Monday, 23 September 2013

You were like a monkey(influenced by 5vices of lust,anger,greed, attachment and ego)before,now you are becoming worship-worthy.

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The Father of the father of human kind and the father of all soul is the One GodFather.
Bharat – India was the most elevated, now has become poor.
Those who have lost the kingdom will rule the kingdom once again.
Everyone has to become pure from impure, virtuous from vicious in nature.
People of all religion worship the One GodFather in one or other form.
GodFather is the benefactor of souls of all religion.
You become worship-worthy when you do Godly service. The more service you do, that much you come near to God.Just you have to remember GodFather.
GodFather knows about all the vedas and scriptures. He is the knowledge-full, Blissful and merciful.
Even the five elements have to become pure at this time. When the soul becomes pure-virtuous, even the elements will become pure.
In golden age, body never becomes old.
God never rules the world but He makes you children worthy to rule the kingdom of the world.
Gita (spoken by GodFather) is the mother of all scriptures.
Every effort depends upon purity.
Become free from attachment towards bodily beings – husband, wife, children, in-laws.  Become free from body consciousness by doing all types of service. The most important is to become completely free from attachment.
You become dirty by forgetting the GodFather. The more you remember the GodFather, that much you become victorious.
If you commit sin, repent to GodFather. Otherwise, it will be difficult to overcome the bondages.
Initially, the test paper comes to you, so that you can explain to others about the experience.
Storms will come to you, when you are honest within and without, GodFather will be satisfied with you.
You were like a monkey (influenced by the five vices of lust, anger, greed,  attachment  and ego) before, now you are becoming worship-worthy.
You transform from a worshipper to worship-worthy.
You commit sins due to body consciousness. God is also the Supreme Judge. You must fear the Supreme Judge, repent to Him for the mistakes.
In golden age, you remain soul conscious. Here in iron age, there is body consciousness.
If you hide any mistake, you will also be lost-hidden in course of time.

Blessing: May you be an elevated magician who ties in bondage with the magic of love the One Who is free from bondage.

You children are even greater magicians than the God-Father. You have such magic of love that you tie in bondage the One Who is free from bondage. The Father too cannot think of anyone except you children. He constantly remembers you children. You call the Father to eat with you so many times. When you eat, walk around or sleep, you do that with the Father. Whenever you do any work, you say: It is Your work. You make us do it and we just use our hands as instruments. Then you give the burden of those actions to the Father and so you are elevated magicians, are you not?

Slogan:  Those who change adverse situations with the power of their own original stage can never be distressed.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

You are becoming like a diamond imbibing divine virtues, by this knowledge.

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God is known as the Supreme Father. Physical Father cannot be called as the Supreme Father. Every physical Father has the same Supreme GodFather.
You receive 84 physical Fathers and mothers in 84 different births.
5 vices emerge in every human being from copper age, in every world cycle.
This Rajayog is not a common satsang, here you have the true company of Truth (God), all other are false company.
5vices (Ravan-Maya) makes you vicious and GodFather makes you virtuous in nature.
God gives the reward of devotion. At the end of devotion, you receive knowledge.
You are becoming like a diamond imbibing divine virtues, by this knowledge.
God is known as the Liberator, He is called the Death of all deaths.
In golden and silver ages, vices never exist and in copper and iron ages virtues never exist within human-beings.
Every soul belongs to the GodFather. Adam-Brahma is the father of all humankind.
God remains beyond birth and death, but you souls come into the cycle of birth and death.
Now, it is the time for destruction / transformation.
Bharat – India is known as the greatest pilgrimage for the people of the world (since God appears only in Bharat – India).
GodFather is known as the Ocean of knowledge not deities.
Soul is a point of light located at the centre of forehead. God comes to take all souls back home liberating from all types of sorrows.
Every soul has its role recorded in it and the roles repeat in every world cycle. This world cycle never comes to an end.
I make you worship-worthy. Human beings have lot of anger within them.
I liberate you from old body and take home (soul world of silence) with Me.

Blessing: May you be a beloved of the Comforter of Hearts and with the wonder of the intellect experience the corporeal one through the subtle form.

Although some children have come later, they experience the corporeal one through the subtle form. They speak with such experience of having taken sustenance from the corporeal form and are even now receiving that sustenance. To experience the corporeal form in the subtle form is the practical form of the love of the intellect. This is also proof of the wonder of the intellect. Such children are the beloved children who are close to the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, and who constantly have the song playing in their hearts “Wah my Baba! Wah!”

Slogan: Success is merged in every action and every step of a renunciate soul.

Those who surrender themselves to the Flame (God) become equal to the Flame (God-like in character).

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Essence: Qualifications of souls who are bestowers of blessings, great donors and donors.

