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happiness is the journey itself not the end

a mini course to lead a life of  bliss, joy and happiness in every moment not waiting for it till the end of the day / goal /life

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3rd Eye Practice Lessons


3RD eye is known as self. 3rd eye is known as soul. It is the point of attention, concentration, Dhyan, focus. I means the one who is attentive. In fact, there is not much difference between I and attention. Hence, I can call myself as ATTENTION. I am attention. I am naturally attentive without any stress or tension or staring. I remain attention in a easy way.
Whenever there is attention, I am self aware, I am soul conscious. When there is no attention, I am not self aware and I am not soul conscious.

Questions and Answers:
1. Who am I?
I am attention

2. How can we be self aware?
By attention.

Practice: Be attentive in all actions throughout the day with the attention from 3rd eye.

Practice to become aware of 3rd eye:
Keep your eyes look straight but let the attention be on the tip of your index fingers of both the hands. Keep moving your both the index fingers far away against each other by looking straight with  eyes but let the attention be on the fingers. This will help you know that it is the 3rd eye which looks through the eyes.


I experience myself by means of silence, existence, being aware of Consciousness. In natural course of actions, our attention is diverted or focused on worldly objects through our 5 senses and most of the time, our attention is focused on thoughts unconsciously. Now, to experience myself, I have to bring back all my attention from worldly objects, 5 senses, thoughts to my own self. When I bring back all my diverted attention to 3rd eye, then I become self aware. Otherwise we remain aware of non-self.
When I bring all attention to 3rd eye, then I feel my existence of stillness, silence, self awareness. And it is natural without any tension or stress or staring. It has to be easy and natural.

Questions and Answers:
How can I experience myself?
Being aware of 5 senses, bring the attention to 3rd eye from 5 senses and feel the stillness.
This stillness and silence can also be experienced by keeping our thoughts to the minimum like 0 to 4 thoughts per second.

Practice: Practice stillness or silence whenever you don’t have to focus on external objects.


3rd eye is just a point of light. It does not have any physical form or weight. Because it is just a point of light and does not have physical weight, whenever our attention is focused on 3rd eye, we feel light and because of lightness, we feel bliss, happiness and unconditional love.

Questions and Answers:
What are the other qualities other than silence I experience being aware of 3rd eye?
Lightness, Bliss, happiness and unconditional love.

Wherever our attention is, we tend to absorb the qualities of the object where our energy (attention) flows. The easy way to feel our point of energy (3rd eye) is to look at a point. When we stare or look at a point without any other thoughts, very soon we will experience ourselves as a point of light.
For few seconds, let the attention be on the external point of light, after that let the attention be diverted to the 3rd eye at the middle of forehead and feel the lightness, happiness and bliss of being a point of light.
Whilst doing all activities where there is no point of light to stare, image a Supreme point of light and you will start experiencing the lightness, bliss and happiness at the centre of your forehead in your 3rd eye.


3rd eye becomes a creator or become creative using thoughts.  Thoughts are stored in the form of memories in 3rd eye known as sanskars or habits or character. Thoughts are used to analyze right and wrong which is known as Intellect or Intelligence. And in general the function of thoughts are known as mind. In fact there is nothing called mind but just thoughts. The ideas, beliefs about a person or objects known as attitude.
3rd eye can create a thought whenever it feels so and it can stop using thoughts when it is not required like the body uses hands and legs whenever it is required and other times when not required, limbs are allowed to rest.
The mind does not have any control on its own. But it is the 3rd eye which uses thoughts. Many times we say that I don’t want to do it but my mind does it. It is like we create something out of nothing. The truth is It is the soul / 3rd eye does everything and mind never does anything on its own. By making the invisible non existent mind responsible, many a times, I, the third eye skip the responsibility of controlling the thoughts / habit / attitude/ memory / character.
Mind is the word we used to skip our responsibility. When I know, I , the third eye is responsible as a Creator of thoughts, I can take control of thoughts and thereby I take control of my own life.
I, 3rd eye is self-responsible for whatever thoughts I had created in this birth from childhood days till date and I am also responsible for all those thoughts I had created in my previous life times.
At any given situation, if I have the awareness of 3rd eye, I never get entangled in the past memory, habit, attitude, character and personality but I use my Intelligence and my own choice based on the present current situation and deal effectively.
So, the awareness of 3rd eye, the attention is not that I use it once in a while or when I sit in meditation, I use it every moment, every second to remain intelligent and remain self-aware.

