Sunday, 30 September 2012

To become merged in love of God means to be an easy yogi.

Essence: Sweet children, imbibe the Father’s teachings and become virtuous flowers. You have received the enlightenment of knowledge. Therefore, remain constantly cheerful.

Question: What deep and entertaining things about you children do people become confused about when they hear them?
Answer: 1) You say: We are now the decoration of the spiritual clan, the spinners of the discus of self-realisation. We are those who blow the conch shell of knowledge. We are trinetri and trikaldarshi. All the ornaments given to the deities actually belong to us. When people hear these things, they become confused. 2) You say: The knowledge that the Father is giving us through this one’s mouth is the blowing of the conch shell. It is through this that we are becoming deities from human beings. This is called the murli; it is not a wooden flute. These are very deep and entertaining things that people find difficult to understand.

Song:     This is the spring to forget the world.

Sweet Children,
You are taught to imbibe divine virtues which are more elevated than the virtues of deities.
Since you receive the light of knowledge, you must remain happy. You remain happy for 21 births in golden and silver ages.
The golden age is the virtuous-pure world where only happiness exists amongst everyone. The dynasty of golden age is ruled by laksmi Narayan  who were known as Radhe and Krishna when they are young.
GodFather teaches you the secret of action, neutral action (golden and silver ages) and sinful actions (copper and iron ages). You children are known as spiritual guides who show the right path to others.
The soul and Supreme soul have remained separate for a long time (now at this confluence age, they meet each other). Now you have to become virtuous certainly, the knowledge can remain only in golden intellect. You cannot make spiritual effort without purity.
Now, God speaks the knowledge which is shown in memorial as the flute music by Sri Krishna. God has mercy for the children and gives jewels of knowledge. You imbibe these jewels of knowledge to share it with others. You children speak only jewels of knowledge. You do great spiritual service and even teach others to do service.
You know about the important actors of this world drama. God is the highest Creator, Director of this world drama.Then comes the father of humankind –Adam (Brahma). The world cycle is of just 5000years unlike millions of years as mentioned in scriptures.
Soul is a very subtle point of light stays at the middle of forehead, it is like a point of star. This knowledge is very subtle to understand, taught to you day by day.
It is said God is omnipresent but at the same time people call Him out. It is not that God does not have name or form. Now, your third eye of knowledge is opening up. In scriptures, the deities are shown with third eye of knowledge.
When you make spiritual effort, you will experience happiness. God gives you the inheritance of heaven at this time. You must remain happy at all times.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Constantly stay under the shower of knowledge. Become a spiritual guide and show everyone the path. Only let jewels of knowledge emerge from your mouth.
2.            Churn the ocean of knowledge, remain constantly cheerful, mature, have a broad intellect, experience happiness and enable others to do the same.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who puts a full stop to any situation and thereby finishes it.
The essence of all the points is to become a point. Remain stable in the point form and the queue of question marks will end. Whenever there is a question mark in any situation, simply put a full stop. The easy slogan to put a full stop is: Whatever happened, whatever is happening and whatever is to happen will be good because the confluence age is the best of all. When you say “good”, everything becomes good and, through this, you will continue to experience the life of an easy yogi.

Slogan: Love is the easy method for remembrance. To become merged in love means to be an easy yogi.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Clarity,by being self aware,vice less,egoless and free from sinful thoughts,brings success.

Essence: Specialities of Shaktis and Pandavas and while having power, why there isn’t success and contentment in life.

Praise of Baba (GodFather):
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   By stabilizing ourselves in the stage of a world benefactor, we, the souls, have benevolent feelings for the whole world in our every thought...we give blessings and the great donation of all powers received from the Father to all souls...we become knowledge-full same as the Father, and make others the same....we are the sensible ones who understand through signals, who have a pure physical and subtle diet, who constantly have elevated interactions, and who are the great donors, the bestowers of blessings, the world transformers and so the world benefactors...
2.   While performing all tasks, while coming into relationships with all our contacts, we, the souls, like the lotus flower are detached (nyare) and also remain loving (pyare) to the Father...while performing deeds amidst the atmosphere under impure influences and amidst vibrations of souls with different attitudes, we maintain a stage of equanimity in both karma and yoga, and remain stable amid all types of upheavals...
3.   We, the souls, constantly stable in our spiritual stage, look at others with a vision of spirituality and constantly see the jewel on the forehead...we have the pure thought of making other souls spiritual through our own awareness, vision and attitude, that is, at every moment we move along as yogi and serviceable souls...we are the spiritual roses with the colour of knowledge, the beauty of yoga and the fragrance of spirituality...
4.   We, the souls, are the Brahmins of the confluence age... with pure food and interaction of pure thoughts, we have the blessings of a divine intellect and the blessings of a divine vision...we are the hard working tireless Pandavas with planning intellects, ever-ready at every moment on the stage of service...we are the conquerors of the mind, conquerors of Maya and so the conquerors of the world...we are Bapdada’s children and the masters, the masters of the Father and the masters of the world...
5.   We, the souls, with the power to accommodate and the power to face, use both powers at the right time and experience being the children of the Ocean of all divine Virtues, by having elevated dharna, and with clean, clear and transparent intellects, we become master constantly remaining content with the self, we experience the practical fruit, the reward, the attainment of our efforts...we remain constantly cheerful by using the powers and the points of knowledge at the right time  and with the right method... we are the master creators who take benefit of our creation...while using the facilities of science we let our spiritual endeavour continue and so remain uninfluenced by them...we are the constant yogis who transform any limited consciousness of “I” or “mine” into the unlimited...we have love for the Father, love for knowledge, and love for a life full of divine using the right methods along with love, we make the ordinary into extraordinary and valuable...with an elevated stage of being incorporeal, vice less, egoless, and free from sinful thoughts, we sharpen our power of discernment...
6.   “Wealth never finishes by giving it”, that is, to give it, means to increase it...
with the blessings of becoming complete at the confluence age, we, the souls, the children of God, make ourselves complete ...we experience bliss of being full of knowledge, full of all powers, full of all divine virtues, arts and skills, and being sixteen celestial degrees full... by continuing to use the knowledge and the powers received from God for ourselves and for other souls, we experience ourselves to be embodiments of all attainments...according to Godly principle, the more the attainment of the present time is used, the more it will increase...we are constantly happy, prosperous with the fortune of happiness,  with good kismet and radiant faces,  not being deceived at any time of need; that is, we are saved from using all the attainments, and by knowing the method, together with having love, we become the master oceans of knowledge, master oceans of powers and master oceans of all attainments...

