  For this, always have the awareness: I was that and I am once again becoming that.  The more you catch those sanskars, the more you will become the embodiment of them.  The things of 5000 years ago should be as clearly experienced as though they are things of yesterday.  Make your awareness this elevated and clear, for only then will you become powerful.

17. The special basis of becoming worthy of worship is purity.  The more you adopt all types of purity, the more you become worthy of worship in every way.  Those who easily adopt purity constantly in the right way as their original and eternal virtue are those who become worthy of worship in the right way.  What are all the types of purity?  Those souls who easily and automatically fulfil their responsibilities in all their connections and relationships to all souls - whether in knowledge or without knowledge, through their every thought, word and deed with a constantly pure attitude, vision and vibrations, are said to have all types of purity.  Even in your dreams, there should be nothing lacking in adopting all types of purity for the self and for others.  For instance, if celibacy is broken even in your dreams, or if you perform actions or speak to another soul under the influence of jealousy or anger, if your interaction with that one is based on even a trace of anger, that would also be considered to be breaking the vow of purity.  Just think about it: if even dreams have such an effect, then, how much effect would actions performed physically have?  This is why an idol that is damaged is never worthy-of-worship.  Damaged idols are not placed in the temples; they stay in the museums of today.  Devotees do not go there.  There is just their praise: "These are very old idols".  That is all!  They call the damage of the physical limbs breakage, but, in fact, if there is the breakage of observing purity in any way, then that soul becomes deprived of receiving a worthy-of-worship status.  In the same way, if all four types of purity are observed in the right way, then the worship too is in the right way. Purity in your mind, words, actions - relationships and connections are included in actions - and dreams is called complete purity.

18. The deep definition of the karmateet stage: Today the Bodiless Father is seeing His elevated children who remain stable in the bodiless stage.  Every Brahmin soul is coming close to his perfect stage through having the elevated aim of becoming bodiless and karmateet.  Today BapDada was seeing the closeness of your karmateet and bodiless stage: Who has come close to this stage and how close have you come to it?  To what extent have you followed Father Brahma or are still doing so?  The aim of all of you is to be close to the Father and become equal to Him, but you become numberwise in the practical form.  You saw the physical example of Father Brahma staying in that body and yet remaining bodiless, that is, karmateet.  So, what is the speciality of becoming karmateet?  For as long as you still have that body and you are playing your part through your physical organs on this field of action, you cannot stop performing actions for even a secondKarmateet means to beyond the bondage of karma while performing actions.  One is a bondage, and the other is a relationship.  To enter a relationship of karma through the physical organs is a different matter from being tied in a bondage of karma.  Karmic bondage makes you dependent on the limited fruit of karma.  The word “dependent” proves that you are depending on someone.  Those who depend on others become those who wander around like ghosts.  What is the condition of a person whom an evil soul has entered?  He just wanders around under someone else’s control.  In the same way, if you are controlled by your actions, that is, if you are controlled by the desires of the perishable fruit of karma, then that karma will tie you in bondage and continue to make your intellect wander.  That is called the bondage of karma that causes distress for the self and others too.  “Karmateet” means someone who is not dependent on karma, but someone who comes into a relationship (connection) with the physical organs as their master, as an authority, someone who is detached from perishable desires and makes the physical organs act.  The karma should not make the soul, the master, dependent, but as one with rights he should enable the organs to continue to perform actions.  When physical organs attract you, it means you are controlled by your actions; you remain dependent and tied in bondage.  Karmateet means to be beyond this, that is, to be detached from this.  It is the task of the eyes to see, but who is it that enables the eyes to see?  The eyes perform the action, but it is the soul that enables that action to be performed.  So, when the soul that makes an action be performed becomes dependent on the physical organs that perform the action, that is called bondage of karma.  When you become one who makes actions be performed or makes an action take place, it is called coming into relationship of karma.  A karmateet soul comes into relationship, but does not remain tied in bondage.  Sometimes, you say: I didn’t want to say that, but I just said it.  I didn’t want to do that, but I just did it.  Such a soul is said to be a soul who is controlled by the bondage of karma.  Would such a soul be said to be close or far from the karmateet stage?

19. Karmateet means to be beyond, that is, separate from the bondage of the body, bodily relations, materials and lokik and alokik relationships.  Although the word used is “relationship” - bodily relationships or relationships with physical relatives - if there is dependency on the body or the relatives, then that relationship too becomes a bondage.  The word “relationship” is one that gives you a lovely and unique experience.  The relationships of all souls today have changed into bondages.  Where a relationship has taken on the form of a bondage, that bondage continues to cause distress for the self in one way or another.  It will make them experience waves of sorrow or unhappiness.  Although having all perishable attainments, they will experience the happiness of those attainments temporarily.  Together with that happiness, one minute they will experience being an embodiment of attainment, and the next minute, although having all attainments, they will experience the stage of a lack of attainment.  Although full and overflowing, they will feel themselves to be empty.  Although having everything, they will continue to experience, “I need something else.”  And, where souls are constantly wanting something, there cannot be contentment.  It will not be possible for the mind, for the body or for everyone else to remain constantly happy at all times.  They will continue to be upset with themselves or with others due to one thing or another, even against their conscious wishes because to be upset means you have not understood the significance.  It means you have not understood the significance of being one who has the right to make the physical organs act.  So, you would then be upset, would you not?  Those who are karmateet will never get upset because they know the significance of the relationship of karma and the bondage of karma.  Perform actions, not while being dependent, but as one who has a right, as a master.  Karmateet means one who is free from the bondage of his karmic account of past karma.  Even if there is an illness of the body due to the karmic account of past karma or if the sanskars of your mind are in conflict with the sanskars of other souls, someone who is karmateet would not be controlled by the suffering of karma, but as a master would enable that account to be settled.  To be a karma yogi and settle the suffering of karma is the sign of becoming karmateet.  Through yoga, with a smile, change the suffering of karma from a crucifix to a thorn and burn it, that is, finish the suffering of karma.  It should not take on the form of a disease.  When it becomes the form of a disease, then that one himself constantly continues to speak of it as a disease.  He will speak about it in his own mind and also through his lips.  Secondly, because of it being the form of a disease, he himself will be distressed and will also make others distressed.  Such a soul will cry out, whereas someone who is karmateet will manage.  Some people have only a little pain and they cry out a lot, whereas others have a lot of pain and yet they manage.  Because one with a karmateet stage is the master of his body, even though he is suffering for his karma, he will have the practice of being detached.  Every now and then, the experience of the bodiless stage will take him beyond his illness.  Just as when someone in pain is made unconscious through the facilities of science so that his pain is forgotten and he doesn’t feel that pain because there is the drowsy effect of that drug, similarly, because someone in his karmateet stage has the practice of being detached, he has this spiritual injection every now and again.  Then, through this, he experiences the crucifix as a thorn.  And, another thing, through following the Father, as visible fruit of being especially obedient, he receives special blessings from the Father’s heart.  First is their own practice of being bodiless and secondly, the blessings from the Father as a result of their being obedient change the illness, that is, the suffering from karma, from a crucifix to a thorn.  An elevated karmateet soul will change the suffering of karma with his stage of karma yoga.  So, do you experience this or do you feel it is a very big thing?  Is it easy or difficult?  To make a small thing big or to make a big thing small depends on your own stage.  To be distressed or to maintain the honour of being a master depends on yourself.  “What has happened?” or “Whatever happened is good” depends on yourself.  This faith can change bad into good, because due to settling your karmic accounts and due to taking a practical paper from time to time, according to the drama, some things will come in front of you in a good form, whereas at other times, some things would have a good form, but would seem externally to have a harmful form.  You would refer to this and say: It wasn’t good in that form.  Situations will come and, even now, situations continue to come and will continue to come in those forms, but behind the curtain of loss, benefit is hidden.  The external curtain would appear to be one of loss.  If you were to be patient for a little while and have a tolerant stage and see everything with introversion, you would be able to see what is hidden behind the external curtain, and, even while seeing the superficial form, you wouldn’t see it.  You are holy swans, are you not?  Since those swans can separate stones from jewels, then holy swans would take the hidden benefit; they would find the benefit amid the loss.  Do you understand?  You quickly become afraid and so what happens then?  Whatever you had thought was good also changes when you become afraid.  So, do not be afraid.  Seeing the karma, do not become trapped in the bondage of karma.  “What happened?  How did it happen?  It should not happen like that.  Why does it always happen to me?  It is just my fortune that is like that.”  You continue to tie strings like this.  These thoughts are the strings.  Therefore, you become tied in the bondage of karma.  Waste thoughts are the subtle strings of the bondage of karma.  A karmateet soul would say, “Whatever happens is good, I am good, the Father is good and the drama too is good.  These thoughts work like scissors to cut the bondage.  Once the bondages are cut you become karmateet, do you not?  Because of being children of the Benefactor Father, every second of the confluence age is benevolent.  At every second, your business is to bring benefit; your service is to bring benefit.  The occupation of Brahmins is world transformers, world benefactors.  For souls who have such faith in the intellect, every moment is definitely benevolent.  Do you understand?

