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Techniques, Powers and Benefits of Spiritual Practice (Consciousness – Attitude - Vision and Vision – Attitude - Consciousness)

Techniques, Powers and Benefits of Spiritual Practice (Consciousness – Attitude - Vision and Vision – Attitude - Consciousness)
-          from 1970 Avyakt Murli

1.      The time will come when you will stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage and be able to know the feelings within someone's mind through the signals of the eyes.  It will not be necessary to speak to or hear about it from anyone.  Such a time is now going to come.  Just as when you come in front of BapDada, and He knows the thoughts and feelings within your mind without your having to tell Baba about it, in the same way, you children have to study this final course.  Just as you speak the language of the mouth, in the same way there is the conversation of the spirit, which is called a heart-to-heart conversation.  So, a spirit talks to a spirit, but how?  Do spirits converse through the mouth?  When you stabilise yourself in the spiritual stage, so the spirit will be able to know another spirit easily and clearly, just as in this world, you know the feelings of one another by your speaking about them.  So for this, which aspect of dharna is needed?  There is a special need to keep the line of the intellect constantly clear.  If there is any disturbance within your intellect or mind, or if the line is not clear, you will not be able to understand one another's thoughts and feelings.  Because of the line not being clear, there is a mixture of your own thoughts.  This is why each of you should check whether the line of your intellect is clear.  Is there any type of obstacle in your intellect that is causing distress? 

2.      When the line of the intellect becomes clear, what will that person's stage and consciousness be?  The more the line of the intellect is clear, that is, the line of effort is clear, so what will be your consciousness to the same extent?  The future of any aspect would be just as clear as the present.  For that person, the present and the future would be the same.  Nowadays, through science, some things are shown so clearly that you can see things that are very far away.  In the same way, those whose effort is clear will see the things of the future very close whilst being very far.  Nowadays, when people watch television, they are able to see everything very clearly, so their intellect and vision can see and know all the images of the television very clearly.  There will be no difficulties of making effort in any aspect.  In the same way, have that experience and recognition of the final stage in yourself, to see how close you are to the final stage.  When the sun is fully risen, you are able to see everything very clearly; all the darkness and haziness finishes.  In the same way, when you have an unbreakable relationship with the Almighty Authority, you can see everything within yourself very clearly. 

3.      Now, Baba is free from even that bondage.  He does not exist just for himself, but for all the souls.  Just as each of you has the experience of leaving a body and taking a body, in the same way, do you have the experience of becoming bodiless, having renounced the consciousness of the body when you want, and taking the support of the body when you want to perform actions?  You now have to increase this experience.  You will have the experience of that costume being totally separate from the soul that adopts the costume.  You must now have this experience a lot more.  Constantly remember that you have now almost returned home.  You have taken the support of the body just for the sake of service, but as soon as service finishes, you can instantly make yourself light.  When you return from somewhere having been on duty, you consider yourself to be very light.  You change your uniform and wear your indoor clothes.  In the same way, you have taken the support of the costume, that is the body, and then as soon as service finishes, you must try to become light from the burden of those clothes.  Who will be able to become detached from the costume in one second?  If there is any tightness, you will not be able to become detached.  When something is totally restricted, it is difficult to remove it.  When it is loose, it is easily removed.  In the same way, if there isn't any easiness in your sanskars, you will not be able to experience the stage of being bodiless.  You were told what you have to become: easy and alert.  You should not remain so easy that Maya is easily able to come.  At some times, you have to remain easy and at other times, you have to remain alert.  So you have to remain easy and alert.  Only those who are like this will be able to maintain this practice. 

4.      Now, if you keep the line of your intellect clear, everything will become clear.  You have this in your exhibition: you receive an answer when you put the switch on.  In the same way, when the line of effort is clear, as soon as you press the switch of thoughts, it happens practically also.  You will continue to have such an experience.  You simply need the power to control your thoughts.  Whether you call it the original inspiration through BapDada, or the pure response you receive, it becomes mixed because there are many waste thoughts.  If you have the power to control wasteful thoughts, you will be able to see that response clearly.  In the same way, if the intellect is a translight, it will be able to see the response of everything clearly and accurately; it will not be mixed.  Those who do not have wasteful thoughts can increase their avyakt stage a lot more.  You should have pure thoughts, but you must also have the power to control them.  There is a majority with many storms of wasteful thoughts.

5.      Alokik service takes place only when you fill the lokik with spirituality.  What alokik service do you do?  You are doing the service of forging the connection of the soul with the powerhouse.  When a connection has to be made between two wires, the rubber insulation has to be removed first.  In the same way, your first task is to consider yourself a soul and become detached from the awareness of the body.  And to make others detached from the consciousness of their bodies.  How many main subjects do you have here, and what are they?  There are four main subjects - knowledge, yoga, dharna and service.  Which is the main subject in that?  Have you accumulated the stock of peace from here?  Do you know how you can receive blessings?  The more you become soul conscious, the more blessings you receive even without asking.  You do not receive any blessings in a physical way.  Here, you receive them automatically.  If you did not have blessings from BapDada, how could you have reached this far?  BapDada is giving blessings to the children at every second.  However, those who take these blessings keep with themselves eternally, only as much as they take.  Achcha.

6.      As you begin to reach your avyakt stage, your speaking will become less.  By speaking less, there will be greater benefit, and then you will do service with that power of yoga.  The power of yoga and the power of gyan are both together.  At the moment, service is being done with the power of gyan, whereas the power of yoga is incognito.  However, the more you make the power of yoga and the power of gyan equal, the more success there will be.  Throughout the day, check: To what extent was there the power of yoga and to what extent was there the power of gyan?  And then you will know the difference.  When you become busy in service, obstacles etc. will also be removed.  There cannot be any hindrance when there is determined faith.

7.      BapDada gives the children three inheritances.  What are they?  Happiness, peace and power.  The more you claim a right here, the more you will claim a right to the kingdom there.  You must keep the aim of claiming the full right, because Baba is complete.  Whilst being a couple, do you remain alone, or do you remain in the combined form?  Which is the form of being alone?  The soul is alone, is it not?  You come alone, and you return alone.  So whilst playing a part in the combined form, stay in the stage of the soul, that is, become alone, and then be a spiritual partner.  Then there is Baba and the children.  The soul and the Supreme Soul are also a couple.  The soul is called the bride, Sita.  God is the Bridegroom Rama.  So become the image of the spiritual couple, that is all.  Not the combined form in the body; the combined form of bodily beings is now finished.  For many births, you have been the combined form of bodily beings.  Now, be the combined form of the soul and the Supreme Soul.  If you keep this form of being combined in front of you, then that combined form is nothing.  The feelings of the body will then be finished.

8.      When the question of how you can do it arises, it becomes difficult.  Don't allow weak thoughts to remain in you.  If weak thoughts arise in the mind, finish them there and then and become powerful.  If you still keep trying, when will you experience the avyakt attraction?  As long as you are trying, you cannot develop the avyakt attraction in yourself.  This language is that of weakness.  The children of Baba the Almighty Authority cannot say this.  Their thoughts, words and everything else are those of faith.  You have to create such a stage.  Always check: Is the foundation of your thoughts powerful?  The speciality of someone who makes intense effort is that his thoughts, words and actions, all three are equal.  If your thoughts are elevated but your actions weak, then you cannot be called an intense effort-maker.  Both should be equal.  Achcha.

