Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Essence of spirituality

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"🌟The task given by God👑 for the New Year: check, transform negative to positive, accomodate, emerge virtues and revise to retain💖" (31.12.99 revision of Avyakt Murli on 1.1.2017)

Check everything you do throughout the day from amrit vela. Is your vision spiritual? Is the pose of your face constantly cheerful? Is it constantly stable or does it change from time to time? Are your awareness and attitude only spiritual when you are sitting in yoga or when you are doing special service? Or, are your face and behaviour still special even whilst you are carrying on with your ordinary work? Does everyone who sees you, even when you are very busy at work or in some situation of upheaval, consider you to be spiritual? So, check whether your way of speaking and acting are spiritual. Check whether, even when you are doing something ordinary, it can be seen on your face that you are loving and detached. Do souls who suddenly appear in front of you at any time experience you to be an spiritual angel from your vibrations, your way of speaking and doing everything? 

God, the Father saw that you lack the powers to erase and to accommodate. You do erase everything. You do erase anything wrong that you have seen, heard and thought and anything of the past. However, you speak of this as one being the conscious and the other being the subconscious. You do erase it, but whether you call it the plate of the mind, the slate of the mind or the paper, you don't erase everything completely. Why are you not able to erase it totally? The reason is that your power to accommodate is not powerful enough. You are able to accommodate everything according to the time, but then something emerges again at another time. Therefore, you are unable to keep yourself busy with good wishes and pure feelings for self and others. If the plate, slate or paper of the mind is not wiped completely clean, then, as it is not completely clean, would anything you try to write on it be better? Would it be clear? For example, if you tried to imbibe all the virtues and powers, would this be constant and to the full percentage? You can only use these powers easily when everything is completely clean and clear. The reason why you can’t is that the slates of the majority of you are not clean and clear. Even a few things and behaviour patterns of the past, a few wasteful situations and types of wasteful behaviour would still be merged within you in a subtle way. They would then emerge into your physical form at certain times. Therefore, according to the time, first of all check yourself. You have to check yourself. You do not have to engage yourself in checking others. 

Transform the negative into something positive and accommodate it. There will then be newness in the new century.

It is remembered that God has a thousand eyes, a hundred thousand eyes, a hundred thousand ears! So, now, at this time, no matter how much someone tries to hide from them - and they do hide things with royalty, not in any ordinary way - the incorporeal One and avyakt Brahma together are able to see everything.

In the New Year, have the determination to become equal. Keep your aim of definitely becoming angels. Now stop all of your old things. Let your original and eternal sanskars now emerge. Whilst you are walking and moving around, remain constantly aware of this: “I am an angel like the father. I have no connection with old sanskars and old things. Do you understand? This thought of transformation needs water and sunshine just as when you sow a seed, you provide it with all those things so that it can bear fruit. Therefore, give this thought, this seed, the water and sunshine of your awareness. Keep revising again and again the promise you have made to God,the Father.

✨: Divine version on need for Clean and Clear mind, Emotional Healing:

 आज वर्ष के अन्त का दिन है ना! तो बापदादा ने मैजॉरिटी बच्चों का वर्ष का पोतामेल देखा। क्या देखा होगा? मुख्य एक कारण देखा। बापदादा ने देखा कि मिटाने और समाने की शक्ति कम है। मिटाते भी हैं, उल्टा देखना, सुनना, सोचना, बीता हुआ भी मिटाते हैं लेकिन जैसे आप कहते हो ना कि एक है कान्सेस दूसरा है सबकान्सेस। मिटाते हैं लेकिन मन की प्लेट कहो, स्लेट कहो, कागज कहो, कुछ भी कहो, पूरा नहीं मिटाते। क्यों नहीं मिटा सकते? उसका कारण है– समाने की शक्ति पावरफुल नहीं है। समय अनुसार समा भी लेते लेकिन फिर समय पर निकल आता इसलिए जो चार शब्द बापदादा ने सुनाये, वह सदा नहीं चलते। अगर मानों मन की प्लेट वा कागज पूरा साफ नहीं हुआ, पूरा नहीं मिटा तो उस पर अगर बदले में आप और अच्छा लिखने भी चाहो तो स्पष्ट होगा? अर्थात् सर्व गुण, सर्व शक्तियां धारण करने चाहो तो सदा और फुल परसेन्ट में होगा? बिल्कुल क्लीन भी हो, क्लीयर भी हो तब यह शक्तियां सहज कार्य में लगा सकते हो। कारण यही है, मैजारिटी की स्लेट क्लीयर और क्लीन नहीं है। थोड़ा-थोड़ा भी बीती बातें या बीती चलन, व्यर्थ बातें वा व्यर्थ चाल-चलन सूक्ष्म रूप में समाई रहती हैं तो फिर समय पर साकार रूप में आ जाती हैं। तो समय अनुसार पहले चेक करो, अपने को चेक करना दूसरे को चेक करने नहीं लग जाना क्योंकि दूसरे को चेक करना सहज लगता है, अपने को चेक करना मुश्किल लगता है। तो चेक करना कि हमारे मन की प्लेट व्यर्थ से और बीती से बिल्कुल साफ है? सबसे सूक्ष्म रूप है– वायब्रेशन के रूप में रह जाता है। फरिश्ता अर्थात् बिल्कुल क्लीन और क्लीयर। समाने की शक्ति से निगेटिव को भी पॉजिटिव रूप में परिवर्तन कर समाओ। निगेटिव ही नहीं समा दो, पॉजिटिव में चेंज करके समाओ तब नई सदी में नवीनता आयेगी।