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Self Transformation in a Spiritual Furnace Fueled by Yoga (Remembrance of God).

Self Transformation in a Spiritual Furnace Fueled by Yoga (Remembrance of God).

-          From 1971 Avyakt Murlis on 7 days Bhatti (yoga practice for self transformation)

Nowadays, what are the main weaknesses visible in the effort of the effort-makers?  First, there isn't power in your awareness.  Second, according to your capacity, you have developed number-wise divinity and spirituality in your vision.  Third, due to a lack of will-power in your attitude, your attitude is not constant; it continues to be mischievous.  Fourth, due to a lack of attention to the incorporeal stage, the main vices of body consciousness, lust and anger repeatedly attack you from time to time.  Fifth, whilst you are living in the gathering or coming into connection with others, the atmosphere and the vibrations create their own impression on you.  Sixth, due to a lack of the avyakt, angelic stage you fail when you come into any feeling of good or bad things.  Seventh, you are not so content with your pilgrimage of remembrance.  These are the number-wise results of the effort of the effort-makers.

Completely finish even the slightest trace of any weakness.  This is the transformation through the bhatthi.  You should not see anything except divinity through your vision.  Apart from the soul, the body should just be seen as a form of support.  In your attitude, there should just be first, the Father, second, the self and no one else.  In your awareness, let there constantly be your perfect form; the form of power that you are going to attain in the future.  As well as that, constantly remain powerful with the awareness of the Almighty Authority Father.  Through your words, constantly speak of the jewels of knowledge that you have received from the Father.  Through your ears, do not listen to anything wasteful; only listen to the jewels of knowledge given by the Father.  Transform yourself in this way.  Bring about this transformation in your life through this bhatthi.  Do not just speak about it, but churn everything you have heard.  Churning is more elevated than speaking about it.  After churning, the stage of being absorbed is the most elevated of all.

1.      Therefore, if you have any sanskars of failing or if you feel your behaviour to be like this, then finish that stain and behaviour or sanskar of weakness today, so that you do not fail when you go to take a paper in the examination hall.  Do you understand?  You have taken that paper.  That was easy, but the final number or the final marks are only given after the practical paper.  So transform both your consciousness and vision before you go from here.  What should you have in your consciousness?  I am taking a paper at every second.  What should you have in your vision?  Baba, the Teacher is teaching me, and I, the soul, am a student.  By going from here having transformed your consciousness, attitude and vision, you will not fail, but you will pass fully.  So do not consider the bhatthi to be an ordinary thing.  Keep this stamp and the tilak from the bhatthi with you all the time.  Just as the certificate from a university enables you to get a job, and enables you to attain a status, in the same way, keep this stamp and tilak of the bhatthi with you all the time.  This is the greatest certificate of all.  Those who do not have any certificate are not able to attain any status.  In the same way, if you do not have this certificate, you are not able to attain a status.  This is also a certificate for the present and for the future attainment and success.

2.      In order to attain the throne of the kingdom, you first have to practise stabilising yourself on the lotus seat.  You have come to the bhatthi to make yourself free from all types of bondage and to make yourself light.  That is, you have come to learn to practise to constantly be stabilised on the lotus seat.  Therefore, finish whatever burdens you have before you go from this bhatthi.  Whether it is a burden of the thoughts in the mind, or a burden of your sanskars, or a burden of the attraction to the perishable things of the world, or a burden of attachment to your lokik relations, you have come to the bhatthi to finish all the burdens and bondages.  This bhatthi is a golden chance for progress in your life.  The more you take the chance in this bhatthi, to that extent you will be able to make yourself move forward in life for all time.  What aim have you kept for the bhatthi?  What aim will you keep after bringing about transformation in your sanskars?  In what special aspect is this group the best of all groups?  Do you know?  This group has one very good speciality.  When alloy is mixed into gold, you cannot mould that gold.  Only original gold can be moulded.  So consider this group to be that of real gold, that they do not have any alloy mixed in them.  Do you know your own speciality?  When this group is seen, it seems the same as when a plant is newly planted, and it first has very beautiful, tiny, delicate leaves, which are very lovely.  So this group is also that of the new leaves, but they are very delicate.  Generally, things are either delicate or tough.  To be delicate means that the bones of the sanskars are not so hard that they cannot be changed.  Little children first have very delicate bones, and then as they grow older, they become stronger.  This group is that of those with delicate sanskars.  It will be easy to bring about transformation in these sanskars.  You are not those who have bitter sanskars.  Achcha.

3.      Firstly, there is a great weakness in the power of churning.  This is why the report from the majority is that they ask how to be able to control wasteful thoughts: How should we put a check on this major weakness and finish it?  You have to think of a plan for this.  You know about your weaknesses anyway.  When you receive guidance for it, you are able to suppress it, but you are not able to finish those sanskars.  This is why, after a short time, the report of the majority is the same.  You also receive extra force through a bhatthi; there is one or another transformation.  But now, think of a plan to keep permanently the force you take with you from here.  Many complain that they do not have any power.  They have knowledge, but knowledge is also said to be light and might; they do not know the method of filling themselves with power through knowledge.  It is just as when you have matches, but because you do not know how to light the matches, you are not able to carry out the task.  In the same way, all of you have knowledge, but whereas some of you are able to experience light and might through knowledge, others simply understand the knowledge and repeat it.  You now have to fill yourself with power through the variety of yuktis on how to put might into yourself, so that you are able to take a jump.  Achcha.

