Thursday, 24 March 2016

In the name of purity and lust for most elevated status…..during our spiritual journey

Losing the power of Love and Tolerance, in the name of purity and lust for most elevated status…..during our spiritual journey:

When a person gets newly introduced to a belief system, it gives new energy and enthusiasm to follow or practice them, and the new environment, new ideas sometimes create problem in our daily life and sometimes at the end, it ruins own life and others as well. We see all of a sudden, under the divine guidance and divine support which make us ignore the feelings and emotions of all others who have been our life support till date. The new enthusiasm makes us feel so light and happy, but we ignore to realize that the lightness and happiness I experience now is available to me even without any special effort from my end. We don’t realize that it has come natural and easy without any change in behavior from my side and others as well.

But as the journey continues, we listen to some additional ideas that lightness, happiness and enthusiasm depends upon some external factors but not internal although we understand that no external factors or actions that existed before had stopped me from experiencing the same lightness, happiness and enthusiasm. The qualities that we experience represent the state of mind of present awareness that exist now. It is not connected with any of our past experience that happened yesterday or five minutes before, either good or bad.

Then as the journey continues, we were told about the future status and attainments, and its connection with the current performance of actions. Actions that give peace, love, happiness, power, purity and wisdom attain us better status and the actions of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego degrade our future status. But many don’t realize that worries, sadness, irritation that create in us and others also degrade our status because they arise from the same lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. The only difference is the former arises due to body consciousness and the latter due to status consciousness. We don’t realize that peace, love, happiness, powers (tolerance), purity (mind that is free from worry, sadness and irritation) and wisdom are to be experienced in our own self and others at all the time, to have transformation.

As the journey continues, we hear repeatedly about, lust is the greatest enemy but we fail to realize that lust can be for status, achievement, praise from the people whom we identify as those who follow the same ideals. We focus on the physical aspects and try to overcome physically, although we hear many a time that purity has to be followed in thoughts, words and actions. We also don’t realize that our family members, husband, wife are our beloved ones who are not aware of what is happening within our heads. We don’t realize that others cannot read our thoughts which we program ourselves from the daily interactions. Because of the dominant lust for status, we try to sacrifice the lust for physical relations creating havoc in the family increasing the anger, greed, attachment and ego in self and others forsaking the love, the only power which can overcome all kinds of lust.

We fail to realize and use the power of love, tolerance in our life overcome by the selfish (ego) lust, greed, attachment for future status creating anger, worries, sadness, irritation etc in self and in others. We fail to use the power of tolerance to give time for the family members, husband, wife to come in terms with our new programs of our mind. We fail to show love with tolerance for others, by externally sacrificing our new ideals, for FEW MONTHS or ONE YEAR. We feel, rather than giving importance to thoughts and words, it is more important to focus on external actions. We don’t realize that if we can take care of our thoughts and words, we can overcome the spiritual effect of actions being a detached observer of all that is happening either to me or others. We don’t realize that lust for food, lust for action, lust for sweet, all types of lust leads to disease and we practice a balance in our action, in taking food , in taking sweet, being a detached observer not over indulging and many a times we put an end to the lust for non-veg (food) gradually by using the power of tolerance and power of love (for self). And we forget or don’t apply, what we use at all the time, the power of tolerance and power of love, in keeping our family, husband and wife together by sacrificing our new ideals for few months or for a year or more.

Have we forgotten that many a times we as well as others were ready to sacrifice even life for the sake of love...?

The above realization never happens in a day or two but it is a realization of so many years of listening to wisdom. And this cannot be expected to dawn on every person who is introduced new to some ideas or ideals. Hence it is advisable that the leader or In-Charge of any institution or place where they introduce new ideas on new practices of transforming nature and character especially that focuses on purity in thoughts, words and actions, should properly guide the new-comer and those who are married. So that it never affects their family life as well as those who belong to them.

It’s true that no one to be blamed for the past but the future can be taken care of.