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The importance of practicing being a karma yogi one moment and karmateet very next moment.

01.05.11 Avyakt Murli dated 4.08.1972
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Essence: Signs of those who are Serviceable, Sensible and Essence-full.
Do you see yourself as serviceable, sensible and essence-full. Do you experience these virtues same like the Father? Do you see the symbol-God of present time (confluence age) and are you making yourself equal like him in all three virtues, in complete percentage, all three together?
According to the time of this confluence age, how much you have reached the percentage of this spiritual effort, it has to be 95%? With this aim, are you increasing your speed of effort?
If you are less than 95%, then know that you are very far from the final stage, it will be difficult to reach the stage of the father, equal like Him.
The Brahma-Adam had been explaining about his stage, being detached, you also have to know about your original level of stage. Others have to experience your stage. So, increase your percentage of effort.
Check the percentage of  these three - serviceable, sensible and essence-full – within yourself.
Check according to the present time, can you call yourself as serviceable? For Serviceable ones, their every thought, word and actions will be of service, their thought will naturally do service, their thought will be naturally towards the service for the world, there will not be any waste thoughts, they are known as serviceable. If you have a job, your thought and action, even the dreams will go accordingly. Similarly the serviceable have the job of doing service.
The Sensible can stabilize himself in the aim object even now itself (not after reaching the golden age). Sensible means one who is knowledgeable. It is said by people that knowledgeable one takes every step by knowing past and present , in physical life. Here you are the trikaldarshi children, the unlimited - knowledgeable, you know the past , present and future and do every action. The serviceable one will have the awareness of previous cycle of being victorious for innumerable times, I am victorious - with this awareness whatever action they do , they will be victorious in every action. So, you must have the knowledge of all three periods in all actions. If any action –words or actions become unsuccessful, the reason is you do not do that with the awareness of three periods of time. For this reason, seeing the issues of present time, you become fearful. Because of fear, there is no success. The sensible knows the secret of the unlimited, by knowing the three periods of time, perform all actions and speak every word, then time, thought and words will not be wasted. If anyone wastes their time and thought, it is said they are not knowledgeable. Likewise Serviceable never use their thought and time on waste actions, they never come into the waste company or waste situations.
The Essenceful will have the fragrance of spirituality. The spiritual fragrance means the power of spirituality, will be present in them by which they will very easily attract anyone towards them like the physical fragrance attract everyone. Like this, anyone who comes close to the essence-ful they will be naturally attracted. Their speciality is that, by being far away, they will attract the souls who are very far, they will be attracted by the power of spirituality. Like you transform the situations and ether-nature, without speaking anything to them by the power of spirituality, like you transform the nature-situations from impure  to pure by the power of mind, like that, when the souls of the world, even if they are far away, they will receive the introduction , the main message of the Father through the intellect , through you. You are the world benefactors, is it possible to give the message to everyone being in front of them, you will do it being away from them, in a subtle form. Your subtle machinery has to be very fast that the souls of devotees and the knowledgeable souls, will receive your fragrance of spirituality being far away and you will do the service of being a world Benefactor.
Now, you are making the plans of world benefactor but it is not in practical. Later, when the subtle machinery starts, the practical role will begin. The soul who are impatient-longing will receive the God’s message through you and then the role of world benefactor will happen in practical. The role of world benefactor, you have done a very little. You will touch the intellect of souls who are very far away by the subtle machinery of being master knowledge-full , they will long to see you even for a second, and this will happen through you in practical and then you will do the service of the world.
When there is some festival, so many souls become anxious to see the image of deities especially on that particular day , this memorial happens only because it has happened in practical with you.
You souls are known as the rivers  of ganga, appeared from the Ocean of knowledge. Your role is to make the souls filled up with greenery of New world, removing the dryness of the old world.
You souls give the eternal knowledge to souls and save them from the uncertain deaths which never happen in golden age. In golden age, you change your old body by your own wish, not by force, like you change your old dress by yourself. So, give the good news to the suffering souls that, you save them from uncertain death for 21births. Give everyone the vibration of love and happiness to transform them.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success and handle all service everywhere by remaining stable in your karmateet (free from the bondage of actions) stage.
As you progress further, in order to handle all the expansion of service everywhere, you will have to adopt various methods because letters, telephones, telegrams etc. will not work at that time. At such a time you will need a wireless set. For this, practise being a karma yogi one moment and remain stable in the karmateet stage in the next moment. Only then, through the success of your thoughts will you be able to be co-operative in service.
Slogan: The form of the loving sustenance from God is your easy yogi life.
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Neither in subtle world nor in Soul world the Golden age-Heaven exists but on Earth.