Blessing: May you be a master creator who uses the facilities instead of being influenced by them.
According to the drama, the facilities of science that are useful to you have been created by those who have been touched when the Father had a need for them. However, while using those facilities, do not be influenced by them. Those facilities should never pull you to themselves. Become a master creator and take benefit from the creation. If you are influenced by them, they will cause you sorrow. Therefore, while using the facilities, let your spiritual endeavour continue.

Slogan: In order to become a constant yogi, transform any limited consciousness of “I” or “mine” into the unlimited.

Friday, 28 September 2012

A world transformer is one who transforms negative (vices within) into positive (virtues).

Essence: Sweet children, whenever you have time, earn the true income. Staying in remembrance of the Father while walking, moving around and performing actions is the basis of earning the true income. There is no difficulty in this.

Question: What are the signs of children who have been enlightened by knowledge?
Answer: Having been enlightened by knowledge, their physical senses become cool. All mischief ends and their stage becomes constant and stable. Their manners continue to be reformed.

Question:            What is the result of not having accurate remembrance of Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father)  in your intellect?
Answer:               There is definitely one sinful action or another performed. The intellect doesn’t work even to the extent of making you realise that you are performing sinful actions. Because of disobeying the Father’s orders, you continue to be deceived.

Song:     At last the day for which we have been waiting has come.

Sweet Children,
Children know that the unlimited Father has come. Sri Krishna is not the unlimited Father like it is mentioned in scriptures. The unlimited Father transforms the poor Bharat-India in to wealthy.
God appears only on Bharat-India and hence Bharat is known as the birthplace of GodFather. People call out God as omnipresent which is not true. God appears by divine birth unlike normal birth. Souls take birth by appearing in the womb of mother but not the Supreme Soul.
You souls had double crown. One is of the crown of purity and the other is of crown of jewels. Now, you have only the crown of jewels because you have become vicious from virtuous. The virtuous kings of golden and silver age get degraded to vicious-impure kings of copper and iron ages. Once again, you have to become the virtuous ones.
Now, you are becoming worshipworthy from being a worshipper. You have to make effort. To the extent possible, create an income by remembrance of GodFather. Whenever your intellect is free, whilst walking, moving around, remain in remembrance of GodFather. This is your unlimited income and others are limited.
You children know that you have to receive the unlimited inheritance from unlimited Father. You must not fall into vice. In this sacrificial fire of eternal Godly knowledge, there will be obstacles of demoniac nature of humanbeings. It is shown even in scriptures about the obstacles created by demons.
When you have the light of knowledge, your senses will become cool. At the end you attain the karmateet stage, free from bondages of actions.
To become the master of the world, hear no evil, see no evil. At this time, you are becoming worthy to be worshipped in temples. No other gurus ask you to remain free from vice- being lustful. Since you cooperate in opening the Gate of heaven, certainly you become the master of the kingdom by this spiritual effort of transforming the resident of hell into resident of heaven.It is also your job to make the human beings become vice-less in nature.
You (some) call the souls who have left the body and feed them. You visit the subtle world and offer food for GodFather. This food is liked even by the deities. The yoga and knowledge (to see visions in trance) both are different. When your intellect has yoga (remembrance) with God, you get rid of sins. (In knowledge-trance, you don’t make effort but in yoga).
You don’t receive anything by divine visions seen in trance. Only by remembrance of God you get benefitted. You must listen to the murlis, even if you don’t receive murlis, you can remain in remembrance of GodFather and churn the knowledge of discus of self realization.
Even the military men have to perform their actions, still the intellect must remember about God and His inheritance. Whatever food you eat, eat in remembrance of God, so that the food becomes pure. To the extent possible maintain the purity of food.
The most important is to remember the GodFather to get rid of sins. By remembrance, you never get slapped by maya, you never come into body consciousness. Soul is a point of light like a star. Soul is different from body.
It depends upon the practice to explain to others, but at the same time, the spiritual effort is required. You must be good in remembrance, some are very good in knowledge but have to make effort to remember GodFather. There are many who are knowledge-full but keep indulging in vices.
If you don’t follow the direction of GodFather, you lose your income. It is very easy to explain about the history and geography of the world. There were sun and moon dynasties, where they have gone now? Who has taken their kingdom? Only you children know how this world cycle repeats. This can be explained to anyone. You get obstacles only in remembrance of GodFather. If you don’t remember the GodFather accurately, the vicious actions take place.
You know that God is the Lord of the poor, merciful. God explains in particular to you children since you go to the world of happiness and in general, every soul receives liberation, goes to the soul world. The main religion – trunk of the tree has disappeared at this time, once again the kingdom of heaven is being established.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t develop doubts about anything and thereby stop studying. Remember the Father and the inheritance.  
2.            Listen to only the one Father. Forget everything else that you have studied. Hear no evil! See no evil! Talk no evil!.

Blessing: May you be double light and fly in the flying stage by remaining stable in the point form.
Always keep in your awareness that you are the stars of the Father’s eyes. “Star of the eyes” means only a dot can be in the eyes. It is with the speciality of the dot (pupil) in the eyes that you are able to see. To stay in the point form is the means to fly in the flying stage. Perform every action as a point and you will remain light. Do not have the habit of carrying any burden. Instead of “mine”, say “Yours” and you will become double light and you will not experience any burden in self-progress or in the task of world service.

Slogan: A world transformer is one who transforms negative into positive.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

sacrifice the consciousness of “I” (being a trustee) to become a world benefactor.

Essence: Sweet children, while sitting in this land of sorrow, remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. Forget this land of sorrow. Your intellects should not wander here.

Question: What is the basis of your efforts?
Answer: Faith. You have the faith that the Father has brought you the gift of the new world. This old world is definitely going to be destroyed. You are making effort with this faith. If you don’t have faith, you won’t reform yourself. As you progress further and everyone receives your message through the newspapers, your sound will spread and your faith will continue to become stronger.

