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Reveal God,the Father who has made your lives worthwhile.When everyone has His sanskars,the world of one kingdom and religion will arrive.

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01/03/15       Avyakt BapDada      Madhuban      05/02/79

Essence: ” BapDada’s heart-to-heart conversation with the Madhuban residents.”

Today, Baba has specially come to meet you especially fortunate souls who live on the special land that has a special memorial, to the great pilgrimage place of which even the devotees of today still sing praise. This land is so powerful that all the waste of all the many souls stops as soon as they come here. They all become powerful and easily attain many types of treasures of experience. This land is such that you can attain whatever blessings you want on the basis of remembrance and of the land itself. So, what would the residents of this land, themselves, be? Even today, devotees are desperate to have a view of this divine and elevated land. So, are the people living on this land the images that grant visions? Is your stage equal to the importance of the land or is the praise of the land greater? If those who live far away become powerful just by keeping the awareness of Madhuban, then, what would the residents of Madhuban, themselves, be? Are you as great as the importance given to Madhuban? Madhuban is a bhandara (treasure-store) of all subtle and physical attainments. So, in accordance with that, do all of you consider your speed and stage to be just as elevated? Are you residents of Madhuban embodiments of success, according to the easy methods you have of the facilities, the company, the co-operation of the importance of the land and the atmosphere? Years have passed; this year has also passed, the New Year has begun and one month of that has already passed. So, what was the result of your experience of one month? Did you experience the ascending stage? Did you accumulate something at every step, that is, was every step powerful? Were you able to destroy all your own obstacles and the obstacles of others? Now that the time is coming close, you need to receive marks in all four subjects. Everyone says the same thing of you: that you all serve everyone very well (sevadharis). However, you all have to be filled with knowledge, yoga and dharna. Just as people experience heaven from the total atmosphere here, so too, each one of you should also feel that you are living in heaven, that you are an embodiment of all attainments. In everything you do, as you move around, you should all be seen by others as angels. Achcha.

Signals for service: This year, bring people from all the professions into contact with you. Let them be in connection with you in such a way that, as soon as you give them a signal, they are able to accomplish that task through your authority. Generally, you make contact with them as and when you need them and then that contact becomes a little distant. However, you must now increase that connection. Just as in the beginning you had the aim of wanting to create everyone’s fortune, so now keep the aim of taking co-operation from souls of all professions by making contact with them and using them as instruments for special service. At present, there are souls of the average quality, but eventually you have to reach everyone. So, now, such special souls should emerge that many others will be able to receive the message from one. Only when everyone has zeal and enthusiasm will a queue form. This year, service of this quality should take place. Since there is the title: “Father of the World”, there has to be variety in the world. Even if someone is an atheist, you definitely must still make contact with him. All types of seeds are needed to make the new world. Only then will you be able to become world benefactors. Religious and political leaders should at least accept that your methods and your transformation are very good. When religious leaders experience this, they will give their co-operation. Achcha.

BapDada meeting teachers'. Are all of you teachers special servers, that is, are you those who reveal the Father through your words and deeds? To reveal the Father is the task of all of you special servers. Whatever you have done so far, numberwise, according to your capacity, has been very good. However, up to now, the result has been that only a few souls have experienced all of you to be great souls, to be souls with great lives. Now, even though they do speak about you, what still remains? The Father made the lives of all you children worthwhile and put you ahead and so you sing praise of your lives, but what is the duty of you children?

The Father is the backbone and is playing His part in an incognito way. Therefore, you have to reveal the Father. People recognise those who are speaking, but, as yet, the One who has made your lives worthwhile is still incognito. So, you now have to reveal the One who has made you as you are, that is, you have to fly the flag of victory. When you go on to a stage, you become merged in the Father’s love and an embodiment of all attainments. In a worldly way, when a person is lost in love for someone, you can tell from his or her face, eyes and words that that one is lost in love. Similarly, when you go on to a stage or platform, the more love you have for the Father in an emerged form, the more that love will emerge from within you and this arrow of love will knock them out.

Your form should not be of having to think of a thread in your lecture or of remembering points to make, but it should be that of an embodiment of love and one who has attained everything. You should have that authority. When you have authority in a particular subject, you don’t have to think about it. You would have already thought it out. You would have churned the explanation of the topic very clearly in your intellect before you came on to the stage. You should not have to pay attention to churning it at that time. If you have prepared the topic very well, you will then speak on that topic as an authority. If you just keep on thinking about a point, you will not be experienced to be an authority. First, you have to be an embodiment of love and attainment. Secondly, when you begin to speak, the Father’s praise should come from the authority within you; the sound should come from deep within your heart. For example, when it is Shiv Ratri, that is the day of the Father’s revelation; that is called the Godly bomb, which means that whatever is merged within you should be visible to everyone. That is the explosion of the bomb. What happens to people when there is an explosion? Everyone is burnt in the fire. So, this Godly bomb is a bomb of love, a bomb of forging a relationship, a bomb of singing praise from your heart.

The fire of being lost in love for Baba should shake everyone. When a bomb explodes, everyone is shaken. So, everyone’s intellect should be shaken as to the One whose praise this is. They should realise with which authority you are speaking, what message you are giving and whose message you are giving. As well as authority, there should also be sweetness. Your words should be sweet but, at the same time, let there be authority within the self. Your words should be filled with feelings of mercy. You should continue to be singing the Father’s praise and making everything clear for them, but, whilst you are doing that, you should also be forging them into a relationship with the Father. Every now and then, you should be adding a few words of your own experience, such as: “Why am I telling you this? How would you benefit from this? What have I experienced? What is the experience of one second’s attainment?” They should not experience your talk to be just like a lecture, but they should experience your stage to be that of someone who is lost in love. In other words, that this is something new. Others say things, but those people are not embodiments of the things they say, whereas your form should be in accordance with your words.

You and your words should be very clear, loving, humble, sweet and filled with greatness and truth. You should be very humble. It is by having this form that you will reveal the Father. You should be fearless, but the words you speak should be disciplined and within the code of conduct. The two should be balanced. People will be able to see wonders when there is this balance', those words will not seem bitter, but very sweet. So, now, show them this wonder of the balance of your authority and humility. This is known as the means for revealing Father. Just see with how much authority people speak when they speak of even the false scriptures. They are able to show something which is completely false to be completely true. Not only do they show that to be true, but they are also able to make you accept it as the truth. They are able to persuade you that whatever versions they speak are true. Those with the authority of something false are able to create such an influence, whereas the words you speak are the words of experience and the words of an embodiment of all attainments. The things you speak about come from having a relationship with the Father, so how is it that you can’t make others accept what you say to be the truth? Do you understand what you now have to do?

You have to make Baba’s introduction very clear for them. First relate a point of knowledge and draw their attention to the Father. Then, whilst relating more points of knowledge, also continue to draw their attention to the Father, repeatedly pouring the water of love on to the stone. Only then will you melt that stone. As much as possible, there should be an impact of silence. Everything must be very spiritual, simple and clean. Everything must be filled with the vibrations of spirituality and purity. Even the Brahmin souls who are listening and co-operating should have the thought of creating the right atmosphere. Just as incense sticks are able to transform the atmosphere, so the merciful attitude of all you Brahmin souls should work like incense sticks - as soon as people enter, they will feel your gathering to be spiritual. Achcha. Then, when it’s over, they will leave your gathering of love with their aprons filled with love and will then share that love with everyone. The love you have for the Father will make you such an embodiment of love that everyone who sees your face and behaviour will only see the Father’s love. You are celebrating such a meeting, are you not? A sneh-milan (gathering of love) means to co-operate by having the determination to transform oneself and to transform everyone else. This is the speciality of a sneh-milan. A sneh-milan means a meeting of sanskars in a practical way. When you meet someone, your hands meet, whereas this meeting is a meeting of sanskars. When everyone’s sanskars become the same as the Father’s, when everyone has the same sanskars, what will happen? The world of one kingdom and religion will arrive.

Your unity here will become the basis of bringing about the world of one kingdom and one religion. A sneh-milan means to end all complaints and to leave here having become complete. All your complaints end and you become very enthusiastic. This is what a sneh-milan means.