9.      Day by day, the stage of you children will become more and more like that of the Father.  You will also feel as though you have truly taken the body on loan, that you are guests just in order to perform actions.  Unless you consider yourselves to be guests, you cannot have the stage of being detached.  What is the speciality of those who stay in a stage of detachment for a long time?  Through their words and activity, others will have the experience of the stage of being beyond.  The higher the stage becomes, the more you will experience being beyond.  Whilst being in a body, you have to reach the stage of being beyond.  You should experience the bodiless one (the soul) being separate from the body.  That is called the complete stage of the pilgrimage of remembrance, or the practical result of yoga.  Whilst speaking, the stage of detachment should pull you.  Whilst listening to anything, it should be as though you are not hearing it.  Others should also have this feeling.  Such a stage is called the karmateet stage.  Karmateet means to be free from the bondage of the body also.  You would be performing actions, but not be creating any karmic account through those actions; it is as though you are detached, and there will not be any attachment.  The one who is performing actions is separate from the action itself.  Day by day you will continue to have such an experience.  There is no need to use your intellect a lot when you have reached this stage.  As soon as you have a thought, only that which has to happen takes place.  Everyone has to reach this stage.  Before going to the incorporeal world, you will have to go via the subtle region.  Everyone has to meet there, and then you will go to your home and then to your own kingdom.  Just as there was a gathering in the corporeal world, so in the same way, the gathering will take place in the subtle region.  That gathering of the angels is very close.  You used to relate stories of how the angels used to meet together, how the spirits used to converse with the spirits.  You will have the same experience.  You will have the practical experience of the stories that are related.  You are now waiting in anticipation for the days of that gathering.  At present, you are instruments for service.  There is the experience that you are sitting in the avyakt stage whilst the mind and body have forgotten everything in the corporeal world.  Achcha.

10.  If someone is not able to continue to move on this path, arrange to have them married.  Their weakness has to be removed from around you.  You have to become a detached observer and do it out of compulsion: that is just your responsibility.  That is not your desire, but you are just fulfilling your responsibility.  One is to do something because of a desire and the other is to fulfil your responsibility as an instrument.  Not all souls have the part to claim their birthright at the same time.  They will receive the introduction, and they will even recognise Baba, but the part of some is now and that of others is later.  Some seeds bear fruit quickly and some a little later.  In the same way, here also, each one has a part at his own time.  If you play your part whilst considering it to be your responsibility, you will not find yourself dirtied by Maya.  Otherwise, you can be affected by the atmosphere.  This is why you have to play your part considering it to be a responsibility.  There is a difference of just the one stroke (in Sindhi language) between having the responsibility and becoming dirty.  Because of your not being stable in the seed stage, responsibility changes into dirt.  Those who are helpers constantly receive help.  There is the experience of how you receive help from the Father in every task.

11.  The eyes of each of you is a projector.  What picture can you show the world through this projector?  That is the projector of the power of science, and this is the projector of Godly power.  The more powerful the projector is, the more clearly the picture is visible.  In the same way, the clearer the divine eyes of all of you children are, that is to say, the more full of spirituality they are, the more pictures will be visible to many through your eyes.  And they will be just as clearly visible as those images made through a projector are.  So you can show the pictures of BapDada and the corporeal, subtle and incorporeal worlds of the entire creation.  Whosoever comes in front of you can have all visions through your eyes.  The more powerful the light is, the clearer the picture will be.  Do you know how BapDada checks how powerful a bulb is?  Have you checked your bulb to find out what power it is?  Have each of you checked the power of your own bulb?  Those who think that they know the percentage of their light, of what type their bulb is, should raise their hand.  On what basis can you recognise how powerful your soul is?  (Through the chart.)  That is the total aspect.  Through which aspect can you recognise yourself?  What is the speciality of light?  Its special virtue is that it enables you to clearly see something as it really is.  You cannot see something as it is in the dark.  So the special virtue of light is to make something that is unclear, clear.  In this way, this is the method to recognise the percentage of your light.  Firstly, the path of your effort will be clear, that is, the line will be clearly visible.  Secondly, you will also be able to see your future status.  Thirdly, the more powerful your light is, the more you will be able to show those whom you serve the easy and clear path.  They will be able to continue with their efforts easily.  They will be able to see their destination easily.  The greater the percentage of light, the more you will be able to see everything clearly.  If the percentage of light is less, you yourself will not be clear in your own efforts, and those to whom you show the path will not be able to know their destination easily or clearly.  Those whose light is powerful will themselves not be confused about anything nor will they make others become confused.  So you can see from your effort and from your service whether the path of those whom you serve is clear. 

12.  This is why you must increase the percentage of your light.  Day by day, the eyes and forehead of each of you should do service in the way that your projector show does.  Anyone who comes in front of you will see that picture in your eyes.  As soon as they look at your eyes, they will have many visions through the yoga of the intellect.  You have to make yourselves such images that grant visions.  But only those who are constantly stable in the stage of a detached observer are able to become the images that grant visions.  Their eyes will carry out the task of a projector.  Their forehead will always be visible as sparkling. After Holi, people create fancy images.  They decorate the images of the deities and light a bulb on their forehead.  Why do they create these images?  Of which time is it a practical form?  Of the present time which later becomes your memorial.  So there should be light visible on the foreheads of all of you.  At the time of destruction, this form of light will help you a lot.  No matter with what attitude someone comes in front of you, he will not see your body but will see your sparkling bulb.  When you look at a very bright light, all the other things get hidden.  In the same way, the more powerful the light is of all of you, the more they will not be able to see your body whilst looking at it.  When they do not even see the body, then the tamoguni vision and attitude will automatically finish.  These tests are yet to come.  You have to cross all types of situations.

13.  Everyone does service through their mouth, but the service of taking someone beyond through your eyes is alokik service.  If your eyes always remain cool and spiritual, then you can take others beyond through your divine eyes in one second.  It takes at least seven days to serve through the mouth, but you can do service through the eyes in even seven seconds.  Anyone should think that your eyes reveal the image of BapDada to them.  So these eyes will be a mirror through which they will be able to see BapDada's image.  When they see BapDada, they will become loving in one second.  It does not take long for this relationship to be forged.  So you have to do such unique service.  Those who have the power to pack up their thoughts will also have the power to accommodate the weaknesses of others.  If you do not have the power to pack up your thoughts, you will not have the power to accommodate your own weaknesses or those of others.  Therefore, by filling yourself with the power of packing up your thoughts, there will easily be success in every task.  Through success, there will be the attainment of happiness and enthusiasm.

14.  The more there are corporeal feelings, the less there will be the attraction.  An avyakt stage is created when there are no attractions to the corporeal.  If there is an attraction to the corporeal, it will distance you from the avyakt attraction.  Therefore, in order to adopt the avyakt attraction, you have to renounce the attraction to the corporeal.  When you are in an avyakt stage, the corporeal cannot attract you towards itself. 

