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Counseling and Psychotherapy Correspondence Courses

Most Respected Sisters/Brothers!
The following Counseling and Psychotherapy courses are available for Admission:
1. Counselling and Spiritual Health
Diploma (212-GL), PG Diploma (213 GM), M.Sc (917-IA)
Diploma is for those who have completed 10th or +2 education.
Counseling course teaches you Psychotherapy, Prevention and Management techniques for Non Communicable diseases like Diabetes, Heart diseases, Cancer, Stroke and Neurotic mental illnesses.
Please download the ‘Prospectus’ for your onward process for admission for this academic year 2018-19 on
You can download the ‘APPLICATION FORM’ by paying Rs 100/- for all other courses and Rs 250/ for MBA(SM&CM) through the link
You can pay your ‘Tuition Fees’ in online with your Debit card/ATM card or Credit card / net banking as follows:
1st Visit our Website:
2nd Select Admission under ONLINE PAYMENTS
3rd Fill up the form with Application Number (available in your Application form right hand top corner in a box)
4th Fill up all Mandatory details such as E-mail ID, Mobile No. and Respective Amount
5th In Programme category select Appropriate Programme and select Programme accordingly
6th Go to Pay By Online through your Debit Card/ATM Card or Credit Card/Net Banking
7th Take print out of the receipt and send along with your application to our Nodal Office Madurai
(Admission Division, Brahma Kumaris, Vishwa Shanti Bhawan, 36, Meenakshi Nagar, Behind P&T Nagar, MADURAI 625 017).
Please note that there is No Concession for dedicated sisters/brothers.
Last date for Admission is 30th NOVEMBER 2018
Thanking you and with thoughts Divine,

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Easy Raja Yoga (Dharana,Dhyan&Samadhi) and Self Transformation of a Raja Yogi

Learn the Easiest Raja Yoga by God Shiva and experience the blissful stage within few hours of practice:

Know the untold secrets of Personality (Self) Transformation in a Raja yogi through Easy Raja Yoga, unknown to any guru of this world but only known by the bodiless Supreme Guru God Shiva (Allah, Jehovah):

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Bitter truths of spiritual journey leading to sweetness

Bitter Truths of Spiritual journey leading to Sweetness
-          excerpts of personal spiritual diary from 2015 to 2018
      1.      Action
2.      Awareness
3.      Celibacy - Purity
4.      Concentration
5.      Detached Observer
6.      Ego
7.      God
8.      Mind
9.      Physical Body
10.  Silence
11.  Soul Consciousness
12.  Signs
13.  Tolerance
14.  Will Power

1          Know that whatever job you do, wherever you are, you help all types of people by doing all types of job by your abilities, strength of character. In fact all types of actions are spiritual not just only those actions what you think are spiritual.
2          Even sweeping the floor, supplying water or furniture, all gives comfort, peace of mind, happiness to souls.
3          If u are not happy with what you are doing, find the spiritual aspect of all actions or make a shift gradually.
4          Always have faith and hope. Learn from your experience and keep moving / changing. Never it’s too late, even from now, you can pick up.
5          Sense is not under control, is reflected in normal activity of the person by their restlessness.
6          Re-experience the past emotions, being light (detached), to stop the emotional charges.
7          Think and act from being unlimited awareness is known as soul conscious
8          Think and act from limited awareness is known as body conscious
9          Practice...practice...practice....
10        Spend more time in meditation to settle karmic accounts to keep health, wealth and happiness stable.
11        Don’t be a prayogi(experimenting) soul but loving soul. By love for God you get all powers than being a prayogi -experimenting soul.
12        5 to 6 am is to be used for planning or doing important work.

