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The Titbits of Raja Yoga, Essential for Deep Healing...from the Bhagawad Gita of Sri Sri Shiv.

The Titbits of Raja Yoga, Essential for Deep Healing.
from the Bhagawad Gita of Sri Sri Shiv


1. KNOWLEDGE : Teach others with good wishes, pure feelings and with forgiveness being merciful. Goal of Therapy is Purity. Don't just be loving and have knowledge about the soul, but also about the Supreme Soul and matter.  The drama is also included in this.  You need the knowledge of all three: the place, the individual and your stage.  Understand your stage and understand your body and atmosphere in the intellect. The first lesson of the knowledge of the Gita is to become a bodiless soul, and the last lesson is to be a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance (self awareness). Become a sample with the symbol of lotus flower.
(Other related topics explained in Shiv Gita: Drama by the Director and Creator, jewels of knowledge for good wishes, Murli, Right Method being Knowledge-full, powerful and full of love, See, think and do.)

2. LOVE FOR GOD: Make the soul powerful free from attachment and old habits. Angel means no physical relationships, constantly detached but connected with the One.
(All relationships with God alone, Love and humility, Love for God, Meaning in life, None but One and Trustee.)

3. LIGHTNESS: To clear any obstacle away from yourself, stabilise in your original form of a point of light in a second and become an instrument whilst doing anything, is to become the form of double-light.
(Karmic settlement, Lightness to kill germs of habits, Lightness to settle karma, Subtle Intellect, Lightness in Soul and Success being light.)

4. YOGA: The essence of teachings in three words: To break, to mould and to join.  Always continue to check that you are breaking all other connections, moulding yourself and also connecting yourself with One.
(Combined, Detached is light, powerful and loving, Detached Observer, Divine Company, Faith, Faith in God, God’s Love gives constant cooperation, Elevated attitude, good wishes, pure feelings and love for others, God's love clears obstacles and attractions, Meditation and medicine go hand in hand, Meditation as medicine to finish root cause of illness, responsibility of God, Supersensous joy, Transform labour to love, Vitamins A, B and C for the soul.)

5. DHARANA: Self Realization from heart is to experience four types of self transformation through being an instrument, having humility and altruism. 1. I am a soul and the Father is mine 2.  The realisation of your own weaknesses.  3.  The realisation of the situation and desires & feelings (weakness of stage) of others involved under external influence. 4. Listening to your conscience. To kill your conscience is also a sin.
(Accumulate powers, Accumulate treasures-thoughts, words, time, virtues and powers, All-rounder and harmonising sanskars, Attaining blessings from all, Attention, Attention and practice, Attractive, Be active, Brotherhood, Cheerful, Hear, see, speak, think no evil, Courage, Enthusiasm, Lawful, Drishti (powerful spiritual vision), Easy nature, Enthusiasm, Food and Blessings as medicine, Give regard and respect, good relationship with others, Happiness, hell and heaven on earth, Honesty, Luckiest and Loveliest, Mercy and Compassion, Mould, Never give and take sorrow, Pure food and honest wealth, Purity, Purity and sorrow, purity in vision and attitude, Realty, royalty and Unity, Renounce desires and donate virtues, Renunciation, Satisfaction, Satopradhan, see soul, see soul not body, Self Control, Simple and Great, Smiling, Social, Solitude, Speak sweet and valuable words, Spiritual Love, spiritual routine, Spiritual Vision, sweet words, Sweetness, Unconditional Love, Zeal and Enthusiasm.)

6. AMRITVELA: To have heart-to-heart conversation with souls, to transform the nature and sanskars of souls, to forge a connection with the Supreme Father, to give blessings of peace, power and health, -from a distance-, to souls who are unaccomplished, peaceless, unhappy and diseased, you especially need the power of concentration; concentration of thoughts and stability of stage.  The basis of these is introspection. Give others the experience of spiritual effort, elevated stage and spiritual power.
(Early to bed early to rise.)

7. PLANNING: Know the three aspects of time of every word and every action before you put thought into the practical form. Keep the consequences in front of you before you perform any action.

8. SOLITUDE: Solitude of the mind means to stay in the remembrance-experience of One (divinity and virtues), and to become stable.  This is real solitude by which all influences of circumstances can be overcome.
(Solitude and Divine Company.)

9. SILENCE : Send vibrations-current of virtues, good wishes and pure feelings through mind. The message of the spiritual Father for the spiritual children (souls) is: Always consider yourself to be a spirit (soul), forge a relationship with the spiritual Father, take spiritual power from Him and become a leader of your own mind. Then you will be able to become a political leader and be able to transform the feelings in the minds of others. The thoughts in your mind and the practical actions of the people will become the same.
(Unlimited Mind, mind reader, Power of silence for lightness, Power of Silence to become unlimited, serve through mind, Transferring thoughts, Visions of future.)

10. DRILL : Practice focusing your mind and intellect wherever you want in a second, and not to fluctuate. With controlling power none of the physical senses can influence you.
(Spiritual Drill.)

11. PRACTICE: The practice to attach and detach with mind and body with ease and constantly remain detached from physical awareness known as being beyond the influence of action (karmateet).
(2 minutes practice every hour, Amritvela, Sense control by practicing drill, Spiritual effort, Truth.)

12. SERVICE: The thread to connect the gathering is faith and the power to accommodate. Have merciful vision towards others not keeping their sanskars in front of you. You should consider the mistake of others to be your own and not spread them around but accommodate (merge). Never compare the sanskars of the past with those of the present time.
(Astral service, Benefactor, Planning Intellect, Serviceable.)