20. There are a lot more definitions in the language for karmateet.  Just as the philosophy of karma is deep, so the definition of the karmateet stage is also very great, and it is essential to become karmateet.  Without becoming karmateet, you cannot go with God, the Father.  Who will go with the Father?  Those who are equal.  You saw Father Brahma and how he achieved his karmateet stage.  To follow him in becoming karmateet means to become worthy to go with the Father.  Enough said for today.  Just check this much now, and then Baba will tell you more.  Achcha.To all those who remain stable in the stage of having a right, to those who change the bondage of karma into the relationship of karma, to those who change the suffering of karma into the karma yoga stage and change a crucifix into a thorn, to those who bring benefit at every second, to those who experience being close to the karmateet stage like Father Brahma, to such special souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

21. 1993: you now have to become the experimenting souls who experiment with the powers of gyan and yoga.  You can see the experiments of the power of science, so what is the main basis of the experiments of the power of science?  Whatever instruments science has given by experimentation, what is the basis of all those instruments?  What is the basis of the experiments of science?  If you examine it carefully, the majority of them is light.  It is through light that they experiment.  This is what you have seen, is it not?  When a computer is working, on what basis is it working?  The computer is the might, but what is the basis of it?  It is light, is it not?  So, what is the basis of your power of silence?  It is light, is it not?  So, when through the element of light, with one light, they are able to experiment in many different ways and put things into a practical form, then with the imperishable Godly light, and your light of the soul and your practical stage of lightness, what can you not experiment with?  You have the stage of being light and your original form is also of light.  So, when any of you wish to experiment, then check your main basis.  Anyone, who uses the tools of science, will first of all check whether it has light or not.  In the same way, when you experiment with yoga, the powers and the virtues, then first of all check whether there is the main basis, that is, whether there is the power of the soul, the Godly power and the stage of lightness.  When there is the double-light of the stage and form, you will very easily be able to attain success in your experiments.  And, in order to make this practice powerful, first of all, experiment on yourself and then see.  Every month or every fortnight, experiment on yourself with one special virtue or one special power.  Within a gathering, or in connection and relationship with others, test-papers will come.  However, first of all, check in your experiments on yourself, in whatever test-paper comes, to what extent you receive success in the aim you keep of experimenting with any virtue or power.  And, in how much time do you receive success?  The experiments of science are, day by day, moving forward in making you experience the practical form in a short time; they are taking less and less time.  They receive a great deal of success in a little time.  This is also the aim of the scientists.  In this way, whatever aim you keep, also check the time and check the success.  When you are successful in experimenting on yourself, then it will become easy to experiment on other souls.  And, when you experience success for the self, then the zeal and enthusiasm in your heart for experimenting on others will automatically increase.  Because of experimenting with the self, when you are in connection and relationship with others, there will automatically be an influence of your experiments on those souls.  For instance, keep the example in front of you, that you have to experiment with toleration power.  So, when you yourself experiment with toleration power, then the soul, who is instrumental to make your toleration power fluctuate, will also be saved.  That soul will also be moved away from this, will he not?  And when living in little gatherings, and centres are little gatherings, first of all, try it on your own self, then try it in your little gathering.  Create a programme of experimenting with any virtue or any power within a gathering.  So what will happen through that?   An atmosphere of that virtue or power will be created, and that vibration will spread everywhere, and of course, the influence of the vibrations and the atmosphere falls on many souls.  So, become such souls who experiment.  First of all, experience contentment within yourself, and then it will become easy for others, because you will then know the method.  Just as any instrument of science is first experimented with in the form of a sample, and then they create it on a larger scale, in the same way, first of all, use yourself as a sample.  Then this interest to experiment will increase and the mind and intellect will remain busy in that.  Then the time and powers that you use in trivial matters will be saved.  The stage of introversion will easily attract you towards itself, because the experiment and the success of the experiment of anything automatically makes you move away from everything else.  All of you can carry out this experiment, can you not?  Or, is it difficult?  So this year, become the souls who experiment. 

22. 1994: With science, you are able to cut speed and also pick-up speed.  However, no one, as yet, has been able to catch the speed of the soul, nor will anyone ever be able to do this.  It is in this that science considers itself to have failed.  Where science has failed, you can do whatever you want with the power of silence.  So, now let the flying of the soul with a fast speed begin.  Whether in transforming the self, in transforming the attitude of anyone, in transforming the atmosphere, or in transforming your relations and connections, now have a fast speed.  The sign of a fast speed is that as soon as you think about something it happens.  Not that, you have thought about it, it will happen...  No.  You think about it and it happens.  Thoughts, words and actions: all three should be elevated at the same time.  If you check that which is wasteful or if you check your wrong thoughts, you find that speed to be very fast.  You will have a thought in one moment, and instantly, you speak of it and also carry it out practically.  Thoughts, words and actions are very fast, they are simultaneous.  The force of their speed is so fast that it finishes the consciousness of elevated thoughts, actions, maryadas and the greatness of Brahmin life.  The force of that which is wasteful finishes the consciousness of truth and accuracy.  And after some time, when you regain consciousness, you then think that you should not have done that, that it was not correct.  But at the time when there is that force, the recognition of that which is correct changes and it makes you experience the incorrect to be correct.  This is known as the force of that which is wasteful making you unconsciousness.  So this year, all of you children should especially become innocent of all wastage.  When you souls were in your golden-aged kingdom, you were innocent of all wastage and of Maya, and this is why the deities are called the great souls, the saints.  In the same way, let those sanskars of yours emerge.  Become the embodiment of total ignorance of any wastage.  There should be total ignorance of any wastage in your time, your breath, your words and actions: there should be total ignorance, that is, innocence of any kind of wastage in any of these.  When there is total ignorance of all wastage, then divinity will automatically and easily be experienced and you will give this experience to others.

