Tuesday, 30 April 2013

With Knowledge(light) and yoga (might) you can be victorious (undisturbed) in all situations in a second.

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GOD SAYS.............
Sweet children, in order to do service like Mama (Eve) and Baba (Adam), make your intellect satopradhan. Only those who have satopradhan intellects are able to imbibe knowledge and also inspire others to imbibe it.

Question: What is the highest effort of all which you children are now making?
Answer: To win the throne of the mother and father is the highest effort of all. Aim to become number one so that Mama and Baba come and become your heirs. For this, you have to do the highest service of all and make many others equal to yourselves. Make unhappy people happy. Imbibe the imperishable jewels of knowledge in the vessel of your intellect and donate them to others.

Song:   No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Essence of dharna:
1.         Imbibe the study and become worthy of teaching others. Do service like Mama and Baba.
2.         Donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge and make unhappy people happy. Study very well.

Blessing: May you be a powerful server and give everyone immortal knowledge and save them from the fear of untimely death.
Nowadays in the world, there is fear of untimely death. They are eating in fear, moving around in fear and sleeping in fear. Tell such souls things of happiness and liberate them from fear. Tell them news of happiness and how you can liberate them from untimely death for 21 births. Give all souls immortal knowledge and make them immortal through which they will be saved from untimely death for birth after birth. Become powerful servers and give souls the experience of happiness and comfort and through your vibrations of peace and happiness.

Slogan: By keeping a balance of remembrance and service, you receive everyone’s blessings.


GOD SAYS...........:
Sweet children, exchange imperishable jewels of knowledge with one another and sustain yourselves. Continue to donate the jewels of knowledge.

Question: What effort should you make to keep yourself in limitless happiness?
Answer: In order to remain happy, churn the ocean of knowledge. Learn to talk to yourselves. If there is any suffering of karma, then, in order to remain cheerful, remember that your bodies are old shoes that you are becoming those who will have bodies free from disease for 21 births and that your suffering of karma is being settled for birth after birth. When any illness or calamity goes away, there is happiness. Think in this way and stay happy.

Song:   Mother o mother, you are the bestower of fortune for the world.

Essence for dharna:
1.         Withdraw all your physical organs like a tortoise and remember the Father and your inheritance. Become a karma yogi. Talk to yourself.
2.         Exchange the jewels of knowledge with one another and sustain yourselves. Have spiritual love for everyone.

Blessing: May you be a mahavir who passes through all situations in a second with the powers of knowledge and yoga.
A mahavir means one who is constantly a light-and-might-house. Knowledge is light and yoga is might. Those who are full of both these powers pass through all situations in a second. If you develop the sanskars of not passing on time, then, in the final period too, that sanskar will not allow you to pass fully. Those who pass fully on time are said to pass with honours. Even Dharamraj honours such souls.

Slogan: Burn the seed of vices in the fire of yoga and you cannot be deceived at that time.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Always remain aware that you are a child of the Bestower, a constantly great donor.

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Essence: Three elevated Godly Blessings.

Points to Churn from the Murli of April 28, 2013
Praise of Baba:
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Lovely  Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation...  Knowledge-full...

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the souls, attain three blessings from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings;  of being healthy, wealthy and happy...by not being influenced by Maya, we are ever-healthy, by being full of all powers we are ever-wealthy, and by not being attracted to Maya or to matter, we are ever-happy...no power is lacking in the treasure - store of Brahmins...we have attained what we wanted to attain; there is nothing left to attain... we are the most elevated constant and limitless great donors who remain constantly cheerful  by constantly donating happiness to all souls through  thoughts, words and deeds, by making all souls full of all attainments, by making beggar souls to those who have rights, and by making weak souls powerful...
2.   We, the souls, are intense effort-makers who are deeply engrossed in the love of making effort...with our face and personality like those of the Father, we are constantly spiritual, and all the powers attained from the Father are visible... with our every look, we take souls beyond with a glance though spirituality...in the incorporeal stage we are seated on the immortal throne and become the image of immortality...in the corporeal karma yogi stage we are a trikaldarshi image seated on the Father’s heart throne...before putting thoughts in a practical form, we stabilize in the incorporeal and the corporeal form , become an embodiment of power, and experience health, wealth and happiness at every moment...we are detached observers who take the nourishing medicine of happiness by being happy due to being free from the suffering of karma for birth after birth in the future...we are carefree emperors of the land free from sorrow who, like the Father, are the removers of sorrow and the bestowers of happiness for all souls...
 3.   We, the souls, like the Father, are Bestowers...through the vibration of our every thought, through the spiritual glance of one second, through one second’s connection and through one word, we make any unhappy soul experiencing sorrow happy and joyful and swing with happiness...our duty is to give happiness and to receive happiness... as well as being those who receive, we are also bestowers at every  second...we are world benefactors who become world emperors distributing the treasures for world benefit...
4.   We, the souls, are constant yogis...we constantly experience ourselves to be with BapDada, have His support, and with close relationship, we remember Baba in our thoughts and heart-to-heart conversations...we take benefit of Baba’s promise of giving us His direct company...no matter what happens, we have remembrance of the Father at every step...by giving all our burdens to the Father, we become light...by being in the company of the Father who is constantly light, we become light and light in feeling, that is, we become double light ...
5.   By co-operating with our virtues and powers, we, the souls, are merciful and generous hearted...by giving the imperishable treasures selflessly, we accumulate a thousand fold...we are master bestowers, who are constantly full and overflowing, full of the treasures of experience, love, compassion and co-operation...by being the children of the Bestower of Happiness, we become the  master bestowers of happiness,  making the beggars of happiness prosperous...by being the children of the limitless Ocean, we become master oceans...
6.   We, the souls, are the unlimited great master bestowers full of all attainments, who, by saying “Yes, indeed, my Lord,” make the Lord present, and by constantly saying “Yes, indeed” for service, give the real proof of love...whatever power souls need, we use our mind, that is our pure attitude and vibrations to donate power to them, that is, to co-operate with them...through the activity of our life, we become embodiments of virtues, become practical examples and co-operate with others so they can imbibe virtues easily, and thereby become the donors of virtues.....

