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Essence of Avyakt Murlis - step by step teachings of RajaYoga by Sri Sri God Shiva

Essence of Avyakt Murlis

1.The Elevated Spiritual Effort – To practice
Excerpts from the book: “Shrimat Bhagawad Gita”
Sri Sri Shiva Bhagawan Uvacha…….The Only Prevailing Truth about Raja Yoga:

2. The Titbits of Raja Yoga, Essential for Deep Healing...from the Bhagawad Gita of Sri Sri Shiv.

3. Am I enlightened or senseless on my spiritual effort?
- From 1969 Avyakt Murlis – Points to practice for 16 days spiritual Bhatti

4. Techniques, Powers and Benefits of Spiritual Practice (Consciousness – Attitude - Vision and Vision – Attitude - Consciousness)
-          from 1970 Avyakt Murli

5.  "The Unknown Purpose of Spirituality"
-from 1971 Avyakt Murlis

6. Self Transformation in a Spiritual Furnace Fueled by Yoga (Remembrance of God).
-          From 1971 Avyakt Murlis on 7 days Bhatti (yoga practice for self transformation)

7. Signs of Development in Spiritual Effort
-          From 1972 Avyakt Murlis

8. Godly Powers and its Application for Self and World Service
- based on 1973 Avyakt Murlis

9. Intense spiritual effort and God-like powers attained by checking and changing
….From Avyakt Murlis 1974

10. World transformation and signs of Maharathis, those who have constant attention and constant fire of love for God.
-          Based on 1975 Avyakt Murlis

World transformation and signs of Maharathis, those who have constant attention and constant fire of love for God.

World transformation and signs of Maharathis, those who have constant attention and constant fire of love for God.
-          Based on 1975 Avyakt Murlis

1.      At present, all of you have the stage of being a world mother or world father or a master creator.  So, every thought and vibration of the attitude of a creator would definitely reach the creation.  This is why, whatever actions others see you perform at the present time, they will do the same.  Do not just pay attention to this, but together with this, also pay attention to whatever thoughts you have and what your attitude is like because that vibration will definitely spread into the atmosphere and into other souls.  It is essential to keep this slogan in your awareness, otherwise, the creation of you creators will be weak, that is, they will become those who claim a low status.  The weakness of the creator will very clearly be visible in the creation.  Therefore, now make your weak souls powerful.  The saying that the world was created through thought applies to the present time.  As is your thought, so you will be instrumental in creating such a creation.  Therefore, it is remembered that every star is a world on its own.…..  Make your thinking, speaking and doing all the same.  If you only think and speak of very elevated things but don't do anything at all, then because you spend your time in thinking and speaking, you will not be able to attain whatever you could have by actually doing it.  You will then not only deprive yourself of the elevated attainment, but you will also deprive your creation.  Therefore, do more and speak less.  Always remember the aim that you will attain something by making effort.  "I too should be considered to be a maharathi.  I should be considered serviceable; I should also receive all rights; I should be given love and co-operation."  These are not things to be asked for.  You automatically attain success in all these things as a result of elevated actions, an elevated attitude and elevated thoughts.  Therefore, do not waste time in ordinary thoughts or waste thoughts.  Do you understand?

2.      For those who are close, there is a margin for a third one to come in-between, that is, one or another type of obstacle causes a difference in being constant, but those who are merged in Baba's eyes are equal to the Father.  No circumstances or elements, that is, not even the five elements can separate them from the Father.  That is, they are constantly victorious, always constant and stable and absorbed in love.  They constantly belong to the one Father and do Godly service, the same as the Father.  Nothing else is visible to them.  Their vision, attitude and awareness are constantly powerful, that is, their waste is finished.  Have you become like this or do you still have to become this?..... as long as you do not become the form of fire, then nor will the flames of destruction that emerge from the sacrificial fire take on their complete form.  It sometimes becomes very intense and then cools down again.  What is the reason for this?  It is because the souls who are the form of fire and the images of support, who are also giving inspirations have not themselves become the constant form of fire.  In their awareness, they do not have the determined thought of being the form of fire.…..  There should be the deep concern that you now have to return home.  To go home means to be beyond.  You automatically make effort according to where you have to go, and so, you now have to return home.  Since you have to return to your incorporeal home, you also have to make your costume like that.  So, in this new year, the special effort you should make is that of returning home and taking everyone with you.  With this awareness, you will automatically go beyond the attractions of all relationships and all elements, that is, you will become a detached observer.  By being a detached observer, you will easily become the Father's companion and equal to the Father.  Only when everyone is constantly able to see the form of fire will the flames of destruction be clearly visible.  …….. the great destruction and world transformation cannot be accomplished without the one elevated thought of the whole gathering.  Therefore, in this year, in your final stage, become free from all bondages, karmateet and let there be an accurate balance of being loving and detached.  Create such an incorporeal stage collectively within the gathering.  Only then will you clearly be able to see the scenes of destruction and the scenes of the new world both together.  Everyone has to make this effort this year.  Only through this last effort will your speed and the speed of destruction become fast.

3.      Now, according to the time, instead of giving them the seven days' course, show them the course of one second through your blessings and all powers.  Only then will you be able to take all souls to the Father in the world of souls.  You have already received the blessing of being bodiless, incorporeal, egoless and viceless, have you not?  Now, put those blessings into practice, that is, make yourself an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of remembrance and an image that grants visions.  Anyone who comes in front of you should experience the jewel of the forehead through the eyes and words of blessings through the lips.  Just as you have been instruments to put BapDada's elevated versions into the physical form, now make this form practical……..your original form and your form of blessings should constantly stay in your awarenessThere shouldn't be the slightest name or trace of impurity or forgetfulness.  This is known as doing the course of blessings.  Have you already done such a course or do you still have to do it?

4.      Let the fire of your love become so intense here in Madhuban that all waste thoughts, weaknesses and all your old remaining sanskars are completely burnt in this fire……… When you children wake up at amrit vela every day, you create a sacrificial fire of love in which you sacrifice your weaknesses.  …….Have you sacrificed the offerings into the fire of love of many souls all together?  ……..If the person sacrificing something is weak, then because of the heat, half of what is being sacrificed would fall into the fire and half spills outside the fire.  Here also, you wonder whether you should do it or not.  "Will it be possible or not?  Will I be able to do this or not?"  You keep moving the hand of your intellect backwards and forwards.  This is why you can't make the complete sacrifice; some things still remain and the offerings spill.  When there isn't the total sacrifice, there isn't complete success.  ……  You experienced the sweetness by listening, you understood it; you understood it but didn't merge it and you didn't put it into a practical form.  Only when it is revealed through your dharna and when you have created sanskars with it will the practical form of success be visible.  What does it mean to be knowledge-full?  To be knowledge-full means that every physical organ should be full of knowledge.  You should know what you have to do and what you mustn't do.  ……..  If you go from here having sacrificed all your sanskars, then where do they all emerge from?  Why do they return if you have sacrificed them?  What is the reason for body consciousness and carelessness to return?  The reason is that, just as after sowing seeds, you look after them carefully, so you go from here with the thought of sacrificing them, but together with the thought, you need to take care of it, and you don't take the care that you should.  According to the time, you need to take the necessary care of it, but you sow the seed and then become careless.  You think: Now that you have given it to Baba, Baba has to look after it, that it is Baba's duty now.  You do not sustain it.  You need to pay attention to your thoughts and words.  Just as after sowing a seed, you water it so that it ripens, and you have to water it every day, in the same way, you have to revise the seed of your thought.  You lack this and then you become free from any concern; you leave it up to Baba.  What would you call those who are not concerned?  They become those who love rest and comfort.  You should not be those who have sanskars of loving rest and comfort, but those whose thoughts are filled with concern.  There should be concern for each and every sanskar.  The stain of something missing in even one aspect of your effort is visible as a very big stain.  Then there is always the thought that even one small stain will reduce your value.  Your thoughts should be in the form of concern.  If they are not this, then there is carelessness.  You say something, but you don't do it.  At the end, you will have to put into a practical form the yukti given, but now the sanskars of rest and comfort of the deity stage are pulling you more.  The sanskars of the confluence-aged Brahmins, which are of the embodiment of renunciation, are not in an emerged form so much.  Without renunciation, you cannot create your fortune.  To think, "Achcha, I will do it later.  I will see about it later." are sanskars of one who loves rest and comfort.  One who says, "I will definitely do it now." are the sanskars of a Brahmin.  In a worldly study, those who have concern for their study are the ones who pass, because they are even ready to lose their sleep.  How can those who love rest and comfort pass?  Are you still thinking about it or are you going to do it practically?  You should be concerned, you should have pure thoughts, and have the concern to become perfect, the concern to remove your weaknesses and the concern to give practical instant fruit.  Achcha……… Everything depends on your awareness.  Does your awareness constantly remain powerful and elevated or is it sometimes great and sometimes ordinary?  ……  Why is there body consciousness?  You have known about all these reasons for a long time, and yet, even whilst knowing this, you are not able to find a solution.  This is because you lack power and determination.  …….  Why do you forget your greatness?  What is the reason for this?  It is because you do not seat yourself on the seat of the stage of a destroyer of obstacles, one who finishes all situations, and on the seat of your original stage and position which BapDada has given you at the confluence age.  You get off your seat and come down again and again.  By being seated on the seat, you are automatically able to maintain this awareness of your stage of self-respect.  …..  By sitting on the seat, you are automatically able to transform your sanskars and actions.  Do you understand?  Words of weakness are not the language of Brahmin souls.  So why do you use the language of shudras?  You have the intoxication of your land and your language, do you not?  Why do you forget your own language and use someone else's language?  So now bring about this transformation.  First of all, check yourself and then speak.  Set yourself on your seat and then create thoughts and perform actions.  By sitting on this seat, you automatically receive the blessing of being elevated. 

5.      To be knowledge-full means to be a master ocean of knowledge.  As you have become master knowledge-full, it is with knowledge, that is, it is with understanding that you have claimed all rights.  If you lack understanding and wisdom, you would have less rights.  You are knowledge-full, are you not?  Do you now know what the final stage is?  What is the sign of having the karmateet stage?  To constantly be an embodiment of success.  Your time is used in a worthwhile way, your thoughts are successful and you have constant success in your connections and relations: this is known as being an embodiment of success.  In order to become such an embodiment of success in every way, which power do you need at the present time?  Which power is that?  You are receiving all powers, but even then, according to the present time, there is a special need for the power of discernment.

6.      When your power of discernment is sharp, you would recognise in advance the variety of obstacles, which come to cause obstacles to your deep love, so that you would be able to finish them even before they actually attack.  Because of this, instead of your time being wasted, it is accumulated in the account of powerful use.  In the same way, in the field of service, because of knowing the main desire and the main sanskar of each soul and because of enabling those souls to attain whatever they want, you are constantly successful in service.  Thirdly, in the main subject of forming relationships with others, whilst knowing the nature and sanskars of each soul, you will be able to make those souls constantly content.  The fourth aspect is the speed of time.  Because of recognising what the atmosphere and environment are, and what they should be according to the time, you will be able to bring about a fast speed in yourself and others and you will also be able to bring about the zeal and enthusiasm to adopt a form according to the time.  You will also be able to become knowledge-full, that is, lawful and loving according to the time and make others this also; and in this way, you will constantly remain successful.  Because of being able to discern when you sometimes have to be lawful and you sometimes have to be loving, you will easily and constantly remain successful.

7.      Even the elements and the circumstances become the servants of such souls who are the embodiment of success.  That is, such souls are constantly victorious over the elements and the circumstances; they are not influenced by the elements or circumstances.  Only such victorious souls are called constantly victorious souls.  For this, remember what the Father has told you through three different forms.  The three forms means the incorporeal, the subtle and the corporeal.  Just as you keep the teachings of the three relationships in your awareness, that is, those of the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Guru, in the same way, keep in your awareness three main things of the three forms.

8.      What are the three special blessings received from the three forms?  What is the blessing of the special teachings received from the incorporeal form?  May you be karmateet.  What blessing is received from the subtle form, that is, from the angelic form?  May you be double-light.  To be double-light means to be light in all karmic bondages and also to remain constantly stable in the stage of being the form of light.  So the special blessing received from the subtle form is to be double-light.  It is through this that you will receive the double-crown.  What special blessing is received from the sakar form?  The special blessing received from the sakar form is to be egoless and viceless, the same as sakar Baba.  By constantly keeping these three blessings in your awareness, you will easily be able to become an embodiment of success for all time.  Do you understand?

9.      the result of all four subjects in three stages.  What are those three stages? First stage: To what extent you have become one who has thoughts of the original self.  Second stage: To what extent you have positive and pure thoughts for those who are in close relationship and connection with you.  Third stage: In terms of world service, to what extent you have become a world transformer.  To what extent there is the stage and to what percentage the transformation is clearly visible.  Through the result of these three stages, the result of all four subjects becomes very clear…..Baba especially checked the first stage: to what extent have you become one who has thoughts of the original self?  The result of all three subjects is based on this.  Check how long you maintained thoughts of the original self throughout the day.  ……. the method to have permanent progress is to become one who has thoughts of the original self……. through this concern, you are easily able to create the stage of being constantly content, cheerful and like a lotus flower……..Why is there carelessness some time after you start to do something?  The main reason is that, even now, the intellect doesn't have complete faith in the completion of time.  Because of not having this fixed, you remain carefree.  …… you definitely have to become one who maintains thoughts of the original self and who also has positive thoughts for others.  So, unless you become your own teacher and tie yourself in this bondage, you will not be able to free other souls from all their bondages.  Do you understand?...... there is not a lot of time left for being one who maintains thoughts of the original self.  Achcha.