Murli 30.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, become pure and you will become worthy of doing spiritual service. Soul-conscious children stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and also enable others to stay on this pilgrimage.
Question: How does the income that you children earn at the confluence age become your true income?
Answer: The income you earn at this time lasts for 21 births. Through this income you never become bankrupt. To listen to knowledge and give it to others and to stay in remembrance and inspire others to do the same is the true income that only the true Father teaches you to earn. Throughout the whole cycle, no one else can earn such an income. No other income goes with you.
Song: We have to walk on that path where we fall and we therefore also have to take care.
Sweet Children,
In devotion, children have suffered a lot, kept falling down, you do lot of pilgrimages, listen to scriptures with love and even cry thinking that Ram’s sita was taken by Ravan, you do not benefit by these stories.
You cry out to God, to come and purify the souls but you think soul is stain free and cannot become impure, but soul becomes sorrowful.
It is said by mistake that, soul is indifferent to sorrow and happiness because God is indifferent to sorrow and happiness. Now you children understand the truth. Even in this knowledge, sometimes you become happy and sometimes you become sorrowful, this is the battle with maya-vices.
When you lose the consciousness, you get the eternal medicine of Manmanabhav (to remember the God-Father) to come awake.
In devotion there is lot of decorations for the deities and the properties belong to the trustee.
Now, you know that you were decorated with lot of jewels (in golden age), but now you do not have any jewels with you, you have become completely ordinary. Father says, I come in an ordinary body.
You know that, how you were pure by body and soul in golden age, the decoration would be natural and you were beautiful. You used to wear very good jewelleries with studded diamonds.
Here, even the cows have become so black. You children are becoming the master of golden age. In golden age,  even the cow dung remains powerful to become a good manure.
There in golden age, everything remains powerful unlike here, where everything is power-less.
Children have seen in trance that, how the fruits are cut and how it is tasted in golden age.
Golden age exist on Earth but neither in subtle world nor in Soul world.
In golden age, things are available according to the status.
Here, you just go to see the palaces but live in other places, and palaces are left for public view.
Now you are becoming pure. In golden age, the palaces will be first class, even the cows will be first class.
Here those who maintain the cows (Gujar) say that, they are the clan of Krishna. In golden age, they will say they belong to the kingdom of Krishna.
The Gujar name belongs to the Golden age.
You were deities and you are becoming deity once again.
Father is establishing the golden age through the Brahma-Adam, later when you come into the devotion, you call yourself Hindu. You originally belong to the ancient deity religion.
Father comes and makes you vice-less from being vicious. How you come down the ladder, you know now.
You are following the direction of the Father now, to climb up the ladder of 84births. Through God, you come to know about the world cycle, your life is most valuable and you are great that you become eligible to do spiritual service. You remain in soul conscious and make the souls to do spiritual pilgrimage.
You souls remained pure. The stains appear in the soul. The more you remember the Father, that much you will become pure. If you remember less, the bondage of sins remain with you.
Every one has different role to play. The highest role is of Brahma-Adam. Those who establish will also sustain.
Krishna has his own body. God Shiv (Benefactor) takes the help of the body of Brahma-Adam.
Only God is knowledge-full, He is known as the One who purifies.
The word, Shiv Baba is very sweet.
Everything depends upon the power of Yog-remembrance. By the power of yog, you can imbibe the virtues very easily.
Now, the Father teaches you, the knowledge, in confluence age, which will not exist in golden age.
Learning the knowledge and teaching, happens only now, not in golden age.
Human beings earn becoming a barrister. Here Father teaching you the highest knowledge and you earn a true income which stays with you for 21births. Here in iron age, what you earn do not help much. Only you understand this.
You must not forget the Father and the inheritance.
The most important is to remember the Father and receive the inheritance for 21births. You have to remain very happy. You find difficult to remember the Father, you find many obstacles to remember the Father and many fail in this effort of remembrance. To the possible extent, you have to become strong in remembrance. The knowledge of Seed and the World cycle is not that important compared to the remembrance.
Everything depends upon remembrance. You have to remember the Sweet Father, He is the highest on high, He gives eternal happiness, He gives you the inheritance of heaven, you become the master of heaven.
If you do not remember the Father, everything else comes to your mind.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. This Godly life is very, very valuable. Make both the soul and the body pure in this life. Stay on the spiritual pilgrimage and teach others this pilgrimage.
2. Occupy yourself as much as possible, in earning a true income. In order to become free from disease become strong in remembrance.
Blessing: May you be constantly cheerful and remain beyond the dirt of Maya-vices, on the basis of remembrance.
When any type of situation comes in front of you, just leave it to the Father. Say from your heart, “Baba!” and the situation will end. To say “Baba” from your heart is magic. Maya first of all makes you forget the Father and you must therefore simply pay attention to this and you will then experience yourself to be like a lotus. On the basis of remembrance, you will always remain beyond the dirt of the problems of Maya. You will never fluctuate in any situation and your mood will always be cheerful.
Slogan: A great soul is one who puts the imbibing and religion of purity into his practical life.
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The religion of Soul and God - Supreme Soul is peace.

Murli 29.04.11
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Essence: Sweet children, whenever you have time, sit in solitude and remember the true Beloved Father because it is only by having remembrance that you will receive the sovereignty of heaven.
Question: Now that you have found the Father, what carelessness should you finish?
Answer: Some children become careless and say that they belong to the Baba (Father) anyway. They don’t make effort to stay in remembrance. They repeatedly forget to stay in remembrance. This is carelessness. Baba says: Children, if you stay in remembrance you will experience permanent happiness. There won’t be any type of choking. Just as those who are in bondage stay in remembrance desperately day and night, in the same way, you also have to stay in constant remembrance.
Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.
Sweet Children,
Father explains to the Children, You also say Om shanti like Father, it means you soul and the Father-the Supreme Soul both are embodiment of peace. The religion of soul and God is peace. You and the Father both live in the land of peace. But you children take births but I do not come into the cycle of birth and death. I appear in this body of Brahma-Adam.
You are becoming pure now and take inheritance from the One father not from Brahma-Adam.
God is the Ocean of knowledge, you are all the souls known as rivers.
The rivers of knowledge have their individual bodies but not the Ocean of knowledge.
Here, the Ocean (God) and Brahmaputra (Brahma-Adam) remain combined.
These things are explained only by God not by any scriptures. Scriptures belong to the devotion, here it is the knowledge.
The Supreme Soul is the Ocean of knowledge comes only in confluence age and gives you salvation.
You are creating the fate-destiny of golden age, you were deities in golden and silver ages, now you are all human beings are becoming deities once again, you had to come down taking 84births, these are explained to you by God Father Himself.
You take 84births, those who come first, take complete 84births,now by the power of yog, your sins are removed. Many children are good at knowledge but poor in remembrance of the Father.
The souls who live in household and in bondages remember the father, a lot.
Storms of maya come to you, who live here, stopping you from remembering the father.
Those who are in bondages remain in remembrance day and night, but you become careless in remembrance, those who live here with the Brahma-Adam.
If you remember the Father and the golden age, you will become more happy.
You had seen sufferings and death in the world of death. The uncertain death or death due to illness never happens in golden age, there you live an eternal life, when the time comes, you yourself leave one body and take another, Golden age is called the world of happiness.
You children know that you were the resident of heaven and you played the role of 84births, but what stage you have reached now, all this happens only in Bharat.
You were pure for 21births, then you lose your status, the world cycle is easy to understand.
Those who become worthy here, come in golden age. Important is about purity.
From copper age, you indulge in vice, now you are becoming vice-less in nature.
By indulging in vice you become dark and by knowledge you become light-bright.
You have to make promise that you will remain pure.
GodFather is the Father and the most beloved, the Purifier, He is the beloved of all you Sitas. He comes and gives the inheritance only during the confluence age.
The Ram of silver age never carry the bow and arrow, it is wrongly mentioned in scriptures that Ram fought war with Ravan.You understand the secret of the complete world cycle through the GodFather.
You are becoming deities from human beings, this is known as the true story of LakshmiNarayan.
There is also the Eternal story. It is the story of receiving the third eye of knowledge.
Now, you children have to become soul conscious. Through this body, you are becoming deities, virtuous in nature like deities.
God comes and makes you soul conscious but people say soul becomes Supreme Soul, Supreme soul takes all forms, which is a lie.
God says, I am like a point of light. Now , Father comes and explains you everything. When Father Himself explains, you should have faith in it, He speaks only Truth since He is known as the Truth.
The faithful ones become victorious and doubtful-confused ones fail.
The effort is to become soul conscious, whatever actions you do, let the intellect be connected with the One Father. Whenever you find time, remain in remembrance.
Even when you find time in between your work, sit in isolation , you have to give introduction of the Father to every soul.
You were living in golden age, you have become the resident of iron age, now you have to become the resident of golden age once again.
Those who belong to Muslim, Sikhs and Christian religion will also come to you because this knowledge belongs to all souls, this knowledge is very easy to understand but Purity is required to follow the Godly directions.
You attain elevated status for 21births in Golden and Silver ages. Later your status comes down.
The Lord of the Human tree is God Himself.
Now, you have to remember the God alone and become pure, only this much Father asks you to do, so that, you will become the master of heaven.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Practise being soul conscious while doing everything. Make effort to finish the arrogance of the body.
2. In order to become worthy of the golden-aged sovereignty, have royal manners. Purity is the highest type of behaviour. It is only by becoming pure that you will become the masters of the pure world.
Blessing: May you be an emperor of the land of happiness and become an embodiment of solutions by revising every point of knowledge.
Every day revise the points of knowledge in your diaries and intellects, and experience them and you will easily be able to find a solution to any type of problems. Never waste time trying to break the rock of problems with the hammer of waste thoughts. Take a high jump with the awareness of the word “drama” and move forward and those old sanskars will then become your servants. However, first of all, become an emperor and be seated on the throne.
Slogan: To give regard to each and every one is to receive regard.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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In golden age,you get visions of where you will take birth,never fear death.