15.  At present, you have very little intoxication of being a master almighty authority and therefore, the practical sparkle of the power of going beyond sound in one second and coming into sound in one second is not visible on your face.  When you reach such a stage, you will come into sound one moment and go beyond sound in the next.  Only when this practice becomes simple and easy, should you think that perfection has come.  This is the sign of a perfect stage.  All the effort will become easy.  Everything is included in effort.  The pilgrimage of remembrance and service are both included in effort.  When you experience both to be easy, then you should understand that you are about to attain the stage of perfection.  Those who have the stage of perfection will make less effort yet attain greater success. 

16.  All powers will become equal and then we will become master almighty authorities.  You have this much faith in the Father.  You also have an intellect that has faith, and so you will be victorious.  You have faith in the intellect for the self and the Father, and so that would be called victory.  Victory follows those who have faith in the intellect.  They do not chase victory, but victory chases them.  They even renounce the thought that they should become victorious.  Are you such renunciates who have renounced everything?  To be a renunciate who has renounced everything and a renunciate of all thoughts; not just the renunciation of all relationships, but also the renunciation of all thoughts: this is the stage of perfection. 

17.  First you have to listen and then you have to become complete. You have heard so many points: what is the form of the all these points that you have to become?  The essence or the form of all the points is to become a bindi (a point). The essence of all points is included in a point. So you have to become the form of a point. A point is extremely subtle and everything is merged within it. What is the main effort at present?  Your effort at present is to merge the expansion. Those who know the method of merging the expansion become equal to BapDada. You were told previously also, that you have to merge and pack up. Those who know how to pack up also know how to merge. Which power does a seed have?  That of having the expansion of a tree merged within itself. So what effort do you have to make now?  To stabilise yourself in the seed stage, that is, to merge your expansion. So check this. It is easy to create expansion, but has it become easy to merge the expansion?  Nowadays, scientists are also making effort to merge the expansion. Those with the power of science are copying all of you who have the power of silence. Whatever effort the shakti army of silence is making, those with the power of science are making the same effort. First the shakti army of silence creates an invention, then the scientists create that invention in their own form. Just as it is being refined here, in the same way, science is also being refined. Whatever things they previously used to find impossible, are now being completed. In the same way, the impossible things are becoming easy and possible here also. Now, the main effort you have to make is to bring yourself closer to everyone. It should be just as easy to go beyond sound as it is to come into sound. This is called the stage of being close to the stage of perfection.

18.  This group has to learn the yuktis of being fearless and to be able to merge the expansion in one second in order to be powerful. Unity and stability: how to change many different sanskars into one pure sanskar has to be learnt in this bhatthi. You must spend less time on something and also speak less, yet there should be greater success. You have to teach this method too. You have to listen to something and become the embodiment of that. It shouldn't be that you listen to a lot and become the embodiment of that to a lesser extent. You must continue to listen and also become the embodiment at the same time. You now have to return having become an image that grants visions, not an image that just speaks. Whosoever sees you should see you as subtle and holding ornaments. You have a lot of sense, but what do you have to do now?  You have to remain within the essence of knowledge. You have to apply the sense in essence. Now, you have to fulfill BapDada's hope in a practical form.

19.  Do you know how to pack up and to merge?  To pack up and to merge is the work of magic. Magicians show some things by packing them and some things by merging them. They pack something very big into something very small. You have to learn this magic. You have to practise this. When you go into expansion, you have to make effort to merge it there and then. Whenever you see that your intellect has gone into a lot of expansion, you must practise at that moment: Am I able to merge all this expansion?  Then you will be able to become equal to the Father.

20.  You have to become such an image that when you leave this gathering, everyone will just experience BapDada's words in a practical way.  BapDada's sanskars, not your own, should be visible in everyone's sanskars.  After removing all the sanskars, what sanskars do you have to fill yourself with?  Those of BapDada.  So everyone should have a vision that you have emerged from here having become similar to BapDada.  You have to make everyone do this.  None of the past sanskars or thoughts should come in front of you.  First of all, check: Are these BapDada's sanskars?  If they are not BapDada's sanskars, do not even touch those sanskars.  You should not touch them with your intellect, even in thoughts.  Just as you would not touch anything that is criminal, in the same way, if those sanskars are not the same as BapDada's, do not even touch them.  When you keep a discipline in order not to do something, then no matter what situation comes in front of you, you will not do that.  Instead, you face the situation because of the aim of what you have to do.  In the same way, you must not touch your sanskars that are not the same as BapDada's.  You must think like this.  You have climbed the ladder of going beyond the body and bodily relations, but now your sanskars should not emerge even in your intellect.  As are your sanskars, so will be your form.  If someone's sanskars are of easiness and sweetness, those sanskars take the practical form of them.  When your sanskars become the same as BapDada's, then everyone will see BapDada's form.  Exactly as BapDada is, so you should have the same virtues, the same task, the same words and the same thoughts identically.  Then it will emerge from everyone's lips: You seem the same.  The features may be different, but the character would be the same.  However, the character should be visible in the features.  BapDada now has this hope in the children. 

21.  The corporeal form (Baba) brought about the complete, perfect stage in a corporeal form.  You were able to see the complete, perfect stage and the corporeal form separately.  In the same way, your corporeal form should be visible separately.  Which virtue was clearly visible in the corporeal form, through which you were able to see perfection coming close?  Which virtue was it that on seeing it, everyone used to say that although Baba was in the corporeal form, there was the experience of him being avyakt?  Which virtue was that?  (Each one gave his own idea.)  The significance of all aspects is one, however, this stage is called being beyond: to be beyond even your own body, to be beyond and to be an observer.  An example is given of those who become a detached observer.  So a detached observer gives the proof of being an observer and appears in front of you in the form of an example.  It is one thing to be beyond, even with your intellect, but you should be beyond even in your sanskars.  "These are my sanskars", be beyond even the consciousness of 'I'.  'I think that', be beyond this consciousness of 'I', 'I think that'.  No, but think that this is BapDada's shrimat.  If, after there is knowledge in the intellect, there is the consciousness of 'I', that consciousness of 'I' causes a loss.  Firstly, you have to renounce thinking 'I am this body', and secondly 'I think this, I am an enlightened soul, I am wise!'  You also have to finish this consciousness of 'I'.  Wherever you have been using the word 'I', you should remember BapDada and wherever you have been using your own understanding, you should remember shrimat.  Firstly, you have to finish the consciousness of 'I' and secondly the consciousness of 'mine'.  This also makes you come down.  You have to finish the consciousness of the four words: I, mine, you and yours.  It is these four words that have taken you away from perfection.  You have to finish the consciousness of these four words completely.

22.  In some cases, when someone is about to leave his body, many others come to know about it in advance.  You will also experience the body to be as detached as though you have adopted it and are making it function.  The sign of a close bead coming closer is that that soul will constantly see in front of him his angelic form and his future form.  He will experience these in a practical form.  He will see his angelic form of light in front of him, and be aware that he has to become that; and he will also see his future form.  It will be as though he has now renounced his present form and taken on that form.  When you have this experience, then you should understand that you are coming close to perfection.  There is the complete form in one eye and the future form in the other eye.  This will be visible as clearly as you experience your present form.  Whilst sitting, there will be the experience that you are not sitting here, but are sitting in that perfect form.  This body, that is making effort, will become totally merged and those two forms will emerge: on the one side, the avyakt form and on the other side, the future form.  When you yourselves have this experience, then others will also have this experience.  You will experience it in the same way that you take off one garment and put on another.  This one will merge and that one will emerge.  You will forget this one.  There is also will power in this stage.

