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The only real and right Spiritual Effort

The only real and right Spiritual Effort:
Knowledge-full is, to remain lost in love of God being self (point) aware, constantly-every moment.
-          Spiritual points and churing from 30th March to 14th June 2019

Points discussed: The required spiritual effort, Overcoming stage fright, Overcoming attachment, Transforming vision and attitude,

Spiritual practice / Drill for mind and Constant Attention & Awareness of Love, Lightness and Easiness
1. Avy.murli 16.10.69
Come into action/thought one second. And go beyond thought/sound/body next. This is possible when you perform actions being detached.

With this practice you will be able to face any situation. This has to be practiced throughout the day but special practice during amritvela. 

This practice helps you to detach from all the attractions/pull of mind (from being lost in love) during the final test paper.

2. Avy.murli: 20.10.69
Just remember point and One to reach completion. No need to go in to expansion. (By not going into expansion, keeping 3 to 4 thoughts per minute, we feel lightness)

The unawareness of point creates past sanskars, past karmic bondage, present forgetfulness. These wastes make easy into difficult.

When there is awareness, there is easiness and completion. When there is no awareness, there are many obstacles.

When you make the awareness strong (constant), unawareness disappears on its own. When the sun never sets, darkness cannot appear.

3. Avy.murli 1.11.1969
There should be balance of love and power. Detachment and sweetness together at the same time. Karmateet and complete stage does not have just power but also love. Even thoughts have to be applied full stop in a second.

4. Avy. Murli 17.11.69
The hard sanskars make the spiritual effort difficult. If sanskars have become easy, all actions become easy (detached). To be attractive, you need to be happy (smiling) in body and mind, to swing in bliss controlling nature and maya. When you get attracted to something, you never become attractive.

1. Along with power and love, there should be concentration being free from waste thoughts.

In one Avyakt Murli Baba says, In final stage you would become free from waste thoughts.
This concentration without waste thoughts makes you feel an unlimitedness in awareness or it is like being connected with the cosmic mind.

1. There has to be both heat-power (authority) and flexibility- humility in equal amount well balanced to mould nature with easiness. 

Even if either of one is more or less, it is not perfect stage and become less attractive in nature.

Only those who have love for every soul can remain humble.

Remain detached every moment even of service. Only when you are in bodiless stage, remain liberated from body for a long time, you will pass with honour in the final test paper of less than a second.

Remain detached and loving.

2. Even plans would become successful when there is plain remembrance.

1. See, think self as soul and see, think others as soul. 

Not to see or remember anything physical.

Avy.murli 16.10.69 on Power to see and Power to Discern:
1. The important method to experience power to discern is bodiless stage or remembrance or soul consciousness along with purity of intellect/mind, when there is no waste or sinful thoughts but remembrance of only One and His task with Concentration.

2. Waste and sinful thoughts are obstacles to realize bodiless stage. To avoid coming into attraction of body keep the intellect clean. Thoughts make the intellect weak and so cannot discern distancing yourself from success.

3. When you look at the soul in others, vision and attitude will become pure. 

4. Those who practice coming into sound/thoughts/body in a second and go beyond next can face any situation. Practice this at amritvela and whenever intellect becomes very busy. This is possible when you do all actions being detached and easy with lost in love for God.

Note: The essence of spirituality is to remain  constantly detached (with self awareness) in all interactions with people and things, with constant love for God. Not succumbing to the pull of senses.

1. Bodiless stage: awarenes of soul as point of light and also awareness of body/garb of light.

Stage freight / anxiety may be due to fear or defence mechanisms activated by amygdala - automatic in nature.

To overcome, go to the depths of fear caused by various situations like the habit of giving more respect to people, certain formal behaviours and attitudes created or imposed by gathering or people.

By removing all unwanted respects like, “it caused by the oppressor in the oppressed”, are to be identified and make those attitudes and habits normal by practice and change in thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

This will help remove various masks(personalities) developed since childhood leading to deep relaxation and easiness with people and situation including stage freight caused by anxiety, people and formal behaviour of people and situations.

All attachment (even of close relative) disappears when you see the person as you see or love your neighbour instead of thinking they are your own.

Vision and Attitude
Sakar murli: The Father explains: Consider yourselves to be souls and look at others with the vision of brotherhood. Then, when you give knowledge to anyone, there will be power in your words. It is souls that become pure and impure.
It has also been explained to you: Look at others with the vision of brotherhood and you won’t notice their bodies. Your vision will then not be spoilt. This is the destination.