Bestowers of blessings (vardaani): Those who give their co-operation; those who have made themselves full of all treasures. Through the treasures they have accumulated, that is, through their own power, virtues and the treasures of knowledge, they make weak souls powerful by giving them courage, the power of enthusiasm, the treasures of happiness and the power of their co-operation through their blessings.
Great donors (mahadaani) : Those who guide you along the path; those who haven't made themselves full of all treasures, but who have accumulated a little something, according to their capacity. The great donors become instruments to inspire weak souls to make effort by showing them methods to make effort and to have zeal and enthusiasm. While making them aware, they become instruments to make them powerful. These souls are not able to co-operate by giving their own power, but become instruments to show the clear path. They become guides on the path and show how something should be done; Do it like this, move along in this way.
Donors (daani): Those who show you the path. Those who haven't accumulated anything at all, but who were given something, who took that something and gave it away to others as soon as they received it. The children who are donors become instruments to attract other souls to the Father by speaking of whatever they heard, liked and experienced.
Just as the Father is the Liberator, so too, children are master liberators. However, only when you first become self-liberators will you be able to liberate others and stabilise them in the stage of the self-respect of their original form and original land. Become merciful. Become master creators. Do not just be self-benefactors, but also become world benefactors.
Become a master sun of knowledge and, through the powers you have accumulated, through your treasures of knowledge, your attitude, vision and awareness, that is, through the elevated thoughts of your good wishes and pure feelings, and through the virtues you have imbibed in your practical life, through the rays of all these spiritual endeavours, finish peacelessness.
Have a balance between the self and service. You are the children of the Master of the World, and so become masters and go around the world. The more you tour around as rulers of the globe, the more the sound will spread in all directions. "We have seen the light, we have seen angels walking here." Become an image of perfection and use your time and powers for service.
The easy way to remove weaknesses is to surrender to the Father whatever enters your thoughts. Whatever comes in front of you, put that in front of the Father and give Him the responsibility and you will become free. Simply have the determined thought: I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me.
A child is a master. I am a master almighty authority who, like the Father, has all rights over all powers. Repeatedly revise and realise this awareness, and you will then constantly experience yourself to be a master almighty authority. By your having the one faith and the one support that you have to reach your destination, it is guaranteed that you will definitely reach your destination. It is the children's duty to have this thought with determination and the Father's duty to make sure you reach there. Be constantly victorious. With knowledge, you have the constant company of the Father, and so those who are constant companions of the Father are constantly free from obstacles.
If you have the habit of hearing but not listening (at the same time), you will then not fluctuate but will pass.
The easy aspect is always to give your responsibility to the Father. When you have given all your responsibilities to the Father, you become angels. Do angels ever get tired? When "mine" finishes, you become a conqueror of attachment. When all attachment is finished, you become an embodiment of constant awareness. Be generous-hearted in giving to the Father. If you continue to hold on to old rubbish, you will become ill.
The sign of having faith in the intellect is to remain constantly carefree. Those who are carefree will be constant and stable. They will never fluctuate. They will remain unshakeable. Do not get caught up with "Why?, What?" etc. Be trikaldarshi and remain carefree. There is benefit in every step. Even something in which only loss is visible, benefit is also merged in that. You simply have to look deeply by being introverted. There can never be any loss or harm for you children, because you are holding the hand of the Benevolent Father.
Only those who are constantly content are able to remain close to the Father. No matter what happens, let the past be the past and continue to move along after discerning with the power of discernment and you will remain constantly content.
Time is the greatest treasure of all. Knowledge is a treasure, powers and divine virtues are also treasures. Only when you have accumulated all the treasures will you be said to be complete.
Those who remain constantly busy in remembrance and service become free from all other types of spinning. Souls who are like iron become gold in the company of those who have become true alchemists.(sachche paaras)

Blessing:   May you be a true moth and surrender yourself to the Flame by finishing all spinning with remembrance and service.
Children who remain constantly busy in remembrance and service become free from all other types of spinning. If any type of spinning is left, you will end up continually spinning - sometimes the spinning of your relationships and sometimes the spinning of your nature and sanskars. All this wasteful spinning will only finish when you have nothing except the Flame in your intellect. Those who surrender themselves to the Flame become equal to the Flame. Only those who surrender themselves in this way, that is, only those who surrender themselves to the Flame are true moths.

Slogan:     Souls who are like iron become gold in the company of those who have become true alchemists.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Religious founders never appear in the womb of the mother for the first time.

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Now, you children have received the divine sight, third eye of knowledge to check yourself for the vices within.
Soul knows whether it has done good or bad deed through the body.
Check yourself how much pure you have become , how many divine virtues you have imbibed within.
The complete virtuous Supreme Soul is teaching you Children to imbibe divine virtues.
You have to become 100% completely virtuous to go to the golden age.
Most important is to give the introduction of GodFather who is worshipped as the Mother and the Father in devotion.
The Unlimited GodFather gives you the unlimited inheritance of heaven at this time. He appears in Bharat-India at this time of deep ignorance of darkness.
You remain completely vice-less in golden age and hence you never worship GodFather or the deities there.
GodFather transforms the impure ones into pure ones at this time and hence He is worshipped a lot from copper age.
GodFather says, forget the body and bodily relations and rest your mind on Me knowing yourself as a soul. This is not told by the child Sri Krishna.
This confluence age is your leap birth, where GodFather comes only once after 4 ages of world cycle.
The sacrificial fire of knowledge will continue till the end of the world and you study till the end.
Souls experience punishment in the mother’s womb at this time but not in golden age.
GodFather makes you the King and Queen of golden age but He Himself never becomes one.  I never appear in the womb of the mother but appear in the body of Adam-Brahma.
People of Bharat-India were peaceful, happy and wealthy during golden age unlike in iron age. Only one religion, one kingdom and one language exist in golden age.
There is no religious founders for Hindu religion. ( People who lived in Sindustan are known as Hindus since Sindustan was known as Hindustan by the sindis who pronounced “sa” as “ha”).
Religious founders infact never appear in the womb of the mother for the first time, they appear in the body of a man and establish the religion by their power of purity. Later they become vicious by taking birth. When the religious founders come, they also bring down their followers from the soul world.
You will have obstacles from Maya (body conscious or vices or by relations or by situations or by karma) but you can win over them by the remembrance of GodFather.
By constant remembrance of the GodFather, you will leave the body in His remembrance to attain elevated status.