Blessing: May you be full of all attainments and experience the Lord to be present in front of you by constantly saying “Yes indeed, my Lord” according to shrimat.
When children say “Yes indeed, my Lord” to the Father in every situation according to His shrimat, it ensures that the Father is always present in front of the children. When the Lord has become present in front of you, you will not then lack anything but will be constantly full. With the attainment of the Bestower and the Bestower of Fortune, the star of fortune will begin to sparkle on your forehead.

Slogan: Be one with a right to the Godly inheritance and there will not be any dependence.

All actors-souls definitely have to come on earth to play their roles.

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GOD SAYS.............
Sweet children, die alive. Continue, every day, to make the first lesson firm of being a bodiless soul.

Question: Who would be called completely surrendered?
Answer: Those who are completely surrendered are soul conscious. Even this body is not mine. I am now becoming bodiless, that is, whatever I have, body, mind and wealth, I am offering that (by intellect) to God. To end all the consciousness of "mine" and live as a complete trustee is to surrender completely. Baba says: Children, belong to Me and end your attachment (by intellect) to everyone. Do your business, look after it and settle the debt of the sustenance you have received from your parents, but do that as a trustee while following the Father's shrimat.

Song:     I have come to Your doorstep having taken an oath….

Praise of Baba:
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Lovely  Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation...  Knowledge-full...

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:

Knowledge:  Bharat is the biggest pilgrimage place where the Purifier Father comes and makes the whole world, including the elements pure...
We, the souls, understand the essence of all the scriptures from the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge...we are Raj Yogis who become kings and queens once again with the study of  Raja Yoga, just as we did  a cycle ago ...

Yoga:  The Father says-children become bodiless! Remember Me! Surrender everything!
By belonging to the Most Beloved Father, we, the souls, die alive...we make the first lesson of being a bodiless soul firm every day...we are the unlimited actors playing our part on the unlimited stage in the unlimited drama...by surrendering our body mind and wealth, by ending all consciousness of “Mine” and becoming complete trustees, we become soul conscious...
By connecting the yoga of our intellect with the Father, the Purifier, we become pure, and by finishing our attachment with everyone and our karmic accounts, we the knowledgeable souls, the yogi souls, make the soul pure...we become part of the flying squad, returning with the Father very fast, number wise, according to our stage, to the incorporeal world, which is above the subtle world, past the sun, the moon and the stars...

Dharna:    While doing our business, we, the souls, settle our debt of sustenance we have received from our parents, as trustees, while following the Father’s shrimat...we follow the Father’s orders and show the Father our full accounts...we are not defeated by the attacks of Maya-vices and chase away the storms of Maya... with the intoxication of the Father’s property, the Lord of the poor, we receive the full inheritance of paradise from the Father, and become the princes and princesses of the golden and silver ages...

Service:  God is One! I establish one sovereignty, one religion and one language...I establish the one Almighty Government....
By striking the arrow from the bow of knowledge, we, the souls, make the residents of Bharat pure and happy just like us, and make Bharat pure once again...we are strong and big flowers that can bear fruit...we create heirs and subjects,  enable them reach their destination, and then become the masters of heaven...

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don't be afraid of the obstacles of Maya-vices. Remove all obstacles by having remembrance of the Father.
2.            Surrender everything with your intellect, become bodiless and remember the Father. Together with being a gyani soul, you definitely also have to be a yogi.

Blessing: May you be constantly happy hearted and remain beyond all questions while coming into relationship and connection with every soul.
While coming into relationship and connection with every soul, never let this question arise in your heart: Why is this one doing this or saying this? This matter should not be like this, it should be like that. Those who remain beyond these questions are able to remain constantly happy hearted. Those who form a queue of these questions and create a creation of them also then have to sustain it; they have to give it time and energy. Therefore, have birth control of this wasteful creation.

Slogan: Merge the Father, the Dot, in your eyes  and no one else can merge in them.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The God Father says: Have yoga (remember God) and all your illnesses will be removed.

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GOD SAYS.............

Sweet children, knowledge is nectar and yoga is fire. All your pain and sorrow will be removed by knowledge and yoga.

Question: What taste do you develop through knowledge and not through devotion?
Answer: The taste for liberation-in-life. By performing devotion no one can taste the sweetness of liberation-in-life. When the Father comes, the directions He gives to you children are knowledge and, by following those, you receive the sovereignty of heaven.

Song:   No one is unique like the Innocent Lord!

Essence for dharna:

1. We are Raj Rishis. Maintain the intoxication that God Himself teaches us Raja Yoga and gives us our inheritance of the kingdom.

2. Burn your sins with the fire of yoga and become free from all illness for all time. Settle all the suffering of karma of this birth by staying in yoga.

May you be fortunate by becoming an instrument for service by transforming the suffering of karma into karma yoga.

Karmic accounts of the body should never be experienced as obstructing your attainments or your path of effort. Your body should never stop you from doing service. A fortunate soul becomes an instrument for service of one type or another even at the time of the suffering of karma. Whether your suffering of karma is minor or major, do not expand its story. To speak about it means to waste your time and energy. A yogi life means to transform the suffering of karma into karma yoga; this is a sign of a fortunate soul.

Slogan: Let there be mercy and good wishes in your vision and the vision of ego and insult will then finish.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Along with love for God-Father,to love all souls is truly having good wishes.


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GOD SAYS..............

Sweet children, in order to become elevated, constantly continue to follow shrimat. Even Lakshmi and Narayan became elevated by following shrimat.

Question: Why have people created the memorial of the Gaumukh (mouth of a cow) on the path of devotion?
Why is there praise of the Gaumukh?
Answer: Because, at the confluence age, the Father places the urn of knowledge on the mothers. Nectar of knowledge emerges from your mouths and everyone becomes pure through this. You mothers of Bharat are called incarnations of Shakti. You fulfil everyone's desires and this is why the memorial has been created.

Song:     Show the path to us blind ones, dear God!

