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To see expansion,but not see it;to hear it but not hear it: practice that your vision should always be on the one point.

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31/08/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     10/12/78

Essence: “Do not see the expansion, but the point, the essence.”

To be a resident of Madhuban means to be one who constantly moves along with the waves of the ocean of sweetness. How great the souls are who constantly live in BapDada’s special land; the land where He performed actions, the land of divine actions, the land where a sweet meeting is experienced, the great pure and charitable land! The incorporeal Father also has special love for this corporeal land. Do those who live in this land also constantly have the same experience? Madhuban means the land of sweetness where there is sweetness in your attitude, sweetness in your words and constant sweetness in your every deed. As is the land, so are the great souls who live in that land! What do souls say when they return from Madhuban and give their experience? Madhuban is the confluence-aged heaven. This means that you are the residents of heaven. So, how special are those who have a right to double heaven; to be in the heaven of this time and also the heaven of the future? Today, BapDada has especially come to meet the residents of Madhuban. Baba is asking: What is the speciality or special praise of heaven? The special praise of heaven is of always being full; that nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of heaven. Whether it is the heaven of the confluence age or the heaven of the future, the speciality remembered of each is the same. So, as a resident of Madhuban, as a resident of the confluence-aged heaven, do you experience the complete stage in which you feel that you are a constantly satisfied soul? When you are in heaven of the future, you naturally experience the sanskar of being ignorant of the knowledge of desire; do you residents of Madhuban also naturally have this sanskar? As a resident of heaven, are you a natural embodiment of all those sanskars? When someone asks you where you live, you say, with great intoxication and happiness, that you live in Madhuban, do you not? It is as though you are stamped with the stamp of being a resident of Madhuban. As well as that stamp, you should also be stamped with the stage appropriate to this place. When you go into a cold room, your state automatically becomes like the place. So, are your sanskars appropriate to the praise of Madhuban? In the corporeal form, it is Madhuban that everyone has as their aim; everyone copies Madhuban. When someone’s stage fluctuates, they remember Achalghar Madhuban (the home of stability), that by going to Achalghar Madhuban they will become stable. Everyone comes to this sacred land with such faith and pure feelings. Since Achalghar Madhuban is the place where many souls are able to find the means to finish their upheaval, then those who live in Madhuban should also be constantly unshakeable, would they not? Such a stage becomes a guiding light for many others because Madhuban is the lighthouse. It is you residents of Madhuban who co-operate with all the centres: you constantly co-operate with your thoughts, words and deeds with one another. Therefore, you should also co-operate with your companions, should you not? All of you children have been given one year to show some results. So, what transformation have you brought about in one year, that when others hear your experience, they also become inspired to transform themselves? Sometimes, when souls relate their experience with enthusiasm and with sincere love for the Father from the hearts, many other souls become transformed whilst listening to their experience. The transformation of one becomes a way of transforming many others. So, have you brought about such transformation that you have become an example for others? Have you had such a wonderful experience in this one year? Who has taken a high jump? Who has taken the gift of a lift?
Nowadays, very clear pictures of any place can be seen in many different places through TV. So, Madhuban is also a TV station. There are TV sets everywhere. Nowadays, the speed of thoughts and the state of someone’s mind can be checked with instruments of science. Similarly, the thoughts and vibrations of the minds of the residents of Madhuban spread everywhere. Therefore, let there be attention paid to your every thought. Do not be careless about this. If you residents of Madhuban want to spread your vibrations of a special thought whilst sitting in Madhuban, you are able to sit somewhere and spread them in all four directions. Just as the fragrance of something physical automatically spreads everywhere, similarly, the vibrations through your thoughts should automatically spread everywhere. This is the special service that the residents of Madhuban have to do. When you have a special bhatthi in Madhuban, those vibrations reach everywhere. Even if letters of news are not received, the subtle vibrations from Madhuban can easily be spread everywhere. Your business is to serve through your deeds, but together with that, you also have the responsibility to serve with your mind. BapDada has come to see the results of one year. To what extent have those who remain constantly close passed with honours? What reward has been created by the souls who live with great souls, by those who are close physically and who live in such an elevated place? In the scriptures too, Madhuban has been specially praised. So, the residents of Madhuban are special in every aspect and they reveal their speciality at every moment. Every group that comes should experience the residents of Madhuban to have this speciality; namely, that all the souls who live in the heaven of Madhuban are embodiments of being completely full and constantly satisfied.
The basis of this is to have one constant aim:As a child of the Bestower, I have to give and not take. I should not think that only when the other one does it I will do it. Each of you should believe that you are a bestower, and all of you would then become those who bestow; you would become souls who are completely full. If you are not full, you would not be able to give. Constantly full souls would definitely be constantly satisfied souls. You are a child of the Bestower who bestows; in fact, to give is to receive. You receive to the extent that you give. In a practical way, you have to become those who give, not those who take. The feeling of being a bestower is to experience the stage of being constantly free from obstacles and ignorant of the knowledge of desires.
Your vision should always be on the one aim. That aim is of a point. To have one aim means constantly to see just the point; it means that whilst seeing other things, you do not see them. Your vision should always be on the one point. In the memorial of this, it is shown that the archer’s vision was not just on the fish, but on the point (pupil) in the eye of the fish. So, the fish is the expansion and the eye is the point. Therefore, he did not see the expansion, but saw the essence, the point. When you look at the expansion, you become obstructed, whereas when you stabilize in the essence, that is, in the point form, your stage becomes that of a point; a full stop is applied. You also put a point, a full stop to your actions. To have the point in your awareness means to have the seed stage. You especially have to practice this.
To see the expansion, but not see it; to hear it but not hear it: you need to practice this from this moment onwards. Only then, at the end, when there are the sorrowful sounds of upheaval and the extremely fearsome scenes, will you be able to pass. The things of the present time are nothing compared to the things that are to happen at that time. If you do not practice from this moment on, seeing but not seeing, and hearing but not hearing, then, at the end, when you see those fearsome scenes, you will fail that momentary test paper for all time. Therefore, it is essential that you especially practice this.
Your stage should be such that you experience a corporeal body to be in the angelic form. You saw Baba in a subtle form. Although he had a corporeal body, you experienced that body to be angelic and subtle. Whilst he was walking and moving around doing everything, you experienced him to be a subtle angel. He was in the same physical body, but, because the consciousness of his physical body was removed, you experienced his subtle form even though he had the physical body. So, all of you should practice this same thing. Whilst continuing to work through your physical organs, use the power of your mind. There should be powerful vibrations filled with the love of everyone’s co-operation in the atmosphere. Wherever you go, this angelic form should be visible. You are performing actions, but serving through your physical body should be balanced with serving through your mind. In the beginning, you were made to practice this. While performing an ordinary task, your stage should be so elevated that, even whilst doing that ordinary task, your appearance is of an image granting visions. No matter that you are doing something physical like the laundry or cleaning or cooking, your stage should still remain elevated.
Such a time will come in a practical way when those who see you will say: You are all such great angelic souls and yet look at the type of work you do! The work you do is very ordinary and yet your stage is so elevated! When the souls of the golden- aged princesses were invoked, they would be amazed to see the practical work they did before they became that form of the future; that they are such great empresses, and yet look at what they used to do! A world emperor, yet that one is cooking! In the same way, souls who come will also say that you are their elevated worthy of worship deity souls and yet you are doing this work! As you walk and move around, others will be able to have a clear vision of their special, loved deity in you. At the end, they will see your worthy of worship form and also your angelic form in a practical way. The praise of Arjuna in the previous cycle was that he saw the ordinary form in the form of a friend, but, on seeing the actual form of God, he asked: “Who are You? You are so elevated, and yet you have such an ordinary form of a friend!” Similarly, others will have visions of you whilst you walk and move around. To see something through divine vision is a different matter. In the beginning, you used to see those things while walking and moving around. This is not a matter of seeing something in trance. Just as people experienced seeing sakar Baba in this way in the beginning, so too, at the end, people will see all of you in the same way. Your ordinary form will disappear and they will see both your angelic and your worthy of worship form. In the beginning, you had visions of the angelic Brahma and of Shri Krishna at the same time. Similarly, now, whilst looking at your ordinary form, they should not see that, but be able to see your worthy of worship form and your angelic form. However, this will only happen when you all make the effort to see but not see. Only then will all souls not see the ordinary forms of you great souls even whilst looking at you, but they will have visions with their eyes open in just a second. In order to create such a stage, you have been told especially to practice seeing but not seeing and hearing but not hearing. Listen to just the One and see just the one Point. Do not see the expansion, but just see the essence. Do not hear all the expansion, but always hear the essence. Only then will Madhuban become the land of magic. So, did you hear how important Madhuban is, that is, how important the residents of Madhuban are? Achcha.