1          There is weakness when there is lack of spirituality in awareness, vision and attitude - 1972 avyakt murli
2          Always keep the method and fortune maker in awareness.
3          With Constant self awareness, all stimuli are totally under control.
4          Without Constant awareness of self, stimulus goes out of control.
5          With one thought you are God conscious and with more thoughts you are soul conscious.
6          Incorporeal is awareness of * at the centre of forehead. Egoless is God consciousness. These two are maintained when we are viceless, free from disturbance of chit or sub and un conscious mind.
7          Be aware of clear awareness, alertness, the highest bliss connected with unlimited mind without any limited thought, all the time. Not to use mento emotional energy. Perception, perceived and perceiver, all three has to remain together.
8          When there is awareness of *, the body-chest remains straight-alert. When there is no awareness, the chest droops.
9          Every second and Constantly be aware of self * with attention and awareness not becoming completely action conscious at any point of time.
10        Not just thinking as point* but knowing, seeing and feeling as * with natural expanded awareness free from conscious of body.
11        Being a *, by awareness of * natural qualities, to remain connected - naturally combined in supreme * awareness to receive power and to control the five elements (body and nature).

The only method to remain celibate is by keeping the mind free from images of all physical beings, not thinking about any individuals or things, not recording their images, not looking at them at all, not watching images of human beings.
This is possible only when we experience the sweetness, lightness of our own self and God all the time constantly even during interaction with human beings. Constantly in touch with own spiritual nature, natural feelings of peace, love, happiness, bliss, not registering any images or thoughts of physical world in the mind even when we come in contact with them.
For this, the mind has to be kept constantly (every second) clean and clear, like the mirror if there is dust, the image is not reflected as it is, but keeping it clean the images are clear. Similarly, our mind has to be kept constantly clean without getting lost in awareness of any physical being or objects or information or action, not attracted to anyone or any thing, always lost in awareness of self or God consciousness.
By completely becoming free from the physical or body consciousness, free from compulsions of physical senses / organs / habits / past thoughts, free from mind being influenced by anything physical, constantly reveling in higher level of subtle and spiritual consciousness, we remain pure and celibate.

1          Let the mind be focused, concentrated and attentive (without tension) on One, all the time.
2          Practice continuous focused concentration to have spiritual experience in paramdham, in subtle world with all deities and BapDada, and also with different qualities.
3          Constant remembrance being focused and attentive and with one thought with lightness, feeling that we think, speak and see through soul, from(through) forehead, and looking at others as soul.
4          Where attention is, power is generated. Have constant attention on self to realize the complete power of self – soul…..Concentration, Focus.
5          Become like God to read thoughts of others. By Attention.
6          Everyday Practice concentration of thought- third eye, focus.
7          Stop reading and listening to knowledge  but only practice concentration on soul and supreme soul. (Note: Daily morning, listening to Divine version is a must).

1          Soul (Observer)...mind(Instrument of soul)....body(Soul work through organs)
2          Be a detached observer, so that mind will become calm, and keep the body relaxed, become bodiless, so that you become free from burdens of mind and body to experience the natural quality of bliss.
3          Always remain a detached observer, satchitanand, whether anand (bliss) is there or not, still remain a detached observer all the time. (Being a detached observer leads to bliss).
4          1st step is to remember self (be a detached observer). 2nd step is to experience the inner smile and inner bliss dying alive from body awareness like ketu, the one without head(ego).
5          Soul consciousness is silence, being a detached alert observer and use mind only when it is required, like the military army alert soldier.
6          Remain like a lotus flower and ocean, attached but detached, extrovert and introvert at the same time.
7          Be a detached observer all the time and use the mind and intellect whenever required being a master almighty authority. 
8          Practice detached observer, more time in solitude, to get thoughts on what to do for God (service) and others, and also to dwell into deep soul conscious to regain lost powers.
9          Four Stages / Awareness: a. Sakhi stiti (detached observer stage), master almighty with power to face, incorporeal and unlimited b. Atam abimani-incorporeal, egoless, viceless, blissful, loving, whilst alone. c. Dehi abimani or angelic stage during normal interaction, egoless and viceless and d. God consciousness, unlimited awareness.
10        8.8.17 murli speaks about not incurring sin by mothers who are compelled by husbands.
11        To experience soul all the time completely detached from body while walking, reading, talking. This happens when we are detached from body, mind and all physical world.
12        Every day spend time in solitude to get new insights.
13        Forget even remembrance of God or self * since they are just thoughts, just be aware of self by looking at the wall or space. (to experience being self combined with God)
14        More self awareness, there is natural remembrance of Supreme *.
15        Remembrance of * helps to keep the self free from physical beings and objects.
16        Being clear, self naturally remembers the paramdham blissful Supreme* in the here and now.
17        Know self as * not any part of this body and focus on * all the time.