Note: feel the soul on third eye and look at others through third eye with less number of thoughts. Seeing through third eye means 100% concentration and it gives power to words. Seeing through 3rd eye gives expanded unlimited vision where you never see any particular person or body. (practice this with easiness without any strain).

Sakar murli: The more effort you make to become soul conscious, the more your physical organs will be controlled. There is only the one method “of remembrance” to control your physical organs.

Even the power and lightness is not to be experienced but to be felt naturally becoming the point of consciousness.
Deep Meditation Experience
In deep meditation, completely focused on 3rd eye, eyes closed, like moving up through 3rd eye, towards paramdham, Sambhavi mudra, there are visions of water everywhere and movement of buildings.

Although Baba pulls and attracts the children when they are sitting in yoga in the morning, He pulls them numberwise. In remembrance, you sit in peace and you even forget the world, but the question arises: What do you do throughout the whole day?

The Father pulls you more early in the morning. He is the ever pure Magnet, and so He pulls you. The Father is unlimited. He understands that you are very lovely children. So He pulls you even more strongly.

See but don’t see – remain in the awareness of lightness
Sweet children, you have to become karmateet before returning home. This is why no flaw should remain inside you. Continue to examine yourselves and remove any weaknesses you have.
Question:In order to create which stage is effort required? What is the effort you have to make for that?Answer:Anything you see with your eyes should not appear in front of you. Even while seeing, do not see. Even while living in your bodies, remain soul conscious. It takes time to create this stage. Your intellects must not remember anything except the Father and the home. To attain this stage, become introverted and examine yourselves. Keep your own chart.

You have to create such a stage that whatever you see with those eyes should not appear in front of you. Your intellects should not remember anything other than the Father and the land of peace.

The Father says: For as long as you stay in remembrance and do service, you will receive power. Also, even if some are in bondage and are unable to do service, they definitely receive a lot of yoga power through their remembrance. Everything is merged in remembrance.

14.5.19 murli.
If there is the feeling of “mine” even in your thoughts, then you must understand that you have become dirty. Finish this burden of the consciousness of “mine” and become double light.

Slogan:The lights of the world are those who merge BapDada in their eyes.

Spiritual awareness and attitude
1. When we become spiritual, although we see physical, the awareness and experience never becomes physical but feel light and non-physical.

2. The third eye becomes the seer and hearer not the eyes or ears.

3. Although eyes see physical objects, consciousness never get attached or focused on physical objects.

4. There has to be constant awareness of third eye to see or feel others as energy beings not physical beings.

5. You understand/know/notice clearly when your consciousness move from spiritual to physical and hence you bring it back to spiritual.

6. When you see, you see the whole, a bigger view when you are spiritual not particular person or objects, mostly awareness of light.

7. When you see physical objects in particular, you become physical. "You become like what you look into".

8. Whether it is seriousness, entertainment, speech, walk, talk, action or meditation, silence, inaction, sleep, all the time and always maintain / experience lightness (love of God).

9. Dadi Prakashmani had once said to dr.s.gupta that those who come in first eight will have remembrance in every breath.

How it is possible?
By being light every moment, it is possible.

True Tapaswis – Real Spiritual Effort
Murli slogan:
Children who are always merged in the ocean of love, happiness, peace and bliss are true tapaswis.

Along with being a tapaswi, not to focus on anything physical to avoid losing self awareness and connection of God's power.

Not to focus the consciousness on anything physical to avoid feeling physical.

See everything but remain self conscious. Don’t attach conscious to physical.

Constantly feel the love, power and bliss of God, being self tolerant constantly in every breath, not losing sight/ feeling of self consciousness.

Not to see or think or feel anything other than truth. Truth is constant combined self and God consciousness.

