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Let ther be the balance of humility and authority.


Achieve success by experimenting with the power of discernment.

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Blessing: May you be a greatly fortunate soul who shows the line of your fortune through your face and activity.
You Godly children have received this alokik birth directly from the eternal Father and the first Father. How fortunate someone who has taken birth to the Bestower of Fortune is! Constantly keep this elevated fortune of yours in your awareness and remain cheerful. You should experience yourself to be an embodiment of remembrance and others should also see that through your every activity and your face. The line of fortune should be seen sparkling in the centre of your forehead and only then would you be said to be a soul who has elevated fortune.

Slogan: A yogi soul is one who becomes introverted and who experiences the form of light and might.

Friday, 29 June 2012

you may get vicious thoughts,but do not bring in to action.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual horses. You have to run the race of becoming victorious jewels. Maharathi horses are those who run the race of claiming the kingdom.

 Question: Which of you children are satopradhan effort-makers and which are tamo effort-makers?

 Answer: Satopradhan effort-makers are those who make effort knowing the Creator and creation, who have the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world spinning in their intellects and who have the pure pride of having remembrance of the Father. Tamo effort-makers are those who say: We will make effort exactly as we did a cycle ago; we will receive whatever we are to receive.

 Song: O Mother, Father, have mercy on those who are unhappy!

Even here, students are numberwise.….the actors (souls) change their dress (body) according to the drama. When the soul becomes pure, you also need a pure body. When the soul reaches karmateet stage – free from bondage of actions, the karmic accounts will be settled. Only you children understand this knowledge.

It is said, even if you make the whole sea  in to ink and all the woods into pen, then also this knowledge will not finish. God-Father keeps revealing secrets to you children. God-Father says, I am the Supreme Soul reside in Soul world. Supreme Soul is only one, souls of the world cannot be called as Supreme.

The Supreme soul who stays in soul world cannot be present everywhere. I never come into birth like you souls. In the race, the runners run very fast at the end to come first, even here you children run this spiritual race. There are new souls who come (now, at the end) and go fast in this knowledge.

There are many who stop following this knowledge, they remain pure for few years and then involve in vices by the sense organs. Lust is the greatest enemy, there are many who fall in vice after getting married. God-Father says, you have to remain very cautious in this spiritual race.

You must make good spiritual effort, the more you are strong in yoga and knowledge, the storm of maya will be very strong. Whatever thoughts appear in your mind, still you must not perform sinful actions through your sense organs. You belong to the divine family now. You  sacrifice yourself ( by intellect to God) only in this final birth, you have been vicious for so many births (for 83births).

You become worship-worthy deity in golden age, in copper age also you remain very wealthy, you build temples like Somnath, with diamonds. In golden age, you have gold in plenty like you have sand in iron age. In golden age, you create bricks with gold. Here, you see the golden palaces of golden age by divine vision.

It is not that God is present in every soul. Only God opens the lock of your intellect according to the world drama. Those intellects are open, who perform a very good service for souls. I am the knowledge-full, even my role is fixed in this world drama, I come and explain you the secret of Creator and creations. I come to you as Father, Teacher and Satguru. Satguru takes everyone back to soul world. Father gives you the inheritance of heaven. God relieves you from the difficulties of maya. He establishes heaven. God gives everyone the liberation.


Essence for dharna:

1. You should not perform action sinful action through those sense organs. You have to make your sanskars royal. You should not be afraid of the storms of Maya. You have to go fast in gyan and yoga.

 2. On the basis of shrimat, go through any bad omens and move forward quickly. You should not follow any wrong directions. Remain cautious and stay in the race of remembrance.

Blessing: May you reveal the actions of Father Adam-Brahma through the mirror of your elevated actions and become equal to the Father.

 Each and every child-soul, the elevated souls are mirrors of the actions of Father Adam-Brahma in their every action. Father Adam-Brahma’s actions should be visible in the mirror of your actions. The speaking, walking, moving around and sitting of those children who perform every action while paying so much attention would be equal to those of Father Adam-Brahma. Their every action would be worthy of a blessing. Blessings would constantly emerge through their lips and speciality would be visible in their ordinary actions. Only when you claim this certificate will you be equal to Father Adam-Brahma.

 Slogan: In order to experience the avyakt stage, leave aside extroversion and be introverted and stay in solitude (by mind).