Blessing:  May you be an image of success who, with your clear intellect, discerns every situation and takes an accurate decision.

The clearer your intellect is the more power of discernment you have. Instead of thinking about too many things, stay in remembrance of the one Father. Remain clear with the Father and you will easily be able to discern every situation and take an accurate decision. Whatever the situation is at any time, whatever the mood is of anyone in connection or relationship with you, to be able to move along according to that at that time, to discern that and to take a decision is also a great power which makes you an embodiment of success.

Slogan:   Along with the Sun of Knowledge, the lucky stars are those who dispel the darkness (of body consciousness) in the world and not those who come into darkness (of ego) themselves.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Compare the knowledge given by GodFather with the knowledge of scriptures and decide yourself what is Truth.

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You children have received the third eye of knowledge.
There are important actor (GodFather), Hero , Heroine and other actors in this world drama.
Deities, people of golden age receive power from the One GodFather.
God is known as the SatShriakaal, the Truth and One whom death cannot approach.
Every part in this world drama is being repeated in every 5000years.
You don’t have enmity towards anyone. You benefit every soul.
You play the role of 84births and hence you have the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of this 5000years world cycle.
The most important vice is body consciousness and other vices follow.
Your divine intellect reaches up to the soul world and subtle world.
Everyone has to leave the body at the end.
Compare the knowledge given by GodFather with other knowledge and scriptures, and decide yourself what is Truth.
You, the unlimited children sit in the lap of the GodFather.
You have to become free from fear. No one can hurt the soul.
You children are the Lucky stars. (Adam-Brahma is the moon and the GodFather is the Sun)

GodFather is the Knowledge-full and He is the only Purifier and the One who liberates you from sorrows and give happiness, not any saints or gurus.
Deities cannot be called as the Purifier but only One Almighty GodFather.
GodFather does not have a body but deities.
GodFather is your Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. He teaches you every day. God is not omnipresent (but His powers).
When people remember GodFather, they don’t see  image of any deities.
GodFather is the seed form of the world human tree.
God is the Father of all Fathers and Husband of all husbands, Guru of all gurus.
5000 years ago, in golden age, there were purity, peace, happiness and prosperity.
You must remember the GodFather to receive inheritance of heaven.
Like GodFather (Supreme Soul) is a point of light, Soul is also a point of light. Every human beings and deities also have a subtle body of light.
Before appearing on earth, souls rest in the soul world, the world of silence.
Bharat – India plays an important role in the world cycle.
Supreme soul appears in the body of Adam-Brahma like pure soul and sinful soul appear in the body of human beings to fulfill their desires.
When the soul of the religious founder appears, all the follower souls also appear after them.
There is Supreme soul, charitable soul and sinful soul.
The subtle world is a movie world, the soul world is the world of silence where the Supreme soul and the souls reside and the physical world is talkie.
After destruction, the gateway of heaven will open.
You win over the vices by the power of yoga – remembrance of GodFather.
Vices-lust, anger,…never exist in heaven and there is no untimely death or sorrow in heaven-golden age unlike iron age.
I make you Trikaldarshi (knower of past, present and future), Trinetri (third eye of knowledge) and Trilokinath (knower-Master of three worlds).
God makes you knowledge-full like Him.
You become pure for 21 births and I remain ever pure.
The Creator of Heaven, the One who teaches Rajayoga has come now on earth with the gift of heaven-golden age for you children.
Why do you forget the GodFather? Remember Me every moment. You  children have to return home now.
Remove body conscious and remember the GodFather. Always make effort to remain in soul conscious.

Become double non-violent – pure in thoughts and free from vices. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gita spoken by GodFather (not by sage Vyas) is known as the mother of all scriptures.

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You sweet sweet children are studying in Godly university cum College to become a deity - virtuous human being.
You remain in the company of God, the Truth (Satsang), the Ocean of knowledge, Gyan Manasarovar.
By God’s teaching you transform from a thorn to a beautiful flower.
You attain karmateet stage – complete soul conscious, only at the end.
GodFather is your mother and father at this time of confluence age. He makes you do spiritual effort.
You have to sacrifice the body and all the bodily relations from your intellect (being soul conscious).
Belong to Me alone and remember Me alone. If you remember body and bodily beings, you will be affected by Maya – body consciousness.
GodFather comes and liberates you from maya –obstacles. You have to forget your dress (body).
The world drama is about to end. You souls have to return home now.
This life of confluence age is most worthy and valuable (because God Himself is teaching you,….).
Gita, Bhagwad and all other scriptures will repeat in every world cycle at their own time. Gita spoken by GodFather (not by sage Vyas)  is known as the mother of all scriptures.
In golden and silver ages, the body and soul both remain pure unlike in copper and iron ages.
Now, you receive the nectar of knowledge, being free from the poison of vices.
You learn Rajayoga from GodFather to receive kingdom of heaven, like in every world cycle.
Every soul on earth has to leave the body and go back home.
Maya Ravan locks the intellect and the GodFather who is the Intellect of all the intellects transforms the stone-like intellect to elixir-like (divine like philosopher’s stone).
You have to become a stick for the blind to show the right path. Listen to the knowledge and teach others.