Questions and Answers:
1.       How 3rd eye function through thoughts?
3rd eye function through thoughts by using thoughts as mind, intellect and sanskars.
2.       What are the different forms the thoughts take?
Thoughts take the form of memory, habit, attitude, character and personality.
3.       What is habit?
Repeated thoughts which has become a natural behavior is known as habit
4.       What is attitude?
Beliefs, ideas that are formed part of behavior is known as attitude.
5.       What is memory or 3rd eye self-created program?
All those thought impressions in different forms like habit, attitude, character, personality are known as memory or program.
6.       Can mind function on its own without the attention of 3rd eye?
No, mind cannot function on its own. Because it itself does not have any existence. Mind is just a function of thoughts.
7.       Who has control over thoughts? Mind or third eye?
It is the third eye which has control over thoughts. Mind does not have control over thoughts, because it never exists on its own in the absence of thoughts.
8.       How do I know that my thoughts and actions are intelligent like a human being and not compulsive and automatic like a Robot?
By thinking and doing every action with self awareness and attention of 3rd eye.

Whatever action I perform, let me aware  of my thoughts and action to know if it is done compulsively through my past memory, habit, attitude, character and personality or if I am doing it consciously with Intelligence and attention through my 3rd eye based on the needs of present and current prevailing situations.


Karma is the suffering and pain caused by thoughts of past memories, habit, attitude, character and personality.

a. How do the past thoughts cause suffering?
Past thoughts cause suffering by re-living them. When we consciously think about past thoughts, we never undergo suffering. But when we get lost in the past thoughts with feelings and emotions, we re-live the past memories causing pain and suffering known as karma.

b. How do the future thoughts cause suffering?
Whenever we plan for the future consciously, we don’t experience pain. But when we create anxiety and worries – feelings and emotions about the future based on the past memories, habit, attitude, character and personality, we experience pain and suffering.

c. How do the present thoughts cause suffering?
When we consciously choose the decisions for the present with 3rd eye awareness, we never experience suffering. But when we associate the present moment with the past memories, habit, attitude, character and personality, we undergo pain and suffering even in present moment.

Questions and Answers:
1. What is karma?
Our past memories, habit, attitude, character and personality are karma. Suffering – karma is experienced by the attachment of 3rd eye / soul with the past thought and its related feelings and emotions.

2. How we can get rid of karma?
Being aware of 3rd eye being self aware - detached not connecting with feelings and emotions of past memories, habit, attitude, character and personality.

Whenever there is pain or suffering, see what was the past memories, habit, attitude, character and personality that become instrument for that suffering and get detached from those memories being aware of 3rd eye.

If both the hands are touching - attached together, if one hand moves, other also moves. But when it is not touching – remain detached, when one hand moves, the other remain stable. Similarly when 3rd eye (soul/ self) remain detached from thoughts and its related feelings and emotions, the soul remain unaffected in its own glory. But when it remain attached, when the attention of 3rd eye goes towards the thoughts and its related feelings and emotions, the soul become one with emotions and experience pain and suffering. So, Practice attachment and detachment of soul and mind (thoughts).

Practicing attachment and detachment: We can practice focusing on 5 forms of being in 5 ages of golden, silver, copper, iron and confluence aged of the world transformation. Or practice focusing on any 5 objects every one hour to get accustomed to attaching and detaching the soul with the thoughts.

When I remain detached and do not re-live the past feelings and emotions, I remain unaffected by my past karma.
But there are incidences where we did not face the situations due to fear or other reasons, those situations are to be faced or dealt with or re-lived once again to neutralize those karmas. It is here where Psycho-analysis, psychotherapies like hypnotherapy, delta healing, counseling helps.
There are many incidences which can be neutralized by means of spiritual knowledge for which we have to gain spiritual knowledge like murlis of BrahmaKumaris.
There are many incidences that we have to understand the psychological, biological and social factors and with the understanding, the past karmas get neutralized.
So, the knowledge, understanding by going into depth, facing the fears etc., help us to remain self aware of 3rd eye by not getting lost or become automatic like a Robot in the influence of past thoughts with their feelings and emotions.
Being detached, being self aware with 3rd eye consciousness, being attentive all the time, we remain constantly peaceful, light and blissful in all thoughts and actions.
More we remain detached with awareness of 3rd eye, our consciousness will expand from limited awareness to the unlimited self consciousness moving from annmaya, pranamaya, manonmaya, vigyan maya koshas towards the ultimate anandmaya kosha, the blissful 3rd eye experience.

When I am not focused on self awareness of 3rd eye, and if it is focused on thoughts / mind constantly, human beings in general undergo 2 extremes of thoughts or behavior.
a.       Sometimes, the thought leads to extreme goodness otherwise leads to extreme opposite.
b.      Sometimes extreme wealth and other times extreme poor.
c.       Sometimes extreme happiness and other times extremeness of sorrow.
d.      Sometimes extreme of feeling kind and helpful and other times extreme revenge and jealousy.
e.      Sometimes extreme spirituality and other times totally indulge in sensuality.
f.        Sometimes more loving and other times more hatred
If the attention of 3rd eye is on thoughts/mind, it keeps moving from one end to the other end of different opposites of character (like good and bad) that exists in the world. It keep assuming or playing different masks / personality /roles with different attitudes based on the influence of past memory.