BapDada meeting double foreigners: BapDada is happy to see all the children who remain absorbed in love. What is the sign of those who remain constantly absorbed in love? Souls who are absorbed in love don’t need to make effort to stay in remembrance but are naturally yogi. They see nothing but the Father and service. When the intellect finds its destination, it stops wandering. A soul who is lost in love would be absorbed in all the attainments he has received and remain busy in enabling other souls to receive the same attainments. Therefore, such souls would always be conquerors of Maya. Are you lost in love or do you have to make effort? The experience of souls living a special yogi life abroad, especially, can make them embodiments of success in service abroad. When you make your stage powerful, that is, when you become an embodiment of all the attainments you have experienced, you will become an embodiment of success because, day by day, souls with various desires will come in front of you. So, only when you have become an embodiment of all attainments will you be able to become someone who fulfils the desires of others. Everyone will come searching for you master bestowers of peace and happiness and wonder where you are. Only when you are fully stocked with all powers will you be able to make everyone content. Abroad, they have supermarkets where you can buy whatever you want from one store. You have to become the same as those. It shouldn’t be that you have the power to tolerate, but you don’t have the power to face. You need to be stocked with all powers; only then will you become an embodiment of success. Now, make the atmosphere of serving through the mind even more powerful abroad because all the various souls there have to be impressed by your atmosphere. Only when they are first pulled by your vibrations, will they then be able to listen to this knowledge. In order to serve through your mind, you must constantly practise maintaining stability and concentration. Only when all your wastage has finished will you be able to serve through your mind. When you leave Madhuban, take back with you a powerful experience of serving through the mind by having practised it here. Anyone who sees you should experience you to be a mine of powers that has come to them. When you have experienced all powers, they become part of your life, like your limbs. Are you leaving here having become a mine of maximum experience? The Father is perfect, and so His children have to become equal to their Father. Therefore, there should be no defects. Achcha.

BapDada meeting a group of sevadharis: Sevadharis are equal to the Father because He also comes here as the Server. The Father’s form is that of the World Servant. Just as the Father is the World Servant, so all of you are also world servants. Through your bodies you are doing physical service, but through your minds, you remain engaged in the service of world transformation. You are sevadharis serving with both your bodies and your minds. You are doing both types of service at the same time. It isn’t that when you are serving through the body, you are unable to serve through your mind. By doing both types of service at the same time, you will receive double the attainment. Double servers become doubly crowned. If you only do one type of service, you cannot receive two crowns. Whilst you are doing anything, check that you are not only doing one type of service instead of doing both types. When you pay attention in this way, you will develop this sanskar. When you serve simultaneously with your body and your mind, others will experience you to be an alokik Shakti. They will then automatically follow you. Now, practise this and increase it! Increase this practice so much that it becomes your natural and constant practice. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an image and a great donor who grants blessings, the same as the Father, and claim blessings and give donations at the time of brahm-muhurat.  

At the time of brahm-muhurat, the Father who is the Resident of brahm-lok especially gives children as a blessing the rays of light and might of the Sun of Knowledge. Together with this, Father Brahma as Bestower of Fortune distributes the nectar of fortune. Simply let the urn of your intellect be worthy of holding the nectar. Let there not be any type of obstacle or obstruction. You will then be able to start the day with an auspicious beginning for an elevated stage and actions, because the atmosphere at amrit vela can change the attitude. This is why, while claiming blessings at that time, you must also donate them. That is, be an image that grants blessings and a great donor too.

Slogan: It is the duty of an angry person to get angry, whereas your duty is to give love.  

Becoming soul conscious and remembering God,the Father,you will never cause sorrow to anyone.The history and geography of this world repeat.

Video on emotional healing:

28/02/15      Morning Murli      BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

You students understand that the Teacher has come. You children know that He is the Father, the Teacher and the Supreme Satguru. This is in the awareness of you children, but it is numberwise, according to the effort you make. The law is that once you know that that One is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, you should not forget it, but here, Maya does make you forget. Maya does not make you forget on the path of ignorance. Children can never forget who their father is or what his occupation is. They have the happiness of being the masters of their father's wealth. Although they themselves study, they would also receive their father's property. You children study here and you also receive the Father's property. You are studying Raja Yoga. You have received from the Father the faith that you belong to the Father and that only the Father shows the path to salvation. Therefore, He is the Satguru. These things should not be forgotten. You must only listen to things that the Father tells you. There is the image of the monkeys with the slogan: Hear no evil! See no evil Speak no evil! This applies to human beings. The Father says: Do not listen to, speak of or look at devilish things. They make the slogan "Hear no evil, etc." with the example of monkeys, whereas now, they have made it with the example of human beings. You have the picture of Nalini demonstrating this. You mustn’t listen to anything that defames the Father. The Father says: They defame Me so much! You know that when incense sticks are burning in front of Krishna’s devotees, Rama’s devotees hold their nose. They don’t even like the fragrance of one another's incense sticks! It is as though they become enemies. You now belong to Rama’s, or God’s, family, whereas the rest of the world belong to Ravan’s family. Here, there is no question of incense sticks. You know what state you have reached by calling the Father omnipresent. By saying that He is present in the pebbles and stones, your intellects have turned to stone. There is so much defamation of the unlimited Father who gives you your inheritance. None of them has knowledge. The things they say are not jewels of knowledge, but stones.

You now have to remember the Father. The Father says: No one knows Me accurately as I am or what I am. It is also numberwise for you children. You have to remember the Father accurately. He too is a tiny point. An entire part is within Him. As well as considering yourselves to be souls you also have to know the Father accurately and remember Him. Although we are His children, it isn't that the Father is a large soul and that we are small; no. Although the Father is full of knowledge, that soul isn't any larger than us. There is knowledge in you souls too, but it is numberwise. Pupils in a school pass, numberwise. They may claim few marks, but no one has zero marks. The Father says: The knowledge that I give you now will disappear, and the images and the scriptures will be created again. The Father says to you souls: Hear no evil etc. What is there to see at in this devilish world? You must keep your eyes closed to this dirty world. You souls have now become aware that this world is old. So, why should you want to have any connection with it? You souls are now aware that, whilst seeing this world, you mustn’t see it. You should remember your lands of peace and happiness. You souls have received third eyes of knowledge and so you have to remember these things. Those on the path of devotion also wake up early in the morning and turn the beads of a rosary. They consider the auspicious omens of the morning to be the best. There are also the auspicious omens of you Brahmins. There is praise of Brahma bhojan too. It is not brahm bhojan but Brahma bhojan. Instead of Brahma Kumaris, those people call you brahm kumaris. They understand nothing. The children of Brahma would be Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Brahm is the element of light. It is the place where souls reside. What praise would it have? The Father complains to you children: On the one hand, you children worshipped Me and, on the other hand, you defamed Me. It was by defaming Me that you became totally tamopradhan. You had to become tamopradhan; the cycle has to repeat. When an important person comes, you must definitely explain the cycle to him.

The world cycle is only 5000 years. You have to pay plenty of attention to this. Day surely follows night. It's impossible for there not to be day after night. The golden age will definitely come after the iron age. The history and geography of this world repeat. The Father says to you children: Sweetest children, each of you must consider yourself to be a soul. It is souls that do everything as they perform their parts. No one knows that they are actors and that they should also know the beginning, the middle and the end of the play. The history and geography of the world repeat. Therefore, this is a drama. Second by second, whatever happened in the past continues to repeat. No one else can understand these things. Those who are not very clever always fail. So, what could their teacher do about that? Would you ask your teacher to have mercy for you or to give you blessings? This too is a study. God Himself teaches Raja Yoga at this Gita Pathshala. The iron age definitely has to be transformed and made into the golden age. The Father has to come according to the drama. The Father says: I come at the confluence of every cycle. No one else would say: "I give you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world". They say of themselves "Shivohum" (I am Shiva). What will happen through that? Shiv Baba comes to teach you. He comes to teach you easy Raja Yoga. None of the sages or holy men would be called God Shiva. There are many who call themselves Krishna or Lakshmi or Narayan. There is so much difference between Shri Krishna, the prince of the golden age, and those iron- aged, impure people. You would not say that God is in them. You can go to the temples and ask the devotees: Where are the deities who used to rule in the golden age? After the golden age, there definitely have to be the silver, copper and iron ages. The sun-dynasty kingdom was in the golden age and moon dynasty in the silver age. All of this knowledge is in the intellects of you children. You are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, and so there must surely also be Prajapita Brahma. The human world is created through Brahma. Brahma isn’t called the Creator. That is the One who is God, the Father. How does He create? It is only when the Father comes personally in front of you that He can explain this.

Those scriptures were created later, just as it was only after Christ explained all of those things that the Bible was created. His praise is sung later. Only the Father is praised as the Purifier, the Bestower of Salvation for All, the Liberator of All. People remember Him and say to Him: O God, the Father, have mercy! There is only one who is the Father. He is the Father of everyone in the whole world. People do not know who liberates them from all their sorrow. This world is now old and human beings too are old and tamopradhan. This is the iron-aged world. The golden age did exist. Therefore, it will definitely come again. Destruction will take place. This will happen through world war and also through many natural calamities. It is now that same period of time. The human world population has expanded so much. You say that God has come. You children challenge everyone and say that the original eternal deity religion is now being established through Brahma. They will listen to you according to the drama. You also have to imbibe divine virtues. You know that you didn’t have any virtues at all. The first defect is the vice of lust. It harasses you so much. You have to box Maya. The storms of Maya make you fall against your wish. This is the iron age. They all dirty their faces. You cannot call that dark blue. Krishna is portrayed as dark blue to represent the poisonous bite of a snake. In order to maintain his honour, they have shown his face dark blue. If they were to show his face dirty, it would be as though his honour was lost. The Traveller comes here from the faraway land, the incorporeal land. He comes into the iron-aged world and enters an impure body and makes it beautiful. The Father says: You now have to become satopradhan. By remembering Me your sins will be absolved and you will become masters of the land of Vishnu. These things of knowledge have to be understood.