Sweet Children,
Your intellect goes to the world of peace and happiness being here. God who is the resident of soul world comes and gives direction, Children remember Me to come to the world of peace (soul world).
It is asked to remember the land of peace and land of happiness. By knowing that you are the resident of world of peace and by remembering the land of peace, you can also experience peace.
At this time, it is the world of sorrows. God gives direction daily: remember the land of peace and happiness, remember Me. God is your Father and hence His directions apply to all the souls of the world.
The religious founders come to establish their religion, they cannot be called as gurus. Guru is the one who takes you back to the word of retirement-soul world, it is the world beyond sound.In reality even gurus do not know the meaning of renunciation.
The deities of golden (Sri Lakshmi Narayan) and silver ages (Sri Sita Ram) cannot be called as God, the ancient deity religion exists in golden and silver ages, and they remain virtuous-pure for 21births.
You have to remember the One GodFather and the world cycle constantly. But souls find difficult to remember. At the least you can remember GodFather. You also know about the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle to churn about it.
Deities who are virtuous-pure are like fragrant flowers who existed in golden age. Now, the whole world human tree has been dried up and the new sampling has to be planted for the new world human tree.
The whole world never gets covered with water, the Bharat-India remains unaffected. The God is establishing the deity religion of virtues and peace, and the new world, at this time.
When you souls call out for God, the Purifier, to take to the world of happiness, God certainly comes to take you to the new virtuous-pure World. Very few people live in the pure-virtuous world.
It is God who gives you the complete knowledge of world cycle. God is known as Knowledge-full. He is the Only One Ocean of knowledge.
When you make the spiritual effort, you receive the liberation in life. There are many who receive only liberation. Those who study well come in golden and silver ages, and others remain in soul world to come later in copper and iron ages.
Now, the population increases, even the ocean is dried up to create houses, to be occupied by sea once again.  Now, God has come to establish the New world, to take all souls back home, when everything of old world gets destroyed in fire and water.
When the ancient religion comes into existence, only one religion of deities exists. Whatever you have heard through scriptures (of devotion) are to be forgotten, to listen to (knowledge from)  GodFather.
God says, I have come to create heaven and so you have to make the spiritual effort. When God comes, He comes with the gift of heaven at this confluence age. You listen to this knowledge with faith and hence you make this spiritual effort.
The God’s message will be received by all at the end, through Newspapers. The knowledge is very simple. You children just have to remember GodFather with honest heart to get rid of the bondages of sins. Everyone will know about the greatness of GodFather at the end.
God Father says, remember the GodFather and the heavenly golden age. The world transformation has to take place, for the peace to be established.
This vicious world has only sorrows and the virtuous world of golden age is only of happiness. God makes the souls worthy for heaven.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Study well and claim a high status. Be ready for the new world before the calamities come.
2.            In order to reform yourself, have faith in the intellect. You have to go beyond sound into the stage of retirement. Therefore, forget this land of sorrow and remember the lands of peace and happiness.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who has a big heart and bring instant results in service.
Children who do service with a big heart are able to bring huge instant results in service. Whatever task you perform, have a big heart and also have a big heart in making others co-operative. Do not have a small heart for the self or for your co-operative companions. By your having a big heart, even dust becomes like gold, weak companions become powerful and the impossible becomes possible. For this, sacrifice the consciousness of “I” and you will become a world benefactor with a big heart.

Slogan: To transform reasons into solutions is to be someone who has pure and positive thoughts for others.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

When you have love for God,the remembrance becomes natural.

Essence: Sweet children, make effort to make impure ones pure-virtuous, like the Father. This time is very valuable. So don’t waste your time in useless matters.

Question: Due to which one aspect does the Father feel a lot of mercy for you children?
Answer: Some children gossip among themselves and waste a lot of their time. When they go sightseeing somewhere, instead of remembering the Father, they have wasteful thoughts. The Father feels a lot of mercy for such children. Baba says: Sweet children, now reform your lives. Don’t waste time unnecessarily. In order to become satopradhan from tamopradhan, remember the Father accurately with an honest heart. Don’t remember the Father just in desperate circumstances.

Sweet Children,
You souls have been calling out for God for 2500years, there is memorial of draupadi. God comes and satisfies all the souls.  There is a lot of difference being vicious and vice-less. There is the memorial of stone-like intellect and divine intellect.
Children have to make spiritual effort. God comes to make the tamopradhan souls to satopradhan souls. I make you souls greater than Myself. God praises His children. Now, the GodFather and father of humankind – both are present along with children.
Human body is such that it is never used for anything unlike the body of animals. When the intellect is not used, it is known as stone-like intellect. People waste time on gossip.
Souls have to keep busy in service and by the power of remembrance of God, souls have to become virtuous. There is no other method to become pure-virtuous.
God welcomes you children who have lost everything, I make you the crown of head. You children become wealthy at this time. You are the multimillionaires of golden age.
The world transformation has to take place. All the wealth, property, physical body will have to be destroyed-trasnformed to create the New world. You study here, because you have faith that God is teaching you, there cannot be any excuses. Study is important and you also have to remember GodFather. But in reality, you never remember GodFather, waste your time on gossip. God says repeatedly, children never gossip.
It takes time to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Check yourselves how much you remember the Godfather with true heart , with lot of love and accurately. When you have love for someone, there is no need to make effort to remember, the remembrance becomes natural.
Know yourself that only One GodFather is your true friend and all others are against you. When you souls gossip and fight against each other, how can you remain a friend or brothers amongst yourselves?
You must not look at the body of anyone including own body. Look at self and others as souls. There should be remembrance of God in every breath. You experience happiness in remembrance of GodFather. By thinking about others, people undergo sorrows.
I have come to give you inheritance of heaven and make you virtuous-pure. You say that maya stops you from remembering GodFather. God says, the more you remember GodFather, that much you will receive inheritance of heaven. The kingdom is being established.
GodFather says, visit temple, go into every street and give introduction of GodFather to everyone. The mind keeps wandering on relatives, the intellect never concentrates on God.
GodFather speaks to souls. It is the soul who studies this knowledge, not the physical organs. You have to make spiritual effort. This study is unlimited and the unlimited GodFather is teaching this knowledge to give you unlimited inheritance. God comes to make you virtuous deities-human beings of golden age.
There are many those who become even servants of kings and people in golden age according to their spiritual effort of this time of confluence age. There must be effort to become very sweet and loving, even GodFather teaches you with lot of love and sweetness.
Children those who study, do the churning of knowledge even at home. There must be interest in this study. There are many whose intellect is old stone-like. Here, you have to become deities from human beings.
When God comes, certainly He will create wonders. He will transform the old bodies into New bodies, transform the vicious into vice-less.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Listen with a lot of love and in the stage of soul consciousness to what the Father tells you. Sit in front of the Father and continue to look at Him. Don’t nod off! Have a lot of interest in studying. Definitely study, even if you have to renounce your food.
2.            Make the one Father your true Friend. In order to end animosity among yourselves, practise: We souls are brothers. Even while seeing the body, do not see it (but look at soul).

Blessing: May you be a server who is free from obstacles by keeping your mind and intellect constantly busy in service.
To the extent that you have zeal and enthusiasm for service, to that extent you remain free from obstacles because your intellect remains busy in service. When it is empty, there is a chance for something else to enter your intellect whereas by remaining busy, you easily become free from obstacles. In order to keep your mind and intellect busy, make a timetable for them. In order to put the aim you have for yourself and service into a practical form, you definitely need to pay attention every now and again. Attention should never change into tension. Where there is tension, there is difficulty.