23.  In the same way, when something is willed over, after it has been willed, the experience of the consciousness of that thing being yours is totally finished, and it is not your responsibility any more.  You receive will power and you also have the experience that you have already willed everything.  Everything including your thoughts should be willed.  It is might to renounce even the awareness of the body and to will everything, including your thoughts.  Then there will be the stage of being equal to the Father.  Being equal and being complete are the same thing.  You now have to maintain this chart.  That chart is common.  Then, even whilst having a body of the five elements, you will experience being the form of light.  You were told of the different meanings of the word 'light'.  Light means lightness, and light also means the form of light; total lightness as though you have become the form of light and are making the body work; as though you are the instrument.  When in the avyakt form, you receive help in every aspect.

24.  What is your stage?  Are you seeing the same things that BapDada is seeing?  If you have the practice of catching thoughts, you will easily be able to become free from thoughts.  You have to create extra thoughts when you cannot discern someone else's thoughts.  But if each of you has the practice of being able to read someone's thoughts, there will not be too many wasteful thoughts, and you will also easily be able to stabilise yourself in a stable stage with one thought, in one second.  So, to be able to read someone's thoughts is also a sign of perfection.  The more you stabilise yourself in avyakt feelings, the more you will be able to understand the feelings of everyone else.  The reason for not being able to understand the feelings of one another is the lack of the avyakt feeling.  The avyakt stage is a mirror.  When you stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage, you will not then have to make effort but the feelings of anyone will be clearly visible in the mirror of the avyakt stage.  A mirror does not have to make effort to understand the feelings of anyone.  The more your stage becomes avyakt, the more clear and powerful the mirror will be, and the more easily and clearly you will be able to understand the feelings of one another.  In order to keep the mirror of the avyakt stage clean and clear, three things are necessary.  Tell Baba about any one of those three things.  (Each one gave his own ideas.)  Today, Baba is seeing the easiness (also including simplicity and lightness in that), the greatness and the tolerance of each one.  If you have imbibed any one of these three things accurately, then the mirror is clear.  If all three are missing, stains of weaknesses will be visible on the mirror.  Therefore, in whatever task you carry out, check three things: there should be easiness in everything, there should also be tolerance and it should also be elevated; it should not be ordinary. 

25.  Do you experience the avyakt stage?  When there is the experience of the avyakt stage, the effect of that lasts for a long time.  The experience of the avyakt stage is a powerful one.  As much as possible, remove yourself from the corporeal stage and stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage.  All thoughts bring success when in the avyakt stage.  Whilst in this stage, there is less effort and greater attainment, whereas if you make effort whilst being stable in the corporeal stage, there is greater effort and less attainment.  Then, as you progress, there is confusion and disappointment.  Therefore, increase the experience of all attainments through the avyakt stage. 

26.  Are karmic bondages powerful or are the Godly bondages?  If you make the Godly bondages tight, the karmic bondages will automatically become loose.  Bondages will be cut away by bondages.  The more you tie yourself in the Godly bondages, the more you will become free from karmic bondages.  Make the Godly bondages as firm as the karmic bondages, then those bondages will be cut away very quickly.

27.  If you cannot stabilise yourself in the point-form for a long period of time, then don't waste time in that.  You will be able to stabilise yourself in the form of a point when you first have the practice of pure, positive thoughts.  Remove impure thoughts with pure, positive thoughts, just as you have to steer the car around if the brakes fail when an accident is about to happen.  The point-form is the brake.  If the brake cannot be applied, then turn the intellect away from waste thoughts and engage it in pure, positive thoughts.  Sometimes it happens that you don't have to apply a brake to protect yourself, but instead, you have to steer around.  Try not to have any waste thoughts but just to have pure, positive thoughts throughout the whole day.  When you pass in this subject, you will easily be able to stabilise yourself in the point-form.

28.  Just as BapDada came into the corporeal from the avyakt in one second, in the same way, can the children go from the corporeal into the avyakt in one second?  Just as you open your mouth when you wish and close it when you wish, in the same way, do you think your practice is such that you can make your intellect work when you wish and make it stop working when you wish?  The organ of the mouth is gross, and the intellect is much more subtle than that.  But, do you have such a practice of using your intellect in the same way when you want to and not using it when you don't want to?  Do you know this drill?  If you have this practice firmly, you will be able to make your stage strong.  This is the method to make your stage progress.  Many children have the thought: How can we progress?  There can be progress with the right method.  If you do not know the right method, there will not be progress. 

29.  You know how to go into the expansion of knowledge, but the practice of merging the expansion of knowledge and becoming the embodiment of knowledge, the seed-form, is lacking.  A lot of time is wasted by going into the expansion, and even thoughts are wasted.  This is why the power that should be accumulating is not being accumulated.  Today, Baba is telling you what plan you should create for this.  Who are the greatest of all in the entire world?  (We Brahmins.)  What do the most important, great people do?  What methods do the important people of today adopt through which they achieve success in great tasks?  First of all, they save their time.  They make their own timetable.  The busier they are, the more they keep a timetable for every hour.  If they do not have a timetable, they will not be able to spend their time in a worthwhile way.  If they don't use their time in a worthwhile way, there won't be success in their task.  This is why the important people of today make their timetable for every moment.  They note everything in their diary.  Since you Brahmins are the greatest of all, why are you not keeping a timetable?  This is one method.  Just as those people make their timetable from the beginning of the day, in the same way, each of you should make a timetable at amrit vela of what you have to do throughout the day.  Just as a timetable for a physical task is created, in the same way, create a timetable for the progress of the soul.  Do you understand?  There is very little attention paid and checking in this.  Now create a timetable in the same way as those people make plans.  "Today, I have to finish these tasks."  In the same way, "Today, I have to have this much percentage and this much time spent in the avyakt stage."  By doing everything according to the time, you will be able to carry out many tasks in one day.  If you do not have a timetable, you will not be able to carry out many tasks.  So keep a diary for yourself.  Just as you have a timetable for the physical things to be done in one hour, in the same way, note down the tasks for the progress of the soul.  Make a plan.  Then, just as you tick off the list of what is accomplished and what isn't, in the same way, note to what extent the plans that you made were carried out in a practical form?  Think about the reason they were not carried out in a practical form, and also think of a solution for it, and continue to move forward.  "Today, I will definitely accomplish this."  First of all, make a promise to yourself in this way.

