Thursday, 31 May 2012

Manmanabhav (rest your mind on Me alone).

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Essence: Sweet children, the multimillions you have here will not be of any use there. Everything is to turn to dust. Therefore, now earn a true income for the land of truth.

 Question: Due to which aspect are you Children considered to be more elevated than the deities-angels?

 Answer: You children now serve everyone spiritually. You enable souls to experience meeting the Father, the Supreme Soul. Deities do not do public service. There, as are the king and queen, so the subjects. They experience the fruit of the effort they made here. They do not do any service. This is why you children -  servers are more elevated than the deities-angels.

Sweet Children,

Whose gathering is it now? The gathering of living souls and Supreme Soul. Those who have a body are known as living soul. This elevated gathering happens after a very long time. Supreme Soul cannot be called as a living soul because He takes the loan of a body, not that He takes birth in a body. God appears in the body of Adam – Brahma, never takes birth. This gathering is a very unique one.

Here, there is no guru who sits here to teach you children, this is a university, there is no seat for any guru here. The living soul belongs to the God, created through Adam-Brahma by means of knowledge. You are more elevated than deities because the deities never do any public service. Deities experience the fruit of action of this time-confluence age.

You learn the easy RajaYoga after 5000years. You all belong to the God-Father not to any physical guru. God-Father calls you children with lot of love and sweetness, now you become soul conscious. Soul is eternal, physical body gets destroyed. The soul has to be made pure because soul becomes vicious by means of vices. God-Father says, now never become vicious anymore. At this time, God-Father liberates you from Ravan-vices and takes you to the kingdom of God.

I liberate every soul from sorrows and take you to the land of liberation – soul world. From there, you go to golden age and start playing the roles. Initially you come in the form of deities in golden age. The religion of ancient deities is being established now.

Father explains, whatever you see on earth will be destroyed – transformed. You have come here to receive inheritance of 21births by doing real spiritual service for souls. Now it is the retirement stage for every soul. I am the satguru of all soul. I liberate every soul including the souls of saints.

The most important picture (point of light) is of God-Father. Souls have to be given the introduction of God-Father, they must remember only one God-Father and none others. You have come to receive the unlimited happiness from God-Father. You had become vicious by receiving the limited inheritance from physical father.

The body is burnt and the name and form of the human being disappears. But the Ravan-vices are never burnt. The five vices are your enemy, the enemy of Bharat-India. You had been jailed by Ravan since copper age. This world is the game of happiness and sorrow.

Those who win over the vices-maya, win over the world. Ram and Sita come in Silver age. Sri Krishna and Radha come in Golden age. In golden and silver ages, there is religion of ancient deity. Golden age has the kingdom of God, established by God Himself. God-Father cannot be called as present everywhere. Can a father be present everywhere? You children are brothers amongst each other. God is your Father and all souls are brothers.

God gives direction: Children, remember Me. I have come on earth to give you the reward of devotion. In the beginning of devotion, there was only worship of one Incorporeal God Shiv- Benefactor (eg: Somnath temple).  Now, you know that God had come and gives you the inheritance of 21births.

Now, you have the awareness, you remain ignorant of all desires and become aware of your ancient values. God never teaches you in Sanskrit. The God teaches you only in Hindi, which is the language of Adam-Brahma.

The soul understands that, our God-Father has come, you children are the masters of the soul world like the Supreme Father. Like the soul is a point of light, God is also a point of light but He is known as Supreme God-Father. You children receive inheritance from the Supreme God-Father. Here, there are no saints or gurus but only one God-Father. Only God can give you the inheritance of heaven, happiness, not any gurus.

God gives you only happiness not sorrow. I make you children perform spiritual effort and give you inheritance of 21births. God is known as the One who gives happiness and removes sorrow. The One who gives you sorrow is the Ravan-vices. The male and female remain vicious at this time unlike in golden age, where both remain vice-less in nature.

In golden age, there is kingdom ruled by deities-angels who look very normal like a human being. There cannot be even a trace of suffering there. You have seen the visions of golden age. Scriptures say that missiles come out from the stomach. The science of the intellect has lot of pride, create things of happiness like Aeroplane. Later they create bombs for transforming, to destroy their own clan. You children never give sorrow to anyone, you only make everyone become the master of the world of happiness.

Now, you give happiness to everyone. Whatever others say, you have to remain silent and smiling. By the power of remembrance of God, you can make others silent. Especially God explains you children, the teachers should have good features, they must not have hate, jealous towards anyone.

You receive inheritance for 21births, your lifespan increases. You make effort here, by the power of yog (remembrance of God), you become healthy and by the power of knowledge, you become wealthy. And you also remain happy. If you have only health and there is no wealth, you cannot remain happy.

There are kings who remain healthy without wealth according to the sinful actions of the past. Now, you know the secret of actions. Whatever God-Father says, you must understand and imbibe them within you. It is not that you forget later. Whatever it is, you must always remember that God-Father is teaching you, you are the children of God-Father.You have to praise God-Father within you, with lot of love for Him. You did not know that God-Father would come and teach you directly.

Instead of God-Father, they have mentioned Sri Krishna’s name in scriptures (by sage vyas). People have shown Krishna in copper age. God-Father wants you to have full attention on this study. If you don’t remember God-Father and don’t remain intoxicated in this study, your most valuable time of this confluence age gets wasted.

You can do your actions, but don’t waste your time, your every second is most valuable.Father says, children , remain Manmanabhav at this time, whenever you find time. Don’t waste your time. Maintain a chart to know how much time get wasted, if you can make use of all your time. Manmanabhav (rest your mind on Me).

2500yrs, you remained pure and remaining 2500years, you indulged in vices. Now, you have to remain pure, you will be taken back to the soul world and would come again on earth, according to their role to be played in different religions. Initially, those who come for the first time from soul world, they experience happiness. They have power within them.