23. 1999: .  So many of these facilities have been invented, but your catching power will be much clearer than any of them.  This will also increase with your power of concentration.  All of those supports are coming to an end.  On what basis do all of those instruments function?  On the basis of light (electricity).  All the physical facilities of comfort are based on light.  So can your spiritual power, your soul power, not do this task?  You should be able to catch whatever vibrations you want from those who are near and far. Only when your mind and intellect are both concentrated and stable will your catching power increase.  You will have many experiences.  When your thoughts are selfless, pure and clear, you will have many experiences very quickly.  Science will bow down in front of your power of silence.  Even now, people think that that is something missing in science that needs to be fulfilled.  This is why BapDada is once again underlining for you that your thought power will enable you to do fast service in your final stage.  Therefore, pay greater attention to the power of your thoughts.  Save it and accumulate it.  It will become very useful.  You will be able to become a soul who constantly experiments with the power of your thoughts.  What is the importance of science?  It is only when scientists make scientific experiments that people believe that they are doing something wonderful.  Therefore, in order to experiment with your power of silence, you need the power of concentration.  The main basis of the power of concentration is to have the power of control of your mind.  It is with this that you increase the power of your mind.  The power of the mind is praised a great deal.  Those with occult power also show temporary miracles through the power of their mind.  You too will show benevolent miracles through the right method, not with occult power, which will become blessings.  This experiment with the power of thoughts, will be proved as a blessing for souls.  Therefore, first of all, see whether you have controlling power to control your mind.  Just as with science you are able to switch something on or off in a second, in the same way, check whether you are able to control your mind for as long as you want in the way that you want.  You should be able to see yourself as an embodiment of success, both for yourself and service.  However, BapDada sees that, at present, you only pay ordinary attention to increasing your account of thought power.  You don’t pay as much attention to that power as you should.  You speak and act automatically on the basis of your thoughts.  There will be no need to make individual effort if you pay attention to this.  You think, "Today, I will pay attention to control my words.  Today, I will pay attention to my drishti.  Today, I will change my attitude by paying attention to it."  When your thought power is powerful, you automatically control all of these things.  You will then be saved from having to labour.  So, realise how important your thought power is.

24. The bhatthis are especially being conducted for you to be able to instil this habit.  By continuing to pay attention to the habits you instill here, you will make them eternal.  Do you understand how important this is?  The greatest of all treasures that Baba gives you is this treasure of elevated thoughts, of thoughts filled with good wishes and pure feelings.  Baba gives this treasure to every one of you, but you accumulate it numberwise.  Your power to experiment with this treasure is also numberwise.  Now, have you ever experimented with your good wishes and pure feelings?  Have you experienced a successful result by doing this in the right way?  This is happening very little at present.  Eventually, the power of your thoughts will become very great.  At present, to give a message in words, you use up your time and wealth and you fluctuate.  You become tired as well.  However, when you are able to serve with your thought power, you save all of those things.  Therefore, increase your thought power.  When you increase your thought power, revelation will take place very quickly.  How many souls have you given the message to in the last 62-63 years?  You haven’t even served 900,000 souls!  You have to give this message to all the souls of the whole world, so how many billion souls are there?  As yet, it hasn’t become clear that God is teaching you, that God is making you move and that God, Karavanhar, is working through you.  As yet, there is just the sound that all of you are doing good work, but Karavanhar is still incognito.  With your thought power, you must be able to transform everyone’s intellect.  Whether in the form of God’s divine activities or in His form of the Father, God will be revealed.  Therefore, once again, BapDada is even now asking you to pay attention to increasing your power of thought and to experiment with that continuously.  Do you understand?

25. You are now using all of those different methods much more.  It is as though you children are receiving the fruit of Brahma Baba’s renunciation, tapasya and service.  In the same way, all of you children have to spread an atmosphere of your renunciation, tapasya and service into the world.   Just as science is showing its impact in a practical way, so too, the power of silence, which is the creator of science has to be revealed.  It is now the time to reveal practically the power of silence.  The way to spread vibrations of the power of silence very fast is the concentration of the mind and intellect.  The practice of concentration should now be increased.  Only through your power of concentration can that atmosphere be created.  When there is upheaval, powerful vibrations cannot be created.

26. Today, BapDada saw that a lot more power of concentration is required.  All of you children should now have the determined thought to transform all the circumstances of sorrow of all your brothers and sisters.  This mercy for them should emerge in your heart.  The power of science is able to create such upheaval.  Therefore, are all of you Brahmins, with your power of silence, your feelings of mercy and your thoughts, not able to transform that upheaval?  Since you do have to do this, since it does have to happen, you must pay special attention to this.

27. 2000: A robot that does everything has been created that works by electricity,.  It does everything very fast on the basis of electricity.  It is the practical proof of science.  Therefore, BapDada asks: Can you not perform actions with the power of silence and the light of silence?  Can you not do this?  There are engineers and scientists sitting here, are there not?  Raise your hands!  Stand up!  You should also create the stage of a spiritual robot which can also be called a spiritual karma yogi.  An angelic karma yogi!  First, you have to become ready.  You engineers and scientists have to experience this first.  Will you do this?  Can you do this?  Achcha, make such plans!  BapDada wants to see such mobile spiritual angelic karma yogis.  Wake up at amrit vela, celebrate a meeting with BapDada, have a heart-to-heart conversation and take blessings from Baba.  Do whatever you have to do!  However, at amrit vela every morning, take from BapDada the blessing of being an angelic karma yogi and then engage yourself in your activities.  Is this possible?  Your department (accounts) is one that uses the head a great deal.  Is this possible?

28. 2001: Give the message through words and through the mind, with the stage of soul consciousness, give an experience.  At the time of giving a lecture, from your words, through your forehead, through your eyes, through your face, there should be the visible characteristics of the experience that today we heard a lecture, but we had a good experience of God’s love.  They say as a result of the lecture that you spoke very well, that it was very good, that you said many good things.  In the same way, they should speak about the experience of the form of the soul.  The vibrations should reach human souls.  That atmosphere should be created.  The facilities of science can create an atmosphere of coolness.  Everyone has a feeling that there was a good feeling of coolness.  It can also give the experience of warmth.  In the cold it can give the experience of warmth, in the heat it can give the experience of coolness.  Can your silence not give an atmosphere of the form of love, a form of happiness and a form of peace.  Research this!  They shouldn’t just say, “It was good, it was good”, but they should become good.  Then you will bring the completion of time and bring about your kingdom.  Do you not remember your kingdom?  The confluence age is elevated.  That is fine!  It is as valuable as a diamond.  However, Oh children with a merciful heart, who are world benefactors, do you not feel mercy for your sorrowful, peaceless brothers and sisters?  Do you not have the enthusiasm to transform the world of sorrow and make it happy?  Do you not have this enthusiasm?  Do you wish to see sorrow?  You see the sorrow of others.  Do you like to see your brothers and sisters in a state of sorrow?  Make your compassionate and merciful form emerge.  Don’t just become engaged in service.  “We’ve done this programme, we’ve done that programme.”  The year is over.  Now become merciful!  Become merciful through your drishti, or by giving experience, or by giving the impact of a stage of the soul.  Become merciful.  Have a merciful heart. 