30.  Make a timetable that from today you will hold a fast for a particular aspect.  Make a promise.  Just as those people stay on a fast, in the same way, you must note down one of your weaknesses every day.  Those people also keep a fast of the things that are harmful to them.  So in terms of effort also, stay on a fast of the things that are harmful to you.  Then also check them.  When people hold a fast and they are not able to maintain it, they eat something in-between.  Here also, some do the same thing because they have the habit from the path of bhakti.  They make a promise in the morning that they will not do something, and then as soon as the day begins, that promise is broken.  Here also, some make a promise in the morning and then during the day, say: Such-and-such a situation came up, and so when this situation finishes, then I will do this.  Now you must finish that sanskar.  Learn how to merge and pack up.  You have to merge your old sanskars.  Make a promise or stay on a fast for this.  Important people have a programme fixed in advance.  You are the most important of all.  So fix your programme for six months.  "I will definitely accomplish this task.  I will definitely become this."  When you have such faith in the intellect, you will become victorious.

31.  Angels are never attracted by the earth.  They just come and go.  Once their task is accomplished, they do not stay here any more.  You have taken the support of the corporeal in order to carry out a task, so as soon as that task is finished, you should become avyakt in one second.  If you have this practice, you will be called angels.  Achcha.

32.  When you have a clean and honest heart, your desires are fulfilled.  The cleaner your heart is, the more automatically your desires are fulfilled.  Whatever thought you have, because it is clean and clear, it becomes successful to the same extent.  If the rubbish of waste thoughts accumulates, the thoughts of Maya receive a chance to enter.  In rubbish, germs are created without there having to be any effort made.  In the same way, if there are any waste thoughts remaining, they give a chance for the germs of waste thoughts to be created.  So you must not have any waste thoughts in your intellect.  Your time, thoughts and power must not be wasted at all.  The reason for not becoming powerful is that there is wastage.  Your old sanskars are now old, they do not belong to you.  You must not consider that which does not belong to you to be yours.  Finish the old sanskars of the recent past and allow the oldest sanskars of the deities to emerge.  When you do not keep your original form in front of you, you are not able to finish your habits.  Achcha.

33.  People have visions of three types of light from the trimurti children who belong to the clan of Trimurti Shiva.  Which are those lights?  One is a vision of light through your eyes.  You speak of the light of the eyes.  The eyes would appear to be as though there is a large illuminated bulb in each eye.  The second is the light on the forehead and the third is the crown of light on your head.  You now have to try to give others the vision of all three types of light.  Anyone who comes in front of you should see these eyes as bulbs.  They should only see light everywhere, just as real diamonds sparkle in the darkness.  Just as a searchlight projects its beam in a very good way with a lot of force, in the same way, people will have a vision of the light on the forehead.  And you already understand about the crown of light on the head.  Others should have a vision of the trimurti light from each of you, only then would it be said that you are angels.  The vision of the eyes, the forehead and the crown on the head will be very clear even in the corporeal form.  Whilst looking at your eyes, people will see only light.  Looking at your light, others will also become light.  No matter how much heaviness there is in their mind or in their stage, as soon as they come here, they should become light.  You now have to reach such a stage, because others will make their stage like this when they see your stage is this.

34.  What is the main method to apply a brake to your thoughts?  Do you know that?  Whatever task you carry out, before you begin that task, think about it first: Is the task that I am about to carry out the task of BapDada?  Am I just an instrument?  Just as at the time when a sacrificial fire is being completed, sacrificial offerings are made, in the same way, whatever task you carried out and whatever the result was, once you have completely surrendered it to Baba, you should have no more thoughts about it.  You carried out the task as an instrument, and as soon as the task was finished, you totally surrendered it to Baba, and so why should you have any thoughts about it afterwards?  When something is put into a fire, no name or trace of it remains.  In the same way, once it is completed you have to totally surrender everything.  Then it is no longer your responsibility.  Whoever you offered it to becomes responsible for that.  So why should you have any thoughts?  When there is a senior person in a family, then whatever task everyone in the family carries out, they refer to the senior person and they become free.  In the same way, whatever task you carried out, once you have related the news about it, that is enough.  Keeping the avyakt form in front of you, try this out and see for yourself. 

35.  It is remembered that a world was created through vision.  Through which vision is a world created, and when is it created?  Why is there the praise of the vision and the world?  Why is there not the praise of the mouth?  What is it that you transform first at the confluence age?  What is the first lesson you are taught?  To see one another with the vision of brotherhood.  The vision of brotherhood means that when you first transform your vision, everything else also changes.  This is why it is remembered that a world was created through vision.  When there is the vision of brotherhood, it is then that the world changes.  It is only then that you see this world as an old world.  When you see the soul, it is then that you see this world as old.  So the world is created through vision and the main effort lies in this.  If your vision changes, then your stage and circumstances also change.  This is why there is the praise of the vision and the world.  Worldly vision changes into spiritual vision.  Just as when someone is wearing coloured glasses, the entire world appears to be that colour, in the same way, when your vision becomes spiritual, then you just see spirits in the entire world.  For how long do you have this experience of seeing the world with this vision in a natural way?  As you were told, when you are wearing red glasses, you do not have to make any effort, but everything naturally seems red, in the same way, do you see the world in a spiritual way with a spiritual vision that is natural?  At the moment, this is maintained only temporarily, but you have to practise it to maintain it for all the time.  This is the main effort.  By changing your vision, your virtues and actions automatically change.  You then do not have to change each virtue individually.  You now have to make this effort.  You have now moved forward a great deal.  If you first change yourself, the world will automatically change.  So now create this enthusiasm: Create the world with spiritual vision.  The more you remain in this enthusiasm, the more you will be able to create this enthusiasm in others.  Then, just as a needle by itself comes closer to a magnet, so service will automatically come close to all of you.  There will be less effort and greater success. At present, you make effort for a longer period of time and you attain success according to your worthiness and capacity.  In order to be successful in service, create this yukti.  Is it better that you attain success in service easily or that you receive fruit through effort?  Easy attainment and elevated fruit.  So start this plan in a practical way.  You were told how to become an example for anything.  That is, when you yourselves have the stage of being a detached observer.  Those who are an example will remain in the stage of a detached observer.  Those who remain as a detached observer (saakhi) give honey (maakhi, honey bee-sweetness).  The stage of a detached observer is like that of a bee, that is, of sweetness, which in itself has an attraction.  So now you have to show a sparkle of that.

36.  Check in which aspects you are light and in which aspects you are heavy.  The more you yourself are light, the lighter you will be able to make others also.  How can those who are themselves heavy make others light?  You have to be easy and light in your relationships with others, and be easy in your sanskars too.  You have to be easy in giving and taking co-operation too.  If there is heaviness in giving and taking co-operation, then you will not be able to take the benefit of the co-operation you receive.  What will you do now?  Everyone has to remember the mantra: I have to remain easy in every aspect.  The easier you remain, the more you can attain.  You will be able to take co-operation from everyone.  Everyone remains easy with those who are themselves easy.  They are easy in giving and also in taking.  Those who remain heavy are heavy when it comes to giving co-operation too.  So give co-operation and take co-operation.  But how?  By being easy; this is the main mantra in order to become complete.  Do you wish to become the perfect image, or does it not matter if there are some weaknesses still remaining?  Only after you have become perfect will you have to bring the body to an end.  When you are easy in this way, you will then be able to bring your body to an end according to your own will.  Achcha.

37.  There, in the subtle region, a lot can be clarified in one second.  Here, in your world, it is clarified only after a lot of speaking.  This is the difference between the corporeal language and the subtle language.