According to the world drama, you become holy in golden and silver ages and become unholy in copper and iron ages.

Blessing: May you be seated on BapDada's heart-throne by being surrendered while living at home with your family and having the concern of doing service.

The tree of service becomes fruitful with the co-operation of the children who are surrendered while living at home with their families. Their co-operation becomes water for the tree. Just as a tree bears very good fruit when it receives water, in the same way, the tree of service becomes fruitful with the co-operation of elevated co-operative souls.    The children who constantly have such concern for service and who move along being surrendered while living at home are able to be seated on BapDada's heart-throne.

Slogan:  Learn the art of steering your thoughts and applying a brake in the shortest time possible and the power of your intellect will not be wasted.

Monday, 16 September 2013

You children are actors and God is the Important Actor, Creator and Director of this world drama.

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In devotion, you did not know about the GodFather but were worshipping different deities at various places.
God’s birthday is celebrated only in Bharat-India – the memorial of God appeared in Bharat – India.
The whole world is created by God-Father through Adam-Brahma.
The real peace – rest, you will experience only in the soul world – the world of liberation. Not in physical world.
Souls take rest whilst sleeping, being detached from the body.
Supreme GodFather remains in Soul world but He takes rest in soul world only when He does not play any role in golden and silver ages.
In golden age and silver ages, you children perform actions, never take rest but you never become unrest.
No one understands about the Highest on High GodFather.
God says, Hey soul, I am your GodFather. I create human beings of golden age by knowledge through Adam-Brahma.
Now, there is complete darkness of ignorance. GodFather brings light of knowledge.
The complete destruction by water never happens, as shown in scriptures.
Sinful actions never take place in golden age. You remain a charitable soul – performing akarma (experiencing the reward of confluence age actions) for 2500 years – in golden and silver ages. You rule for 21births but keep falling down in your status since there is no knowledge there.
God is the living seed of the world human tree. He knows about every soul.
God is known as the Truth. He is not affected by death since He is the Death of all deaths.
The more you imbibe divine nature, that much elevated status you would attain.

No one other than the GodFather explains about the true nature of soul and Supreme Soul.By not knowing about soul and Supreme Soul, the whole world experiences sorrow.
The world cycle is of 5000 years.
God is a living seed of the world human tree. He is the image of truth, conscious and Bliss.
Only you children of confluence age know about the world cycle not the deities of golden age.
You children are actors of this world drama and God is the Important Actor, Creator and Director of this world drama.
God is known as knowledge-full, world Almighty Authority. Only GodFather has the knowledge of complete Vedas, Scriptures and world cycle not any saints and rishis.
The impure soul has to transform from tamopradhan to satopradhan reaching karmateet stage.
You move from the world of death to the eternal world of golden age.
God is known  as the Boatman, Gardener and Bhagwan (Bha for bhoomi - earth, ag for aag-fire, w for vaayu-air,a  for aakaash-ether and n for neer-water).
God takes you to liberation(soul world) and liberation in life (heaven).
You are the spiritual children of the spiritual GodFather. God-Father teaches you through Adam-Brahma.
I never come into the cycle of birth and death but you children do. I appear on earth only once in confluence age, every 5000years.
Before leaving the body, renounce the vices. You attain elevated status in your next birth according to the deeds you perform.
God teaches you the secrets of karma, akarma and vikarma.
The spiritual Father creates the creations through Adam-Brahma.

You light the lamp (soul) by the oil of knowledge and remembrance of the GodFather.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

the old (vicious) sanskars will emerge even in good souls to disappear once for ever.

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Essence: The deep secrets of karma

You perform actions as if you are possessed by some soul. You are not aware of what you are doing and why you are doing.
God sees your every actions and maintains a balance of Love and Law. Being a GodFather, He forgives 1st time, 2nd time and 3rd time. On the other hand for the benefit of children, He also explains about the effect of vicious-sinful actions. You get one lakh times in return either for the good or for the bad actions, at this confluence age through the automatic machinery.
You find difficulty when you say that “I do” , “ I don’t do” “How I do”,….When you have belonged to the GodFather and follow His directions, know that it is God who is doing it though you. (So, that you will not come into bondages of actions. ) Then, you will experience pure – divine intellect.
GodFather wanted to see all His children in complete form.
Any untoward incidence you see, be a detached observer and take decision. Never come under fear. Instead of why, what  and how it can happen…become double light and make the mountain like issue into cotton-like. You receive practical paper (obstacles) to make you pass with honour. Good effort maker sees the test paper as a game, they never become afraid.
Do you still retain the old sanskars of carrying the bondages? When you belong to God,remove the I consciousness, there is no need to feel burdened.
Don’t get disturbed by the vicious actions of even good souls because all the old sanskars have to emerge to disappear once for ever.