Speaking to Madhuban sisters:

The Shakti Army of Madhuban means the army of special souls. Each of you knows your own speciality very well. Are you happy that you have become the residents of this special land because of your specialties? The past accounts of each of you are individual to you and they will continue to be settled. However, together with those, according to the drama, you have one or another specialty and it is due to this that you have received this special part. To have the special part of constantly living in the land of charity and in this company of elevated souls is not a small fortune! The priests who look after the temples of the non-living idols consider themselves to be so great. Even though they are worshippers, they have such great intoxication. This is because they consider themselves to have a very close relationship with those idols. The worshippers of those non-living idols have so much intoxication, whereas here, it isn’t even a question of being a worshipper. Here, you live in connection and have that company and so you companions should have so much happiness and intoxication! It is impossible for souls who come into this Godly family not to have a specialty. So, recognize your specialty and use it. Whatever virtue or specialty you have, whether it is of some kind of work or of being sweet and loving, you must use it. Just as the philosopher’s stone was said to be able to change iron into gold, in the same way, when you use your virtue or specialty in service, you claim one hundred thousand fold fruit of that service. Therefore, one specialty makes you worthy of being rewarded for a long period of time. When one seed is planted, so much fruit develops on that tree. Similarly, to use even your one specialty for service in a practical way means to plant a seed. So, do you understand how fortunate you are? You have taken birth in the Brahmin family. So, together with having the fortune of this birth, you have also brought with you the fortune of one or another specialty. The only difference seen is to what extent you actually use that specialty. You have the fortune of your birth, but you should know how to plant the seed to create the fruit of your future fortune for a long period of time by using your present fortune in practice for service. The fruit will definitely emerge. To sow a seed means to use the seed of specialty for service. Here, everyone is constantly seated on the throne of fortune. This fortune which was created in the previous cycle is even now still remembered by souls who consider themselves to be very fortunate when they come close to God for even a second. So, how great the happiness and fortune should be of those who have this fortune in a practical way at this time! When you keep this greatness in front of you, everything wasteful stops. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya who sees the games of the fearsome forms of Maya as detached observer.   
Those who welcome Maya are not afraid on seeing a fearsome form of Maya. When you watch a game as a detached observer, you enjoy yourself because, externally, Maya has the form of a lion but she doesn’t have as much strength as even a cat. It is just that you become afraid and make her into something big by thinking, “What can I do? How will this happen?” However, remember the lesson of “Whatever is happening is good and whatever is to happen will be even better”. Watch the game as a detached observer and you will become a conqueror of Maya.

Slogan: Those who are tolerant do not become jealous on seeing anyone’s nature. They listen to wasteful matters with one ear and let it out through the other.  

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Father of all souls is One.Consider yourselves to be brothers and that criminal vision will end.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