Murli 28.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, you have received all the goods that the Father has. Imbibe these and inspire others to do the same.
Question: Why does the Trikaldarshi (One who knows the past, present and future) Father not tell you today anything of tomorrow, even though He knows the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama?
Answer: Baba (Father) says: Children, if I tell you everything in advance, there would be no pleasure in the drama. This is not the law. Although I know everything, I am still bound by the drama. I cannot tell you anything in advance, and this is why you mustn’t worry about what will happen.
Song: to die in Your lane, to live in Your lane...
Sweet Children,
This is the song of the soul. Father speaks only to the soul – children. Every soul is an heir, one who has the right to receive the inheritance from the Father. Hence you have to remember the Father very much, there is effort in this. Father comes from very far beyond – the Supreme abode unlike the physical gurus who live in the physical world.
The God is the Ocean of Godly knowledge, He is the seed form of human tree, He is known as Sat Chit Anand, He has all the goods-knowledge and virtues, He is the Ocean of knowledge, bliss, peace. Father says, these goods are available with Me, and I come during confluence age to deliver these goods, and you receive according to your effort.
You know accurately what is available with God. This time, no one knows about the future.
When the fire starts, everything gets destroyed. The kings hide underground and never come out. Whatever you hide in this iron age will not be used in golden age. Therein golden age, everything will be new, Science will help you in a refined form.
You children have all this knowledge, you know the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.
Only little time is left now, I come and meet you at the end of iron age, I am also bound by the world drama, you must  have the courage to see the happenings of the world, being detached.
It is said whatever happens, you have to see being detached, if someone leaves the body, they go and take new birth, so why do you have to worry?
Whatever happens now has happened even before in the same way accurately, the history and geography of the world will repeat as it is.
You are becoming free from vices and from copper age, once again you start involve in vices, this time you become victorious over vices by the power of knowledge. During golden age, you are soul conscious and in iron age, everyone is body conscious and in confluence age, you become soul conscious along with the knowledge of God, which you do not have in golden age. You are the most elevated and only you receive the knowledge of God and soul.
It is said if you want to ask about the super-sensuous joy, it has to be asked with the gopes. When you attain a fortune and become rich, you become more happy. You become happy by knowing the about the Father and according to your effort, you attain the elevated status from the Father.
The most important is, you have to remember the most beloved father, who is the beloved father of all souls, who gives peace and happiness to all. There in golden age, they do not call king and queen but called Maharaja and Maharani – Great King and Great Queen. Human beings and deities are not called as God.
The highest is the soul world and second is subtle world and third is the physical world.
The father of souls is God Shiv (God Benefactor) and He is the Teacher, Father and Guru. He is known as Sonar (one who deals with gold) and Barrister. He relieves every soul from the jail of vices and gives the kingdom of golden age. Why do you say that you forget such a father? Father says, this will happen, you have to make effort, it is a battle between you and the vices. Father comes and just gives you the method to remember Him. You must not do any sins. Father says, if you remember Me, the vices-maya cannot wage war on you.
People on death bed ask for heaven - happiness. Now, all you Sitas are in the land of sorrows – shok vatika, in the jail of Ravan-vices, the whole world is lanka. Now, you all have to remember the Ram, the God. Golden age is known as ashok vatika – free from vices.
You children have to remember the Father with effort so that you will remain happy constantly. If you do not follow the father, you attain less status in golden age. You do not receive any direction from Krishna. You receive the Shrimat – Godly direction and attain the kingdom. When you follow the direction of Ravan-vices , you fall. Only god gives you the elevated direction and by which you become pure.
The first sin is to fall in the sea of poison- lust-vices. In golden age, children are born by the power of yog, deities are soul conscious but not God conscious. You children are soul conscious and God conscious as well. In Golden age, no one has the knowledge of God, just before leaving the body, they know that they have to take birth at a particular place, they get visions to leave the old body and take a new birth , become a child. You become the master of heaven by the power of yog, and children are born by the power of yog (remembrance practiced during the confluence age). By the power of yog, you can transform any thing but that much you do not experience.
Many sanyasis are very much careful in taking food, they chant mantra and purify the food what they eat. Father gives direction that remain in remembrance and take food, you must not eat any dirty things because you are becoming deities and you have to become pure like deities.
You know everything by knowing Me and nothing has to be known further. In Golden age, the study is different, you do not learn anything of this world of death. Once the actions of world of death finishes, then the actions of the Eternal world begins.
You know you are becoming the master of the eternal world and hence you have to remain in super-sensous joy at all times. You are receving the direction of Supreme Father and Father says, I have come to take you back home, you have to be more happy that you will go back home along with Supreme Father and this is known as Super-sensuous joy, these thing never happen in golden age. You all belong to the Godly family.
The resident of Soul world, the God Father comes and teaches you this elevated study, He is the Father , Teacher and the Guru, and all three serve you as a servant. He does not have any type of arrogance. Father says, I have come to serve you, I give you knowledge, peace, bliss, love and later I would rest in soul world. People sign as Obedient servant, Father is bodiless, egoless, no one can teach you such an elevated study, human beings do not have this knowledge. Brahma-Adam and you children are not taught by any guru of physical world.
Here Father, who is the purifier, establishes the religion of ancient deity religion. He says, I come at the confluence age of every cycle. Father comes and purifies the impure. Father is making you pure for 21births. All these points are to be imbibed and explained to every soul. You receive the inheritance of 21births from the Supreme Father, and this is the Supreme Bliss.
You receive the knowledge of world cycle only now. And only Father makes you remain blissful, being combined with the God. You experience the result of actions whatever you do in confluence age, in golden age, for 21births. By remembering that you are receiving inheritance for 21births, you will remain in super-sensuous joy. In golden age, deities do not know how they attained such an elevated status. If they had the knowledge, it would have been followed since then, till now. Deities  do not get the Supreme bliss which you receive at this time. They experience the blissful life by the reward of actions, of this time-confluence age, but they do not experience the qualities of Father what you receive-experience now, by which you become knowledgeful and blissful unlike the deities.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become deities, you have to observe great cleanliness with your food and drink. Move along while observing all precautions. Purify your food by giving it drishti (divine power of third eye) with the power of yoga before taking it.
2. We are children and students of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He has come now to take us back to His home. Maintain this intoxication and experience supreme happiness and supreme bliss.
Blessing: May you grant a vision of the avyakt (bodiless) angel in the corporeal form who is dressed in white and is white light.
The sound has spread everywhere: Who are these people in white and where have they come from? In the same way, now grant a vision of the angelic form. This is known as the form of double service. Just as clouds are dispersed everywhere, in the same way, emerge everywhere in your angelic form. Wherever people look, they should only see the angelic form. However, this will only happen when you become detached from your body and practise touring around everywhere with the inner subtle body. Then your mind will also become powerful.
Slogan: In order to claim a right to all virtues and all powers, become obedient.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Constant remembrance of God and purity make you happy and attractive at all times.