4.       So what newness will this group show, which no other group has shown as yet?  You must definitely bring about some newness.  You have especially come here to the bhatthi, and so there must be some special transformation in yourself.  You walk and move around, but now, bring about a special speciality within yourself and have your name added to the list of special souls before you return.  Do you know how many lists BapDada has?  Which list is your name in?  Try to put your name amongst the list of the special souls.  You become a special soul when you perform a special duty or you show a special speciality.  So return from here as special souls.  Have you died a living death, or have you come to die a living death?  You have become Brahma Kumars having died alive, have you not?  It was only when you died and took another birth that you were named Brahma Kumars.  To die and take a new birth is called dying a living death, otherwise, how can you become Brahma Kumars before taking another birth?  You are the children, and you have a right, but you have to become worthy and give the proof.  By having the awareness that you have died alive, even that body doesn't remain yours.  Baba has given you that body for Godly service.  You have died alive, but you have received that body for Godly service.  By having this consciousness, you will even consider that body to be something given to you in trust to look after.  When you are given something in trust, there is no feeling of it being yours when looking after it.  You do not even have any attachment to it.  So consider that body to be something given to you in trust, then attachment to the body will also finish.

5.      Did you take the written paper of this bhatthi?  Do you know what paper will begin tomorrow?  Do you know what questions you will have in the practical paper?  What type of questions will you have?  Do you have the awareness of what happened through you souls a kalpa ago?  (Yes.)  Since you have this awareness, do you not also have the awareness of what questions you will have?  Maya will confront you, but do you know in what form she will confront you, or not?  You are going back from here having become master knowledge-full, are you not?  Those who are master knowledge-full know everything in advance.  Just as scientists are able to forecast calamities, such as storms, rain or earth tremors, with the help of their instruments, so can all of you master knowledge-full souls not know all this in advance with the power of your intellect?  Day by day, the more powerful your awareness is, that is, the more you make the eye of your awareness powerful and clear, the more you will realise in advance when any obstacles may come, that today you will have to take a paper in something.  The more you know in advance, then because you are clever in advance, the more success you will attain in dealing with the obstacles.  When the government knows that today an enemy is about to come, then because they are prepared in advance, they can be victorious.  But when you are attacked suddenly, you are not able to be victorious.  Here, firstly because of being trikaldarshi, you experience the awareness of the previous kalpa as though it was something that happened yesterday.  Secondly, because of being knowledge-full, and thirdly, because the eye of the intellect is powerful and clear, you are able to catch things in advance.  So, if you are paying attention to all these three things, or you have that stage, then, are you not able to recognise the obstacles that might come to you in advance?  When you recognise them in advance, you will never be defeated.  You will always be victorious.  When their eyes are not powerful, or if the C.I.D. does not maintain good attention, the government is also sometimes deceived.  In the same way, you must constantly look after the eye of the intellect.  Is it carrying out its task accurately?  What else does C.I.D. mean?  The checking is C.I.D.  If the C.I.D. in the form of checking is clever, you can never be defeated by an enemy.

6.      This is why you must even now try to know everything in advance.  When it is about to rain, the elements give you a warning in advance, and if you are knowledgeable, you can be protected from that obstacle of the elements.  If you are not knowledgeable, then the many different things of the elements become the cause of sorrow or sickness.  You then become subservient to it.  What would be the reason for this?  A lack of recognition and knowledge.  As you fill yourself with the power of remembrance, that is, the power of silence, you will know in advance that something is going to happen today.  Day by day, the special maharathis who maintain attention and checking are having these experiences.  If someone is going to have a fever, you can see the signs of this is advance.  If you are knowledgeable in this, then you will definitely have the signs of any paper that is about to come.  If the power to recognise is powerful, then you can never be attacked.  A fortune-teller, with the knowledge of fortune-telling and astrology, is able to know about the calamities that are about to come.  Compared to the knowledge you have, their knowledge is nothing.  That is said to be insignificant.  Since those who have insignificant knowledge are able to know in advance with the power of their knowledge, then with this most elevated knowledge, are you master knowledge-full souls not able to know?  The reason for not being able to know is that the eye of the intellect is not clear.  What is the reason for it not being clear?  You are not careful.  Because of not being careful, you are not knowledge-full.  Because of not being knowledge-full, you are not powerful.  Because of not being powerful, you are not able to attain the victory that you should.  So is it difficult to keep your eye clear?  What blessings will those who have come to the bhatthi this time take from Madhuban, the land of blessings?  Firstly, keep the eye of your intellect clear and careful.  Also take with you the blessing of being knowledge-full in advance, through which you will never be defeated by Maya.  Those who hear and those who see everything sacrifice themselves to those who are never defeated by Maya.  Whilst you live in the household, those who are close to you and those who are distant from you should sacrifice themselves to you.  The method for this is that you should not be defeated again and again.  If you are defeated again and again, how can others sacrifice themselves to those who are defeated?  This is why,in order for others to sacrifice themselves to you and to Baba, you should never be defeated.  You have to become worthy of wearing a garland and not be defeated. 

7.      These are the special teachings for the Pandavs who live in the household.  When you go back to your household, will you consider your household to be your household or something else?  Your name of being householders has now changed, has it not?  Now, will your household be called that of half-kumars?  You should not have the slightest thought of your household.  (There is no question of even having such a thought.)  Yes, there is a question, but you should say that there is not even any thought.  Close your register of being householders.  From today, consider yourselves to be servers.  At Diwali, they finish old accounts and new accounts are begun.  So have all of you celebrated the true Diwali?  Have you lit the deepaks eternally?  Have you finished the accounts of the old household and the old sanskars?  As is your awareness, so are your sanskars.  So have you burned these accounts completely or have you kept some aside?  If you have kept something aside, your intellect will be drawn towards it at some point.  Did you burn them and finish them, or will you have the desire to see them now and again?  Some things are such that they cause fear.  Therefore, instead of putting them aside, you have to burn them.  Those who keep false accounts are afraid of the government, and so they burn the books and completely destroy them so that no one finds even a trace of them.  Completely burn and destroy your accounts and the register of your old awareness.  One is to keep something aside and the other is to burn it completely.  People do not just kill Ravan but they also burn him.  So if you just keep this aside, that sign will still remain.  You may be caught out with even a small piece of your old register.  Maya is very powerful.  Her catching power is no less.  Just as government officers catch you out over the slightest thing they may find, so too if you keep even a little trace aside, Maya will catch you out in one way or another.  Therefore, burn it before you go.