1. Soul consciousness means detached from world, forget everything of world to stabilize in bliss and joy of God's love.

2. For this remain detached all the time and attach with the world of objects / mind only for name sake.
Blessing:          May you be a completely enlightened soul who finishes Maya’s power with the power of love.
To be merged in love is to have full knowledge. Love is the blessing of Brahmin life. At the confluence age, the Ocean of Love gives you platefuls of diamonds and pearls, and so you become filled with love. A situation like a mountain is transformed by the power of love and becomes as light as water. No matter how fearsome or royal the form that Maya takes to oppose you is, become merged in the Ocean of Love in a second and Maya’s power will be finished by your power of love.
The real spiritual effort – Constant attention of lightness of self and love of God
It is found that the lightness and sweetness, love of God is experienced by being aware of self as a point, without any awareness of body, especially own body. And this lightness need not be seen as a physical smile in the face but subtle lightness and sweetness within the mind/intellect. When this subtle lightness – love of God is maintained constantly, we can overcome lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Even if we get lost for a moment, we would overcome by any of the vices and if we remember the lightness and love, immediately we can shift our consciousness from anger to lightness, but by the time, we would have expressed the vice.
Hence, it is found, unless we have constant awareness of self and God, one way or other we get lost in vices. The main spiritual effort is to keep the light lit constantly, keep the internal subtle smile, lightness, love of God constantly with self awareness. And this constant attention and effort is the real spiritual practice that will keep us safe from the five vices.

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Spiritual attainment unexplained by any Satguru - an attempt to define Rajyoga.

Spiritual attainment unexplained by any Satguru - an attempt to define Rajyoga

- Rajyoga defined. The final stage is of Constantly Avyakt or Karmateet, known to be equal and balanced in being Loving and Peaceful, from Spiritual Diary: Feb to March 2019

Third eye or Soul:
Beyond physical, beyond eyes, beyond subtle body and consciousness is the source of power, attention and concentration.

In that attention and concentration, whatever needed is attained instantly. There is no conflict or doubt. It is this power of silence / concentration achieves everything and the whole world.

Whatever thought is impossible not to happen. There is firm faith and determination that thought will have to and has to materialize, that too instantly.

It is this power of concentration that heals self and others instantly.

It is this power of concentration, the natural power of soul.

This power of concentration makes astral travel and out of body experience possible.

Spiritual effort: If you have love for spiritual effort you will have love for God, family, self, service, all. With your powerful spiritual stage all obstacles in situations can be removed. AM17.4.69

Spend every minute in spiritual effort of stabilizing in my original natural powerful point stage. Sometimes come in your angelic stage during interactions. Sometimes become body or action conscious. By practice, all the time do everything being aware of true nature and seeing others true nature of point-soul.

By constant attention, it is possible to do all action being in point satge of third eye awareness. Being a detached observer having one thought / few thoughts of activities at present.

Be a point, soul even during sleep.

Food and illness: avoid fried and oily snacks and junk food. Even cough happens due to excess intake of cough producing food. Illness needs source which lies in eating food that is not energetic and junk in nature.

After and during illness, check what food i consumed in past week that has disturbed my system. Check and change.

4.3.19: Be a point even while talking. See, speak and do everything being a point, through third eye awareness, with only single thought of 100% attention all the time.

5.3.19: Experience self as point of light every moment.....seeing through third eye, by seeing but not seeing, being unlimited in awareness, not having any image of self-body, with natural qualities of soul, being in bliss constantly.

7.3.19: Be constantly concentrated with self awareness as a point of attain spiritual powers.

Secret of sweet silence, love and light:

Being in deep silence, focused, concentrated, there is attainment of lightness, love and happiness.

So, why not remain light and happy with sweet silence all the time?

The fruit / result of meditation and remembrance is love, light and happiness.

The spiritual effort is to main that love, light, sweet silence and happiness all the time inspite of the external influences that makes you serious, and detached from happiness.

The power or yog is really powerful if we can sustain love and light constantly without becoming serious.

The real yog power is visible on how happy and loving we are in our day-to-day living and interactions.

And this sustenance/retain of love and light is possible only when there is the thread/power of constant sweet silence.

This love and light heals all the diseases, removes all illness, removes all tensions and fears of body and mind, also make you fly in dreams.

And this love and light with sweet silence keeps you constantly connected with the power house, the God.

The real effort is to make the consciousness or conscious mind powerful rather than get lost in sub conscious influence of five senses like seeing, hearing, feeling. All physical and emotional automatic disturbance starts either by seeing, feeling or by receiving vibrations. Being self conscious we remain protected from automatic emotional and physical 5 sense influences. Not to Think, See, Hear and Feel other than self awareness. If we do, we get lost in automatic physical and emotional responses. For this either you connect with qualities of self (angelic awareness) or with the unlimited self awareness (point stage). This applies to overcoming 5 vices and also fear/phobias.

It is not that you will not punish others but the intention will be always good.

And this love and light with sweet silence to be experienced in third eye not in face and what is experienced in 3rd eye will reflect on the face.

Why do we have to remember God?