Slogan: The blessings that you receive in service are the way to remain healthy.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

let there be the consciousness “I am eating with Baba (GodFather)”,and that food will then be filled with strength.

Essence: Sweet children, you are once again studying Raja Yoga. God is teaching you once again and you are studying in order to claim a kingdom. Constantly remember your aim and objective.

Question: What preparations are you children making now in great happiness?
Answer: You are now preparing to shed your old bodies in great happiness and return to the Father. You have to practise this here so that you can shed your bodies in remembrance of Baba (God) alone and not have to choke at that time. Your student life is a carefree life. Therefore, become choke-proof.
Song:     Hey traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off

Sweet Children,
The spiritual Father is teaching you the spiritual children. You know what God is teaching you. You are transforming from human beings into deities. Once again you are learning RajaYoga which was taught to you every 5000years.
Father is only One and children are many. God Himself comes and say that I had adopted you children. You children become deities and rule the whole world. You can explain to others by means of pictures.
Here, once again, you children study to become ruler of kings. This is known as easy yoga and easy knowledge.
You have to transform from human beings into virtuous deities. Deities are known as completely virtuous of 16celestial degrees.
People never know that it is Radha and Krishna who become Lakshmi and Narayan. 5000years before deities were completely virtuous.
God is known as Blissful, He removes sorrow of all souls of the world. God says: Remember one GodFather alone (not physical body of self and others). I make you king of all kings. You attain kingdom by means of Rajayoga, once again.
God says, I have come once again to teach you rajayoga (to become ruler of self and world). God says, hey spiritual children, never become tired (never lose hope). I teach you Rajayoga to give you inheritance of heaven.
In golden age, there were deities of golden age. Adam (Brahma) is not God but the father of humankind. Here, God speaks the secrets about world cycle and deities. God says, I come at the end of every world cycle .
You have lost all your virtues taking births and reading scriptures. Hence God has to appear on earth to transform vicious souls to virtuous.
Sri Krishna has a body of his own and hence He cannot be called as God who does not own a body. Sri Krishna appears in golden age and I come at the confluence of iron age and golden age.
Who is God of the Gita?  There are lot of confusions about it. In reality God speaks the Gita at the confluence age not Sri Krishna.
Souls must have courage to remain pure-virtuous. Souls come around the world cycle by taking maximum 84births, losing their virtues. Deities are shown with the discus of self realization. You spin the discus to become pure-virtuous.
No one has the knowledge of world cycle except GodFather. God says, you must become virtuous-pure. In golden age, there is nothing of sorrow.
It is said that soul gets merged in Brahm element but it is not so. Every soul goes to soul world of Brahm element only at the end of world cycle.
You receive power from God when you prepare and eat food in remembrance of GodFather. By remembrance the food becomes pure and the body receives strength.
It is said, if you want to know about bliss, you must ask with gope and gopis who are none other than you children who listen to the versions (murli) spoken by GodFather at this time.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to remain constantly healthy, prepare and eat food in remembrance. At the time of eating, let there be the consciousness “I am eating with Baba (GodFather)”, and that food will then be filled with strength.
2.            In order to become a deity, blow the conch shell and continue to spin the discus of self-realization. Make your life as pure as a lotus flower.

Blessing: May you be a world server and a great donor who donates the infinite treasures as a bestower.
Always remember that you have to donate the infinite treasures you have received from the Father. Use your treasures: continue to use them in a worthwhile way through your thoughts, words, relationships and connections. Children of the Bestower cannot stay without giving for even one day: a world server has to do service every day. If you do not get a chance to serve through words, then serve through your mind. If you are unable to serve through your mind, then serve through your deeds and practical life. To the extent that you become a sample through your thoughts and words, to that extent, everyone will automatically be attracted on seeing the sample.
Slogan: For those who have the power of determination, even the impossible becomes possible.

Essence: Sweet children, this life of yours is your most valuable one. In this birth you have to become diamonds from shells. Therefore, remember the Father as much as possible.

Question: By not being cautious about which one aspect does your register become spoilt?
Answer: If you cause anyone sorrow then your register is spoilt. You have to be very cautious about this aspect. To cause sorrow for others means to cause sorrow for oneself. The Father doesn’t cause anyone sorrow; you children have to become equal to the Father. In order to claim your fortune of a kingdom for 21 births, firstly become pure and secondly don’t cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words or deeds. While living at home with your family, remain very sweet in your interaction with everyone.
Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Sweet Children,
GodFather has come to decorate you children, but the decoration gets spoilt in course of time by the influence of maya-vices.
Your battle is against the vices. Lust is the greatest enemy. How it becomes an enemy, no one knows about it. God makes you self independent but you lose it by taking many births.
From vicious, become vice-less , free from all desires (content-being blissful-being natural).Let there not be any vice, you have to win over the lust. Deities become vicious coming into the retirement stage. Now, you become vice-less deities to rule the new world.
Your life is most valuable and hence you have to become like a diamond. Remain in the remembrance of GodFather.
Earlier, the war took place outside the city but now it takes place within the city killing the innocents.
You children have to remember the GodFather and make others remember the GodFather.
The greatest charity is to donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge. You can open the spiritual hospital, where you don’t give any medicine. You just have to remember the father doing all actions.
Waking up early in the morning and remember the GodFather. Bharat-India is famous for the Rajayoga, taught by the GodFather. Here, the souls have to become pure-virtuous in nature.
Rajayog cannot be taught by human beings to other human being. It is taught by God Himself to His children. You have to renounce the old world by the intellect, have to remain in household being pure.
You must have attention to become pure-virtuous. I teach you children in every world cycle. You must remember the GodFather and the heavenly inheritance. You must churn this knowledge of world cycle. There is praise of discus of self realization by which the demons – vices are removed.
GodFather teaches you children, don’t give sorrow to each other. God never gives sorrow to anyone and you must also become like him. If you give pain to others, you spoil your own income. Don’t do such sinful action that your records of actions get spoiled.
You have to check if you got angry with anyone, if you give sorrow to anyone. You have made promise that if God comes, I will become free from desires and remember Him by intellect. Sanyasis never become free from desires but renounce to go away from household.
There are many who get tears in the love of God. Here, you earn unlimited spiritual income unlike other satsangs. Human beings cannot teach Rajayog to human beings. If people do a lot of charity, they take birth in royal family and it is only for a very limited period. But here you receive unlimited inheritance. One is to remember God, other is , you must not become angry, must not give sorrow to others by thoughts, words and actions. Otherwise you undergo greater punishment.
Even if you have vicious thoughts, don’t bring them into actions. You have to become very sweet. You must not respond with anger to the anger, instead you have to smile in return. People use bad words in anger, when there is appearance of ghost of anger in them.
There are many who says, initially there was lot of anger before, but not now. It is good to remain pure-virtuous, there is no need to leave the household. You must become very sweet, have to remember One GodFather who is the Creator. Brothers don’t receive inheritance amongst each other but from GodFather.
There are so many people-brothers, you all belong to one father of humankind. Now, you create a good fortune, you transform from human beings into deities. You know your aim object of deities. You remember your past by looking at the image of deities, you never say that the dead one has to come alive to prove your past.
There are different types of devotion by which you receive divine visions. But you never attain anything by divine visions. At this time, no one has reached the stage of karmateet, the stage free from bondage of actions. You must open the spiritual hospital to give knowledge to others. You children have to become virtuous deities.
You must remain in household and remain virtuous-pure, must become free from desires. Children have to become very sweet. Your knowledge is very incognito. You ask others to remember GodFather. You have to make a lot of effort, become stick for the blind. Everyone cannot remain same but in golden age, every soul remains pure-virtuous. No name of sorrow exist there, everyday is a diwali there. There every soul remains clean and pure.
Like God has knowledge, you also have knowledge. In golden age, only happiness exists, you children must not fear on anything. You fight against your old enemy-vices, no one rule the world by the power of weapons but by the power of remembrance. Now, only very little time is left out. The transformation of the world has to take place.
Those who received the kingdom in previous world cycle will come again to receive their kingdom. The more you win over the vices, that much, you will stabilize in remembrance of God.
The maya is also almighty authority like God, you have to win over the maya-vices. You have to remember GodFather and become virtuous.