29. BapDada meeting Dr. Abdul Kalam, Dr. Pillai and Dr. Selvamurthi (Scientists of Bharat): BapDada is pleased to see the fortune of all of you.  Special service has to take place through you souls.  What service will you do?  (30% of the people are poor, and I have the thought to remove that poverty.)  It will happen.  The time is now to come for the thought that you have.  This poverty is not going to remain.  Just as Bharat was the wealthiest of all, it now has to become the same.  So this thought of yours is going to be fulfilled.  It is a good thought.  All of you simply become messengers and give this message: Any soul who comes into connection with you, then the balance of both silence and science, will itself give blessings from God.  Now, you just have to give this message.  BapDada is happy that your desire is for the children to progress, that the children become worthy, and plans are being made for that here.  The Education Department here is gradually moving forward and you will also be co-operative in that.  All these children will be co-operative in that and the day will come when you will say, “Wah, Bharat, wah!”  The spiritual knowledge of Bharat will give everyone the blessing of happiness and peace.  (The balance of science and silence will make Bharat beautiful.)  Follow Brahma Baba.  You have one speciality and you can continue to use that speciality.  Your natural speciality is that you definitely complete whatever task you start.  You don’t leave it incomplete.  Therefore, with this speciality, your thought will definitely be fulfilled.  Both these companions are also very good.  You are a trimurti now.  Where there is a trimurti, Shiv Baba is also there.  (They are also kumars.)  You are brahmcharis (celibate from birth) and also Brahma-acharis (those who follow the footsteps of Father Brahma).  (Addressing Dr. Selvamurthi): It is good.  This one is doing something for health.  In the field of health, everyone’s sorrow is being removed.  To remove everyone’s sorrow is also such a good task.  This is why those who are in the health field are said to be next to God.  This is why it is good.  Together with health, souls will also receive the wealth of knowledge.  You are good instrument souls.  (Dr. Pillai has received the title of Padam Shri and Dr. Abdul Kalam has received the Bharat Ratna award – the highest award in India).

30. 2002: All of you have the aim to become equal to the Father.  Therefore, throughout the day, perform this drill: the drill of the mind.  You perform a physical drill for good health of the body.  Continue to do that because, nowadays, exercise is more essential than medicine.  Do that, do a lot, but do it at the right time.  Don’t continue to do exercise at the time of service.  It is good to exercise at the right time.  However, together with that, also repeatedly exercise the mind.  You want to become equal to the Father – one is incorporeal and the other is an avyakt angel.  Therefore, whenever you have time, in a second, become stable in the incorporeal stage, equal to the Father.  Since you want to become equal to the Father, the incorporeal stage is being equal to the Father.  Whilst performing your tasks, perform all actions as an angel.  An angel means double-light.  Let there be no burden of the task.  The burden of the task will not allow you to become an avyakt angel.  So, in-between, exercise the mind in the incorporeal and the angelic stages and then there won’t be any tiredness.  You saw Father Brahma in the corporeal form – he was double light.  There was no burden even of service.  Avyakt angelic form.  Then you will easily become equal to the Father.  The soul is incorporeal, so if the soul becomes stable in the incorporeal stage, remembrance of the incorporeal Father will easily make you equal.  Can you become stable in the incorporeal stage right now in a second?  Can you do this?  (BapDada conducted drill.)  Continue to practise this repeatedly.  Pay attention to this whilst walking and moving around and while performing actions.  This practice will help you to serve through the mind and you will receive a lot of help in the stage of powerful yoga.  Achcha.

31. 2002: If Brahmins have determination, then what is not possible?  Everything would be accomplished.  Simply let your yoga take the form of powerful flames.  When your yoga takes on the form of powerful flames, souls will automatically follow the powerful flames, because when they receive light, they will be able to see the path.  You are having yoga now, but it has to take on the form of powerful flames.  Zeal and enthusiasm for service is increasing very well, but you now have to underline yoga for it to take on the form of powerful flames.  Your drishti should have such a sparkle that others definitely experience something or another through your drishti.

32. 2003: today, BapDada checked the stage of the mind of all the children, because the main thing is manmanabhav.  In terms of service too, service of the mind is the most elevated service.  You say: Those who conquer the mind conquer the world.  So Baba checked the condition of your mind.  So, what did He see? You become the master of the mind and make it work.  However, sometimes, your mind makes you work.  The mind then controls you.  So, BapDada saw that you have deep love with your mind, but your mind doesn’t become concentrated and stable.  At the present time, a stable and concentrated mind will enable you to experience a constant stage.  Just now, in the result, Baba saw that you want to make your mind concentrate, but it wanders away in-between.  The power of concentration easily enables you to experience the avyakt angelic stage.  The mind wanders into wasteful situations, wasteful thoughts and in wasteful interaction.  For instance, some people don’t even have the habit of sitting still, even physically, whereas others do have that habit.  So, when you are able to stabilise your mind where you want, as you want and for as long as you want, that is called having the mind under your control.  The power of concentration and the power of being a master easily make you free from obstacles.  Then you don’t have to battle.  Using the power of concentration, you can easily experience belonging to the one Father and none other.  You will experience this automatically, you won’t have to make effort.  Using the power of concentration, you automatically experience a constantly angelic form.  You love Father Brahma.  So, to become equal to Father Brahma means to become an angel.  Using the power of concentration, you automatically have love, benevolence and an attitude of regard for everyone because stability means the stage of self-respect.

33. The angelic stage is your self-respect, just as you saw Father Brahma and you also speak about that.  What did you see as the time of perfection continued to come closer?  The walking and moving angelic form.  He was beyond any consciousness of the body.  Did you ever have a feeling of the body?  When he was walking in front of you, were you able to see the body or did you experience the angelic form?  When he was performing actions, speaking, giving directions or giving zeal and enthusiasm, he was detached from the body; you experienced a subtle form of light.  You say, do you not, that as Brahma Baba was speaking, it felt as though as he was speaking to you, but that he wasn’t there?  He was looking at you, but his vision was alokik.  It wasn’t this physical vision.  He was beyond any consciousness of the body.  When others also don’t feel consciousness of the body, when they see your unique form, that is called being in the angelic form whilst being in the body.  Let there be the experience of uniqueness in every situation in your attitude, vision and actions.  He was speaking, but you felt it to be very detached and loving – loving in a soul-conscious way.  In the same way, you yourself should experience the angelic stage and also give this experience to others, because without becoming an angel, you cannot become a deity.  Angels are deities. 

