Saturday, 30 November 2013

With good wishes and pure vibrations help others overcome their weakness,not by doubts and questions.

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Essence: Reveal the personality of the Father through your own face and the drums of revelation will then beat.

Today GodFather sees the gathering of physical as well as the bodiless (avyakt) form.

You children and bodiless Adam-Brahma have love for each other.

You are the children who are going to reveal GodFather through your features. Whoever looks at you, they have to see the image of GodFather not the physical form and everyone would say our GodFather has come.

The true revelation is when everyone says that God of all souls, “Mera Baba” has come.

Let everyone know that it is GodFather (God of all souls) who carries out all actions through Brahmakumaris.

GodFather and Adam-Brahma has come to give liberation and liberation in life to all souls. God is the unlimited GodFather of all souls. Even if the soul understands that God has come, they will receive the inheritance from God in one or other form.

Let there be good wishes be present in every one, to bring the new world.

Along with intoxication of attainments, let there be mercy towards all souls so that you will not battle on overcoming obstacles. (You will remain free from obstacles).

Children of GodFather remain free from battles against obstacles-vices. You must have more love for GodFather than battling against obstacles.

Finish all types of battle from today. You must not come under the influence of maya which affects either you or others. GodFather helps drive away the influence of maya. By your good wishes, instead of battling with questions of why and what, you can even help others come out from the influence of maya.

When you apply full stop from all types of doubts and questions, you become stable in your spiritual effort. Then by your good wishes, good feelings and pure vibrations even others become free from the influence of maya-obstacles.

When you remain unstable due to the questions and doubts, you come under the influence of maya.

GodFather sees how the ghost of maya-vices influences you children. And GodFather tries to give the Sanjeevni Bhooti (knowledge to overcome maya-obstacles) through someone else but children don’t even recognize them due to total unconsciousness. But if there is even little awareness, then they come back to consciousness.

You children have become knowledge-full of both God and Maya. By the knowledge of maya, you are able to remain safe even before it attacks. You have to be merciful towards souls not towards maya-vices.

By the power of love for God, you children have to become victorious and even let others feel this from afar.

In this final study, you have to receive three certificates from self, from GodFather and from the souls who come into relations. When you receive these three certificates, your study comes to an end.

The most important of the certificate is from the souls who come into relations, the more certificates you receive from them, that much you become elevated for 84births.

GodFather has love for all souls and you children must also have love for every soul in the form of good wishes and good feelings towards souls who come under the influence of maya-vices due to their weakness.

So, teach others along with mercy and good feelings. It is easy to make others realize their weakness with love.

Practice being beyond (being in soul world) more often, this will help you attain karmateet stage quickly.

Remembrance and Namaste to the children who remembers the Supreme Point being a point (soul).


Blessing:   May you be a great and knowledge-full soul who transforms the wasteful into powerful by knowing the importance of time.

You wasted your 63 births and you now have this one birth to become powerful. Therefore, do not waste this because each moment of the confluence age is such that it enables you to earn multimillions. This is the age of the season for earning, and therefore,never put aside the powerful and go towards the wasteful. To the extent that you become knowledge-full and powerful yourself, you will accordingly make others powerful.Those who know the importance of time in this, automatically become great themselves.

Slogan:     Continue to follow the one Father’s orders and the whole world will automatically surrender themselves to you.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Soul is a point of light in which the roles of 84births are recorded and repeats in every world cycle.

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Sweet Children,

The Eve is known as the world mother, certainly world mother also has to be present during establishment of the golden age.

Golden age-heaven exists only in Bharat –India.

There are pure soul and charitable soul. The soul wears the crown of light through purity. Then there is charitable soul – philanthropist who does more charity.

Now, your intellect goes beyond (limited purity and charity).

I liberate all souls, I give visions even to the devotees. I transform all old things of world in to new.

Only God knows about the New world – golden age, none other.

The True Gita was spoken by GodFather not Sri Krishna.

GodFather does not have a body, GodFather appears in the body of Adam Brahma and also adopts the world mother (Eve).