30/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father asks you children. He cannot ask everyone. He asks daughter Nalini: What are you doing here? In remembrance of whom are you sitting here? The Father? Are you sitting in remembrance of just the Father or are you also remembering something else? Your sins will be absolved by having remembrance of the Father. What else are you remembering? This is the work of the intellect. We souls have to go to our home and so we have to remember the home. Achcha, what else do you have to do? Will you go home and just sit there? They have shown Vishnu with a discus of self-realisation. The Father has now explained to you the meaning of that. The self, that is, the soul, had a vision of his cycle of 84 births. So, that discus also has to be turned. You know that we go around the cycle of 84 births and return home. Then, from there, we will go into the golden age to play our parts. We will then go around the cycle of 84 births. Vishnu does not have a discus etc. He is a deity of the golden age. Call it the land of Vishnu or the land of Lakshmi and Narayan or call it heaven; there used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in heaven. If you call it the kingdom of Radhe and Krishna, you are making a mistake. There is no kingdom of Radhe and Krishna because they are a prince and princess from separate kingdoms. They become the masters of the kingdom after their marriage. So, they have shown Vishnu with a discus, but that is in fact your cycle. Therefore, when you sit here, you mustn't just sit in silence. You also have to remember your inheritance and this is why there is this cycle.
The Father says: You are lighthouses. You are walking and talking lighthouses. You have the land of peace in one eye and the land of happiness in the other eye. You have to remember both. Your sins are cut away by having remembrance. By remembering your home, you will go home. Then, you also have to remember the cycle. Only you have the knowledge of this whole cycle. You have been around the cycle of 84 births and this is now the final birth in the land of death. The new world is called the land of immortality. “Immortal” means that you are constantly alive, that you never die. Here, people die suddenly while just sitting somewhere because there are illnesses. There, there is no fear of dying because that is the land of immortality. Even when you become old, you have the knowledge that you will go and enter the palace of a womb. Now you go into the jail of a womb. There, a womb is like a palace. There, no sins are committed that anyone would have to have punishment. Here, people commit sins due to which they experience punishment. Then, when they come out of the womb, they begin to commit sin again. This is the world of sinful souls. Here, there is nothing but sorrow. The name “sorrow” doesn’t exist there. So, keep the land of peace in one eye and the land of happiness in the other eye. Although you have been doing tapasya and chanting mantras for birth after birth, you did not have this knowledge. That is devotion. You are not shown the method there for becoming satopradhan. No one knows this. They have just heard that God Krishna says: Renounce everything including your body... These are words from the Gita which they read and relate to everyone. You are not asked to become like that. They simply read it, saying that this is what God said, before He departed, when He came to purify the impure. It is just that they have inserted Krishna’s name in the Gita instead of that of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Krishna is the charioteer. Does he need a chariot? He himself is a bodily being. Who gave him the name, “Krishna”? On the sixth day after a baby is born, they have a naming ceremony.
The God-Father is just called Shiva(Benefactor). You souls come into birth and rebirth and so the names of the bodies change. Shiv Baba does not come into birth and death. He is always Shiva. When people apply a zero, they say, "Shiva". A soul is an extremely subtle point. When someone has a vision of a soul, he is unable to understand it. Seeing a vision of a goddess, they would become happy. Achcha, what then? There was no attainment, no meaning. They just performed intense devotion, had a vision and thereby became happy with that. However, there is no question of them receiving liberation or liberation-in-life. All of that is the path of devotion. This, here, is the path of knowledge. Here, people generally have a vision of Brahma and then of Shri Krishna. They would be told (in their vision): Go to this Brahma and you will go to the land of Krishna or to Paradise. They can also have visions of Lakshmi and Narayan. It isn't that just because they received a vision, they are in salvation. They just receive a signal: Go there. As you progress further, many will have visions and they will receive directions. The picture of your Trimurti and also the name of the Brahma Kumaris are printed in the newspapers. So they would have a vision of Brahma: By going to that one you will receive knowledge of how to become a prince of Paradise, just as Arjuna had a vision of Vishnu and of destruction.
The Father tells you how you have to become like a lotus, but you don't remain constant and this is why the ornaments have been given to Vishnu. Why would deities need the conch shell etc? Speaking knowledge through your lips is called blowing the conch shell. The Father also explains the significance of the lotus to you. You Brahmins have to become like a lotus at this time. The mace is for conquering Maya, the five vices. The Father shows you the method: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. Follow shrimat and remember the Purifier Father. No one, apart from the Father, is the Purifier. The Father says: You all call out to Me to come and liberate all of you from your bodies and take you to the pure world. So, the Father comes and makes all souls pure from impure because impure souls cannot go home or to heaven. The Father says: If you want to become pure, remember Me. Only by having remembrance will your sins be cut away. I guarantee this. People call out: O Purifier, come! Purify us and take us to the new world. So, how will they go? The Father tells you something so straightforward. This is the Father's easy knowledge and easy matters. He says: While doing your work, remember Me! You may do your job etc. and prepare food, but do that while in remembrance and the food will be purified. This is why it is remembered that even the deities had a desire for Brahma bhojan. Even these daughters go with bhog to the subtle region and a meeting takes place there. A gathering of Brahmins and deities takes place there. They come to accept the food. Before brahmin priests take their meals, they chant a mantra. Brahma bhojan is praised a lot.
Sannyasis only remember the brahm element; their religion is separate. Those are limited sannyasis. They say that they have renounced their home, family, wealth etc., that they have renounced everything. They have now pushed their way in (the cities). Yours is unlimited renunciation. You even forget this old world. You then have to go to the new world. While living at home with your families, it is in your intellects that you have to go the land of happiness via the land of peace. You also have to remember the land of peace. You remember the Father and the lands of peace and happiness. This is the final birth of our many births. Our 84 births are now complete. From the sun dynasty, we became the moon dynasty then we became merchants and then shudras. Those people then say that the soul is the Supreme Soul, and that the soul is not affected by anything because the soul is the Supreme Soul. The Father says: That meaning of theirs is wrong. The Father sits here and explains the meaning of "hum so" to you. I, the soul, am a child of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. First of all, I was a deity, a resident of heaven, and then I became a moon-dynasty warrior. After 2500 years were completed, we became merchants and then shudras, vicious ones. We have now become Brahmins, the topknot. We are sitting here and it is as though we are doing a somersault of 84 births. We have knowledge of this somersault. Previously, when people went on pilgrimages, they would make marks along the way as they somersaulted. Your true pilgrimage is to the land of peace and the land of happiness. You are spiritual pilgrims who give this advice to everyone: Remember the Father and you will go to the land of peace. Sages and holy men all make effort to go to the land of peace but no one can go there. Everyone, the whole lot, will go there together.