People fall in the gutter of lust. Lust is the greatest enemy.
Never become dirty, don’t be after anyone.
If you commit any mistake, say to GodFather “I am sorry”
You have to become 16 celestial degrees virtuous, by making spiritual effort, you will become virtuous- pure at the end.
Become merciful towards the ones who defame you.
The impure soul when appears, it makes you perform vicious actions. Similarly vicious sanskar makes you perform wrong actions,  to lose the elevated status and experience punishment.
You are settling your karmic accounts now, to become karmateet (free from sinful actions and bondages of actions) at the end.
The body and soul have become old, playing different roles. Now, belong to Me to become pure-virtuous. Body and soul will become pure by remembrance of GodFather.
You have to serve by body, mind and wealth. The more you do service, that much you will receive in return.
Remember Me – Rest your mind on Me
This is Raja yoga (to make you kings) not the Praja Yoga ( to make you subjects).
To receive the complete inheritance from GodFather, you have to do service.
Body consciousness is not good. Remember GodFather being in soul conscious.
In golden age, you remain healthy, wealthy and happy.

Not to be slack in your spiritual effort.
The more you remember GodFather whilst doing actions, that much sins will be removed.
Remember GodFather during early morning hours.
The more serviceable, that much beloved you become.
You settle your karmic accounts even in the prison of womb.
People don’t have that much love and regard for GodFather. The magnet (God) cannot attract the needle (soul) if there is rust (vices).
You should transform yourself into a flower.
You must remember that you have to return home (soul world).
Do not listen or perform anything evil. Make your feature divine.
Remain pure inside and outside.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

God-Father remains the most beautiful of all, all the time.

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The Ocean of Love, Purifier is praised only for One GodFather, not for any Saints.
The great mistake is to say soul is the Supreme Soul. Souls experience punishment in the womb. It is the soul who feels pain and discomforts of the body.
By body consciousness, you remember the bodily relations. If you are in soul conscious you will remember the Supreme God-Father.
You know that the Ocean of knowledge, God of Knowledge, the Creator is teaching you. Practice remembrance of God-Father whilst doing all actions.
Now, receive the unlimited inheritance from the God-Father.
You have bondages of karma in your head. Only by yoga, your sins of actions will be removed.
Christ, Buddha and other religious founders are in their final birth at this time.
At this time, even the five elements are impure. In golden age: five elements remain pure, even in old age, the teeth will remain intact. There will not be any bodily deformations. All buildings will be built by golden bricks.
Souls are travelers, souls become ugly by playing different roles.
God-Father remains the most beautiful of all, all the time.
God keeps the one safe who becomes His helper.
God-Father removes sorrows and gives happiness.
The more you remain in remembrance of God-Father, that much you will donate peace to others.
Finish the words (while talking with others) of body consciousness.
God loves you sweet sweet children, the more you do service, that much you receive love in return, from God-Father.
Finish body consciousness. There should be none but One in your awareness.
The whole world of souls will go to soul world (liberation) and very few come in golden age (liberation in life).

Blessing: May you be a Godly helper and by being in the combined form, experience God’s magic in service.
Do not consider yourself to be just a server, but serve while considering yourself to be a Godly server. With this awareness, remembrance and service will automatically be combined. When you separate Khuda (God) from khidmat (service), then, because you become alone, the destination of success seems far away. Therefore, do not consider yourself to just be a helper, but that you are a helper of God. Constantly remember this name and service will be filled with God’s magic and the impossible will become possible.

Slogan: In order to be a karma yogi, be seated on the lotus-seat (be loving and detached).

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Since physical Father cannot be called omnipresent, the Supreme Father also cannot be called as omnipresent.

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People never remember GodFather considering themselves as souls.
You have to become soul conscious to introduce GodFather to others.
Even very good children fall down due to the storm of maya (body conscious).
GodFather explains to you everyday, remember Me to get rid of your sinful actions.
You have to do a lot of yoga to settle karmic accounts of so many births until you reach the karmateet stage (beyond all bondages)
People never know that they are vicious in nature.
GodFather teaches you the essence of vedas and scriptures, at this time.
Perform all your actions considering yourself as a soul.
At this time souls have completed 84births cycle and is about to return back home to soul world.
If you remember GodFather during early morning hours, you will remain intoxicated throughout the day.
GodFather is very sweet, very loving and wonderful in nature. I make you the master of the physical world and the soul world (Brahmand).
You imbibe divinity being in soul conscious.
GodFather never comes into the cycle of birth and death but appears on earth.
You souls have to go beyond sound free from body conscious.
Your aim is to remember the GodFather (who is Mother as well as Father) constantly.
You imbibe divine nature by imbibing purity.
Yours is Rajayog and Karma Yog but not the Hatha yog of sanyasis. They practice limited renunciation and you practice unlimited renunciation.
GodFather is the greatest Guest in this whole world. He comes from the Supreme abode to transform the vicious into virtuous.

Blessing: May you be free from all bondages and, by remaining above all corporeal feelings, be an angel and fly.
The ground of the body is corporeal, so once you have become an angel, how can you come down to the ground of the body? Angels do not set foot on the ground. Angels means those who fly. They cannot be attracted by anything down below. If they remained down below, they would become prey for hunters, but if they remain flying up above, no can do anything to them. Therefore, no matter how beautiful a golden cage may be, do not become trapped in that. Only those who are constantly independent and free from bondage can go into the flying stage.