Murli 27.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, remember Alpha and beta and you will become very entertaining. The Father is entertaining and so His children too should be entertaining.
Question: Why is everyone attracted to the images of the deities? What special virtue do they have?
Answer: Deities are very entertaining and pure. Because of their entertaining nature their images attract everyone a great deal. The special virtue that deities have is purity and it is because of this virtue that impure human beings bow down to the idols of them. Only those who have all divine virtues are entertaining and remain constantly happy.
Sweet Children,
This is the gathering of Soul and Supreme Soul, which happens only during this confluence age.
You are the children of unlimited Father, so you must be more entertaining.
All cannot remain entertaining equally, those who are happy and have divine virtues remain entertaining like Radha Krishna. By looking at them, they are attracted to everyone due to their purity of body and soul. The impure soul are attracted to pure soul, fall at their feet. The power of purity makes everyone bow down.
Even Sanyasis bow down in front of deities even if it is just images. In front of image of deities and God Shiv (The Benefactor God), people lose their ego and bow down.
Like God is entertaining, those who are created (through Knowledge) by Him are also very entertaining.
The attraction of deity is due to purity which even reflects in their images of present time. You have the attraction same like God attracts. The attraction becomes permanent, numberwise. Even amongst you, those who specially remain in remembrance are attracted more.
By pilgrimage of remembrance, you certainly become pure. The attraction is in purity and purity makes you attracted to the study.
You know the occupation of Lakshmi and Narayan, how much they would have remembered the God and practiced Raja Yoga? Father is teaching you the Raja Yoga (by which you become master of senses and attain kingdom in heaven). He is the Father, Teacher and He is the one who takes you back home-soul world.
Remain constantly happy and you remain happy constantly if you have constant remembrance of the Father.
You know that you become entertaining now and will become entertaining in future – golden age.
The study of this time make you earn a true income for future. What you study in devotion gives you an income for a very short time, but here you attain an elevated fortune for a very long time. Hence you have to be more careful in this study.
You, one who learns and the God, who is teaching, are very ordinary in their form. Otherwise you will feel ashamed, will like to wear good dress. Why Brahma-Adam remains in an ordinary way?, because he is in the retirement stage.
Now, you have to remain bondage free, every one has to go to the land of liberation, golden age.The stage of retirement – to remain bondage free is to keep yourself free from the ego of body and quality of dress-clothes. If you wear costly dress, amongst you, you feel that, you do not have such costly dress. You intoxicate others in knowledge and let them be attracted in spirituality and God.
You may wash clothes, clean plates, if anyone comes to you, give the knowledge-remembrance of God to everyone, so that, they are attracted to God and become intoxicated. Your knowledge of Gita is the highest and earns a highest income.
The influence of power, by the power of yoga, you make others influenced-stunned by the Godly authority. They will not speak anything else, they will go beyond sound like you remain beyond sound.
You can give the direction to anyone to become the master of heaven. You have to remain in your intoxication. You have remembrance with you but you lack in the sharpness of yog. You must have purity in subtle level so that you receive more power.
Like you earn by worldly study, here it is remembrance. Father is the almighty authority and children receive power from the Father, you children of God but that much purity what God has, you do not have.
Now you have to reach your aim object. You should feel mercy on ignorance of souls, you have received the third eye of knowledge now, you know the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.
Hear no evil, see no evil, talk no evil, this picture is not understood by people of the world. You understand that you are becoming knowledge-full like the father. Many are more intoxicated number-wise. If you do not attain the complete inheritance from the father, then there is no use in belonging to the father. Every day you have to check your spiritual income. Government staff never checks the daily income but the business men do. Every day, check your earnings and income. Father is Saudagar and Ratnagar. He gives the Sauda-gift of elevated eternal treasures-ratan of knowledge. Not everyone has the shrewd intellect. They do not fill their apron of intellect with the treasures of knowledge.
Soul is filled with knowledge, the soul is very small- point of light, it has to know about the God. Somnath temple is there (in Gujarat), where the point of light is being worshipped . The form is very small but the value-worth is the highest.
Father has said even before that by the devotion of chanting and other effort, you keep falling down. This is the ladder of rise and fall of world-Bharat, where you keep coming down and climbing up the full ladder of 84births, only you do this, no other soul takes complete 84births.
Father says, I am the Almighty Authority because I never become impure, I know the essence of all scriptures. The soul has the role of 84births, it never disappears, the cycle keeps repeating. The God and Soul have their eternal and imperishable role to be played.
The soul is a point which cannot be seen. You do unlimited sacrifice-renunciate, you are the raj rishi who remain completely pure to attain the kingdom in golden and silver ages.
You know that you are returning home, you are in the steamer of the boatman, you have to go to the golden age certainly, via soul world-land of peace. When you were in golden age, only your continent existed, now by the power of yog, you will attain the kingdom, not by any physical battle.
The world game has been created, you know the world history and geography. You, deities, ruled the kingdom in golden age, and you know how you come down the ladder, you know the game of coming down and climbing up the ladder, your role is of hero and heroine, you lose to gain victory and kingdom in this world cycle.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. You are now in a state of simplicity. Therefore, you have to remain very simple. There should not be the slightest arrogance of the body or clothes. While performing any actions, there should be elevated intoxication of the Father’s remembrance.
2. You are unlimited renunciates and Raj Rishis. Remain in this intoxication and become pure. Become full of the wealth of knowledge and donate it. Become a true businessman and keep a chart of your remembrance.
Blessing: May you be constantly unshakeable and immovable on the stage of a detached observer with the experience of the point of the drama.
Those who are experienced in the point of the drama always remain in a constant, unshakeable and immovable stage of a detached observer. A soul who is experienced in the point of the drama will never see anything bad even if someone is bad and will only see the goodness, that is, he will be able to see a way of benefit for the self. The account of a loss to the self finishes. You are the children of the Benefactor Father. This is the beneficial age. With the authority of this knowledge and experience, become unshakeable and immovable.
Slogan: Those who use their time in a worthwhile way considering it to be invaluable will not be deceived at any time.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