You must explain about the deities of golden age and their occupation to everyone, in temples.

God comes from the world beyond (Soul world) to teach you children. The old, young, children all study this knowledge together.

Sanyasis renounce everything and you too renounce everything including body and keep purity by remembering only One GodFather. The spiritual effort is to remain stable in remembering one GodFather constantly, being a householder.

Since souls have to return home-soul world at this time, you have to remember the soul world to forget about this old physical world. By remembrance of God constantly, being soul conscious, you get rid of all sinful actions.

The Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather does not have a physical body, He is the Creator, the Ocean of knowledge. He gives the knowledge by appearing in the physical body of Adam-Brahma.

I teach you RajaYoga to establish the Sun Dynasty.  Those who are free from body conscious can do a very good unlimited service at temples, graveyards and places where people gather. There are varieties of spiritual unlimited service.

The most important is purity. Souls forget the bodiless GodFather, who gives spiritual birth, repeatedly. Souls keep wandering when they lose the power of purity.

God says, remember Me and remain pure to come back to Me.

You must be intoxicated to know that the soul-lucky star is a point of light in which the roles of 84births are recorded and repeats in every world cycle.


Blessing: May you be a complete renunciate, the same as the Father, and give everyone the experience of belonging through your generosity.

Every thought, nature and sanskar of one who is a complete renunciate would be like that of the Father: the Father’s nature is your nature. Always have the sanskars of love, mercy and generosity, the same as the Father, for this is known as having a big heart. To have a big heart means to feel everyone belonging to you. A big heart flourishes with success in body, mind, wealth and relationships. Those who have small hearts have to work hard and they experience less success. Those with big and generous hearts become equal to the Father and the Lord is pleased with them.

Slogan: In order to become strong and mature, consider tests to be a good sign and remain cheerful.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Always remember that you are moving forward becoming virtuous day by day.

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Sweet Children,

GodFather and Sri Krishna were defamed in scriptures along with praise,  infact only Adam-Brahma of iron age receives the insult not GodFather or Krishna.

The battle between pandav and Kaurav are the memorial of battle against inner vices.

It is God who has spoken Gita not Sri Krishna. It is God who wants souls to get rid of all types of body consciousness and remember GodFather. Sri Krishna is a virtuous human being of golden age.

Various religions will be removed and only one religion will be established in golden and silver ages which is being established by God Himself at this time.

God is the Liberator and Guide who takes every soul back home like the swarm of mosquitoes.

Sri Krishna is not called as the Mother and the Father but God alone.

Supreme GodFather and Sri Krishna have different roles to play. Sri Krishna takes birth not GodFather.

By not knowing GodFather, human beings have become like an orphan.

GodFather says, remember Me and receive the unlimited inheritance of heaven in just a second.

By knowing the world cycle, you become resident of heaven-golden age.
I even liberate the saints and rishis. Father shows son. Sri Krishna is not known as the Father but God.

You belong to Me and hence you must have lot of intoxication and your features should be very royal.

Souls are children of God and you receive knowledge from GodFather at this time.

Even King Janak had understood God and go in trance.

Souls come from Paramdham (Supreme abode-Causal world) and play different roles.

There is physical pilgrimage and spiritual pilgrimage. By remembering Me, the spiritual GodFather, you will attain elevated status at the end.

The spiritual pilgrimage is to remember the liberation (soul world) and liberation in life (golden and silver ages), taught by GodFather. The more you remember that much happiness you receive.


2nd Murli:

You should always remember that you are moving forward becoming virtuous day by day.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

You children-souls are brothers(and sisters) amongst each other,cannot be lustful amongst each other.

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Sweet Children,

When battle happens (at the end), there are people at both the ends who would remain safe and strong. You children remain stable looking at the destruction. There will be cries of pain everywhere, you children will be lost in the love for GodFather.

Ignorance cannot face the Sun of Knowledge – GodFather. You receive knowledge of truth at this time from GodFather.