Now, you must have lot of happiness since you listen directly from God-Father.The deities are worshipped now , they are memorial of this confluence age. You children become deities in golden and silver ages,  and later your image will be worshipped from copper age. Go to temples and explain the real history and geography of deities. You know that this knowledge is first class.

You know that the original religion of deities is being established now. You know that you will receive the complete inheritance from God. You have come here to learn the ancient RajaYoga by which you become deities, after belonging to God-Father.

The most important is to remember the God-Father. The obstacles come in this effort. By this effort, you must not become afraid. By effort (of remembering the God-Father), you will receive liberation in life.


Essence for dharna:

1. Become a bestower of happiness like the Father. Do not cause sorrow for anyone through your mind, words or deeds. Let your consciousness be filled with peace and always remain cheerful.

 2. Do not waste your time in wasteful thoughts. Praise the Father internally.

Blessing: May you be an accurate server who makes plans for service with a plain intellect.

An accurate server is one who does service of the self and of everyone else at the same time. Service of the self is merged in service of everyone else. It should not be that you serve others and become careless in serving yourself. In service, service should be combined with yoga (remembrance of God). For this, make plans for service with a plain intellect. A plain intellect means nothing should touch your intellect apart from the consciousness of being an instrument and the feeling of humility. There should be no desire for earning a limited name or honour, but to have humility. This is the seed of good wishes and pure feelings.

Slogan: Together with donating knowledge, also donate virtues and you will continue to receive success.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Knowledge of Soul, God and importance of purity.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has created the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra and you Children are the ones who look after it. Therefore, you definitely have to remain pure.

 Question: Which children will the Father help at the end?

Answer: At the end, when many calamities come, the children who do service very well will receive help from the Father. The Father will definitely help those who have become His helpers.

 Question: Whose is the wonderful face? In what form does its memorial exist?

Answer: When Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father), the One who doesn’t have a face of His own, takes the support of this face (of Adam-Brahma), it becomes a wonderful face. This is why you children personally come to see this face. The memorial of this is the faces in the rosary of Runda (beads with a face on them).

 Song: How sweet and lovely Innocent God Shiva (Benefactor) is!

Sweet Children,

God says, I come only once in 5000years to see the faces of the children (physically). God takes the loan of the old body of Adam-Brahma. Now, you children look at the face of the God and the Adam-Brahma.

ShivBaba speaks through the mouth of Brahma-Adam. Only once in the world cycle, at this time, God-Father comes and look at the face of the children.

The Adam-Brahma listens to the Godly versions, and then it reaches you children. I don’t have any name, form or land, belong to Me. The Incorporeal God-Father comes and takes birth – incarnate here on Bharat-India. God takes birth here but His birth is not like a normal birth.

God’s form is shown as a form of light, a point on the image of ling (elliptical stone). Deities are worshipped in many forms. The small lings – saligrams are the symbol of you children, the souls. You are worshipped because you make the world into heaven along with the God-Father.

Whatever God-Father speaks, you also repeat the same. This knowledge is known as the Eternal story, which makes the human beings more elevated.

The small soul, the very little point of light has the complete knowledge within it. The soul says, I play different roles on earth after incarnating-appearing on the body.

When the living soul appears in the body, in the womb, it starts experiencing pain for vicious actions, by having visions of the vicious-sinful acts. That time the soul cry-suffer in the womb. The soul plays many different roles of 84 births and keeps repeating.

Father sits and explains all these knowledge.  The little soul has complete knowledge stored in it. The soul is like a point of light located at the middle of eyebrow.

You children know that the soul leaves one body and take another. The God-Father gives the very highest knowledge. No one in the world has this most elevated knowledge. Because God appeared – incarnated on the body of Adam-Brahma, He gives the knowledge to you children.

By listening directly from God-Father, you receive lot of happiness. You know that the soul is a point of light and hence God-Father Supreme soul is also a small point of light. But God has this knowledge for ever and He is known as the Supreme Soul who lives far beyond in Soul world – Paramdham. All these knowledge are not given to you all at once but little by little.

You know that how the soul plays different roles, it is said about soul that the unique star sparkles at the middle of the eyebrow-forehead. No one has this subtle knowledge, even amongst you very few understand this knowledge and imbibe them.

When there is the Supreme Father, certainly the children must receive inheritance through the God-Father. Now, you even understand the theory of karma. Now, God-Father teaches you such actions by which you become more elevated.

God-Father teaches this knowledge through Adam-Brahma. People never know about the God-Father. It is said, we actors come on earth to play different roles but no one knows their role and about God-Father. People never know about the world cycle.

God-Father comes and teaches every soul, even the great sinners. Very few understand this knowledge and even amongst them, very few in numbers make the spiritual effort to remain pure.

Earlier days, women remained at home,they never went for job and they did not receive inheritance from their father unlike the son. Those who remain pure are worshipped on earth. The most important is about purity. There cannot be birth of Krishna without the birth of Shiva (Benefactor God). Through Shiv, there is birth of world mother and Father, and you children receive inheritance from them. You children become the master of the whole world.

People worship the world mother a lot. God-Father comes and keeps the mothers in front, in service. (and hence they are worshipped a lot). God-Father is the Husband of all the husbands. All you children – women are the master(child) world mother, you do service like the world mother.

You all belong to God-Father and God makes you one who has the knowledge of the past, present and future. The world mother is praised more than the father of human kind – Adam (Brahma). God-Father explains you everything , the knowledge of world cycle etc. I come once again after 5000years , every time, and gives you the knowledge. This world play has been shot for eternal replay (no one knows when it was shot). Whatever has become the past are praised in scriptures.This eternal world drama keeps repeating , you come under the cycle of sato, rajo and tamo.

You belong to the God-Father through the Adam – Brahma. Those who remain pure maintain this sacrificial fire, and those who go on pilgrimage also remain pure. You are on this spiritual pilgrimage now. At the end, every soul will return back home to the soul world where the soul resides.