When I am constantly attentive and focused on 3rd eye in all actions, I remain neutral. My thoughts and actions remain well balanced not going to any of the extremities of the mind. I remain equanimous with intelligence dominating and focused all the time.

Questions and Answers:
1.       What is the cause of suffering?
Not being in the present with self/3rd eye awareness but get lost in past thoughts and its related feelings and emotions is karma and the cause of suffering.

2.       How do I remain karm-ateet free from bondages/suffering of my thoughts and actions?
Being self aware of 3rd eye and constantly using my intelligence and attention in every thought and action, I remain karm-ateet, free from bondages or pain.

3.       What can I do if I am not able to remain self aware of 3rd eye but undergo fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, disturbed emotions?
Practice the techniques given in previous lessons and still if you cant remain self aware of 3rd eye, it is suggested to get help from a Spiritual Counselor or Psychologist or Psychotherapist.

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See and experience all my past karmas of anxiety, fear, worries, sadness, doubt etc., dissolve and disappear by remaining constantly self aware of 3rd eye.
Feel throughout the day, the happiness, cheerfulness and joy whilst carrying out all thinking and performing all actions being self aware of 3rd eye.

Bliss is the word that denotes equanimity and tranquility. Whenever I remain peaceful and content with attention and focus on whatever thinking or action we do, I remain blissful. This attention and focus will remain natural when I perform all thinking and action by being self aware of 3rd eye.

With self awareness of 3rd eye, in general, I perform three types of actions:
a.       Action that needs full attention still at balance.
b.      Actions that need less attention. Here I can perform actions with more self awareness of 3rd eye.
c.       Actions that need not require attention. Here I just remain a detached observer not using my attention to get influenced by what is going on outside. I remain totally self aware of 3rd eye although I observe what is going on outside. Seeing but not seeing. Hearing but not hearing. Feeling but not feeling.

When I don’t perform any thinking or action, I need to revel in the happiness, joy and bliss of my own self of 3rd eye which is very natural. I don’t need any action or thinking to remain blissful or joy or happy. My nature itself is the source of joy and bliss like the children always remain blissful and joyful with curiosity in every action.
I do all my actions for the sake of just doing not depending my joy and happiness on the outcome of actions.
My way of life is happiness, joy and bliss. It is not the end of my life journey.

Questions and Answers:
1.       How do I act with 3rd eye self awareness when I am suffering from illness or pain?
Suffering or illness are from the past. Still if you have pain in the present, accept the pain and illness without brooding caused by the past feelings and emotions and future expectations. This will reduce the suffering and you will work on the well being by taking medicines and doing all that is required for health and wellbeing with hope and desire for better life.

Experience in my day-to-day life all 3 types of actions and get accustomed to them with varieties of 3rd eye self awareness of my own natural qualities of bliss, joy, happiness, silence, peace, etc.
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Secret of spiritual experience: Go beyond thoughts

Secret of spiritual experience: Go beyond thoughts

Experience discussed here about: Power of God, Secrets of Healing, Methods to control repetitive thoughts, Energy Transformation, Power of third eye, Being a witness / self aware, stages of spiritual awareness, Importance of Silence, Egoless and Bodiless stages, The working of God's power and Soul power.

1. Practice seeing through third eye.
2. Be aware of self all the time even during sleep.

25.7.19 murli

Power of God and Healing:

Here, there is so much sorrow and so many calamities etc. that they remember Him and say: O God, have mercy! Give me blessings! Even now, when you have become children you write: Give me blessings! Give me power! Have mercy! Baba writes back: Claim power for yourself with the power of yoga! Have mercy and blessings for yourself! Give the tilak of sovereignty to yourself! 

I show you the way to do that. The Teacher shows you the way to study. It is the students’ duty to study and follow directions. A teacher is not a guru who would give you mercy and blessings. Those who are good children would come running. Each one is independent and can run as much as he or she wants. The pilgrimage of remembrance is the race. Each soul is independent.

Preserve / Transform the energy of Emotions:

Energy of anger and emotions can be transformed, diverted, checked, released, or prevented from released, or used in a different way or preserved.

Transformation of Energy:

Energy from any sense organs or feelings like anger are to be transformed to spiritual by means of concentration.

By concentrating on 3rd eye, physical and emotional energy are transformed to spiritual energy which helps in healing and well-being.

But for this, the mind should be made quiet without any desire or expectation or wanting or worry or anxiety through self education/motivation or aiming for a higher or better goal of living.

When we are able to transform or divert our physical and emotional energy to our spirit / consciousness, it also becomes easy to connect with God's healing energy. Thatswhy God says when you take the first step, you receive help from God by 1000 steps.

4.8.19 Avyakt Murli:

Sweetness and Disinterest:

Speciality of Madhuban residents is extreme sweetness (of soul)  and extreme disinterest (of physical energy in sense organs and ill feelings and ill emotions). Those who keep this balance easily and automatically experience moving forward. The impact of both of these specialities of Madhuban falls on the world.

May you always be victorious by adopting truth through imbibing the power of tolerance.