Monday, 25 April 2011

There is the tree of human beings and (inverted) tree of souls, showing the location of each soul.

Murli 26.4.11
Essence: Sweet children, become as merciful as the Father and show many others this path. The children who remain busy in service day and night are the courageous ones.
Question: What is the main basis of making your fortune elevated?
Answer: The pilgrimage of remembrance. To the extent that you stay in remembrance, you accordingly make your fortune elevated. While doing everything for the livelihood of your body, continue to remember the Father and the inheritance and your fortune will continue to become elevated.
Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.
Sweet Children,
When children are born, according to their actions, some are born as rich and others as poor. Like the way they have performed good and bad actions, accordingly they take birth.
Children bring the fate with you. You bring the destiny of heaven, there is connection of destiny with the pilgrimage of remembrance of God (in His true form and nature).
In just a second, you receive the liberation in life. Everyone has to check yourself how you are making effort. You have to follow them, those who do good service, every soul has to be given the introduction of the Father. The world history will be known along with His introduction. The Saints and holy men cannot give the history and geography of world cycle, no one knows about the heaven and inheritance. But you know about the Father and the Inheritance.
You have to remain in remembrance, you have to do service. Those who are bondage free can do a lot of service. If there is no child-heirs, you remain free from bondage, like you are in retirement stage. Then to go to the land of liberation, you need the good company. In devotion, you are in the company of renunciates, they cannot give you the inheritance of household life of golden age, only God can give.
You know the history and geography of the world of 84births. The No.1prince is Sri Krishna, in golden age, he is loved  the most. The worship happens to the No.1. People do not know how many Sri Krishna lived. Sri Krishna is only one but there are eight dynasty of Lakshmi and Narayan.
You have to make effort to become No.1, you have to follow the Brahma-Adam and Saraswathi-Eve.
You have to make elevated effort to born among kings in golden age. There they do not have the title of kings and queens, but later.
In satsangs, human beings teach devotion to human beings. They cannot give liberation by teaching the knowledge. Vedas and Scriptures are of devotion and salvation is of knowledge.
No soul can go back in the middle, Every soul has to go together at the end of the world cycle. The section of every religion is different in soul world, there is also a tree of souls. There is tree of living souls – human beings. You children know that you soul is separate from the body and this is known as dying a living death.
You leave all the relations of body by intellect (by looking at everyone as a soul) and go back home.
To remember the God is very easy. You have to make everyone remember the Father to get rid of the sins.
Those who are a very good yogi, they should not leave the body earlier. Because they remain in remembrance - yog and do spiritual service. If they leave the body, they cannot do service, By doing service they attain elevated status and help the brothers and sisters on spiritual service.
Father says, if you remember Me, your sins will be removed. You tell everyone that your soul becomes impure from pure and later becomes pure to go to the pure world.
Soul has to become pure by the pilgrimage of remembrance. You have to keep the chart of remembrance.
You have to see how much bondage of sins can be removed. You remember the Supreme abode and the Heavenly abode. There will be natural disasters, bombs are being created for death and other end they say we have to stop creating destruction weapons, the weapons are kept under the sea. They come out of the sea hit with target and go back into the sea. These weapons are created for own death.
All big palaces - buildings which are being built will be destroyed, the battle has to happen. Everyone’s pocket will become empty. Lot of money is being spent on battle, everything (of old world) has to be destroyed. By bombs, one third of the world will be devastated and one part will be left out. Bharat remains in the left out portion. The death has to happen for everyone, then why not you take complete inheritance from the God Father.
You have to maintain good relationships with everyone but there should not be bondage, and if you are free from bondages, you can do a lot of service, to many souls.
You have to show mercy to your own relatives, You know the path and hence you have to be merciful towards others. Father says, Remember Me to get rid of sins. The sanyasis make a lot of effort, here you have to just remember the Father, there is no difficulty in this.
By listening to the Gita, through the Father, you attain liberation, not by listening through human beings.
By doing charitable action (in body consciousness), you fall down, now you have to climb up.
You know that the heaven is big but shown small in pictures. In golden age, golden palaces were there but later disappear and Bharat becomes poor. From being rich, becomes poor, and this drama has been made accordingly.
Even the new child has to be taught to do service. In many centres, children spoil the atmosphere by wandering intellect.
Those who make mistakes-sins suffer, which can be reduced by saying to the father or by self realization of mistakes. You say, your habit never gets changed.
Many do good service and many others do disservice.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become free from bondage and engage yourself in the Father’s service. Only then will you make your fortune elevated. Become merciful and show many others the path. Become a stick for the blind.
2. Remove all attachment from your body and die alive because you now have to return home. Even during an illness, only remember the one Father and your sins will be absolved.
Blessing: May you constantly have unshakeable faith in the intellect and make every task easy with the authority of the Almighty Father.
When you have the unshakeable faith that you are carrying out every task with the authority of the most elevated Almighty Father, no one can prevent you. No matter how big a task you carry out with this awareness, you will experience it to be extremely easy. Science nowadays has prepared such machinery that you can receive an answer to any question and you are freed from using your brain. Similarly, when you keep the Almighty Authority in front of you, you will easily receive an answer to all your questions and you will experience this path to be easy.
Slogan: The power of concentration can transform the stage of being influenced by something.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