Now, you children belong to God-Father. Those who know about God-Father and belong to God-Father, go into golden age. In golden age, there is Sri Krishna. Every soul has love for Sri Krishna. You are preparing once again to go to golden age. You understand that all your desires are being fulfilled. Now, you are going towards the land of God without any difficulty, (the soul leaves the body without any pull of attachment or pain of sinful actions) like a hair is removed from butter.

God takes you to the soul world and then you go to the land of Sri Krishna – golden age. Now, you know that you all going to the world of heaven. So, all of you have to remember God-Father and also have to remain pure. You also study this knowledge being pure. The purity is most important. Whatever effort you make now, you will do it in every world cycle. You must make effort, you must not miss this study even for a single day. This knowledge-study is most valuable.

You fill your apron with this imperishable knowledge. This is not a bondage, you must study this knowledge in a very easy natural way. Still many never come to listen to this knowledge due to maya-obstacle. Those who do a very good service, follow Godly direction, they receive help at the end.


Essence for dharna:

1. This study is most valuable. God Himself is teaching you. Therefore, don’t miss a single day. Fill your aprons with the treasures of knowledge every day.

 2. This is the time to study and you are also on a pilgrimage. Look after the sacrificial fire of Rudra (God) and, in order to do this you must definitely remain pure. Don’t be influenced by any vice and thereby create an obstacle.

Blessing: May you be a world transformer who does unlimited service with the powerful power of your mind and with your good wishes.

 Souls with a powerful subtle stage are needed for world transformation so that they are able to transform many souls through their attitude and elevated thoughts. Unlimited service takes place through the power of a powerful mind, good wishes and pure feelings. Do not simply have devotional feelings for yourself, but also transform others with your good wishes and pure feelings. Souls who maintain a balance are able to do unlimited service and service of the world. So, become a world transformer with the balance of pure feelings and knowledge on one side and love and yoga on the other side.

 Slogan: Put the hand of your intellect in BapDada’s (God-Father’s) hand and you will not then fluctuate in the ocean of test papers.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Become a charitable soul by the power of remembrance of God.

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Essence: Sweet children, whether elderly, young people or children, it is now the stage of retirement for all, because everyone has to go beyond sound to the land of liberation. Show them the way home.

 Question: Why is the Father’s shrimat different for every child? Why is it not the same?

 Answer: Because the Father gives shrimat to each child, seeing each one’s pulse and circumstances. For instance, when a person is free from bondage and worthy of doing service, whether it be someone elderly or a youth, Baba (God-Father) would advise him/her to engage him/herself fully in this service, but He would not tell everyone to come and stay here. Whatever shrimat anyone receives from the Father, there is benefit in that. Just as Mama (world Mother-Eve) and Baba (Adam) claim their inheritance from Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father), so follow them and do service in the same way and claim your inheritance.

 Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,

God-Father is known as the Innocent lord.  There are many ashrams where people go and stay but without any aim object. People stay there, wanted to get liberated and go to the soul world, but no one receives liberation.

The real retirement stage is now that God is explaining you all knowledge and preparing you to the retirement stage of returning home, to go beyond sound. No one knows what is liberation and liberation in life which are given only by one God.

God-Father never says that you have to leave everything and come here. Now, it is the time to remain beyond sound, to remain in retirement stage. Saints make people to remain beyond sound but other than one God-Father,no one can take you to the soul world, give salvation.

Those who are eligible to do service are asked to remain completely surrendered. First you have to explain that, the One whom you have been remembering for a very long time, if He is your Father, you have to receive inheritance from Him. Now, you know that you study through the God-Father. God teaches you and takes you all, along with Him.

There are many who sit in the jungle and do austerity, here you receive liberation without any difficulty. You receive liberation in just a second by just saying Baba-knowing God as your Father.

People believe that the God-Father sends messengers to establish religion. Then they also say God is present everywhere which is wrong. The deities-angels of golden age are known as Lakshmi Narayan. Here, God-Father prepares you all children to receive inheritance from Him. This is also a school and also a home.

You are made to remain pure. You just have to belong to the God-Father. God is the creator of heaven. God comes and establishes heaven on Bharat. He transforms human beings into angels-deities. This is also known as eternal story, the third eye of knowledge.

God gives elevated direction now, and certainly there is benefit in it. God gives direction by seeing the circumstances. There are requirements of young and old to do service. This is a study. God-Father is an Incorporeal being and every soul is the child of God-Father. When you call out for God-Father, He cannot be present everywhere.

When God is the Purifier, certainly He would come on earth to make you pure. You children have come to me after 5000years, once again, to receive inheritance of heaven. Now, the heaven is being established. Like the world Mother and Father received inheritance, you also must receive it. You listen to the history of world through God-Father.

There is the golden age, silver age, copper age and iron age. Children cannot sit in the class without the understanding. Initially you have to go in golden age. God-Father gives you the understanding. You know that Supreme Soul (God-Father) appears in the body of Brahma-Adam to give the knowledge. The father of human kind – Brahma – Adam has to be present on earth. God appears in him to make you children belong to Him.

Even you souls appear in the body (from soul world). God is known as the Ocean of knowledge. How, the incorporeal God can give you the knowledge unless  God appears on earth, in a body. Sri Krishna is not known as the Ocean of knowledge. Sri Krishna never had the knowledge of world cycle.Sri Krishna learns the RajaYoga through God-Father in his final 84th birth and becomes great-King in golden age.

The Satguru is only one God-Father who comes to give salvation to everyone including saints and gurus. All other religions will come to an end and one eternal religion will be established.