People of the world say that it is difficult for honest people to live in this world, that they have to tell lies. Many of you souls also think that they sometimes have to conduct themselves with devious cleverness. However, you saw Father Brahma ( Adam ): he had to face so much opposition for truth and purity, but he was not afraid. For truth, you need to have the power of tolerance. You have to tolerate, you have to bow down, you have to accept defeat, but that is not defeat, it is victory for all time.

Note (Desire is the cause of vices) : to become tense, anger and for every emotional disturbance, there is a reason behind, especially desire. The spiritual effort is to remain tolerant, easy and loving all time without getting overpowered by the hidden desire for something. Eg: It may be a desire, greed to get things done quickly, attain status, attain wealth, fame, helping others, ego, possessiveness, etc. 

Be a witness all the time:

Be aware of seer and seen, doer and action, speaker and words, thinker and thoughts, feeler and feelings at the same time and all time.

Even the expression of feelings of love, happiness and bliss are external consciousness. Remain a witness with subtlest invisible awareness of peace, love, bliss and compassion.

When you are down below the peak of mountain, you find the peak as huge and far away. When you are there on the peak, it becomes flat and level. You never find it as peak. 

God is guiding you all the time:

Always know that you are properly and rightly guided in your spiritual path by the Supreme Teacher and Guide.

Never be in a hurry or haste.


Do all actions with self awareness:

When i want to sleep, eat, walk,  I (with self awareness) sleep, eat and walk. Not I do it by my robot / mind / automatic program.


The method for healing and sense control:

Complete surrender (of ego) and acceptance helps to open up our self(ves) and receive the blessing, power and healing.

By surrender, accepting both life and death, happiness and pain, good and bad, our mind stops thinking and wastage of energy through ego, anxiety, worry, fear ends (stops) and energy starts accumulating in self making you powerful day by day. This also happens when we do selfless service in the name of God being a trustee, at home, office or anywhere.

The more soul becomes powerful, remain focused, remain egoless, soul gets empowered to control vices of lust, anger, greed and attachment. It also heals diseases.

When the soul remain focused, attentive, concentrated, the pull of eyes, senses are  easily come under control. 

The soul becomes so powerful that when it wants, it can focus on any object or senses and when it wants, it can remain detached from object or senses even if there is a natural pull.

10.8.19 sakar murli

You had so much strength. That has continued to be reduced day by day, just as petrol in a car continues to be used up. You have now become very weak. What was Bharat 5000 years ago? There was limitless happiness; there was such an abundance of wealth. How did they attain that kingdom? They had studied Raj Yoga. 

There is no question of a war in this. These are called the weapons of knowledge. There isn't anything physical here; there are the weapons of knowledge. The weapons of gyan and vigyan – knowledge and remembrance – are so powerful. You rule the whole world. 

Deities are called non-violent. You children are now being given teachings to change from human beings into deities. You know that we claim this unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father every 5000 years. This refers to souls. There is no question of a physical war etc.,

The Father comes here and teaches you directly. Outside, it is the children who teach others. They also continue to remember their friends and relatives etc. The Father sits here and explains to you. Day by day, you will continue to become strong on the pilgrimage of remembrance and you won't then remember anything else. You will just remember your home and the kingdom, you won't remember your jobs etc. 

You will die instantly like people do through heartfailure while just sitting somewhere. There will be no question of sorrow then. There won't be any hospitals etc. Once you know the Father, you become the masters of heaven. You have this right. Not everyone has this right because not everyone will go to heaven. Achcha.


There are few stages:

1. One is of being a detached observer with self (third eye)awareness (of silence). This is also combined stage of self and God. But there is ego of self(third eye) in doing all action.
2. Another is of being light and love without ego which is achieved as a result of being in 30minutes of deep silence or being beyond all physical awareness or being lost in remembrance of God( complete surrender to God) without awareness of self or observer. This is also combined stage of self and God.
3. In both the stages, there is one point stage focused on self (&God) and there is also unlimited stage of being world benefactor.
4. So, the battery(soul) charging and powerful stage is of deep silence by complete surrender to God. The interactive or communicative stage is of light and love without ego (even of self).
5. But the final stage or sweet silence stage is of all the above 1 to 4 stages, all in one, altogether and at all times, constantly. This is possible when there is only awareness of God without self awareness (self (ego)remains incognito). Complete cessation of ego but in connection with God.
6. The final stage gets lost/disconnected when we move from God awareness to self awareness.
7.The real effort is: With self awareness remain lost (connected) in love of ( constantly remain surrender to) God.

How to remember God always? When we say egoless or selfless, what does it mean?

1. God (Supreme Soul) is Truth, ever existing and blissful (loving and merciful) - satchitanand. Because He uses very few thoughts or never get influenced by thoughts -good or bad.

2. And we souls also blissful and loving but we never experience it always becoz we think a lot and get influenced by thoughts.