8.      There are many aspects in which each one has, according to his own capacity, put something into a practical form, instead of still practising it: some in one aspect, some in another aspect.  For example, the aspect of lokik relations: some are still practising that, whereas others have put it into a practical form and are experiencing those relations as alokik and parlokik relations.  Even in your dreams, you should not even have the thought of allowing your vision or attitude to go towards any bodily relations.  Even the Pandavs have to cross this.  When you have the awareness of changing the lokik into the alokik, then that is for the sake of bringing benefit.  You are going to stay in the Madhuban bhatthi, are you not?  So you should pass in the first step of the ladder, should you not?  Is it not possible for something that had not happened a moment ago to happen in this second?  The Pandavs of Madhuban are University students.  You are not the students of a small Gita Pathshala.  So you should have so much intoxication.  Your study is so high.  Show such wonders that those in whom people didn't have any hope a moment ago, will have hope in them a moment later.  What did the Mahavir Army do?  They burnt the entire Lanka, so can you not cross this ladder?  You have been told of the first step of the ladder.  The second step is to be victorious over your physical senses.  The third step is to be victorious over your wasteful and sinful thoughts.  This is the last step. 

9.      By having the awareness of being both a Brahma Kumar and a Shiv Kumar, you will never fail.  Because when you consider yourself to be a Brhama Kumar, you also have the awareness of the task and the virtues of a Brahma Kumar.  So you have had this bhatthi in order to cross the second and third steps and come close to the stage of passing with honour.  So together with the finishing of the bhatthi, you also have to finish this.  A stage is created on the basis of the place.  The place, Madhuban, is such that it changes your stage.  The place has an effect on one's stage.  Each one has so much intoxication of his own place.  Do people not have the intoxication of their own land and residence?  If someone is living in a large mansion or a palace, then the place will definitely have an effect on the stage.  So all of you are in the most elevated place of all, so this should also have an effect on your stage.  You are the residents of the elevated land of blessings, and so you should make your stage one that is constantly giving to others.  Only those who are the images that grant visions can give blessings.  Even when the devotees receive blessings, they receive them through an image that grants visions.  So, you can only become the image that grants blessings by being the practical form and being the image that grants visions.  You have to become bestowers, the children of the Bestower: not the ones who take, but the ones who give.  You have to give at every second, through every thought.  When you become the bestowers, what is the main virtue of a bestower?  Generous-hearted.  Can those who are instruments to uplift others not uplift themselves?  Constantly think that you are the children of the Bestower, and then you should not stay without giving for even one second.  Such a soul is called a great bestower.  Your door for giving should always be open, just as the doors of a temple are always open.  It is nowadays that they close them.  In the same way, the door for giving by the children of the Bestower can never be closed.  At every second and in every thought, check whether you gave something, and that you did not take anything.  Continue to give.  You have to take from the Father.  You have already taken that.  You now have to give.  Is there anything still left for you to take?  You have taken everything that you had to take.  But now it remains for you to give.  The busier you remain in giving, the easier it will be to cross the things that you find very difficult.  Because by being the great bestowers, you automatically attain great power.  So this task is good, is it not?  The treasure-store is full for giving, is it not?  Have you fully passed in this?  Continue to tick that in which you have passed fully.  And for that in which you consider you still have to pass fully, make sure you have passed fully when you come out of the bhatthi.  The more you become a bestower, the fuller your store will become.  If your treasure-store is full, why should you not become the bestowers?  Such souls are called constant, spiritual servers.  So emerge from this bhatthi as constant, spiritual servers.

10.  You have to make such a promise.  Many problems, wasteful thoughts that don't allow you to make effort and laziness etc. will come, but by having will power, you will be able to confront them and be victorious.  You must make a daily diary for this.  Then see how everyone will be able to see the spirit that gives spiritual comfort to everyone.  The spirit is the soul and also the essence.  So, you will become both.  There will be the attraction to the divine virtues, that is, the essence, and your form of the soul will also be visible.  You must have such an aim.  Forget the body and have the awareness of the spirit: you must have this awareness when you come out of this bhatthi.  There should be the experience as though the body is a box, and there is a loving relationship with the diamond inside it.  You should have such an experience.  So, by taking support of the residence, create your stage.  Achcha.  In order to create an avyakt stage, "Speak less, speak softly and speak sweetly".

11.  Is today the day of the completion of the bhatthi or the day of surrendering yourselves?  To surrender means to surrender your sanskars, nature and actions that are contrary to the spiritual code of conduct.  When any machinery is set, once it is set, it functions automatically.  In the same way, have you set the stage of your perfect stage, the stage of being like the father or your karmateet stage in the bhatthi so that your thoughts, words and actions automatically continue according to the setting of the programme?  Have you set the stage of the awareness of being such an authority?  Baba is the Almighty Authority, is He not?  Do all of you consider yourselves to be master almighty authorities?  Those who set their stage of being an almighty authority, will never think, speak or do anything which might be based on any quality of weakness, because they are master almighty authorities.