There are deities in subtle world, God-Father comes and appears in the body of Adam-Brahma, and says, you children belong to God, I make you knowledge-full. Human beings have become like animals (in behavior). There cannot be any river as mentioned in scriptures (but memorials of this confluence age). Now, the Innocent lord teaches you the innocent children. The poor innocent children become the most elevated beings in golden age with lot of wealth. Then what happens slowly (you lose the wealth), you were very wealthy in golden age.

There are memorials of palaces in Jaipur, Ajmeer and other places.God-Father gives divine  visions of golden age, which you would see in practical. The devotees never become master of heaven in practical, unlike you.There are people fight against each other, even amongst relatives.

You children must have lot of happiness, remain happy all the time. In golden age, there will not be any violence. If you don’t know about the biography of God-Father, what is the purpose of calling out for Him, doing so much devotion?

You can say anyone even to the authorities of scriptures, that know about the God-Father and get lost in His love being alive. You receive inheritance from God-Father in every world cycle. Even this world drama is about to end. You have to leave this old body and go to the land of liberation – soul world.  The karmic accounts of souls have to come to an end. Now, you have to become charitable soul by the power of remembrance of God. All souls will have to return home, one eternal religion is being established. All the physical bodies have to finish here. This world drama is a predestined one. There cannot be an end for this eternal world drama. This has to be understood clearly.

Yours is the most elevated religion. The sparrows eat away the most ancient religion. You children must not have any attraction for this old world of graveyard. Everything has to be transformed. There are only very little time left, the transformation-death of everyone, has to take place. You have to remember the God-Father to get rid of sins-vicious actions.

You children will go into heaven to rule the golden age,so that  you must have disinterest for this old world. Your lock of the intellect opens up now, you establish heaven by your body, mind and wealth.You share the imperishable knowledge with others which you receive from God-Father. You surrender everthing to God-Father (by intellect).

In reality God-Father is the Bestower - Benefactor, He gives you the inheritance of the world-heaven to you children.


Essence for dharna:

1. Do not have attachment to anything of the old world. Don’t have any interest in anything of this world because everything is to change into a graveyard.

 2. The play is now coming to an end. You have to settle your karmic accounts and return home. Therefore, become liberated from your sins with the power of yoga (remembrance) and become pure charitable souls. Become double donors.

Blessing: May you be equal to the Father and experience the flying stage with feelings filled with knowledge, and yoga filled with love.

 Those who are yogi souls and embodiments of knowledge constantly experience all powers and thereby become victorious. Those who are simply loving or embodiments of such feelings constantly have “Baba, Baba” emerging from their lips or in their minds and they thereby receive co-operation from time to time. However, while becoming equal, knowledgeable and yogi souls are close(equal). Therefore, to the extent that there are pure feelings, so you should also be embodiments of knowledge. The balance of having feelings filled with knowledge, and yoga filled with love gives you the experience of the flying stage and makes you equal to the Father.

 Slogan: In order to become constantly loving and co-operative, imbibe the virtue of easiness and tolerance.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Remain united by giving regard to each others advice.

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Essence: Sweet children, it is only you who have been separated for a long period of time and been playing your roles of the full 84 births. You now have to go from bondages of sorrow into relationships of happiness. Therefore, stay in limitless happiness.

 Question: Which children can have constant limitless happiness?

Answer: Those who have the faith that 1) God-Father has come to make us into the masters of the world. 2) Our true Father has come to give us the true knowledge of that same Gita. 3) We souls are now sitting in God’s lap. We souls now belong to the Father through our bodies. 4) God has come to give us salvation, the fruit of devotion. 5) God has made us viewers of the three aspects of time (trikaldarshi). 6) God has become our Mother and adopted us. We are Godly students. Those who have this awareness and faith experience limitless happiness.

Sweet children,

There must not be any vice within you. God-Father says, now you are here in front of the God-Father, receive lot of happiness.You must have the perfect stage of happiness – Bliss – The happiness beyond the senses, all the time which happens only at the end.  Now, no one can say that we are experiencing bliss, even 75%.

When people leave the body, they are made to drink the water of Ganga. Here, God-Father makes you remember God-Father.  You must be able to remember the God-Father naturally without any assistance of anyone or anything.

Saints give mantra to remember but here you have to remember only the God-Father. Only God-Father gives liberation and liberation in life to all the souls, not any human being.

Here, people gets inspired to create the bombs of destruction. When there are many religions, there cannot be a kingdom with one kingdom and one religion. Hence, now, one true original religion is being established to establish the Kingdom of golden age under the direction of Supreme God-Father.

You children must have a lot of happiness that God-Father has come to you. He teaches age old RajaYoga to you children. People think what saints teach is the ancient yoga which is not true. You know that I am your God-Father, I am known as the Ocean of Knowledge.

In Scriptures, they have mentioned Sri Krishna comes in copper age, in fact Sri Krishna lived in golden age. When a child is born, they naturally call the physical father as father, here too, you have to remember God-Father naturally.

You did not know how deities ruled the kingdom, when they existed. Now, God-Father gives these knowledge to you. When the famous ones understand this knowledge, then this knowledge will be spread all over the world.

You make spiritual effort according to your interest and numberwise.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to be safe from any attacks of Maya-obstacles-vices, become a genie and continue to remember Alpha (God) and beta (inheritance of heaven). Remove the burden of sin on your head with the power of yoga-remembrance of God. Stay in supersensuous joy.

 2. Don’t just chant the name of Shiva  (Benefactor) through your lips. Have true love for the Father. Remain busy in the service of changing thorns into flowers.

Blessing: May you be a hero or heroine actor who shares your treasure of happiness from your overflowing stock.

 The duty of confluence-aged Spiritual souls is to remain constantly happy and to share that happiness. However, for that, your treasure has to be overflowing. Just as delicate times continue to come closer, so too, many souls will come to ask you for a little time of happiness. You have to do so much service that no one goes away empty handed. For this, there should always be the sign of happiness on your face. Your face should never show an off-mood, being defeated by Maya or disheartened. Remain constantly happy and continue to share that happiness for only then would you be said to be a hero or heroine actor.

