Sunday, 17 January 2016

relax n wellness

Jan 18, the day of Father Brahma - Adam, the day when he moved to the subtle world for the unlimited service, we also launch the link:

for the world benefit....Those who are eligible to appear in the webpage on Jan18 for world Counselling services, pls send their details to whatsapp 8285984476

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A stress free world combining science and spirituality.

Welcome to the relax app, a start up idea which is intended to create a stress free world by combining science and spirituality.

Relax App: for Health and Well-Being

1.    It provides Emotional support for physically and mentally dis-eased.
2.    It prevents suicidal cases and helps in positive thinking.
3.    It prevents Life style diseases, provides information on nutrition, diet and healthy life-style.
4.    It helps overcome addictions.
5.    It helps de-stress (Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Modern Allopathy agree that 75 – 90% of all diseases are due to stress)

It is a Platform to Relax through Emotional Support and Mental clarity, by imparting knowledge of psychological, biological and social influences over Healthy life style.

Need the technical support – Designers, developers, legal, finance, Operations, sales and marketing...

Friends...for ur kind information...this relax app got shortlisted and won the first prize with a cash of rs.10,000...through tringapps - India startup igniter on jan 3rd 2016.

Those who like to see the format which i had submitted to tringapps, can send ur email adrs...

Question from a BK: Ok what should I do with relax app can you tell pls

Answer: 1. Hope u hv joined the p.g.dip in couns and can help u deal with clients and if u r a BK, u have the spiritual background reqd for counselling.

2. Since it is agreed by psychologists/physicians that stress is the major cause for mental and physical illness we can easily prevent diseases and support patients by giving them knowledge of what causes stress.

3. Now we should have access to patients as well as healthy people to control and prevent illness.

4. Making it as a business (instead of like any other spiritual organisation), we can easily approach all types of people and they can also approach us without any stigma.

5. There are many who want to do spiritual service or help humanity, for them this is going to be the gateway.

6. those who complete p.g. couns n hyp course or those with psychology background can get practical exposure through global hospital trauma care, mt. Abu.

7. To reach as many as people as possible, there can be two ways:

1. Through an application like whatsapp by which people can receive guidance for stress free living...and thus can be either free and at the same time at a cost.

2. Many dont have access to modern instruments and english language....they have to be approached in person. Either they can come to us or we can go to can be either free or at a depends.

8. Some can work from home and others can work through an office set up. But everyone should use one organisation name so that people can get to know about this service and they can reach out for relief of issues.

9. One name to be can be Relax app or something be decided based on expert discussions.

10. An application to be designed so that online service can begin.....where cou sellors/experts will be made available for
Counselling services.

11. Each area like residential areas or hospitals should have an office/Cabin to meet people in person for individual counselling or hypnotherapy....this can be rental place or owned space....but they should have the same organisation name to get easy publicity....publicity is to make people approach for de-stress.

What is required is:

1. Expert guidance to create an organization with all legal considerations, so that name can be finalized.

2. An IT technical team is required to design an application with world's best software.

3. Offices/Cabins to be created all over India and a counsellor is required in place

4. All the counsellors has to be connected in a single platform, may be through a website....So, a web platforn is required.

5. And finance is required to create the application and also to help the counsellors to rent a place for counselling, incase if they dont have one.

Pls remind me if i had left out anything...