Friday, 23 February 2018

Free book on Raja Yoga techniques

Divine FREE Offer from 24.2.18 to 28.2.18

Raja yoga , the book explains about the practical tecniques of Raja yoga to attain self realization from avyakt murlis 1969 to 1975. Infact only 1969 and 1970 Avyakt murlis explain about the real techniques of Raja  yoga.

The e softt copy  is FREE to download only for 5 days.

Those who are interested to retain a hard print copy of the above books, to be delivered at their doorstep, may please write to or whatsapp: 0091-8285984476 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Shrimat Bhagawad Gita - FREE Divine offer only for 5 days

FREE Divine offer only for 5 days:

The Treasures of Knowledge, the Elevated Versions spoken by Supreme God, the most Beloved Dad spoken through Brahma kumaris Godly Word Spiritual University are available online FREE of cost from 22.02.18 to 26.02.18.

The Education wing Courses: Diploma, P.G.Diploma and M.Sc in Counseling and Spiritual Health are prepared based on the following International U.S.A. published reference Books.

Those who are interested to read them online can download it FREE from kindle version before 26.02.18

1. Raja Yoga, the new book to be released today 21.2.18 : will be available online from 22.2.18

2. Shrimat Bhagawad Gita:

3. Conversation with God


Those who are interested to retain a hard print copy of the above books, to be delivered at their doorstep, may please write to or whatsapp: 0091-8285984476 

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Past Life Regression - is it worth of so much excitement?

1. Past Life Regression is a process of remembering our past of either from childhood or from the previous lives by relaxation.

2. Human beings are mainly of two categories. One who dominantly use visualizing and the other who is dominant in feelings. Those who can visualize have a nice feeling of hypnotherapy - relaxation compared to those who feel. But both can have the insight and understanding for the emotional healing which is the main purpose of regression. 

3. The publicity created by media on past life regression creates lot of excitement among public but the truth is something different.

4. There is no evidence that what you see as past life is really your past life. It can be something what you have seen in television, movie, read in novel, what you have imagined yourself or sometimes it may also be true.

5. The real purpose of past life regression is to remove the emotional blockages irrespective of whether it is true or false. So, that the person can lead a happy life of self awareness free from remembering the past of either good or bad.

6. In Buddhist scripture, the method to remember your past life is to remember each and every incidence of every moment of the day, yesterday, last week, last year till the childhood and to know the past of previous birth.

7. In fact, past life means nothing but the emotions, behaviour and attitude of what you carry now. To know the past, you need not remember your past lives but understanding your present nature will give you an insight of all your past lives.

8. There are scripts provided in your books of p.g. and to regress to the past which are used to desensitize the stress-emotions, to release the childhood traumatic memories, to get rid of anxiety, to do rescript of past memories.

You will learn more when you come for the Internship or Train the Trainer training programs at Mount Abu. Some regression results, you may find here:

Internship for P.G. and M.SC Students of Brahmakumaris Education Wing at Global Hospitals

Dear Students,

Greetings from Mount Abu.

Those who have completed P.G.Diploma and M.Sc in Counseling and Spiritual Health of Education Wing are invited to apply for FREE Internship Training at Department of Spirituality & Wellbeing, Global Hospitals and Research Centre, Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Those who are interested can send email to with details like

Aadhaar Id:
Date of Arrival:
Date of Leaving:
Local BK Centre location :
Centre In-charge Name and Phone:

The duration will be from 7 days to 10 days.
No.of students allowed per program: Maximum 5

Training Schedule: Meeting In-patients, In-patients Counseling, Practicing the Therapy techniques amongst the students

Accomodation: Have to be arranged by the students at their own cost. Recommended accommodation is: Swaminarayan mandir hotel residence near to the Hospital

Food: Will be provided at Hospitals/Pandav Bhavan/Gyan Sarovar

BK Kalpana
Spiritual Counselor
Department of Spirituality & Wellbeing
Global Hospital & Research Center, Mount Abu

Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy

1. In hypnotism, there is no resistance for mind. It never asks questions. It just follows the instructions. Eg: a. children's obedience to parents. b. Boss instruction to subordinates, c.stage performances.

2. In many cases we are hypnotised by ourselves with our own beliefs and ideas. Doing things automatically without any reasoning. Eg: we follow the religion of parents, we cry and laugh in situations where we don't realize why i am crying or behaving in a particular way.

3. Hypnotherapy is to make us or others aware of what we/they are doing and why we/they are doing. It is to de-hypnotise ourselves from automatic thoughts and behaviour. It can also be called CBT.

4. In hypnotherapy, person relaxes to have good recall of memories. It may be known or unknown memory.

5. When you relax, you remember the emotional stress situations from your childhood to till date and by recalling and remembering with alertness, u release the blocked up emotions. And by understanding the psycho-bio-social causes of self and others, you get rid of past automatic behaviour of worry, fear, sadness and more.

6. The more you understand the present and past automatic behaviours and thoughts, day by day we become more self aware, self conscious.

7. The more we become self aware, we become happy, healthy and contented with more creativity and enthusiasm in life.