 Slogan: To give regard to one another’s advice is to tie the gathering in a bond of unity.

Experience deep rest going beyond the sound of words and mind.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to give you elevated directions and make you constantly happy and peaceful. Follow His directions, study the spiritual study and also teach others and you will become ever-healthy and wealthy.

Question: What chance do you only receive at this time in the whole cycle, the chance you mustn’t miss?

Answer: The chance of doing spiritual service and of changing humans into deities is only received at this time. Don’t miss this chance. Become engaged in spiritual service. Become serviceable. Youths especially have to do the service of the Godly Government. Follow Divine parents fully. If youths belong to the Father and continue to do worldly service but don’t do the service of changing thorns into flowers, that is also like having disregard for the Father.

Song: Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to come.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become serviceable, remain clean and honest inside and out. Speak very sweet words through your lips. Remove your intellect’s yoga from your body and bodily relationships. Be careful of the company you keep.

 2. Become master removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness, like the Father. Do spiritual service and earn a true income. Follow the directions of the spiritual Father and become a spiritual social worker.

Blessing: May you be bodiless and claim the certificate of passing with honours with your stage of being detached.

 In order to claim the certificate of passing with honours, you need to have the practice of going beyond the sound of the mouth and the mind and being an embodiment of silence. The soul should become merged in the Ocean of Peace. The experience of this sweet silence is very much loved and both the body and mind receive rest. At the end, only this practice of being bodiless will help. Whatever games the body may be going through, become bodiless, let the soul become a detached observer and observe the role of your body for this stage will then make you victorious at the end.

 Slogan: In order to claim a right to all virtues and powers, become obedient.

Pointsto Churn from the Murli of May 28, 2012

Praise of Baba:

TheIncorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... MyBaba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...theTrue Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Spiritual Surgeon...theUnlimited Father...

Points of Self Respectand Soul Study:

1.    We, the souls, are ever-healthy by learningthe spiritual study from the Spiritual Father, filling our aprons with thejewels of knowledge, becoming gyan yukt and teaching being yog yuktwe become free from disease and following the unique andelevated directions of the Satguru, by doing the spiritual service by beingyukti yukt, by transforming thorns to flowers, by making ordinary men deities, bymaking the devilish community a deity community, we remain ever-happy...we arethe spiritual social workers who give the introduction of the Father, andexplain the unlimited history and geography...we are the truthful, honest, clearand clean-hearted, sweet, highly elevated serviceable servers of the Godly Government...weare the Shiv Shakti army who, with our ancient knowledge and the power of yoga,make Bharat like a diamond, establish a kingdom and become the masters of theworld...

2.   We, the imperishable, immortal, indestructible souls, are the brides decoratedby shrimat,  who break the consciousness ofthe body and the bodily relations, consider ourselves to be souls, and returnto the sweet home with the Bridegroom Shiva (Benefactor God)... we are the spiritual surgeons,the master bestowers of happiness and removers of sorrow who follow the mother andthe father...we are the emperors and the empresses enjoying long life spans byremembering Alpha and Beta, Allah and the inheritance, and becoming extremelyprosperous for 21 births...

3.   By having the practice of goingbeyond sound in our thoughts and in our words, and stabilizing in the stage ofbeing the embodiments of silence, by merging in the Ocean of Peace, by experiencing the sweet silence, we, the souls, passwith becoming bodiless and observing the games of the body and therole of the body as detached observers, we become victorious...we are the obedient,faithful, trustworthy ones who follow orders and claim a right to all virtuesand powers...


The ultimate objective of making effort is to live as an avyakt angel.

Pointsto Churn from the Murli of May 27, 2012 (15-9-1974)

Praise of Baba:

TheIncorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... MyBaba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...theTrue Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...

Points of Self Respectand Soul Study:

1.    We, the souls, the residents of the subtleregion, in the form of double light subtle angels in an aura of light, havestepped onto this earth as instruments for a particular task, and return when thetask is completed... we are the fearless, powerful and “Chaturbhuj” ones who experiencethe form of light and the form of an angel whilst walking and moving around; weinfluence others with the awareness of our stage, and stabilize them in theavyakt stage...

2.   By practicing the drill of being corporeal in one moment, subtle in thenext moment and incorporeal in the moment after that, we, the souls, the incarnationswho have incarnated, become deities from angels... weare the volcanoes that attract others, fill them with zeal and enthusiasm, grantthem visions and give them experiences of hearing sounds from the ether...welisten through signals, give directions and return up above and beyond to thesubtle the light house, we do service of giving light to several inall four directions...we are the main serviceable instruments, the belovedjewels, who claim the throne to the fortune of a kingdom, the masters of the unlimitedworld....we are the master almighty authorities who spread the rays of powers andspecialties...we are the stars of knowledge with mirrors of knowledge, and, likethe Father, we are the master suns of knowledge...

3.   We, the souls, are the spinners of the discus of light and the discus thatspreads light in service, in the confluence age, and the emperors of the globein the golden age...with our form of light and crown of light, we wear a crownof making the awareness of the form of light strong, we become theform of light whilst settling karmic accounts...we are the incognitoeffort-makers who, by being in the awareness of the subtle form and by becomingbodiless, receive rest...we are in the stage of ascent by benefittingeveryone...we are  stabilized  on the seat of the destroyer of obstacles...

4.   By remaining in theawareness of the combined form with the Father, we, the souls, do service of theself and service of all souls at the same time, and by keeping our stageelevated, we make  progress and become theimages of being ignorant of limited desires, we become greatlyprosperous Vishnus (angels)...

Blessing: May you do combined service through having the awareness of the combined form and become an image of success.