At this time, even the soul of Sri Krishna receives knowledge from GodFather.

The soul of Sri Krishna takes maximum 84 births in every world cycle.

Body consciousness  makes people suffer. Being in soul conscious you can make a very good spiritual effort.

GodFather says, children get rid of body consciousness. Those who don’t remember GodFather, never remain in soul consciousness.

The bodiless GodFather, the Purifier teaches you at this time.

Not all souls appear in golden age, like GodFather.

Bharat is the eternal continent, birth place of GodFather. It is said, Bharat was heaven 3000years ago before Christ.

You become King of kings by this knowledge received from the GodFather.
Every soul, devotees have to understand God at the end.

There is lot of ignorance on earth at this time. Devotees, Saints make effort to attain God. You children are brothers (and sisters) amongst each other. You cannot be lustful amongst each other.

This world is the game of sorrow and happiness.

Those who have complete knowledge in their intellect can explain to others.


Blessing: May you be a knower of the philosophy of karma and keep your register flawless with the blessing of a divine intellect.

As soon as you take spiritual birth, each of you children receives the blessing of a divine intellect. Only when there is no effect of any problem, any company or any dictates of your own mind on your divine intellect can your register remain flawless. However, if your divine intellect does not work at the right time, the register then becomes stained. This is why it is said: The philosophy of karma is very deep. People of the world repent for their actions at every step but you children who are knowers of the philosophy of action can never repent for your actions. You would say, “Wah my elevated karma!, Wah!”

Slogan: With the deep inculcation of purity, you can experience supersensuous joy.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

perform action and feel beyond (unlimited) to remain free from all traps of bondages.

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Sweet Children,

People call out for GodFather not Sri Krishna.

People have taken Sri Krishna to Copper age, in fact, Sri Krishna lives in golden age.

Even God also establishes religion (of virtuous human beings - deities) at this time like other religious founders. But people remember Sri Krishna instead of GodFather.

You have to mention that Sermonizer of Gita is GodFather not Sri Krishna.

No one knows about GodFather. He is very subtle to be understood like the form of human soul which is point of light.

The Seed, father of all souls is Supreme GodFather, the Ocean of Love and Ocean of Knowledge.

You explain to others with authority of knowledge and unlimited intellect.

I teach you the secret of world cycle.

You can easily remember GodFather by churning the knowledge of world cycle. Even at night, you have lot of time to remember GodFather.

Sweet Children, you benefit only by following the Godly direction. The vices are known as poison.

When people do not know about the Protector, how He can protect them.

You must have constant remembrance of GodFather, throughout the day.

Since you are a trustee, surrendered to GodFather, you remain free from all worries. You have to perform Godly service transforming human beings to virtuous.

By doing service and studying well, you attain elevated status.

By remembering Me, all your sins will be removed, you will rule the kingdom of golden age.

At the end tribunal sits to settle the accounts.

Night Class:

The unlimited bodiless GodFather is teaching you children.

You receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather. The physical father is the limited father. From GodFather, you receive inheritance for 21births.

Consider yourself as a soul and remember GodFather to finish your sinful actions and go to the pure world (golden age).

Only by remembrance of GodFather, you become pure.

When you have complete faith on GodFather, you receive His inheritance.

Children must remember GodFather constantly even whilst performing actions.

You must reach the stage of karmateet (stage of an Angel) by remembrance of GodFather.  Consider every moment is the final moment.

Wherever you be, whatever you do, remember GodFather constantly to become victorious. Even whilst taking food, remember GodFather in an incognito way.

No father would ask you to remember the bodiless soul free from body conscious. Only Supreme GodFather will ask you to do this.

Check how much you remember GodFather, and how much service you do.


Blessing: May you remain beyond and come close to your destination by crossing the walls of limitations.

The sign of crossing a wall of any limitations is that, as soon as you cross that wall, you are able to go beyond. The stage of being beyond means the flying stage. Those who have such a flying stage do not ever dangle from or get stuck to anything limited. They always see their destination as being very close to them. They will come onto the branch of the kalpa tree of karma as flying birds. They would perform actions through their unlimited powerful forms and then fly. They will not become trapped in the bondage of the branch of karma; they will always remain free.