God is like Sun. Like Sun has its heat and rays, God has His natural qualities and the rays of silence. More we connect with God in remembrance we start experiencing our natural qualities (angelic) and the rays of unlimited silence. More we experience our natural qualities and silence power, we remain in self awareness free from the influence of mind and five senses which are the source of stress and disease in èvery situation.

Avyakt murli dtd: 26.6.1969
Yaad ki yatra kisiliye karaate hai. Yaad ki yatra kisiliye sikkayi jaati hai?

Yaad ki yatra isiliye karte hai ki sakar me rahte niraakaar aur nyaare, asariri ho rahe.
Vignon ka saamna karne k liye, pehle chahiye parakne ki shakti, fir chahiye nirnay karne ki shakti. 
Nirnay ki baad sahan shakti ko dhaaran kar sakenge. 
Nirnay shakti ko badaane k liye mukya khurak yahi hai: asariri, nirakari aur karm se nyaare. 
In baaton ko dhaaran karna hai kis k liye? vignon ko mittane k liye aur shrishti par aane vale vign se bach ne k liye.

Translation Avy. Murli dtd: 26.6.19:
Why are you made to practice / taught pilgrimage of remembrance?)

Pilgrimage of remembrance is taught to remain incorporeal, bodiless and detached being in physical.
To face the obstacles, first you need the power to discern. Then you need the power to decide. After taking decision, you would imbibe the power of tolerance.
To increase the power to decide, the important nourishment is: bodiless, incorporeal and detached in actions.
Why do you have to imbibe these? To remove the obstacles and remain safe from the obstacles that are going to arrive on earth.

Two types of self awareness:
1. One is to experience self as a point. Here, still there is thinking.
2. Other is to experience without thinking  even self as a soul but just be aware of a garb of light...something like unlimited awareness but without any thinking, but just feeling.

1. Being aware of self as point of light, we experience the qualities of soul. Still there is the thought or ego that i am a soul.

2. If we are really a soul, soul never thinks i am a soul.

3. When there is complete unlimited awareness with all natural qualities of soul without even the limitation of thinking i am a soul, it seems to be real soul consciousness. There is just the consciousness left completely detached from body and mind.

There are 2 twin bodies:
1. Physical and etheric, 
2. mental or astral and Ego or Self. 

As long as we remain easy and light, the 2 twin bodies remain detached. With few thoughts we can remain constantly in body of astral and self. 

1. When we are emotional and stressful with more thoughts, we feel the physical and etheric body losing easiness and lightness. 

And when we sleep with etheric and physical awareness, we travel to the painful world. And when we are astral and self aware, we travel to the heavenly world during sleep. 

Hence remain light throughout the day not coming into physical and etheric awareness but remain astral self aware. Practice it 30 minutes before sleep to have a heavenly astral travel.

The sign of astral and self consciousness is to feel sweetness and lightness.

Avy.murli 23.7.1969
1. Mind and intellect both need a powerful brake and steering capacity. This is known as power of remembrance or power of bodiless state. With these 2 powers, energy of intellect will be saved. More energy you have, then more power you will have to discern and decide.

To stabilize in point form, feel yourself as a bodiless soul even while performing action. This practice is very much necessary throughout the day. More you practice this that much you will stabilize in point form.

It is easy to remain in point form (soul conscious). When you are bodiless and detached, you can experience the point stage. Whilst doing all action, you can experience bodiless stage.

It is the thought that brings you down. If you have the practice to apply brake to the thoughts, you would remain bodiless for a longer time. 

In your natural form, you will experience your natural qualities and remembrance of God automatically.

Process to move from physical awareness to self awareness:
1. Physical to be relaxed free from physical tensions by doing actions or exercise.
2. Etheric to be free from any emotional issues.
3  Then the  lightness and easiness and bliss of ego/soul/self is experienced naturally.

Difference between feeling and emotion: Feelings are direct experience of soul. Emotions are experience of soul through mind.

Six Steps of spiritual awareness:
1. Silence of mind and Intellect is detachment from mind/intellect
2. Detached from body
3. Self awareness with silence
4. Detachment from mind and body makes one blissful with the feeling of sweetness.
5. Feeling of silence (power) and love(sweetness) together.
6. Come into action without i and mine to retain the silence and sweetness.

Why there is no feeling of sweetness in-spite of making the mind still?

Because there is the thought of i am a soul, i am a point. Only when even that thought is made still/renounced, the lightness is experienced and lightness brings the feeling of sweetness.

So, it is when there is complete renunciation of i and mine, the sweetness is experienced constantly in every action.