Just as the soul and body are combined and the future Vishnu (angel) form is combined, in the same way, stay in the awareness of the combined form of the Father and yourself, the soul, as you do service of the self and service of all souls at the same time and you will become an image of success. Never say that you were very busy in service and that this is why you became a little slack in maintaining the chart of your own stage. It should not be that you go out to do service and when you come back, you say that Maya came, your mood went off or that you were disturbed. The means of progress in service is to do the combined service of the self and of everyone.

Slogan: To be ignorant of the knowledge of limited desires is to become greatly prosperous.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Don’t cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words or deeds.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to change human beings into deities. Therefore, give thanks to Him from your heart. Continue to follow shrimat and have true love for just the One.

 Question: What are the signs of children who love the Father?

Answer: Those who truly love the Father remember only Him and only follow His directions. They never cause sorrow for anyone through their thoughts, words or deeds. They never have animosity towards anyone. They give their true account to the Father. They protect themselves from bad company.

 Song: Have patience o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Essence for dharna:

1. While seeing the part of every actor, don’t have animosity towards anyone. Don’t cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words or deeds.

 2. Give your full account to the Father. Have a totally loving intellect at the time of destruction. Let your activity be elevated according to shrimat. Remain cautious of bad company.

Blessing: May you be a holy swan who swims in the water of knowledge and flies in an elevated stage.

 Just as a swan swims in water and also flies, in the same way, you children who are true holy swans know how to fly and swim. To churn knowledge means to swim in the nectar or water of knowledge and to fly means to stay in an elevated stage. Such holy swans who churn knowledge and stay in an elevated stage can never be disheartened or become hopeless. They put a full stop to the past, become free from the web of “Why?”, “What?” etc., fly and make others fly.

 Slogan: Only those who become jewels and sparkle in the centre of the Father’s forehead are jewels of the forehead.

Pointsto Churn from the Murli of May 26, 2012

Praise of Baba:

TheIncorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... MyBaba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...theTrue Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Unlimited Father...

Points of Self Respectand Soul Study:

1.    At the time of destruction have totallyloving intellects...we, the souls, have true love for the Father, and, keepingin mind that our final thoughts lead us to our destination, we constantlyremember the Father...we are the obedient, faithful, trustworthy , worthychildren who follow orders and give Him our thanks ...

A loving intellect means: I eat with You,I sit with You, I talk with You, I listen only to You...I repeat what I hearfrom You...I fulfill all my relationships with You...I only let You heal mysoul...I sit wherever You tell me to, I eat whatever You give me, I do the serviceYou direct me...

2.   We, the souls, the children of God, are soul conscious while performingkarmas, soul conscious in yoga and God remembering the Father andthe inheritance, we absolve our sins and take our boats across with the Father,the Boatman...we are the spinners of the discus of self realization who changefrom pennies to pounds, from shells to diamonds, from worshippers to beingworthy of worship and from ordinary people to deities... we are the lighthouses, might houses, the power houses playing special parts...we followshrimat,  stay in good company, and givethe Father our true account ...we are the masters of the world who keep theland of peace in one eye and the land of happiness in the other eye and attainliberation and liberation-in-life...we listen to the Murli regularly andpunctually, serve through our deeds, conduct and our faces, and give happinessto all through our thoughts, words and actions...we are the masters of heavenwho help the Father establish the Kingdom of Rama...

3.   We, the souls, churn the ocean of knowledge, become pure and holy and swimin the nectar / water of knowledge...we are the holy swans flying in anelevated stage, who put a full stop to the past, are beyond the web of thequestions of “why and what”, and who become complete by completing all complaints...bypicking the jewels of knowledge, we become the jewels of the forehead that sparklein the centre of the Father’s forehead...

Friday, 25 May 2012

Being detached May you be unshakeable and a conqueror of matter

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Essence: Sweet children, become pure by following shrimat and you will be liberated from the punishment of Dharamraj. In order to become like a diamond, drink the nectar of knowledge and renounce poison.

 Question: On what is a golden-aged status based?

 Answer: It is based on purity. Stay in remembrance and definitely become pure. Only by becoming pure will you receive salvation. Those who don’t become pure experience punishment and return to their own religion. You may live at home with your family, but do not remember any bodily beings. Remain pure and you will claim a high status.

 Song: Having found You, we have found everything. The earth and sky all belong to us.

Essence for dharna

 1. Settle all your sinful accounts with the power of yoga, purify and cleanse the soul and make the atmosphere peaceful.

 2. Follow the Father’s shrimat and promise to become completely pure. Do not be influenced by vices and thereby become an obstacle in the creation of heaven.

Blessing: May you be unshakeable, immovable and a conqueror of matter by remaining seated on the unshakeable seat of a detached observer.

Whether matter creates upheaval or shows her beautiful games, souls who are the masters of matter will observe the games as a detached observer in both situations. You enjoy watching games and are not afraid. Those who practise remaining seated on the unshakeable seat of the stage of a detached observer through tapasya cannot be shaken by any situation created by matter or people. The five players of matter and the five players of Maya are playing their games and you just have to watch as a detached observer. Only then will you be said to be a soul who is unshakeable, immovable and a conqueror of matter.

Slogan: Only those who concentrate their minds and intellects on the one Father can become worthy of worship souls.

OmShanti Divine Angels!!!

Points to Churn from the Murli of May 25, 2012

Praise of Baba:

TheIncorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... MyBaba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...theTrue Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Unlimited Father...the Lordof the Poor...the Father, the Lord and Master...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:

1.   By studying from God Himself, we, the souls, become incorporeal, vice less and ego less... we are the masters of the world who walk away from the pyre of lust and sit on the pyre of knowledge, drink the nectar of knowledge and become like diamonds, have accurate yoga and absolve all our past sins, follow shrimat and attain salvation and the unlimited inheritance of happiness from the Unlimited Father...we make the environment and the atmosphere peaceful by making our souls pure, and by remaining pure we help the Father establish a pure world,and become the masters of the world of purity...