12.  Whatever actions and thoughts you have, by being light with yourself, that action will be accurate.  Become such a form of light, that is, become transparent.  This bhatthi will make Pandav Bhavan a living, transparent exhibition.  Everyone should be attracted to have a vision of it, to come and see it.  You have to win in every aspect.  You must claim the number one.  Merge all the old sanskars and thoughts and finish them, that is, merge them to such an extent that they do not emerge again.  You can do whatever you want but you must have will-power in whatever you desire.  The more powerful your attitude is, the more powerful the atmosphere will be.  When anyone has any weakness, by receiving the co-operation of a powerful attitude, he is able to move forward.  Baba is constant and you have to become like the Father. 

13.  Today, this group has come to have a double bhatthi.  Which is the double bhatthi?  Do you understand the meaning of a double bhatthi?  Madhuban is a bhatthi anyway, but even within the Madhuban bhatthi, to which special bhatthi have you come to, in order burn away your sanskars that still remain?  So the force of a double bhatthi increases, does it not?  Because you receive a course.  One is general and the other is personal.  Because you have the double course, the double force increases.  So just as double force increases, in the same way, constantly continue to move along considering yourself to be those who have a double crown.  So this double course should constantly remain in force.  What is the double crown?  Are you those with a double crown now, or will you become that in the future?  Which double crown do you have at present?  One is of light, that is, it is a sign of purity, and the other is of all the attainments of the confluence age, and through this power, you are able to fulfil all responsibilities.  So you have the crown of light and the crown of might; that of purity and also power.  You are those who constantly wear this double crown.  So will you not be able to have double force all the time?  There is a need for both of them.  When you have both these powers at all times, you will constantly be seen as an embodiment of power.  In order to attain success in service, both these crowns are also necessary.  Then, to the extent that each of you has adopted them numberwise, accordingly, you will continue to receive success in becoming the embodiment and also in your effort.  So you need the double crown and also the double throne.  What is the double throne?  (Each gave his own response.)  One is to be seated on the heart-throne of BapDada.  The most elevated throne is to be seated on the heart-throne of BapDada.  As well as that, in order to be able to sit on this throne, you need to have the throne of an ushakeable and immovable stage.  If you are not able to stabilise yourself in this stage, then you will not be able to stabilise yourself on the heart-throne of BapDada.  This is why this throne of the unshakeable and immovable stage is absolutely essential.  You fluctuate on this throne again and again.  This is why, because you are not able to be seated on your immortal throne, you are not able to stabilise yourself on this throne of the constant stage.  If you become the immortal image and stabilise yourself on the throne of the forehead, you will be able to sit on the throne of the constant stage and also on BapDada's heart-throne.  So you have the double crown and are also seated on the double throne.  And the knowledge that you receive is mainly of two subjects.  What are they?  You receive knowledge of two main things: You can call it Alpha and beta or the Creator and the creation…  The main task is of destruction and establishment.  You have to destroy some things and create some things.  You create all types of things.  You are creating your kingdom through service.  Secondly, you have to create the creation of pure thoughts in a subtle way.  You also understand the method of destroying wasteful thoughts and sinful thoughts.  ….What is the doubleposition?  The present Godly position is higher than the deity position.  So one is this position of your constantly being the Godly children, Brahma Kumars and Kumaris.  This is the corporeal position, and the other is the incorporeal position.  ….What is the double goal?  The double intoxication will be the double goal.  One is the incorporeal goal.  Constantly consider yourself to be a resident of the incorporeal world and stabilise yourself in the incorporeal stage.  Even whilst being in the corporeal world, move along considering yourself to be incorporeal.  This is known as the goal for being soul conscious.  And secondly, you sometimes have to create the stage of being viceless in the mind.  One is the incorporeal goal and the other is the corporeal goal.  So to be incorporeal and to be viceless are the two goals.  ……  And what is the double attainment?  The attainment of supersensuous happiness.  Happiness and peace are merged in that.  This is the inheritance of the confluence age.  The attainment of the present time cannot be received at any other time.  The double attainment is that of the Father and the inheritance.  You cannot find the Father at any other time throughout the entire kalpa.  And you receive the inheritance from the Father at this time.  …..You will be able to imbibe these pairs of things when you consider yourself to be combined.  Baba and I: both are combined.  By considering yourself to be combined with the Father, it will be easy to imbibe these pairs of things.  You have come to a bhatthi, have you not?  So, become the embodiment of the awareness of the pairs of things that you were told about, very well in this bhatthi before you return home.  Do not return home just having heard about it.  You have heard a great deal.  To listen means to accept, and to move along according to it means to become the form.  So you are gyani souls, but you must become the embodiment of gyan before you return.  You are yogi, but you must be accurately in yoga and be accurate in everything before you return.  You are tapaswi kumars but you must also become an embodiment of renunciation before you return.  Without becoming the embodiment of renunciation, you cannot become the embodiment of tapasya.  You are tapaswi, but together with that, you also need to become an embodiment of renunciation.  You are Brahma Kumars, but you have to understand the code of conduct of a Brahma Kumar or the Brahmin clan, and become the human beings who follow the highest code of conduct before you return home.  Become such beings who follow the highest code of conduct that your every thought creates an impression on the atmosphere.  You have such powerful knowledge in your intellect, but become knowledge-full before you go back.  You have power, but you must become powerful before you go.  Those who are full never fail.  The sign of being full is to be flawless.  They never fail and they will never feel (become sensitive) about anything.  They will not feel and they will not fail.  They will not have any flaws.  This is the sign of being full.  So you must become full before you go.  This is why you have come to the bhatthi.  So what must you learn?  You have learnt many lessons.  You have learnt so many lessons; now learn them in a practical way before you go.  You must make the lesson so firm that it becomes your practical activity. 