10.  Do you experience fire in your love for Baba?  Is it such a fire of deep love that you are able to burn your own past sanskars and nature and also burn the sorrowful sanskars and nature of others?  Of course you transform sanskars through knowledge or through love or connection, but that takes time.  A sanskar that is just terminated can emerge again.  However, now is the time to burn them in the fire of that deep love so that no name or trace of those sanskars remain…….What is the yukti for this liberation?  What is the yukti or match with which you can create this fire of deep love?  You ignite a fire with a match.  So what is the match with which to light this fire?  What is the one word?  It is the determined thought that even if you die, you are definitely going to do this.  ……..Nature is your servant, but do not become a servant of the servant, for the sign of becoming a servant is to experience sorrow.  It is when you become a servant to one or another sanskar or nature that you become unhappy. …settle your karmic accounts as a detached observer,

11.  There should be such a personality of purity that, from your forehead, others see you as a pure, satopradhan soul, that is, others have this experience.  From your eyes, they should see the vision of brotherhood, that is, through your elevated attitude, you should be able to transform the atmosphere and vibrations.  Since those worldly personalities are able to create an impression, how impressive should the personality of purity be?  Are you able to make weak souls into embodiments of power through your pure consciousness?  Bring about such royalty and personality in yourself in a visible form; only then will you be able to reveal yourself and the Father.  Now become particularly merciful.  Be merciful towards yourself and towards others; you will then become loving and co-operative towards all souls.  Do you understand?  Your star of fortune is sparkling so much, is it not?  Everyone wishes to see the stars of the earth sparkling.  Achcha.

12.  Here also, if there is a little debt to Maya, then the creditor constantly harrasses you.  Such a debt is also known as a worry.  Here also, there are some debts to Maya in the old accounts, and this is why Maya distresses you again and again or comes to you in some form as a debt in the mind.  You have to settle that debt.  So check your account and see that no debt remains in the form of some thought, sanskar or nature.  Just as any physical illness or debt doesn't allow the intellect to become concentrated and stable, and it pulls your attention to itself again and again, in the same way, the worry of any debt of the mind doesn't allow the yoga of the intellect to become concentrated.  But instead, it becomes an obstacle.

13.  Now, the time of completion is very close.  So check all your accounts and finish any remaining accounts.  You know how to do your accounts, do you not?  You are master knowledge-full, are you not?  The debt of the old accounts will either be in the form of sinful thoughts or in the form of a particular sanskar or nature.  From these things, check whether all your thoughts are unified.  You also only remember One, that is, you try only to remember the One, but something else happens.  What pulls you towards itself and why does it pull you?  Is there any burden that pulls you towards itself?  Anything light will never come down.  It will stay in the stage of ascent.  But any type of burden will not go up; no matter how much you try to make it ascend, it will only come down.  In the same way, check your thoughts, words, actions, connections and service throughout the day.

14.  Together with the checking, why are you not able to bring about change?  There will only be change when you have all powers merged within yourself.  That is, together with being knowledge-full, you also need to be balanced by being powerful.  If you are 75% knowledge-full and a few marks less in being powerful, then also, you need to have an accurate balance.  The result of being knowledge-full is the planning, and the result of being powerful is the practice.  The result of being knowledge-full is to have the thoughts and the result of being powerful is to become the embodiment.  The closeness or equality of the two means to become an equal form in both aspects, that is, to become perfect.  The more you keep yourself busy in knowledge and yoga, accordingly, the creditor will have less courage and time to come to you.  Achcha.

15.  Do you consider yourself to be a bodiless soul?  Do you experience yourself to be a powerful soul who makes your body perform whatever actions you want?  Are you able to stabilise yourself in the form of being the master of your body, one who makes the physical organs perform actions, and who then becomes detached from those physical organs when you want?  That is, have you attained the success of Raj Yoga which is the power to be a ruler of the physical organs?  A ruler or a master can never be influenced by any physical organ.  Someone who is influenced cannot be called a master.  ……..What would be the first sign of such children who have one hundred per cent faith?  The first sign of one who has faith in the intellect is victory.  It is also said: Those who have faith in the intellect are victorious.  How will you attain victory?  Through faith.  Do you constantly have the awareness that you are a master almighty authority and also have faith in this awareness?  How can there be power without this awareness?  The foundation of being victorious is awareness.  If your awareness is weak, if it is neither constant nor powerful, then how would you become victorious?  So, first of all, you have to become an embodiment of awareness in having faith…….. you should constantly have in your awareness your form and the relations and occupation of the Brahmin life ……. victory is the destination and constant awareness is the path.  …….You have received the Godly lottery; so you should always think that if you do not use it at the right time, then when would you experience that happiness and power?  No matter how much wealth someone has, only when that wealth is used would there be the attainment of happiness.  By not using it, but simply looking at it, of course you experience a little joy, but you are unable to experience the deep happiness that you should.  You received the lottery, but to use it means to put it into your practical life, for without doing this, you are unable to experience happiness, bliss or the joy of being victorious.  You have to be experienced in this too, do you not?  Experience is the most important treasure of life.  In lokik life also, an experienced soul is considered to be important.  So, on this Godly path too, you should become experienced.  Have you experienced what you speak about?  You understand that you are a master almighty authority, but have you experienced this?  …….  A main slogan of this knowledge is: If not now, then never.  The date for this is not tomorrow or the day after, but now, not even an hour later.  ……  This is determined thought; there cannot be determination without determined thought.  ….. Therefore, this should always be in your awareness. Since you wish to attain a reward for a long period of time, you also need to make effort over a long period of time. 

16.  If you waste your time in looking at trivial things, you will not reach your destination on time.  So now is the time to have determination.  ……  By having the awareness that you are, once again, doing what you have done countless times, you will receive power.

17.  So constantly keep the blessing in your awareness that you are a soul who is going to show yourself as an embodiment of power, the same as the Father, that is, you are an embodiment of power.  By having this relationship, you are able to reach here.  But now, you must have the balance of having love for the Father, love for the Father's task and love for the knowledge received from the Father.  At present, you have more love for the Father and less love for the other two.  You will receive power through knowledge.  Each version makes you a multimillionaire.  Imbibe these versions whilst giving them this much importance, and by having importance for them you will develop love.  Until you know the importance of something, you cannot have love for it.  When you know its importance you will automatically have love. 

18.  There are four main aspects to becoming one who has faith in the intellect, and you need to check the percentage in all four.  You know these four things and you even follow them.  1) Faith in the Father; who and whatever He is, to know and to accept Him in whatever form He is playing His part.  2) To clearly know and accept the knowledge received from the Father through experiencing it.  3) Whatever you are, however you are, that is, to know, to accept and to conduct yourself according to the importance of your elevated life of this spiritual birth, of the elevated Brahmin life, of your elevated part, of your elevated stage and position.  4) To know the present, most elevated, auspicious, beneficial time of the stage of ascent and to take every step accordingly.  To have complete faith in all these four aspects in your practical life is known as being victorious by having faith in the intellect.

19.  What is the main method to keep everyone content? (Many people replied).  All these things are also necessary.  You have to do all these things practically when situations arise.  The main thing is that you should be able to mould yourself according to the time, the situation and the soul in front of you.  You should not be under the influence of your sanskars or nature.  Just as you adopt a physical form according to the time, or you dress according to the country you are in, so you should experience your nature and sanskars in a similar way.  Do you experience it to be as easy as that?  Are you able to transform your sanskars and nature according to the time? …..Anything that is hard cannot be moulded.  Similarly, you are not able to mould your strong sanskars according to the time.  You should practise this.  You should not even have the thought that you have any sanskars or any nature.  Only your original and eternal sanskars should be in your form.  Transformation of sanskars exists from the beginning of time, that is, there is transformation taking place from the moment you enter the cycle; so the soul automatically has the practice of transforming sanskars.  The sanskars are constantly changing; therefore they are sometimes satopradhan, sometimes sato, sometimes rajo and sometimes tamo.  Now, since you are knowledge-full and playing a part as an actor on the most elevated stage, and since you are also powerful, blissful and have a right to the inheritance from the Almighty Authority, it should be extremely easy to transform your sanskars either for your own progress or for the benefit of others, according to the time or according to the service.  This is the special final effort of special souls.  …….  Whilst coming into contact with others, whilst in relationship with others, if you become an embodiment of success whilst you yourself increase your contacts and relations, then you can claim a number ahead.  An unlimited master has to have unlimited relations.  ……  Each one should experience you special souls being there for bringing about world benefit.  This is the sign of perfection.  Achcha.

20.  Any virtue you have will definitely create an impression, because virtues cannot be hidden. 

21.  In order to become an image who grants visions, in essence, check three things within yourself: 1) Have you become complete with all rights?  2) Have you become one who has mercy on others?  3) Have you become one who gives regard and respect to everyone?  That is, have you become worthy to give and receive respect to and from everyone?  Remember that to give regard is to receive regard.  Only on the basis of these three will you be revealed to the world as world benefactors.  Do you clearly know the explanation of these? To be one who has all rights means to have a right over all your physical organs.  Together with this, just as the physical organs of the body are the different powers of the hands and feet etc., so too, the powers of the soul are the mind, the intellect and sanskars.  ….. are you able to use the Godly property and whatever power you have whenever you want?  Do you have full rights over this property?  This is known as being one who has full rights.

22.  Constantly have mercy, that is, have good wishes and pure feelings for every soul.  Whilst seeing every soul, you should experience all those souls to be souls who surrender themselves in order to be loving and co-operative to the Father at every moment.  Why do they become instruments to surrender themselves in this way?  Because Baba surrenders Himself to everyone.  Have you surrendered yourself in service together with all powers to everyone?  Have you become a great donor for everyone, a bestower who bestows your time, your happiness and your desires for attainment?  Only those who follow the father in the same way, that is, only those who sacrifice any desire they have for name, fame, regard and all attainments for themselves can be merciful towards others.  Only the great donors who have renounced any desire to receive anything can be merciful towards others.  In the same way, those who give respect to others should constantly be feeling respect for everyone.  In order to be respectful to all, you have to consider yourself to be everyone's server.  The definition of a server is very deep.  To be a server doesn't just mean to be doing physical service, or service through words, service through contacts or service through the different facilities and instruments, but elevated service is to donate your every virtue and to make others virtuous and to colour others with your company.  You should not look at the defects whilst seeing them; you should finish the defects of others with the power of your own virtues, that is, you should make weak ones powerful.  You should not step away from any weak ones or become tired of them, but through your own service, you can become one who is respectful to all.  You can give respect to someone who is a hopeless case by stabilising yourself in your elevated stage of self-respect.  You have to create your fortune whilst giving regard to others through your own renunciation.  Look at everyone, whether they are young or old, maharathis or infantry, with vision filled with respect.  To make someone who doesn't give any respect into one who gives respect, to give a destination to someone who constantly rejects others, to make someone who constantly defames others into one who praises others is known as being respectful to all. So, this year, two types of service in particular should take place.  One is of making the self complete, and for this, you need to have everywhere methods for progress, facilities for yoga bhatthis and bhatthis for having dharna.  In the same way, have special programmes for different groups everywhere.  Free everyone and give them the experience of a bhatthi.  Just as last year you had a programme for a yoga bhatthi, in the same way, there should be a bhatthi to make yourself complete in both the subjects of remembrance and dharna. 

23.  Renounce using time, facilities and wealth for your own self, for only then will you be able to attain the fortune of instant, practical fruit.  You will never receive success by having rest or by using for yourself something that has been donated for service.  At the beginning of service, they even reduced their own food and used everything for service, and you are the practical, instant fruit of that.  In the same way, in the middle period, Baba and the drama gave you the experience of using all the facilities available for your own selves.  However, now, at the end, even though nature is your servant and you have all facilities, you must use them all for service and not for yourself.  This is because now, as you progress further, many souls will surrender to the maximum extent their facilities and wealth.  However, you must never accept anything for yourself.  To accept something for yourself means to deprive yourself of an elevated status.  Therefore, become such an embodiment of renunciation and make the instant fruit of service emerge.  Do you understand? 

24.  with your stage of being a karma yogi and with your form of being an embodiment of all virtues, be an example for those who are still to come; become a means for them to receive attainment easily.  Seeing the sample of your practical form, they should have special zeal and enthusiasm.  You should constantly have this thought in every aspect of every task, before any practical proof is given, you are the sample for that.  Only when you have the aim of being a sample in every aspect will you be able to become intense in your effort.  Even though you may have facilities for rest and comfort, do not become one who loves to rest and be comfortable.  Neither become one who loves to rest in your efforts; that is, do not become careless in your effort.  Do not take advantage of the facilities of rest and comfort and make that an obstacle in your attainment for all time.  You have to pay attention to this.  If you accept any type of success or attainment now, then it will be reduced from the account of the future.  You should renounce all facilities when you have them.  To renounce something even though you have attained it is real renunciation.  If you haven't attained something that you renounce, that is a compulsion and not real renunciation.  Do you pay this much attention to yourself, that is, do you understand the meaning of easy yoga; that you have to easily become a yogi soul whilst having all facilities?  You should pay attention to every aspect and check whether something is being subtracted or added to your account.  Achcha.