1          Why mood changes? Because we see the physical form (people and objects) instead of * (soul).
2          Even repeating thoughts can be applied full stop when you lose your ego and replace it with God's love and remembrance, this should be maintained constantly.
3          Action: be egoless and live only in 100% Baba's (God’s) awareness all the time, Bapsaman (like God).
4          Remain constantly embodiment of love and power, being egoless (Baba in mind-lost in love) and seeing everyone as soul.

1          By remembering Baba (God), we become cheerful. But how to remain cheerful all the time even during seriousness? (Remain light and cheerful from within)
2          Remember Baba and be cheerful all the time, being aware even during sleep, otherwise you incur loss every second.
3          Let the deep meditation attract the souls, towards God.
4          What is not achieved by sakhi stiti, atmic stiti and dehi abimani is achieved by Paramatmic combined stiti.
5          Become completely dependent on God, take less (right) quantity of food with awareness so that it never upsets the stomach and divert attention from self awareness.
6          Being God-like: Practice being unlimited, in mind, like advaita awareness like Baba, incorporeal.
7          Surrender (Will Power) all plans or thoughts to God. Keep being lost, experience more absorption again and again.
8          Don’t just be detached and soul conscious. To receive power, be Combined and God conscious, unlimited, detached, powerful and loving both at the same time and all the time be God-like. Son shows Father, practice this, the only goal of life.
9          There is only remembrance of God, no thought of soul.
10        be prayogi (experimenting), but lost in love of One.
11        Meditation: be in powerful Supreme awareness with unlimited awareness, Bapsaman (God-like).
12        Be conscious along with experience of supreme with all His qualities and power, all the time.
13        One is to lost in love of Baba and reflect Him. Other is to become like Baba with all Godly powers like the guru and guru's guru of Swami Rama.
14        Ask and do everything by asking Baba (not any human being).
15        Feel Baba as floating (star), real as He is.
16        Baba does not have any relation in this world even friends and colleagues. Be like Baba detached from all known people.
17        Maintain the blissful point state of mind all the time, 24hrs,  to experience power of drishti(vision) like Baba and have same unlimited love for man and animals free from all limited relations.
18        Remain merged in love constantly. Not to forget Baba even for a second, even during actions. Constant natural attention of love.
19        Just being soul conscious makes the head heavy. What is required is to become unlimited in love and unlimited in power. Know self as soul to become unlimited. Know God to become unlimited. Or become unlimited in love and power to connect with self and God.
20        Remain sheetal (cool) like Baba(Brahma-Adam) and shiv baba (God, Allah, Jehovah) all the time even while writing, talking, watching movies, doing asanas, all senses and mind to be cool even during experience of 5 vices. Once you become completely free from physical awareness by having constant self awareness, 5 vices never appear.
21        Dharana, dhyana and samadhi- remember Supreme*, become one with Him and get lost in Him in His awareness.
22        Shiv Baba (God) need not have mind. (conscious and sub conscious mind need not exist since God does not have physical and subtle body unlike human beings).