14.  Are you able to stabilise yourself beyond sound in one second?  Just as you are able to move your physical organs as and when you wish, in the same way, are you able to stabilise the love of your intellect as, when and wherever you wish?  Have you become powerful to this extent?  Are you progressing in this method?  If the method is accurate, you will definitely experience the result, that is, the success and greatness to be increasing day by day.  According to this result, are you able to recognise how accurate the stage of your effort is?  The success of this is the main sign of recognising the method.  In order to recognise anything, there are specific signs.  So through this sign, are you able to recognise the signs of your perfect intellect?  Nowadays, what are the main weaknesses visible in the effort of the effort-makers?  First, there isn't power in your awareness.  Second, according to your capacity, you have developed numberwise divinity and spirituality in your vision.  Third, due to a lack of will-power in your attitude, your attitude is not constant; it continues to be mischievious.  Fourth, due to a lack of attention to the incorporeal stage, the main vices of body consciousness, lust and anger repeatedly attack you from time to time.  Fifth, whilst you are living in the gathering or coming into connection with others, the atmosphere and the vibrations create their own impression on you.  Sixth, due to a lack of the avyakt, angelic stage you fail when you come into any feeling of good or bad things.  Seventh, you are not so content with your pilgrimage of remembrance.  These are the numberwise results of the effort of the effort-makers.  Now, in order to finish these seven things, you have to do the seven days' course again. In order to finish these seven things, you must once again revise for yourself the seven days' course that you give to others.  You are revising the murlis, and by revising them, you experience newness and power increasing.  In the same way, now sit in solitude at amrit vela, and solve each of the seven things one by one, and then churn about how they are merged in your day's activity, and then extract the butter, that is, the essence and exchange views amongst yourselves.  You have done the course, but just as after giving the course to the students, you give them a yukti for every lesson or bring something to their attention, in the same way, each of you regular Godly students has to once again practise one part for one week and put it into a practical form.  Just as you do the weekly course and, in the same way, you also have a week for purity or a week for peace, so too for your own progress, practise each lesson for a week and put it into a practical form.  So what will happen by revising it?  Success will easily and clearly be visible closely.  So you will automatically become elevated. 

15.  In order to make yourself great in every thought and every action, tell Baba of three things about the easiest method.  Baba is asking you to bring about greatness in your thoughts, words and actions.  In order to become great, first, you have to consider yourself to be a guest in the old world.  Second, whatever thoughts or actions you perform, keep the great contrast in your intellect and then have those thoughts or perform those actions.  Third, continue to praise the virtues and the elevated task of the Father and the divine family.  First, a guest, second, the great contrast and third, the praise: if you continue to think about these three things, then the seven weaknesses will finish.  ……..  Then your vision, your attitude, your awareness and the atmosphere will all be transformed.  ………..  Even then, why does your vision and attitude become mischievous?  Keep both these images in front of yourself and on either side of you, and in one second, as you go to that side, the attitude becomes mischievous, and by going to the other side, the attitude becomes pure.  What is the reason for this purity and impurity?  Awareness.  You have the awareness that this one is a goddess, and so the awareness makes your vision and your attitude pure.  But when you have the awareness that this one is a female, then that awareness pulls your vision and attitude towards impurity.  There, you see the form, whereas on the other side, you see the spirituality.  You must have had this experience in the past, have you not?  The present is also in a percentage.  And so, in order to finish this, whenever you see anything anywhere, whenver you are speaking to anyone, what should you have in your awareness?  To consider that one to be a soul is the first stage, but whilst performing actions, whilst coming into connection and relationship, have the awareness that these living images are the living form of the images of the non-living deities.  So by having the form of a deity in your awareness, just as you do not have the slightest thought of impurity or attraction for the body of the non-living images, in the same way, by having this awareness for the living images, you will not have this complaint even in your thoughts, and you will become complete.  Do you understand?  These are the yuktis to completely overcome the complaint of the present effort of the effort-makers.  Achcha.Those who are in the bhatthi are progressing. Your speed is fast. It should not be that after a week, when you go down, your speed slows down. You are making such effort, are you not?

16.  Have you become yogyukt and free from bondages?  To the extent that you become yogyukt, accordingly you become free from all bondages.  So the sign of being yogyukt is to be free from bondages.  You know all your bondages, do you not?  Which types of bondage create obstructions to your becoming yogyukt?  Just as you used to make a list of all the different types of sorrow, in the same way, make a list of the different types of bondage.  Keep that list in front of you and check which bondages you have become free from and which bondages still remain.  From this, you will be able to recognise your completely yogyukt stage, that is, your complete stage; how close you have come to your perfect stage.  Bring the list of bondages in front of you.  How many types of bondage are there?  If you make a list of these, it will be like a web.  A web is created of such subtle threads.  So now, judge how many bondages still remain and what are those bondages that remain.  Are they huge bondages, or are they only little bondages?  Which bondages require greater effort to settle?  What is the most severe, bitter bondage of all?  (Body consciousness.)  This is the foundation of all the bondages, but which is the most severe bondage in a visible way.  People's opinion is a very small matter; that is just the first step.  But the greatest bondage, the final bondage is that of mixing your knowledgeable intellect with shrimat, that is, to consider yourself to be clever and to consider the wonder of your own intellect to be shrimat and then to use it for a task.  This can be called the arrogance of knowledge or the arrogance of the intellect.  This is the most subtle and the greatest bondage.  If you have crossed this bondage, then understand that you have taken the highest jump.  If someone gives you a signal about your weakness with sweet words, and if someone says something bad about your sanskars or nature or for service, then whilst keeping both these things in front of yourself, check if there is the slightest difference in your attitude, or in your vision or on your face.  There should not be the slightest difference.  There should not be the slightest difference in your zeal and enthusiasm.  This is known as having overcome this bondage.  Even if you did not say anything in words, if you had waste thoughts about what you heard, that is known as the greatest bondage of all.  It is remembered that you have to maintain equanimity in praise and defamation, victory and defeat.  That is, although you have the knowledge in your intellect that this is victory and this is defeat, that this is praise and this is defamation, you should not fluctuate from your constant stage.  This is known as equanimity.  Not to fluctuate even whilst having knowledge is to be victorious.  So, if you have overcome this great bondage, you have become a perfect angel.