I appear on earth just like a soul which appears in a medium to share the life after death.

Murli 25.04.11

Essence: Sweet children, this iron age is now to come to an end. Therefore, keep your faces towards heaven.

Question: What method does the Father tell His children in order to make them into charitable souls?
Answer: If you children want to become charitable souls, become free from making mistakes. Ravan-five vices has made you make many mistakes. While making mistakes you have become sinful souls. It is Ravan that makes you make mistakes of anger and lust. Baba-GodFather has come to make you gain victory over these vices. Now become - and free from mistakes.

Song: Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Sweet Children,
The seat of great (brahm) element, soul world is the place where Soul and Supreme Soul reside.

Father and children both are residents of soul world.

God is known as the Father. The God does not have a body, He is known as the Purifier, God Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of  peace….

Children sing the praise of the Father but do not know about Him. This is also fixed in the world drama, the game of sorrow and happiness.

Souls come here from the land of peace to play different roles. Originally, the soul is the resident of land of peace. Later you had to come in to action. Other souls appear in mothers womb but not God, the Supreme Soul. Every soul has their unique role to play.

You call the God as the Mother and the Father.How Father can teach you the RajaYoga without appearing on the physical earth? Hence Father says, I appear in a body for a very short period.

Earlier days, when you were pure, people give food to the Brahmins to call the soul which has left the body. They call the soul and ask about their well being and where they are. Earlier days, this practice was there. Everything is fixed in the world drama. Now since it has become impure, these things never happen.

When those souls can come on a body of a Brahmin, is it not possible for Me (God) to appear in a body (of Brahma-Adam)? Father makes you understand that, He can also come. When the residents of Bharat lose their religion and (elevated) actions, I come once again.

Deities remained completely virtuous, 16celestial degrees complete in (16) arts, viceless. In golden age, children are born by the power of remembrance-yog. Now , you are learning the power of yog  to become the master of heaven.

Lust is the greatest enemy which never exists in golden age. When you overcome lust, you will become the master of the pure world.
The most important is to remember the most beloved Father, the God of all souls. The unlimited Creator comes only in Bharat. He comes with the gift of heaven and the kingdom of  heaven, on this impure world.

Father says, make your intellect free from all other relationships and remember the One Father alone. You are the karma yogi-one who performs action in remembrance of One Father. You have to lead the household life.

Father explains, human beings take births as human beings only, never born as animals.

Deities do not have knowledge, they attain the fruit of knowledge – by the powers of yoga. True Knowledge – Gita of God, never exist in golden age. Now it’s time for more natural calamities.


Essence for dharna:
1. Only Shiv Baba  (the Benefactor Father) is the most beloved. Therefore, remember Him with a lot of love. Become true Vaishnavs- one who follows purity. Don’t make mistakes.
2. This is the last birth in the land of death. Destruction is just ahead. Therefore, claim your full inheritance from the Father. Become pure.

Blessing: May you be a combined embodiment of power who is merged with Shiva (The Benefactor)  by having constant awareness of the Companion and experience the stage of a detached observer.
Just as the soul and body are combined and cannot be separated while the soul has a part on this earth, in the same way, Shiva (God) and Shaktis (Children-souls) have such a deep connection. Those who constantly move along as embodiments of power merged with Shiva cannot have any obstacles created by Maya-vices in their love. They experience constant companionship and the stage of a detached observer. Their experience is as though someone is with them in the corporeal form.

Slogan: In order to experience a constant stage that is free from obstacles, practise concentration.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Realize and recognize the weaknessess to become perfect.