3. When we dont have many or negative thoughts but few and positive thoughts, we experience love and bliss. Negative or positive, still we are under influence of thoughts.

4. When we have thoughts, based on thinking, we experience feelings of sadness, worry, fear, happiness, etc. Basically i, the soul (intellect) emotions are controlled by the influence of thoughts.

5. Feeling is experienced by soul (intellect or consciousness or attention). Thinking is a process of having / creating thoughts.

6. When our soul (intellect/attention)remain connected constantly with God's qualities, we never become sad or worry that happen due to influence of thoughts. We constantly remain selfless and egoless with good wishes and good feelings.

7. When our soul does not remain connnected with God, we get influenced by thoughts that create anxiety, fear, happiness making us selfish and egoistic.

8. If we have costant attention of keeping our feelings ( soul/intellect/consciousness) connect with God's feelings of love,mercy and bliss, irrespective of having various thoughts created by doing and thinking every day actions, we can remain blissful and loving constantly.

9. So, we should understand the difference between feelings(intellect) and thinking. Constantly connect feeling with God even if our thoughts are of worldly actions.

10. Unless the attention(concentration) of soul(intellect) move(come down) from God's qualities to thoughts, we never get worry or sadness or worldly happiness or worldly emotions.

11. If the intellect remains connected with God's qualities, mind can do all types of thinking without affecting the soul/ positive feelings. Like the lotus flower (Intellect/ soul) remain detached by the dirty pond (wordly thoughts and actions).

12. Formula: Keep (remain focused on) positive divine (egoless) FEELINGS always. So that wordly THOUGHTS of good and bad will not affect you. You will remain beyond constantly.

Example: Staff Nurses/Air hostess/Customer Care service providers keep themselves smiling, caring and cool even if the patients/passengers show anger or talk/behave rude.

Power of Silence:

18th aug Avyakt murli says by remembrance of God you receive power and remembering inheritance you receive happiness.

Being aware of self as point of light and remembering Supreme point of light, we experience deep silence (power). And that deep silence also has deep love and deep happiness. There is natural happiness of inheritance.

Day by day the external happiness merge in the deep subtle happiness combined with deep sense of silence.

Finally the soul and supreme soul along with deep silence, love and bliss remain natural all in one all the time - constantly.

At present because there is a difference in grade of purity or quality of soul and God, we make out the difference but not in the final stage.

At the end, you (soul) become the same as what you see(remember), same like God, Baba. And remain combined unable to differentiate the two, with deep subtle peace,love, happiness and bliss. The worldly thoughts(mind) will perform its role only for name sake and thoughts will stop affecting the deep subtle positive and powerful experience of the intellect/soul/consciousness.

23.8.19 murli:

Remember God through the intellect (third eye):

The mind and the intellect are in the soul. Therefore, you souls have to remember Baba with your intellects. The Father says: Forget everyone else, all your friends and relatives.

Blessing:May you be greatly fortunate and an become embodiment of remembrance by having different relationships with the Father in every act.

1. To remember God through intellect. But it is the soul which has experience. 
a . Mind is the storehouse of thoughts. 
b. When Consciousness (soul) thinks or acts without attention, it may be called habit/attitude/sanskar.
c. When it thinks with attention, it becomes intellect.

Secret of healing:

1. Healing happens with complete surrender.

2. Surrender to God being completely egoless.

27.8.19 murli

Celebrate a meeting while remaining stable in the avyakt stage (egoless / die alive of all physical memory) and the treasure-store of blessings (healing) will open.

Note: Unless we forget all that is physical, we cant become egoless to FEEL Gods love n power.

The soul should have the concentration to THINK in action and FEEL in meditation.

Concentration, sustained attention and absorption to be maintained all the time with God.

See through 3rd eye and constantly remember Baba, God through 3rd eye to experience clear divine and unlimited intellect and awareness.

Spiritual Counselor and Spiritual Healer:

Dharana, dhyana and samadhi.

Concentration, sustained attention and absorption (lost in love of God).

It may take atleast 45 mints to 1 hr to get concentrated, then the experience happens depends upon individual which we have to sustain to reach another level.

Human body and mind receives cosmic energy by food and God.

We consume this energy by our thoughts and actions.

If we can transform this energy (instead of wasting them) to spiritual service like giving sakaash to the world being in unlimited awareness and in deep meditation, then you remain always energetic.

One of the reason People become physically and mentally ill is they either suppress or react and consume their energy more instead of transforming them to spiritual.

Self awareness, deep silence, deep meditation keep us energetic always because we transform our emotions to spiritual energy.

The more you are able to accumulate energy and transform energy, then you become a spiritual healer.

Otherwise we just remain a spiritual counselor.

How many of you in this group feel that you are a spiritual healer?

Soul conscious and God Conscious:

Seeing/doing all actions in deep silence through 3rd eye keeps you soul conscious. And experiencing egoless unlimited awareness and bliss through 3rd eye whilst seeing / doing all actions keeps you God conscious.