The Father has explained that there are very few in the golden age and then growth takes place. You are spinners of the discus of self-realization; the deities are not that. However, at this time, you have a war with Maya. In that war, too, they go and seek refuge with the side they consider to be powerful. Whom are you now taking refuge with at this time? Both husband and wife say: I seek refuge with You. Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. The Father of all souls is One. You are the children of that One. Sages and holy men are not that One. In that case, there would be many Gods! Whoever sulks with his home and family becomes God! Many wealthy millionaires go and become their followers. Then they celebrate with impure food. They are tamopradhan human beings. Hindus don't even know about their own religion. The Father explains: In fact, you belong to the original, eternal, deity religion but you have now become impure and so you cannot call yourselves deities. That religion has now disappeared. People are so vicious and they have a criminal eye. A minister who came to Baba said: My vision becomes criminal. The Father now explains: Children, become those with a civil eye. For as long as you have a criminal eye, you are impure. Consider yourselves to be brothers and that criminal vision will end. We souls are brothers and we are claiming our inheritance from the one Father. The throne of the soul is this forehead. This is called the immortal throne. The immortal soul is sitting on this throne. This body is a puppet of clay. The whole part is recorded in the soul.
The Father says: I come after 5000 years to give you children the inheritance. You know that you have come here to claim your inheritance of health, wealth and happiness. In the golden age, you receive a lot of wealth. You become deities for 21 generations. None of them die until they reach old age. Here, people die suddenly while just sitting somewhere. Sometimes, they even die in the womb. There, there is no mention of sorrow. That is called the land of happiness, the kingdom of Rama, whereas this is the land of sorrow, the kingdom of Ravan. Ravan does not exist in the golden age. So, you will also keep this cycle of 84 births in your intellects and remain very happy. You know that you are going to become the masters of the new world, that is, the masters of the golden age. It says in the Gita: God speaks: O child, renounce your body and all bodily relations. Consider yourself to be a soul and constantly remember Me alone. That one God is your true Friend. All the plays of Allah-avaldin (the first religion) and of hatam-tai (bead in your mouth) are of this time. People now beat their heads so much in order for fewer children to be born. The unlimited Father reduces this population so much. In the golden age, there is a population of just 900,000 in the whole world. There aren't this many millions of people there. All will go to the land of liberation, the land of peace. This is a miracle. He lays the foundation of the one deity religion and destroys all the other religions.
You have to make the world cycle of 84births sit in your intellects very well. This is the discus of self-realization. It is not a discus for cutting anyone’s throat. In the scriptures, they have said violent things about Krishna. They say that he killed everyone with a discus of self-realization. So, that too is defamation. They have made him so violent! You become doubly non-violent. To use the sword of lust is also violence. Deities are said to be pure. When you can become the masters of the world with the power of yoga, why can children not be born through the power of yoga? They would have a vision that they are going to have a child. Baba understands that he will shed this old body and then have a golden spoon in the mouth. You also understand that when you take birth in the land of immortality, you will have a golden spoon in your mouth. Poor subjects are also needed. There is no question of any type of sorrow there. The subjects do not have as much wealth or prosperity, but they do have happiness and a long lifespan. Kings, queens, wealthy subjects are all needed. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a master and a child and control your mind by keeping the reins of shrimat tight.   
People of the world say that the mind is a horse which runs very fast, but your mind cannot run around here and there because the reins of shrimat are very strong. When your mind and intellect become engaged in looking at side scenes, then, because the reins are loose, the mind becomes mischievous. Therefore, when any situation arises or the mind becomes mischievous, tighten the reins of shrimat and you will reach your destination. I am a child and a master: by having this awareness, you will become one who has all rights and be able to control your mind.

Slogan:  Constantly have the faith that whatever is happening is good and that whatever is to happen will be even better and you will remain unshakeable and immovable.   

Consciousness of real "me"
Soul has taken the body to experience different types of feelings. Although soul has the natural qualities of peace, love, happiness, bliss, purity, it is also the soul that experiences the pain, sorrow, unhappiness. As long as there is the detached awareness of soul being different-separate from the body, the actions, situations, feelings, pain, happiness,never bind the soul irrespective of experiencing them. The effort is to constantly maintain not just the thought that I am a soul but feel and experience myself as a point of light while performing all actions and while experiencing different feelings-emotions either good or bad, mental or physical.

The benefits of actions with the awareness of soul-self located at the centre of forehead:
1.peace, contentment, bliss is experienced being in awareness of self-soul, because they are the natural qualities of self.
2. The physical pain, desires are experienced by the soul through the body and hence the physical reactions of body becomes minimized. If the person thinks that the body experiences pain - desires, it disturbs the body and mind.
3. When the situation becomes stressful, the soul maintain its coolness because it is not aware of the body to activate the sympathetic nervous system, to enable fight or flight response.
4. When situation becomes more demanding, because it is the soul that feels the pressure, it never reacts unlike being in the conscious of body.
5.When there is situation of hurt or anger, the soul never gets hurt because it does not have an image of its own to get hurt. So, the soul conscious mind can respond with logical sense to any situation or person instead of reacting with anger, which is a physical reaction.
6. The natural bodily needs, sensations, feelings like thirst, hunger are experienced by soul and hence being detached it can bear them or experience them graciously without any physical reactions unlike in body consciousness. All the sensations are directed towards the soul not directed towards the sense organs.Since all the sensations are directed to the blissful and contented soul, there is no craving or greed for those desires or sense experience once it gets fulfilled. Even if it is not fulfilled, the soul can bear it with patience because it is detached from the conscious of body.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The God - Father says: If I had a body of My own, I would also have to take birth and rebirth. Who would then grant you salvation?