Baba is Rup and Basant. He has the form of a very bright dot. He also has knowledge. He is not beyond name and form. No one in the world knows what His form is. The Father explains to you: I too am called a soul, but it's just that I am the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul is God. He is the Father and the Teacher. He is called the Knowledge-full One. People believe that He is knowledge-full, that He knows what is going on in each one's heart. If God were omnipresent, everyone else would also be knowledge-full. So, then, why do they only call that one the Knowledge-full One? People's intellects have become so degraded! They do not understand any aspects of knowledge at all. The Father sits here and tells you the contrast between devotion and knowledge. First of all, there is knowledge, the day; that consists of the golden and silver ages. Then, there is the night of the copper and iron ages. It is through knowledge that there is salvation. Hatha yogis cannot explain the knowledge of Raja Yogis. Even householders cannot explain it because they are impure. So then, who can teach Raja Yoga? The One who says: Constantly remember Me alone so that your sins can be absolved. The religion of the path of isolation is totally separate from the religion of those on the family path. Therefore, how could they relate the knowledge of the family path? Here, everyone says: God, the Father, is the Truth. Only the Father tells the truth. Souls are now aware of Baba and this is why we remember the Father and ask Him to come and tell the true story of how to become true Narayan from an ordinary human. I am now telling you the story of true Narayan.

Previously, you used to listen to false stories. Now you listen to the true story. No one has been able to become Narayan by listening to that false story. How could that be the story of the true Narayan? Human beings cannot make an ordinary human into Narayan. Only the Father can come and make you into the masters of heaven. The Father comes into Bharat but no one understands when He comes. They have mixed up Shiva with Shankar and made stories. There is also the Shiv Purana (scripture). They say that the Gita is sung by Krishna. Therefore, the Shiv Purana should be greater. In fact, the knowledge is in the Gita. God says: Manmanabhav! This term cannot be in any scripture other than the Gita. It is said that the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita is the jewel of all scriptures. Elevated directions come from God. First of all, tell them: We say that in a few years, the new elevated world will be established. This world is now corrupt. There will be very few people in the elevated world. At present, there are so many people. Destruction is standing in front of you. The Father is teaching Raja Yoga. You receive your inheritance from the Father. People ask the Father for that. When someone has a lot of wealth and children, he says that God gave him all of that. Therefore, God is only One. So, how could God possibly be in everyone? The Father now says to souls: Remember Me! You souls say: God gave us this knowledge which we give to our brothers. For how long each day do you consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father? You need an unlimited broad, intellect to maintain this aspect of the chart. You must become soul conscious and remember the Father; only then will your sins be absolved. Knowledge is very easy, but you make progress by considering yourself to be a soul and by remembering the Father. Very few of you are able to keep this chart.

By becoming soul conscious and remembering the Father, you will never cause sorrow to anyone. The Father comes in order to give happiness. Therefore, you children too should give happiness to everyone. Never cause sorrow to anyone. When you have remembrance of the Father all the evil spirits run away. This effort is very incognito. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you give the Father the return of His love through your angelic stage and become an embodiment of solutions.  

To remain stable in the angelic stage is the return of the Father’s love. Those who give such a return become embodiments of solutions. By becoming an embodiment of solutions, your own problems and the problems of other souls automatically finish. So, it is now the time to do such service. As well as receiving, it is also the time to give. Therefore, now become one who uplifts others, the same as the Father, listen to their call and reach those souls through your angelic form and remove the tiredness of souls who are tired of problems.

Slogan: Become carefree of waste, not the codes of conduct.

Friday, 27 February 2015

This is the God, the Father’s, university and the God is teaching here to break the body consciousness.

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27/02/15      Morning Murli          BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

Song: You are the Ocean of Love; we thirst for one drop!

Now, this song is wrong. Instead of love, it should be Ocean of Knowledge. You can’t fill an urn with love. You can fill an urn with the water of the Ganges etc. So, that praise belongs to the path of devotion. That is wrong and this is right. First of all, the Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. Even if you children have a little knowledge, you can claim a very high status. You children know that, at this time, you definitely are members of this living Dilwala Temple. That Dilwala Temple is non-living whereas this is the living Dilwala Temple. This too is a wonder. You are sitting here in the living form, whereas that is your non-living memorial. However, human beings do not understand anything. As you progress further, they will come to understand that this is definitely God, the Father’s, university and that God is teaching here. There cannot be any university greater than this one. They will understand that this is the living Dilwala Temple. That Dilwala Temple is an accurate memorial of you. Above, on the ceiling, they have portrayed the sun dynasty and the moon dynasty. Then, Adi Dev, Adi Devi and you children are portrayed sitting on the floor in yoga. This one’s name is Brahma, and Saraswati is the daughter of Brahma. Since there is Prajapita Brahma, there must also definitely be the gopes and gopis. Those images are non-living. Those images are of those who lived in the past, just as when someone dies, they very quickly make a picture of him. If they don’t know his position or biography, if they don’t write what his occupation was, that photograph would be of no use, because it is through this that you find out what particular task that person carried out. Now, although there are temples to the deities, no one knows their occupations or biographies. No one knows Shiv Baba, the Highest on High. At this time, you children know everyone’s biography. You know who the main ones who existed in the past were and why they are worshipped.

God is the Highest on High. People celebrate Shiv Ratri. Therefore, He must definitely have incarnated. However, no one knows when He incarnated or what He did when He came. Together with Shiva, there is Brahma. Who was Adi Dev and who was Adi Devi? Why have they been portrayed with so many arms? That is to symbolise the growth that took place. So much expansion takes place through Prajapita Brahma. They say of Brahma that he has 100 arms, that he has 1000 arms. They do not speak about the many arms of Vishnu or Shankar. Why do they say this of Brahma? The whole creation is that of Prajapita Brahma. There is no question of that many physical arms. Even though they speak of Brahma with 1000 arms, they do not know the meaning of that. You can now see in a practical way how many arms Brahma has. These arms are unlimited. Everyone accepts Prajapita Brahma but they do not know his occupation. A soul doesn’t have arms; it is the body that has arms. There are millions of brothers, and so how many arms would there be? However, they first have to understand all the knowledge clearly before you can then relate all of these things. The first and main thing is that the one Father says: Remember Me and remember your inheritance. The Ocean of Knowledge has also been remembered; He gives so many points of knowledge. Not all of these points can be remembered; just the essence remains in the intellect. Finally, the essence that remains is “Manmanabhav”.

Krishna cannot be the Ocean of Knowledge; he is part of creation. Only the one Father is the Creator. It is the Father who gives everyone an inheritance and takes everyone back home. The home of the Father and the home of souls is the abode of silence. The land of Vishnu is not called the Father's home. The incorporeal world where souls reside is the home. Sensible children are able to imbibe all of these aspects. Not all of this knowledge can remain in anyone’s intellect nor are you able to write that much on paper. If you were to collect all of these murlis together, the whole hall would be filled with them. In other studies there are so many books. Once they have passed their examinations, just the essence remains in their intellects. When they pass their law exams they have temporary happiness for one birth. That brings them a perishable income. This Father enables you to earn an imperishable income for the future. Gurus etc. only enable people to earn a perishable income. When destruction comes closer, that income will decrease. You would say that the income actually increases, but it’s not so. All of this is going to be destroyed. Previously, kings had their own income etc. to use. Nowadays, they don’t have even that.Your income lasts for so long. You know that this drama is predestined and that no one in the world knows about it. Each one of you imbibes this, numberwise. Some of you are not able to explain anything. Some say that they explain to their friends and relatives etc., but that too is only for a temporary period.