Essence for dharna:

1.            Follow shrimat with the power of purity and serve Bharat to make it into heaven. Tell everyone the ordinance of the one Father: Become pure and you will become the masters of the pure world.

2.            Give everyone the introduction of the three fathers and show them the way to go from the land of sorrow to the land of peace and the land of happiness. Free everyone from wandering around.

May you constantly receive the divine sustenance of blessings and thereby experience an easy and elevated life and have the fortune of happiness.

At the confluence age, BapDada sustains all the children through three relationships. In the relationship of the Father, He sustains us with the awareness of the inheritance. In the relationship of the Teacher, He sustains us with teachings. In the relationship of the Satguru, He sustains us with the experience of blessings. Everyone receives these at the same time. Through this divine sustenance, you will continue to experience an easy and elevated life. The words ‘labour’and ‘difficult’ should finish and you can then be said to have the fortune of happiness.

Along with being loving to the Father, to be loving to all souls is truly having good wishes.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What can storms do to those whose Companion is God?

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GOD SAYS............
Sweet children, the happiness of this iron-aged world is like the droppings of a crow when compared with the happiness of golden aged world. This world is now about to go and you must therefore have no attachment to it. Remove your attachment to it.

Question: Which children cannot connect the love of their hearts to this old world?
Answer: Those who are obedient, faithful and have faith in the intellect cannot have love in their hearts for this old world because it is in their intellects that this world is about to be destroyed. This pomp of Maya is a game of magic. It now has to be destroyed. Dams will burst, there will be earthquakes, the ocean will swallow the land. All of this is to happen; it is nothing new. If you remember your sweet home and sweet kingdom, your heart cannot be attached to this world.

Song:   What can storms do to those whose Companion is God?

Essence for dharna:

1.         Consider yourself to be a guest in this world. Become soul conscious and remain beyond the old world and your old body.

2.         Cleanse the soul and the vessel, the body, with yoga. This body is of no value. Therefore, don't have attachment to the body of self and others (look at everyone as a soul).

Blessing: May you be an idol of contentment who attains the throne of the future kingdom with the certificate of contentment.

“I have to remain content and make everyone content”. This slogan should be constantly written on the board of  your forehead because those who have this certificate will claim the certificate of the future kingdom. Every morning at amrit vela, bring this slogan into your awareness. Just as you write a slogan on a board, in the same way, constantly keep this slogan on the board of your forehead and everyone will become an idol of contentment. Those who are content are constantly happy.

Slogan: Only those who interact with others with love and contentment become idols of contentment.


GOD SAYS............
Sweet children, clean the cloth of the soul with Lux (aim) soap. Let no dirt remain inside you.

Question: Which deep philosophy of karma do effort-making children know and therefore always remain engaged in their efforts?
Answer: There is a burden of sinful actions of many births on souls and also many strong sanskars. Those sanskars cannot be transformed without yoga. Souls have become completely dirty by performing sinful-vicious actions. This is why you have to make the effort to become clean. Souls cannot be cleansed except with remembrance. Storms will come in remembrance, but no matter how many storms come, such souls will always remain engaged in their efforts.

Song:   I am a small child, You are the Almighty Authority!....

Essence for dharna:

1.         Become a complete destroyer of attachment by following shrimat. Follow the precautions and interact with wisdom. Don't allow your register to be spoilt.

2.         Become a conqueror of sleep and especially stay in remembrance of the Father at amrit vela to cleanse the soul. Purify the soul with knowledge and yoga.

Blessing: May you be a volcanic form and give the experience of spirituality by becoming an embodiment of power.

Until now, there has been the attraction of the Father, the Flame. The Father’s task is being carried out and the children’s task has been incognito. However, when you are stable in your form of power, souls who come into connection with you will then experience spirituality. Those who say that this is good will be inspired to become good when all of you collectively become volcanic forms and lighthouses. When the stage of master almighty authorities is visible on the stage, everyone will then begin to circle around you like moths.

Slogan: Only those who warm up their physical senses in the fire of yoga become completely pure.


GOD SAYS............
Sweet children, you are on a wonderful spiritual pilgrimage while sitting at home. Your pilgrimage is one of the intellect. Continue to move forward on this pilgrimage while performing actions and you will become pure.

Question: What slippery and subtle things do you only hear about at this time on this path of knowledge?
Answer: You know that all of you males and females are souls, brides of the one Supreme Soul, Shiva (Benefactor). The Bridegroom is the one God. Then, in terms of the body, we are Shiv Baba's grandsons and granddaughters. We have a full right to His property. We claim our Grandfather's property of constant happiness for 21 births. This is a very slippery aspect.

Song:   Our pilgrimage is unique…

Essence for dharna:

1.         Become as cool as the Father, sprinkle drops of knowledge and also serve to make human souls cool.

2.         Remember the Grandfather’s property and stay in limitless happiness. Do spiritual business and claim the sovereignty of the world.

May you be a master teacher and give teachings to every soul through your every deed and word and while walking and moving around.

Just as there are mobile libraries nowadays, in the same way, you are mobile master teachers. Constantly see your students in front of you; you are not alone, your students are always in front of you. You are constantly studying and also teaching others. A worthy teacher would never be careless in front of his students and would pay attention. Whether you are asleep, awake, walking or eating, understand at every moment that you are in a higher college and that your students can see you.

Slogan: To make your sanskars completely pure with faith in the soul is elevated yoga.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Am I light in actions? Practice, being One moment in action and next moment with God.

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Essence: Revelation of the Father through having the highest and holiest thoughts, words and form.

Points to Churn from the Murli of April 21, 2013
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Lovely  Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation...  Knowledge-full...