13. TRUSTEE: Make your self carefree and happy by changing mine to Yours. Burden should not be held in subconscious and even in dreams but handover to the Divine.
(Improving relationship, Karankaravanhar.)

14. CHECKING: Check and bid farewell for (1) attachment, (2) tension and (3) weakness which creates obstacles in success. Instead imbibe self consciousness, remove body (I and mine) consciousness which is the cause of all tensions and help others move forward.
(Attention and checking, Attitude change, Avoid stains in awareness, Check and Change by knowledge and powers, Clearing habits and mental heaviness, correct self, Daily Checking, Emotional healing, Habits change, Healing, Independent, know self, Know the cause, Remove burdens, Revise and check, root cause of illness, Surrender weakness with honest heart not head, Understand each other, unlimited intellect, Use thoughts for elevated actions.)

15. CLEAN AND CLEAR: Others should be protected by your wave. Whatever you hear, you should have positive thoughts about it; not other types of thoughts.  Your positive thoughts can cool their intellects.
(Clear Intellect, Full stop to all waste.)

16. ASSERTIVE : Check and Change for Plans to take the Practical form with balance of Knowledge and Powers. When you don't know what is causing the problems and adverse situations, you experience having to tolerate them instead of experiencing happiness.
(Finding solutions.)

17. CONCENTRATION: Finish all that is limited for self-transformation. The original sanskars of spiritual souls are of attention and practice. Wherever there is the power of concentration, all other powers accompany it. Concentration power will automatically lead to clarity of mind, and an elevated stage.
(Concentraion and elevated stage, Concentration, Introspection and Concentration, Introvert for experience, New Creative Inventions by Introversion.)

18. INCORPOREAL, BODILESS AND ANGELIC: To conquer time means to conquer death. Although you stabilise yourself in the incorporeal stage and the avyakt stage, you are not able to stabilise yourself in that stage for as long as you want. Throughout the day, by paying attention to the wasteful (stopping them), you will become powerful and successful in attaining victory over time.
(Incorporeal, Bodiless and Angelic.)

19. POWER: When you experiment with yoga, the powers and the virtues, then first of all check whether there is the main basis, that is, whether there is the power of the soul, the Godly power and the stage of lightness.  When there is the double-light of the stage and form, you will very easily be able to attain success in your experiments. Check and remove all types of attachment and past habits to attain all powers.
(Altruistic decisions, Attach and Detach, Benefit in everything, Charitable, Contentment, Tolerate and Accommodate, Control over Anger, Cool, Cooperation, Determination, Discernment, Discriminate, Ever ready, Fearless, Finish Corruption, Free from attachment, Free from vices, Future vision, power to tolerate and power to face, Pure, gentle, humble, easy in thoughts, consider time and atmosphere, Right judgement with discerning power, Self Empowerment, Sensible, Set in one experience to avoid upset, Spiritual powers, Spread peace and coolness, Stability, stop tail of questions, Teach by good wishes and forgiveness, Tolerance, Transform negative to positive, Transform self and others, Unshakeable and Immovable, Will power.)

20. BALANCE: Revise and realize the soul as you walk and move around, and experience the combined form of the Father (Divine) with determination, concentration and being economical in thoughts, words, relationships and connections, nature and sanskars.
(Balance, Equanimity.)

21. AWARENESS: The constant and easy method of remembrance (self awareness) to constantly remain healthy, wealthy, happy and holy is to have company of Incorporeal Divine and Corporeal Elevated Knowledge-full Guide (Instrument teachers) and save time from having waste thoughts. Illness of wasting time in wasteful thoughts does not allow you to become constantly healthy.
(Constant peace and rest, Developed Consciousness, Essence, essence-full, Health conscious to soul conscious, Invoking powers through seed stage, Realize to not repeat mistake, right soul conscious, Self Awareness, Self Realization, Self Respect, Self Sovereignty, Stage of the Creator to finish obstacles.)

22. ATTITUDE: Being stable in the stage of a creator, you will not be influenced by the atmosphere, the creation. Instead you transform the atmosphere with powerful attitude. Experience transforming the attitude and vision of others with your power of silence, that is, through your thoughts. With the power of silence, no distance will be felt; you as well as the others will experience that scene to be in front of you.  This is known as the power of yoga.
(Disinterest, Give rest and power to the intellect and cooperation to the atmosphere, Health by Zeal and enthusiasm, spiritual attitude.)

23. CREATION, SUSTENANCE AND DESTRUCTION : When you create new, divine sanskars in another soul, you become the embodiment of knowledge.  When you give sustenance, there is the need of being the embodiment of both mercy and love.  When you are inspiring the destruction of the old sanskars of someone, you must be the embodiment of power.  And instead of being authoritative, you must have spiritual authority to destroy their sins.
(Different stages of yoga for Creation, sustenance and destruction)

24. KARMAYOGI: When you attain your karmateet stage, then because of this stage, you are able to travel very far away within one second. The activity of the intellect is to have pure thoughts.  The activity of words is to speak the knowledge you have heard from the Father(Divine).  The activity of deeds is to perform every deed as a karma yogi, to live as lovingly and detached as a lotus, as a divine act.  The basis of freedom is pure activity.
(Good wishes and Good feelings, ignorant of desires, Karma philosophy, Karma yogi, Karmateet, Karmateet for Astral travel.)