Why aren’t you able to explain these things to others at the exhibitions etc? Because you haven’t imbibed it accurately. Don’t consider yourself to be so clever! If you are enthusiastic about serving, you should listen to those who explain clearly. The Father has come to enable you to claim a high status and so you do have to make some effort. However, if it’s not in your fortune, you don’t even accept shrimat and your status is then destroyed. This kingdom is being established according to the drama plan. All varieties are needed for this kingdom. You children can understand that some will become good subjects and some less so. The Father says: I have come to teach you Raja Yoga. There are the images of the kings in the Dilwala Temple. Those who become worthy of worship become worshippers later. The status of those kings and queens is high. Even when they fall on to the path of sin, there are also kingdoms with wealthy people. In the Jagadnath Temple everyone is shown wearing a crown. Subjects don’t wear crowns. Those kings and queens wearing crowns are also portrayed indulging in vice. They too have a great deal of happiness and wealth but some would have more wealth and some less. There is, of course, a difference between palaces studded with diamonds and palaces of silver. Therefore, the Father says to you children: Make good effort to claim a high status. Kings have greater happiness. There, everyone is happy whereas here, everyone is unhappy.

Everyone here experiences sickness etc. There is only happiness there, but their status is still numberwise. The Father says: Always continue to make effort; don’t be lazy. It is understood, from the effort you make, what kind of salvation you will receive according to the drama. In order to claim salvation, you must follow shrimat. If a student doesn’t follow the instructions his teacher gives him, he is useless. All of you are numberwise according to the effort you make. If you say that you are unable to do something, then what would you learn? You have to study and become wise so that people will say that you explain very well. However, you souls do have to die alive and only belong to the one Father. The highest destination is not to remember anyone else and to break all body consciousness. You have to forget everything. The high destination is when you have made your stage completely soul conscious. Souls up there are bodiless and then they come down here and adopt bodies. Now, whilst you are here, you must consider yourself to be bodiless. This effort is very great. You have to consider yourself to be a soul and attain your karmateet stage. Even a snake has enough sense to discard its old skin. You also have to discard your body consciousness. When you are in the supreme abode you are soul conscious anyway. Whilst you are here and in a body you must consider yourself to be a soul.

The consciousness of the body should be broken. This is such a huge examination that God Himself has to come to teach you. No one else would say: Renounce all relationships of the body and belong to Me. Consider yourself to be an incorporeal soul. You should have no consciousness of anything else at all. Maya traps you in the consciousness of one another's bodies. This is why Baba says that you mustn’t even remember this corporeal one. Baba says: You even have to forget your own body and remember the one Father. This does take a lot of effort. Maya traps even very good children in the name and form of others. That habit is very bad. To remember someone’s body means to remember evil spirits. I tell you to remember one Shiv Baba alone, but you then keep remembering the five evils spirits. There should not be any attachment to anyone’s body. You have to study with your teacher but you mustn’t become trapped in that teacher's name and form. It does take effort to become soul conscious. Many children send their chart to Baba, but Baba doesn’t have faith in them. Some say: I remember no one but Shiv Baba. However, Baba knows that the remembrance they have isn’t worth even a penny. It is remembrance that takes great effort. Souls get trapped by someone or other. To remember a bodily being means to remember the five evil spirits. It is also known as the worship of evil spirits. You remember evil spirits. Here, you only remember one Shiv Baba. There is no question of worshipping. You have completely finished all name and trace of devotion, and so why do you remember those images? They too are made of clay. The Father says: All of this is fixed in the drama. I have to change you from worshippers into those who are worthy of worship.

You must not remember any bodily beings at all; no one but the one Father. When you souls become pure you will receive pure bodies. Now those bodies are not pure. Whilst souls are changing from satopradhan to sato, rajo and tamo, they receive bodies accordingly. You souls are now continuing to be purified, but your bodies will not become pure here. These things have to be understood. These points will sit in the intellects of those who understand them well and who continue to explain them to others. It is souls that have to become satopradhan. It takes great effort to remember the Father. Some of you aren’t able to have the slightest remembrance. In order to pass with honours, your intellect’s yoga mustn’t wander anywhere even slightly. You should only have remembrance of the one Father, but your intellect's yoga keeps wandering around. The more you make others equal to yourself, the higher the status you will claim. Those who remember someone’s body can never claim a high status. You have to pass with honours here. How can you claim a high status unless you make this effort? Those who remember someone’s body are unable to make any effort at all. The Father says: Follow the ones who make effort. This one is also an effort-maker. This knowledge is unique. No one else in the world knows these things. It isn't in anyone else's intellect how souls change. All of this takes incognito effort. Baba is incognito. How do you claim your kingdom? You don’t have to fight or quarrel for this at all.

The whole thing is about knowledge and yoga. You don’t have to fight anyone for this. Effort is made to purify souls. When you souls become impure, you also begin to take impure bodies. You souls have to become pure once again and return home. This does take a lot of effort. Baba can understand what effort each of you makes. This is Shiv Baba's treasure-store. You are doing service in Shiv Baba's treasure-store. If you do not serve now, you claim a status worth pennies. If you come here to the Father to serve and you don’t serve, what status are you going to claim? A kingdom is being established here. Servants etc. also have to be created here. It is now that you conquer Ravan. There is no other war. This aspect that is now being explained to you is so incognito. You attain the kingdom of the world with your power of yoga. You know that you are residents of your abode of peace. You children should only remember your unlimited home. We have come here in order to play our parts and then return to that home. No one understands how souls return. Souls then have to come down here according to the drama plan. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower who gives liberation and salvation to desperate souls in a second.  

Just as you make preparations for the physical seasons, and you gather all the servers and materials through which no one would have any difficulties and time is not wasted, similarly, the final season is now going to come for you to give liberation and salvation to all souls. You mustn’t give desperate souls the hardship of standing in a queue', they should simply continue to come and take. For this, become ever ready. Now, stay above the effort-making life, in the stage of a bestower. Be a master bestower in your every thought and at every second and continue to give.

Slogan: Keep the Lord (Hazoor) present (hazir) in your intellect and all attainments will say, “Yes, my Lord!” (Ji Hazoor).   

Thursday, 26 February 2015

It is in a womb that one receives the punishment for sins.At this time, all your desires are fulfilled.

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26/02/15      Morning Murli      BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children, 

Song: Salutations to Shiva. 

Today is Thursday. You children say, “The day of the true Guru”, because He is the One who establishes the land of truth and He tells the story of the true Narayan in a practical way. He makes ordinary humans into Narayan. He is remembered as the Bestower of Salvation for All. He is also called the Lord of the Tree. This is the human world tree; it is called the kalpa tree. Cycle after cycle, that is, every 5000 years, it repeats identically. A tree repeats as well. The plant grows for six months, and then the gardeners uproot it and keep it aside. Then they plant it again and it flowers. You children now know that we celebrate the Father’s birthday for half a cycle and that we then also forget it for half a cycle. On the path of devotion, we remember Him for half a cycle. When will the Father come and establish the garden of flowers? There are many omens. There are the omens of Jupiter and then there are also the omens of the descending stage. At this time, the omens of Rahu have set over Bharat. When the moon is eclipsed, they even call out: Give a donation so that the omens are removed. Now, the Father says: Donate these five vices so that the omens are removed. The whole world has now become eclipsed. The five elements too have been eclipsed, because they are tamopradhan. Each and every thing that is new definitely becomes old. New is called satopradhan and old is called tamopradhan. Even small children are called satopradhan. They are considered to be more elevated than great souls because they don’t have the five vices. Sannyasis too perform devotion in childhood. For example, Ramatirath was a devotee of Krishna. When he adopted renunciation, he stopped worshipping. 

Purity is needed on earth. Previously, Bharat was the purest of all. Then, when the deities went on to the path of sin, all the things of heaven, the palaces of gold, etc., were destroyed by earthquakes, etc. They will then be built afresh. Destruction definitely does take place. Calamities and upheaval take place when the kingdom of Ravan begins. At this time, all are impure. In the golden age, deities rule. Demons and deities have been shown battling, but deities only exist in the golden age. How can there be fighting there? There are no deities at the confluence. Your name is Pandavas. Pandavas and Kauravas don’t fight one another. All of those things are tall stories. The tree is so big; there are so many leaves. It is not possible to count them all. The deities don’t exist at the confluence. The Father sits here and explains to souls. It is souls that listen and nod their heads. “I am a soul. Baba is teaching me”. Make this firm. The Father makes us pure from impure. It is the soul that has good or bad sanskars. This soul says through his organs: Baba is teaching me. The Father says: I, too, need organs with which I can explain. The soul feels happy. The Father comes every 5000 years to speak knowledge to us. You are sitting in front of Me. Only Madhuban is praised. He is the Father of souls. Everyone calls out to Him. You enjoy sitting here directly in front of Him, but not everyone can come and live here. You also have to see to your business and work, etc. You souls come to the Ocean. You imbibe knowledge and then you have to go and relate it to others. Otherwise, how would you benefit others? Yogi and knowledgeable souls are interested in going to explain this to others. Now, Shiva Jayanti is to be celebrated. 