24.7.69 avyakt murli:
When you become soul conscious, you forget body and all bodily relations.  You become detached and have connection with God. Perform all action being detached and loving.

Note: In Soul consciousness we forget all that is mine and we do everything without attachment.
Soul consciousness means detached and loving without i and mine. Body consciousness is i and mine.

1. To experience detached and loving, being blissful and sweet in all actions is angelic stage.
2. But the powerful stage is of deep silence experienced being just a point.

Practice: See the benefit of being in point stage for longer time.

11 Types of spiritual consiousness:
1. Silence beyond mind and body is like waking sleep, gives energy. No awareness of physical world. Detached from mind and body.
2. Detachment and Sweetness free from ego.....angelic, Here,it is with awareness of physical world. Can do all action without attachment. 
3. Silence of being a point-unlimited awareness. (With ego of self). Like being a detached observer using all 5 senses through third eye. Can do all activities.
4. Silence and sweetness-unlimited awareness free from ego-point. Point is with no awareness of physical world. But we can connect with universal mind and cosmic consciousness for healing.
5. Silence -unlimited awareness with ego-point. Point is no awareness of physical world. But we can connect with universal mind and cosmic consciousness and also share ideas with others.

6. Where study or learning is there, complete conscious / involvement of mind exist.
7. Stage of lost in love of God
8. Stage of seeing self as point and experiencing the qualities of soul.
9. Stage of seeing self as point and experiencing the unlimited awareness of peace.
10. Experiencing stage 8 and 9 with awareness of God.
11. Stage of detached observer.

So, Rajyoga helps to focus Consciousness 
1. On mind where learning is required, 
2. On qualities of self where lot of attention is not required during talking and seeing being detached from people, person and actions
3. On form of self/silence being a detached observer when the mind is silent or where mind does not have much to think

By this, the Self regains its power over its mind and senses, and this helps in positive thinking and healthy attitude.

5 stages of soul consciousness: 
1. Soul on its own experiences peace, its original nature.
2. Soul when attaches with mind that is free from any worldly attachment experiences bliss, love and light.
3. Soul attached with the mind goes to sleep when mind stops thinking.
4. Soul connect with God and become self aware when it is detached from mind that is free from other thoughts.
5. Even to experience deep silence of soul in meditation, the soul has to be detached from the mind, ie. I and mine.

Avyakt murli: 28.9.69
The three forms the spiritual effort-maker experiences throughout the day: 
1. Bodiless form (always and before coming into action)
2. Loving form (with the divine family)
3. Powerful form (point form is experienced when there is bodiless stage practice full day.)

Different stages: 
1. In all stages of meditation, most important is to remain introvert and experience the qualities within one’s self free from the distraction or external pull of mind.
It also applies for worldly activities.

This is possible when we stabilize in self awareness. Being in self awareness we forget body and bodily interactions with the world, detaching from the mind. Hence it is said to remember God by stabilizing in self awareness.

2. In avyakt stage, you are aware of silence or unlimited mind or cosmic mind or unlimited is the yoga of self through cosmic mind.

3. In asariri or point stage, you become the essence and the mind is not feeling the silence but the intellect is stabilized in one concentrated powerful stage of self awareness or combined self and God awareness. It is the yoga of self through the intellect.
It is the yoga of third eye with 100% attention.

4. No need to remember God by mind because experiencing self, has natural soul connection with God. By using mind, we don’t become soul conscious.

5. Be a point in silence and even whilst in action or talking or thinking, do it with the third eye. Attention. Attention. Attention.

Three stages experience (churning)as mentioned in Avyakt murli 28.9.69:
1. Be a * when mind is not in use, detached from body and mind - Powerful stage / Detached observer of self or world - Being - Incorporeal
2. * connect with mind but not attached with world- detached from i and mine - loving stage / Angelic - Sharing - Egoless
3. * connect with cosmic mind, body and world, fully involved in reading and action without awareness of body - Bodiless stage or avyakt or karmateet - Thinking / Acting - Viceless

Note: 3 stages have Constant attention of *.

Until the above stages becomes constant, there is purification of mind by positive thought, good wishes, good feelings, unconditional love for self and God, seeing self as soul, conversing with God, remembrance of God by mind. All these training of mind lead to soul consciousness and combined awareness of Self and God.