29/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban  

Sweet Children,

The spiritual Father tells you spiritual children: This one is also a child. All bodily beings are His children. So, the spiritual Father says to souls: The main thing is the soul. Understand this very well. When you are sitting here in front, you should not detach yourself from your body and disappear. To detach yourself from the body and disappear is not the stage of the pilgrimage of remembrance. You have to sit here alert. As you walk and move around or sit, consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. The Father does not tell you to become unconscious as you sit here. There are many who disappear while sitting here. You have to sit here and remain alert. You also have to become pure. You will not be able to imbibe knowledge without having purity. You will neither be able to bring benefit to anyone nor will you be able to tell this to others. Those who do not remain pure themselves but tell others to do so are like pundits. You must not consider yourself to be clever. Otherwise, your conscience will bite you. Don’t think that you can close your eyes and go into a state of nothingness. That is not the stage of remembrance. Here, you have to remain in a conscious state and remember the Father. To fall asleep is not remembrance. Many points are explained to you children. It is shown in the scriptures that they go into the seventh world (stage of consciousness) and they are not aware of this world at all. You know about the world; this is a dirty world. No one knows the Father. If they were to know the Father, they would also know the cycle of the world.
The Father tells you how this cycle turns and how human beings take rebirth. In the golden age, even though you become old, your face does not become wrinkled. Sannyasis do hatha yoga. They close their eyes and, while sitting in caves, they become old and wrinkled. The Father tells you: While living at home with your family, you have to remain alert. To go into the stage of nothingness is not really a stage. You have to carry on with your business etc. and also look after your household. You must not go into the stage of nothingness. While doing your work, remember the Father with your intellect. When you do your work, you surely do it with your eyes open. Continue to attend to your business etc., but let your intellect’s yoga be with the Father. You must not become careless about this. If you closed your eyes while sitting in your shop, someone would steal your stock and you would not even know. That stage is not accurate. To become detached from one’s body is the practice of hatha yogis. It is those with occult power who do that. The Father sits here and explains to you very clearly; you must not close your eyes for this. The Father says: You must now forget all your friends and relatives that you have been remembering, but you must remember the one Father. Without the pilgrimage of remembrance, your sins cannot be cut away. When they take bhog to the subtle region, they get lost. What happens? For as long as they are there, their sins cannot be absolved. They can neither remember Shiv Baba nor can they hear Baba’s murli, and so there is a loss. However, this is fixed in the drama and this is why they go there. They then come down and listen to the murli. This is why Baba says: Go and return quickly! Don’t stay there! Baba put a stop to all of those entertaining games. To go around in this way is like wandering aimlessly.
There is a great deal of wandering and wailing on the path of devotion, because it is the path of darkness. Meera used to go into trance, to Paradise. That was neither yoga nor study. Did she attain salvation through that? Did she become worthy of going to heaven? Were her sins of many births cut away? Absolutely not! The sins of many births can only be cut away by having remembrance of the Father. There is no benefit in having visions etc. That is simply devotion. It is neither remembrance nor knowledge. There is no one on the path of devotion who teaches these things and so they are not able to attain salvation, no matter how many visions they may have. In the beginning, children used to go into trance by themselves. Mama and Baba did not go into trance. In the beginning, Baba simply had a vision of establishment and destruction. Nothing happened after that. I do not send anyone up there. Yes, I (Brahma) sit them down and say: “Baba, pull the thread of this one,” and if it is in the drama, her thread will be pulled. Otherwise, it won’t be. Many receive visions. Many used to have visions in the beginning, and many will have visions at the end. It will be death for the prey and victory for the hunter. There are countless human beings and they will all leave their bodies here. No one will take his body or anything else to the golden age or to the land of silence. There are countless human beings. All are to be destroyed.
The one original, eternal, deity religion is now being established through Adam-Brahma. You daughters go to the villages and do so much service. You say to them: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Sannyasis don’t know how to teach Raja Yoga. Who, apart from the Father, can teach Raja Yoga? The Father is now teaching you children Raja Yoga. Then you will receive your kingdom and you will remain in limitless happiness. There will be no need to have remembrance there. There will not be the slightest trace of sorrow. Your lifespan will be long and your body will be free from disease. Here, there is a great deal of sorrow. It is not that the Father has created this play to cause you sorrow. This is an original and eternal play of happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat etc. Sannyasis do not know these things and so how could they explain anything? They study the scriptures of the path of devotion. You are told: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Those sannyasis consider themselves to be the soul and they remember the brahm element. They consider the brahm element to be the Supreme Soul. They only have knowledge of the brahm element. In fact, the brahm element is the place of residence, where you souls reside, but they say that they will merge into the element. Their knowledge is totally upside-down. Here, the unlimited Father is teaching you children. They say that God will come after forty thousand years. That is called the darkness of ignorance.
The Father says: I am the One who establishes the new world and who has the old world destroyed. I am carrying out the task of establishment; destruction is also standing ahead. Now, hurry up and become pure! Only then will you be able to go to the pure world. This is an old tamopradhan world; it is not the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Their kingdom existed in the new world; it no longer exists. They have continued to take rebirth. All sorts of things have been written in the scriptures. They have shown Krishna sitting in Arjuna’s horse chariot. It was not that Krishna was sitting inside Arjuna. Krishna was a bodily being. There was no question of a war. They have divided the armies of the Pandavas and the Kauravas. However, those things do not happen here. Those are the limitless scriptures of the path of devotion. They do not exist in the golden age. There, it is your kingdom, your reward of knowledge. There, there is nothing but happiness. The Father establishes the new world, and so there would definitely be happiness in the new world. Would a father build an old home? A father would build a new home. That home is limited. This is the One who creates the new world which is called satopradhan. This world is now impure, tamopradhan. You are now sitting in the foreign kingdom of Ravan. Shiv Baba is called Rama. They make donations in the name of Rama, chanting, “Rama, Rama”. Now, there is a vast difference between Rama and Shiv Baba.
Shiv(Benefactor) Baba now tells you children: Remember Me alone. You now have to return to the place you came from. Until you remember the Father and become pure, you will not be able to return home. There are very few among you who remember the Father accurately. It is not a question of saying anything through your lips. On the path of devotion, people say, “Rama, Rama”, with their lips. If someone doesn’t chant this, they call him an atheist. They sing very loudly. As the tree grows, so the paraphernalia of the path of devotion also grows. The Seed is very tiny. You do not have anything nor do you make any sound. You are simply told to consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me. You do not have to say anything with your lips. Children remember their physical fathers with their intellects. They do not sit and say: Baba, Baba. You now understand who the Father of souls is. All souls are brothers. Souls do not have any other name. However, the names of the bodies change. A soul is a soul and that One is the Supreme Soul. His name is Shiva. He does not have a body of His own. The Father says: If I had a body of My own, I would also have to take birth and rebirth. Who would then grant you salvation? People remember Me on the path of devotion. There are many images. You are now becoming residents of heaven from residents of hell. You have taken birth in hell but you will die in order to go to heaven. You have come here in order to go to heaven. Before a bridge is constructed, they hold a foundation ceremony and then the bridge continues to be constructed. The Father has already performed the inauguration (foundation ceremony) of the establishment of heaven. Preparations are now taking place. Does it take time to build a building? Once the Government begins to build one, they are able to construct it within a month. Abroad you can buy ready-made homes.
In heaven your intellects will be deep, subtle and satopradhan. Scientists have very clever intellects. They will build things very quickly. There, the walls will be studded with jewels. Nowadays, they make imitation jewellery very quickly that sparkles even more than the real thing. Nowadays, they also have machines to manufacture things very quickly. There, it does not take long to build a house. It takes time to clean everything. It is not that the golden city of Dwaraka will rise from beneath the sea. Therefore, the Father says: Eat and drink, but simply remember the Father so that your sins can be absolved. There is no other method. You have been bathing in the Ganges for birth after birth, but no one has been able to attain liberation or liberation-in-life. Here, the Father shows you the way to become pure. The Father says: I am the Purifier. You called out: O Purifier, Baba come! Come and make us pure. When a drama comes to an end, all the actors as well as the creator appear on the stage. They all stand on the stage. The same thing happens here too. When all souls have come down, you will then start returning. You are not ready yet. You have not reached your karmateet stage and so how can destruction take place? The Father only comes in order to teach you for the new world. There, there is no death; you are conquering death. Who enables you to conquer death? The Death of all Deaths. He takes so many back with Him. You return in great happiness.
The Father has now come to remove everyone’s sorrow. This is why people sing His praise: God, the Father, liberate us from sorrow! Take us to the land of peace and the land of happiness! However, human beings don’t know that the Father is now creating heaven. When you go to heaven, the tree will be very small, and then, later, expansion will take place. All the other religions now exist whereas that one religion does not exist. The name, form, kingdom etc. all change. To begin with, you had a double crown and you then became those with a single crown. When the Somnath Temple was built, there was so much wealth. That is the biggest temple and it was looted. The Father says: You are becoming multimillion times fortunate. Continue to remember the Father at every step and you will accumulate multimillions. You are able to earn so much income by remembering the Father. In that case, why do you forget to remember such a Father? The more you remember the Father and the more service you do, the higher the status you will claim. Many good children fall as they move along. If you dirty your face, all the income you have earned will be lost. You will lose a grand lottery. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Good morning and namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you have good wishes and pure feelings and make the Father’s sanskars your own original sanskars.  
Even now, some children have various sanskars: of coming into feeling; of stepping away; of thinking about others and of listening to other things. You refer to having these sanskars by saying, “What can I do? This is my sanskar.” This word, “mine”, makes you slack in your efforts. It is Ravan’s property, not “mine”. However, the Father’s sanskars are the original sanskars of Brahmins. Those sanskars are of a world benefactor, of one who has pure and positive thoughts and of one who has good wishes and pure feelings for everyone.