Stages beyond body consciousness: 
a. Where intellect and mind is used we become action conscious.
b. Where only intellect is focused - attentive on physical world without much thinking, we remain soul / 3rd eye conscious (detached and silent, neutral and some what serious) doing action.
c. Where physical world is totally unaware by intellect, we remain God conscious, blissful (detached and sweet silence, entertaining) and loving.

The main effort which make us virtuous and transform our nature with healing of mind and body is to remain blissful, cheerful throughout the day.

Example: Air hostess and service staffs are able to remain cheerful with even angry customers. Then why not spiritual effort makers remain cheerful throughout the day for the love of God?

Thought (that are repetitive) control by unlimited awareness:

Unlimited awareness free from self awareness helps to forget self and stop troubling thoughts.

Feeling of unlimited awareness/ consciousness of silence is the only remedy to stop the repetition of anxious thoughts.

Constant remembrance of God and method to remain free from sorrow:

The real spiritual effort to remain egoless (free from self awareness but God awareness) at all times:

Either in happiness or in pain or in sadness or in silence, remain egoless by reflecting Divinity (Baba, God) constantly without any break.

Constantly remember Baba (God, the Father) in all actions. Constantly remain egoless.

If there is a break, then it becomes difficult to connect again to God (being egoless) or remain balanced.

Remain egoless GODLIKE (Bapsamaan) constantly free from focusing much on worldly thoughts but God. Focus on worldly thoughts only for just name sake.

Egoless means no influence of past present and future incliding physical world but God. Maintain this even in sleep.

You become like what you see/think. Hold on to the Supreme constantly by intellect, whilst doing actions, to remain egoless.

You have all difficulties, pain and worries when there is ego (self conscious). When there is no ego (God conscious), you become light and peaceful even in pain and sorrow.

Stop thinking about problems. Allow right thought to appear at the right time. For this just remain egoless and reflect the Divine constantly.

Egoless stage and techniques to overcome addictions:

When there is fire, we run away from fire without asking any guru or scriptures or thinking.

When there is no fire, we never run away even if there is a possibility of fire. And some take precaution when there is knowledge of safety and precaution of fire.

We talk about soul consciousness or egoless stage. Still we undergo pain, sadness and act egoistic. From this, it is clear we neither understand nor experience the pain or disease of ego or body consciousness.

Adults and adolescents get addicted because they dont know the pain and suffering of addiction like we dont know the real pain of ego and body consciousness.

One method is to wait for the time to experience the pain of addiction and ego /body consciousness to get rid of it.

Another method is to understand and prevent the disease by experiencing the benefits of egoless stage or God consciousness.

We can educate the list of suffering of addiction or ego but at the same time give them the experience of benefits of being egoless or God conscious or free from any addictions.

The experience is of bliss, silence and joy that are natural to their own self. Many times we give them experience by relaxation and commentary which are unnatural, which make them lose the experience in your absence and again keep craving for them.

We should find methods to:

1. Make one go into depth of silence that exists within
2. Give them experience of unlimited freedom (of joy) diverting the attention from limited body to unlimited existence.
3. The above 2 steps can be easily done by making one connect with Divine God who always remain in deep silence and ever existing unlimited joy of awareness. And connecting with Him, there is natural egoless stage.

The method is to bring everyone to their own centre of existence instead of diverting their attention to thoughts of visualization or imagination or relaxation, even if we use these methods at the initial stage.


How will i define my own experience of egoless stage? How can we make others experience this egoless stage to those who come for counseling?

If ur attention is on criticism or appreciation, you get affected.

If ur attention is not on them, you dont hear.

You should hear and at the same time remain unaffected. So, where should be your attention?

There are many theories. But what is the practice i apply in such situation.

What is the experience of soul consciousness?

How u can look other as atma bhai. What is the method?

Baba says dekte hue mat dekho. Sunte hue mat suno.

How can this happen in practice. Us samay aap ka awareness kya hota hai?

When you look at others as brother soul and when you see yourself as an instrument of God in dealing with others, what is your state of feeling / consciousness. 

If we can understand that state of mind, it becomes easy to practice egoless - see but dont see, hear but dont hear.

This egoless state of awareness happens many times:

1. When you do a job with more involvement.

2. When you have unconditional love for someone.

3. When you are lost in the beauty of morning sunrise or nature.

4. When you do service.

5. When you are with kids.

6. It can happen always when you remain combined with Baba (without ego).

It is a state of expanded unlimited awareness, unconditional love, joy, cheerfulness.

Thatswhy in the beginning of yagya, it was always asked:

Shiv Baba yaad hai?

And this state of awareness also happens to those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, compulsive behaviours.

So, what is the method for deaddiction?

Difference between soul conscious and bodiless stage:

Soul conscious stage:
1. There is a stage of detached observer being silent looking through 3rd eye. There is power and sometimes arrogance.