17.  Have those who are in this bhatthi transformed themselves?  To the extent that you have transformed, to that extent the faces of each one will be visible like a translight.  A translight is very clear even from a distance.  So have you become clear and elevated in every respect?  Or are you still to become that?  When will you become this?  In five years time? (We will become) How long have you made a promise for?  Have you filled yourselves with such power that no matter what problems come in front of you, even when things that were not to happen take place, that you still remain unshakeable, immovable and constant?  Have you filled yourself with such power?  Then do not say that you were not aware that such things could even happen; that you failed because something new happened.  Do not say this.  When you return having had a bhatthi, as you bring about newness in yourself, Maya will also bring new things in front of you to test you.  Therefore, because you are returning from here having become master knowledge-full and master trikaldarshi, you can recognise an attack of Maya from a distance and finish it.  Have you become master almighty authorities to this extent?  Have you finished the language of what and why?  What can I do?  How can I do it?  This should finish.  This is not just a paper of three months.  You now have to make a promise till the end.  This is something guaranteed.  Whatever effort you all made according to your capacity was very good.  Now become the best of all.  Just as you have this intoxication, in the same way, you must constantly maintain this intoxication whilst living in the household.  What is the stamp of this group?  No one should be able to change you, but you should be able to change others.  No circumstance or type of atmosphere should change you but you must definitely change the circumstances, the atmosphere, the attitude and sanskars.  You must apply this firm stamp.  Apply the imperishable trade mark of the bhatthi before you go.  Do not forget your trade mark.  If you keep the awareness of the dharna you have had in this bhatthi with yourself, success will constantly be with you.  Achcha.

18.  Have all of you developed the practice of being beyond sound, that is, of staying in the stage of retirement?  You should be able to come into sound one moment and go beyond sound in the next.  Do you know this drill very well?  Whenever you wish to focus your mind on anything, are you able to do that?  Before you become the masters of the world, do you experience yourselves to be the masters of your own self?  Until you know how to do this spiritual drill, you cannot give other souls the experience of spirituality.  This is why you should always have the experience of this practice and make others experienced in it.  You have come to this land of blessings to bring about this transformation.  The transformation in a bhatthi means to become experienced in this spiritual drill before you leave here.  So have you had such an experience through this bhatthi?  Have you brought about such spirituality in your stage?  Have you brought about an imperishable transformation in every aspect?  Since you say that today is the final day of the bhatthi, which weakness or old sanskar are you finishing today?  Are you finishing the weaknesses in your awareness, your attitude and your vision, or are you still taking a few of your old sanskars back with yourselves?  If there is the slightest trace still remaining, then this trace will create a huge progeny with a very fast speed.  Therefore, before you go from here, completely finish even the slightest trace of any weakness.  This is the transformation through the bhatthi.  You should not see anything except divinity through your vision.  Apart from the soul, the body should just be seen as a form of support.  In your attitude, there should just be first, the Father, second, the self and no one else.  In your awareness, let there constantly be your perfect form; the form of power that you are going to attain in the future.  As well as that, constantly remain powerful with the awareness of the Almighty Authority Father.  Through your words, constantly speak of the jewels of knowledge that you have received from the Father.  Through your ears, do not listen to anything wasteful; only listen to the jewels of knowledge given by the Father.  Transform yourself in this way.  Bring about this transformation in your life through this bhatthi.  Do not just speak about it, but churn everything you have heard.  Churning is more elevated than speaking about it.  After churning, the stage of being absorbed is the most elevated of all.  So, are you returning having created such a stage?  Or, do you just speak about it?  What do those who are in the bhatthi think?  Have you reached the first stage, the second stage or the last stage?  The first stage is speaking, the second stage is churning and the last stage is of being absorbed.  …….  Do not get caught up with someone's nature, but by constantly having soul-conscious feelings for everyone, instead of being an obstacle, it will become a form of progress.  You must make this transformation imperishable through this bhatthi before you go.  Just as you have listened to everything in the bhatthi with zeal and enthusiasm, in the same way, if you constantly keep zeal and enthusiasm with you, you will never be confused by any problems.