Slogan: Become an authority of experience and you will not be deceived by the various royal forms of Maya.

The Importance of God (Baba), Religious Founders and great Saints:

In Murli Baba says:

1. I teach you the essence of vedas, scriptures at the same time Baba wants us to do the churning (which is already done by religious founders and great saints) of His knowledge.

2. On direction from God, religious founders appear on earth according to the need. So that God need not have to deal directly with the souls on earth until confluence age.

3. Baba says, Saints by their power of purity, they keep Bharat under control from degrading more. so that God comes only when there is total degradation.

With the above statements, it is found that Religious founders, Saints and God are on the same task of protecting the souls and nature from degradation.

And all three never appear in golden and silver ages.

Since all three are in the same task, they all must have the same state of mind to carry out this great task.

Of course Religious founders, saints and their followers may had to undergo stages like Sato, rajo and tamo, and since God never undergoes these stages, even follower of God have a climbing stage unlike the stage of followers-devotees coming down from the elevated spiritual stage.

Since Christ, Buddha, Guru Nanak and Adi Sankaracharya were at their satopradhan stage when they carried out the Godly task, their teachings may not contradict much from the Truth what is spoken by GodFather.

And regarding the concept on God is omnipresent, Truth is emptiness, again it is not contradicting the truth (until God appeared on earth) because the Religious founders and Saints have spoken their experiences (when God was not revealing himself like now, but only His qualities) based on the following experiences:

1) By their versions, we all know that they have also known God as Father and Mother. Humanbeings see everything in mind, inside them. Not outside. When I am angry, I see external things under the influence of my anger. Similarly when I am intoxicated with the love of God, I see everything under the influence of that love. I see the same love in an ordinary Dog, even I handle things with lot of love and this can be described as I see God in everything.

2) In scriptures, there are stories made by great saints saying God appeared in fish, animal etc to make people give respect to animals or nature. If we see one of the qualities of love which exists in every being, even this statement may not be false.

3) God realized (since God did not appear on earth and souls did not see Him, infact even now, we dont see God, we only realize God) souls who see God's love in every being and say there is God everywhere and in everything.

4) Knowing all energy created from One source (although we are not sure about it at this point of time - may be due to our limited understanding), and that source being called as God

Baba had not explained all the above but keep things simple like God is not omnipresent. At the same time He proves that Saints and Religious founders are not false by following statements:

1) I come to you,the very next moment,when you call me
2) He says, the moment you think, the thought reaches Me the same moment
3) Baba has wonderful machine by which He can see the scenes of the world
4) One murli He says, I dont read the minds. In another murli, Baba says I know what is going on in the minds of children
5) Today's murli Baba says, I am the creator of all fathers, I am the creator of subtle world, corporeal world, soul world - Trilokinath.
6) Baba also mention in murli Maya Ravan (vices) is omnipresent, then in golden age, we can also say God (virtues-divine qualities) is omnipresent. And if I am able to see only virtues everywhere like Saints and religious founders, we can also say that, even now, God is omnipresent.

So, whether God is omnipresent (omnipresent by God's qualities) or not, we cannot have an argument to prove one is right and other is wrong.

It is found that lot of churning of God's knowledge (on unlimited love, knowledge, mind, positive negative traits,psychology,sanskar transformation, purity of mind) has already been done by these great Saints and religious founders, and we can find them if we are really interested.

Any creation or concept or idea or invention, in the beginning, it remain scarce, remain very few, remain more demanding, remain countable, expensive,(hatyog-where lot of effort is required) available only to limited beings. But when the time  moves on, it becomes cheap,(Raja yog - easy yog) easily attainable by everyone. But it does not mean the initial creation is false or wrong. It is the same truth which existed in the beginning, now available to everyone.