Essence for dharna:
1. Have true love for the one Father and destroy your attachment (by looking at self and others as soul) to everyone else. Don’t perform any sinful actions through your mouth or physical senses. Always keep your register good.
2. Never become tired of service. Don’t waste your time. Open a spiritual hospital in every home and give everyone the medicine of remembrance.

Blessing: May you have a guarantee of being victorious and make the impossible possible and experience success through your determined thoughts.
The special blessing of the confluence age is to make the impossible possible. Therefore, never think, “How is this going to happen?” Instead of thinking “How? (kaise)”, think, “It will happen like this (aise). Continue to move along with the faith that it is already accomplished and that you just have to put it into the practical form and repeat it. Use your determined thoughts. Let there not be any upheaval of “What?” or “Why?” in your thoughts and victory is then definitely guaranteed. To use determined thoughts means to attain success easily.
Slogan: Always have the awareness of the Father who is Karankaravanhar and the consciousness of the body and ego will finish.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Elevated souls who keep their self-respect cannot have any feeling of being insulted.

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Essence: Sweet children, this is the wonderful play of being worthy of worship and a worshipper, of knowledge and devotion. You now have to become satopradhan and worthy of worship once again and also end all signs of impurity.
Question: When the Father comes, what scales does He show you children?
Answer: The scales of knowledge and devotion. On one side of the scales is knowledge and on the other side is devotion. The side of knowledge is now light and that of devotion is heavy. Gradually, the side of knowledge will become heavy and then, in the golden age, there will be just one side of the scales. There is no need for scales there.
Sweet Children,
You children learn the pilgrimage of remembrance, that is, you learn to become pure-virtuous.
You children had taken maximum 84 births and have become impure from pure, vicious from viceless, worshipper from being worshipworthy. Once again you are becoming virtuous deities of golden age.
The New world is golden age and the old world is iron age. There is devotion for half of the world cycle and there is knowledge for half of the world cycle.
You must remember the GodFather and the world cycle to rule the new world.
Every soul pass through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. By knowledge and remembrance of GodFather you become satopradhan, by the power of GodFather.
No one understands the One who gives liberation and liberation in life. The essence is to become virtuous from being vicious – become pure from impure, become satopradhan from tamopradhan.
This world play is created of victory and defeat.
Essence for dharna:
1. Engage this life of yours in the Father’s service. Become a bestower of a lot of happiness. If someone says wrong things, remain quiet. Become equal to the Father in removing everyone’s sorrow.
2. Check your own register. Imbibe divine virtues and become one with a good character. Remove all defects.
Blessing: May you be constantly powerful and with your mind, with a determined promise, make the mantra of manmanabhav into a tool.
When children make a promise with an honest mind, their mind becomes manmanabhav and this mantra of manmanabhav becomes a tool to overcome any situation. However, it should enter your mind: I definitely want to do this. Have the thought that whatever the Father has said is already accomplished. Therefore, whatever promise you made in your mind, let it be firm and you will become powerful. Repeatedly check yourself as to whether your promise is powerful or whether the tests are powerful. The test should not weaken your promise.
Slogan: Elevated souls who keep their self-respect cannot have any feeling of being insulted.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

"May you be bodiless" - take support of body only when you need.