24.04.11 Avyakt Murli dated 02.08.1972
Wanted for M/s.Soulchemy: Do you like to be a Spiritual Counsellor-part time or full time or online? Training manuals will be provided to hear, see, realize and recognize the weaknesses-to transform. Please register:
Essence: Achieving Success by performing every action with the right method.
Main points: Accurate thought and action gives immediate success. Do service through thoughts, words and deeds at the same time, being knowledge-full, powerful and love-full. Imbibe the speciality of BapDada (the combined form of Supreme Soul and the Soul of Brahma-Adam) to become a special soul. Realize and recognize the weaknessess to become perfect. The sign of success is economy of time, thought, effort and powers. By knowledge, you receive light, might and respect. By yoga, your thoughts become powerful, you will know the future problems and finish your sanskaras to become free from obstacles of sanskaras along with respect. Perfect means beyond the effect of body, thought, vibrations or atmosphere.
Do you consider yourselves to have attained success in your every effort by using the right method? If every thought and action are accurate, according to the method, the result would be success. If there is not success, you are not using the right method.
Unless you have attained success in your stage through using the right method how would you be successful in the task of world benefit, the task of world transformation,that has to happen? First, there has to be success for the self.
To be an embodiment of success means you have a thought and you achieve it successfully. This is the sign of being  100% an embodiment of success. As soon as you perform the action, you attain success.
By using the right method on the basis of this elevated knowledge, if you are not able to attain success, you have to check your method to attain success and by checking (and changing) success will take place automatically and accurately.
In service, if there is no success, it means you do not do service in all three forms and three ways at the same time. The three forms is being Knowledge-full, powerful and love-full,both love and law are together. The three ways are through your thoughts, words and deeds.
When you do service through speech, your mind should also be powerful. With the powerful stage you will change the thoughts of others and fill them with power through which they will be able to confront any problems, any atmosphere and vibrations to stay in permanent relationship.
 Through words, you will make them knowledge-full and give blessing  of light and might.
Then, when you do service through deeds, the relationships will be love-full that, one will automatically feel that he has reached the Godly family. There should be practice and attention of doing service in this way.
The sign of powerful stage is, such a soul will be able to finish any atmosphere or any problems of maya within a second. That soul will never be defeated. Whichever souls come to such a soul in the form of a problem, they will surrender themselves like the five elements and nature surrender to you.
Due to the lack of the right method, there is a lack of success.  By imbibing every speciality of BapDada within yourself, you will become special souls. While seeing what is lacking in each subject – theory and practical, continue to make yourself complete. However, you will only become complete when you first revise and recognize your weaknesses.
What is the sign of having imbibed the subjects in your intellect?
As the percentage of success increases,time will not be wasted. In a less time, you will experience greater success. This is known as success. You need not have to use too much of your time, effort, thoughts or the treasures of all your powers. Only those thoughts through which there would definitely be success should be created. This is known as embodiment of success.
What is the sign of knowing to what extent you have passed in every subject?
You receive the objective and respect to that extent. For example, in the subject of knowledge, you achieve the objective, attainment of light and might. And on the basis of knowledge, you will receive respect accordingly, from souls.
For instance look at the mahatmas, they receive the respect which is the objective of their study and spiritual endeavour. Nature becomes their servant. This is an aspect of knowledge.
Through yoga – the power of remembrance, the objective you receive is that, whatever thoughts you create will be powerful. With the power of yoga, you must experience in advance whatever problem is to come, and because of knowing it in advance, you will never experience defeat. Similarly, with the power of yoga, you finish the seed of your past sanskaras. Then none of your sanskaras will be an obstacle to your efforts. Even that which you call nature will not take on the form of an obstacle to your efforts. So, you should experience the objective of each subject. If you have the objective, you will definitely receive respect as a result since your words and plans are powerful.
Check every subject in the same way, there are the subjects of the divine virtues and service and attainments of those is that souls would come into a close relationship, connection and so you will automatically receive respect.
If you have attained the objective in the subject of knowledge, you can transform the thoughts of others and make them powerful. So, they will definitely give respect. So, check every subject in this way.
If you experience both the objective and respect in every thought, you would then be said to be perfect. Perfect means beyond effect. Then you will  be beyond all types of effect, whether of the body, your thoughts, any connection you make or any vibrations or atmosphere. Then you can understand that you have passed, that is, you are perfect.
You are becoming this and this is your aim. By bringing about transformation in the self, the world will be transformed. Because you are the basis, you have to pay that much attention to yourself. The more powerful you become, the closer you will be able to bring the time of world transformation. Although it is fixed according to the drama, on what basis has it become fixed? There must be some basis, must there not?  So, you are the image of support. You are in the vision of everyone. Achcha.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of the eight powers and experience the sovereignty of the land that is free from sorrow while having the world of sorrow in front of you.
It is only at this time that you have knowledge of the state of sorrow and of being free from sorrow. To experience the sovereignty of being free from sorrow while having the world of sorrow in front of you is the sign of children who are embodiments of the eight powers and conquerors of the physical senses. It is at this time that you attain all powers from the Father. However, if you lose your powers because of the influence of bad company or the influence of the physical senses, then the intoxication and happiness that you have received of being in the land that is free from sorrow is automatically lost. Then, even the emperors of the land that is free from sorrow become bankrupt.
Slogan: Let the power of determination always be with you and success will be the garland around your neck.
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The Sermonizer of True Gita is Shiv not Sri Krishna as told by Ved Vyas.