25.  Do you constantly perform every action considering yourself to be a star?  And, in that too, a sparkling star?  Only such children are constantly merged in Baba's eyes.  That is, they are constantly absorbed in Baba's love.  Together with this, BapDada is constantly merged in their eyes.  Such children, who are the light of the eyes, see but do not see any person or any object except the Father.  Have you created such a stage or are you even now looking at something else?  Can you see the slightest sweetness in any other person?  Do you experience the world to be without any essence?  Do you intellectually experience everyone in this world to be dead?  Would you desire something from a corpse?  Would you experience any relationship with a corpse?  Have you become one who is completely ignorant of even the knowledge of desire, and who therefore constantly experiences the sweetness of One and who has created a stable stage?  Or, do you even now desire to attain something from a corpse?  Or, is some perishable sweetness pulling you towards itself?  Whilst you have a desire or wish to attain something, or whilst you are attracted by some other sweetness, you cannot become the stars of BapDada's eyes and BapDada cannot constantly be merged in your eyes.  There are such special souls who are called the jewels of light, the stars of the eyes or the light of the world.  But the first number is the light of the eyes…….. the double foreigners in particular have to reveal BapDada.  You will only be able to do that when you become the light of the eyes, not the arms.  ……Such special souls should consider themselves to be so special and continue to perform special actions through their thoughts, words and deeds.  The groups from both sides are very good.  Because of you, many other souls received a chance, and all souls, especially the Madhuban niwasis, should consider themselves to be the luckiest.  This is because BapDada cannot celebrate a meeting anywhere other than in Madhuban.  (Why does BapDada not come in Lusaka?)  BapDada can go anywhere in the subtle form.  When such a time comes, then the circumstances and the time will easily and automatically call Baba there.  Achcha.

26.  Nowadays, weak souls who are distressed with all types of difficulties, souls who are searching for their destination and souls who are thirsty for the attainment of peace and happiness, do not want a method for making effort.  Instead of a method, they want easy success.  Only after seeing success will they be able to understand the importance of the method.  What form of you world-benefactor souls do those souls want to see at present?  At the present time, you need to be an embodiment of love; not to be lawful, but to be full of love.  First of all, give them love and then present them with the law.  After experiencing the love, they will experience the law to be the means of experiencing that love, because, the world only has an external sparkle.  In the age of science, there are many facilities of science, but the greater the variety of facilities they have for temporary attainments, the more that true love, that spiritual love, that selfless love is diminishing.  Their love for souls is diminishing and their love for the facilities is increasing.  This is why, because they lack that love, even though they have many types of attainment, they are not content.  In fact, day by day, the discontentment will grow. 

27.  Check yourselves; but let it not be ordinary checking.  According to the time, your checking has to be of a very subtle form.  According to the present time, you should check to what extent you are an embodiment of the method and to what extent you are an embodiment of success.  That is, how much time do you spend in using the method and for how long do you experience the success of itYou have to check what stage you have reached in all four subjects, in your thoughts, words and deeds.  For maharathis, now is not the time to be engaged in using the method, but it is the time to experience the self to be an embodiment of success.  Otherwise, the many difficulties of the present time will easily take away the prestige of souls who are still engaged in using the method and will also create an influence of distress on them.  There is praise of the Pandavs, how, at the end, they melted away on the high mountains, that is, they stabilised themselves in an elevated stage away from body consciousness and the influence of the world of sorrow.  Stabilise yourself in an elevated stage and observe everyone down below as a detached observer.  Only those who stabilise themselves in such a stage are able to be an embodiment of all solutions instead of being an embodiment of problems.  And so, at the present time, you need this type of stage.  Do you have this?  You don't fluctuate even slightly, do you?  You don't have any questions, do you?  "What will happen?  How will it happen?  What will become of me?"  You are unshakeable, are you not?  You should not have the slightest fluctuation from being unshakeable.  Only those who have such a stage can become victorious jewels. 

28.  Life in the foreign countries is very fast; is the speed of effort of you souls just as fast?  There should be nothing except service; service as you wake up, service while you are asleep.  And, even if you have dreams, they should take the form of your being servers: are you servers to this extent?  Every second and every breath should be for service and not for the self.  Not for your own rest, not for your own effort, but together with making effort for the self, there should be effort on others.  This is known as being a server.  Have you stuck the label of being such a serviceable soul on your forehead?  What would be the sign on the forehead of a serviceable soul?  The soul in the form of a jewel.  The jewel on the forehead should be visibly sparkling: this is the label of being serviceable.  Achcha.

29.  Do all of you consider yourselves to be close to the karmateet stage?  What are the signs of coming close to the karmateet stage?  The sign of being close is being equal.  In which aspects?  To come into sound and to go beyond sound; to be a karma yogi in the corporeal form and to go beyond the awareness of the corporeal and stabilise yourself in the incorporeal stage; to listen and become an embodiment of that; to churn knowledge and remain absorbed in that; to have a heart-to-heart conversation and to stabilise in the stage of spirituality; to think and to put into practice; to use the physical organs, that is, to take support of the physical organs and to go beyond the pull of the organs; to use the facilities provided by matter for one's own self and, from time to time, to be independent of those same facilities; to see others and have connection with them, but to see and not to see; whilst having connection with others, to remain as detached as a lotus flower.  To maintain equanimity in all these stages is known as being close to the karmateet stage.

30.  To be stable whilst in the midst of such upheaval on all sides is the final paper.  ….  Therefore, now intensify your speed of becoming equal to the Father…..  If you think that time will make you ready, then such thoughts of carelessness will not allow you to become powerful.  In front of powerful thoughts, all these various wasteful and careless thoughts would finish.  ….  To be ever-ready means that if you receive an order in any situation or atmosphere, or if you receive shrimat, to become independent of the support of all your physical senses and become the conqueror of your physical senses and stabilise in one powerful thought, then as soon as you receive that shrimat, you should immediately be able to stabilise yourself in that stage.  The moment the Father says something, the children should have that stage in that instant; this is known as being ever-ready. 

31.  Wherever there is honesty, that is, wherever there is truth, as well as honesty there will definitely also be cleanliness there.  It is also remembered: The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.  Those who are seated on the heart-throne are definitely serviceable, but the sign of those who are serviceable is that they would have honesty and cleanliness in their relationships and connections; it would be visible in their every thought and word.  That is, every thought of such an elevated soul seated on the heart-throne would be truthful; their every word would be true.  True means it would be filled with truth and true means it would be successful, that is, any thought or word would not be ordinary or wasteful.  They would be so serviceable that, in their every step, at every moment in their vision, they would only see altruistic service for all souls.  Whilst asleep they would be thinking of service, and whilst awake and as they move around, they would be doing service.  Even in their dreams, they would not have anything apart from service.  Only such serviceable souls who are unshakeable and tireless would be able to be seated on BapDada's heart-throne. 

32.  At every moment, check whether you have become complete in having both the power to pack up and the power to face.  You need to have the practice over a long period of time of using the practical power to pack up.  Do not start to pack up at the last moment; otherwise, your time would finish in just packing up.  The task of packing up should then have been completed.  Only then will you be able to fulfil the promise you have made: "Having one strength and one support, constantly eating with You, sitting with You, speaking to You and listening to You".  It shouldn't be that for eight hours you speak and listen to Him and then for the rest of the time you spend in listening to souls.  ……  Be your own judge, not of someone else.  Having seen the unique games of the children at amrit vela, BapDada remains amused throughout the day.  The pose and position of each one at that time is worth taking a picture of.  You use the weapons given to you by the Father against the Father: "You said this, gyan says this."  Baba just smiles and continues to observe your games.  Instead of being warriors, become victorious, for only then will you be able to sit on the trimurti throne.  Do you understand?  Achcha……by performing every act whilst within the light of the avyakt stage, what would all of you heroes and heroines of this unlimited drama look like?  Alokik angels.  Instead of corporeal beings, you would be seen as residents of the subtle region.  Even whilst being corporeal, you would be experienced as angelic beings.  Each act would automatically attract others……the eyes of angels will work like a divine T.V.  Similarly, the sparkling jewel on the forehead of angels will give other souls a vision of their form of a lighthouse and might-house and clearly show them the path to their elevated destination.  In the same way, the yuktiyukt words of angels, that is, the invaluable words of angels will fill the aprons of every beggar soul with jewels. 

33.  There shouldn't be the influence of thoughts of fear: What will happen?  How will it happen?  For this, from time to time, a special, programme for staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance should officially be sent from Madhuban through which the fortress of souls will remain very strong. Nowadays, service is to increase a great deal.  However, together with this expansion, you also need to be yuktiyukt.  Not everyone nowadays comes to become a gyani soul.  One quality is of souls who will become the same as the Father and become masters.  So the first quality is to become like the Father, the second quality is of those who have a relationship with the Father, and the third quality are those who stay in contact with the Father and His service. 

34.  the day should not just be passed in an ordinary way, otherwise that influence would increase.  Therefore, all the children's attention should be drawn especially to making the atmosphere powerful through the pilgrimage of remembrance.  How will you be able to save yourself from the atmosphere of that world?  What stage would you need?  What stage would you call it when you are a yogi as well as a karma yogi?  Special attention must now be paid to such points.  Greater attention now has to be paid to the subject of the pilgrimage of remembrance.  At every centre, there should be one or another programme so that those who come are able to fill themselves with power.  At such times, they should also remain detached and face the problems as detached observers.  For this, the power of remembrance is needed.  Create a programme of sharing points or classes for each one's safety and for making the Brahmins clever and cautious through which everyone can feel that they are receiving special light from the lighthouse of Madhuban.  Achcha.…..You should not be subservient to any attraction or any suffering of karma or any physical organ.  But you have to become one who has all rights.  …..  The moment you have a thought to have yoga, you should be able to experience that instantly.  As soon as you say Baba, you should experience the stage of yoga.  This is the stage of closeness.  In fact, you are always seated on the seat.  Just as someone sitting on a throne cannot forget that he is a king, in the same way, one who is stabilised in this stage can never forget that he has all rights.

35.  Are all of you accurate and yuktiyukt?  Sometimes, some things happen, and they have to happen.  How else would your final paper come?  These are also practical papers.  These papers enable you to accumulate marks.  Whilst accumulating marks, you come into the list of those who pass with honour.  Whatever happens is to enable you to accumulate marks.  You have to accumulate them in all aspects, not just in the subject of the pilgrimage of remembrance; you have to accumulate marks in all four subjects.  Only then will you pass with honour. Success in every task is already guaranteed in advance; whether it is behind the curtains or in front of the curtains.  In some cases, the success is behind the curtain and in other cases, the success is visible.  However, in both instances, there is success and revelation.  For some time, there will be that which is incognito.  It takes time for that which is hidden to become visible.  Achcha.

36.  what did Arjuna become when he forgot the company of the Father, that is, the company of his co-charioteer?  Weak and cowardly.  And when he had the awareness that his companion and co-charioteer was the Father, he became victorious.  There is only one easy yukti for constant remembrance and that is to constantly keep yourself in the combined form and to constantly have this awareness.  Then, let alone thoughts of weakness, you wouldn't even have any dreams of it.  Let there be the combined form whilst awake and whilst asleep.…..  Just as the Father is on service as the Obedient Servant, in the same way, each co-operative companion who is Baba's child has to become an obedient servant the same as the Father.  An obedient servant cannot remain carefree; he remains engaged in service day and night.  Just as the Father is fulfilling His companionship in the faithful form, so too, the children have to become obedient and become those who follow Baba's every order and fulfil their companionship.  You have to become constant companions in this way.  Achcha.

37.  What would be the sign of one who has created an elevated fortune?  Do you know that?  Such a fortunate soul would be following the Father in every thought, every word and every action.  His thoughts would be for the service of world benefit, the same as the Father's.  Every word would be constructive, filled with humility and greatness.  In his awareness, on the one hand, he would have the intoxication of being an unlimited master and on the other hand, he would be a world server soul.  On the one hand, he would have the intoxication of all rights and on the other hand, he would be like the Father: respectful to all, a bestower and a bestower of blessings to every soul.  No matter whether the other soul is an enemy or someone who has come as an instrument to enable you to settle the accounts of many past births - even souls who have become instruments to make you fall from such an elevated stage, even souls who come into conflict with you because of your sanskars, even souls who have an attitude of dislike towards you - for all souls he would be a bestower and a bestower of blessings.  Even a soul who comes to kick you should be experienced to be a benevolent soul.  Words of insult or defamation should be experienced as praiseworthy to be remembered, and defamation should be experienced as praise.  Just as all of you defamed the Father at the copper age, but He accepted that defamation as praise and in return for the defamation you caused, He gave you knowledge, not dislike, as the fruit of bhakti - in fact, He became even more merciful - so, too, follow the Father.  Only those who follow the Father in this way become the greatly fortunate souls.  Just as the Father makes the souls who have separated from Him belong to Him and makes them even more elevated than Himself, in the same way, the children who have a great fortune become the same as the Father and will be world benefactors and have the good wishes to make others move ahead of themselves.  This is referred to as a sign of having the characteristics of a constant yogi.…..  To make a hopeless case become hopeful or to make a disheartened soul into a star of hope is a wonder. 