Slogan:  Those who have power have a right to the treasure of all powers.   

Let your food and drink be pure. Do people ever offer bhog of cigarettes or tobacco etc. to the deities?

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28/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet Children,

The God-Father sits here and explains to you sweetest spiritual children. The Father says to you children: You were so elevated! This is a play of the rise and fall. It is now in your intellects that you were so elevated and pure. You have now become so low. You go in front of the deities and say: You are high and we are low. Previously, you didn't know that you are the ones who become the highest on high and then the lowest of the low. The Father now tells you: Sweetest children, you were so elevated and pure and you have now become so impure. Those who are pure are said to be high. That is called the viceless world. Your kingdom existed there and you are now establishing that again. The Father simply gives you a signal: You were the residents of the highest Temple of Shiva, the golden age. Then, after half the cycle of taking birth after birth, you fell into vice and became impure and vicious. You remained vicious for half the cycle and you now have to become viceless and satopradhan. You just have to remember two words. This is now the tamopradhan world. Lakshmi and Narayan are signs of the satopradhan world. It is a matter of 5000 years. Your kingdom was in the satopradhan Bharat. Bharat was the very highest and it is now the lowest. It has taken you 84 births to become vicious from viceless. Although your degrees continue to decrease there too, it would still be said to be completely viceless. Shri Krishna would be said to be completely viceless. He was beautiful and has now become ugly. You are sitting here and so it should remain in your intellects that you were the masters of the world of Shivalaya. There were no other religions. There was just our kingdom and then it decreased by two degrees. The degrees gradually decreased and became two degrees lower in the silver age. You later became vicious and, while gradually falling, you became dirty. This is called the vicious world.
People continue to choke in the river of poison. There, you used to live in the ocean of milk. You have now understood the history and geography of the world and also the story of your 84 births. We were viceless when we were in their kingdom. There was the pure kingdom and that was called full heaven. Then, in the silver age, it became semi-heaven. You have this in your intellects. The Father Himself comes and explains to you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world. Ravan came in the middle period. At the end, this vicious world is to be destroyed. Then, in order to go back to the beginning, you have to become pure. Consider yourself to be a soul and constantly remember Me alone. Do not consider yourself to be a body. You promised on the path of devotion: Baba, when You come I will belong to You alone. The soul speaks to the Father. Krishna is not the Father. Only incorporeal Shiv Baba is the Father of souls. You receive a limited inheritance from a limited father and Bharat receives the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. This is why the golden age is called Shivalaya. Shiv(Benefactor) Baba came and established the deity religion. This should always be remembered. It is a matter of happiness. We are now going back to Shivalaya once again. When someone dies, people say that that person has gone to heaven. However, no one really goes there. All of those things are lies of the path of devotion to make your hearts happy. You are the ones who will truly go to heaven. There are no diseases etc. there. You remain constantly cheerful there. The Father makes everything so simple that it is as though He is explaining to little children. No matter where you live outside, you can claim a status.
Purity is the first and main thing in this. Let your food and drink be pure. Do people ever offer bhog of cigarettes or tobacco etc. to the deities? Do they ever offer bhog of eggs or tobacco in front of the Granth? They consider the Granth to be sacred, as though it is the body of Guru Gobind. They have so much regard for the Granth. Sikhs consider that to be as sacred as the body of their guru. However, Guru Nanak did not sit and write the Granth, Nanak simply incarnated. The number of Sikhs grew and they later wrote the Granth. After the one, many then continued to come into the Sikh religion. Previously, the Granth used to be very small and was handwritten. Now they consider the Gita to be a form of Krishna. Just as there is the Granth of Guru Nanak, so the Gita of Krishna is remembered. They continue to say, “God Krishna speaks.” That is called ignorance. Only the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has knowledge. Salvation is only received through the Gita. Only the Father has that knowledge. There is day through knowledge and night through devotion. The Father now says: Souls have to be made pure, so effort has to be made for that. Such powerful storms of Maya come that knowledge completely flies away. Then you are not able to speak knowledge to others. Lust, the first vice, harasses you a great deal. It is that that takes time. Actually, it is a matter of liberation-in-life in just a second. As soon as a child is born, he becomes a master. You recognized that Shiv Baba had come and you claimed a right to an inheritance. The Gita was sung by Shiv Baba. He Himself said: Constantly remember Me alone. I enter this ordinary body. Krishna is not ordinary. When he takes birth, there is lightning all around. There is a lot of impact and this is why Shri Krishna is remembered even today. However, all the scriptures etc. belong to the path of devotion. In English, they are called philosophy.
Only the spiritual Father can give spiritual knowledge. He Himself says: I am your spiritual Father. I am the Ocean of Knowledge. You children are studying with the Father. You are also imbibing knowledge. Then, at the end, you will become like the Father. Everything depends on how much you imbibe. You will develop that strength by having remembrance of the Father. Remembrance is called the power of sharpness. There is also a difference in swords. One sword can be bought for 100 rupees and another can be bought for three to four thousand rupees. Baba is experienced in this. A lot of regard is given to swords. So much regard is given to the sword of Guru Gobind. You children also need to have the strength of yoga. There also has to be power in the sword of knowledge. Only when there is that power will people understand quickly. You continue to make effort according to the drama. The more you remember the Father, the more your sins will be cut away through that remembrance. The Purifier Father is showing you methods. Then, He will come after a cycle and give you knowledge in the same way. He will make this one renounce everything and make him His chariot. You children experienced such a pull there that you all came running. There is that attraction of the Father. Now, you too have to become complete like that. You will become that, numberwise. Of course, a kingdom is being established! You have understood the world cycle from the beginning of the golden age to the end of the iron age. It is now the confluence age.
The God-Father definitely has to come to make you pure. Pure means satopradhan. Alloy has gradually continued to be mixed into you. Now, how can that alloy be removed? When the soul is real, the jewelry is also real, that is, the body is beautiful. When the soul becomes false, the body too becomes impure. Even this one used to bow down and pray before knowledge. He used to keep a very big oil painting of Lakshmi and Narayan on a gaddi. He would remember that one with a lot of love. He didn't remember anyone else. If his thoughts wandered anywhere else outside, he would slap himself. Why is the mind wandering? Why am I not receiving a vision? He was on the path of devotion, but when he had a vision of Vishnu, he didn't become Narayan. Effort definitely has to be made. The aim and objective is standing just ahead. The one whose non-living images have been created used to exist in the living form. The Father has come to make you pure. He changes you from an ordinary man into Narayan. You too used to be in their kingdom. You are now making effort once again to become like that, and so you have to follow them very well. Brahma is not called a deity. To call Vishnu a deity is OK. People don't know anything. They say: Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu... Now, whose guru is Vishnu? They continue to call everyone a guru. They say: Salutations to the Supreme Soul, Shiva. They call this one a guru and that one the Supreme Soul.
The Father is the greatest of all. We are learning this from Him in order to teach it to others. Whatever the Satguru explains to you, you then explain that to others. You would not say that your guru is your father and teacher, no. Therefore, you should have all of this knowledge in your intellects. We were in Shivalaya and we are now in the brothel. We now have to go to Shivalaya once again. Although they say that they merged into the brahm element or that the light merged into the light, souls are imperishable. Each one of you has your own part recorded in you. All of you are actors and you have to play your own parts. Those can never be erased. All the souls of the whole world have to play their parts. It is as though shooting is taking place anew. However, this eternal shooting has already taken place. The history and geography of the world repeat. This is a wonderful star that is sparkling in the centre of the forehead. It is never erased. Previously, you did not have this knowledge. Wonder of the world! Your hearts become happy on hearing the word “heaven ”. It isn't the golden age now. It is now the iron age. Therefore, rebirth also takes place in the iron age. You all definitely have to go there, but impure souls cannot go there. You children are now becoming pure with the power of yoga. Only God, the Father, establishes the pure world. Then Ravan makes it into hell. This is visible. People bum an effigy of Ravan. They say that that has continued eternally, but no one knows when it began. Because they speak of hundreds of thousands of years, it cannot be divided into half and half. They say that the duration of the iron age is 40,000 years. So people are in extreme darkness. It is very difficult for them to awaken from the sleep of ignorance; they just do not wake up.
It is now the confluence age when the Father comes and shows you the way to become pure. When you become pure, the pure world will be established and this impure world will be destroyed. The world population is now so large. In the golden age the world population will be very small. You now definitely have to conquer Maya and become pure. The Father says: Maya is very powerful. It is in your becoming pure that she causes many obstacles. You maintain the courage to become pure and just look at the condition that Maya makes you become. She punches you and knocks you down. So, everything you had earned is finished. You then have to make a lot of effort. Some fall and then don't even show their faces. So, they cannot claim such a high status. Full effort has to be made. You should not fail. This is why some even have a pure marriage. Sannyasis say that it is impossible for a couple to get married and remain pure. The Father says: It is possible because there is a lot of attainment. If you become pure in this one final birth, you will receive a kingdom in heaven. Can you not remain pure in this one birth for such a huge attainment? Children say: Baba, we will definitely remain pure. Sikhs even wear a bracelet of purity. There is no need to tie a thread etc. here. This is a matter of the intellect. The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone! Daughters relate knowledge to many, but it doesn't sit in the intellects of those important people. The Father says: First of all, explain to them very clearly: All of these are the children of Adam- Prajapita Brahma. We are receiving an inheritance from Shiv Baba. We have to become pure from impure.
The Father now says: Constantly remember Me alone. No one else can say this. First of all, you have to make this sit in their intellects: Bharat was viceless and it is now vicious, so how can it become viceless again? God speaks: Constantly remember Me alone! That is all! Even if you just say this much, that is great fortune. However, you won't be able to say even this much; you will forget. Baba explained that the Father has carried out the inauguration and that you instruments are doing the rest. The foundation has been laid, but now service stations are being inaugurated. This is something that applies to the Gita. It also says in the Gita: O child, conquer lust and you will become the conqueror of the world for 21 births. Even if you don’t become this, at least explain it to others. There are many who uplift others but they then fall down themselves. Lust is the greatest enemy; it makes you fall right down into the gutter. Only the children who conquer lust will become the conquerors of the world. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a master of the self and by keeping the mind and intellect free from waste, create Brahmin (divine) sanskars.   
Any small wasteful situation, wasteful atmosphere or wasteful scene first of all influences the mind, and the intellect then co-operates with that. If the mind and intellect continue to work in this way, the sanskars are then created. You are then able to see the various sanskars which are not Brahmin sanskars. To be controlled by any wasteful sanskars, to battle with your own self, to lose your happiness repeatedly are the sanskars of a warrior. A Brahmin means one who is a master of the self, one who is free from wasteful sanskars, not controlled by them.