38.  What aim did Baba keep in order to become karmateet?  In which aspects did he become perfect?  Do you know with how much of an unlimited vision he adopted the word 'perfect'?  'Perfect' is just one word, but he imbibed it to such an unlimited extent that he became as he is.  By having the aim of total surrender he became perfect.  To the extent that he surrendered, to that extent he became perfect.  But what is the unlimited form of surrender?  The more you imbibe this in an unlimited way, to that extent, you will make your intellect unlimited and become one with a right to the world.  What was that unlimited surrender?  There are four aspects in that too.  Firstly, your every thought should be surrendered.  Secondly, every second should be surrendered, that is, your time should be surrendered.  Thirdly, your actions should be surrendered, and fourthly, your relationships and wealth should also be surrendered.  There also has to be the surrender of all relationships.  Lokik relations are of course included in that anyway.  However, the relationship between the body and the soul should also be surrendered.  Baba surrendered relationships to this extentPerishable wealth is not a big thing, but the imperishable wealth, the attainment of happiness, peace, love and bliss as a birthright was surrendered in the service of other souls.  He felt that peace for himself lay in the peace of the children.  So he considered it to be peace for him in giving peace to other souls.  This is what it means to surrender your lokik wealth together with your Godly wealth whilst staying in the stage of a detached observer.  So there is such a vast, unlimited significance in the word, 'surrender'.  Do you understand?  Those who imbibe it to such an unlimited extent become the image of success and the image of perfection.  So do not see the word 'surrender' with the ordinary meaning.  It is easy to surrender lokik things, but to surrender the Godly attainments means to be a great donor.  And to have pure thoughts for others happens numberwise according to one's capacity and worthiness.  Those who surrender everything to this extent are said to be those who are totally surrendered.  Have you become such images of perfection, such images of surrender?  All the consciousness of 'I' should be totally merged.  When something is merged in something else, it becomes the same.  To merge means to become the same.  So the more you merge the consciousness of 'I', the more you will become the image of equality.

39.  What is the stage of a point-form and what is the avyakt stage?  What is the experience of each of them?  Because there are two names, there must definitely be a difference between the experiences of the two.  At present, the stage of being stable in the point-form is not just lacking, but it is almost non-existent.  You should also practise this stage.  You should be able to take a few minutes in-between and practise the stage of the point-form, just as on certain days, everyone maintains silence for three minutes, and even the traffic is stopped.  All activities are stopped.  When you carry out any task or when you are talking, you must also stop the traffic of your thoughts.  You must stop the thoughts of the mind or the activities you are carrying out with your body for one minute every now and then, and practise this.  If you do not practise this, how and when will you be able to create the powerful stage of the point-form?  This is why it is necessary to practise this.  In-between, if you continue to carry out this practice in a practical way, then the stage of the point-form that you find difficult today will become as easy as the avyakt stage that the majority of you find easy today.  When you first started to practise this, you found it difficult to maintain the avyakt stage whilst being in the corporeal form.  Just as it is becoming easy for you to stay in the avyakt stage and carry out any task, in the same way, the stage of the point-form will also become easy.  Maharathis should now practise this stage.  Do you understand?  If you are not stable in the angelic stage, that is, the avyakt stage, then you will find it difficult to stabilise yourself in the point-form.  This is why you must practise this now.  In the beginning, in order to practise the avyakt stage, you used to sit in solitude and make your own individual effort.  In the same way, you must make the effort for this final stage every now and then by making some time for it.  This is the final stage. 

40.  Day by day, service will increase and also the problems will increase.  And the speed of thoughts will also increase.  At present, you create ten thoughts in one second and later that speed will be doubled or tripled.  Just as nowadays, they count the population to see how much expansion there is in one day, in the same way, here, the speed of thoughts is very fast.  On the one side, there will be expansion of your thoughts, and on the other hand, there will be expansion of the evil spirits, the souls.  But for this, you have to maintain special attention through which you will be able to confront everything that comes in front of you.  That is, in order to understand clearly whatever happens, you must remember two words.  One is the difference (antar) and the other is mantra.  Whatever happens, check whether it is right or not.  Is it like that of BapDada or not?  Is it equal to BapDada or not?  So when you check this difference at every moment, you will be able to apply a not or a dot within a second.  You have to apply a dot, if you have to do that, you will begin to do that.  So you have to keep not and dot in your awareness too.  The difference and the mantra will both take place in a practical way.  If you do not forget either of them, no problem or evil spirit will be able to oppose you.  The problems will be burnt away in one second.  Evil spirits cannot remain in front of you.  So you have to make this effort.  Do you understand?

41.  The more you have the stage of the point-form, the less the evil spirits or evil sanskars will attack you.  And your shakti form will liberate such souls.  You also have to do this service.  You also have to liberate the evil spirits, because it is now the end of the final moments, and so the evil spirits and the evil sanskars will reach their extremity and then finish.  All the rubbish will come out and be burnt away.  So then, how will you be able to confront all these problems if you are not liberated from your own problems?

42.  Today, BapDada has come to tie you with the rakhi of the stage of being a detached observer.  If the rakhi of being a detached observer (saakhi) remains constantly tied, there will be success in service very quickly.  A task that at present takes one month will not take even one hour.  You have to tie this rakhi of being a detached observer.  You tie the rakhi of purity on others.  But today, BapDada is tying the rakhi of being a detached observer on you.  The more you remain a detached observer, the more you will become an image that grants visions in a practical form.  Because of not being a detached observer to a great extent, you become an image that grants visions in reality to a less extent.  This is why you have to practise this.  What practice?  To take support in one moment and to become detached in the next.  To increase this practice means to bring time and perfection close.  So what effort do you have to make now?  You have to bring the time and perfection close.

43.  When your drishti changes, the shrishti (world) will also change.  So to what extent has your drishti changed?  Do you know in what way you have to change your drishti?  You have to have soul conscious drishti.  Has your drishti become soul conscious, divine and alokik?  You should be able to see whatever you look at, or whoever you look at, with the form of soul consciousness.  Have you changed your drishti in this way?  When someone has poor vision, he sees double images.  In the same way, if your drishti has not completely changed, you see two things.  The one without a body (the soul, dehi), and the body (deh).  Sometimes it is one thing and sometimes it is another.  It is like that, is it not?  Sometimes you see the body and sometimes you see the bodiless (the soul).  When someone's eyes are all right, he is able to see everything exactly as it is in its accurate form.  In the same way, when your drishti changes, you are able to see the accurate form.  The accurate form is that of the soul, and not the body.  You should be able to see the accurate form.  From that you can consider your drishti to be all right.  You have to pay a lot of attention to your drishti.  If your drishti has changed, it will never deceive you.  People will have visions through your drishti, and in each one's dristhi, they will see their accurate form, their real home and the real kingdom.  There is so much power in drishti, but only if your drishti is accurate.  So constantly check yourself: If someone comes in front of you, what vision will he have through my drishti?  Whatever is in your attitude, that is what many others will see through your drishti.  If your attitude is that of body consciousness, and it is mischievous, that is the kind of visions they will have through your drishti.  The drishti and attitude of others will also be mischievous; they will not be able to have accurate visions.  Do you understand this?