Avyakt murli from 18.1.1969 to 13.3.1969
1. Equal and together in embodiment of love (light) and power (silence) (being bodiless being in the body) like it is shown in the image of goddess like Mother Durga. Love in eyes but powerful in form. And this form is the final complete concentrated karmateet form. 

2. Being loving and powerful throughout the day and during amritwela there will be divine experience from BapDada and also revelations.

3. This avyakt form to be practiced in every breath. The sign of those who practice is they will be tolerant (increasing their power) along with smile free from weakness. 

In Rajyoga, there has been a lot of words used like Asariri, Avyakt, Karmateet, Angelic, Incorporeal, Egoless, Viceless, Bindu. Although these many words have different meaning during the practice for a new spiritual effort maker, all these differences never make any difference once they experience self awareness. There is only self and the qualities of self. The first few months of 1969 murli gives direct knowledge of self and self awareness. But as the revised course continued with more new spiritual seekers, the simple spiritual knowledge had to be explained with more expansions, different terms and words to suit different levels of seekers. There are seekers who had to work with their minds before stabilizing in self awareness. And mind has to be tamed with different practices and hence there are different words and terms to tame the mind. Once the seeker go beyond mind to the self awareness, then the knowledge becomes more easy and simple with direct experiences.

The confusion of what is right, what to practice exists with the spiritual practitioners. It is like the blind tries to lead the blind. Every spiritual seeker has their own level of experiences, and they cannot make others understand what they are doing unless the complete spiritual experiences are known to each other. Although Rajyoga is taught by the highest spiritual authority by God Himself, we are not in the level of God to understand His knowledge. And to understand, we really need to read the complete version of God. Otherwise, although we have the complete knowledge, it would be like blind people start describing Elephant based on their experience of touch.
And so, the Rajyoga description will keep on changing based on individual experiences but would get a clear picture once everyone is able to arrive at the same spiritual experiences which will be empowering self and others. And like the proven hypothesis, when it is applied anywhere with anyone should give the same result / spiritual experience.

The conclusion or the definition of Rajyoga arrived based on spiritual experience is, Consider self as a soul and remember God. This is possible in two steps:
1. By not having the soul realization, we remember God by thoughts - mind. And the mind gets purified day by day leading to self awareness. (Nowadays, the mind is easily controlled by using counseling and concentration techniques in a very short duration at-least to give a taste of instant spiritual experience)
2. By self awareness, we stabilize ourselves in soul consciousness and remember God through the qualities of soul (keeping the mind at rest or using mind only to focus on self awareness). And this leads to the final stage called Constant Avyakt or Karmateet stage, the stage of being equal and balanced in being loving and peaceful constantly.

Hence, the Rajyoga could be explained as a yoga – union or remembrance of God by which mind gets purified with positive and divine thoughts leading to peacefulness and stillness of mind. By remembrance, when we are able to apply strong brake or full stop to the wandering mind, the mind becomes focused on self awareness. This self awareness remains combined with natural awareness of God and His qualities. This constant self awareness of peaceful mind and loving nature, equal and balanced, in every action is the final stage of Rajyoga and this final stage is known as Avyakt stage or Karmateet stage.

There is silence of mind which leads to self and God awareness. There is complete control over mind to focus on worldly objects and self awareness and there is no automatic pull of mind to worldly objects but to the self awareness.

And this stage is also called as the stage of detached and loving. Here the mind is detached from the body and senses. And since the mind is detached from “I” and “mine”, the soul expresses its natural innate qualities of lightness, love and bliss with natural remembrance of God and His qualities. 

The real spiritual effort is to detach the mind from the body-thoughts of self, others and five senses. In other words, the effort is to detach the mind from the thoughts of “I” and “mine”. Once the mind is detached, it is natural for the soul to express the qualities of love, bliss and lightness with natural connection with God constantly.

Note: In fact, Rajyoga is so simple that the final stage can be experienced instantly in a second. The spiritual effort is that, we have to maintain the experience of one moment constantly. Although it might take some time for the grown-ups, it is really easy to bring the young minds (children and adolescents) into this practice like the senior Dadis who were trained in this practice from their childhood days.

The previous blogs have explained how this state of mind can be experienced instantly.

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The only way towards constant bliss beyond the duality of happiness and sorrow.

The only way towards constant bliss beyond the duality of happiness and sorrow

1. Consciousness is of bliss and love when it remains detached from mind, its related feelings and emotions, 5 senses and physical body although aware of the physical world. It is known as angelic body or body of light which can be experienced whilst doing all actions. Angel is the one who remains detached like a lotus flower although it remains in the water (actions).