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:
 We, the souls, with elevated and powerful thoughts, remain constantly lost in the depths of the one Father....our spiritual eyes and spiritual images become divine mirrors, and enable many souls to experience their soul conscious forms...we are able to see sparkling stars of success everywhere in the sky of the world... with the power of thought, we experience many tasks to be easily successful, and we become the embodiments of success...  with the great mantra of Manmanabhav, and by following shrimat, we, the children of God, of the confluence age, become the most elevated beings following the highest code of conduct... by considering ourselves to be elevated souls, few out of multi millions, deity souls, great souls, special actors, we maintain pure feelings...by not having any impure feelings, we are saved from the illness of any “flu”, that is, saved from labouring...by constantly experiencing ourselves to be sustained by blessings, we attain success in service and become the images of success….   by being beyond waste, we use every second, every breath, every treasure, thought, word, action, relationship and connection in a worthwhile way...we become embodiments of success by using these for ourselves or for others in a worthwhile way, by experiencing happiness in the present and by accumulating for the future...by being beyond all attractions in our thoughts and even in our dreams, we become close to perfection... by using, all powers, all virtues, knowledge and physical wealth in a worthwhile way, we put them to good use and increase them...by adopting the method of saving and accumulating, we finish the account of waste, and by becoming trustees, we donate them...with one Strength and one Support and with faith, we become carefree and embodiments of success, like the Father….   by being with the Father, the Helper and receiving  extra help, we fly and make others fly on the wings of keenness, zeal, zest, enthusiasm, courage and enterprise in any difficult task...by having a karmayogi stage of “the Father and I” we attain success in every task and remain tireless... we sacrifice ourselves out of love for God, that is, have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone, sacrifice our time our happiness and our desires for attainment of name fame or regard and follow the Father, surrender our bodies, mind and wealth to the Father, transform the consciousness of “mine” to “Yours”, become trustees, and therefore become the images of success... we, are light in our relationships, connection and stage... in our deeds and in our behaviour, in our nature, sanskars and service we are truthful, honest, clean and clear hearted, transparent, easy, peaceful, cool, tolerant, happy, content,sweet,  well-mannered, complete and perfect and therefore embodiments of success..., we use both the powers to accommodate and the power to face at the right time and experience success...by being the children of the Ocean of all divine Virtues, by having elevated dharna, and with clean, clear and transparent intellects, we become master oceans... ...with the power of yoga we make preparations before the drums of completion start to beat...with the practice of one strength and one support we remain constantly stable in the remembrance of the One... with unbroken love we receive co-operation automatically and become constant images of success... by using all powers, all virtues, knowledge and physical wealth in a worthwhile way, we put them to good use and increase them... by being beyond waste, we use every second, every breath, every treasure, thought, word, action, relationship and connection in a worthwhile way...we become embodiments of success by using these for ourselves or for others, by experiencing happiness in the present and by accumulating for the future... by adopting the method of saving and accumulating, we finish the account of waste, and by becoming trustees, we donate them...by being beyond all attractions in our thoughts and even in our dreams, we become close to perfection... with the subtle power of elevated thoughts, pure attitude and a vision of love and co-operation, we are the highest and the holiest…

Blessing: May you be a master creator who uses your subtle powers in the task of establishment.
Your creation of science is merging expansion into its essence. It is creating very subtle and powerful instruments for destruction. In the same way, you have to become master creators and use your subtle powers for the task of establishment. You have the greatest powers of all – the power of elevated thoughts, the power of a pure attitude and vision of love and co-operation. So, light the lamp of hope of your dynasty with these subtle powers and enable them to reach their correct destination.

Slogan: Where there is cleanliness and sweetness, there is success in service.

 In the Milan of April 05, 2013, Bapdada said:
“Whatever weakness you have, you definitely have to renounce it. Is it firm that you have to renounce it?  So whatever thought you have this season should not just be a thought, but you definitely have to do it. No matter what happens, you definitely have to change. Have this determined thought. Ultimately, you have to bring the time close.”
cremate old sanskars. (Sanskar ka sanskar karo) Not just to suppress them, but to completely burn them, so there is no trace or progeny left. Check and change now. Have volcanic yoga ( Jwala swaroop).

Never have any bad or sinful thought of causing anyone sorrow!


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Essence: Sweet children, your duty is to earn the imperishable jewels of knowledge and inspire others to earn them. You don’t need to ask before making a donation. You have to demonstrate by doing it.

Question: Which pure desire does the Father always have in His heart? In which aspect does the Father want you to become equal to Himself?
Answer: The Father always has the desire in His heart to give you children happiness. The unlimited Father never thinks about performing a sinful act or causing anyone sorrow because He is the Bestower of Happiness. The Father wishes to make His children equal to Himself in this way. Baba says: Sweet children, check: Do I always have pure thoughts? I don't have any sinful thoughts, do I?

Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart, o man!…

Essence for dharna:
1. Become rup and basant and let jewels of knowledge emerge through your lips. Make your intellect good, strong and healthy with yoga.
2. Give everyone happiness in the same way as the Father does and become bestowers of happiness. Never have any bad or sinful thought of causing anyone sorrow!

Blessing: May you be an experienced image who finishes all limited matters by being an embodiment of unlimited remembrance.
You elevated souls are the trunk that is directly related to the Trimurti of the Seed (God) and two main leaves (Adam and Eve). Remain stable in this elevated stage, be an embodiment of unlimited remembrance and all limited wasteful matters will finish. Come into your stage of unlimited maturity and you will constantly be an image of all experiences. Constantly keep in your awareness your occupation of being an unlimited ancestor. It is the duty of you ancestors to be an immortal light and enable souls who are wandering in darkness to reach their destination.

Slogan: Instead of becoming confused in any situation, to experience pleasure is to be an intoxicated yogi.

Friday, 19 April 2013

you fulfil everyone's desires by being ignorant of the knowledge of desires.

Essence:  Sweet children, only through yoga will you receive strength: the old habits of many births will be removed and you will imbibe all virtues. Therefore, remember the Father as much as possible.

Question:  Which race are you children now running? When do you get tired in this race?
Answer:  You children are now running the race to become beads of the rosary of victory. ln this race,  some children run very well and others become tired. The reason for becoming tired is because of not paying full attention to the study. Your manners do not become reformed either. There is doubt as to whether such children will be able to remain here in the future. Because of being  influenced by lust or anger, there is tiredness and you then say that you are unable to climb any more, that you will see what happens. This too is a wonder.

Song: Kisine apna banake mujhko...Someone made me belong to Him and taught me how to smile... किसीने अपना बनाके मुझको...