Murli 23.04.11
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Essence: Sweet children, you children are also number-wise in knowing the Father as He is and what He is. If everyone were to recognise Him, there would be a huge crowd here.
Question: When will the sound of revelation spread everywhere?
Answer: When human beings find out that God Himself has come to carry out establishment of the new world by destroying-transforming this old world. The Father who bestows salvation on everyone has come to grant us the fruit of our devotion. When there is this faith, revelation will take place and there will be upheaval everywhere.
Song: The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.
Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song, but who is the Beloved , people never know.
You forget to remember the Father, Father says know yourself as a soul and remember the Ocean of knowledge, if you have the practice of this type of remembrance, you will become stable.
You should know yourself, by your intellect, as a soul.
Very few remember Me as I am and how I am.
If the soul understands about the Supreme Soul, the Incorporeal-bodiless One, God of the True Gita, the Father of all souls, then in one second, souls can reach the God.
If people come to know that, the world is about to be transformed, then queue will be formed from Bombay to Mount Abu, but that quick, souls never get faith.
All are sleeping in the darkness of ignorance and at the end you will become well known.
The God of the Gita is Incorporeal God Himself, but people think it is Sri Krishna (The first Prince of Golden age), when this truth is known, the whole Bharat will come to know about the Father.
Now if you tell others, they say you are in a different world.
Now there is time, you have to make effort in explaining to souls, but people never understand this knowledge. Unless you remember the Father, you never attain the required stage.
Souls never have such love for the Father and never even remember 1%.
If you have love for the Father, you can easily understand that, you are becoming the master of heaven, you have to follow the every step of the Father. For half the cycle you have become body conscious and you find difficult to become soul conscious.
You have to know about yourself and remember the most beloved father, this has to be done and if you do this, the happiness will appear in the face.
Brides get married and they become so happy, but many never become happy even after marriage, there are varieties of people, here also it is like that. There is effort in remembering the Father, You experience the supersensuos joy by constant remembrance, this stage happens at the end (now).
You need the practice of a very long time to reach the elevated stage at the end.
Father has come to give the unlimited inheritance. When the Lakshmi Narayan - deities lose the status, Father comes at the end and make them the master of heaven once again.
Father is teaching you the same action what deities were following. Father says, remain in remembrance of the One alone, do not do any sinful action. For half the cycle, you have been doing sinful action by the influence of vices, now check yourself, are you performing charitable action, are you becoming a stick for the blind?
Father says remember Me alone. God, the Supreme Father Supreme Soul says this not Sri Krishna.
There is Shiv Jayanti (Birth day of Benefactor Father), along with it, there is Gita Jayanti, later there is Krishna Jayanti.
The aim object of this Raja Yoga is to become the Prince and Princess, from being a beggar.
You have to explain that, God of the Gita is Shiv not Sri Krishna, then the concept of God is Omnipresent will disappear.
People call the Supreme God, the Purifier, the Liberator and also they say He is omnipresent.
The important religion is three. Deity religion remains for half the cycle. Father is establishing Brahmin (one who makes effort to become virtuous), devta (in golden age) and kshatriya (in silver age) religions.
The ancient (Adi Sanatan) deity religion is the highest, now souls have become irreligious.
Christians know that, the Christ established Christian religion. The three important religions (of copper and iron ages) are Christianism, Buddhism and Islam.
Everyone has their own religion, different names, and have become more confused.
The important religions are four (in world cycle) and the important scriptures are four.
Brahmin becomes deity and then kshatriya, you do not know how you become that.
You keep praising the deities, But you do not know, God establishes the brahmin, deity and kshatriya religion.
Now, it is the forest of thorns, Bharat was garden of flowers but when and how, who created it, no one knows. No one knows who is God, no one knows about Him accurately and hence you have become orphans, keep wandering looking for God – Father and hence all the violence happens.
People have lot of faith in devotion but they do not know about God. Father has come to give light of knowledge from the darkness- ignorance of devotion, still there is love for God in devotion.
Father has come to give liberation in life, in a second by giving the knowledge.
Now, you children know that, you are in the light, know about the Father, Father has given you the third eye of knowledge. In scriptures they show third eye for deities, but do not know the meaning of it. In reality, only you children receive the third eye of knowledge.
In scriptures, they show God in the chariot and if you explain them, they will say that, you do not believe in scriptures. You tell them that, you believe in scriptures in the right way. All scriptures and temples are objects of devotion. The path of knowledge is different, when people fall in vice, devotion begins, lose their religion and call themselves as a hindu.
You cry to Father, to come and make you pure but without knowing that, you have become impure by the influence of vices. You keep destroying Ravan – the memorial of vices, since ages.
In golden age there is no kingdom of Ravan-vices, the intellect is made golden from stone-like, by the Father. When you come in iron age, then the Father comes and establishes the golden age. Father explains all these, still very little remain in your intellect.
Now you have relationship with the One God-Father, once again. You become the master of heaven. Father says, you belonged to Me, then you forgot Me, you belonged to the vices by coming into body consciousness.
Now, Father says, children, remember Me alone, you have to make effort in this. You create sins by coming into body consciousness, and the vessel – soul gets filled up with sins. Instead of showing the right path to others, you forget the father and you perform sinful action to lose your income.
Here the aim is very high, you reach highest or fall down to the lowest, you are attaining the kingly status, it is not that easy. Many reach the sky, others fall down on earth.
If you perform sins, there will not be any change in behaviour and your intellect becomes dull.
Even if you do not help others, you just have to remember Me, to become happy for ever. If you remember Me, all your sins will be destroyed. Unless you remember Him, you cannot reach heaven.
People go to sanyasis and if they receive a child or benefit in millions, they keep praising the sanyasis for life together, that is limited, here you receive unlimited inheritance for a period of 21births.
Whatever listened in scriptures, people follow that, it is not a sin for them, people become happy by the limited objects.
God is giving you inheritance by a very easy method of remembrance. Many do not explain to others being in remembrance to influence souls. The easy RajaYoga is being taught by God Himself not by Sri Krishna. This pilgrimage of remembrance is very good, you have to see this drama being detached to understand the complete knowledge and you will know whatever is about to come.
The seed and Cycle of Golden, silver, copper and iron age is clear for you but no one remembers it.
You have to remember the Father and give introduction of the Father to others. Only by remembering Me your sins of so many births will be destroyed and you will know the secrets through Me.
Father says, God is remembering you, not the Brahma-Adam because only God-Father knows who all are serviceable children and so He remembers them. Brahma-Adam cannot remember you because God’s direction for Brahma is to remember the God-Father not that he remembers the children.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become fortunate, have true love for the one Father. To have love means to continue to follow shrimat – Godly direction of the One at every step.
2. Definitely perform acts of charity. The biggest act of charity is to give everyone the Father’s introduction. Remember the Father and remind everyone of the Father.
Blessing: May you have a divine and elevated intellect and maintain an accurate balance of both religion (purity and virtues) and action.
While performing actions, let there be complete religion, that is, dharna-practice, for by having an accurate balance of religion (dharma) and action (karma), your influence will increase. It should not be that you become aware of your dharna when the action is completed. When there is an accurate balance of both in your intellect, you can then be said to be one with an elevated and divine intellect. Otherwise, your intellect is ordinary, your actions are ordinary and your dharna will also be ordinary. So, do not bring about equality in being ordinary, but there has to be equality in greatness. If your actions are elevated, your dharna will also be elevated.
Slogan: Let your mind and intellect be set on the seat of experience and they will never be upset.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103