1          When I do not associate with the mind, I remain as I am, detached observer of my mind.
2          All spiritual effort and practice is not to become detached from world, people, things or thoughts but to detach from unconscious attachment/association of i (soul) with my mind, thoughts, people/things.
3          One is the expression of soul by unconsious association with mind, is known as body conscious, the cause of all suffering.    The other is expression of soul by conscious association (and dissociation) with mind is known as soul conscious (with angelic qualities).
4          The powerful original expression of soul conscious is to remain detached from mind, being as I am, being a detached observer of mind, asochtha (only one stream of thought at a time), like sun, moon, trees. They never think but do things at the right time.
5          Merge conscious into sub conscious and subconscious into conscious, to always use subconscious at all the time.
6          Egoless, lost in love of God, no i or mine, Asochtha.
7          Being in Sub conscious is soul conscious without using mind (but one thought at a time, not many thoughts).
8          Mind (with more than one thought) is conscious and soul (being a detached observer with single stream of thought) is subconscious.
9          When conscious becomes still, sub conscious (soul) unites with the divine consciousness, becomes combined.
10        Constantly be combined(with Godly unlimited awareness) without ego, either loving or detached. And because every thought uses your time, energy, mind and modify the biological system, it is advised to restrain as much as possible from worldly thoughts except service (actions that are useful to self or others).
11        To remain in conscious awareness all the time in deep peace. Use mind and intellect only if required. (use it with self-control without much speed).
12        Maintain balanced state of mind all the time even while preparing or consuming food.
13        See mind not as a separate organ but the thoughts of soul. Conscious and sub conscious are thoughts due to body conscious and super conscious (feelings or one pure stream of thought, of peace, love, happiness, bliss) is due to soul conscious. And super conscious are permanent memories unlike conscious and sub conscious. (Note: Superconscious is also known as sub conscious or deep natural state of awareness)
14        Stop thinking from now onwards, just act and dissolve the mind to save energy loss. (to act directly from Consciousness – like God).
15        Use sub/super/soul conscious mind at all times avoiding conscious thinking and decisions. No waste thoughts.
16        Wake up naturally early in the morning to have good yoga but have the intention before sleep. (to wake up automatically).
17        Method is Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.

1          Every illness has a cause. Identify the cause to get rid of the effect along with medicine. This is more effective for Mental disorders than using psychiatric medicine or psychometric chart.
2          Afternoon, body can digest better so eat more in the afternoon and eat less for dinner.
3          More you practice point or remember Baba (God), the pineal gland (brain) gets electrically charged to have spiritual experience.
4          Prepare to keep mind, breath and body calm and relaxed to remain aware throughout the night to be in God's lap, to make next day and every day powerful and to make final moments to be in Baba's remembrance.
5          Learn the muscle testing and also learn to know by intuition being self aware
6          Sleep in shavasana, sleep, walk and speak in bodiless stage. Bodiless stage can heal, rejuvenate body.
7          Mind has to be silenced, Amygdala-sub conscious has to be quietened. Vagus nerve/as per vagus theory, crisis has to be generated physically, mentally and emotionally to release the blockages. This  can be done by gazing, passes up to solar plexus, passes to crown chakra to influence front lobe-cortex, by synchronizing the movement, all without words, holding the head  by holding left and right temple-forehead, passing right and left lobe, by strong and repeated  intention (not words). Regression can be done by touching the third eye-activating the third eye.
8          Constantly remain beyond the 5 senses of body consciousness including mind by constantly remembering only the supreme point free from all physical objects and beings.
9          Not to see or think about any human being-any individuals.
10       Stage fear is due to wanting to act unnatural (to impress others), not prepared to speak officially, not having real required information to share.

1          Be powerful with unlimited silence and love, with one (stream of) thought at a time, either one thought of combined self and Baba(God) or one thought of action (along with feelings of peace and bliss) all the time.
2          Experience unlimited awareness-silence-mind free from all thoughts of soul and God like advaita awareness. (Note: When the mind becomes still or focused on one stream of thought, the unlimited awareness/consciousness/silence is naturally felt. It is like we naturally get connected with unlimited consciousness of God and other elevated souls)
3          (As per Carl G. Jung) Intuition of knowing unknown things is part of certain personality but still those intuitive thoughts can be God's touching.
4          By imagining, things or people are made to act according to the imagination, like example of LIOR SUCHAR, the mentalist who performs stage shows on psychic abilities.