Essence for dharna:
1. Become a Godly nightingale and glorify the Father's name. Imbibe knowledge and make your  manners very good.
2. Race to be threaded in the rosary of victory. Never become fed up or tired of spiritual life. Constantly follow shrimat.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower who makes the atmosphere spiritual with your good wishes of cooperation.
Just as matter makes you feel the effect of it through the atmosphere it is sometimes hot and  sometimes cold, in the same way, you souls who are conquerors of matter, easy yogis and cooperative, must become co-operative in making the atmosphere spiritual with your good wishes. Do not think: This one is like this or is doing this. No matter what the atmosphere or person is like; you have to give your co-operation. Children of the Bestower constantly give. So, whether you are co-operative through your mind, through words or through your relationships and connections, you should aim to be constantly co-operative.

Slogan: To fulfil everyone's desires with your stage of being ignorant of the knowledge of desires is to be Kaamdhenu (one who fulfils everyone's desires).


Essence: Sweet children, it is only shrimat that will make you elevated. Following the dictates of yourself and others brings a curse on you. Therefore, never forget shrimat.

Question: Who is a satopradhan effort-maker and who is a tamopradhan effort-maker? What is the difference between the two?

Answer: A satopradhan effort-maker promises and makes effort to claim the full inheritance from the Father. He races to stay in remembrance. He has the aim of claiming number one. A tamopradhan effort-maker says, “Whatever is in my fortune is fine! It is fine if I become a subject.” Maya-vices causes such obstacles for such souls that they drop out of the race.

Song: Mujhko sahara denewale; The heart says thanks to the One who has given it support.मुझको सहारा देने वाले...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EGvAURKkBQ&feature=email

Essence for dharna:
1. Wake up at amrit vela and practise becoming bodiless and remembering the Father. In order to claim your full inheritance, run the race of remembrance. Definitely stay in remembrance for eight hours.
2. Surrender yourself fully to the one Father. Don’t follow the dictates of yourself or others, but follow the elevated directions of the Father.

Blessing: May you be full of all specialities and claim the blessing of easy yogi by being constantly co-operative in service.
Spiritual life is a life filled with speciality. To be spiritual means to claim the blessing of being an easy yogi. This is the first blessing of this birth. Constantly remember this blessing with your intellect because that is bringing blessing into your life. The easy way to keep the blessing constantly is to use the blessing for serving all souls. To be co-operative in service is to be an easy yogi. So, keep this blessing in your awareness and become full of specialities.

Slogan: To grant a vision of your own form and of your elevated destination through the jewel on your forehead is to be a lighthouse.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Let your speaking and interaction be very sweet.


Essence: Sweet children, make your nature very sweet and peaceful. Let your words and behaviour be such that everyone says: This one is like a deity.

Question: Which certificate do you children need to claim from the Father at the confluence age?
Answer: The certificate of divine manners. The Father is decorating and serving you children so much and so you surely have to give the return of that. You have to become the Father's helpers. The children who help Him are those whose nature is divine and who never become tired of Godly service. They have love for serving the yagya. The Father rewards such children. He gives them extra regard. The Father is
pleased to see such serviceable and loving children.

Song: The heart desires to call out to You. Before the fortune is created, the heart calls out to You...

Sweet Children,
God speaks to the devotees. Since you devotees are personally in front of Him, you know that God sits here and explains songs of knowledge to you and makes you dance the dance of knowledge. OK, what will happen through this? It is said: You remain as constantly happy and cheerful as the deities. God alone is called the unlimited Father and the Creator of the world. He is the Creator of heaven. The world is at first heaven. Then it later becomes hell. So it is now hell.

People continue to stumble around on the path of devotion. Devotees remember God. Souls believe that the Father will bring the gift of heaven for them. He alone is the Creator. He comes and teaches us Raja Yoga to make us into the masters of heaven. He says: Remember the Father and the state of being a master of the world. When the Creator of the world enters your intellect, it is understood that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, creates a new world. This world is the place where human beings reside. The Father is the Master of the Unlimited and so He would definitely create a big unlimited world. He would not build a small home for you. Physical fathers continue to build those. This One creates a new world. The world is the home for you children, that is, it is the place where you play your roles. You know that you are residents of Bharat and so you belong to this home. People of Bharat consider themselves to be the masters of the limited world. However, the people of Bharat  were residents of the unlimited world. The Father explains to you very well. However, you children repeatedly forget this. You don't even thank Him. The unlimited Father comes and creates for you the unlimited world, the home, that is heaven. It isn't that the Father is the One who creates unlimited hell. The Father comes and creates heaven and He makes you children into the masters of that heaven. This means that He makes you into the masters of the new world.

The masters of that world, Lakshmi and Narayan, existed in Bharat. At that time there were no other religions. There was just Bharat. The Father explains to you so well, but children don't become that intoxicated. Children remain in their limited intoxication. The soul has that intoxication. When a soul's body grows larger, he is able to say everything through his organs. A small child wouldn't say: I am a master of the world, or I am so-and-so. When he reaches adolescence, he understands that he is a master. You are no longer small; you have grown up. The Father too has taken an old body. You understand that the Father is the Creator of the world. He Himself doesn't become the Master. Sometimes, there are mistakes made in using some of these words. The Father is the Creator of the world. He says: I do not rule the world. I alone am the Creator of the whole world. You have to refine every word when you explain.

The Father, the Creator of the World, is explaining to you directly. I have come to make you into the masters of the world. It is not that I have come to make you into the masters of Bharat alone. Those who are the masters of Bharat at this time do not have that happiness. Everyone is now to be buried in the graveyard. This is called the time of settlement. The Creator of the world would definitely be God. He alone is the Creator of the new world. The new world is called heaven and the old world is called hell. You children also understand numberwise. Those who have less knowledge don't have that much happiness,  Maya-vices doesn't allow them to remain happy.