34. So, Brahma, the number one soul gave the experience of the angelic life in his practical life, and he became the angelic form.  Together with that angelic form, all of you also have to become angels and go to the supreme abode.  For this, pay attention to stability of the mind.  Make your mind work under your orders.  When you have to do something, those actions should be performed with your mind.  If you don’t want to do something and your mind says that you have to do it, that is not being a master.  At the moment, some children say: I didn’t want to do that, but it happened.  I wasn’t thinking that, but it just happened.  I shouldn’t have done it, but it just happened.  This is the stage of being controlled by the mind.  You don’t like such a stage, do you?  Follow Father Brahma. You saw Father Brahma.  What did you experience when he was standing in front of you?  That an angel was standing there, an angel was giving you drishti.  So, the power of the concentration of the mind will easily make you into an angel.  Father Brahma also tells you children: Become equal.  Father Shiva says: Become incorporeal, and Father Brahma says: Become an angel.  So what did you understand?  What did Baba see as a result?  Concentration of the mind is lacking.  The mind tours around a lot in-between, it wanders away.  If it goes where it shouldn’t go, what would you call that?  You would call that wandering, would you not?  So, increase the power of concentration.  Remain set on the seat of the stage of a master.  When you are set, you don’t become upset.  When you are not set, you become upset.  Therefore, remain set on the seat of the various elevated stages.  This is called the power of concentration with stability.  Is this OK?

35. The majority of you, that is, about 90% of you children have very good thoughts.  BapDada also thinks that today, this child’s thoughts are very good and that there will be progress, but they are reduced by 50% when it comes to words and reduced by 75% when they are put into actions.  They become mixed.  What is the reason for this?  There isn’t concentration and determination in your thoughts.  When there is concentration in your thoughts, concentration is the means of success.  Determination is the means of success.  There is a difference in that.  What was the reason?  BapDada only sees one thing in the result.  You look at others a lot.  All of you show this, that when you point a finger at someone, four fingers are pointing back towards yourself.  So, you don’t see the four fingers, but you see the one a lot.  Therefore, there has to be determination and concentration.  There is fluctuation in the unity.  “If this one does it, then I will do it”.  Those who take the initiative become Arjuna. You become the second number in this.  Otherwise, change your slogan.  Instead of “World transformation through self transformation”, let it be “Self-transformation through world transformation.”  “Self-transformation through the transformation of others.”  So, should we change the slogan?  Should we change it?  Should we not change it?  BapDada is also putting one condition.  Do you agree to this?  Should Baba tell you this?  BapDada will see the result in 6 months and will then come.  Otherwise, He will not come.  When the Father has said, “Ha ji”, children too should say, “Ha ji”.  No matter what happens, BapDada says: For self-transformation, you have to die to the consciousness of the limited “I”.  Die to the consciousness of “I”, not die physically.  You don’t have to die physically, but die to the consciousness of “I”.  “I am right”.  “I am this.  Am I any less?  I am everything.”  Die to this consciousness of “I”.  You will have to die too.  So this death is a very sweet death.  This is not dying, but it is living with the fortune of the kingdom for 21 births.  Do you agree? 

36. Now, are you able to become a master of your mind in a second and stabilise it for as long as you want?  Are you able to do this?  Are you able to do this?  So now perform this spiritual exerciseLet there be total concentration of the mind.  There shouldn’t be any upheaval, even in your thoughts; unshakeable.  Achcha. 

37. 2004: The method to become a bestower of liberation and liberation-in-life is to become free from the consciousness of the body in a second.  This practice is now necessary.  Let there be such controlling power over your mind, just like you are able to move your physical organs such as your hands and feet as and when you want.  Does that take time?  If you think that you have to raise your hand, would it take any time?  You are able to do that, are you not?  If BapDada were to ask you to raise your hands now, you will do that, will you not?  Don’t do it now, but you are able to do it.  In the same way, there has to be so much control over your mind that you are able to concentrate it wherever you want.  Although it is subtler than your hands and feet, it is still yours, is it not?  You say, “My mind”, do you not?  You do not say, “Your mind”.  So, just as you keep the physical organs under your control, in the same way, your mind, intellect and sanskars have to be under control, for only then will you be called a number one victorious soul.  Scientists can only travel within this world with their rockets and other facilities; or, at the most, they can reach the other planets.  However, you Brahmin souls can reach the three worlds.  Within a second, you can go to the subtle region, the incorporeal world and at least Madhuban in the corporeal world, can you not?  If you order your mind to reach Madhuban in a second, are you able to do it?  Reach there with your mind, not your body, but your mind.  If you give this order to it: You have to go to the subtle region or the incorporeal world, are you then able to make your mind reach wherever you want in a second?  Do you have this practice?  There is now a greater need for this practice.  BapDada has seen that you do practice this, but there now has to be greater attention paid to becoming concentrated whenever and for as long as you want, to becoming unshakeable and not coming into upheaval.  There is the saying, “Those who conquer the mind conquer the world”, but now sometimes even still the mind deceives you.
38. So, today on the day of power, BapDada is especially drawing your attention to this power.  O self-sovereign children, now check this practice whilst walking and moving around, because according to the time, you will now see many games of things happening suddenly.  The power of concentration is necessary for this.  With the power of concentration, you are easily able to develop the power of determination, and determination automatically enables you to achieve success.  So, especially on the day of power, pay particular attention to practising this power.  This is why it is also said on the path of devotion, “Those who are defeated in their mind are defeated by the world, whereas those who gain victory in their mind gain victory over the world”.  So, since you say that it is your mind, become the master of your mind and gain victory with the reins of the powers.  Pay special attention to this homework in this New Year.  This is known as being yogi anyway, but also becoming a prayogi (a soul who experiments).

39. 2005: You also make a lot of effort at amrit vela, but your yoga-tapasya is not in the form of an intense fire.  You definitely remember Baba with love, you also have many heart-to-heart conversations, you also practise taking power from Baba, but you haven’t made your remembrance so powerful that if you had the thought to bid farewell, you would actually be able to bid farewell.  You are not using yoga in the form of the fire of yoga.  Therefore, make your yoga powerful.  The power of concentration is especially necessary to burn particular sanskars.  Whatever form you wish to become stable in, for however long you wish to become stable in that, you just have a concentrated thought and you will be able to burn it.  This is called the fire of yoga.  All name and trace finish.  When you kill something, the corpse still remains.  When it is burnt, all name and trace of it finishes.  So, this year, let your yoga reach a powerful stage.  Whatever form you wish to stay in, when you, a master almighty authority, issue an order to the power to finish something, it is not possible that that power would not obey your order.  You are the masters.  You call yourselves masters, do you not?  If a master issues an order and the power doesn’t present itself, then is that one a master?  BapDada has seen that even now, there is still a trace of one old sanskar or another and that that trace creates a progeny every now and again, which then makes you put it into action.  You then have to battle.  So, according to the time, BapDada doesn’t like the present battling form of the children.  BapDada wishes to see every child in the form of a master.  When you issue an order, the power should become present.

40. The speciality of the Dadis is that they take every step according to the Father’s shrimat.  They make their mind surrender to the Father’s remembrance and service.  All of you are also doing this, are you not?  Surrender your mind.  BapDada has seen that the mind shows great wonders.  What are the wonders that it performs?  It becomes mischievous.  The mind should become concentrated and stable, just as when you hoist a flag.  In the same way, the flag of the mind is Shiv Baba; concentrate on Shiv Baba.  That time is also coming close.  Sometimes, BapDada hears the very good thoughts of the children.  Everyone’s aim is very good.  Achcha. 