2.   We, the imperishable, indestructible immortal souls, are the Parvatis who listen to the story of immortality from the Lord of Immortality and become the masters of the land of immortality...we are the angels of knowledge who spread pure vibrations in the Court of Indra...we are the gopis of Gopi Vallabh, madly in love with the murli ...we are the Sitas of the One Ram...we are the elevated ShivShakti Pandav army who, by following the directions of Rama, go to the kingdom of Rama...

3.   By concentrating our minds and our intellects on the One Father, we, the souls, with the power of yoga, become pure, holy and highly worthy of worship...we are the masters of matter who enjoy watching the upheavals and the beautiful games of the five players of matter and the five players of maya  as detached observers...we are the conquerors of matter,  who, through tapasya, have  the practice over a long period of time of remaining seated on the unwavering, unshakable and immovable seat of the stage of a detached observer, and thus, with steady minds, are beyond the upheavals created by individuals or by matter...

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

You remember all your vicious acts,when you leave the body.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to become as sweet as the Father. Don’t cause sorrow for anyone. Never become angry.

 Question: Knowing the deep philosophy of karma, what sinful acts can you children not perform?

 Answer: Until today, you had been thinking that giving donations are charitable acts, but you now understand that even in donating, sometimes sin is accumulated because if you donate money to a person who uses it for committing sin, that would definitely affect your stage. Therefore, donate with understanding.

 Song: Take us away from this world of sin, to a place of rest and comfort!

Sweet Children,

Now you children sit in front of the God-Father. God calls you , hey souls. God speaks to souls. Soul has peace. God takes you to the world of happiness. Now, this world is known as vicious-impure.

Nowadays, people have lust and anger a lot. Souls destroy themselves by means of anger. People wanted God to take them to the light of knowledge from the deep ignorance of darkness. The iron age is known as the old world and the Golden age is known as the New world.

Our sweet Father is taking you from the world of sorrow to the world of happiness. Other than the sweet God-Father , no one else can take us to the world of happiness.

God-Father explains you very well, still very few understand this most elevated direction of God. You become elevated by the elevated direction of God.

This is a vicious world with directions of mind, you have to follow the direction of God.  To become angry is the vicious direction. You must not become angry amongst each other. Co-operate with love. Take direction from God-Father.

Why do you perform sinful actions?, carry out your actions-job in a charitable way – by pure means. Reduce your expenses. Nowadays, people spend more for marriages, even by taking loans…which can be avoided.

Why do we have to stop those who follow the direction of God and want to remain pure?

God-Father makes you the deities-angels of golden age. You are impure-vicious at the end of iron age. God-Father makes you eligible – pure for the golden age. God-Father comes and establishes the kingdom of heaven. You children have come here to become resident of golden and silver ages.

Those who come in golden age, would study this knowledge very well.They would teach others. They will make a very good spiritual effort. You have to make such a effort that you imbibe all the divine nature-qualities, become the heir of the God-Father.

The unlimited Father says, I will make you the master of the world. How sweet the God-Father is? He gives you everything what He has. His knowledge is known as Srimad Bhagwad Gita (what is spoken now in confluence age).

You become vicious by taking 84births. Those who win over maya (vices-obstacles) become victorious. Those who win over the mind win over the world. Mind never becomes free from thoughts. You cannot just sit doing nothing. You have to perform actions.

God-Father never tells you to remain totally disinterested. God-Father says, remain in the household but remain pure and remember the New world of happiness by moving away from the old world of sorrows.

Sankarachariar never says that New world is being created for you. They have the limited disinterest by which you get limited happiness. The impure-vicious souls bow in front of Sanyasis, who remain pure.

Nowadays, even Sanyasis have huge buildings unlike before. People do charity in the name of God. Charity has to be done to those who never commit any sin. If they do any sinful act, your stage becomes affected, you lose everything.


Whatever you read in scriptures you never imbibe them in transforming your nature to divine.

When you follow the direction of God, you become most elevated. In golden age, you never know about the God-Father. You must have faith in the God-Father, you must belong to God constantly. You must not leave God at any time. The more you remember the God-Father and do service, that much you would attain elevated status.

If you follow My direction, you will be saved otherwise you would undergo pain (mental suffering) at the time of leaving the body because of your vicious actions. You will remember all your vicious acts at the end. You also receive visions of your vicious acts in the womb of the mother.

After leaving the body, everyone will go to their own sections in the soul world.  God will take you to the world of happiness being a Guide. He is the One who gives happiness removing sorrow.  Sri Krishna is praised more unlike Lakshmi Narayan. People don’t know that Lakshmi Narayan is none other than the Radhe and Krishna.

People have separated Radhe and Krishna, and Lakshmi and Narayan.

If you study this knowledge very well (imbimbing divine qualities), then you attain very elevated status.

Essence for dharna:

1. Let your behaviour be very royal. Speak very little and very sweetly. In order to be saved from punishment, follow the Father’s shrimat at every step.

 2. Study very well with a lot of attention. Follow the mother and father and become worthy of being seated on the throne; become an heir. Don’t be influenced by anger and thereby cause sorrow.

Blessing: May you be a master creator and celebrate perfection by keeping your unlimited rights in your awareness.

 At the confluence age you children receive an inheritance, on the basis of how you study you receive a source of income and you also receive blessings. Keep these rights through all three relationships emerged in your awareness as you take every step. Now, time, matter and Maya are waiting to bid farewell. You master creator children simply have to celebrate the state of perfection and they will bid farewell. Look in the mirror of knowledge: if destruction were to take place this moment, what would I become?

 Slogan: Keep your balance (of mind) at every moment in every action and you will automatically receive blessings from everyone.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

You are divine brothers and sisters amongst each other.

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Essence: Sweet children, peace is the garland around your neck. It is the original religion of the self. Therefore, there is no need to wander around for peace. Simply stabilise yourself in your original religion.