Children don't become soul conscious. When you become body conscious, all the vices come to oppose you. You children know that that One is the Father of us souls. All devotees call out to Him: Come and tell us something. It is written: God speaks. I have come to make you into the masters of heaven. I make you worthy. I tell you the history and geography of the whole world. Who are the main actors in this unlimited drama! Your intellect goes into the unlimited. The incorporeal world, the subtle region and the corporeal world are all included in the drama. There are also some among you who understand these things very well. Some are unable to imbibe anything because they have been like Ajamil (a great sinner) for many births. They have those sanskars. They are like such a hot griddle that they are unable to imbibe anything at all. They too are uplifted. At least they go to heaven. They become maids or servants. They become subjects. To uplift them means that at least He takes them to heaven. However, the status they receive is according to the effort they have made. If they don't imbibe they will go to heaven, but they will receive the status of a maid or a servant. No matter how much is explained to some children, it is like pouring water on to a hot griddle. So it is understood that they have those sanskars.

Sannyasis also carry their sanskars. When they take another birth they then have the thought of adopting renunciation again. These things are explained here. In the golden age, there is no question of vice. There, they have the sanskars of remaining viceless for birth after birth. Even Maya doesn't exist there. Here, so much effort is made to reform the children. Some are like dirty clothes. When they are beaten with a laundry stick, even a little, they completely tear apart. Laundry men take care of clothes, but if some clothes are rotten and worn out, they quickly tear apart. In that case, they become those who were amazed and who then ran away.

The Father makes so much effort. He is teaching us Raja Yoga. He alone is the Merciful One who has mercy for everyone. Baba (GodFather)  is merciful and Maya - vices is merciless. Maya has totally destroyed everything (all truth) and this is why Baba says: I come every cycle, at the confluence age of the cycle. The Father is the Purifier. He has to come here to take the impure ones back home. There are no impure beings in the silver age that I would come in the silver age and make them pure. God is the Truth. He alone speaks the truth. You children now know that Shiv (Benefactor) Baba, the Creator of the world, truly inspires you through Adam-Brahma to make effort to make you into the masters of the world. The Father says: If you make My efforts go to waste, if you deceive many others through your behaviour, your status will be destroyed. It would be said: The evil spirit has not yet gone away from that one. The behavior of you children should be such that everyone thinks: This one is a like a deity. Deities are very well known. It is said: This one's nature is totally divine. It is then understood that the natureof all the rest is devilish. Some children have very first-class, divine virtues. They are absolutely
sweet and have peaceful natures. Therefore, the Father is pleased to see such children.

You children understand that the Father is having a home built for you, and so you also have to
serve. Such children climb into the heart a great deal. Those who do something without being
told are deities, those who have to be told are human beings and those who don't do something, even when asked, are even worse than human beings. Baba says: Children, if you don't stay in yoga, you will be totally finished in the mud of Maya. Baba tells you again and again: Continue to follow shri mat! Never perform devilish acts. Let your speaking and interaction be very sweet. Deities have such a sweet nature. They used to rule in Bharat. As the king and queen, so the subjects, too, have a divine nature. The Father comes to make you into the masters of heaven and so you should be so helpful to such a Father. You should busy yourself in service by yourself. Don't think: I am tired, or I don't have time. There is benefit in doing everything on time. Shiv Baba gives the reward of the yagya service you do. This Baba (Adam) would give you special regard and win your heart, but that Baba is the One who claims your heart wholeheartedly. This one (Adam-Brahma Baba) wins your heart in a limited way. When He sees the divine activity of the children, Baba surrenders Himself to such children. Children who remain busy in service, even without being asked, are said to be like deities. Deities don't need to be told anything. There, they don't have devilish natures. Here, many children don't follow the directions of the mother and Father and so they cause themselves a loss.

The Father says: I come from the supreme abode to serve you children. By not following My directions, you cause sorrow to so many. The same thing happened in the previous cycle too. While drinking nectar, you become impure. There is a story: Even when Lakshmi gave them nectar to drink, they became devils. Therefore, never even try to cause anyone sorrow. Otherwise you will lose your fortune of the whole kingdom and become those worthy of being beaten with a stick. Baba has explained: I am Dharamraj. When anything was done indirectly, you used to experience temporary punishment for that. Now, after belonging to the Father directly, if you make Baba's efforts go to waste, there would have to be great punishment. I am making you into deities and Maya then comes and makes you into devils.

The Father repeatedly tells you to imbibe divine virtues. It is remembered that even animals used to love one another in the kingdom of Rama. They would drink water together from the same pool. Here, they drink nectar, then they become devils and then traitors. They then cause difficulties for the decoration of the spiritual clan. They would be in such degradation! The Father comes to grant you salvation, and so you children have to become those with divine virtues. You have to serve by yourself. The Father will also give you a certificate. Those who have good faith in their intellect will constantly remember the Father. They are always concerned not to defame the Father's name. They do not show any devilish traits. Now, all of you are numberwise effortmakers. You should simply have the faith that you are God-fatherly students.

God speaks to the children: I teach you and make you into kings of kings. I  teach you knowledge and yoga. Become soul conscious. I have come to take you back. You souls will follow Me like a swarm of mosquitoes. Truly, there was the Mahabharat War. So they followed the Guide (God)  like mosquitoes. Baba is the Guide. He says: I have come to liberate you. You are very unhappy in the web of Maya-vices. Firstly, you go into the jail of a womb, and secondly, it has become very easy for human beings to go to that jail. They go to jail in great happiness. Seeing one another, they even begin to go on hunger strike. Look at the things they do to cause their souls sorrow. That is called suicide of the soul. When the body is healthy, the soul says: I am happy. When the body is not healthy, the soul says: I am unhappy. The Father comes to make you into
constantly happy masters of heaven.

The Master of the World says: I am the Creator of the new world and that is why I am called the Master. However, I do not rule there. All devotees worship Me. They say: O God, come and liberate us from the sorrow of the iron age. Send us to the land of nirvana, or, send us to the land of heaven. The Father first sends you to the land of happiness and then Maya changes that into the land of sorrow. This cycle turns in this way.