41. BapDada has deep love for all the children.  BapDada wants the account of accumulation of every child to be full.  In dharna too - the sign of dharna is that your every action will be full of virtue; whatever virtue is needed at any time, that will be visible on your face and in your behaviour in an emerged form.  If any virtue is lacking, for instance, if you need the virtue of easiness and simplicity or sweetness at the time of performing actions, then if there is even the slightest force instead of easiness, simplicity and sweetness in your words and actions or if because of tiredness, there isn’t that sweetness, if the words are not sweet, if your face is not sweet and you are serious, then that would not be called being full of virtue.  No matter what the circumstances are, whatever your virtues are, only those virtues should emerge.  Baba is now telling you in short

42. Similarly, in service – the best sign of a server doing service is that he himself will always remain light – he will be seen as light and happy.  The fruit of service is happiness.  If while doing service your happiness disappears, that is not accumulated in your account of service.  You did service and gave your time, you made effort and so a little percentage would be accumulated; it would not go to waste.  However, you will not accumulate as much a percentage as you should.  In the same way, the sign of this in terms of relationships and connections is the attainment of blessings.

43. 2006: You are instruments to bring the time and completion close.  So, according to the importance of the present time, and since you know that every step has multimillions merged in it, you keep the awareness of increasing that in your intellect, but you should also keep the awareness of losing that in your intellect.  If you are creating multimillions at every step, you are also losing multimillions in a step, are you not?  So, now, the question of a minute is over.  You say for others that they should stay in a minute of silence, but for you people, it is now a matter of a second.  How long does it take to think “yes” or “no”?  A second.  So, such fast transformation power is required.  You understand that something is fine or not fine.  Put a full-stop to that which is not fine and make that which is fine practical.  Now use the importance of the full-stop.  You know about the three dots, do you not?  However, use the dot (full stop) at the right time.  Scientists are doing everything quickly now and they are also using the power of transformation a lot more.  So, those with the power of silence, now keep the aim, that is, if you want to bring about transformation – you are knowledge-ful, but now become powerful, in the speed of a second.  “We are doing it, it will happen, we will do it….”; no.  Is it possible or is it difficult?  Because, at the final moment, it will be the paper of a second, not a minute.  So, only if you have the practice of a second over a long period of time will you be able to pass with honours in a second.  You are Godly students, you are studying the Godly study and so you definitely have to pass with honours. 

44. Now, practise this right now.  In one second become free from negative thoughts, free from waste thoughts; become stable and concentrate on “One Father and none other”.  Are you able to sit and concentrate on this one thought?  Let there be no other thoughts.  Sit in the experience of concentrating on just the one thought.  Do not take time, but just in one second.  Achcha.

45. Now, are you able to experience yourself as a master of the mind and stabilize your mind in one second?  Are you able to order it?  Reach your sweet home in one second.  In one second, reach your kingdom, heaven.  Does your mind obey your orders?  Or does it fluctuate?  If the master is worthy and powerful, it is not possible for your mind not to obey you.  So, now practise – all of you reach your sweet home in one second.  Pay attention to practising this every now and again throughout the day.  The concentration of the mind will make you yourself and the atmosphere powerful.  Achcha.

46. Do you remember BapDada’s spiritual drill?  (BapDada conducted drill.) Now, BapDada wants every child, whether old or new, little or senior – in fact, the little ones can quickly become like the Father – so now, your mind should become stable and concentrated wherever you want in a second.  Constantly continue to perform this drill of concentration.  Now, become a master of the mind in one second and become stable in the awareness of “I and my Baba are my world, and there is none other.”  Achcha.

47. You do realise your weakness, but something is missing in bringing about transformation.  In that, BapDada has seen that there is a lack of determination.  And, secondly, in the speciality of being able to stabilise your mind so that you are able to stabilise it in whatever you want whenever you want – this is lacking.  Determination and concentration: pay attention to these, whether you are from Bharat or from abroad.  Until now, there is still waste; there isn’t economy.  Use your thoughts, words, relationships and connections, nature and sanskars economicallyEconomy is also essential.  To the extent that you are economical with your thoughts, to that extent, you will not be able to stay without being economical in the yagya.  If you don’t know how to be economical in the yagya, if those sanskars are not emerging, then, understand that you don’t have the habit of being economical with the treasures of time and thoughts, and that is why the sanskars of being economical in the yagya are not emerging.  So pay attention to determination, concentration and economy.  Is this OK?  But otherwise, BapDada is pleased and is also happy with the plans for service.

48. 2007: You heard everything.  You find it easy to hear everything.  In the same way, go into sweet silence, beyond hearing anything.  Whenever you want, for as long as you want, become a master and, in particular, first is being a master of the mind.  This is why it is said that those who conquer the mind conquer the world.  Now that you heard and saw, can you, the soul, become a king and control your mind, intellect and sanskars?  Become a master of your mind, intellect and sanskars and order them to be in sweet silence.  So, do you experience that, by ordering them and having authority over them, the three are able to remain under your orders?  Now become stable in the stage of being the authority.  Achcha.

49. Especially at amrit vela, BapDada has seen while moving along with you, that the extent to which there is upheaval in all three authorities, to that extent which you gods and goddesses of peace should be experimenting with the powerful power of silence, is still less.   So, BapDada is now giving this enthusiasm to all the children:  You are spreading the sound very well in the field of service, and although there is upheaval in that, the power of silence….(BapDada was repeatedly coughing). The instrument is not so well, but still BapDada cannot stay without meeting the children and nor can the children stay without meeting Baba.  So, BapDada is giving this special signal: Now, spread the vibrations of the power of silence everywhere.

50. Now, you especially saw Brahma Baba and Jagadamba.  While he himself was Adi Dev, he made so much incognito effort with the power of silence.  Your Dadi also made this one thing so firm in order to become karmateet.  While having responsibility and making plans for service, no matter how bad the instrument was, BapDada still had love (instrument was coughing again and again).  So, no matter how big the service of responsibility may be, you cannot receive as much success of the instant and practical fruit of service as you want without the power of silence, because it is only then that you can create the reward for the whole cycle for yourself.  For this, it is now the time for each one of you to accumulate the reward of the kingdom and of becoming worthy of worship for the whole cycle because delicate times are definitely going to come.  At such times, with the power of silence, touching power and catching power are very essential.  Such a time will come when these facilities will not be able to do anything.  It will only be spiritual power and the touching of BapDada’s directions that will enable you to carry out a task.  So, check yourself:  At such a time, will you be able to receive BapDada’s touching in your mind and intellect? The practice of this over a long period of time is needed for this.  The method for this is always, not sometimes, but always to keep your mind and intellect clean and clear.  Rehearsals will now continue to increase and they will become real in a second.   If there is the slightest negativity in your mind or intellect for any soul, any task or any co-operative companion, then that would not be said to be clean and clear.  This is why BapDada is drawing your attention to this.  Check: How much silence power have I accumulated throughout the day?  While doing service, if I do not have the power of silence in my words, then I will not be able to receive the instant fruit of success to the extent that I want.  There will be greater effort and less reward.  Do service, but do service that is filled with the power of silence.  By doing so, you will receive more than the result you want.  Check yourself again and again.  BapDada is pleased that, day by day, whatever service you are doing, and wherever you are doing it, it is good.  However, more attention is now needed to accumulate the power of silence for the self and to bring about transformation.