38.  It is a Godly law that those who try to prove themselves in any way will never become renowned.  Therefore, such thoughts as, "I know that I am right; others don't know or recognize it; ultimately they will recognize me.  Let's see what happens later on", are thoughts of sleep.  For a soul who is an embodiment of gyan and an embodiment of remembrance, this is a sweet sleep of carelessness and self-deception.  ……You should also check if whilst moving and walking, any type of tiredness makes you sleep in the sleep of ignorance.  This is why the memorial of the special virtue of becoming the conquerers of sleep a kalpa ago has also been remembered.  You have to become the conquerers of every type of sleep.  You also have to make a list of which types of sleep do not allow you to become a conqueror of sleep.  Before falling asleep, there are visible signs of sleep.  The sign of that sleep is yawning, and a sign of the sleep of ignorance is sorrow.  Look out for such types of signs.  There are two main aspects of this; one is laziness and the second is carelessness.  Firstly, it is these signs that come and then later the intoxication of sleep.  Therefore, thoroughly check this.  Along with checking you also have to change.  Don't just go on checking; you have to do both, checking and changing.  Achcha.

39.  If BapDada were to give you a direction to transform your awareness in one second, that is, if you were told to stabilise yourself in the awareness of the soul and not the body, then, would you be able to: 1. transform your awareness in one second?  2. transform your attitude in one second?  3. transform your nature and sanskars in one second?  4. transform those who are in connection with you, the soul, in one second?  5. transform your fleeting thoughts in one second, from wasteful to powerful? 6. change the speed of your effort from ordinary to intense in one second? 7.Go beyond the corporeal world and make yourself a resident of the incorporeal world, Paramdham, in one second? This is known as the power of transformationAt the confluence age, the play is of transformation.  Just as you check all the other powers within yourself, in the same way, do you also check to what extent you have the power of transformation in all these aspects?  To experience obstacles in your effort means to lack the power of transformation.The basis of all attainments is the power to transform.  Because of not being able to transform yourself, you are not able to reach the elevated aim that you have for yourself.  Because of not having the power to transform, even whilst wanting something, whilst adopting the means for that, whilst having the right company, whilst following the disciplines according to your capacity, and even whilst calling yourself a Brahmin, you are not content with yourself.  Just the power of transformation alone becomes the means for coming close to the Almighty Authority Father and all the elevated souls.  If you do not have the power of transformation, you will constantly experience yourself to be standing aside and deprived of all attainments.  You will then experience yourself to be one who sees and hears everything from a distance.  You will remain thirsty for the experience of love, co-operation and power.  The expansion of many types of desires, hopes and wishes will constantly appear in front of you like storms.  Because of these storms, the destination of attainment will constantly seem far away.

40.  There shouldn't be any fear.  At that time, to even have the awareness that you are female is wrong.  You must never consider yourself to be alone.  You should always maintain the awareness of your combined form of a Shiv Shakti.  With the stage of the combined form, you are not just a Shakti, but a Shiv Shakti.  When someone sees two together, he is hesitant in attacking them.  In the same way, the combined stage would influence nature or the person at that time, that is, they would hesitate in attacking you in any way.  Not just a person, but even the elements of nature would hesitate, that is, even the elements would not be able to attack you.  You would be protected when you are even just one step away.  Even though they would have weapons, even though they have the power of their weapons, they would become weak.  However, at that time, you have to use the power of transformation, with the awareness that you are not alone, that you are not a female, but that you are a Shiv Shakti in the combined form.  You need the power of transformation for this, do you not, so that you are able to transform the person or nature with your powerful awareness and attitude? 

41.  Bring about transformation in one second, because the entire play is based on just one second. At such a time, on the one hand, you should be able to remember the lesson of "nothing new" through which you experience the stage of experiencing benefit no matter what happens.  That is, you should have the stage of being a detached observer so that whilst seeing all these scenes, you would experience pleasure.  As well as this you would also have the stage of being world benefactors and feel mercy.  There has to be the balance of the two.  There should be the stage of being a detached observer as well as a world transformer.  …..You were told earlier that because you lack the power of transformation, the storms of many desires could be seen; the majority of children were visible in this scene, numberwise.  What call could be heard from them?  That of: I wish to do something.  Why does it not happen?  This should happen, but it is not happening even though I make a lot of effort.  Such types of sound emerging from the mind were heard from them.  Therefore, the means for coming out of this storm is to increase the power of transformation and you will be able to attain the practical fruit.  Always have the awareness that you are a world transformer co-operating with the Father.  I am a world transformer.  My duty is to bring about transformation, that is, I have attained this Brahmin birth for this task.  So continue to move along whilst keeping your original task in your awareness.  Achcha.

42.  Only when you stabilise yourself on the seat of the immortal throne and in the stage of being an immortal image, together with Baba, the Great Death, will you be able to face everything.  In order to witness the great destruction, you will have to become a master great death.  What is the easy method to become a master great death?  The method to become an immortal image is to be constantly seated on the immortal throne.  If there is the slightest body consciousness, then, like sudden death, you will be defeated by a sudden attack.  Just as the five elements of nature adopt a fearsome form, in the same way, the five vices will also adopt their powerful form and will try to attack you in the final war in a very subtle way.  That is, Maya and nature will make their final stand with full force.  Just as in a physical war, the final scene may be one that brings about downfall or it could even be one that increases your courage, so too, for weak souls, this scene would bring about their downfall, whereas for master almighty authority souls, it would be a scene that creates courage and enthusiasm. At that time, in order to have the stage that you were just told about, which power would you need?  Which power do you need in the game of victory and defeat of just one second?  At such a time, you need the power to pack up.  So what should happen to thoughts of body consciousness and to thoughts of the circumstances of the physical world?  You also have to merge the upheaval of these thoughts.  You have to merge all thoughts of the body and all physical things related to the body, as well as thoughts of attaining physical facilities that you might need.  There should not be the slightest expansion of any thought other than the thought of returning home.  There should just be the thought that you are now about to return to your home.  No contact or relation of the body should bring you down.  Those who have visions at this time experience, on the basis of their vision, that "I, the soul, am flying even beyond the sky".  In the same way, gyani and yogi souls will also have the same experience.  At that time, you will not receive any help from trance.  You need to have the foundation of knowledge and yoga.  For this, practise being seated on the immortal throne.  You will then be able to experience the bodiless stage whenever you want.  With the yoga of the intellect, take support of the body whenever you wish.  Use the blessing of "May you be bodiless", from this time.  How would you take shrimat at such a time?  Would you have a wireless set or a telephone or receive a telegram?  (Wireless set - an instrument to transmit messages through magnetic wires.)  You need to have a wireless, but is it set?  How would you set the wireless?  By becoming totally viceless.  To become viceless means to set the wireless.  The slightest trace of vice would make the wireless set completely useless.  Therefore, become your own checker in a very subtle way.  Only then will you be able to be victorious and face the final attack of the five vices.  Instead of attacking you, the same nature will bring scenes of congratulations in front of you. 

43.  Just as the picture is the memorial of giving a finger of co-operation to lift the iron-aged mountain, in the same way, all the souls who are instruments to bring about destruction should have the determined thought that it has to happen.  Unless everyone's finger of determined thought has been given, the task of destruction will still wait.  The iron-aged mountain is to finish with this finger.  Achcha…..continue to observe all games as a detached observer.  Apply a full-stop and continue to move forward. In order to remove your weaknesses, make special time to have tapasya.  You have to become complete and make others complete.  Therefore, reduce your time of sleeping, preparing food and eating and have tapasya.  Make some extra time for this.  Don't say that you are very busy and that you don't have any time.  You will not find any time, but you have to make time.  You may do service, but instead of giving one hour for that service, if you become powerful and do it in forty-five minutes, you will receive the fruit of two hours.  So save your time.  You are not those who bring benefit to just your centre, but you are world benefactors.  Have power within yourself, have love within yourself and have Godly attraction in yourself so that everyone becomes your companion.  Adopt one or another method to have special tapasya.  You yourselves are responsible for this.

44.  What symbol would be visible for a soul who spins the discus?  Have all of you seen your own symbol?  Those who spin the discus will be visible as those who have a canopy of light.  The visible symbol of the discus that is shown is the discus (halo) of light.  Those who have such a discus (halo) will be constantly free from the various types of spinning of Maya.  In the same way, they will be constantly free from the many types of spinning of wasteful thoughts of the awareness of their own body, from the spinning of the lokik and alokik relations, free from the spinning of the nature and sanskars of their many births and free from the spinning of the attractions of matter and the elements.  Apart from the spinning of the discus of self-realisation, they would not be involved in any type of spinning.  Through the powers they have received from the Father, they would also easily free other souls from the many different types of spinning.  What would be the symbol for the many types of spinning of Maya?  Just as a soul who spins the discus would have a crown of light and have a right to the Father's inheritance, in the same way, what would be the symbol of those who become involved in the many types of spinning of Maya?  Just as those souls have a crown of light on their head, so too, these souls would have, not a crown, but a burden of many types of obstacles.  They would constantly experience a burden on their head, that is, they would constantly experience this in their intellect.  Such souls would constantly be in debt and ill.  Their face and forehead would constantly have a question mark.  They would constantly be asking, "Why? what? how?" in every aspect.  Their intellect would not be able to become stable for even one second, that is, they would not be able to apply a full stop.  The sign of a full-stop is a point, that is, they would not have the stage of a point even in their thoughts.  In their thoughts and in their deeds, they would not be able to let the past be the past and apply a full-stop and have the awareness of "nothing new", nor would they have the awareness that whatever happens is beneficial.  They would not be able to apply such a full-stop.  When you see a question-mark, the symbol for that is crooked.  To write a full-stop is very easy.  It is more difficult to write a question-mark than to write a full-stop.  So, to ask many types of questions, either of the self, of others or of the Father is a sign that the soul is not a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and so that soul cannot remain under the canopy.

45.  The burden of debt makes all the weakness within the soul take on the form of an illness.  How can those who have such a double-burden become the spinners of the discus of self-realisation? One are those who spin the discus and the other are those who carry a burden.  How would souls who carry a burden become double-light?  This is why the sound that emerges from such souls again and again is that they don't experience anything.  They continue to listen to everything and they continue to move along, but they cannot see the destination of any attainment.  What does the Father do when He hears and sees that the children are feeling something to be very difficult?  He smiles; what else would He do?  But even so, because of being the merciful Father, He continually gives you courage and enthusiasm by telling you that you are the children who have attained victory many times.  When you maintain courage, the Father will help.  Therefore, continue to move along; do not stop. 

46.  children were giving themselves the blessing of remaining double light and also receiving this blessing.  Some children were stabilised in the stage of being world benefactors and were giving blessings and the great donation of all the powers received from the Father to all souls.  Baba saw three types of result.  First were those who take.  Second were those who were celebrating a meeting and third were those who received and then gave, that is, those who were earning an income.  He saw three types of children in all directions……  There were three types of these also.  One were those who simply listened to everything, that is, those who remained happy after just listening to everything.  The second were those who listened to everything and merged it within themselves and the third were those who became knowledge-full, the same as the Father, and were making others the same. After seeing this, Baba saw the third stage; that of a karma yogi.  What did He see in the third stage?  First were those who were lotus flowers.  The second were spiritual roses and the third were a variety of flowers.  The majority were amongst the variety of flowers; there were also sun flowers.  When the Sun of Knowledge was personally in front of them, they were in full bloom, but when they stepped away from the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, instead of flowers, they became buds, that is, their form and colour would change.  What were the lotus flowers doing?  Whilst performing all tasks, whilst coming into relationship with all their contacts, they were detached and also remained loving to the Father.  Whilst performing deeds amidst the atmosphere, under impure influence and with souls who have different attitudes, they had the stage of equanimity in performing both deeds and yoga.  Amidst all types of upheaval, they were stable.  But, how many such souls were there?  About 25%, and in that too, the majority were Shaktis.  The Pandavs may be wondering why.  Baba will also relate the speciality of the Pandavs; just have a little patience.  There is also praise for the Pandavs, the equals of the Father of the Pandavs.

47.  Who were the spiritual roses compared to the lotus flowers?  The spiritual roses are those who are constantly stable in their spirituality and who look at others with the vision of spirituality, who constantly see others as a jewel on the forehead.  Together with this, with their stage of spirituality, they constantly, that is, at every moment, have the pure thought of making other souls spiritual through their own awareness, vision and attitude.  That is, at every moment, they move along as yogi and serviceable souls.  BapDada only saw a few such spiritual roses spread around the whole garden.  This was a very small percentage.  Out of the variety of flowers, the first 10% were sun flowers.  The second quality were of seasonal flowers: every season has a particular type of flower that is very beautiful and very colourful, and it has the beauty and sparkle of that season.  They increase the show of the garden.  BapDada saw many such colourful seasonal flowers; He saw the colour and the form: the form was of a Brahma Kumar or Kumari and the colour was of knowledge.  So, there was the colour and the form; however, spirituality was lacking.  The fragrance of spiritual vision and attitude was almost nil.  Because of the season, they would slightly bloom for a short time, and after that short time, they would wilt.  They would not be constantly steady.  The majority was of such colourful flowers that only bloom according to the season.

48.  At the present time, the practice of having spiritual vision and attitude is absolutely essential.  75% are weak in this practice of spirituality.  The majority definitely become attracted to the attractions of one or another type of matter; either persons or objects definitely attract them towards themselves at some time.  In that also, they become very distressed in the spinning of the thoughts of their mind.  Because of this distress, they become disheartened with themselves.  In fact, if Brahmin souls have any vicious vision or attitude in their thoughts, that is, if they are looking at the skin, that is, if they have sinful feelings towards the body, then those who have such feelings come in the list of those who are the greatest sinners.  In Brahmin life, the biggest sin or the biggest stain is of having vicious feelings.  The intellect of those who have the blessing of a divine eye, of those who have such a divine intellect and divine eye cannot be even slightly touched with such thoughts.  With your divine eye, your vision should not, for even one second, see the skin or the body.  The pure food and interaction for the divine intellect and the divine eye are pure thoughts.  If you let go of the food of pure thoughts and accept impure food, that is, if you become influenced by your thoughts, then those who have such impure food would be called impure souls, that is, the greatest sinners, the ones who commit suicide of the soul. 