Slogan: Only those who make the impossible possible and experience success are stars of success.

You are the lucky knowledgeful souls because you receive knowledge from the GodFather.
People are poor at this time because of the lack of knowledge.
Everyone has two fathers. One is the physical father and other is the Supreme GodFather.
In golden age, people never remember the GodFather.
Like souls do not have a body, the Supreme Soul also does not have a body.
Since physical Father cannot be called omnipresent, the Supreme Father also cannot be called as omnipresent.
Bharat was liberated in life, now it is in bondages. God is liberating now.
GodFather comes and serves you a lot, fulfills all your desires.
GodFather is your Father as well as your child. God is also a Magician not the deities.
You win over the world by becoming victorious over maya (body conscious actions).
The great battle will destroy everything in the world not the water.
GodFather transforms you within a second, to become master of heaven.
You children have to become merciful, everyone should be given the introduction of GodFather.

May you be a fast effort-maker who experiences newness in every second of this new confluence age.
At the confluence age, everything is new and it is therefore called the new age. Here, your waking up is new, your way of speaking is new and your way of walking is new. New means alokik. There is newness also in your awareness. All situations are new, your meeting is new and your way of seeing everything is new. You only look at the soul and not the body. You come into contact with one another with a vision of brotherhood and not with a physical relationship. Experience newness in yourself at every second in this way. Whatever your stage was a second ago, that is not your stage the next second, you are ahead of that. This is known as fast effort-maker.

Slogan: To experience constant supersensuous joy and bliss in your life through God’s love is to experience easy yoga.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

feelings of mercy finishes karmic accounts of angry or opposing souls in a second.

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Father shows son and Son shows Father(God)
The most beloved for all the souls is not Sri Krishna but the GodFather.
All souls are brothers amongst each other.
People see themselves as body (not soul) due to body consciousness.
Soul loves another soul not the body. In golden age, love exists without any vice-lust.
You attain elevated status by study, service and spiritual effort.
You must study this Godly direction even if you are not well.
The more you churn knowledge, that much you will rule the world.
God feeds you souls everyday and hence you souls have to serve the GodFather through thoughts, words and actions.
Remember God, become pure - virtuous.
By saying omnipresent, you cannot remember God to remove your past sins of actions.
Those who show the path (for liberation and liberation in life) to others attain elevated status.
Remember GodFather with lot of love even by sacrificing your sleep.
At the end, you will have visions of your actions, in front of Supreme Judge.
The more elevated you become, you have to face more difficult test papers.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower and finish everyone’s problems by imbibing feelings of mercy.
Whatever souls you come into contact with, whether they have strong sanskars, whether they create opposition or they have conflicting natures, are angry or go against everything, your feelings of mercy will finish their strong karmic accounts of many births in a second. You simply have to make your original and eternal sanskars of a bestower emerge and adopt feelings of mercy and all problems of the spiritual family will finish.

Slogan: To transform every soul with your merciful form and vision is to be a charitable soul.

By getting rid of ego – “mine” you can stabilize in soul and God conscious very naturally and constantly.

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08-09-2013 (AM revised - 30-04-1977)

Essence: The basis for the stage of the highest authority is the awareness of your combined form.

Be aware of your combined forms: soul and body, Children and GodFather, The elevated virtuous deity of golden age
By coming into body conscious, forgetting the soul, you feel yourself weak, depressed and powerless
The awareness of combined forms brings success, makes you feel highest authority. Never become alone.
To become influenced by attraction of person or things is to divorce GodFather. You are always deceived by the people of the world but not by the One who keeps you in the light of His eye.
God helps you but it is your responsibility to be in the awareness of GodFather and take the help.
By getting rid of ego – “mine”, you can stabilize in soul conscious very naturally.
If you remain in the company of God constantly (being combined), maya cannot bring you down to body consciousness – weakness, sorrow. Maya comes in different forms to take you away from the GodFather.
Constantly have the intoxication that I belong to the GodFather.
The reward of karmayoga is easy yoga and happiness.
Being happy, the disease of body will not affect you.
Merge the nature, sanskars, thoughts, relations within a second even if you experience hunger, thirst, summer or winter – this practice will make you pass with honour, at the end.

Blessing: May you be an image that attracts and makes your home into a temple by transforming the lokik into alokik.
While living in your household, make the atmosphere of your home such that it isn’t lokik. Anyone who comes there should experience it to be alokik, not lokik, that it is not an ordinary home but a temple. This is the practical form of the service of those who live in a pure household. The place should do service and the atmosphere should also serve. Just as the atmosphere of a temple attracts everyone, in the same way, there should automatically be the fragrance of purity spreading everywhere from your home which will attract everyone.

Slogan: Make your mind and intellect concentrated with determination and burn all weaknesses. Only then would you be called a true yogi.