God speaks. “God speaks” cannot be said of Krishna. He is a human being with divine virtues. That is called deityism. You children understand that the deity religion doesn’t exist now and that it is now being established. You wouldn’t say that you now belong to the deity religion. No, you now belong to the Brahmin religion. You are becoming those of the deity religion. The shadow of the deities cannot fall on this impure world; deities cannot enter this world. A new world is needed for you. When they are to perform the worship of Lakshmi, they clean their houses so much. This world is also now going to be cleaned to a very great extent. The whole of the old world is going to end. They only ask Lakshmi for wealth. Who is greater, Lakshmi or Jagadamba? (Amba) There are also many temples to Amba. Human beings don’t know anything. You understand that Lakshmi is a master of heaven and that Jagadamba, who is also called Saraswati, is the same Jagadamba who then becomes this Lakshmi. Your status is more elevated than that of the deities. The highest of all is the Brahmin topknot. You are the highest of all. She is praised as “Saraswati, Jagadamba”. What do you receive through her? The sovereignty of the world. There, you are wealthy; you receive the kingdom of the world. Then you become poor and the path of devotion begins. Then you remember Lakshmi. Every year Lakshmi is also worshipped. They invite Lakshmi to come every year. No one invites Jagadamba to come every year. After all, Jagadamba is worshipped constantly. They go to Amba’s temple whenever they wish. Here, too, you can meet Jagadamba any time you wish. You too are Jagadambas (world mothers), are you not? You are the ones who show everyone the path to become the masters of the world. They go to Jagadamba and ask for everything. They ask Lakshmi for only wealth. They will put all their desires in front of her (Jagadamba). 

Now that you have come and become the Father’s children, your status is therefore highest of all. The Father gives the inheritance. You are now the Godly community; you will then become the deity community. At this time, all the desires of the mind are fulfilled for the future. Human beings continue to have desires. All your desires are fulfilled. This is a devilish world. Look how they produce so many children. You children are given a vision of how Krishna’s birth takes place in the golden age. There, everything happens according to the laws; the word, “sorrow”, doesn’t remain. It is definitely called the land of happiness. You have passed through happiness many times. You have been defeated many times and you have also gained victory many times. You now have the awareness that Baba is teaching us. In a school, knowledge is studied. Together with that, manners are also learnt. There, no one learns manners like those of Lakshmi and Narayan. It is now that you imbibe divine virtues. Praise is also sung of them: Full of all virtues... So, you now have to become like them. You children should never become distressed with this life of yours, because this life has been praised as the life like a diamond. You have to take care of it. If you are healthy, you continue to listen to knowledge. You can listen even during illness. You can also remember the Father. However many days you live here, you will remain happy. An income will continue to be earned, and the accounts will continue to be settled. Children ask: Baba, when will the golden age come? This is a very dirty world. 

The Father says: First of all, at least make your stage karmateet. Continue to make as much effort as possible. Children should be taught: Remember Shiv Baba; this is unadulterated remembrance. To perform devotion of one Shiva is unadulterated worship, satopradhan devotion. Then, to remember the deities is sato devotion. The Father says: Whilst standing and sitting, remember Me, the Father. Only the children call out: Hey Purifier! Hey Liberator! Hey Guide! It is the soul that says this. Children remember Baba. The Father now reminds you how you have been remembering Me: “Hey Remover of Sorrow, Bestower of Happiness, come! Come and free us from sorrow! Liberate us! Take us to the land of peace! The Father says: I shall take you to the land of peace, but I shall not accompany you to the land of happiness. It is only now that I give you company. I take all souls home. I give you My company now for the study, and you then accompany Me back home; that’s all! I sit here and give My introduction to you children very clearly. To the extent that each of you makes effort, accordingly you will then attain your reward there. The Father gives a lot of understanding. 

Remember Me as much as possible and your sins will be absolved and you will receive wings with which to fly. A soul doesn’t have wings like those wings. A soul is a tiny point. No one knows how a part of 84 births is fixed in a soul. Neither does anyone have recognition of the soul, nor does anyone have recognition of the Supreme Soul. This is why the Father says: No one can know Me as I am, what I am. Only from Me can My creation and I be known. Only I come and give my introduction to you children. I also explain to you what a soul is. This is called "soul realisation". The soul resides in the middle of the forehead. They say: An amazing and unique star sparkles in the middle of the forehead. However, what is this soul? No one knows this at all. When someone says that he would like to have a vision of a soul, explain to him: You say that there is a star in the middle of the forehead. What is the purpose of seeing a star? The dot (tilak) is also shown as a star. They also show a star in the middle of the (crescent) moon. In fact, each soul is a star. The Father has now explained: You are stars of knowledge. The sun, the moon and the stars are the lamps that light the stage. They are not deities. On the path of devotion, they also offer water to the sun. This Baba also used to do everything on the path of devotion. He used to say: Salutations to the deity sun, salutations to the deity moon and then make an offering of water to the sun. All of that is the path of devotion. This one has performed a great deal of devotion. The number one worthy of worship one then became the number one worshipper. Numbers have to be taken into account just as there are numbers in the rosary of Rudra. This one has performed the most devotion. 

The Father now says: Young and old, it is now everyone’s stage of retirement. I will now take everyone back and you won’t return here at all. The things they depict in the scriptures, such as annihilation taking place, the world flooding and Krishna arriving on a pipal leaf do not really happen like that. The Father explains that it is not a matter of an ocean. There, it is the palace of a womb, where babies live very happily. Here, it is called the jail of a womb. It is in a womb that one receives the punishment for sins. However, the Father says: Manmanabhav! Remember Me! If people ask at the exhibition, "Why aren’t there any other religions shown in the picture of the ladder?", tell them: Those of other religions don’t take 84 births. All the other religions are shown in the tree. You can calculate for yourself from that how many births you will take. We have to show the ladder of 84 births. Everything else is shown in the tree and the cycle. Everything is explained in them. When you look at a map, your intellect understands where London is, where such-and-such a city is. The Father makes it so easy for you to explain. Show everyone how the cycle of 84 births turns. Now, if you want to become satopradhan from tamopradhan, then remember the unlimited Father and you will become pure. Then, having become pure, you will go to the pure world. This is not a difficult matter. Whatever time you have, remember the Father. That will then become a powerful habit. Even if you were to walk to Delhi whilst in remembrance of the Father, you wouldn’t have any tiredness. If there is true remembrance, the consciousness of the body would be broken; then there wouldn’t be tiredness. Those who come at the end will go even faster in remembrance. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be constantly fearless and a conqueror of Maya and observe the games of Maya as a detached observer.   

As the stage of you children continues to progress, so, there should be no attack from Maya from time to time. Maya should come to salute you, not to attack you. Even if Maya does come, look at her as you would a game. Experience her as though you are watching a limited drama as a detached observer. No matter how fearsome the form of Maya may be, you will see her as a toy or a game and enjoy yourself a great deal. You won’t then be afraid of her. The children who are constant players and who observe the games of Maya as detached observers will be constantly fearless and conquerors of Maya.

Slogan: Become such an ocean of love that anger cannot even come close to you.   

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Support of All is definitely the one God.The Highest on High is only the one God,the Father.

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25/02/15      Morning Murli          BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

It has been explained to you children that when you make people sit down in silence, for which the word “neshtha” (specially-conducted meditation) has been given, you are made to conduct this drill. The Father now sits here and explains to you spiritual children that those who have died alive say, “We have died a living death.” For example, when a human being dies, he forgets everything; only the sanskars remain. You now belong to the Father; you are also dead to the world. The Father says: You had the sanskars of devotion. Those sanskars are now changing. So, you die alive. When human beings die, they forget everything they have studied. Then they have to study again in the next birth. The Father says: Forget whatever you have studied. You have become the Father’s, have you not? I tell you new things. So, now forget the Vedas, the scriptures, the Granth, chanting, intense tapasya, etc; forget all of those things. This is why it is said: Hear no evil, see no evil. This applies to you children. Some who have studied many scriptures and have not died completely will continue to argue uselessly. Once dead, you would never argue. You would say: Only what the Father says is the truth. Why should anything else emerge from our lips? The Father says: Don’t bring this to your lips at all. Hear no evil! The Father has given the direction: Don’t listen to anything! Tell them: We are now the children of the Ocean of Knowledge. Why then should we remember devotion? We only remember the one God. The Father has said: Forget the path of devotion. I explain an easy aspect: If you remember Me, the Seed, the whole tree will enter your intellect.

The main thing you have is the Gita. Only in the Gita is there the explanation of God. These are now new things. One always pays more attention to new things. This is a very simple matter. The most important thing is to have remembrance. You have to be told repeatedly: Manmanabhav! Remember the Father! This is a very deep matter. Only in this do obstacles arise. There are many children who don’t remember Baba for even two minutes. Even after belonging to the Father, they don’t perform good actions and they don’t even have remembrance; they continue to perform sinful actions. This just doesn’t sit in their intellects. Therefore, it would be said that this is disregarding the Father’s directions. They aren’t able to study, and so they don’t receive that strength. You receive strength from a physical study. Study is a source of income. That is for the livelihood of the body, and that too is for a short time. Some die whilst they are studying and so they wouldn’t take that education with them. They have to take another birth and start studying from the beginning again. Here, however, whatever you study, you will take that with you because you receive the fruit in the next birth. All the rest is definitely the path of devotion. No one knows what types of things exist there. The spiritual Father sits here and gives knowledge to you spirits.