Even in spirituality, the Truth, knowledge, experience which was available only to a limited few and where lot of effort (hatha yog) were to be made, now after a long time, with great co-operation of great saints and religious founders, we are able to attain those knowledge by the appearance of GodFather at this time with lot of ease, comfort and clarity.

The experience like purity of mind, peace, contentment, unlimited intellect and unlimited love for all being which are made available only for great saints and religious founders are very easily experienced even by the unqualified old mothers at this time since God teaches them directly in His grand presence.

And this happens by the appearance of GodFather, the most Beloved of all beings on earth. Even in scriptures, we have seen that before Sri Krishna or Sri Rama fight a battle with the Demon, it is the most beloved ones like Sri Hanuman and other great devotees are made to face the demon and finally Sri Krishna-Sri Ram appears to complete the task.

Even in this unlimited world Drama, the great Saints and Religious followers play a major role along with the Great Hero Actor, most Beloved Father! Let us have love, gratitude, respect and regard to all and greater love for God for making the truth, knowledge and spiritual experience easily available to everyone.

Monday, 25 November 2013

a balance between being content and having an easy nature is the sign of an elevated soul.

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Sweet Children,

The Creator of all fathers is the Ocean of knowledge GodFather. God gives happiness removing sorrows.

The residents of Bharat-India take maximum 84number of births. No one knows about this.

God creates the subtle world, then this physical world, and there is the causal word-soul world. Only God is known as the Master of three worlds – Trilokinath.

Radha and Krishna are from different kingdom, get married later.

Everything-elevated status depends upon the intellect and the fortune.

You come to play different roles but people never know about the world cycle. Only God comes and gives the knowledge of world cycle. It is your responsibility to give introduction of GodFather to everyone.

You children had visions that Christ, Ibrahim (Abraham) come to Bharat, Bharat is the birthplace of GodFather. By saying God is omnipresent, people have lost the importance of God.

The followers of religious founders keep following the founders in various births.

Now, all souls have become tired of playing different roles, wanted to go back home. Only GodFather gives happiness to souls and takes everyone back home.

GodFather appears on earth and once again establishes the One religion.
No one knows about the Creator and Creations other than the GodFather.

When children have love for God, they receive help. If they become angry, they become angry for themselves losing the fortune.

You receive unlimited treasures of knowledge. This is the race of power of knowledge and remembrance. You have to take care of household and also imbibe this knowledge. After study, you have to do the homework of churning this knowledge.

Spend at least few minutes listening to knowledge and then imbibe them. By remembering God and the world cycle, you will even win over the sleep.

When you imbibe knowledge and remembrance nicely, even the body will remain healthy. Now, the soul has to become pure. Doing makeup for the body is worth not a penny.

Now, you children are engaged to GodFather. Decorate yourself with knowledge and yoga (remembrance of God) to attain elevated status in golden age. By knowledge, you become the angel of heaven.

You must attain most elevated status in golden age not any ordinary one. You have this aim object here.

You need the power of yoga to make every action become easy. Even God helps in removing the obstacles according to the predestined world drama.

Those who don’t follow the Godly directions fall behind in this spiritual race.

You children are doubly non-violent. The first violence is lust, the vice of lust is the greatest enemy, gives pain from beginning till end.

You become RajaYogi by this study from GodFather.(Hatyogi from Sankarachariar)

The most important is to receive the inheritance from GodFather.

You need an unlimited intellect, love for knowledge to explain knowledge to others.


Blessing: May you be loving and detached and experience a constant and stable
stage in every situation with the awareness of being a trustee.

When you consider yourself to be a trustee, your stage will remain constant and stable in every situation because a trustee means to be detached and loving. While you are a householder, there are many types of interests to pull you and a lot of the consciousness of “mine”: sometimes, “my home”, sometimes, “my family”. To be a householder means to wander around in many interests. A trustee means to be stable and constant. A trustee will always be light and constantly in the ascending stage. A trustee would not have any attachment to the consciousness of “mine” and will not have any waves of sorrow.

Slogan: To keep a balance between being content and having an easy nature is the sign of an elevated soul.