19.  Are all of you returning having made yourselves into lighthouses and might-houses?  Are you returning having applied the tilak of the imperishable, constant stage on your forehead?  You are going back as those who are wearing the tilak, are you not?  What was the speciality of this bhatthi?  Each bhatthi has its own speciality; so what was the speciality of this bhatthi?  What wonders did you perform?  Did you leave any memorials of your wonders in Madhuban, the land of blessings?  Did you establish the memorial of your wonders?  The teachers are giving a certificate that you have done this, but what have you done?  Wherever elevated souls go, their elevated actions become a memorial for all time.  For instance, up until now, there are the memorials of the actions performed by you elevated souls.  This pilgrimage place is the memorial of your elevated actions.  Of course, those on the path of bhakti will create these memorials, but what memorial did you give to the land of blessings at this time?  Baba is especially asking about this group.  What memorial did you create of yourselves for all time?  Do you not know about the actions you have performed?  Did you become bodiless to this extent?  This group has shown this memorial of itself: Now, all of us will create a constant stable stage by following the directions of One and we will reveal the name of the one Father with a lot of splendour in all four directions.  We will glorify the name of our gathering to the whole world.  This promise and determined thought of this gethering will eternally remain in this land of blessings for all time in the form of a memorial.  Have you made such a promise or are you still yet to make it?  The more you follow the directions of One, the more you will be able to glorify shrimat.  If you do not all follow the directions of One, you will not be able to glorify shrimat.  This is why this gathering has to keep this eternal memorial for all time.  Always have this awareness: All of us children of the one Father are those who are creating a world where there is one kingdom, one religion and one language, and we are all following the directions of One with a constant, stable stage.  Compared to the sweetness of stabilising yourself in your constant stage, and the sweetness of the love for the one Father, all other tastes which give temporary attainment seem tasteless.  In the same way, the children of the one Father who remain constant should always remember the slogan: Neither will we stop nor will we move backwards.  Whilst moving forward, we will enable all souls to move forward also.  Always keep this slogan in your awareness.  Do you understand?  This is called the transformation through the bhatthi.  This is the bhatthi of those who are hard-workers.  Only the workers become the helpers in world transformation.  Therefore, constantly consider yourself to be a worker.  What do workers constantly remember?  You were told that you are workers, but from today onwards, you must not show the different circus acts that you generally show when under the influence of Maya.  Sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong.  So you must definitely become hard workers, but also finish the circus of Maya.  Create such a spiritual form of yourself that all souls experience spirituality through that.  If you become detached from the awareness of your body, then as is your stage and your awareness, so will be the form visible to others.  So with the awareness of your own form, give other souls the awareness of their own form.  You must remain busy in this task day and night.  Achcha.

20.  Today, it is the start of the bhatthi of the Pandav Army who live in the household.  Do you consider yourselves to be Pandavs?  Do you constantly have your Pandav form in your awareness?  Or, do you sometimes consider yourselves to be Pandavs and sometimes to be householders?  By constantly considering yourselves to be Pandavs, that is, guides, can you have any awareness other than that of the journey and the destination?  If you have any other awareness, the reason for that is that you forget your Pandav form.  By changing your awareness, that is, your attitude (your thought pattern), even your actions are transformed.  The basis of action is your attitude.  Only through your attitude does your household become pure or impure.  This is why, if the Pandav army connects its thoughts constantly with the one Father, then with this attitude, you can bring about progress in yourself.  Progress is based on your attitude.  What do you have to do to your attitude (thought pattern)?  If your attitude is elevated, your household will also be elevated.  So what should you keep in your attitude through which there can be easy progress?  In your attitude, constantly remember that you belong to the one Father and none other.  You have all relationships with the one Father and receive all attainments from the one Father.  By constantly having this in your attitude, you will constantly have the vision of the soul, that is, you will have the vision of brotherhood.  ……..So for progress, those who are living in the household have to make their attitude good, and then the complaint of the attitude becoming mischievous will be finished.  In your awareness and attitude, you must constantly have the land of nirvana and the stage of silence, and in your activity you must be humble.  So by having the awareness of humility, renewal and silence (being beyond), your activity, your task and your stage, all three, will become powerful, that is, there will be power in your awareness.  Where there is power, you cannot forget any of the three.  So in order to finish forgetfulness, have a powerful awareness. 

21.  You have come here to charge your battery, and so in order to charge your battery, constantly consider yourselves to be in charge of world renewal.  If you constantly consider yourselves to be in charge of the tasks of this world, then your battery will constantly remain charged.  When you forget that you yourself are in charge of this, your battery becomes discharged.  Therefore, constantly consider yourselves to be in charge of this task, and then constantly check the chart of the charge of your battery.  Then there will never be a discharge in the stage of the soul, either in thoughts or in actions.  Then, this complaint will finish.  You have this complaint, do you not?  This is the biggest complaint from everyone.  The reason for this is that you do not consider yourselves to be in charge of such elevated karma.  "Whatever actions I perform, other seeing me will do the same."  This is fixed anyway, but do you understand with how much greater depth you have to imbibe this slogan?  What deep slogan is necessary for the bhatthi of the Pandavs?  You were told about the slogan, "Whatever actions I perform, others seeing me will do the same".  In the same way, "Whatever is the attitude of I the soul, the instrument, the atmosphere will be according to that".  Whatever is my attitude, so will be the atmosphere.  So it is the attitude that transforms the atmosphere.  Attitude is more subtle than action.  Now, you must not pay attention to just your karma, but you must consider yourself to be in charge of creating the atmosphere through your attitude. ………….What is that bondage?  Check where your intellect goes.  After checking where the intellect goes, transform those lokik worldly things into alokik things.  Then keep in your awareness the alokik imperishable things after having compared the worldly things and the alokik imperishable things.  When the attitude of a bodily being is being mischievous, then in whatever relationship there is mischief, experience that particular relationship with the eternal Father in a practical way.  For example, if your attitude is being mischievous in the relationships of the household, then attain the alokik experience of this relationship from the Father who fulfills all relationships.  When whatever was lacking is fulfilled, you will become free from mischief.  Do you understand?  If you have all relationships and all attainments from the one Father, then will your intellect have mischief towards all the others?  So the biggest bondage of having all relationships with One is that you have to restrain your mischievous attitude with the bondage of all relationships with the one Father.  Then all mischief will easily finish.  You will then not be able to see any other relationship or any other attainment, and so where could the attitude be drawn to? Tie yourself as is remembered in the example of Sita being ordered to stay within the line drawn for her.  In the same way, whilst taking every step or creating any thought, consider yourself to be within the line drawn by Baba.  If you go beyond the line, even in your thoughts, then wasteful thoughts will attack you.  Constantly stay within the line that has been drawn for you and you will constantly remain safe and no type of sanskar of Ravan will attack you.  You will not waste your time, again and again, in finishing those little things.  Neither will there be any attack nor will your time be wasted again and again.  This is why you must now constantly remember your order.  You have come to this bhatthi in order to become such obedient children, have you not?  Therefore, return with this practice so that you do not have even one thought which is not within the order.  The tilak of being such obedient children should constantly be applied in your awareness.  Apply this tilak and then we shall see who claims the first number.  Who will claim the first prize in adopting this tilak?  Achcha.