2. When the Consciousness is detached from all that is physical and physical world, it experiences unlimited awareness of silence similar to the Brahm element, similar to the deep silence of God. This experience of deep silence rejuvenates the soul, mind and body. It is also called as Incorporeal stage or seed stage or sweet silence. This stage is normally experienced when the intellect has nothing much of external objects to focus.

3. There are times when we remain a detached observer. This stage of detached observer is like a transit point between the Angelic and Incorporeal stage. 

4. The spiritual effort to experience constant bliss and love for God is to remain detached like a lotus flower although we use our mind, five senses and body along with feelings and emotions. By remaining detached, we experience natural inner bliss - happiness beyond the five senses along with unconditional love and gratitude for God.

All other happiness that is caused by the senses and mind are temporary and dependent.

5. The secret to experience Angelic stage or seed stage of bliss is to experience Detachment of consciousness all the time not influenced by the mind, feelings, emotions, five senses and physical body. The physical body has to be relaxed, Mind has to be focused on present with one to four thoughts in a minute, feelings and emotions caused by mind - thoughts are to be neutral, five senses to be under control in  a natural way.

6. There are times, when we get lost in love of God in both the Angelic and Seed stage.

Towards Soul Consciousness from Mind Consciousness

Towards Soul Consciousness from Mind Consciousness 
Difference between Angelic Stage and Incorporeal Stage
1. Mind is angelic - like Adam, Brahma Baba - 7 qualities of soul experienced through mind.
Soul is incorporeal - like God, Shiv Baba - Sweet silence experienced through soul.

2. Real soul consciousness is of sweet silence beyond all thoughts of mind. Something similar to universal consciousness of advaita philosophy.
It is just existence, just awareness, just presence. Sat chit anand. Beyond all dreams-consciousness of mind.

3. Remain beyond mind all the time (like Pramila didi of Somnath Centre, like God, Baba) - detached observer and experience 7 qualities of mind only when necessary - during interaction. 

Incorporeal, egoless and viceless
By egoless (free from i amd mine), be love and light.
By incorporeal with few thoughts (4 to 8 thoughts per minute, being lost in love of One and none) be powerful by means of silence.
Being egoless (sweet) and incorporeal (silence), we remain viceless in all interactions and all time. And the soul naturally remain beyond the influence of body, senses, mind, intellect and sanskars(habits) instead soul influences them as a king.
Egoless is renunciation (instrument of God). Incorporeal is tapasya (love and attachment for God) and being viceless is sewa.
Being egoless and light (clean and clear mind), there is decision making power, good wishes and pure feelings naturally.
Reality is incorporeal, egoless and viceless exist together like tyag(renunciation), tapasya and service. All 3 are one and the same.
Ref: 8.4.1984 Avyakt Murli (Sunday 6.1.19).

Unlimited in Consciousness / Awareness
1. Practice or maintain the unlimited consciousness constantly. Since it is the natural awareness of self/soul. Not to become thought or mind conscious (Angelic) for a longer time.

2. My natural awareness is not a point but consciousness. I am not a point but unlimited awareness, unlimited love, unlimited silence.

3. Yogis are able to stabilise in light and might constantly.

With the power of remembrance and avyakt power, Father Brahma controlled both his mind and intellect. He controlled his mind and intellect with a powerful brake and experienced the seed stage. In the same way, you children also have to apply the brake and use your steering power and then the power of your intellect will not be wasted. The more energy you accumulate, the more your powers to discern and decide will increase.

Lost in Love of God
There is no i soul but only Baba (God, the Father), Supreme Soul in my awareness and Consciousness.
The moth-soul lost its form (ego and even self consciousness) in the flame -Supreme Soul and only the flame is seen.

Pain(attachment) and Physical Awareness
See everyone in their original form of point of shining star is very very important to get rid of attachment to body, the unreal. By seeing the snake-body not the diamond, our mind lose its natural consciousness of self awareness. See no evil-body-face of relatives or friends. By looking at the body, self come into mind consciousness of pain and sorrow in the absence of the image-body and get into longing-desire.

One of the method to get rid of pain due to attachment is to imagine the other person as point of star. Pain is removed when the form disappears.

See through third eye with unlimited vision to see soul (or bodiless body or body of light) in others.
Not to see anything physical. See through third eye constantly to remain spiritual constantly.

Not to see or remember any human image but only soul (star) to remain free from attachment.