44.  According to the speed of time, your feet should not be on the ground.  Which feet?  The intellect, which you refer to as the pilgrimage of remembrance.  There is a saying that the angels never place their feet on the earth.  So now, the intellect will go beyond the attraction of the earth, that is, of nature, and then nothing can bring it down.  Then you will become those who control nature, not those who are subservient to nature.  Just as scientists are now trying to go beyond the earth, in the same way, with the power of silence, you can go beyond the attraction of the earth, and take the support of it whenever you wish.  It should not be that nature makes you subservient whenever it wishes.  So to what extent has your stage become like this?

45.  If you keep your mind busy in the appointments at all times, then the waste thoughts will not take up any time in-between.  When you keep yourself free from an appointment, then the waste thoughts take up that time, and so you must learn the method to check your time.  You must make your own appointments for what you have to do throughout the whole day.  Then your time will be used in a worthwhile way.  There are four things in which you have to appoint your mind.  1) Meeting (milan), 2) Speaking (vernan), 3) Merged in love (magan), 4) to have love (lagan).  A lot of time is taken up in developing that love.  You only stay in the stage of being merged in love for a short time.  Therefore, there are the stages of having love (lagan), being merged in love (magan), to celebrate a meeting (milan) and and speaking (vernan).  Speaking is service.  Meeting is to have a heart to heart conversation with Baba.  You meet BapDada, do you not?  So fix your time in these four aspects.  If your appointments for the entire day are fixed every day, then the waste thoughts will not have any time in-between to disturb you. Because important people are busy, they cannot give any time or attention to wasteful matters. In the same way, fix your time in a daily timetable.  "I have to give this much time to this matter, and this much time to that matter." By fixing your appointments in this way, you will be able to finish this complaint and you will become complete. Do you understand? Achcha.

46.  Baba is observing to what extent each of you has become incorporeal and has adopted the ornaments.  Both are necessary.  Those who have adopted the ornaments will never have any arrogance of the body.  This is why, always check: Am I incorporeal?  Have I adopted the ornaments?  This is manmanabhav and madhyajibhav.  The original stage of the self is called being a master almighty authority.  So you have become a master almighty authority, have you not?  When you are in this stage, you are beyond all external situations.  In this stage, you experience the nature of the self, that is, you experience the feeling of the self in everything, and the various different types of the old feeling are finished.  The nature of the self means to have the feeling of the soul in the self.  Then the aspects of conflict of nature will be finished and you will attain all the powers to be able to face.  As long as you have any subtle or physical desire, you will not be able to develop the power to face.  Desires do not allow you to face anything.  Therefore, do you know what is the last perfect stage of the Brahmins that is remembered?  That stage is described as the stage of being ignorant of even the knowledge of the word 'desire'.

47.  If there is any arrogance, it makes you become one without any ornaments.  Therefore, be egoless and incorporeal and then you will become one who has adopted the ornaments.  Those who stabilise themselves in this stage and become those who bring benefit to all souls, can become those who claim a right to the kingdom of the world.

48.  If you are not able to stabilise yourself in the form of a point for a long time, then do not waste time over it.  You will only be able to stabilise yourself in the form of a point when you first have the practice of having pure thoughts.  When there is to be an accident, if the brake fails, you have to steer the car around.  The form of a point is the brake.  If the brake fails, turn the intellect away from waste thoughts and engage it in pure thoughts.  Sometimes, in order to save yourself, you have to turn around and not apply the brakes.  Health of the body is connected with health of the mind.  Practise having pure thoughts throughout the day and not having any waste thoughts.  Those who pass in this stage will be able to create the stage of the point-form.  Do not waste time in wasteful thoughts.  Let your mind not have love for whatever duty you are carrying out with your body.  For instance, if you engage your body and mind in a duty for eight hours, then as soon as that duty finishes, give rest to the mind as well as the body.  Then put a lock on the thoughts of your business.  Only when it is absolutely essential is the lock then opened.  You have to have such a practice.  Achcha. 

49.  BapDada is seeing two things in each of you: to what extent each of you has become knowledge-full and powerful.  In this, Baba is also seeing how powerful the catching power of each of you is.  The main basis of effort is catching power.  Nowadays, scientists try to catch sound, but what is it that all of you catch with the power of silence?  Just as they try to catch the sound of a long time in the past, in the same way, what is it that you catch?  Can you catch your divine sanskars of five thousand years ago?  Have you imbibed that much catching power?  Those people are able to catch the sound of others.  But you not only catch your original sanskars, but you also create your own practical form.  Always keep it in your consciousness that you were that, and that you are now, once again, becoming that.  The more you are able to catch those sanskars, the more you will be able to become that form.  Make your consciousness powerful, that is, make it elevated and clear.  Just as you have a clear experience of your present form and your present sanskars, in the same way, you should clearly experience your original form and sanskars.  Do you understand?  You need catching power to that extent.  Just as you have your activity and your task clearly in your consciousness, in the same way, your original activity should clearly and easily be in your consciousness.  Always have the determined thought that you were that.  Something of five thousand years ago should be experienced as clearly as though it is a matter of yesterday.  This is called catching power.  You must make your consciousness that elevated and clear before you return from here.  You have come to a bhatthi, have you not?  You should constantly be able to see your original form and original sanskars in front of you.  By making your consciousness powerful, your attitude and vision will automatically become powerful.

50.  Daily routine: BapDada is seeing the rulers of the world of the present and the future, that is, He is seeing the children in the form of them being the world benefactors and also the ones who have a right to the kingdom of the world.  To the extent that you become a world benefactor, accordingly you become one who has a right to the kingdom of the world.  In order to attain both these rights, you especially need the power to transform the self.  From amrit vela until the night, use the power of transformation in your activities.

The first transformation: As soon as you open your eyes: I am not this body, but I am a soul. This is the thought of transformation of the beginning of the day.  The timetable for the whole day is based on this first thought.  If you do not transform your first thought, then throughout the whole day, you will not be able to be successful in your own self-sovereignty or in bringing about world benefit.  Use the power of transformation from the first moment of the day.  Just as deity souls, satopradhan souls, come from the brahm element and enter a part (incarnate) at the beginning of the world, in the same way, amrit vela is the first moment of the day, every day.  Therefore, in this first moment of the day, as soon as you wake up, the first thought you should remember is: I, the Brahmin soul have incarnated in order to celebrate a meeting with the Father.  This powerful thought will become the basis for elevated thoughts, elevated words and elevated actions.  The first transformation is: Who am I?  So this foundation is the basis of the power of transformation.

After this, the second transformation: To whom do I belong?  With whom do I have all relationships?  From whom do I receive all attainments?  First of all, there is the transformation of the body, and then the transformation of the relationships of the body, and then on the basis of relationships, there is the transformation of the attainments.  This transformation is called easy remembrance.  So you can claim all rights from the very beginning on the basis of the power of transformation.  After amrit vela, whilst carrying out all your physical activities through the body, which transformation is necessary, through which you can become a constant, easy yogi?  Always have the thought: I am a living, most elevated idol, and this is a temple.  This body is the living temple of the living idol, and I am decorating the temple.  BapDada's most beloved idol is seated in this temple.  And BapDada Himself remembers the rosary of the virtues of this idol.  BapDada Himself praises this idol.  This is a special temple of such a special idol.  To the extent that an idol is valuable, accordingly, on the basis of the idol, the temple also becomes valuable.  So what is the transformation you have to bring about?  Not my body, but this is the temple of BapDada's valuable idol.  You yourself are the idol, and you must continue to decorate the temple as the trustee of the temple.  On the basis of this transforming thought, the consciousness of 'mine', that is, body consciousness will be transformed. 