Slogan:  A master almighty authority is one who easily overcomes all problems with a determined promise.  

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I never become a human being or a deity. Even deities adopt bodies. I always remain bodiless.

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27/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet Children,

This is called a unique spiritual study. Even in the new world of the golden age, it will be bodily beings who teach one another. Everyone teaches knowledge. It is taught here too. All of those bodily beings teach one another. You would never have heard that it is the bodiless Father or the spiritual Father who is teaching. Even in the scriptures they have written, "God Krishna speaks". He too is a bodily being. On hearing this new thing, people become confused. You too understand, numberwise, according to the effort you make, that the spiritual Father is teaching us spirits. This is something new. It is only at this confluence age that the Father Himself comes and tells you: I teach you through this one. That One is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Peace and the Father of all souls. This is something to be understood. There is nothing to see. The soul is the main thing and it is imperishable whereas the body is perishable. That imperishable soul sits here and teaches you. Although you see a corporeal body in front of you, you know that it is not the bodily being who is giving you knowledge. It is the bodiless Father who is giving you knowledge. How does He give that? You understand this too. People understand this with great difficulty. You have to beat your heads so much to enable them to have this faith. Those people say that the incorporeal One has no name, form, time or place. That Father Himself sits here and teaches you. He says: I am the Father of all souls. You cannot see Him. You understand that He is bodiless. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, Bliss and Love.
How would He teach you? The Father Himself explains how He comes and whose support He takes. I do not take birth through a womb. I never become a human being or a deity. Even deities adopt bodies. I always remain bodiless. I alone have the part in the drama of never taking rebirth. So, this is something to be understood. I am not visible. Those people think that it is God Krishna who speaks. Look at the type of chariot that they have created on the path of devotion. The Father says: Children, you are not confused? If you don't understand something, come and understand it from the Father. In fact, the Father continues to explain everything to you without your asking Him. You don’t need to ask anything. I only incarnate at this most auspicious confluence age. My birth is wonderful. You children also find it a wonder. He enables you to pass such an important examination. He is teaching you to make you into the greatest masters of the world. This is something wonderful. O souls, I come to serve you every 5000 years. I am teaching you souls. I come at the confluence age of every cycle in order to serve you. For half the cycle, you have been calling out: O Baba, o Purifier, come! Krishna is not called the Purifier. Only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is called the Purifier. So, Baba has to come here to purify the impure ones. This is why it is said: The Immortal Image of the true Baba, the Immortal Image of the true Teacher and the Immortal Image of the true Satguru. Sikhs have very good slogans. However, they don’t know when the Satguru, the Immortal Image, comes.
It is remembered that it didn't take God long to change human beings into deities. When does He come to change human beings into deities? He alone is the One who grants salvation to everyone. You should have this firm faith. What does He come and say? He simply says: Manmanabhav! He also explains the meaning of that. No one else explains its meaning. The Satguru, the Immortal Image, sits here and explains to you through this body: Consider yourself to be a soul. So, you should understand this. The Father has to come here to serve you children in order to make you into the masters of the world. He explains: O spiritual children, you were satopradhan and you then became tamopradhan. This world cycle continues to turn. There was the pure world of only those deities. Where did all of them go? No one knows this; they are confused. The Father comes and makes you sensible. Children, I only come once. Why should I come into the pure world? Death cannot come there. The Father is the Death of all Deaths. There is no need for Him to come into the golden age. Neither Death nor the Great Death comes there. He comes and takes all souls back. You go back in happiness. Yes Baba! We are ready to go back happily with You. This is why we called out to You: Take us from this impure world to the pure world via the land of peace. Do not repeatedly forget these things. However, Maya, the enemy is standing here. She repeatedly makes you forget. I am the Master the Almighty Authority, but Maya too is almighty. She rules over you for half the cycle and makes you forget. This is why the Father has to explain to you every day. If Baba were not to caution you every day, Maya would cause a lot of damage.
This is a play of the pure and the impure. The Father now says: Become pure in order to reform your behaviour. There are so many battles because of the vice of lust. The Father says: You have now received the third eye of knowledge and so only look at souls. Do not even look at anything with your physical eyes. All of us souls are brothers. How can we indulge in vice? We came bodiless and we have to become bodiless and return home. The soul came here satopradhan and he has to become satopradhan and return to the sweet home. The main thing is purity. People say: It is fine that the same thing is explained every day. However, they should at least follow all the things that are explained to them. They are explained to you so that you can put them into practice, but hardly anyone follows them, and this is why Baba has to explain every day. You don't say: Baba, we have understood very well what You explain to us every day and we will now become satopradhan from tamopradhan. You are now free! Do you say this? Therefore, Baba has to explain every day. There is just the one thing, but you don't do that. You don't even remember the Father. You say: Baba, I forget You repeatedly. The Father has to tell you repeatedly in order to remind you to have remembrance. This is what you have to explain to one another: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Supreme Soul and your sins will be cut away. There is no other method. This is what He says at the beginning and at the end. It is only through remembrance that you can become satopradhan. You yourself write: Baba, the storms of Maya make me forget You. So, should the Father not caution you? Should He just leave you alone?
The Father knows that you are numberwise according to effort. You cannot return until you become satopradhan. This also has a connection with the war. The war will begin when you become satopradhan, numberwise, according to your efforts. Knowledge is of just a second. You have found the unlimited Father, but only when you become pure will you receive unlimited happiness from Him. You have to make effort very well. Some don't understand anything at all; they don’t even have the sense to remember the Father. They have never studied this study. Throughout the cycle no one has ever studied with the incorporeal Father. So, this is something new. The Father says: I come every 5000 years to make you satopradhan. Until you become satopradhan, you cannot attain that status. Just as students fail in other studies, students fail here too. They don’t understand at all what will happen by remembering Shiv Baba. He is the Father and so you would definitely receive the inheritance of heaven from Him. The Father only explains to you once and you become deities through that. You become deities and then everyone else will come here, numberwise, to play their parts. Not all of these things can sit in the intellects of the old mothers. So, the Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. That is all. That Shiv Baba is the Father of all souls. Everyone has his or her own physical father. Shiv Baba is incorporeal. While remembering Him you will become pure, shed your body and reach the Father. The Father explains a lot, but not all of you understand to the same extent. Maya makes you forget. This is called a battle. The Father sits here and explains to you so well. He reminds you of so many things.
Make a list of the main mistakes that have been made. One is of the Father being omnipresent. God speaks: I am not omnipresent. It is the five vices that are omnipresent. This is a very severe mistake. Krishna is not the God of the Gita. It is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, who is that. Put these mistakes right and you will become deities. However, no child has yet written to Baba saying that he explained to others that it is because of these mistakes that Bharat has become impure from pure. This too has to be told to them. How can God be omnipresent? God is One and He is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Teacher and the Supreme Satguru. No bodily being can be called the Supreme Father, Teacher and Satguru. Krishna is the highest in the whole world. He comes when the world is satopradhan, and then Rama comes when the world is sato. Then others come down, numberwise, at their own time. In the scriptures, they show that the throat of Shankar became blue on taking in everyone's vices. However, even now, while explaining these things, your throat dries up. It is such a small matter, but Maya is so powerful! Each one of you can ask your heart: Have I become virtuous and satopradhan? The Father explains: You cannot reach your karmateet stage until destruction takes place, no matter how much you beat your heads. Sit and remember Shiv Baba the whole time. Do not even talk of anything else. That is all. Baba, I will definitely attain the karmateet stage before the war takes place. It is not possible in the drama for someone like that to emerge. Only one person will claim the first number. Even this one says: I have to beat my head so much. Maya comes even more powerfully. This Baba himself says: Shiv Baba is sitting right next to me, but, in spite of that, I am unable to remember Him; I forget Him. I understand that Shiv Baba is with me, but, even then, I have to remember Him in the same way as you do. It isn't that because I am with Him, I become happy with just that; no. He tells me too: Remember Me constantly! You are with Me and you are powerful, but you will have even more storms. How else would you be able to explain to the children? All of these storms will pass by you. Even while sitting so close to Him, I am unable to reach the karmateet stage, so who else would become like that?
This destination is very high. According to the drama, everyone continues to make effort. Let someone make that effort and show this: Baba, I will show you by becoming karmateet before you. That is not possible. This drama is predestined. You have to make a lot of effort. The main thing is your character. There is so much difference between the character of the deities and that of impure human beings. It is Shiv Baba who makes you viceless from vicious. So, you now have to make effort and remember the Father. Do not forget Him. The poor innocent mothers are under the influence of others, that is, they are under Ravan's influence. So, what can they do? You are under the influence of God Rama. Those people are under the influence of Ravan. This war continues, but there isn't a war between Rama and Ravan. The Father explains to you children in different ways every day: Sweetest children, continue to reform yourselves. Look at your chart every night: Did I have any devilish behaviour throughout the day? Flowers in a garden are numberwise. No two flowers can ever be the same. All souls have received their own parts. Every actor continues to play his or her own part. The Father comes and definitely carries out the task of establishment and only then does He return. He definitely comes every 5000 years and makes you into the masters of the world. He is the unlimited Father and so He would surely give you the inheritance of the new world. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a master of the self and make all treasures your own with the awareness of being a child and a master.   
At this time, you children are not just children, but you are the children who are also the masters. Firstly, you are masters of the self and, secondly, you are the masters of the Father’s inheritance. Since you are masters of the self, all your physical senses should be under your control. However, from time to time, the mind makes you forget the awareness of your being a master and controls you. Therefore, the Father’s mantra is manmanabhav. By remaining in the stage of manmanabhav you will not be influenced by anything wasteful but will experience all the treasures to be yours.

Slogan:  To celebrate the pleasure of the flying stage in the swing of God’s love is the most elevated fortune of all.  

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Have remembrance of GodFather while performing actions.There is a great deal of benefit in this.

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26/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet Children,