1          When we imagine self and others as soul, it is bit difficult because mind cannot think/imagine two things at the same time, cannot focus on wordly thoughts and soul at the same time. But as we continue the practice, the awareness changes. Instead of imagination (thoughts), now it is feeling, awareness of self and others as consciousness and this consciousness(feelings) can be maintained even when there are thoughts (of actions). So, it becomes easy day by day, and you feel energetic, powerful, concentrated. I feel that even some discomforts of the body also disappeared, it’s really worth trying.
2          Like Jesus said, more we become innocent child-like, simple, light, more easier is to experience soul consciousness.
3          God is known as Asochtha, the One who never thinks (but only one stream of thought at any point of time) and so we, His children.
4          To experience bliss most of the time. When required, at times, to use power, unlimited awareness (of being a detached observer). Use thoughts only at the appropriate time and related to appropriate task. Other times experience self awareness, bliss by proper thought management.
5          See all human being on their forehead * even while watching movies.
6          And also keep the number of thoughts as least as possible to experience lightness of intellect. ( more number of thoughts make the mind/consciousness heavy)
7          To remain in awareness of (self) constantly being dead to all the past, to maintain natural awareness of Supreme (soul) naturally all the time.
8          24 hours, even during actions, (feelings/conscoiusness of) sweetness and silence to be maintained all the time to remain sweetly combined with awareness that God is doing all actions through me (karavanhar sab kar rahe hai) with awareness of ** (self remain combined with Supreme Soul) to remain free from the influence of senses.       This also helps to manage the psychological, biological and social influences.
9          The combined form ** (self remain combined with Supreme Soul) will help in quick transformation at all levels even preparing to handle higher responsibilities with balance of mind.
10        Feel the silence, lightness and sweetness of self. Then focus on Supreme Soul to experience the unlimited awareness along with silence, lightness and sweetness.
11        There is a simple practical method (of five minutes exercise) to learn the spiritual method of realizing self - by staring wall or any object or God. Watch (Stare) the wall (or empty space) doing nothing being self aware (seeing through third eye) and be aware of the awareness. (This leads to bliss which can be maintained all throughout the day).
12        Throughout the day, maintain the light awareness what you experience in the morning meditation/silence.
13        Be aware of * (soul and God) all the time, free from all types of bodily attraction of self and others.
14        Feel point (soul) and lightness all the time along with balance of qualities, like love and law, serious and entertaining, together.
15        Consider self as a soul and remember God. Similarly, feel lightness of point (soul) to think and act.
16        Be * and feel the subtle lightness all the time to remain free from body awareness and to experience all qualities of soul.
17        Be in super conscious state of mind all the time, the combination of conscious and sub conscious mind (free from the past or present thoughts but feelings of peace, bliss love and light).
18        Be light, all the time to deal with greater situations and also to express lightly to deal with new environment.
19        Soul Consciousness is important to reverse the ageing process. By identifying with body, body becomes old, makes you feel old / tired.
20        Look (be conscious) at others as souls, not to see the face or body, to leave the body in remembrance of supreme light.
21        * is unlimited in consciousness and without using eyes, * knows every incidence. * knows, not sees.* is light, sweet in nature.
22        Know (feel) self as consciousness expanded (like an aura) outside body, even whilst thinking (doing all actions), all the time.
23        Look at others as souls and remain free from 5 vices along with attraction and from 5 elements, known as 10 headed Ravan.
24        Remain combined free from waste influence of ego, mind and intellect (but use it only when necessary).
25        Feel the lightness sweetness of (body, mind and every cell) at amritvela (early morning meditation) and also throughout the day.
26        Just be light keeping mind free of all thoughts including point of light (free from images of everything) like Brahma (Adam), angelic.
27        Remembrance: Practice remaining combined 24hrs.
28        Self Awareness: Know self as * instead of the human form.
29        Be * and feel the limited and unlimited awareness and also feel the light, light body in every cells of the body.
30        Plan during amritvela on what to think throughout the day. (you will find that all you thought get done automatically during day time)
31        With open eyes feel the all the time and maintain it for full day.