22.  Do you know the spiritual drill?  Just as those who have the practice of doing physical exercises can mould their body as and when they wish within one second, in the same way, can those who have the practice of doing the spiritual drill, stabilise their intellect in the stage they wish and to the percentage they wish within one second?  Have you become such an ever-ready spiritual military?  If you receive an order now to stabilise yourself in the incorporeal, viceless and egoless stage, are you able to stabilise yourself?  Or, do the corporeal body, the corporeal world and sinful thoughts pull you towards themselves even against your conscious wish?  Are you able to go beyond the attraction of the body within one second?  The basis of victory or defeat is one second.  ………..  Only when you make yourself full of all powers, will you be complete with all virtues, complete with all physical wealth and will you attain the complete stage of the future.  This is why in order to make yourselves like this you have especially come to this bhatthi.  Whatever you were lacking in yourself should be transformed into having been attained.  Or, do you still experience something to be lacking?  This attainment will remain eternally, will it not?  Attainment means attainment.  Since you have become the embodiment of experience, whatever is experienced becomes eternal.  Whatever you have heard, whatever you have attained through the atmosphere, or the things you have attained from being influenced by listening to an elevated soul telling you something are temporary, but the things you experience yourself are permanent and ever-lasting.  So have you become those who just listen, or have you become the embodiment of experience?  Or, will you become experienced after churning whatever you have heard?  Have you experienced the treasures you have received?  Or, will you put them into your practical experience when you return to your places?  The most powerful stage is that of one's own experience, because experienced souls have will-power.  On the basis of the will-power of your experience, you will be able to confront any power of Maya.  Those who have will-power are easily able to confront all situations and all problems, and they are also able to make all souls constantly content.  So with the power to confront and with the will-power of your own experience, you are easily able to attain the power to make everyone content.  …….  Only when you are constantly victorious over a long period of time will you be able to create a memorial that lasts a long time.  So what will you do now?  The transformation you have to bring about in this bhatthi is that you become constantly victorious over a long period of time.  Other souls should experience you to be the avyakt angels who remain stable in the avyakt stage and have come from Madhuban, the avyakt land, into the corporeal world for the sake of world benefit.  The souls of your family should experience this tranformation in you souls.  This is known as the transformation in the bhatthi.  Your eyes should give the experience of spirituality, your activity should give the vision of the divine activities of the Father, your forehead should give the vision of the jewel on the forehead, your avyakt features should show the practical form of the divine, alokik stage.  Your alokik attitude should remind anyone with a tamoguni attitude of his satoguni attitude.  This is known as transformation.  This is called being serviceable, when you remain engaged in service at every step.  Have you become serviceable to this extent?  Do not think that you just have to do service for four hours.  You have to be constantly victorious.  Not even one second of those who are constantly engaged in service, those who are constantly serviceable, should be spent without service being done.  To become serviceable to this extent is the speciality of the special souls.  So, you have to become full in all aspects.  When you speak of the Father's praise, the word "full" is applied to each of His qualities.  So you have to become full in all aspects.  If you are full in all aspects, you will not fail.  Anything that is full does not have any flaws, therefore, you do not fail.  You neither fail in anything, nor do you have any sensitive feelings over something wasteful.  Sometimes, you become sensitive over trivial matters, do you not?  Those who are full will not become sensitive over wasteful matters, nor will they fail.  So have you become those who have applied this tilak?  Have you applied the tilak of becoming complete with all powers on your forehead?  If you do not constantly have this tilak on your forehead, then, instead of remembering Baba, what do you do in remembrance?  Instead of remembering Baba, you start complaining.  But now, you must not do that.  The file of complaints is already created.  Do you know how big the file of each one's complaints is?  By constantly staying in remembrance, by constantly being victorious, by constantly being serviceable, there will be no need to make any complaints.  You have come to the bhatthi in order to offer the sacrifice of all weaknesses.  So, have you offered the sacrifice of all weaknesses?  Or, are there still some weaknesses remaining?  When an offering is made, what do they say at the end?  "Swaha" (let it all be sacrificed).  So have all of you sacrificed yourselves?  Those who have sacrificed themselves cannot see the things of the past even in their dreams.  Have you sacrificed yourselves in this way?  Courage and enthusiasm are visible in the result of the majority of you at the present time.  Create an attitude that constantly has this courage and enthusiasm.  The land is soft and fruitful, but do not allow the thorns of your past sinful actions from your past life to be sown in this fruitful land.  Have you surrendered the thorns to the Father?  Have all the thorns that still remain inside and causing damage been surrendered to the Father?  When something turns to ashes, that is also called a sacrifice.  Do not ever re-sow anything in your land, anything that has turned to ashes, that is, anything that has been burnt.  That is, do not ever bring it into your consciousness.  To make an offering and sacrifice it means that its name and trace finish.  From today, always consider that those are not the sanskars of I, the satoguni soul, that is, those are not my sanskars.  So just as you observe the sanskars of others as a detached observer, in the same way, look at the sanskars of your tamopradhan stage as a detached observer.  Finish them in the same way.  By considering them to be sacrificed, you will continue to receive success.  Achcha.