Only once does the Father, the Supreme Spirit, come and give knowledge to you spirits, through which you become the masters of the world. Heaven does not exist on the path of devotion. You have now become the Lord’s. Maya too makes children orphans, ones without parents; they start fighting amongst themselves over trivial things. If they don’t stay in remembrance of the Father, they would be orphans. If you become an orphan, you would definitely perform one sinful action or another. The Father says: Once you belong to Me, don't defame Me! Move forward with a lot of love. Don’t speak wrong things. The Father also has to uplift Ahaliyas, hunchbacks and native women. It is written that Rama (God) ate the native woman’s berries. Now, would He really eat her food, just like that? When she becomes a Brahmin from a native, why should He not eat? This is why Brahma Bhojan is praised. Shiv Baba wouldn’t eat anyway. He is Abhogta (the One beyond any effect of experience). However, this chariot eats. You children don’t need to argue with anyone. You should always remain on the safe side. Only speak a couple of words: Shiv Baba says. Only Shiv Baba is called Rudra. The flames of destruction emerged from Rudra’s sacrificial fire of knowledge, so He is God Rudra. Krishna wouldn’t be called Rudra. Krishna doesn’t make destruction happen.

Only the Father has creation, sustenance and destruction carried out. He doesn’t do anything Himself. Otherwise, He would be blamed. He is Karankaravanhar. The Father says: I don’t tell anyone to destroy everything; it is all fixed in the drama. Does Shankar do anything? Nothing at all! There is just the memorial of destruction taking place through Shankar. They bring about destruction themselves. This drama, which is preordained, is explained. Everyone has forgotten the Father, the Creator. They say: "God, the Father, is the Creator", but they don’t know Him at all. They believe that He creates the world. The Father says: I don’t create it; I change it. I change the iron age into the golden age. I come at the confluence, of which it is remembered, “Supreme auspicious age". God is the Benefactor; He brings benefit to all, but how and what benefit He brings is not known. In English, they call Him “The Liberator and the Guide”, but they don’t understand the meaning of that. They say: After devotion you will find God; you will receive salvation. Human beings cannot grant salvation to all. Otherwise, why would the Supreme Soul be praised as the Purifier, the Bestower of Salvation for All? None of them knows the Father; they are orphans. Their intellects have no love for the Father. Now, what can the Father do? He Himself is the Lord. His birthday, Shiv Jayanti, is celebrated in Bharat.

The Father says: I come to give the fruit to the devotees. I only come in Bharat. In order to come, I would definitely need a body. It is not as though anything will happen through inspiration. I enter this one and give you knowledge through this one’s mouth. It is not a matter of a cow’s mouth. Here, it is a matter of this mouth. A human mouth is needed, not that of an animal. Their intellects do not even work this much. On the other hand, they show Bhagirath (Lucky Chariot). No one knows anything at all about when He comes or how He comes. So, the Father sits here and explains to the children: You have died. Therefore, forget the path of devotion completely. God Shiva speaks: Remember Me! Then your sins will be absolved. Only I am the Purifier. When you become pure, I will take everyone back. Give the message to every home. The Father says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved; you will become pure. Destruction is just ahead. You call out: O Purifier come! Purify the impure! Establish the kingdom of Rama and liberate us from the kingdom of Ravan! Each one of you makes effort for yourself. The Father says: I come and liberate everyone. Everyone is in the jail of Ravan, the five vices. I bring salvation for all. After all, I am called the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. The kingdom of Rama would be in the new world. The intellects of you Pandavas are now loving. The intellects of some become loving straightaway. The love of some is connected slowly. Some just say: We surrender everything to the Father. No one but the One is left.

The Support of All is definitely the one God. This is the simplest of all simple things. Remember the Father and remember the cycle and you will become the kings and queens who rule the globe (Chakravarti). This is the school for becoming the masters of heaven. This is why the name King Chakravarti has been given. By knowing the cycle, you become Chakravrati. Only the Father explains this. Otherwise, you are not to argue about anything. Just say: Forget about all the things of the path of devotion. The Father says: Only remember Me. This is the main thing. Those who are fast effort makers become engrossed in the study a great deal. Those who have an interest in the study wake up early and study. Those who perform devotion also wake up early in the morning. They perform such intense devotion! When someone is about to cut off his head, he has a vision. Here, Baba says: Visions are harmful. By getting caught up in visions, knowledge and yoga stop. Time is wasted. This is why you should have no interest at all in going into trance. It is also a great disease through which Maya enters. Just as in time of war when the news is being broadcast, the other side causes such bad interference that no one can hear, similarly, Maya too puts obstacles in front of many; she doesn’t allow you to remember the Father. It is understood when there are obstacles in someone’s fortune. It is checked whether Maya has entered or not and whether they are saying anything against the law or not. Otherwise, Baba would quickly remove their position from them. Many human beings say: If only I were to be granted a vision, I would give You all of this wealth, property, etc. Baba says: Keep all of it yourself! What need does God have of your money? The Father knows that whatever is in this world is all to be burnt to ashes. What could Baba do? Through Baba, a lake is created, drop by drop. Follow the Father’s directions!

Open a hospital-cum-university where people can come and become the masters of the world. You have to sit on three feet of land and make ordinary human beings into Narayan. However, even those with three feet of land cannot be found. The Father says: I explain the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures to you. All of those scriptures belong to the path of devotion. Baba is not defaming anyone. This play has already been created. This is only said to explain to you. It is still a play, after all. No one can defame the play. I speak of the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge, so they go to the moon and investigate. Is there a kingdom there? Japanese people believe in the sun. I speak of the sun dynasty. People then sit and worship the sun. They offer water to the sun. So, Baba has explained to you children: Don’t argue too much about anything. Only tell them one thing. The Father says: Remember Me alone and you will then become pure. Everyone in the kingdom of Ravan is now impure, but they don’t believe themselves to be impure. Children, let there be the land of peace in one eye and the land of happiness in the other eye. Forget this land of sorrow. You are living lighthouses. Even in the exhibition, the name “Bharat, the Lighthouse” has been kept. However, they do not understand. You are now lighthouses. At ports, a lighthouse shows the way for the steamers. You, too, show everyone the path to the land of liberation and the land of liberation-in-life. When people come to an exhibition, tell them with a lot of love: God, the Father of All, is One. God, the Father, the Supreme Soul, says: Remember Me! He would definitely say that through a mouth. Establishment takes place through Brahma. Therefore, all of us are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Even those brahmins sing the praise of you Brahmins: Salutation to the deities, the Brahmins. The Highest on High is only the one Father. He says: I teach you the highest Raja Yoga, through which you become the masters of the whole world. No one can snatch that kingdom away from you. It was Bharat’s kingdom over the world. There is so much praise of Bharat. You know that we are now establishing this kingdom according to shrimat. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be free from bondage and liberated in life and remain constantly stable in the unlimited stage.  

Body consciousness is a limited stage and soul consciousness is an unlimited stage. By coming into a body, you come into the bondage of many actions and limitations, but, when you become soul conscious, all of those bondages finish. It is said: Those who are free from bondage are liberated in life. Similarly, those who remain stable in an unlimited stage become liberated from the atmosphere, vibrations and impure attitudes of the world and any attack of Maya. This is known as the stage of liberation in life and can only be experienced at the confluence age.

Slogan: The sign of having faith in the intellect is to have victory guaranteed and to be carefree; no waste can come to such a soul.  

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

God is the Ocean of Knowledge, whereas human beings are oceans of scriptures. God,the Father doesn't relate any scriptures.

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24/02/15      Morning Murli      BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

Song: Thousands of people of the world put a lock on your heart!