The spiritual Father explains to you spiritual children. The cycle of 84 births is explained to you. This is the knowledge which you children have studied for many births and have continued to imbibe. This is absolutely easy; it is not something new. The Father sits here and explains how many births and rebirths you have taken from the golden age till the end of the iron age. This knowledge is already in your intellects in an easy way. This is a study. You also have to understand the beginning, middle and end of creation. No one, except the Father, can explain this. The Father says: The pilgrimage of remembrance, which is also called yoga, is even more elevated than this knowledge. The word “yoga” is very famous, but this yoga is the pilgrimage of remembrance. People who go on pilgrimages say that they are going on a pilgrimage to such-and-such a pilgrimage place. They go to Shrinath or Amarnath, and they remember those places. Similarly, you now understand that the spiritual Father teaches you a very long pilgrimage of remembrance. He says: Remember Me! People return from those pilgrimages. This is a pilgrimage where you have to go and reside in the land of liberation. Although you have to play parts, they will not be in this old world. You have disinterest in this old world. This is the dirty kingdom of Ravan. Therefore, the main aspect is the pilgrimage of remembrance. Some children don’t even understand how to have remembrance. Whether someone has remembrance or not is not visible.
The Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father. This is not something that is visible. It cannot be known to what extent someone stays in the stage of the pilgrimage of remembrance. Only that individual would know that. This method has been shown to many. The Benefactor Father has explained: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Shiv Baba. By all means, continue to do your service. For example, there are children on security duty: they walk around, and it’s very easy for them to stay in remembrance. You should not remember anything other than the Father. The Father explains to you using examples. You have to keep coming and going on this pilgrimage of remembrance. Just as Christian priests walk in silence, so you children also have to remember the Father and the home with a lot of love. This destination is very high. Devotees also continue to make this effort. However, they don’t know that they have to return home. They think that they will return when the iron age finishes. There is no one to teach them, whereas you children are being taught. When you are on security duty, the more you remain in solitude and remember the Father, the better it will be. It is by having remembrance that your sins are cut away. There is a burden of sins of many births on your heads. Those who become satopradhan first are also the ones who go into the kingdom of Rama first. Therefore, they are the ones who have to remain on the pilgrimage of remembrance the most. This is a question of each and every cycle and so they have a good chance to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Here, there is no question of fighting or quarrelling. As you come and go and as you sit, you can carry out the two tasks at the same time - keep watch and also remember the Father.
Continue to remember the Father while performing actions. Those on security duty experience the most benefit. Whether it is day or night, those on security duty can benefit a great deal if they imbibe the habit of staying in remembrance. The Father has given you very good service to do - security duty and the pilgrimage of remembrance. You receive a chance to stay in remembrance of the Father. You are shown many different methods to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. You are not able to stay in remembrance outside, in your business etc., as much as you are able to here. Therefore, you come to Madhuban to be refreshed. So, go into solitude in the mountains, sit on a rock and stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. It does not matter if one goes or if two or three others go. There is a very good chance here to do this. The main thing is remembrance of the Father. The ancient yoga of Bharat is very famous. You now understand that your sins are cut away with this pilgrimage of remembrance; you will become satopradhan. Therefore, you have to make very good effort in this. To demonstrate staying in remembrance of the Father while working is an act of courage. You definitely have to perform actions because you belong to the household path. Let there be the Father’s remembrance while living at home with your family and doing business etc. There is a great deal of income in this for you. Although it does not enter the intellects of some children, the Father continues to tell you to keep a chart. Some write their chart for a little while. The Father shows you many methods. Children want to come to Baba. You can earn a great deal of income here. The solitude here is very good.
The Father sits here and personally explains to you: Remember Me and your sins will be cut away, because there are the sins of many births on your heads. Many fights and quarrels take place due to vice; there are many obstacles. Some say: Baba they won’t let us remain pure. The Father says: Child, stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and remove the burden of your sins of many births from your head. Continue to remember Shiv Baba while sitting at home. You can have remembrance wherever you are sitting. You can practise this wherever you live. Whoever comes, give them this message: The Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. This is called the power of yoga. Power means strength, shakti. The Father is called the Almighty Authority. So, how can you receive that power from the Father? The Father Himself says: Remember Me! While coming down, you have become tamopradhan, and so that power has now completely finished. There is not even a pennyworth left. There are some among you who explain this very well and who remember the Father. Therefore, you have to ask yourself what your chart is like. The Father tells all the children that the pilgrimage of remembrance is the main thing. It is through remembrance that your sins will be cut away. Even if there is no one to caution you, you can still remember the Father. Even if you live alone abroad, you can still stay in remembrance. For instance, if you are a married couple and your wife is elsewhere, you can write and tell her: Simply remember one thing: remember the Father and your sins of many births will be burnt. Destruction is standing ahead. The Father continues to explain many good methods, but whether you do it or not is up to you. You children understand that the advice the Father gives is very good.
Our duty is to give the message to everyone, our friends, relatives and whomsoever we meet. Whether they are your friends or whoever they are, you should be interested in doing service. You have pictures as well as a badge. They are very good things. This badge can make anyone into Lakshmi or Narayan. You have to explain the picture of the Trimurti very well. The One above them is Shiva. Those people make an image of the Trimurti; they do not show an image of Shiva above it. Because of them not knowing Shiva, the boat of Bharat has sunk. Now, only through Shiv Baba can the boat of Bharat go across. They call out: “O Purifier, come and purify us impure ones”. Yet they say that He is omnipresent! This mistake is worth pennies. The Father sits here and explains to you the way to give lectures. The Father continues to give you directions about how to do service and open museums. Then, many will come. A circus goes to many big cities. They have so much equipment. People from many villages go to see them. This is why the Father says: Build such a beautiful museum that people become happy when they see it and tell others about it. It is also explained that whatever service takes place, it happened as it did in the previous cycle. However, you have to have a great deal of concern about becoming satopradhan. It is in this that children make mistakes. Maya also creates obstacles in this pilgrimage of remembrance.
Ask your heart: Do I have that much interest? Do I make effort? Knowledge is a common matter. No one, except the Father, can explain the cycle of 84 births. However, the pilgrimage of remembrance is the main thing. At the end, no one except the one Father should be remembered. The Father continues to give you full directions. The main aspect is to remember Baba. You can explain to anyone. Whoever they are, you can explain the badge to them. No one else has such a significant medal. Those in the military receive a medal when they do something good. Anyone who sees the medal of Rai Sahab would see that he received the title from the Viceroy. Previously, there used to be viceroys, but they don’t have any power now. There are so many quarrels now. Human beings have increased so much and so land is needed for them in the cities. The Father is now establishing heaven. So many will be destroyed and very few will remain. There will be so much land there and everything will be new there. You have to make very good effort in order to go to that new world. Every human being makes effort to claim a very high status. It is understood that if someone does not make effort fully, he will fail. He himself understands that he will fail and so he stops studying and finds employment. Nowadays, they have many strong employment laws. Human beings are very unhappy. Baba now shows you such a path that there will be no trace of sorrow for 21 births.
The Father says: Simply stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance to whatever extent you can. Night time is very good. By all means, remember Baba while lying down. However, some fall asleep. An old person would not be able to sit for long. Therefore, he would surely go to sleep. He would continue to remember the Father while lying down. He would experience great internal happiness because there is a great deal of income in this. You think that there is still time left, but it is not known when death will come. Therefore, the Father explains: The main thing is the pilgrimage of remembrance. It is difficult to have this outside in the cities. When you come here, you have a very good chance. There is nothing to worry about here. This is why you must continue to increase your chart here. Your character will also continue to be reformed through this. However, Maya is very powerful. Those who live in this home do not give it as much value as those who live outside do. However, at the moment, the result of the brothers, lost in love of God, is still good. Some daughters write: They harass us a great deal to get married. What can we do? Strong and sensible daughters would never write in this way. If someone writes in this way, Baba understands that she is like a goat or a sheep. It is in your own hands to protect your life. There are many types of sorrow in this world. Baba now explains to you in a very easy way. You children are greatly fortunate because you have become the children of the Lord and Master. The Father makes you so elevated, yet you defame the Father! That too is false defamation. You have become so tamopradhan, don’t even ask! How much more can one tolerate? People threaten one another and say: If you cause any more distress, I will put an end to you. The Father sits here and explains this. Only stories have been written in the scriptures. Baba shows you very easy methods.
Have remembrance while performing actions. There is a great deal of benefit in this. Come here early in the morning and sit in remembrance; you will experience great pleasure. However, you don’t have much interest in doing this. A teacher is able to understand from the behaviour of his students which ones will fail. The Father also understands which ones will fail and that too is for cycle after cycle. Although they may be very clever at giving lectures and be able to explain at exhibitions, they don’t have remembrance; they fail in this. This shows a great deal of disregard. They are in fact disregarding themselves. Shiv Baba cannot be disregarded. None of you can say that you don’t have time for remembrance; Baba would not believe you. You can have remembrance while bathing. Remember the Father at the time of eating. You can earn a great deal of income in this. Some children are very well known only for giving lectures; they have no yoga. That arrogance also makes them fall. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a true yogi and a true server and with the awareness of the one word “Baba” remain engaged in remembrance and service.   

You children repeatedly say “Baba” through your lips and in your mind. Since you are the children, to remember or think of the word “Baba” is yoga and to say again and again, “Baba said this” or “Baba says this,” is service. However, some use the word “Baba” from their hearts whereas others use it on the basis of knowledge from their heads. Those who say it from their hearts constantly experience instant attainment in the form of happiness and power, whereas those who use the word from their heads experience happiness only at that time of speaking and not at all times.

Slogan:  Someone who sacrifices the self to God, the Flame, is a true moth.