49.  use at the right time with the right method the powers and the points of knowledge that they have attained.  They have love for the Father, they also have love for knowledge and a life that is complete with all divine virtues.  However, together with that love (preet), they do not know the method (reet), or, if they know the method, they don't know how to have love.  Therefore, even something invaluable becomes the basis of ordinary attainment.  In a physical aspect, no matter how great a weapon may be or how valuable a possession you may have, if you don't know how to use it, you are not able to receive the attainment you should from that.  In the same way, knowledgeable children are not able to receive the attainment they should from knowledge and the powers.  BapDada feels mercy for such souls…..Because of not knowing the method, you are not able to receive the attainment that you should.  So how can you adopt the method?  For this, you need the power to discern.  Because you do not have the power to discern, you use the power to face at a time when you are supposed to use the power to accommodate.  When you need to use the power to pack up, you use the power to create expansion.  This is why, the thought may be of success, but you are not able to receive the attainment of success according to your thought.  What is the main basis of attaining a special power?  What do you need in order to strengthen your power of discernment?  If an instrument is not able to give proper recognition of something, what is the reason for that?  In order to increase your power of discernment, you need to have the elevated stage of being incorporeal, egoless, viceless and free from sin.  If any one aspect out of the four is lacking, then, due to not having this elevated dharna, there isn't that clarity.  Only that which is elevated is clear.  It is this confusion which doesn't allow the intellect to become clean.  Cleanliness is greatness.  Therefore, increase your power of discernment.  Only then will you be able to experience yourself to be a master ocean of all virtues, the same as the Father.

50.  Do not simply experience the bliss of listening to it and possessing it, but continually use it for yourself and for all other souls, because according to the Godly principle, the more the attainment of the present time is used, the more it will increase.  Just as for donation, it is said: "Wealth never finishes by giving it", that is, to give it means to increase it, in the same way, by experiencing the Godly attainments in this way, there will not be little attainment, but instead, you will experience yourself to be an embodiment of all attainments.  By using it again and again, you will be able to make your form that which is required by the time, and you will be able to use whatever power is needed at that particular time in the right way.  You will be saved from being deceived at any time of need.  To be saved from being deceived means to be saved from sorrow.  So what will you become?  Constantly cheerful, that is, constantly happy and you will have the fortune of happiness.  So now, have mercy on yourself.  And, by using all the attainments, and by knowing the method together with having love, become those who are constantly master oceans of knowledge.  Become the oceans of power and the oceans of all attainments.  Achcha.

51.  constantly and easily have these three stages: of self-respect for your own self, of eternal feelings for others and of constant good wishes for others?  ….. 'Who am I?'  This one term is the key to all the treasures of happiness, the treasures of all powers, the treasures of the wealth of knowledge and the treasures of breath and time.  ….. constantly stay in the awareness of your self-respect.  At amrit vela, revise this lesson of 'Who am I?' by yourself.  Use this key from amrit vela.  Do not just create a bank balance, but also put it to use and then your stage will automatically become according to your awareness.

52.  Unless you first become a world server, you cannot become a world emperor.  In order to become a world emperor, you have to pass through three stages.  The first stage is to be an unlimited renunciate who renounces everything in one second; not one who wastes time in thinking about it, but who instantly surrenders everything to the one Father at once.  The second stage is to be a constant and tireless server and the third stage is to be one who constantly has an attitude of unlimited disinterest.  An unlimited renunciate, an unlimited server and an attitude of unlimited disinterest.  As well as becoming a lighthouse and a might-house at the end, only those who have gone through these three stages can become a world emperor.  So check yourself to see which stage you have reached.  Become your own judge.  Those who become their own judge before going to the land of Dharamraj are saved from the punishment of Dharamraj.

53.  The Father does not wish to see the children in the land of Dharamraj.  Do you know what the easy method is to become free from punishment in the land of Dharamraj?  On the path of ignorance also, it is said: Do everything after careful consideration.  First think about it and then put it into action or words.  If you perform every deed after careful consideration, then instead of performing wasteful deeds, you will perform powerful deeds.  Before a deed is done, the thought emerges.  The thought is the seed.  If the seed, that is, the thought, is powerful, then the deed and words are automatically powerful.  Therefore, in the effort of the present time, you have to make every thought very powerful.  Thoughts are the elevated treasure of life.  Just as you can attain whatever you want and as much as you want from your own treasures, in the same way, you can attain an elevated reward for all time through elevated thoughts.  Always keep this little slogan in your awareness: I have to speak and do everything after careful consideration.  Only then will I be able to create an elevated life for all time and become free from punishment in the land of Dharamraj.  What is the duty of a judge?  To give judgment after careful consideration.  Become your own justice in every thought.  Through this, you will be able to claim the status of a world emperor in heaven.  Achcha.

54.  Whatever relationship you forge with someone else, whether it is of a brother or a sister or any other relationship, then, because it is distributed, that relationship would definitely be reduced with the One.  When the heart is broken, it breaks into pieces.  Even the Father doesn't accept a broken heart.  This is a deep philosophy of relationships.  You should have no relationship with anyone except the One; no friend, no brother, no sister.  Because, otherwise, you would remember a particular soul in that relationship.

55.  Even in your thoughts, there should be no other soul.  This is known as fulfilling your responsibility completely and fully.  No matter what the situation is: whether of your mind or your body or of your relationships and connections, no other soul should enter your thoughts.  The very second you even have the awareness of another soul even in your thoughts, an account is created.  …. At that time, because of distress, you take the support of any little straw that comes in front of you.  But, do you not realise that through doing this you become one with no supportAchcha.

56.  Do you actually see unconscious souls in front of you, or is it just for the sake of saying it?  Unless you experience everyone to be already dead, that is, unless you experience this world to be a graveyard, you cannot become one who has unlimited disinterest.  …….You will very clearly be able to see in yourself the signs of the perfect stage.  Do you know what those signs would be?  Are you able to experience them? The first sign is that there won't be any attachment, either in your thoughts or your dreams, for any person or object.  You will constantly consider yourself to have stepped away from the iron-aged world and to be in the confluence age.  You will see souls of the entire world with the vision of mercy and benevolence.  You will constantly experience yourself to be a server, the same as the Father.  You will constantly experience yourself to be victorious in every situation and test.  You will perform every deed considering the right to victory to be your birthright.  You will constantly experience yourself to be seated on the trimurti throne.  Because of being an embodiment of the trikaldarshi awareness, being one who knows the three aspects of time of every action, you make every action an elevated action, a pure action.  You will experience your account of sin to be finished.  You will constantly experience every task and every thought to be already accomplished.  You will experience yourself to be beyond old sanskars and nature.  You will constantly experience yourself to be set on the seat of a detached observer. These are the signs and also the target. Such a soul is called a Raj Rishi.  Have you become such a Raj Rishi

57.  Brahmin means your speaking and doing, your thinking and speaking, your listening and putting into practice would be the same.  ….  To become merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father's.  Maharathis would have such a powerful experience to a greater extent, whereas all others would still be trying to draw love and power.  They would finish their time still battling, whereas as soon as the maharathis sit in remembrance, they become merged.  Their love is so powerful that they enable the Father to merge in themselves.  The Father and the child would both have a similar stage.  Just as the Father is incorporeal, the child would also be incorporeal.  As are the virtues of the Father, so too, maharathi children would have similar virtues.  So you have become masters, have you not?  The meeting of the maharathi children means to become absorbed in love and merge with the Father.  To merge means to experience oneself to have the same form as the Father's.  At that time, there would not be any difference experienced in the virtues and form of the Father and those of the maharathi children.  Whilst being corporeal, they are lost in the love of the incorporeal One.  So, their form also becomes the same as that of the Father, that is, they have their incorporeal form practically in their awareness.  When their form is like that of the Father, their virtues are also the same as the Father's.  This is why the meeting of the maharathis means to become merged in the Father.  Just as a river merges into an ocean and takes on the same form as the ocean, so you experience all the virtues of the Father in yourself.  …. Something that is very dearly loved is constantly merged with you.  This is the meeting with the maharathis at amrit vela.  ….  Baba is like a magnet, and so, those who are clean come close.  Externally, no matter how much someone tries, it is only the clean souls who are able to become merged like a magnet.  That scene is very wonderful.  There is great pleasure in observing the scene as a detached observer.

58.  One is to be known as a special soul on the basis of having performed a special task.  Second is to be called a special soul on the basis of virtues.  Third is to be known as a special soul on the basis of one's position or status and fourth is through enabling others to have special attainment on the basis of one's connection and relationship.  Whilst keeping all these four types of speciality in front of you, check which stage and to what percentage you have them within yourself….. To have the horoscope of one another matching means to have their natures, sanskars, virtues and service in perfect unity.  Of course, they cannot be equal; it would be numberwise.  However, the difference would be very slight, the visible difference would be almost neglegible.  How many souls who have such harmony been prepared?  Has half the rosary been created? 

59.  This is known as success.  This does not happen because you do not have, in an emerged way, the awareness of your perfect form complete with all powers.  "I am an effort-maker.  I will become complete and perfect.  It definitely will happen, but it will happen numberwise.  My duty is to make effort and I am doing that according to my capacity."  These seed thoughts of every second are not filled with all powers.  By thinking that, anyway, it will happen, thoughts of the present are filled with thoughts of the future.  You do not have the power of the sweetness of determined faith or the practical fruit, and so success is not visible either.  However, you have some attainment after two seconds, or after an hour or after a few days.  So, do you understand the reason for this?  Because of your seed thought, you do not have the success of instant attainment.  You have many types of ordinary thoughts.  You know that something is going to happen according to the time, but that all preparations are not yet made.  As yet, even the numbers at the front are not ready.  Finally, there will only be eight who pass.  Such ordinary thoughts of the future, which you should not use at that time, are used in this way, and this makes the seed weak.  And, because of this, the instant fruit becomes transformed into fruit of the future.So, in order to attain instant fruit, make the seed thought powerful with the water of determined faith: This is already accomplished.  It definitely will happen.  Only then will you become an embodiment of instant success. 

60.  You have been told of the two special aspects which are needed to achieve results as in your memorial images: solitude and stability.  Adopt this method in a practical way, exactly as you did a kalpa ago.  Because you lack stability, you lack determined faith.  Because of not being in solitude sufficiently, ordinary thoughts make the seed weak.  …..Previously, you were unconscious, that is, you were not aware of your own self.  Since you didn't know who you were, you were unconscious, were you not?  You have now become conscious.  One who is conscious can never forget the Father.  Constantly remember that you are always victorious.  Achcha.

61.  Do all of you consider yourselves to be those who understand the method and the law given by the Father who is the Law-maker?  Those who know the method and the law are embodiments of success and have practical results of their every thought and every deed.  Do you experience yourselves to be like this?  To be an embodiment of success means to be an emperor of the land that is free from sorrow.  Before attaining the fortune of the kingdom of the future, you would be a carefree emperor at the present time, that is, there would be no trace of sorrow even in your thoughts, because you have come away from the iron age and are, at present, in the confluence age.  Do you consider yourselves to be the confluence-aged emperors of the land that is free from sorrow? 

62.  Do you know your treasures?  Whilst keeping all the treasures in your awareness, constantly remain cheerful, that is, constantly remain beyond the attraction of the elements and the five vices.  Together with these treasures of happiness, do you experience your complete and perfect form of belonging to the one Father and none other?  You know how to keep the key to the treasures with yourself carefully, do you not?  You don't lose the key, do you? 

63.  Now, with the matchstick of determined thought, burn away weaknesses of Ravan. Angels are double light.  One kind of light is to constantly be the form of light.  The second kind of light is to be detached from the burden of any type of karmic accounts of the past, that is, to remain light.  Do you consider yourselves to be the form of light in this way?

64.  Since you have surrendered everything, it means you have surrendered your thoughts, breath, words, relations, all people, material possessions, sanskars, nature, attitude, vision and awareness.  This is called surrender.  You use an even more powerful word than surrender, that is, you call yourselves the complete renunciates.

65.  Are all of you complete renunciates or just renunciates?  To be a complete renunciate means that whatever you have renounced, whether it is relations, connections, intentions, nature or sanskars, you have renounced them together with their progeny and all trace of the karmic accounts of the last sixty-three births.  This is why it is called complete renunciation.  …… Become victorious over the ten aspects: any trace of the five vices and any type of attraction of the five elements, that is, celebrate the day of true victory.  Achcha.

66.  Just as the rays of the sun make the world full of light and dispel darkness from every corner, so too, the jewels who are master embodiments of knowledge were those who were spreading rays of their own powers in all directions.  The rays of all the powers of each one were reaching the entire world.  …The first number were souls equal to the Father and the second number were of those close to the Father. 