After this, always have the form of your being a Godly student in your consciousness.  What is the special transforming thought you need for this?  A thought through which, the study of every second, and the dharna of every invaluable word create an elevated reward for the present and the future.  For this, you constantly need the transforming thought: I am not an ordinary student, and this is not an ordinary study, but Baba comes from the far-away land to teach me directly.  The versions of God are my study.  The elevated directions of the One who is doubly elevated are our study, and every word of this study is one that enables me to earn an income of multi-millions.  If you do not imbibe just one word, then you have not just missed a word, but you have missed out on earning an income of multi-millions, and on an elevated reward for many births and on attaining an elevated status.  You should have the transforming thought: God is speaking and I am listening to Him.  Baba, in the form of the Teacher, has come for me.  I am a special, beloved student.  This is why Baba has come for me.  Where has He come from?  Who has come?  And what is He teaching?  Imbibe these elevated transforming thoughts at the time of class every morning and then study.  This is not an ordinary class.  Do not see the person who is relating the words to you, but remember whose words they are: keep that One in front of you.  See the incorporeal Father and the avyakt father in the corporeal form.  So, do you understand what transformation you have to bring about?

Let us go further.  We have studied the study.  What do we have to do now?  Now, we come to the part of service.  In service, whatever type of service it is, whether of the household, or your interaction with others, or Godly service, whether it is your household and your lokik relations, or whether they are relationships on the basis of karmic bondages, whilst doing service in the household, have the transformative thought: I am now living a life where I have died alive, that is, lokik karmic bondages have now finished.  Do not continue to move along whilst considering them to be karmic bondages.  You become tied in that bondage by thinking and saying, 'karmic bondage, karmic bondage'.  But now, because you are living a life where you have died alive, then according to shrimat, the relationships of lokik karmic bondages become the basis for relationships for service.  They are not karmic bondages, but relationships for service.  In relationships for service, if you imbibe the knowledge about the various types of souls, and continue to move along whilst considering them to be relationships for service, then you will not be troubled by those bondages.

No matter how sinful a soul may be, how detrimental he may be, do not have feelings of hatred for the storks.  Do not have distaste and do not be disrespectful, but do service whilst stabilising yourself in the stage of being a world benefactor, being merciful and having feelings of compassion.  Consider them to be relationships for service.  To the extent that you serve hopeless cases, accordingly, you will claim a right to as many prizes.  You will be remembered as the famous world benefactors.  You will claim the prize of being a peace-maker.  So whilst in a household, instead of karmic bondages, they are relationships for service.  Have this transformative thought.  But whilst doing service, do not have any attachment.  Sometimes, even doctors become attached to their patients.  "Relationships for service", means those who have the form of being a tyaagi (a renunciate) and a tapaswi (one engaged in deep meditation).  The qualifications of a true server are renunciation and tapasya. 

In the same way, when interacting with someone, you do that according to the directions for the livelihood of the body, but the main basis should be for the livelihood of the soul.  Do not forget the livelihood of the soul because of the livelihood of the body.  Whilst interacting with everyone, there should be the balance between the livelihood of the soul and the livelihood of the body.  Otherwise, the interaction with others will become a net of Maya.  The more you spread such a net, the more you will be trapped in it.  Whilst increasing your wealth, you should not forget the method of remembrance.  The method of remembrance and the increase of wealth should both go together.  Do not leave aside the method because of increasing your wealth.  This is called the transformation from lokik, physical karma into the stage of being a karma yogi.  You are not those who just perform karma, but you are karma yogis.  Karma means interaction, and yoga means for the sake of God, that is, you are doing it for the sake of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.  So there should be both: interaction with others and doing something for the sake of God.  This is called being karma yogis who follow shrimat.  What transformation do you have to bring about whilst interacting with others?  I am not just someone who interacts with others, but one who interacts with others as well as one who does something for the sake of God, that is, whatever I am doing, I am doing it for the sake of Godly service.
I am a combined form of interacting with others and doing it for the sake of God.  If you have this transforming thought constantly in your consciousness, then your mind and body will continue to earn a double income.  You will continue to receive physical wealth and also continue to accumulate the imperishable wealth through the mind.  At one moment, through the one body, you will be able to earn a double income through the mind and the body.  So constantly remember that you are one who earns a double income.  In this Godly service, constantly think about the mantra of being an instrument, and have the consciousness of Karanhar (the One who does everything).  You must not forget Karavanhar (the One who gets everything done through others).  Then in service, you will constantly be constructive.

Achcha, now we move a little further.  You come into connection with many types of people, as well as things and material comforts.  In this also, instead of having corporeal feelings for people, imbibe feelings for the soul.  Imbibe an attitude that is free from attraction to things and material comforts.  The things and material comforts will then serve as the servants of those who have an attitude free from being attracted.  But they will trap those who are attracted to such things, like a magnet.  Then you will not be able to become free even if you wish to.  Therefore, in connection with things and material comforts, transform that into feelings of the soul and an attitude free from being attracted.  Go even further!  When you use or see any beautiful instruments of the old world for temporary happiness, you become influenced by those instruments.  If your spiritual endeavour (sadhana) is based on the instruments (sadhan), you should consider it to be like a building built on a foundation of sand.  What will the state of that be?  Whenever there is an upheaval, it will fluctuate again and again.  When it collapses, it will be destroyed.  Therefore, bring about the transformation of the instruments being perishable and your spiritual endeavour being imperishable.  You cannot have imperishable spiritual endeavour based on perishable instruments.  The instruments are just to be used for the namesake, but it is your spiritual endeavour that is the basis of construction.  So do not give importance to the instruments, but instead, give importance to the spiritual endeavour.  Always have the consciousness that you are the embodiment of success, not the embodiment of the instruments.  Spiritual endeavour will enable you to attain success.  Do not forget being the embodiment of success by being attracted to the instruments.  Whilst seeing all the lokik things, whilst listening to all the lokik things and whilst seeing all the lokik scenes, transform the lokik into the alokik, that is, be the embodiment of knowledge and take the aspects of knowledge from them.  Do not engross yourself in those things, but go into the depth of the knowledge in them.  So do you understand what transformation you have to bring about?

Achcha, now go even further.  What else now remains?  Now, your sleeping still remains (sona - to sleep, gold).  Sona means to go to sleep in the golden world.  But now, transform your way of sleeping.  Do not sleep on your bed, so where will you sleep instead?  You will sleep in the lap of Baba's remembrance, in the world of angels.  Tour around in your dreams.  Transform your dreams, and also transform your sleeping.  Change everything from the beginning to the end.  Do you understand how you have to use the power of transformation?