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Essence: Be seated on the immortal throne, become an image of the great death and experiment with the power to pack up.
One who is beyond the spinning of Maya and who is a spinner of the discus of self-realisation (swadarshanchakradhari) will remain under the canopy (chatradhari) in the future.
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Praise of Baba:
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv (Benefactor) Baba is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher......the Unlimited Father...the One with a Merciful Heart...the Great Death...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   By checking ourselves in a very subtle way and becoming vice less, we, the souls, make our wireless powerful ... we are the enthusiastic and courageous master almighty authorities who, by being soul conscious, experience the bodiless stage whenever we want, and with the yoga of the intellect, take the support of the body whenever we want... we stabilize ourselves in the seat of our immortal throne, in the stage of the immortal image, become the  embodiments of master great death with the Father, the Great Death, conquer the fives vices of Maya, the five vices of Ravan and the five elements, and easily overcome the fearsome forms and the powerful situations and the unexpected calamities of nature...we are the beads in Bapdada’s rosary of victory, who witness the scenes of destruction as well as those of congratulations, listen to  the bugles of victory and the chants of “May you be immortal”...
In the game of victory and defeat of just one second, we just have the one thought “We now have to return home” with the power to pack up...we are the knowledge-able and yogi souls of the Godly clan who experience flying beyond the element of the sky ...with our fingers of determined thought, we finish the iron-aged mountain, become the instruments for destruction, and claim a right to all the Father’s attainments...
2.   We, the souls with authority over Maya, the constant spinners of the discus of self realization in the present time, constantly remain under the canopy in the future, and claim a right to the unlimited inheritance of the Father... we are the spinners of the discus of self realization with a canopy of light, and a disc (halo) of light... 
With a stage of a point in our thoughts, and by having the awareness of “nothing new” and everything that happens is beneficial, with our words and actions, we let the bygones be bygone... we stabilize the intellect in one second and put a full-stop to questions, transform with our efforts and attain rewards...we become close to the Father by fulfilling our duties and removing our debts and becoming free from illnesses...we are free from the spinning of Maya... we free many souls who are in debt or who are ill from many types of spinning easily through the powers received from the Father...we are the images of success, beyond name fame and recognition, who make everyone content... 
By taking one step of courage, we get a thousand steps of help from the Father...we remember the Father with an honest heart in all relationships, become images of experience and get close to the destination of attainment by being double light...instead of being weak, delicate and full of mischief, (naazyukt), we become raazyukt (those who understand all the secrets), yogyutk (those having accurate yoga) and yuktiyukt ( those acting with wisdom)...we are the powerful karmayogis and easy yogis who use all powers as weapons,  and who sacrifice and offer the great sacrifice of all weaknesses in a second...
3.   By remaining light in our nature, sanskars, relationships and connections, we, the souls, become being beyond any trace or the progeny of any vice, we become completely pure...we are the master suns of knowledge in the form of light, and in the form of light and might give light and might to others, and dispel darkness and give light to the world...  
Blessing: May you be a master sun of knowledge and dispel darkness and give light to the world.
A master sun of knowledge is one who dispels darkness and gives light to the world. The sun itself is the form of light, the form of light and might and also gives light and might to others. Where there is constant light, there is no question of darkness: there just cannot be darkness. Those who give light to the world cannot be in darkness themselves. Complete purity means light. Darkness, that is, any trace of vice cannot remain in such souls.
Slogan: To remain light in your nature, sanskars, relationships and connections is to be harmonious.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Hear No evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

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Essence: Sweet children, this is Ravan’s cottage of sorrow in which everyone is unhappy. You are now chasing Ravan away and then there will be cries of victory and you will all go to the cottage free from sorrow.
Question: On what basis can you claim a high status even among the subjects and what is the example of that?
Answer: In order to claim a high status amongst the subjects, surrender whatever handful of rice you have to the Father, just as Sudama did. It is shown that Sudama gave a handful of rice and received a palace. However, in order to claim a royal status, you have to study very well and become completely pure-virtuous. You have to insure everything you have.
Song: At last the day has come for which we have been waiting!
Sweet Children,
The Supreme soul Supreme Father is known as the Boatman who takes you across, from the world of vices, to the world of happiness.
Now, the old world has the old Bharat-India. And in future, the New world will have New Bharat. The kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, the deities, existed near the banks of river Yamuna, in delhi.
At the end of 5000years God had to come certainly to give knowledge to the children.
There is the image of monkeys on Hear No evil, See no evil, speak no evil. You also behave like monkeys. It is said that Sage Narad wanted to marry SriLakshmi, but then he is asked to check if he is worthy for it, to see his monkey like face in the mirror.
People pray to God for salvation. You have to share this knowledge with others. Ask them, what is their relationship with God? God is the Creator of heaven. You were ruling the kingdom of heaven-golden age.
In golden age, people of divine virtues existed. 2500years, there is the world of sorrows and 2500years, there is the world of happiness.
At this time you have Supreme God Father and the father of humankind – Adam (Brahma) with you. The physical father gives you the limited inheritance and the Spiritual Father gives you the unlimited inheritance of golden age. God makes you worthy to rule the virtuous world.
Who is the God of the Gita? The incorporeal GodFather is the God of the real Gita spoken at this confluence age. God makes you to become vice-less, to rule the virtuous world.
The old world will be transformed into New world where new palaces will be built for you. At this time Adam (Brahma) and Eve (Saraswathi) remain father and daughter. In golden age, they become Narayan and Lakshmi, King and Queen to rule the golden aged kingdom.
Unless you become pure-virtuous, you cannot rule the kingdom of golden age. If you don’t become completely virtuous, you take birth as subjects and there are different levels even amongst subjects of golden age.
Insure yourself for Godsake. In devotional service, people attain limited happiness. Here, if you insure yourself to God, you receive unlimited happiness.
It depends upon you either to become the king or subjects of golden age. Father sees the spiritual effort of each one being a detached observer. Souls attain the status in golden age according to their spiritual effort.
Remain in the household but follow the direction of GodFather. God teaches you everyday. The more you remember the GodFather, that much you will get rid of the bondages of sins of various births.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim a royal status, follow shrimat completely. Don’t have attachment to anything. Make the lesson firm: Mine is the one Father and none other.
2. Hear no evil! See no evil! Talk no evil! Follow this direction of the Father and become worthy to sit in a temple.
Blessing: May you be completely pure and bid farewell to the greatest enemy of lust and all its companions in spiritual life.
Just as you pay special attention to conquer the greatest enemy of lust in spiritual life, in the same way, bid farewell to all its companions. Many children chase away the great evil spirit of anger, but they have a little love for the children of anger. Just as little children are loved, in the same way, the little children of anger are also sometimes loved. However, you can only be said to be completely pure-virtuous when there is no trace of vice remaining. When you make a firm vow in this, you would then be said to be a true child of God.
Slogan: In order to experience the pleasure of the confluence age, remain free from any dependence on Maya - vices.

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Invitation to participate in a unique programme
Dates: 19th to 21st Oct, 2012

Venue: Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC),
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Topics: Neurobics – The Science of Healing and Cure from Diseases, Practical healing through Neurobics, Aura and Chakra energy scanning, Improving Mind and Memory power, Overcoming Anger and Fear.

Training by: eminent faculty and world record holder.
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With awareness of self and others as soul,you become very sweet,loving and a bestower of happiness.