32        Either remain egoless or combined or in gratitude (towards God) to remain light along with unlimitedness.
33        Be aware of soul in all actions so that there is awareness even in sleep.
34        Constant attention and constant love for God even if we have to slow down in action, thinking and speech. Remain constantly light, not becoming action conscious.
35        For natural soul conscious, natural remembrance, natural bapsamaan (God-like), be egoless, die alive and perform all actions free from i and mine.
36        Complete detachment means like Dadi Prakashmani, totally died alive of all the past. Baba Himself saluted her. Just Me, the soul and Baba(God). None else. I soul and Baba soul. Nothing else in the mind.
37        Initial experience of sweetness with Baba: Egoless (free from various subtle egos) carefree stage connected with Baba, similar to the stage of final stage of Dadi Prakashmani, combined stage, Bapsamaan(God-like) stage, the stage of first visit of soul on earth-golden age free from all past (clean and clear mind and consciousness).
38        Sweet Silence is natural remembrance of Baba and has to be constant.
39        Not to think or feel i am a soul but experience egoless soul consciousness and along with sweet remembrance (consciousness/feeling of bliss, sweet, gratitude) of Baba.
40        See, know (feel) self and others as soul.
41        Be in the conscious of supreme soul awareness, unlimited lightness without ego.
42        Be egoless and extremely light in meditation and also in action. Experience of lightness of soul and supreme soul is spirituality.
43        Egoless lightness/sweetness of soul or egoless might of soul has to be experienced constantly, as fresh in every moment. Be aware of and its power every moment and be light in every moment during interaction.
44        During action and during meditation, to be aware of S being light, clear with clarity, all the time. And in deep meditation, the physical world and objects disappear and only and S remains.
45        Be conscious and self aware all the time including during sleep and dreams.
46        Be a point (consciousness) free from even the conscious of own body and others body constantly connected with God (feelings of bliss), died completely from the old world (old consciousness of physical habits).
47        Be aware of soul-point of self all the time like the image of the body is there in consciousness all the time. (replace image of body with image of soul/consciousness).
48        Replace image of the body with point of self (awareness).
49        The weakness is due to not practicing seeing everyone as soul.
50        At all cost, practice seeing everyone as soul (not to see the body or face). Very very important.  And whilst looking any person, look at the soul-* at the centre of forehead. Be point, see only point-soul in every body in all interaction with everyone.
51        Always be aware of 3rd eye and look, do all actions with awareness of 3rd eye. Remain connected with Sup* through 3rd eye.
52        Not remembering any body or things means not to get attracted by maya.
53        Seeing self as * (with attention on centre of forehead) means not to get attracted by five sense organs and also the mind.
54        The soul conscious of point and expanded point seem to be own imagination. Become free from imagination and experience the real awareness by the actual feeling as it is. The real experience is of light, as if experiencing and speaking through a garb - aura of light - like aakash vani (sound from the space), in Baba's words. The expansion of this aura should be the unlimited consciousness.
55        The awareness of aura (garb of light) is only the result of practicing self as point of light. 
56        Be equal like supreme point of light, like earlier days Dadi Gulzar (Baba’s) expressions, 24 hrs constantly.

1          And one of the signs you are focused is, you will have dreams of seeing yourself floating or flying.
2          It is always a good practice to keep a diary next to your bed to write about your dreams, generally they are astral travels, if your stage was good during day time or at amritvela.
3          Less we think during day time, less imaginative dreams but more astral travel and astral healing.
4          Feel lightness of being a point all the time, even one minute (or few hours) of this practice make us keep flying in dreams.

1          Constantly experience the qualities of soul with pleasure and all powers-tolerance, angel-double light, detached and loving, free from all subtle arrogance of body consciousness, like a deity-benefactor, sweet in nature.
2          Practice few and slow thoughts and actions, to remain connected with Baba all the time and in every moment.
3          Less speed jn thoughts and actions helps to maintain the stage (of being combined, lightness and bliss) whilst in action.

1          To surrender even mind and remain aware of Supreme Soul and His qualities.
2          The soul should be free of all types of attachments being died alive. The volcanic yogic stage has to be maintained 24hrs in a natural way, egoless stage.
3          To be sakshi (detached observer) and saathi (in company with God) all the time.