67.  The slogan for intense effort is: Whatever thoughts I have, they will create an atmosphere accordingly.  Thoughts affect the atmosphere and the atmosphere affects your effort.  Whoever has any particular thought, others will follow that person.  Action is a gross aspect, but now you even have to pay attention to your thoughts.  Do not consider thoughts to be something insignificant, because thoughts are the seed.  If the seed of thought is weak, you will never experience powerful fruit.  To waste even one second is a great mistake.  Just as you experience making a mistake of words, so too, you should be able to experience having made a mistake of waste thoughts.  Only when you have such checking will you be able to move forward. 

68.  Just as there is the memorial of the Shaktis who used to tour with the inner vehicle, so too, the Father also tours through the avyakt form.  To travel with the inner vehicle means to travel with the avyakt form.  You need to practise this and then you will also experience it.  Just as by means of science, with binoculars, you can see a distant scene very clearly, in the same way, with the eyes of remembrance and your angelic form, you will experience a distant scene to be as close as though you are seeing it with your physical eyes.  You will see it, that is, experience it, very clearly……The main foundation of science is light.  The splendour of science is on the basis of light; it has the power of light.  In the same way, the foundation of the power of silence is divine insight.  With this, you can have wonderful experiences of the power of silence.  Just as you are able to travel by physical means, so too, you should be able to experience a scene of any particular place at any time you want.  It would not only be you having this experience, but wherever you reach, the people there would experience meeting you personally.  This is the result of being an embodiment of success.  …..However, for this, you firstly need to be light; there should be no type of burden on your intellect; and secondly, your timetable for the whole day should be like that of the father.  Then, like father Brahma had visions at the beginning, you too will have visions at the end.  Do you understand?

69.  You can only bring benefit to others when you yourself are complete.  Unless you yourself are complete, you cannot bring benefit to the world.  Your vision should constantly be unlimited.  When you have the unlimited intoxication of unlimited service, you will be able to claim the unlimited kingdom.  A successful teacher is one who constantly remains cheerful and makes others happy.  Do you understand the signs of being an embodiment of success?  A teacher has to become an embodiment of success.  You should not have anything other than the Father and service in your awareness.  Teachers who have such awareness will always remain powerful; they cannot be weak. 

70.  Do you have the firm practice of being incorporeal and beyond the consciousness of the body, of stabilising in soul consciousness, and of observing your own part and the part of others as a detached observer, like the Father?  Do you constantly have the stage of a detached observer in your consciousness?  Unless you constantly have the consciousness of a detached observer, you cannot make BapDada your Companion.  The experience of the stage of a detached observer enables you to experience the companionship of the Father.  You consider yourself to be God's friend, do you not?  That is, you have made BapDada your closest Friend, haven't you?  Have you made Baba the Conqueror of your heart?  Do you experience wanting to share the secrets of your heart with anyone other than the Father, even in your thoughts?  If you experience the happiness of all relationships with the one Father, and you have the experience of attainment of the love of all relationships, then your intellect cannot be drawn to any other relationship. 

71.  when you know that your sanskars are showing their form in your thoughts, then instil the habit or practice of first of all checking your thoughts and seeing whether they are like those of the Father……….check whether your thoughts are the same as the Father's or not.  Check on this basis and then speak or act.  It is when you forget the foundation that sanskars of shudras and of poison become mixed.  When food has poison mixed into it, that food can make someone unconscious.  In the same way, the poison of a trace of a shudra becomes mixed into your food or diet of thoughts, and you then become unconscious to the remembrance and power of the Father.  So, consider yourself to be a special soul and become your own checker.  Do you understand?  Stay in your pride of being a special soul and you will not be distressed.  Achcha, this is a yukti to finish your sanskars.  If you constantly remain busy in this task, and constantly stabilise yourself in the awareness of being a holy swan, you would easily be able to distinguish between pure and impure, …And, because the intellect is busy in this task, it will become free from the complaint of having waste thoughts. Secondly, throughout the day, you are not able to experience the happiness of all relationships with the Father according to the time.  This experience of the gopis and Pandavs has been remembered.  You have not yet had the experience of the happiness of all relationships with the Father and of remaining absorbed, that is, of being merged in the love of all relationships with the Father.  You experience the happiness of the special relationships of the Father and Teacher, but you have very little experience of the attainment of the happiness of all relationships.  Therefore, in whichever relationship you have not experienced happiness, attachment in the intellect is pulled by those relationships with others, and that attachment for a soul or the intellect's love for another becomes an obstacle.  So, throughout the day, experience different relationships.  If, at this time, you do not experience the happiness of all relationships with the Father, you will remain deprived of the attainment of complete happiness and sweetness of all relationships.  If you do not have this happiness at this time, when would you experience it?  You will have relationships with souls throughout the kalpa, but if you do not experience all relationships with the Father at this time, you would never experience them.  So keep yourself busy, day and night, in the happiness of all relationships.  By constantly staying in this happiness, all other relationships will appear to be without any strength or sweetness.  Then, the intellect will be able to stabilise itself in one place; its wandering will stop and you will constantly continue to swing in the swing of happiness.  By creating such a stage, you will automatically and easily become an intense effort-maker.  All complaints will finish and you will become complete.  Do you understand the response to your complaints?  Achcha.

72.  the foundation of fulfilling the company at this time becomes the basis of being together throughout the kalpa.  Achcha.

73.  Whilst taking support of the body and performing every action on the field of action as a karma yogi, are you constantly stabilised in the incorporeal stage?  Since your name is karma yogi, it proves that you are a yogi, that is, that you perform every action whilst being stable in the incorporeal stage.  You cannot remain without performing action for even one second; to take support of the physical senses means to be constantly performing actions.  Just as you cannot remain without performing actions, in the same way, you cannot remain without having remembrance, that is, you cannot remain without having yoga for even one second.  This is why the word "yogi" is added to karma.  Just as your physical organs have the natural practice of constantly performing actions, so too, the intellect should have the natural practice of remembrance.  All the physical organs have their own eternal tasks to perform; you don't have to labour to move your hands or feet.  In the same way, the intellect's eternal task, the task from birth, in this Brahmin life and the life of the confluence age is remembrance.  Whatever the original and eternal task is in one's life, it is natural and easy.  So, do you experience yourself to be an easy karma yogi in this way? 

74.  If you are not able to have yoga, then you are definitely still engaged in enjoying something that would give you temporary happiness through the senses and that will deprive you of permanent attainment.  This is why you forget your original task.  Just as when today's wealthy people and iron-aged kings are so engrossed in enjoying material things, that they forget their own original task of ruling - they forget their own right - in the same way, because the soul is engrossed in enjoying temporary material things, it forgets to have yoga, that is, it forgets its own right.  Whilst there is the temporary enjoyment of material things, where there is enjoyment of physical things, there cannot be yoga.  This is why you find it difficult.

75.  At present, Maya first attacks the intellect of the Brahmin children.  She first breaks the connection of the intellect, just as when before an attack, the enemy first cuts all the telephone and radio connections.  Connections with electricity and water are broken and then the attack takes place.  In the same way, Maya first cuts the connection of the intellect through which light, might, powers and the company of knowledge are automatically stopped, that is, Maya makes you unconscious.  She makes you unconscious to your own form and makes you forget total awareness.  In order to protect yourself from this, you need to pay constant attention to the intellect; only then will you easily become a constant karma yogi.

76.  Practise this to such an extent that you are able to stabilise your intellect wherever you want; so that you are stable in that stage as soon as you create the thought.  Constantly continue to perform this drill of the intellect.  One moment, be a resident of Paramdham, the next moment, be an angel of the subtle region, and the next, become a karma yogi who takes the support of the physical organs.  This is known as having control over the power of thought.  Thoughts are the creation and you are their creator.  You should only have thoughts for as long as they are necessary; your intellect should only be engaged where it should be.  This is known as having all rights.  You lack this practice.  Therefore practise this by making a programme for yourself and check yourself: Were you able to stabilise yourself in that stage for as long as you wanted?

77.  A hatha yogi fixes a time to keep his organs, either his leg or his arm, stable for a fixed time; he would keep his leg or arm either up or down for a certain length of time; he would keep his head raised or lowered for a certain length of time.  However, this is a wrong way of copyingBaba has taught you to sit by having one thought in your intellect.  Copying this incorrectly, they stand on one leg.  Baba asks you to stabilise yourself in one thought and they keep themselves stable on one leg.  Baba says: Constantly remain in front of the Sun of Knowledge and don't turn yourself away from Him.  They then sit with their face in front of the physical sun.  So this is copying incorrectly, is it not?  You are now learning the accurate practice of the yoga of the intellect.  They do it by force whereas you do it with a right.  This is why that is difficult and this is easy.  Now, continue to increase this practice, so that everyone can become united in one second.  When everyone within the gathering has one thought, one awareness and one form, the name of this gathering will be glorified and there will be victory.

78.  Whatever you speak, according to the drama, it should only be that which is going to happen practically.  For this, you have to pay attention to making your every thought and word powerful.  This should be the chart of the maharathis at present.  On the path of bhakti, it is said: This person is one who has total success.  So here, too, those whose thoughts and words take a practical form are revealed, because of that success.  Someone who does not have that success cannot be revealed. In bhakti, many gods and goddesses are very well-known whereas others are not. They are known as gods and goddesses, but they are not so well-known.  The basis of becoming well-known is to make your thoughts and words take a practical form. Through this, you will automatically become an avyakt angel and your time will be saved.  You will automatically stop speaking because you have to go to the land of silence.  This is why those sanskars of silence and of being an angel will automatically pull you towards themselves. Service will also expand so much that you will not have any chance of doing service through words. You will then definitely do service through your eyes, through your smiling face and the sparkling jewel on your forehead. This transformation will take place, will it not? You will be able to increase this practice when you keep your chart. This is the chart of maharathis. Maharathis should no longer keep the chart of whether they caused sorrow for anyone or whether they indulged in vice.  That is the chart of the cavalry. The chart of maharathis has to be something great. …..  Whatever you are receiving now, you are accumulating that in your intellect, but when you sit and revise it, go into its depth.  You will be able to take others into the depth.  Whatever is happening now, whatever is taking place now, BapDada is happy and content with it.  Achcha

79.  comfort of sleep.  Sleep is the means to remove a person's tiredness of the whole day and the means to merge all thoughts, but they do not have even this temporary comfort in their fortune, that is, they have a kingdom that doesn't have any fortune.  They neither have the authority to rule nor do they have any authority of some temporary attainment from their kingdom.  Baba saw a kingdom that had no authority.  Baba saw the people seated on their chair of position constantly surrounded by evil spirits of fear.  Having seen this, what did Baba see on the other side? The authority of religion: there were a few new leaves visible amidst the authorities of religion.  However, those leaves were very quickly being eaten away by arrogance, that is, they were being eaten by the birds of arrogance of the self and acceptance of their own success.  What did Baba see on the other side?  There were extremely bad actions being performed in the name of religion.  The insects of sinful action were eating away the authority of religion, that is, they were finishing their power.  They were completely intoxicated in the wrong type of intoxication and were completely unconscious to the awareness of righteousness.  Baba also saw the authority of religion in its external, glittering form.  Baba saw that instead of being engaged in renunciation, tapasya and disinterest, people were playing with occult powers.  Instead of seeing them having disinterest, Baba saw them caught up in duality.  Just as the majority of those with the authority of the kingdom were gambling in a lottery, in the same way, whilst having the authority of religion, they were gambling with the innocent devotees, offering them temporary success.  They were promising great winings: You give this and I will enable you to attain all of this.  I will cure your illness, and in exchange, you will have to donate this much and do this much charity etc.  They were asking people to put up such stakes and gamble for success.  What did Baba see next?.....the old tree should be finished right now through the tapaswi form of the children and the fire of yoga. 

80.  Quick means that you do something practically as soon as you think about it; your thoughts and actions should be equal; the  plans and the practical form should be equal: do you have such speed?  Or, is it that you continually create plans, but that very little happens in practice?  Is it that you create many thoughts, but that very few are put into practice?  To have equality of thoughts and actions is a sign of perfection.  From this sign, you will be able to judge how close you are to your goal.…… They are to be defeated through their gambling and the flag of the Pandavs will be revealed.  When someone who challenges fearlessly in this way, someone who isn't even afraid of the storms of Maya and constantly issues a challenge to be victorious, takes the initiative in the army, others can also follow.  Achcha.

81.  Even now, some are engaged in developing love and therefore say that they are not able to have yoga.  Those who are able to have yoga for a short time and then break their yoga are said to be those who are still developing love for the Father.  Those who fulfil the responsibility of love are absorbed in love.  They are totally unaware of the body and bodily relations.  So, if you fulfil the responsibility of such love, how can you remember your body and bodily relations?                                                 

82.  The praise is: Those who have faith in the intellect are victorious.  And so, victorious souls can have no thoughts of the royal form of doubt. Someone who has complete faith in the intellect will remain busy in his task of world transformation day and night.  When someone has a responsibility for carrying out a particular task, he remains engaged in making preparations for that day and night; he doesn't wait for anything, thinking that he will decorate the stage when it is time for it, or that he will use those facilities then.  Preparations are made in advance.  ….Just as without a physical stage, you cannot give a lecture or a message, in the same way, without having created the stage of your perfect stage, how would you be able to give the message at the final moment to the unlimited world conference?  How would you be able to reveal the Father?  ….. In this also, you need to have the power of the gathering; not just the power of one or two or of the eight, but everyone in the gathering has to have the same thought.  The significance of creating the world through thought means that you would have a thought and within a second, the drums of completion would beat.