When you remember someone out of attachment, transform the attachment to love by showering the person with unconditional love and good wishes.
Same applies to the one who troubles you to hate.

Thinking about future and Self Awareness (Beyond peace of mind is the peace of soul)

Not to think too much on future or present. Just be * .  Everything happens at the right time.

One is to think and act based on karma or play the destined role of the soul. 
Second is to think and act based on uncertainty and future anxiety.

Whenever there  is time, not to think about future. Instead accumulate power to benefit the present and future by stabilizing in soul conscious.

Spend as much time as possible in self awareness so that there is no obstacles or wastage of time in performing destined role.

To the extent possible remain beyond the physical world which is the natural nature of soul and come into thinking or action.

1. Focus more on realizing the power of soul. All other things like action and future just take place.

2. There is peace of mind and there is peace of soul. The real peace happens after peace of mind when you go beyond the mind and its objects. Peace happens when we forget this physical world and objects moving towards spiritual. Beyond mind is spiritual. With mind we never reach the soul. Mind is just another object of attention for the soul. Like we move away from objects to have peace of mind, we have to move away from the mind to experience the peace of soul.

10 2.19 sunday murli dtd 19.4.84 
Both the souls with devotional feelings and the knowledgeable souls have intoxication. They both say very good things about love for God. Because of being the embodiments of love, they even forget all consciousness of the world. They even sing very good songs of love: "Mine is the one Father alone." However, they are not embodiments of power. You will see them experiencing a lot of happiness, but if a small obstacle of Maya comes, the souls with loving feelings will very quickly become afraid because they lack the power of knowledge. One minute, you will see them very happy singing songs of the Father and the next minute, a little attack from Maya will change their songs of happiness into, "What can I do? How can I do this? What will happen? How will it happen?" They are no less when it comes to singing such songs of "What? Why, etc”. However, knowledgeable souls, because they constantly consider themselves to be master almighty authority souls with the Father, are able to overcome Maya.

Love of mind and Love of soul
Be aware of self not connecting with mind. Never become manush-man ki vash (one who is influenced by mind). This is possible by not focusing on anything physical but remain connected with deep inner silence and bliss of soul with 1 or 2 or less thoughts at a time. 

Stop the old habit of loose talk and familiarity with people but talk with deep peace and love of self awareness.

This is possible while listening, talking and whilst doing all actions. Its like constant yoga-connection with God and His inheritance of peace and bliss.

Remain beyond mind like Baba, the God.

Bodiless Stage for lightness
Remain bodiless free from physical awareness to get rid of discomforts that happen due to seeing through 3rd eye and remain unlimited in awareness.

Becoming and Being bodiless you experience sweetness, lightness and bliss.

It is: bodiless, egoless, incorporeal, unlimited, light, no limited mind, free from past life thoughts of people and situations, being present, remembrance, light even during sleep, its like clear water with settled mud, free from all automatic thoughts and memory just being present like a new born baby, with awareness of seeing through 3rd eye, with less no.of thoughts...say 3 to 4 thoughts per minute (delta state)

By staring the wall, body becomes relaxed and mind got settled. Then lightness is felt. Maintain this lightness constantly in all actions along with silence / power of mindless mind (consciousness/soul).

Psychology and Rajyoga (Spirituality)
In psychology, subconscious mind is considered as powerful but in rajyoga, consciousness is more powerful than the mind.

More we practice remaining pure conscious free from the influence of conscious and subconscious thoughts of mind and feelings of body, that much lightness and happiness we experience.

This pure conscious is constantly the source of lightness, happiness, love and joy same as the qualities of unborn ever loving God.

When we are able to focus more on our consciousness, we remain free from the influence of ever flowing sub conscious memories of people, situations and experiences.

It is not just the conscious mind and sub conscious mind as taught by psychology. There is consciousness which exist in its blissful nature known as causal or blissful body as written in scriptures and when this consciousness focus on 5 senses and its objects, we call it as conscious mind and when this consciousness connect with the past memories, it becomes sub conscious mind.

Since we ignore the consciousness as separate, we always remain connected with the 5 senses and mind and it becomes the source of all our problems which is like unable to detach from the 5 senses and mind. If we can detach time to time and experience bliss, we can remain free from illness of mind and body.

Happiness is the journey not the destination: when the consciousness is clear every moment free from the influence of past or future automatic thoughts, we do every action with happiness. Internal Happiness remains with us every moment.

For this, the mind has to be free from getting lost in attachment to songs, people, objects, ideas etc.