Essence: Sweet children, you are all brothers and you have to live together with spiritual love. Become a bestowers of happiness and give everyone happiness. Become those who pick up virtues.
Question: What is the reason for not having spiritual love among you? How can there be spiritual love?
Answer: When there is body consciousness, you look at the weaknesses of one another, and so there isn’t spiritual love. When you become soul conscious and you have the concern to remove your weaknesses, when your aim is to become satopradhan and you become very sweet and a bestower of happiness, there is then a lot of love among you. The Father’s shrimat is: Children, don’t look at anyone’s weaknesses. Have the aim of becoming virtuous and making others virtuous. The one Father has the maximum virtues. Continue to pick up virtues from the Father, renounce everything else and you will be able to interact with love.
Sweet Children,
Now, you children know that the unlimited GodFather makes you satopradhan-virtuous. You children are brothers amongst each other, you have to remain very sweet with each other.
The time , months and years are passing out. You are losing out time by falling down. You know that you were virtuous earlier, you had lot of love amongst yourselves. Your aim object is to become satopradhan. The more you become satopradhan, that much you will become more happy.You will remain with lot of love amongst each other.
Deities share lots of love with each other. Now, very little time is left out, you have been playing your  role from the beginning. Because of body consciousness, you dont have much love, instead find fault with others.
If you find even a little fault, you are far away from the spiritual vision. You have to finish the vicious nature. Children, you were worshipworthy, complete in  all virtues. Now, you have to become sweet and loving. From being sorrowful, become happy.
In the vicious world, people keep giving sorrows to each other unlike in the world of heaven, golden age-kingdom of God. As of now, the golden age, silver age and copper age have come to an end. And now, even the iron age will come to an end for the golden age to appear once again. Now, you have come down to the level of tamopradhan from the satopradhan. Your spiritual happiness has come to an end. Now, you have to become satopradhan-completely virtuous in nature.
Father explains, when the confluence age arrives at the end of 5000years, then I appear on earth. When you were satopradhan,you did not have any fault within. Now, the soul has lost its peace. You are brothers amongst each other, must have lot of love for each other.
Look at each other as brothers, by coming in to body consciousness, you see fault with others. You have to make effort to attain elevated status like before. There is no difference between you souls. You must not hurt or blame others. Whatever the difference is there has to be forgotten. Remember the One Father alone, become virtuous very soon.
Forget what others have said, what others have done to blame or hurt you. Father says, consider yourself as a soul and make effort to become virtuous. Never look at the faults – vices of others.
Check yourself how much satopradhan you have become. Imbibe virtues of GodFather within you. Leave the vices and imbibe the virtues. Become equal like the GodFather, give happiness to others at all time, never give sorrow to others.
Everyone has vice within each other but without their awareness-knowledge of it. Others come to know about it. People see themselves as very good, dont see their faults. By not knowing their fault, they see themselves good. God has come to make everyone very sweet. Whatever fault you have within , get rid of them. Check how much you love the most sweetest GodFather.
Check how much you understand and explain to others. Check how much you come into body consciousness. You have become virtuous-satopradhan so many times and hence even now, become virtuous. You have to get rid of the bondages of sins of so many births.
People bow in front of ones who are virtuous (deities). It is God who makes even the deities virtuous. You have to study this knowledge to become like a deity. You have to become virtuous by imbibing divine virtues. Remember the One GodFather alone (see everyone else as souls not their body).
In golden age, you never think about God, since there are no devotional activities. You have to receive inheritance of heaven from GodFather. Every thing is based on your study and spiritual effort. You have to forget everything else, you must not see faults of others. It takes lot of effort to become virtuous. You get many storms of obstacles in remembering GodFather.
Check yourselves how much you remember the GodFather. How much you have love for GodFather. You must have such love that you remain altogether all the time. God makes you more elevated, you must have more regard for the Father. God is so much merciful.
People say God is present everywhere which is not right. Give introduction of GodFather to everyone. Become virtuous, Remember GodFather and get rid of bondage of sins to become pure.
You can explain to others how the world cycle repeats, the Eternal GodFather tells you the immortal story of the world. God has come to teach you chidren.
Adam-Brahma is the wonderful partner of God. GodFather adopts you children through Adam-Brahma. There is also mother Eve-Mamma.
The more you remember the GodFather, that much you will be sparkling.
Essence for dharna:
1. Have such love for the Father that you always cling to the one Father. Day and night, only praise the Father. Bubble with happiness.
2. Stay in the unadulterated remembrance of the one Father and become satopradhan. Never consider yourself to be very clever. Become as sweet as the Father.
Blessing: May you constantly be filled with zeal and enthusiasm and celebrate every moment of the confluence age in the form of a festival.
Any festival is celebrated to create zeal and enthusiasm. The life of you spiritual children is filled with enthusiasm. Just as there is life in your body while you are breathing, in the same way, the breath of spiritual life is zeal and enthusiasm and this is why every moment of the confluence age is a festival. However, the speed of breathing should be constant and normal. If the speed of breathing is very fast or slow, it would not be said to be a normal life. So, check whether the speed of zeal and enthusiasm in your spiritual life is normal, that is, whether it is constant.
Slogan: To remain full of the treasure of all powers is the speciality of the spiritual form.
Essence: Sweet children, your number one enemy is Ravan-vices whom you have to conquer with knowledge and the power of yoga. You definitely have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan
Question: What is the most subtle and deep aspect that you children have now understood?
Answer: The most subtle aspect is that this unlimited drama continues to be shot second by second. It will then repeat after 5000 years. Whatever happens also happened in the previous cycle. It continues to happen according to the drama. There is nothing to be confused about in this. Whatever happens is nothing new. The drama reel continues to turn second by second. The old continues to be erased while the new is recorded. We continue to play our roles while that continues to be shot. No one else can understand such deep things.
Song: Salutations to Shiva(Benefactor).
Sweet Children,
Bharat-India is the birth place of GodFather. Bharat is the greatest pilgrimage of all. GodFather teaches the most elevated teaching to the poorest and ordinary children.
The uneducated (who has not learned scriptures) finds it easy to remember the GodFather because everything has to be forgotten to imbibe this Godly knowledge. You are taught about RajaYoga and the world cycle.
There are many who teaches Gita in India but it is not asked to remember the God alone being in soul conscious. God father asks you to remember Him being in soul conscious. The more you remain in soul conscious, that much you can remember GodFather and become virtuous-pure.
You know that souls take maximum84births. God makes you equal like Him in virtues. In golden age, this knowledge would not exist. People never remember God there. They just receive the reward of present actions. No one knows what happened and when it had happened.
You use the power of remembrance unlike the power of weapons. God says, I appear in Adam-Brahma at his final birth at the end of this confluence age.
God isthe most Beloved Father. You tie the Rakhi to remain pure-virtuous. You have to become virtuous to become master of the pure world. By remembering GodFather, by the power of this fire, the sins are destroyed.
You win over the battle against maya-vices. You transform your nature into sato and rajo from satopradhan. The more you study and perform service, that much  elevated status you would attain.
You have to make effort to receive the power of remembrance. There are souls who leave this body and join the spiritual military and if there are any karmic accounts to be settled, they take birth.
The food offered to God also done according to the world drama. Whatever happened 5000years before happens in every world cycle, second by second. This subtle knowledge is not mentioned in any scriptures.
The old ones get destroyed and new ones are created. There is the day of Adam-Brahma and the night of Adam-Brahma. The day is of knowledge and the night is of devotion. You have to remember the GodFather to get rid of sins and free from wandering of devotions.
Now,very little time is left out. God is teaching you, He makes you perform spiritual effort. God is the Supreme Authority, He is known as the Father.
God comes on earth to teach you children, God is your most obedient Father. Father gives everything to the children. Children remembers the Father. However big the child is, he has to keep regard for the Father. Children sacrifice everything for the Father,God in devotion. God also sacrifices Himself for the sake of children.
You make God your heir. You have to forget remembrance of all physical (by looking at everyone as a soul) and being in awareness of soul, you have to remember the GodFather. God is unselfish, He gives salvation to all souls.
God asks you children to cooperate with Him in establishing the heaven of golden age. You help in the task of God to hep yourselves.
Essence for dharna:
1. Always be concerned about yourself. Be concerned to have your sins absolved. Don’t involve yourself in questions about other matters. In order to transform your sanskars, stay in the furnace of yoga – remembrance of God.
2. Renounce everything, including your body, become a full trustee and follow shrimat. Have complete regard for the Father and become His helper.
Blessing: May you achieve greater glorification through less expense in spiritual life and become full of spirituality.
The special slogan of this alokik spiritual life is: “Greater glorification through less expense”. You may have less expense but the result would be royal and beautiful attainment, that is, the best of all. Your life can be said to be full of spirituality when there is less expense of words and deeds. Greater work should be accomplished in a short time; there should be greater clarification through fewer words; there should be fewer thoughts but they should be powerful. This is known as greater glorification through less expense. Those who spend very little of all their treasures have their treasure-store full.
Slogan: When you have true love for the Father and service, you automatically receive love from the family.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A spoilt task can be put right with spiritual love and peace.Not by anger,the huge vice.