The Father says: Children, now stop being careless. Maya makes you perform many wrong actions through which your status is destroyed. After knowing and recognising the Father and following His directions, you will be able to become elevated. Otherwise, there will be a lot of punishment. Just as God's praise is limitless, in the same way, the misfortune of experiencing punishment is also limitless. It is the time of settlement now. Everyone settles their karmic accounts. Those who experience punishment will not come into this rosary. The Father says: Simply remember that God, the Father, the Creator of the World, the knowledge-full One, is teaching us. He would definitely give you your inheritance to become the masters of the world. Even if you just remember this much, you will continue to laugh and play.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1. Let your words and behaviour be very sweet. Don't perform any devilish acts. Imbibe divine manners.
2.Become a helper in the Father's service without being asked. Definitely give a return for the Father's efforts. Don't be careless.

Blessing: May you be a server who is full of success and remains constantly carefree by handing over the burden of all your responsibilities to the Father.

The children who remain constantly light make service and themselves ascend, that is, they continue to make progress. So hand over the burden of all your responsibilities to the Father and remain carefree. Do not have the burden of any type of consciousness of "I". Simply maintain the intoxication of remembrance. Remain combined with the Father, because where the Father is, there service is automatically accomplished. With the awareness of the One who gets everything done is getting it done, you will remain light and also become full of success.

Slogan: Know that every scene of the unlimited drama is fixed and you will remain constantly carefree.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Only GodFather teaches the yoga by which burden of sins are removed.

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Essence: Sweet children, each one has a burden of the sins of many births on their head and the suffering of these karmic accounts definitely has to be settled with the power of yoga.

Question: In which aspect do you have to become a detached observer like the Father?

Answer: The Father doesn't have any regrets about anything. Even if a child fails ill or something else happens to him, the Father observes it as the detached Observer. In the same way, you children also have to become detached observers. Remove your attachment from this old world. Each one's suffering of karma is his or her own. Souls have to suffer for the wrong actions they have performed. Therefore, continue to watch as detached observers.

Song: Time is passing by...

Sweet children,

The unlimited Father explains to the children who are to claim an inheritance that the time continues to come closer; it doesn't wait for anyone. This journey which you have to go on is that of the intellect's yoga. You don't have to go on pilgrimages or to weddings etc. any more. The Father's final direction is: Sweetest children, you now have to go to the supreme abode. You can now explain the things that are written in the Gita, the Bhagawad, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Baba is now teaching us the easy Raja Yoga that He taught us earlier. There is the difference of day and night between what there is in the scriptures of the path of devotion and the practical matters now. The Father Himself comes and teaches you Raja Yoga. He gives you children the direction: Renounce all your bodily relations, including your own body and continue to remember the one Father. You children now understand in a practical way whether the things in the scriptures are right or whether the things the Father explains to you at this time are right.

You children now know the secrets of the drama. Everything is satopradhan at first and it then goes through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Just as a new home then becomes old, in the same way, this unlimited world was heaven. Everything sparkles in your intellect as to who used to reside there. How did the deities receive their fortune of the kingdom, which they are receiving now? You children are making effort according to your own fortune. The Father explains: Children, end your attachment to the old world. Become soul conscious. This requires a lot of effort. You constantly have to remember that Father and the land of happiness. The Father never feels sorrow about anything. He sees everything as the detached Observer. When children fall ill or have a disease, does Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) feel any kind of regret (sorrow) at that time? Not at all. He would say: According to the world drama, each one has to settle their accounts through the suffering of karma. Just as He observes everything as the detached Observer, you children also have to observe as detached observers.

The unlimited Father is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He has a lot of love for the children. God loves souls. The Father says: I know that everyone receives happiness and sorrow
according to their own karma. He observes everything as the detached Observer. You children also have to observe with detachment. Whatever wrong actions an embodied soul performs, he has to suffer for those through the body. It is the soul that experiences happiness or sorrow. Sanskars are in the soul. The Father says: I come and liberate you from sorrow. I am now giving teachings to you children.Human beings cannot receive teachings from the Gita scripture. The Father personally sits here and explains to you. The Father says: You remember Me so much on the path of devotion. Even if someone believes in science or nature, at some point in time he would definitely say: Oh Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! Oh God, the Father! All devotees definitely remember the Father. The Father does everything, makes you children happy and hides Himself away. The Father only comes once. He says: According to the drama, I have a thought that I should now go. I definitely have to take support of a body, as a soul cannot speak without a body. A child is formed in a womb and then, as he grows older, he learns to speak. The Father enters a mature body. I too have a role to play. I only come once and liberate everyone from the sorrow of Maya.

People everywhere now are unhappy; they continue to cry out in distress. There is weeping and wailing, fighting and quarrelling in every home. These things don't exist in the golden age. The very name is heaven. They have written many things in the scriptures. You children know how much sorrow and how many religions there are in this world. There weren't so many religions in the golden age. It is a matter of 5000 years. Because hundreds of thousands of years are mentioned, the name of the golden age has disappeared from people's intellect. I came 5000 years ago. I came and destroyed the many religions and established the one original, eternal
religion. All of these human beings are to be destroyed. That is why there is to be the great war. It is remembered that destruction took place in the great Mahabharat War. All of these religions are to be destroyed. I come and teach those who belong to the deity (virtuous human beings of golden age) religion. This is My role. People know that there is a lot of sorrow at this time. I too know that people have a lot of sorrow. There is weeping and wailing in every home. Children don't hesitate to kill their father for his money. The world is so dirty! The Father comes and gives you children a vision of heaven. Shiv Baba says: I have come to make you children into the masters of heaven and of the world. I don’t make you make any effort. You simply have to burn your sins away with the power of yoga (remembrance of God).

There is a big burden of sins on your head. When there is illness or a cough etc., that is the suffering of the karmic accounts of many births. The names of Jagadamba and Jagadpita are glorified so much; they are worshipped. People don't know who Jagadamba was in her last birth. The roles of Jagadamba and Jagadpita are being enacted in a practical way. So, look how this one also has to settle all the karmic accounts of all his births. He has so much yoga and does so much service, and yet he still had to have an operation etc. because of the suffering of karma.