Lokik – worldly, ordinary, of this world, mundane. Alokik – spiritual, subtle, out of this world, unique

Saturday, 7 September 2013

GodFather never stops children from getting married or building houses

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People don’t realize that  God is also Death of all deaths. When people request Him to take them away from world and when God responds to their request, they want to hold on to their life.
Because of attachment to the body, they don’t want to leave the body. They have attachment to the bodily relations. If you remember children and others at the end, you have to take birth certainly.
You have to leave the body in remembrance of GodFather.
Until you become virtuous, I cannot take you back home.
I come once in every 5000years to take all the souls back home, souls had to leave their body either in happiness or in anger.
You become pure-virtuous when you remain detached from body. By remembering Me, your sins will be removed.
You have to make effort to remain soul conscious constantly.
Every soul has to undergo the stages of sato, rajo and tamo according to the fixed destiny of world drama.
God has come now to take all the souls back home.
Lot of manures are required for earth to create good fruits in golden age. All human beings and animals will leave the body and the body will become a very good manure for earth.
Now, God is establishing golden age in an incognito way.
There is unlimited day (golden and silver ages) and unlimited night (copper and iron ages)
You have to get rid of body conscious knowing yourself as a soul.
By knowledge and yog, GodFather  transforms human beings into deities
Do all your actions being a trustee and keep taking guidance from GodFather.
GodFather never stops children from getting married or building houses. Everyone has their roles to play. Parents have to settle their accounts with their children being far sighted, to become light (free from bondages).
GodFather is very sweet, makes you do thing being light, you must have lot of love for such a GodFather. God is the most Beloved, He makes you elevated.
Do all your actions being a karma yogi, everyday spend 8 hours on self effort.
Remove attachment from your own body and bodily relations to attain elevated status.

Blessing: May you be a flying bird who overcomes all obstacles by making your eternal sanskars emerge.

In your eternal form, all of you are those who fly, but, because of some burden, instead of being flying birds, you have become caged birds. Now, once again, make your eternal sanskars emerge, that is, remain stable in your angelic form; this is called easy effort.When you become a flying bird, the situations will remain down below and you will go up above. This is the solution to all problems.

Slogan: To consider there to be benefit at every step and to donate the power of silence to every soul is true service.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Perform all actions, even take food, in remembrance of GodFather to become divine

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You never cry on seeing death because you know that the soul is eternal constantly.
According to the world drama, all souls will leave the body in the great battle. No one incurs sin in this.
Your battle is against the five vices – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego.
Soul is a point of light not a  star with sharp edges. It shines based on the knowledge it has.
God starts serving souls from copper age fulfilling devotion/wants of devotees, giving visions of deities.
The more you remember Me, that much your sins will be absolved.
I do serve even appearing in someone’s body to make others understand knowledge.
You attain karmateet – free from bondages of actions, at the end.

Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who is free from the bondage of karma and as the master make your physical senses perform actions.
Spiritual life is not a life of karmic bondage, but a karma yogi life. Be the master of your physical senses and continue to make your organs perform actions in whatever way you want for as long as you want and you will become an angel from a child of God. Karmic bondages will finish. You have received that body for the sake of service, and so the life of karmic accounts of karmic bondage has now finished. The relationships with the old body and the old world have finished. This is why this life is said to be the dying alive life.

Slogan: In order to experience the company of the Comforter of Hearts, stay in the stage of a detached observer.

Only by remembering GodFather, you attain the stage of karm-ateet.
Perform all actions, even take food, in remembrance of GodFather.
There are many demoniac- vicious directions but only One Godly directions.
Since all souls take birth by vicious means, even saints cannot be called as vice-less. Golden age is known as the vice-less world.
Souls cannot be called as divine but human beings.
Remember all three (Father, Teacher and SatGuru) in One God-Father.
Whole day, if you remain in remembrance of GodFather, you will become karmateet.
If you give knowledge in remembrance of GodFather, it will be of double service.
Remember the most beloved GodFather.
By the divine eye, you see the visions of golden age and destruction.

Blessing: May you be a child of God who becomes an angel and then a deity by transforming yourself with volcanic remembrance.
When something is put into a fire, its name, form and quality all change. In the same way, when you put yourself in the fire of love for remembrance, transformation then takes place. You change from a human being into a child of God, then into an angel and then a deity. Just as cement is put into a mould and baked in a furnace and it then becomes a brick in the same way, this transformation takes place and this is why remembrance is said to be of a volcanic form.

Slogan: A powerful soul is one who is able to adopt a cool form whenever he wants and a volcanic form whenever he wants.

Every one of you will be offered in this sacrificial fire of knowledge including your body, mind and wealth, to establish the golden age.
I had to come, to make you pure (virtuous) – divine.
Due to body conscious, you never experience love and respect for God-Father. I am not egoistic, then, how come you are so egoistic?
God gives visions of deities to the devotees. They receive the reward for devotion. I retain the key for divine vision.
Your intellect must be broad - sensible.

Blessing: May you have a right to self-sovereignty as a master of the self and, while living in the midst of the vibrations of the iron-aged atmosphere, remain safe from them.
A master of the self is one who is not attracted to anything through any of the physical senses but remains constantly attracted to the one Father. There should not be the slightest attraction to any person or possession. Only such masters of the self are tapaswi and swans who, while living in the midst of the iron-aged atmosphere of the storks, constantly remains safe from it. They are not even slightly attracted to the vibrations of the world. Then, all complaints finish.

Slogan: To be able to change something bad into something good is the elevated power of the highest children of God-Father.

The great reincarnation is of God Shiv (Benefactor God). Deities are not called reincarnations. I become your GodFather by reincarnation.
Sanyasis never see their students as family members. You souls belong to One family and One GodFather.
Where there is purity, heaven exists there.
Your stage should be like a deity. You should not commit any mistake.
Every home should become like a heaven.
Only One God liberates every soul.
Sanskars of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment keep slapping you. You fall for greed.