Essence: Sweet children, come together and remove the roof of sorrow from this world of the iron age. Perform the charitable act of remembering the God-Father.

Question: Even though children have the imperishable reward of knowledge, instead of accumulating in the account of charity, some finish that account. Why is this?
Answer: 1. Because, between performing charitable actions, they commit sins. Even though they are enlightened souls, they become influenced by bad company and thereby commit sin. Due to those sins, the account of charity that had previously been accumulated is finished.
2. If, after belonging to the Father, a soul is hurt by the vice of lust and lets go of the Father’s hand, that soul becomes even more sinful than before. Such ones defame the name of the clan. They experience very severe punishment. Because they defame the Satguru, they cannot reach a high destination.

Sweet Children,
The Spiritual GodFather speaks to the spiritual children. You souls understand the unlimited Father and the world cycle. There is liberation and liberation in life. For liberation you remember the God father and for liberation in life, you remember the world cycle.
Now, you children must understand that, our cycle of 84births comes to an end. No soul can return home because of being vicious. Only the pure-virtuous soul can attain liberation (peace-soul world) and liberation in life (happiness-golden age).
You children have to make the effort of showing the path to others being merciful. Your soul has become vicious from being virtuous and hence cannot return home – soul world.
There are many who forget that it is the confluence of iron age and golden age, and so they never remain happy. It is now you meet the GodFather in person and hence your mercury of happiness must increase.  
By doing charity, if you remember the GodFather, you become charitable soul. If you do charity now, open spiritual study centres, and later if you turn away from GodFather, you commit more sins than before and you suffer a lot. By performing sins, you accumulate the bondages of sins.
There is the account of credit and debit even for actions. The lust creates more hurt - debit, and there is also anger and attachment which make you lose your spiritual income. Lust is the greatest enemy. If you win over lust, you will rule the kingdom of world.
You call out for the GodFather to make you pure-virtuous. Everything is based on actions. The saints, rishis call out for the God to come. In devotion, you perform many poojas. Without knowledge of God, you receive very little in devotion. Whatever happiness you receive in this world – by devotion, it is very limited.
You have to settle the bondages of sins of 84births and have to accumulate the virtuous actions for the next world cycle of 5000years. Everything depends upon the individual accumulation of charity. By revealing the truth to the GodFather, the bondages of sins get reduced. There are children who accumulate charity-rewards by doing service.
You show the path to millions, you receive the power of remembrance. Those who accumulate charitable actions, they appear in golden and silver ages. They never remain incognito even now. You must remember GodFather to experience happiness and come in golden age.
If you want to rule the kingdom, you must also create the subjects. You also open up new study centres. You remove the roof of sorrows altogether. You receive the reward of every action. The more you perform charitable actions, that much elevated status you would attain.
There is the example of Mother Eve – Saraswathi, who did lot of service. There are many children who do not know how to remember GodFather. It is not very difficult and it is also not very easy. Those who never perform service, they find it difficult.
It is not that, you have to look at a point and strain your eyes. God and soul are point of lights in form. It is very subtle to understand. Even just repeating Baba-God by words, you don’t really remember GodFather. There are many who never perform any service but keep eating. There are others who renounce actions.
God says, you were pure-virtuous, you have come through taking 84births and have become vicious. Now, once again you have to become virtuous in nature. God is known as the remover of sorrows, and giver of happiness. But no one knows about God although everyone wants to remember GodFather. You know very well that God is our Father. No one (other than GodFather) says to remember GodFather being in soul conscious.
You have performed a lot of devotion to receive this knowledge. But even amongst you very few remain truly spiritual. The spiritual children keep sharing the knowledge with others. You must be like GodFather. Your duty is to share the knowledge but very few do this. The mother and father of all scriptures is the Gita revealed by Godfather at this time of confluence age.
People worship the deities but it is GodFather who makes the deities worshipworthy-virtuous. There are elephants, horses even in this spiritual race. The horse riders listen to knowledge and share it with others. There are others who never perform any service, keep giving excuses like ostrich (they neither fly nor carry the luggage – neither do service by mind nor by body).

Essence for dharna:
1.             The Father is a point. Understand this accurately and remember the Father. Don’t become confused just saying “bindi, bindi” (point). Remain engaged in service.
2.             Listen to the true Gita and relate it to others. In order to become true spiritual children, remain pure and definitely study regularly.

Blessing: May you become free from anger and free from Maya and constantly experience happiness in spiritual life.
If you want to experience happiness in spiritual life, it is essential to become free from anger. Even if someone insults you, you should not get angry. To show bossiness is also a creation of anger. It is not that you have to get angry or you would not be able to get anything done. At present, things are spoilt with anger whereas a spoilt task can be put right with spiritual love, with peace. Therefore, consider anger to be a huge vice and become free from Maya and free from anger.

Slogan: Make your attitude so powerful that many other souls become worthy (yogya) and yogi through your attitude.