83.  On the one hand, there would be the climax of destruction, and in the same place, amidst the flood and destruction, there would be one quarter land and three quarters water.  Many different countries have been created due to the many religions that have been established towards the end.  When the many religions finish, then all the many countries will come together in a form of one big island.  On the one hand, there would be the drums of the climax of destruction and on the other hand, the sound of the birth of Shri Krishna, the first prince, would be heard everywhere.  He would not come floating on a pipal leaf.  Shri Krishna has been portrayed floating on a leaf after the flood.  Because three quarters of the land was covered with water, and one quarter was land, when Bharat became Paristhan, it has been portrayed as a flood.  Amidst such a flood, the news of the birth of the first leaf, that is, the first soul, would be heard everywhere; the news that the first prince has now been revealed, that his birth has taken place.  That would also be in an extreme situation, that is, there would be scenes of water on three parts and the fourth part, Bharat, would emerge as Paristhan. 

84.  One strength and one support is the main subject.  At this time, constantly stay in the remembrance of One.  If you constantly remain successful in this effort, you will reach your destination.  Those who maintain unbroken love receive co-operation automatically.Murli is like a walking-stick, and if there are any weaknesses remaining, they will be removed with this stick.  This support, not just as a discipline but out of love, will enable you to reach your home and your kingdom.  So, to listen to and study the murli with love means to be lost in the love of Murlidhar.  The sign of love for Murlidhar is the murli.  The more love you have for the murli, the more love you will have for Murlidhar.  The recognition of a true Brahmin is from his love for the murli.  To have love for the murli means to be a true Brahmin.  To have less love for the murli means to be a half-caste Brahmin.  Achcha.

85.  Do you experience yourselves to be like lotus flowers: extremely detached and loving to the Father?  Firstly, because of being light, a lotus floats on water and yet remains detached from the water; whilst having a family, it is able to remain isolated from the family.  In the same way, whilst living in a lokik or an alokik household, do you remain isolated, that is, detached?  In order to remain isolated, especially check your attitude.  As is your attitude, so is your household.  Which type of attitude should you have?  A soul-conscious and spiritual attitude.  Through this attitude, you will be able to bring about spirituality within your family, that is, because of having spirituality within the family, you will continue to move along whilst considering everything to have been entrusted to you.  Then, through this, the consciousness of "mine" will easily finish.  You cannot have the consciousness of "mine" for something entrusted to you.  Due to the consciousness of "mine" there is attachment and the interference of other vices.  To finish the consciousness of "mine" means to become free from the vices; viceless means to become pure through which the family will become a pure household.  To destroy all vices means to become elevated.  So, do you consider yourself to be an elevated soul who has destroyed all vices?....  It is said: Charity begins at home.  That is, first of all, do the service of making your home, that is, your body, pure and then you can do unlimited service.  So, first of all, ask yourself: Have I made the home of my body pure?  Have I made my thoughts, intellect, eyes and lips spiritual and pure?  Just as on Deepawali, they clean every corner of the home, and pay so much attention that not a single corner is left unclean, in the same way, have you cleansed every physical organ and lit the light of the soul for all time?  Have you celebrated such a Deepawali or do you still have to do this?  Everyone's light is sparkling constantly, is it not?  It is said that every home will become a temple.  In the same way, have you made the home of your body into a temple? However many Brahmins there are, each Brahmin is the temple of the living saligram.  Each one is the temple of the living spark.  Have you made it pure considering it to be a temple?  According to the present time of making effort and according to the time of complete transformation of the world, you should not be influenced by matter or any vice.  Just as evil spirits do not enter a temple, so have you made every home into a temple?  Impurity and vices enter where there is uncleanliness.  Devilish thoughts or devilish sanskars cannot enter the temple of the living saligram, the temple of the living embodiment of power, the temple of one who destroys evil.  If they do enter, then there must be one or another type of uncleanliness or impurity.  So check yourself.  If there is any type of uncleanliness anywhere, then finish that and celebrate the true Deepawali.  When you make your household pure in this way, world transformation will take place.

86.  But, there are many different categories of those who actually do it and put it into practice.  Therefore, whatever you have done up to now, considering yourselves to be ordinary, let the past be the past, that is, have mercy upon yourself.  Know very clearly the importance of this land.  Do not consider this land to be ordinary.  You come to the great place in order to make yourselves so great.  To become great means to know the importance.  Do you understand?...........The special virtue remembered of Shaktis is that of being fearless.  Do you experience yourselves to be this?  Not just to be fearless of human souls, but also fearless of any attack of Maya.  Those who are not afraid of Maya are called Shaktis.  You are not afraid of Maya, are you?  Those who have fear are defeated, whereas those who are fearless are able to make Maya afraid of them.  Because of fear, you lose power and your understanding.  Generally, when people are afraid, they lose consciousness; they even lose their understanding.  Here too, those who are afraid of Maya lose their understanding, and they are therefore not able to conquer Maya.  So, because your name is the Shakti Army and since you have the speciality of being Shaktis, then fearlessness should be visible practically, for only then would you be called Shaktis.  … increase contact with them again and again.  It is not their fault that they are in deep sleep.  Your duty is to make a special programme and awaken them.

87.  Your staying with the family back there is also for service.  If you consider it to be your home, you will be a householder, whereas if you consider yourself to be a server, you will be a trustee.  Karmic bondages from all directions will pull a householder.  If you consider yourself to be a server, then with your awareness of being a trustee, all consciousness of "mine" will be finished.  A householder always has the consciousness of "mine".  The consciousness of "mine" is very long and complicated.  Where there is the consciousness of "mine", the Father cannot be there, whereas where there is no consciousness of "mine", the Father is present.  When you consider yourself to be a householder, you claim limited rights: "Whatever I say should be accepted, others should listen to me, others should move along according to what I say".  Where there are limited rights, the unlimited rights finish.  Now, let the past be the past and apply a full-stop.  A full-stop is a point.  When you do not apply a full-stop, that is, when you do not stabilise yourself in the point-form, then you either apply an exclamation mark or a question mark.  What is the sign of an exclamation mark?  When you say: Does this also happen?  Does this happen amongst the Brahmins also?  This is a sign of an exclamation.  You should not even apply this sign.  "Why did this happen?"  To ask, "why?" or "what?", is to apply a question mark.  This is also the foundation for the creation of waste thoughts.  Whatever happens, continue to observe that as a detached observer.  Instead of being a detached observer, you become a companion of the soul.  Instead of being the companion of the Father, you become a companion of the other soul.  "Achcha, it is like that, isn't it?  I also think the same thing."  This is giving your agreement in listening to others and relating to others.  So, when you become a companion of another soul, how can you become a companion of God?  As long as you are a companion of another soul, you cannot be a companion of God.  This is broken yoga.  Anything that is broken has to be thrown away.  An idol that was worthy to be worshipped has no value when it is broken.  So here, too, when your yoga is broken, you cannot have any elevated attainment, that is, there is no value.  Someone who is a constant companion is a constant yogi.  Are the residents of Punjab the constant companions of BapDada who have unbroken yoga?

88.  After the revision course, the final course is the realisation course, that is, whatever you have heard, whatever you have attained, whatever activities you saw of the Father - to what extent have you merged all of this within yourself and to what extent have you wasted it?  Are you those who just heard or have you also become complete?  Have you become powerful, or have you just become those who sing the praise of BapDada and others?  Have you become an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of remembrance, a complete embodiment of all the divine virtues and an embodiment of constant service?  ………….BapDada checked every child's register.  BapDada also saw the result of those who wrote a story of their karma.  What did Baba see?  Many souls, due to fear and shame, didn't even bother to write.  However, BapDada, in the form of the incorporeal Father and the corporeal father, has the register of all the children from the beginning up to now.  No one can erase this.  There are three types of results in the register up to now.  One is to hide, the second is to be trapped somewhere or the other and the third is to create excuses due to carelessness.  Children are very clever in giving excuses.  They tell many wonderful stories in order to hide themselves or their mistakes.  If such stories, from the beginning until now, had been collected together, huge scriptures like those of today would have been created.  By trying to prove their mistake correct, instead of accepting it to be a mistake, or in trying to prove something false to be the truth, many become like the black-coated lawyers of today.  Instead of fighting with Maya, they are very clever in fighting such cases.  However, they do not remember that justifying themselves at this time means that they deprive themselves for many births of all attainments received from BapDada.  Those who try to prove something definitely have sanskars of stubbornness.  Such souls cannot attain salvation.  At present, the majority have failed the first lesson of having pure vision, that is, of having an attitude of brotherly vision.  Even now, there are very few obedient children who obey this first order of Baba's.  Because of repeatedly disobeying this order, they continue to carry a burden by themselves.  The reason for this is that they do not know the importance of the main subject of purity.  They do not have knowledge of the loss caused by this.  To be trapped in any bodily being through your thoughts or actions, to touch the snake of a vicious body, means to finish the income that you have accumulated until now.  No matter how much experience of knowledge you have, or however much attainment you have experienced through remembrance, or however much service you may have done through your body, mind or wealth, by touching the snake of a body, then, just like the poison of a snake finishes a person as soon as he is touched by it, so too, this snake, that is, the poison of being trapped by a body finishes all income.  It makes a black mark in your register of the income you have already accumulated, and it is very difficult to remove.  Just as the fire of yoga burns all the sins of the past, in the same way, the fire of indulging in vice burns all the charity performed in the past.  Do not consider this to be something ordinary.  This is a matter similar to falling from the fifth floor.  Even now, many children, under the influence of sanskars of carelessness, do not even understand this aspect to be a severe mistake or sin.  They speak of it in an ordinary way: I made this mistake four to five times.  I will not do it again in the future.  Even when speaking about it, they do not have any form of repentence, but it is as though they are simply relating ordinary news.  Internally, they have this aim: These things will continue to happen anyway.  The destination is very high, and so how would I be able to do this?

89.  However, even today, BapDada is giving a strict warning to such sinful souls who also defame knowledge.  It is this: If you do not finish this mistake by considering it to be a severe mistake, then, you will receive very serious punishment.  Because of constantly being disobedient, you will not be able to reach an elevated stage.  Instead of standing in the line of those who attain something, you will be standing in the line of those who are repenting.  There will be cries of victory for those who attain something, whereas the sight and sound of distress will emerge from the eyes and lips of those who repent.  The Brahmins who attain all attainments will see such souls as those who are in the line of those who defame the clan.  The ugliness of the sins committed by them will be very clearly visible on their face.  This is why you have to consider this to be a very strong mistake.  Repent for your past mistakes from your heart nowClear it with the Father and finish your burden.  Punish yourself severely so that you are liberated from the punishment of the future.

90.  If, even now, you try to hide from the Father or you move along whilst trying to justify yourself, then it means to compromise now.  That means to cry out in distress at the end, and to cry out in distress in your mind now: what can I do? I can't experience any happiness!  I don't have any success!  I don't have the experience of all attainments!  In this way, you will cry out now and at the end also.  You will cry, saying that that was your fortune!  To compromise at this time means to cry out in distress again and again.  If you simply compromise at this time, it means that you are burning your elevated fortune of many births.  Therefore, pay special attention to this particular aspect.  Do not touch this poisonous snake even in your thoughts.  So, Baba especially saw carelessness in the register.  Baba told you another result yesterday, of the aspects in which you stop instead of going into the stage of ascent.  Instead of a fast speed, you have a mediocre speed.  This is the result of the majority of you.  Therefore, now realise this by yourself, that is, complete the realisation course.  Check yourself very carefully in every subject: To what extent have I put into practice all the maryadas, all of Baba's orders and elevated directions.  Check this as well and offer the final sacrifice in the great sacrificial fire of Madhuban for all time.  Do you understand?  Do not take any wrong advantage of Baba's form of love at the present time.  Otherwise, in front of the final form of the Great Death, you will have to repent a thousand-fold for each mistake.  Achcha.

91.  Just like Brahma Baba, do the maharathis also constantly experience themselves to be instruments, the same as the father?  The speciality of the maharathis is that they do not have any consciousness of "I".  They would naturally have the nature of being an instrument and a server; they do not have to create this nature.  And, their thoughts, words and deeds are naturally according to their nature.  Feelings of world benefit are clearly visible in every deed performed by the maharathis.  The practical proof of this is that they would very firmly have the lesson of "you first" in order to keep other souls ahead of them.  They would never say, "I first".  By saying, "you first", they become instruments to bring benefit to those souls.  Such maharathis who have such elevated feelings and an elevated nature are said to be the same as the father. Maharathis are great donors who donate their own time, their facilities of comfort, their virtues and the powers they have attained to other souls for their progress.  Such a soul is called a great donor.  The thoughts and words of such a great donor automatically become a blessing.  Whatever thoughts or words such a soul has for others, these will become a blessing for other souls, because to be a great donor means to be an embodiment of renunciation and tapasya.  This is why the practical fruit of their renunciation, tapasya and great donation is that their every thought becomes a blessing.  This is why praise of a maharathi is sung as that of being a great donor and a bestower of blessings.  A gathering of such maharathi souls works like a light-and-might-house. 