 Question: What method do people use to purify something? What method has the Father created?

 Answer: In order to purify something, people put it in fire. When they create a yagya, they make a fire. Here, too, the Father has created a sacrificial fire of Rudra (God), but this is the sacrificial fire of knowledge. Everyone’s offering has to be sacrificed into this. You children sacrifice everything you have including your bodies. You have to have yoga (remembrance of Supreme Soul). This is a race of yoga. Through this, you will first become the garland around the neck of Rudra and then you will be threaded in the rosary around the neck of Vishnu (deity-angel).

 Song: Salutations to Shiva (the Benefactor).

Sweet Children,

Whose praise you listened in the song, it is the praise of Supreme God-Father. In Bharat-India, there was purity, peace and happiness. When there is no peace within, there cant be peace and happiness in the world. People in the world don’t have peace because they don’t know about God and the self, the soul who does all actions through body. Soul’s original religion is peace.

Soul is the resident of soul world, soul perform its role in the world through the body. Peace is its original nature. People keep wandering for peace, they don’t know soul is a combination of mind and intellect, soul is the progeny of God.

Everyone talks about peace. The master of the whole world is only one God. The Highest on high is the God Shiv (Benefactor).  People praise God but don’t know who really God is. It is a great sin to call soul as God.

The Purifier is only one God. Now, every soul has become impure – vicious. In reality people have to remember only One God. Even the great souls never understand about the Supreme God-Father. God comes in Bharat to make the souls pure. God comes in confluence age. Here God Himself comes and make the souls pure.

When there was purity in golden age, there was only one religion in Bharat – India. Bharat was heaven, only pure souls lived there, and other souls were present in soul world. No one knows what is soul and Supreme Soul. Soul is a point of light in which the role of 84births is recorded in it. Every world cycle, the soul who comes first on earth takes maximum 84births. Those who came in the beginning, they will know  about God and would come once again in the beginning of golden age.

This knowledge is given to you only by God Himself, who is known as world almighty authority. God gives His introduction to you by various means. I come and explain you the essence of all scriptures through the body of Adam-Brahma.

How God created this sacrificial fire of knowledge – Rajaswa Aswamedh Rudr Gyan Yagya, it is not mentioned in any scriptures. Everything of this world will be sacrificed in it. You have to forget your body and bodily religions – relations and remember one God-Father  alone. If Incorporeal God comes, certainly He would come in a body and establish the original religion of peace, love and happiness.

In subtle world, the body exists in a very subtle form, it is the world of angels. The soul who never has a body keeps wandering and it is known as ghost. They look like a shade and they cannot be caught hold of.

God-Father says, if you remember Me, your sins will be removed and at the end you will leave the body in God’s remembrance.

The knowledge of Gita what you learn, has very little knowledge like salt in a bag of flour.

Remember God-Father at least eight hours in a day. God appears on earth and teaching you Raja Yoga. I come to establish one religion. Now, there are many religions. 5000years before, in golden age, there was only one original religion. Every soul will go back after settling their karmic accounts.

The sacrificial fire of knowledge what is created by God is the Eternal Godly fire of knowledge, this is not an ordinary fire created by physical materials. All that is left out will be sacrificed in this sacrificial fire of knowledge.

Children, to become pure, remain in remembrance of God atleast eight hours in a day.

People don’t know when the worship of deities began. God comes and gives you the knowledge of nectar and hence there are temples in the name of Somnath. There is also a temple of Babulnath, one who transforms the thorn like hurting soul in to a fragrant flower.

God-Father says, I come only once in this confluence age, when the devotion of every soul comes to an end. God is only One, The incarnation is also only One. Yours is RajaYoga. Sanyasis have physical yoga. Bharat – India was supported by sanyasis by their purity.

Bharat was known as the golden sparrow. You had become impure and by the power of yoga-remembrance, you once again become pure. You call out for God to make you pure.

At this time, every soul remains impure. And once again the pure world is being created.Only One God-Father is the one who gives liberation and liberation in life to all souls, the children of God. You all are the child of Ocean of knowledge. You make everyone  go through the pilgrimage of remembrance. You remain doubly non-violent . You never use the weapon of violence and lust. You win over the lust, attain inheritance of heaven through God.

You are the brothers and sisters amongst each other, children of Supreme Incorporeal God-Father.Hence you have to become vice-less to attain the inheritance of pure kingdom. Now, this is your final birth of so many births and hence you have to become very pure like a fragrant flower.

Through God-Father you have become so much knowledge-full. You have the knowledge of complete world cycle in your intellect.

I am the Seed of the world human tree. Seed is the God-Father, all religions appear one by one from the world human tree. Now, God explains you  this knowledge to make you worthy. You are all known as SukhDev – the one who gives happiness.

You are the souls who played the role in golden age and you have the knowledge of the world cycle and the creation of the new world. The scriptures never exist in golden age, the knowledge of world cycle is very simple to understand.


Essence for dharna:

1. Very little time remains. A lot of time has gone by and only a little remains. Therefore, whatever breath remains, use that in a worthwhile way in remembrance of the Father. Settle the karmic account of sins committed in the past.

 2. In order to stabilise in your original religion of peace, definitely become pure. Where there is purity, there is peace. My original religion is peace. I am a child of the Father, the Ocean of Peace. Experience this.

Blessing: May you be soul conscious and full of good wishes and increase your account of accumulation through your every word.

 Through words, you experience both the intention and the feeling (faith). If every word has good and elevated wishes and soul-conscious intentions, your account of accumulation increases through those words. If your words have the slightest percentage of jealousy, criticism or dislike, there is greater loss through those words. Powerful words mean words which have attainment and essence in them. If there is no essence in those words, those words go into the account of waste.

 Slogan: To find a solution to every excuse and to remain constantly content is to become a jewel of contentment.