You sweetest, spiritual children heard the song. Only the one Father would say the words, "spiritual children". No one, but the spiritual Father, would call you His spiritual children. You children know that there is the one Father of all the spirits and that we are all brothers. People speak of brotherhood, but Maya enters them in such a way that they call the Father omnipresent, which makes it a fatherhood. Ravan’s kingdom exists over the old world. In the new world, there is Rama’s kingdom which is also called God’s kingdom. These matters have to be understood. There are definitely two kingdoms - God’s kingdom and the devil’s kingdom. There is the new world and there is the old world. It must surely be the Father who creates the new world. People of the world understand nothing about the new world or the old world; they don’t know anything. Previously, you didn’t understand anything either; you were senseless. Who establish the new world of happiness? Why is there sorrow in the old world? How does hell change into heaven? No one knows these things. Only human beings can know of these things. There are images of deities and so the original eternal kingdom of deities must surely have existed. It doesn’t exist now. It is now government of the people by the people. The Father only comes in Bharat. The people of Bharat don’t know what Shiv Baba does when He enters Bharat. They have forgotten their own religion. You now have to give them the introduction of the Trimurti and Father Shiva. People say: Deity Brahma, Deity Vishnu and Deity Shankar. Then, they say: Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva. Therefore, you children have to give them the introduction of Trimurti Shiva. You have to do this service. No matter what the circumstances are, when everyone receives the Father's introduction, they can claim their inheritance from the Father. You know that you are now claiming your inheritance. Many more have yet to claim theirs.

It is our duty to make sure that every home is given the Father's message. In fact, only the Father is the Messenger. The Father gives you His own introduction. You then have to give the Father's introduction to others. You have to give them the Father's knowledge. The main thing is Trimurti Shiva. This is our Coat of Arms. Government people do not understand the accurate meaning of this. They show the cycle as a spinning wheel: on it is written, "Truth Brings Victory". There is no meaning to those words. They are Sanskrit words. The Father is the Truth. You gain victory over the whole world with the true explanation that He gives you. The Father says: I am telling you the truth when I say that you can truly become true Narayan through this study. Those people extract so many different meanings. You should ask them the meaning of this as well. Baba explains in many different ways. Whenever a gathering is being held on the banks of a river, you should go and explain that the Ganges cannot be the Purifier. Rivers emerge from oceans. Rivers of water emerge from oceans of water. Rivers of knowledge emerge from the Ocean of Knowledge. You mothers now have this knowledge. Go to the Gaumukh where water emerges from that mouth. They believe that that is the water of the Ganges. Even people who are very educated are not able to understand how the water of the Ganges cannot emerge from there. It says in the scripture that the water of the Ganges emerged where the arrow landed. These are aspects of knowledge. It isn't that Arjuna shot an arrow and the water of the Ganges emerged where it landed. People go so far on pilgrimages. It is also said that the Ganges emerged through the locks of Shankar. It is also said that humans can change into angels by bathing in that water.

To change from an ordinary human into a deity is like changing into an angel. You children must now give everyone the Father's introduction. This is why Baba has had these pictures made. All of the knowledge is in the picture of Trimurti Shiva. In their picture of the Trimurti, they don’t have the One who gives knowledge (Shiva); there are only images of the one of those who received the knowledge. You can now explain to them using the picture of Trimurti Shiva. At the top is the image of the One who gives knowledge. Brahma receives knowledge from Him and he then spreads this knowledge. This is called the machinery for establishing God's religion. This deity religion gives a great deal of happiness. You children have recognized your true religion. You know that God is teaching you. You become so happy because the One who is teaching you is God Himself. The Father says: there should be no limit to the happiness of you children. God is incorporeal Shiva and not Shri Krishna. The Father sits here and explains that the Bestower of Salvation for all is only One. The golden age is called salvation and the iron age is called degradation. The new world is called new and the old world is called old. People believe that there are still forty thousand years left before the world becomes old. Everyone has become so confused. No one except the Father can explain these things. Baba says: I give you children your fortune of the kingdom and take everyone else back home. Those who follow My directions become deities. Only you children know about these things. What would new ones understand? It is the task of you gardeners to prepare the garden and make it ready. The Master of the Garden continues to give you directions. It isn't that Baba would meet a new person and give him knowledge. That is the task of you gardeners. For instance, when Baba goes to Calcutta, children there think that they will invite their officers and friends etc. to come to Baba. Baba says: They won't understand anything. It is as though you bring buddhus in front of Baba. This is why Baba says: Never bring new ones in front of Baba. It is the task of you gardeners, not the Owner of the Garden, to explain. The task of a gardener is to prepare a garden. The Father continues to give you directions about what you should do. This is why Baba never meets new children. However, sometimes they have guests at home who want to have a glimpse and ask: Why don't you let us meet Baba?

So many people go to Shankaracharya. Shankaracharya has a great status now. He is well educated, but, nevertheless, he was born through vice. Trustees (of temples) make anyone sit on the gaddi (seat of status). Each one has his own opinion. The Father comes and He Himself gives you children His introduction. I enter this old body every cycle. This one didn't know his births. It says in the scriptures that the duration of each cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. Human beings cannot take so many births. They have then said that you also take birth in animal species and they have increased the number to 8.4 million species. Whatever people hear, they continue to nod and say: It is true! Everything in the scriptures belongs to the path of devotion. In Calcutta, they make beautiful images of the deities; they decorate them beautifully and then they sink them. It is as though they have become as senseless as babies. They are absolutely innocent. You know that this is hell and that there is limitless happiness in heaven. Even now, when someone dies, people say that so-and-so has gone to heaven. Therefore, heaven must surely have existed at some time, but not now. Heaven would surely come after hell. You know about all of these things, whereas other people don't even know a little. So what would new ones do sitting in front of Baba? Therefore, gardeners are needed who can look after them well. Many gardeners are needed here. When a new student goes and sits in a medical college he doesn't understand anything. This knowledge is also new. Baba says: I have come to purify everyone. Remember Me and you will become pure. At present, all souls are tamopradhan. This is why they say that a soul is also the Supreme Soul. If the Supreme Soul were to be in everyone, the Father wouldn't sit and beat His head with such people. It is the task of you gardeners to change thorns into flowers.

You know that devotion is night and knowledge is day. “The day of Brahma and the night of Brahma” has been remembered. Prajapita Brahma would surely have many children. None of them even has the wisdom to ask who the Brahma of so many Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris is. Prajapita Brahma is very well known and it is through him that the Brahmin religion is created. People say: Salutations to the deity Brahma. The Father makes you children into Brahmins and then into deities. You children should have the interest to note down of all these new points that emerge. The children who understand these things well would be very keen to take notes. It is good to take notes, because it is difficult to remember all of these points. Take notes and then explain to anyone who comes. It shouldn't be that you take notes and that you then leave your book aside, that when you are given new points you put your old notebook aside. When you study at school and you make progress, you still keep the books of your earlier studies. Here, you first of all explain these things. Then, at the end, you say: Manmanabhav! Remember the Father and the world cycle. This is the main thing. Constantly remember Me alone.

This is called the fire of yoga. God is the Ocean of Knowledge, whereas human beings are oceans of scriptures. The Father doesn't relate any scriptures. If He too were to relate the scriptures, what would be the difference between human beings and God? The Father says: I tell you the essence of the scriptures of the path of devotion. People first play a flute to snakes and then catch hold of them and remove their poison. The Father too makes you stop drinking poison. Human beings have become impure with that poison. The Father says: Renounce all of that. Nevertheless, they don't renounce it. The Father makes you beautiful, but, in spite of that, some fall and dirty their faces. The Father has come to make you children sit on the pyre of knowledge. By sitting on the pyre of knowledge, you become the masters of the world, the conquerors of the world. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be an accurate effort-maker who experiences internal happiness and all the powers in the lap of love.  

Those who are accurate effort-makers never experience work to be hard or have tiredness but always remain intoxicated in their love. Because of being surrendered even in their thoughts, they experience BapDada making them move, that they are not moving with the feet of hard work, but moving along in the lap of love. Because of experiencing all attainments in the lap of love, they are not moving, but are continually flying in the experience of joy, internal happiness and all the powers.

Slogan: When the foundation of faith is strong, you automatically experience having an elevated life.  

Sunday, 22 February 2015

You have to remove remembrance of friends,relatives and everyone else to become stable in unlimited happiness.

23/02/15      Morning Murli        BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

This knowledge is very incognito. You don’t even need to say “Namaste”. People in the world greet one another and say “Namaste” or “Ram-Ram”. None of those things can go on here because this is a family. It doesn’t seem right to say "Namaste" or "Good morning" in a family. In a home, one eats, goes to the office and comes back; this continues all the time. There is no need to say “Namaste”. The fashion of saying “Good morning” was started by the Europeans. Otherwise, there was nothing like that previously. When people meet one another at devotional gatherings, they say “Namaste” and bow at each other’s feet. This custom of bowing at someone’s feet is taught for humility. Here, you children have to become soul conscious. What would a soul do to a soul? Nevertheless, this has to be said. For example, you would say “Namaste” to Baba. Now, the Father says: I teach you through the ordinary body of Brahma. I carry out establishment through him. How? Only when the Father is personally in front of you can that be explained by Him. Otherwise, how could anyone understand? The Father sits here face to face in front of you and explains and you children understand. You would have to say “Namaste” to both - “BapDada, namaste.” If those from outside were to hear this, they would become confused and ask what you’re saying when you say “BapDada”. Many human beings also have double names. For example, Lakshmi-Narayan and Radhe- Krishna are also names. It is as though the man and woman become combined. Now, this one here is BapDada. Only you children can understand these things.