92.  How much beauty, colour and fragrance does each flower have?  Beauty means to what extent there is practical happiness and intoxication visible on your face, that is, in your eyes and in your features, of the awareness of being a soul playing an elevated part of a Brahmin and an angel in the corporeal form.  Colour means to be constantly coloured by the constant company of the Father, that is, to what extent you are coloured with the colour of being a constant companion.  Fragrance means to what extent you have imbibed spiritual vision and a spiritual attitude.  BapDada saw these three specialities in each one……

93.  sorrow changes into happiness; peacelessness changes into peace and their wandering stops, for they find a destination. ……Why the intoxication and happiness of the beginning period comes to an end? The reason is that, whilst doing service, whilst coming into connection with the Brahmin family and in receiving the instant fruit of service, as you move along, you develop a limited position.  You start to have opposition with your equal serviceable companions or those companions who come into contact with you.  You engage yourself in using physical means, that is, you do service and make effort on the basis of the facilities provided.  Some begin to ask questions, to correct others and also give quotations (examples) of others.  That is, their principles are based on examples of others.  They adopt one or another wrong path out of these five aspects.  Baba said: Stabilise yourself in the position of a constant tapaswi soul, a Godly Brahmin soul, a renunciate and a tapaswi soul.  ……..In correcting others, they break their connection with the Father.  This is why, because of being powerful in this, they constantly remain confused.  They cannot see their destination of experiencing peace, happiness and supersensuous joy.  Thinking of others takes them into degradation.  Do you understand?  Because of being caught up in these matters, the intoxication and happiness of the beginning period comes to an end.  This is why you have to check yourself: Am I following a wrong paths and wasting my time by following one of these wrong and wasteful path ?  Check yourself and change.  Then you will begin to move towards the stage of ascent.  BapDada saw that this was the experience of the majority of the children.

94.  You also need the power to transform.  No matter who comes in front of you, or what situation arises, only when you have the power to transform yourself will you be able to become a successful teacher or server.  With the speciality of complete purity and the power to transform, you will be able to become a special soul in service, love and co-operation.  Otherwise, you will remain on the list of those who are still trying.  You will not be able to come into the list of those who have surrendered.  A kumari who constantly maintains both these specialities becomes worthy of worship and praise.  When you have permanent disinterest, not temporary disinterest, that is, when you have renunciation and tapasya, then you will be called a special kumari. 

95.  Contentment is the greatest of all specialities.  Subjects are also created on this basis.  Souls who have been made content would accept such a soul as a king: if you have enabled them to attain something through serving them or giving them co-operation, if you have enabled them to attain something through love, co-operation, courage, enthusiasm or by giving them all powers, then you can be a maharathi.  So, if someone is a maharathi and has not made others content, then that soul is just a maharathi in namesake, but not one who is of any use.  Senior brothers and sisters are like a father and mother.  Parents make everyone content.  So, maharathis should definitely pay attention to this first.  For this, you have to transform yourself.  You definitely have to claim this certificate of contentment.  You should check to see how many souls are content with you and what you should do so that everyone remains content with you.

96.  A maharathi should have the power to mould the self.  Only those who are able to mould themselves can become gold.  Those who cannot mould themselves are not real gold; they are mixed.  To be of mixed quality means to be part of the cavalry.  A maharathi (elephant rider) is able to mould the self.  To create plans means to sow the seeds, and so the seeds should be powerful.  You definitely need everyone's blessings of love and their contentment; you need the blessings and the water of love.  Otherwise, even though the seed of the plans may be powerful, because of not receiving the water of love and co-operation, it does not grow.  Sometimes, the seed grows, but it doesn't bear fruit.  Or, sometimes, even if it does bear fruit, it is of second or third grade.  The reason for this is that it hasn't received enough water.  A maharathi is one who has everything, that is, one who is complete with all virtues, and has all the qualities and specialities.  If one or two qualities are missing, they would not be called complete with all qualities.  If they don't have all virtues, they come out of the list of those who have this title.  Is this a group of maharathis?  The invitation was for maharathis. In order to become an embodiment of success, you need two main specialities: one is purity and the other is unity.  If someone is lacking purity, he would also be lacking in unity.  Just observing celibacy is not purity, for there has to be purity in one's thoughts, nature and sanskars.  For instance, if you have thoughts of jealousy or dislike for one another, that is not purity; that is called impurity.  Purity is defined as not having even a trace of any of the vices.  There shouldn't be any type of impurity even in your thoughts.

97.  Unity means having harmony in nature and sanskars.  Even if there isn't harmony between the nature and sanskars of some, try and bring them into harmony.  This is unity.  A gathering by itself is not unity.  Serviceable instrument souls cannot become instruments for unlimited service without these two things.  They can be instruments for limited service; however, in order to do unlimited service, both these things are needed.  You were told earlier also, that one only sings praise of a raas (dance) when there is harmony in everyone's clapping.  So, too, to harmonise the steps means to harmonise oneself in the dance of sanskars.  People who hear this knowledge say that everyone who talks about this knowledge says the same thing; that they all speak on the same topic; they use the same words.  People say this, don't they?  When everyone's sanskars and nature are in harmony with one another in the same way, that would be called performing the dance of harmony.  Have you made a plan for this?  (The plans were related to BapDada.)…..If you serve them only at that time, you will not be able to receive their co-operation.  However, by serving them now before time, you are able to influence them to co-operate.  …..  They can be co-operative.  First of all, prepare the land by serving them and then sow the seed of the unlimited task.
98.  the Maharathi children, with the power of knowledge, will be able to clearly see everyone's story of their karma on their face.  Just as you can smell the odour of impure food, in the same way, your intellect will have a clear touching of the vibrations of someone who has impure thoughts.  The method for this is to have a clear line of the intellect.  Those whose meter is powerful will be able to know all of of this very easily. The speciality that has been portrayed in the images of the Shaktis and the deities is that no impure soul is able to hide their sin from the deities when they go in front of them.  In fact, they themselves would say that they are like this or that.  This speciality of the Shaktis was revealed in the living form, and this is why there is their memorial.  This is the stage of being a master janijananhar (one who knows all secrets), that is, it is the stage of being knowledge-full.  You will experience this stage in a practical way; you are experiencing it now and will experience it in the future also.  Have you created such a gathering?  It has to be created.  A gathering is needed of such moths through whose every step the Father would be revealed. In the eyes and from the lips, that is, from the words of those who are constantly absorbed in love for the Father, that is, in those who are merged in Baba's remembrance, others would see the Almighty Authority instead of seeing the form of the Shakti.  This is because the Father is merged in their every word.  Just as in the beginning of establishment, others constantly saw Shri Krishna in Brahma Baba, in the same way, the Almighty Authority would be visible in the Shaktis.  Do you experience this?  The Father will be visible through those who are constantly in Baba's remembrance and have renounced the consciousness of "I".  Just as they themselves would have forgotten the consciousness of "I", in the same way, others would not see their form, but would see the form of the Almighty Authority through themAchcha.

99.  Do you ask the questions: "Why?  What? or When?".  Are you those who are going to be defeated by Maya's attack or those who are constantly victorious?  You are those who will defeat Maya; not those who are defeated by Maya.  Foreigners have a special lift from Baba, and because of the gift of this lift, they are going fast.  Constantly keep this speciality with you.  Instead of asking questions of "Why? or What?", constantly be trikaldarshi and then put your thoughts and actions into a practical form accordingly.  When you are trikaldarshi, your questions of "Why? and What?" come to an end.  So, constantly remain stable in the trikaldarshi stage and constantly continue to move forward whilst remaining absorbed in the remembrance of the one Father and considering yourself to be equal to the Father.  Those who have yoga with the element of light constantly have the aim of becoming merged with the element or becoming absorbed in the element.  However, they are not able to experience this.  At this time, you understand, on the basis of knowledge, that to be absorbed in the remembrance of the Father or to be merged in love and to forget yourself is that which has been known as becoming one.  When you are merged in love, that is, when you are absorbed in the love of One, you become equal to the Father.  Those people have referred to this as merging with One.  So, do you experience this?  Do you experience yourselves to be souls completely lost in the experience of love for the Father?  What would be the experience of someone who is merged in the ocean?  He wouldn't be able to see anything but the ocean.  So, to be merged with the Father, that is, to be merged with the Ocean of all virtues is known as being absorbed in love, that is, being merged in the love of the Father.  Not to become merged with the Father, but to become merged in His remembrance.  Do you have this experience?

100.                      The sign of the closeness of time is that success will be merged in every step.  Even in your dreams you will not wonder whether there will be success or not.  Every task is guaranteed to bring success.  You will not even think: Should I do it or not?  Will it happen or not?  Whatever is to happen will automatically continue to happen. 

101.                      You are easily able to recognise this from the vibrations of the soul that is the jewel in the centre of the forehead.  You can easily understand from their vibrations the effort and the experience of attainment of every soul.  Just as something fragrant very quickly spreads its fragrance into the atmosphere and you are instantly able to tell whether it is something good or not, so too, the more your discrimination power increases, the more you will instantly be able to tell to what extent a soul has experienced spirituality as soon as he comes in front of you.  You will also easily be able to understand to what percentage the soul maintains the spiritual stage.  Just as you can tell the percentage of something with instruments of science, in the same way, with the power of silence, that is, with the power of the soul, you will be able to understand all of this.  This is known as discrimination power.  To discern someone through that one's sanskars, words and activity is common, but to be able to discern someone through the vibrations of his thoughts is the real power of discernment.  Do you understand?  This is the discrimination power of the maharathis. You will be able to increase this power when you are able to discern the presence of others even though they may not be in front of you.  They may be about to come or be at a distance, but even though they are at a distance, on the basis of discrimination power, you will be able to discern their presence.  In other words, this is known as the success of the powers.  You will be able to attain this success.  Those who have the spiritual knowledge of bhakti have the power, whereby they are able to understand what someone wishes to say even though he may not say it in words.  They are able to tell in advance what someone is able to do.  Similarly, here too, you will be totally accomplished with the power of discrimination.  However, you have to use these powers accurately; you mustn't waste them or use them for a wasteful task.  Then this power will be instrumental to bring a lot of benefit.  You will develop this power.  When others see someone with this power, the praise of the Shaktis, that has been remembered on the path of bhakti, will emerge from their lips: You are this, you are this.  All this praise is first revealed practically and then it is remembered as a memorial.  This stage will also come, but only for a few and only for a short time. 

102.                      This is a gathering of maharathis, that is, of mahavirs.  A mahavir means a special soul.  What is the speciality of the gathering of special souls?  At the present time, the speciality of special souls should be of everyone having a steady, constant stage at the same time, that is, you should all simultaneously be able to stabilise in one particular stage for as long as you want.  Everyone's finger of thought should collectively be the same.  Until the gathering has this practice, it cannot achieve success.  ……….. you should consider the mistake of others to be your own and not spread them around.  You should not create waste thoughts, but should, instead, accommodate their mistakes.  There should be that much faith in one another.  You should be able to put everything right with the power of love.  By having both these types of faith, you should interact with one another; only then will there be success within the gathering.  For this, you need the power to accommodate to a greater extent.  You have to merge waste thoughts.  Never compare the sanskars of the past with those of the present time, that is, do not make the past your present.  It is when you mix the present with the past that you create a long queue of waste thoughts.  And, as long as there is this queue of waste thoughts, there cannot be a steady, united stage within the gathering. To consider the mistakes of someone else to be your own is to strengthen the gathering.  This will only happen when you have faith in one another: the faith to bring about transformation and to bring benefit.  Just as the success of spiritual souls is remembered, in the same way, everyone within your gathering should have the same thought.  Because there isn't the power of unified thought in a collective way, everything gets spoilt.  Just as the power goes to waste, in the same way, the result too is not good.  And so, you definitely need the power to accommodate.  Whatever you see or hear, merge that completely within yourself and then have the same spiritual vision and benevolent feelings.  For those who do not have knowledge, you say that you have to uplift those who defame you. Similarly, within the gathering also, you have to have mercy for one another.  At present, you do not have so much mercy, and the practice of the soul conscious stage is therefore also lacking.

103.                      Since the knowledge is so elevated and you have a powerful stage, success is not a big thing.  Those who practise this for a temporary period achieve success, and so it is not possible that those who practise this all the time would not achieve that success.  So you need this power within the gathering.  When someone says something, others should accept it.  You mustn't use the power to oppose within the Brahmin gathering; you have to use this power of opposing in front of Maya.  When you use the power to oppose with the family, the gathering does not become powerful.  Even if you do not like something, you should still have regard for one another.  You should not cut off someone's ideas or words at that time.  Therefore, you now have to imbibe the power to accommodate. You saw sakar Baba: even whilst having the authority, he was like a small child in front of Baba.  He was the creation, and, being the creation, he would speak to little children with great regard.  He never said anything to anyone.  Even though he had the authority, he never used the authority.  So, in terms of being brothers and sisters amongst yourselves, how should you interact amongst yourselves? Within the gathering, the language you use with all Brahmin children should be of avyakt feelings; as though angels are speaking to angels, souls to souls.  You should not accept in your thoughts anyone's mistakes you may have heard about nor should you make others accept them.  Only when you have such a stage will you be able to put the pure desires of the Father into a practical form.  ……There should be a give-and-take of each one's special effort and special experiences.  There should be such a gathering of the Pandavs.  When such special programmes of yoga continue to take place, then just see how the flames of destruction will be fanned.  The fire of destruction will start from the fire of yoga.  One are the flames of the fire of destruction and the other are flames of the fire of yoga, and so the flames will be intensified from one fire.  Because the form of yoga of all of you is ordinary, the fire of destruction is also ordinary.  The gathering should be very powerful.  When you are preparing food, you need water, ghee (cooking oil) and salt.  Otherwise, you are not able to prepare the food properly.  In the same way, each of you has your own speciality, but a collection of each one's speciality is needed here, because time is also challenging you now.  Achcha.