51. Make a plan for remembrance and service.  Remembrance means the power of silence and you will attain that when you are in the stage of the top.   When you stand at the top (peak) of a place, you can see everything so clearly.  In the same way, your stage at the top – what is the top-most point of all?  It is the supreme abode.  BapDada says: Do service and then come and sit with the Father, in the stage at the topWhen you are tired, you sit down in silence for five minutes and that makes a difference.   In the same way, every now and then, come and sit with the Father.  What is the other place at the top?  Look at the world cycle, what is the place at the top?  At the confluence age, the needle is shown pointing to the top, is it not?  So, you come down and do service and then go back to the place at the top.  Do you understand what you have to do?  Is time calling out to you or are you bringing time close?  Who is the creator?  So make such plans among yourselves.  Achcha.

52. Children said that Baba has to come and the Father said: Ha ji.  In the same way, continue to understand one another’s situation, nature and attitude and say “Ha ji”, for by doing so, the power of the gathering will create the flames of silence.  You have seen a volcano, have you not?  So, the power of this gathering will create the flames of silence.  Achcha.

53. Accumulate as much power of silence as you can.  In one second become lost in the experience of sweet silence because, with science and silence, science is going into its extreme.  The victory of the power of silence over science will bring about transformation.  With the power of silence you will be able to give co-operation to any soul even sitting far away.  You can quieten a wandering mind.  You saw Brahma Baba: Whenever any specially beloved child was in any type of upheaval or settling any physical karmic account, Baba would wake up early in the morning and give sakaash with the power of silence and that soul would experience that.  So, at the end, you will have to give the co-operation of this silence.  According to the circumstances, pay a great deal of attention to this.  It is only at this time that the bank is open for you to accumulate the power of silence and the power of elevated actions.  The bank to accumulate does not exist in any other birth.  If you do not accumulate now, then the bank will not exist, and so where will you accumulate?  Therefore, you can accumulate as much credit as you want at this time.  Generally, people also say: Do whatever you want to do now, think about whatever you need to think, now.  Whatever you think now, that will remain in the form of thoughts, whereas after some time, when your limit of time comes close, the thought will be transformed into repentance: “If only I had done this, I had to do this….”  That thought will not then remain in the form of thought; it will change into repentance.  This is why BapDada is giving you a signal in advance.  No matter what happens, become lost in the power of silence in one second.  Do not say, “I am making that effort”.  You can make effort to accumulate at this time.

54. What drill does BapDada now want you to perform?  In one second, become an embodiment of the power of silence; a concentrated mind and a concentrated intellect. Throughout the whole day, take a second every now and again and practise this.  As soon as you have a thought of silence, become an embodiment of that.  You don’t need time for this.  Simply practise it for a second.  Silence.  Achcha.

55. Because with the power of silence you use the power of transformation.  You transform the negative into positive.  No matter in how many types of problem Maya comes, with the power of transformation and the power of silence, you change the problem into a form of solution.  You change the reason into a solution.  You have this much power, do you not?  You also give courses, do you not?  You teach them the method to transform the negative into positive.  You have received this power of transformation as an inheritance from the Father.  It is not just one power, but you have received all the powers as your Godly inheritance and this is why BapDada speaks to you every day. 

56. Together with that, according to the present time, give sakaash (the current of power) with your powers to the souls of the world who are becoming peaceless and unhappy in order to liberate them from their peacelessness and sorrow.  The physical sun is able to dispel darkness and bring light with its sakaash, and is able to transform many things with the power of its rays.  In the same way, you master suns of knowledge, with the rays of peace and happiness that you have received, must liberate others from their sorrow and peacelessness with your sakaash.  By serving through your mind and with a powerful attitude, transform the atmosphere.  So, now serve with your mind.  Just as you have expanded service through words, in the same way, by serving through the mind, spread the topic that you have chosen of ‘Hope and Happiness’.  (Hope, Happiness and Divinity).  Give courage, give zeal and enthusiasm.  Give them the Father’s inheritance; give them liberation from these things.  There is now a greater need to give sakaash.  Keep your mind busy in this service and you will automatically become a conqueror of Maya and a victorious soul.  All the trivial things are side-scenes.  In side-scenes some things are good and some things are bad.  So, you have to cross the side-scenes and reach your destination.  In order to see the side-scenes simply remain seated on the seat of detached observer; that is all.  The side-scenes will then become entertainment. 

57. Gyani, yogi, embodiment of dharna and servers – in all four subjects, each one is gyani, yogi, has dharna and is serving according to their capacity.  However, in all four subjects, a lack was visible in their being an embodiment of experience or an authority of experience.  In being an embodiment of knowledge, to be an embodiment of experience in knowledge means - gyan is said to be knowledge.  A soul who is an embodiment of experience has knowledge, that is, understanding of what has to be done and what mustn’t be done; he has the light and might of knowledge.  The meaning of being an embodiment of experience is that there should be light and might in a natural way in every action of a gyani soul.  Gyani means to know the knowledge, to speak about it and, together with that, there should be light and might in every action.  With your form of being an embodiment of experience, your every action will naturally be elevated and successful.  You won’t have to labour because you are embodiments of the experience of knowledge.  The authority of experience is the most elevated of all authorities.  There is a difference in knowing knowledge and in performing every action as an authority of the experience of knowledge.  So, check: In all four subjects, am I an embodiment of experience?  I am a soul, but am I performing every action as an embodiment of experience?  If you are seated on the seat of an authority of experience, then elevated actions and actions that are filled with success will be seen as the natural nature in front of an authority.  You think about it, but to become an embodiment of experience your natural nature should be yogyukt and raazyukt.  In your dharna too, all virtues should automatically be visible in every action.  Always remain an embodiment of experience and remain seated on the seat of experience.  It is essential to pay attention to this need.  The seat of an authority of experience is very great.  Even Maya cannot finish off those who are experienced.  The authority of experience is multimillion times higher than the authority of Maya.  To think about it is separate, to churn it is separate, but now it is essential for you to move along as an embodiment of experience.

58. At the beginning of establishment many souls experienced, while sitting at home, receiving a current of happiness and peace from BapDada.  They received the thought: Go there!  In the same way, now, through you children, you master suns of knowledge, there should be the experience of waves of happiness and peace being spread.  However, the method for that is concentration of the mind, concentration in remembrance.  Only then will it happen.  Increase the power of concentration in yourself.  You should be able to concentrate your mind whenever you want, however you want, for however long you want.  Now, make your form of a master sun of knowledge emerge, and spread the rays of the powers and the current.

59. Now, in one second, is it one secondIn one second, the whole gathering, and wherever any of you are, stabilize your mind in just one thought: I, the Father and I, are eternal points of light in the supreme abode.  Sit with the Father in the supreme abode.  Achcha.  Now come back into the corporeal.