The Father is definitely greater. Although they have a double name, it is one person. So, why do they keep both names? You children now know that those names are wrong. No one else can recognise Baba. You say, “Namaste BapDada,” and the Father would reply “Namaste to you physical, spiritual children”. Such a long greeting doesn’t seem appropriate, but the words are right. All of you are physical children and also spiritual children. Shiv Baba is the Father of all souls and then Prajapita too is needed. The children of Prajapita Brahma are brothers and sisters. It is a family path. You are all Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Prajapita Brahma’s existence is validated through the existence of you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. This is not a matter of blind faith. Tell them that the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris receive an inheritance from the Father. They don’t receive it from Brahma. Brahma too is Shiv Baba’s child. The residents of the subtle region, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, are a creation. Their Creator is Shiva. No one can ask who Shiva’s creator is. No one can be Shiva’s creator. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are part of creation. Even higher than them is Shiva, the Father of all souls. Now, if He is the Creator, the question arises, “When did He create!” No! This creation is eternal. The question “When did He create so many souls?” cannot arise. This eternal drama continues; it is infinite; it never comes to an end. All of these things are in you children, numberwise. This is very easy.

Whether anyone lives or dies, you should have no attachment to anyone but the one Father. There is a song: Even if your mother dies, eat halva... For instance, even if someone dies, there is nothing to worry about because this drama is predestined. According to the drama, he had to go at that time. What can anyone do about that? There is no need to be sad at all. This is the stage of the power of yoga. The law says that you shouldn’t be even slightly disturbed. Everyone is an actor. Each one continues to play his own part. You children have received knowledge. They say to the Father: O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, come and take us away! It is a very big job to have all of these bodies destroyed and to take all souls back with Him. Here, if someone dies, people continue to cry for 12 months. The Father will take so many souls back with Him. Everyone’s body will be left behind here. You children know that when the Mahabharat War begins, they will continue to leave like swarms of mosquitoes. Natural calamities too are to come. This whole world has to be transformed. Look how large England and Russia etc. are now! Did all of them exist in the golden age? It doesn’t even enter the intellect of anyone in the world that none of them existed in our kingdom. There was only one religion and one kingdom. Even you are numberwise in keeping this in your intellects very well. If it is imbibed by you, your intoxication remains constantly high. Only a few maintain such high intoxication, and that is with great difficulty.

To remove one’s remembrance of friends, relatives and everyone else, and to become stable in unlimited happiness is a great wonder. Yes, this too will happen at the end. Only at the end is the karmateet stage attained. The consciousness of the body will then be broken. “That’s it! We are now going home.” It is as though this becomes common. When actors in a play finish playing their parts, they go home. You have to leave that costume, the body, here. You adopted those costumes here and you have to leave them behind here. All of these new aspects are in your intellects. They are not in anyone else’s intellect. Alpha and beta. Alpha is highest of all. It is said: Establishment through Brahma, destruction through Shankar and sustenance through Vishnu. Achcha, so what is Shiva’s task? No one knows Shiv Baba, the Highest on High. They just say, “He is omnipresent and all of those are His forms anyway.” This has become firm in the intellect of everyone in the world and this is why they have become tamopradhan. The Father says: The whole world has reached degradation. Then, I alone come and give salvation to all. If He were omnipresent, it would be that all are God and God alone. On the one hand, they say “All are brothers”, and then, on the other, they say “All are the Father”. They don’t understand. The unlimited Father says to you children: Children, remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Baba says: Do not even remember this Dada or Mama. The Father says: No one should be praised, neither Mama nor Baba. If Shiv Baba didn’t exist, what could this Brahma do? What would happen by remembering this one? Yes, you know that you are claiming the inheritance from the Father, not from this one, but through this one. This one also claims the inheritance from that One, and so you should remember that One. This one is just an agent in the middle. When a couple become engaged, they remember each other. The one who arranges the marriage is the agent in the middle. The Father has your engagement to Him arranged through this one. This is why there is the praise: I found the Satguru through the agent. The Satguru is not the agent, the Satguru is incorporeal. They may say: Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, but they are not gurus! Only the one Father is the Satguru who grants salvation to all.

The Father teaches you. You then show the path to others and tell them: Even whilst seeing, don’t see! Keep your intellect connected to Shiv Baba. Everything you see with those eyes is to turn into a graveyard. Remember the one Father, not this one. The intellect says: I cannot receive the inheritance from this one. The inheritance will be received from the Father. You have to go to the Father. A student wouldn’t remember a student. A student would surely remember the teacher. Clever children at school would also try to uplift others. The Father says: Try to uplift one another. However, if it isn’t in their fortune, they don’t even make the effort. They become content with a little. You should explain to others. Many come to the exhibitions. There can be a great deal of progress by explaining to many others. Send out invitations and invite them and many important, sensible people will then come. Many varieties of people turn up without an invitation. They continue to say such wrong things! The behaviour of royal people is also royal. Royal people will enter with royalty. There is a big difference in their behaviour too. Others have no manners in the way they behave and talk to others. All types turn up at the gatherings (melas). No one is refused admittance. Therefore, if you send people an invitation card inviting them to the exhibitions, many good, royal people will come. Then, they will also go and tell others. Sometimes, have a programme just for females so that only females come and see, because, in many places, many females are behind a veil. Therefore, have a programme for only females. No males should be allowed to come in. Baba has told you: First of all, you have to explain that Shiv Baba is incorporeal. Shiv Baba and Prajapita Brahma are both “Babas”. The two cannot become one, so you do not receive an inheritance from both Babas. You would receive an inheritance from a grandfather or a father. One has a right to the property of a grandfather.

No matter how unworthy a child may be, he would still receive his grandfather’s inheritance. This is the law here. It is also understood that when certain people receive that money, they would squander it within a year, but government laws are such that it has to be handed over. The Government cannot do anything. Baba, however, is experienced. There was a child of a king who squandered 10 million rupees in 12 months. There are some who are like that. Shiv Baba would not say that He has seen such cases. This one (Brahma) says: I have seen many such examples. This world is very dirty. This is an old world, an old house. An old house usually has to be demolished. Look how first class the royal palaces of Lakshmi and Narayan are. You are now being given understanding by the Father and are becoming Narayan from an ordinary human. This is the story of the true Narayan. Only you children understand this. Amongst you too, some haven’t become complete flowers yet. You need to have very good royalty in this. You continue to make progress day by day. You continue to become flowers. You children say with love: “BapDada”. This language of yours is new and it cannot be understood by other human beings. For instance, when Baba goes somewhere and children say, “BapDada, namaste”, Baba responds, “Namaste to you spiritual, physical children.” He would have to respond in that way. If others were to hear this, they would say that this is something new. How can “BapDada” be said to be one? Can both Bap and Dada ever be one? The name of each is also different. You are the children of both Shiv Baba and Brahma Dada. You know that Shiv Baba is sitting in this one, that you are BapDada’s children. If your intellects remember even this much, your mercury of happiness will remain high.

You also have to remain stable with regard to the drama. For instance, when someone leaves the body, he will go and play another part. Each and every soul receives an eternal part. There is no need to have any thoughts about this. He had to go and play another part. He cannot be called back. This is the drama. There is nothing to cry about in this. Only those with such a stage will go and become kings without attachment (King Nirmohi). In the golden age, everyone is without attachment. Here, when someone dies, they cry so much! There is absolutely no need to cry when you have found the Father. Baba shows you such a good path. For the kumaris, it is very good. Your father would spend money wastefully and you would fall into hell. Instead of this, tell him: “I will open a spiritual university-cum-hospital with that money. If I bring benefit to many, that will be charity by you and also by me.” Children, you, yourselves, should remain enthusiastic to spend everything - body, mind and wealth - to make Bharat into heaven. There should be so much intoxication! If you want to give it, then give it! If you don’t want to, then don’t! Do you not want to bring benefit to yourselves and to many others? There should be this much intoxication. Kumaris should especially be very alert. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be full of all attainments by knowing the importance of the confluence age and by attaining a multi-fold return of one.  

At the confluence age BapDada’s promise is: Give one and receive one hundred, thousand-fold. Just as this time is the most elevated time, the most elevated birth and you have the most elevated titles; similarly, it is at this time that you experience all attainments. Now, it is not just one hundred, thousand-fold return that you receive for one, but whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want the Father is bound to you in the form of the Servant. You receive multi-fold return of one because the Bestower of Blessings is at present yours. When you have the seed in your hands, you can take whatever you want in a second and become full of all attainments.

Slogan: No matter what the situations are like, they will disperse, but your happiness should never disappear.