Thursday, 13 September 2018

A model of Spiritual Counseling Centre and its importance in Caring

Caring for Emotional Health:

Mind Body Medicine Conference dated 9.9.18 Dr.Avdesh Sharma, world renowned Psychiatrist and President of Indian Psychiatric association discusses with Sr. Shivani at Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu: 

A working model of Spiritual Counseling Centre:

World: 1 person commit suicide in every 40 seconds. 1 in 4 have  clinical psychological problem and everyone has sub clinical problems like anger, jealousy, low self confidence, shyness, confusion which affect us from achieving what we want. 1/3rd of all patients have psychological problems which cannot be identified in ICU or with instruments.

India: Suicidal rate: 1 person every 3 minutes, 1 student in every one hour, 10 times more are suicide attempts and hurting self.By 2020, highest patients in terms of mortality and morbidity for depression. Emotionality in relationship, addictions are huge in population.

Methods to handle the crisis: 
1. Not to rationalize but recognize, accept, seek knowledge and plan for managing depression along with spirituality-meditation and medication. Heal your self and become a healer. 

2. Create new institutions by training juniors on therapies to work with sub clinical syndromes where minor problems can be handled well with good healing touch. 

Therapy is an interaction with trust, consistency, knowledge and spirituality (empathy, hope, positivity, meditation, prayer for self and others, affirmation) to receive better suggestion for change to happen in holographic memory, biology of brain, biochemistry and neuroplasticity.

Always there is hope at all ages for bringing change to become alright. The immediate transformation or healing happens by the shift in consciousness from limited to unlimited, body consciousness to self awareness.Spirituality is the method to deal with the psychological-medical burn out. Consciousness creates the body, disease are nothing but manifestations of mind-thoughts.

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