60. Now, according to the present time, practise concentrating your mind and intellect.  Whatever task you are carrying out, concentrate your mind whilst carrying out that task.  Increase your controlling power more.  Have controlling power over your mind, intellect and sanskars.  This practice will be very helpful in the times to come.  According to the atmosphere, you will have to take control in one second, so that only what you want to happen happens.  So, this practice is very essential.  Do not treat this lightly because this practice will make the final moments beautiful at the right time.  Achcha.

61. 2008: Now, in one second, can you be the master of your mind and intellect and make your mind and intellect concentrate on Paramdham?  Now, for one minute, BapDada wants to see you all concentrate and become residents of Paramdham.  (drill). Such practice will be very useful at the right time.  Delicate times are now coming closer and, therefore, the practice of concentration is very, very, very essential.  Do not become loose in this.  Anything can happen in one second and this is why BapDada is giving you a signal in advance.  Achcha.

62. Whatever happened at the beginning is going to repeat at the end.  Therefore, increase the power of your mind and also increase service through your mind.  At that time no one will listen to your lectures.  No one will take the course, and the conditions will become severe.  You will have to do the service of giving sakaash through the mind.  Therefore, practise this now, not just at amrit vela.  Even if you are performing actions, every now and then in-between, control your mind from all directions, become concentrated and see whether you are able to give sakaash or not.  There will be a great need.  After all, your images are also those of removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness, are they not?  So, will you not become that in the living form?  Become introverted and find five minutes every now and then.  Not just at amrit vela, but this practice is needed day and night.  Try it out as soon as you open your eyes at night, and then you may go to sleep again.  However, try this for a short time.  You wake up at night for other things, do you not?  So, also practise this for only then will you be worshipped.  Otherwise, you will be worshipped just for the sake of it.  There won’t be huge temples built to you, only temples for the sake of it.  Did you hear?  Achcha.

63. In the beginning, BapDada showed many scenes through the trance messengers.  When there is to be some upheaval in the final moments, everyone’s attitude will become extroverted – bad attitudes and also attitudes to give support.  BapDada showed you in the beginning how a lot of people with impure vision would follow you, but they would only see light.  They were not able to see the people; they could only see light.  They would only see the angelic form.  Similarly, while you have the practice of concentration, you will be sitting in front of them, but they will not be able to see you.  They will see light and only light everywhere.  This has to happen.  However, practise this from now.  Become an angel.  Achcha.  Now, practise concentrating your mind for three minutes.  Perform this drill.  Achcha.

64. India is claiming number one in games, in the same way, invent a spiritual game, just as it was in the news that very good service took place in America with the excuse of flying kites so that even now, the Government wants people to receive a message through this method.  In the same way, invent a game through which people everywhere can receive a message.  Do you understand?  Prepare such a game. Nowadays, the situation with transport in India is very bad.  Accidents continue to take place every day and so how can accidents be prevented by those who have the accidents.  For this, make such a plan that those who drive remain careful.  Create such a method that, by your teaching the drivers this and giving them this knowledge, their minds become cool and concentrated.  You can do this with a little expansion and you will have to serve them because there is a need for it nowadays; it continues to increase.  Show the Government the practical form of transformation of something that is getting worse; how there has been a difference by doing this particular thing.  Nowadays, they want to see things practically.  Only then will everyone’s attention be drawn.  You give courses and have programmes, but now, prepare such a group of drivers who do something that they become an example in front of the Government in that those who create accidents have changed.  Just as you show alcoholics being transformed, in the same way, bring in front of the Government a group of those who have accidents and been transformed.  BapDada has seen that the vegetables that are grown in some places are grown without chemicals etc.  They treat the vegetables with the power of yoga and show samples of those vegetables to the Government.  BapDada has heard that this is practised in Abu itself, and so you should show such evidence to the Government.  The Government should receive some co-operation in their problem.  They should see some benefit.

65. 2009: There are many authorities, but the greatest authority is the authority of experience and the Almighty Authority has given you the experience of self-respect.  So they were making effort but they did not become embodiments of experience.  BapDada saw that while children sit, they even think about this, but only some are embodiments of experience.  In that experience, not even the slightest body consciousness of any type can pull you towards itself.  So, to become an embodiment of experience, to become lost in the experience of being a karma yogi while performing action is now a lot more essential.  Become an embodiment.  In every situation, in every subject, become an embodiment of experience – whether it is knowledge, yoga, dharna or service, become an embodiment of experience in all four subjects.  Even Maya cannot shake someone who is experienced and this is why, today, BapDada wants to see all the children as embodiments of experience.  There is a difference between hearing and thinking about it, and in being an embodiment of the experience: whatever you think, whatever self-respect you want to stabilise yourself in, become stable in being the embodiment of that experience.  No one can shake that experience because it is self-respect (swa-maan). When you are an embodiment of self-respect and are stable in the experience of self-respect, there cannot be any body consciousness there.  For instance, when there is darkness, if you switch on the light, the darkness automatically disappears; you don’t have to make any effort to remove the darkness or to chase it away.  Similarly, when seated on the seat of self-respect, the switch of experience is on, so no type of body consciousness can exist there.  There are different types of body consciousness and the Father has also given different types of self-respect.  You know about self-respect, you make effort for it, but there is a difference between trying to make effort for that experience and in being an embodiment of that experience.  That is why you have to labour.  So, now, according to the time, and at the time of your accomplishing the aim of becoming equal to the Father, BapDada doesn’t like seeing you labour.  Each one of you should check yourself: Do I have a karma yogi life?  A life is natural and for all time; it is not just sometimes.  Become an embodiment of experience.  Have you accomplished the aim that you have of a yogi life and of being an image of experience?  You yourself should constantly experience the sparkling light on the forehead.  You yourself should be stable in that experience; you should be an embodiment of remembrance, not one who has to have remembrance, but one who is an embodiment of remembrance.  The proof of whether you are an embodiment of remembrance or not is that when you are an embodiment of the experience of that remembrance, you will experience yourself to have that power while carrying out any task.  The tasks may vary, but your stage of being an embodiment of experience should not vary.

66. Do you experience yourself to have such a practice? For instance, whenever you are experiencing a storm of waste thoughts for one reason or another, can you stabilise your mind and intellect at that time? Have you ever tried the drill of the power of concentration at such a time? You have to use the power of concentration in a second at that time, because as you move further, such situations will come again and again. Today, BapDada wishes to draw your attention to putting a full-stop in a second, that is, to the practice of the stage of concentration, because the elements have begun to show their different colours. All of you know better what is happening everywhere. Such things that will make your mind and intellect wander will definitely come, and so practise this now. Are you able to stabilise your mind and intellect in the supreme abode in a second? Now, stabilise yourself in the angelic form. Now, stabilise yourself in the stage of being a Brahmin, a master almighty authority. Stabilise yourself in the stage of being a master almighty authority. (BapDada conducted drill of the three stages.) Whenever you have time throughout the day, practise this drill. Repeatedly stabilise your mind. Stabilise your mind whenever you want on whatever you want. It may take you a minute to make effort, but put a full-stop in a second because time is now making preparations for upheaval; therefore, let there be mind control: It is my mind, I am not the mind, I own the mind and so, do I have control on that which is mine? This drill is very essential.