2. There is stage of being blissful through 3rd eye. There is only humility.

Bodiless stage:
1. There is stage of unlimited expanded blissful experience without ego/3rd eye. There is humility and less power.

2. There is stage of unlimited expanded awareness of silence without ego/ 3rd eye. This is the stage helps to overcome difficult people and situations. There is more power and more detached humility.

20 9.19
Point stage:

It is the stage where you experience all the above 4 stages.

Point stage is like focusing on the clear sky or sun (soul) instead of passing ever existing clouds (thoughts).

God never remembers anyone. And souls remember God to become like Him - clean and clear soul.

1969 avyakt murli says, in point stage, there is natural remembrance and it is the powerful stage. And it is what you are, a soul in reality.

The method: It is easy and simple. Just look at the wall and feel urself as point at the centre of eyebrow.

But do it for atleast 30 minutes.

And become the point, the real you.

All the depression will disappear instantly and you will feel very powerful.

Difference between 3rd eye awareness and self awareness (point stage):

In 3rd eye awareness, still we have the feeling of physical body and soul as the third eye.

But in point (seed) stage, there is no awareness of me as physical body, but me as only a point - soul. And since we know / feel self as soul-point of star, we also see others as point of star.

All the attachment to people is dropped due to knowing everyone as a point of star and not physical body.


Constantly every moment know self as point and remember supreme point.

Focus on one job to achieve success. Avoid distraction of mind in various things.

Share knowledge without much restrictions and complications in easy and simple way. Knowledge is wealth and it increases by sharing.

Share only Baba's knowledge as it is, to everyone without giving more focus on psychology or medical health.

1. Remember God - Baba, Supreme point knowing self as point to remain safe from external influences.

1. Know self as point of light and remember God, the supreme point of light to dissolve past accounts.

2. Know self as a point of light and do all activities to remain powerful, fearless and successful in all action.

3. Know self as point of light all the time.

How to maintain Inner happiness when you are in great stress or in chronic disease to connect with divine and His power :

1. Take life and situation easy. More you try to protect yourself, more you try to remain free from issues and disease, more you come under stress and lose your connection with inner happiness and divine.

2. Accept the situation / disease / health and see what would happen at the most. And even accept the worst situation. Make a choice that you will remain light and easy even at the worst situation.

3. Identify why we are not able to accept disease and situation happily and lightly.

The main reason could be like: fear of losing respect, fear of death, fear of losing others, fear of insecurity, attachment to people, objects, organisations. Identify and let go / surrender all fears and attachments.

4. Then we become light and happy to receive current and power from God for healing body and situations.

6.10 19
Soul consciousness:
It is the state of mind free from all pulls, all attachments, all fears, all old sanskars, constantly being merciful, loveful irrespective of whether you are praised or criticized.

It is the stage of enlightenment of  Buddha and Christ, God-like.

It is the state of accepting life situations as it is, flowing along with the tide of life, both with good and bad situations, not against it.

It is a complete surrender to life.

It is to be self aware even in the dream of life, unaffected by the non-real painful, sorrowful and happy dreams.

It is an easy, detached and loving state of mind experienced throughout the day constantly, not something that is experienced only when we sit in solitude.

It is a state of natural remembrance / awareness of God even whilst doing all actions.

It is the egoless stage where "I" has been completely replaced with "Godly awareness".

And it is a long term process. Although it seems that it happens suddenly, it requires learning and understanding of whole life time and some times even more than a life time. So, have patience.


Different stages of self awareness:

1. Self (soul) aware of its qualities of peace, love and bliss with in itself (point of light) detached and loving.

2. Self (soul) aware of its qualities in an unlimited way.

3. Soul (self) look at objects, hear sound being a detached observer.

4  Soul (self) withdraws from all its external consciousness (through 5 senses) and stabilize in silence.

5  Soul (self) focus on activities and get lost in actions 100%.

6. Soul (self) focus on Supreme God (point of light) in paramdham and become unlimited in awareness.

7. Soul(self) focus on thoughts of present (conscious) or past (sub conscious)

8. Soul focus on actions or objects (20 to 30%) but more aware of nature of self ( 70 to 80%).

9. Soul remains with silence doing all actions, known as powerful stage.

All the above stages have 2 types of experiences:

1. With awareness of body

2. Without awareness of body.

If you want to experience powerful stage, experience all the above 9 stages without awareness of body.

Be bodiless in awareness. To know self as point and remain connected with divine Supreme point, it becomes easy to get rid of physical awareness and remain powerful constantly.

To remain focused on soul is difficult just by remembering/thinking self as point of light. It becomes easy when I constantly feel the silence (unlimited awareness), the original nature of self.

Method to remain bodiless:

1. Know self as a point of light and get lost in the awareness of Supreme point of light.

2. This will help to remain egoless and bodiless with deep unlimited awareness of silence / power.

19.10.19 Murli points on the real Spiritual effort:

God, The Father explains to you children: First of all, practise being souls (knowing self as point of light), not bodies. Only when you consider yourselves to be souls will you remember the Supreme Father. If you don't consider yourselves to be souls, then, surely, only worldly relatives and business etc. would be remembered. This is why you first have to have the practice: I am a soul. There will then be remembrance of the spiritual Father. 