Blessing: May you be powerful and as Mahavir, make unconscious ones conscious with the life-giving herb.
The sun is powerful and so, with its power, spreads light everywhere. Become powerful in the same way and continue to make all of those who are unconscious conscious with the life-giving herb and you will then be said to be Mahavir. Constantly have the awareness that you have to remain victorious and make everyone victorious. The way to become victorious is to remain busy. Remain busy in the task of benefitting yourself and the world and the atmosphere will then continue to become one where all obstacles are destroyed.

Slogan: Constantly let your heart be connected to the one Comforter of Hearts. This is true tapasya.

You must share this knowledge with others. You become a king by sharing this divine knowledge.
Look at yourself as a soul.
People forget everything when they leave the body. You detach yourself from body to forget everything and remember GodFather.
Charity begins at home.
You have to remember GodFather constantly with lot of love like the lover remembers the beloved.
You must not commit sinful actions, have fear of God (as Supreme Judge).
Even very good souls are made to commit sins by the power of maya – vices.
God is a point of light. He never takes birth as a boy or a girl.
When you commit sins, the intellect gets locked up.
You have to become very sweet. Ask yourself: If I am disturbing others, do I become angry?

Blessing: May you be free from bodily relations by remaining combined with the one Father while living with your family.
If you want to play the part of a pure householder while living with your family, then remain free from your bodily relations. There shouldn’t be the awareness, even in your dreams: “I am a man, this one is a woman.” Since souls are brothers, how can there be man and woman? The combined form is of the self and the Father. The other relationship is just in name only, for the sake of service, but in the combined form there is the self and the Father. Continue to move along with this understanding and you will be said to be a courageous and victorious soul.

Slogan: Only those who remain constantly content and happy have the fortune of happiness and are intense effort-makers.

You must wear the crown of purity. There should not be any trace of impurity.
If there is less attainment, the light becomes hidden.
Soul is  a light, if there is weakness, you remain body conscious, you become heavy.
The sign of all attainments is happiness.
All powers are visible in the form of colours.
You must have unlimited disinterest, free from attachment always.
Situations (obtstacles) are the roles you play in this world drama, you never get disturbed by them.

Blessing: May you be the cleverest of all and, with your own desire and determined thought, attain multimillionfold in return for one.
Children who are the cleverest of all give a handful of unclean dry rice and create a multimillionfold fortune for one. They simply give rice and receive all powers, all treasures and more than 36 varieties in return. However, at the time of giving, some children still keep that hidden away under their arm, the same as Sudama did. The Father could take it by Himself if He wanted to, but if He did that you wouldn’t receive as much return for it. Therefore, give one with your own desire and determined thought and receive multimillion-fold; this is cleverness. Only in giving in this way is there benefit.

Slogan: Only those who observe every game while detached are detached observers.

You are a double social worker – physical and spiritual.
People find it difficult to become free from attachment, you have to remain free from the influence of sense organs, persons and things.
You receive many attainments like peace, love, happiness….by remembering Me.
Your throne is in Brahmand (the Supreme abode) and you also rule the golden age / universe.
Early morning hours are good to remember the GodFather.
Before taking food, you must feed (offer) the One who feeds you all.
There is also the gathering of deity souls in subtle world, this is also part of the world drama (game).

Blessing: May you be generous hearted and constantly filled with specialities by having spiritual give and take.
When you go to any fair (mela) you give some money and get something in return. Before you receive anything, you first have to give. Similarly, in this spiritual mela too, you first of all take something from the Father or from one another, that is, you inculcate that into yourself. When you instil a virtue or speciality, everything ordinary automatically finishes. By instilling a virtue, weakness automatically finishes. This becomes a form of giving. Be generous hearted in having such an exchange of give and take at every second and you will become filled with specialities.

Slogan: Use your specialities and you will experience progress at every step.

God-Father appears on earth and makes you worship-worthy.
You move from bondages of life to liberation in life.
The whole world becomes New from old and the New world-golden age is known as the Kingdom of the World Almighty Authority.

Blessing: May you be a constant server and by remaining free from all wasteful spinning, do service that is free from obstacles.
Everyone does service, but there is great importance of those who remain free from obstacles while doing service. No type of obstacle should come in the midst of service. If there is any obstacle of the atmosphere, the company or laziness, then service is harmed. A constant server can never be caught up in any type of obstacle. There should not be even the slightest thought of an obstacle. Remain free from all wasteful spinning and you will then be said to be a successful and constant server.

Slogan: Only those who are honest in their hearts and heads are worthy of the love of the Father and the family.

Blessing: May you transform your nature with natural attention and practice and become an embodiment of success.
The original sanskar of all of you is attention. Since you know how to have tension, it is not a big deal to have attention. So, there should now not be tension in having attention, but there should be natural attention. The soul has the natural practice of being detached; it was detached, it is detached and it will be detached. Just as the practice of coming into sound has become firm now, in the same way, the practice of going beyond sound and becoming detached should be natural. Then the powerful vibrations of being detached will easily enable you to attain success in service and this natural practice will also change your nature.

Slogan: Exercise being bodiless and observe the precautions of the diet of waste thoughts and you will remain ever healthy.