There is a lot of difference between that renunciation and this renunciation. Those people leave their home and family, put on saffron robes and bccomc sannyasis. We continue to make effort.
When the end comes, we will have renounced everything completely. At the moment we are effortmakers. You would not say of those sannyasis that they are effort-makers. They simply renounce their home and family and are called sannyasis. We are making so much effort through Baba for renunciation. There is the burden of many births on your head. You stay in yoga so much. You give  happiness to others. You receive blessings for that, and yet the suffering of karma emerges. The karmateet (beyond the influence of actions) stage hasn't been reached yet. That will be at the end. This is the karmic account of the actions of many births. As yet, you have not become complete renunciates. There is the difference of day and night between their renunciation and our renunciation. They leave their home and family and go and sit in forests. People who indulge in vices then serve them. It isn't that all of them have become
pure. They too continue to make spiritual endeavour. They too have the suffering of karma. There is a burden of the sins of many births on the head. It is only with yoga that the burden of sin will be burnt away.

Until the Father comes, no one can teach you yoga. Their yoga is not with the Almighty Authority Father and so their sins cannot be absolved. The brahm element cannot be called the
Almighty Authority. The Almighty Authority is the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva. It is the Supreme Soul who comes here. The brahm element would not come here. You children too have a big burden of sin on your head. You have to make a lot of effort to have your sins absolved. You have to become a master of the world. No one except the Father can make you that. The Father makes you that with the power of yoga. You receive power from the Father, the Almighty Authority. He is the World Almighty Authority. You children now know that this whole world is unhappy. All the happiness that there may be is temporary, like the droppings of a crow. True happiness only exists in heaven.

Maya-vices who causes sorrow doesn't exist there. Many don't believe these things. They say: How can this be? When they don't believe it, you can understand that they don't belong to your deity clan. Those who belong to the deity clan will definitely believe it. They believed it in the previous cycle too. The Father is now telling it to you. The unlimited Father remembers the children at all the centres. No sanyasi could say that he is speaking to all the children. There, all of those people would become his followers. They are not sent the murlis like you are that they would all listen to them. Here, you are all sent a murli through which you can follow shrimat and become elevated. God is called Shri Shri, the most elevated of all. The Father says: I am the most elevated of all and I make everyone elevated. How can there be elevated beings in the impure world?

The rosary of Shri Shri 108 is identical to Shiv Baba's rosary of Rudra. He alone is called Shri Shri. The most elevated One of all establishes heaven and makes you the most elevated beings in the human world so that you become the masters of heaven. Therefore, you understand that in the rosary of Shri Shri 108 that is created, there is incorporeal Shiv Baba at the top and that He is making us just as elevated. This is the Godly World University. God is teaching you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris (Adam’s children). The Godly World University is that of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. This is the World University to give knowledge to the world. Anyone who wants to can become a master of the world. If you want, you can go and sit in the sweet home. The Father has come to make you constantly peaceful and happy. I come every cycle and make the children of Bharat into the masters of the world. All the rest of the souls reside in the land of peace. There are just the souls of the deities in the golden age. You know that Baba truly teaches you and makes you into the masters of heaven, according to how much yoga you have and how much effort you make. All the other souls settle their karmic accounts and return home. All the bodies are destroyed.

There is the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age. So you children know how much time remains. There are now five or six billion souls. In the golden age there will only be 900,000. At the beginning, there are a few and then expansion takes place. Therefore, the living beings in all of those bodies will settle their karmic accounts and return home. It is the time of settlement for everyone. Maya-vices has buried everyone in the graveyard. They are all in the graveyard. They are of no use. You now understand that the unlimited Father teaches all of you souls and makes you into the masters of the world. This is the only Godly World University where you become masters of the world. The Father's property is heaven. If we have this faith, why shouldn't we follow His directions and claim our inheritance of heaven? There is no question of renouncing anything. We just have to renounce the vices. However, that is good, is it not? Baba, why should we not remain pure? Why would we not renounce the vices? It is only by renouncing the five vices that we will become rulers of the globe.

The Father says: You now have to die (to the old world,body consciousness-by intellect). You definitely have to go to the land of nirvana and so why should you not earn an income? Those of other religions will also come here and take their aim. Children have had visions of how the souls of Abraham, Christ etc. come to salute the Father and take their aim. However, they will not take knowledge. Yes, those who are the decoration of the Adam’s-Brahmin clan will
take to this quickly. Without becoming a decoration of the Brahmin clan, you cannot become a
decoration of the deity clan. Only after you become children of God – Brahmins, do you become deities. Deities then become warriors, merchants and then shudras. These clans continue to go around the world cycle.

Shri Lakshmi and Narayan who were worth a pound also have to go around the cycle of 84 births. If you have the faith that you definitely have to claim your inheritance from the unlimited Father from whom you receive happiness for half the cycle, why would you not make effort? There is no question of renouncing anything. That was the role in Sindh. It is written that Krishna abducted queens and that he used to graze cows. Did he abduct them so that he could be insulted? He abductcd them to make them into queens. The furnace had to be created. You all had to do tapasya and become worthy of doing service. Now, scarcely a few become worthy of doing service. You have experienced this in a practical way. You understand that Shiv Baba makes you into the masters of the world. He too works. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Creator of heaven and so He definitely will come here. He says: Even now, I am establishing heaven. I am teaching you. He explains to you children. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dliarna:
1.In order to remove the burden of sins of many births from your head, remember the Almighty
Authority Father and take power from Him.
2.Give happiness to everyone and receive blessings. Follow the elevated directions of Shri Shri and renounce everything completely (by the intellect). At this time of settlement, remove your intellect's yoga from everyone else.

Blessing: May you be a great renunciate who renounces the respect and position received from service and who attains imperishable fortune.

The practical fruit of the elevated actions and service that you children do is to be praised by
everyone. A server receives the seat of elevated praise. You receive a seat of honour and status; you definitely attain this success. However, this success is a step on the way, it is not the final destination. Therefore, renounce it and claim fortune through that. This is known as being a great renunciate. The speciality of an incognito renunciate is someone who renounces even any trace of renunciation.

Slogan: In order to become an angel, see the role of every soul as a detached observer and give a current of power.