God says: Consider yourselves to be souls. Sit and learn the lesson: "I am a soul, I am a soul." “I, the soul, am a child of  God.” Practice is needed for everything. 

When you firmly consider yourselves to be souls, you will also have firm remembrance of the Father. If you are body conscious, you won't be able to remember the Father. 

There, in Heaven (Golden age, after year 2036), everyone remains soul conscious. You are inspired to practise this at this time because a lot of sin has accumulated. 

If you are body conscious, you won't be able to remember the Father. Your intellects would then be drawn to worldly relatives or your business. When you become soul conscious, you remember the parlokik Father. You should remember the Father with a lot of love. 

It requires effort to consider oneself to be a soul. You need to have solitude because the course of being in the furnace for seven days is very hard. No one should be remembered. You cannot even write a letter to anyone. This was your bhatthi in the beginning.

You say: Baba, we are unable to remember You. God, The Father says: You have to find time for this. Some are such that they cannot give any time at all. They have a lot of work in their intellects, so how can they be on the pilgrimage of remembrance (of Supreme point of light)? 

The Father explains: The main thing is to consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me and you will become pure (peaceful, loving, healthy and happy).

23.10.19 murli
The secret of health, long lifespan and the spiritual practice:

The old world (before year 2036) is called the land of death and the new world (after 2036) is called the land of immortality. You also understand that the lifespan is short in the land of death and that there continues to be untimely death. That is the land of immortality where there is no untimely death because they are pure. Through impurity, they become adulterated, their lifespan become short and their power decreases. In the golden age, because they are pure, they are unadulterated and they have greater power. How did they attain their kingdom without power? They must definitely have taken blessings from God, the Father. The Father is the Almighty Authority. How would they have claimed their blessings? The Father says: Remember Me! Those who had more remembrance would have claimed blessings.

The most illegal work is the evil spirit of lust. There is the evil spirit of body consciousness in everyone anyway. There is body consciousness in people influenced by Maya. God, The Father is bodiless(point of light), without an image. Therefore, children too are without images. This is something to understand. 

We souls are without images, and then we enter images (bodies) here. The Father says once again: Become without an image. Stabilise yourself in your original religion. Do not stabilise yourself in the religion of your image. Stabilise yourself in the religion of being without an image. Do not become body conscious.

Practice: First in the Morning, have the thought that I am a point of light at the midle of forehead merged in love /awareness /sweet silence of God. I will do all actions with the awareness of self as point of light even if my action or thinking becomes slow.

What is the one method which can help in all the following?

1. When you dont get a pick up, it helps to get a pick up.
2. When people are ill, it helps in healing.
3. When computer never works, it helps in setting right the software and system.
4. When you dont know someone else's password, it helps to retrieve the password.
5. When there is visa denied, it helps in getting visa stamped.
6. When the body has pain and fever, it helps in curing.
7. When you have any desire, it helps get it fulfilled.
8. When vehicle is stuck, it helps set right the engine.
9. When there is no garland to buy, it helps you get a garland from nowhere.
10. When you dont study well, it helps to pass the exam.
11. When you sometimes about to leave the body, it helps in complete cure.

Answer: I think there is not one method. There are various state of mind help in the above situations:

1. When you dont get a pick up, it helps to get a pick up. (just talk to God and you get the help. When people are in dire need and ask God for help, the response is immediate).
2. When people are ill, it helps in healing. ( You need to spend few hours in deep meditation and the next day early morning the subtle body of yours will be used for healing others)   
3. When computer never works, it helps in setting right the software and system. (When you just make a request to God to get it alright. Other times being in God consciousness, it helps).
4. When you dont know someone else's password, it helps to retrieve the password. (With deep alertness and silence and keep trying, you receive the help)
5. When there is visa denied, it helps in getting visa stamped. (Even if you don’t ask for help but keep your mind calm and in deep silence, you receive thoughts on what to do to get things done).
6. When the body has pain and fever, it helps in curing. ( You surrender, give up your own effort completely and relax, then you receive help).
7. When you have any desire, it helps get it fulfilled. (Genuine desires are fulfilled even without asking).
8. When vehicle is stuck, it helps set right the engine. (by keeping positive thinking and being light, even the stuck engine starts working)
9. When there is no garland to buy, it helps you get a garland from nowhere. (It is still a magic even the flower seller did not know how it happened. Sometimes magic happens in life when we really keen on getting things done)
10. When you dont study well, it helps to pass the exam. ( It happens just by making a request and keep doing your best).
11. When you sometimes about to leave the body with disease, it helps in complete cure. (Surrender, complete faith in whatever happens, neither willing to live but well prepared to die, without any expectations, suddenly the magic - cure happens).

What is your experience with God and self? please share.