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Gita is spoken by Supreme Soul God-Father not by first prince Sri Krishna.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father is laying the foundation of heaven. You children have to become His helpers and accumulate your share. Follow Godly directions and create your elevated reward.
Question: What type of children is BapDada (God-Father) always on the lookout for?
Answer: The Father is always on the lookout for children who are very, very sweet, who have a cool nature and are serviceable. Only serviceable children will glorify the Father’s name. To the extent you become a helper of the Father and are obedient and trustworthy, so you claim a right to an inheritance.
Song:     Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor)....
Essence for dharna:
1.            There is sorrow in everything in this world of Maya (obstacles and vices). Therefore, do not have any desires connected with this old world. Even if storms of Maya come, never defame the family.
2.            Take precautions with your diet. Be very tactful when you go to a party etc.
Sweet Children,
The death happens only in this iron age. In golden age, they never use the word death, they consciously leave the old body and take another body, to born as kishore (young).
At this time you belong to the clan of Adam-Brahma, who is the father of humankind. God Shiv (Benefactor ) is known as God, who is also known as Beloved. You children receive inheritance from God-Father. The history never belongs to Sri Krishna but it should be of God-Father because God-Father transform the whole souls-world and create the heaven.
God is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. Sri Krishna is a child, who is restless and who is loving to all. Even in devotion, I fulfill your desires and now, I teach you children. Only My children remember Me, forget every one and try to remember Me alone.  It is not that God is present everywhere. I remember the One who remembers Me, hence I remember my children.
Everything depends upon Geeta which is spoken by God Himself not by Sri Krishna. There are many who worship God considering Him as the Master of the world. God never rules the world. God is the master of soul world, where soul resides in the form of point of light. From soul world, soul comes one by one to the earth to play different roles.
God remains in the seed form. God lays the foundation of deitism, heaven through you children. The more you children co-operate with the father, receive the share in return. Otherwise how can you come in Sun dynasty. Now, you are being prepared to perform elevated actions to come in Sun dynasty.
People do charity in the name of God because the reward is given by God Himself. You children make effort by the direction of God but the world follow the direction of human being. The world Mother and Father become elevated following His direction. There are no human being elevated than virtuous deities. In Sun dynasty human beings were 16 celestial degree virtuous, and in Moon dynasty it is 14 degree virtuous.
At this time souls have degraded further from 14 degree to almost nil. Now, all the souls are impure, no pure souls can exist in this iron aged world. The residents of Bharat who were pure have become impure at this time. The One who purifies the impure souls is only One God.
At the end every soul will come to know about God, they will say “Oh God, your ways are most unique, no one can understand about you”. Earlier only very few knew about God-Father but now souls come from whole world and listen to this knowledge. The most important is to prove God-Father is the God of the Gita not Sri Krishna.
In golden age, for 1250years, you celebrate golden jubilee. Here, only once you celebrate the golden jubilee. In heaven, you remain very wealthy and happy for a very long time. Now, you earn an inheritance from God-Father to celebrate golden jubilee.
The most important is to understand God of the Gita is God-Father, He is teaching you RajaYoga. Now people try to pull down each other. You children follow God’s direction. There are many who never follow God’s direction, they want to give birth to a child and in iron age, there is no proof to receive happiness from children. They spoil your income. At this time, you must not have such desires which would make you feel bad.
The Children of God are brothers and sisters amongst each other. By falling in lust you lose the income. There are many who perform vicious actions and hide them. They receive severe hundredfold punishment, you must not perform such actions. You belong to God-Father, divine family, then how can you perform vicious actions. If anything you do, speak about it to the Father. If you are performing vicious actions, it is better not to remain in this gathering.
Even if you bring the vicious souls in this gathering, the one who brings such souls also incur sin. God has come to make you pure and give you inheritance. You just have to remember God-Father and the inheritance. You also have to take care of food. You must take only those food prepared in Godly remembrance, otherwise you can have fruits.
Those children who are very sweet, not influenced by past sanskars, serviceable, faithful, honest, receive the constant help from God-Father.
Blessing: May you remain unshakeable and free from obstacles by keeping a balance of being detached and loving in a gathering.
Just as the Father has the biggest family of all and the bigger the family, the more detached and loving He is, so, follow the Father in the same way. While in a gathering, in order to remain constantly free from obstacles and content, remain detached as much as you serve. No matter how much someone tries to shake you – one person would disturb you from one side and another from another side; even if you don’t receive any facilities or someone insults you, remain unshaken in your thoughts for only then would you be said to be a soul who is free from obstacles.
Slogan: Only those who finish the upheaval of the body and mind with their stage of soul consciousness remain unshakeable and immovable.

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When soul becomes virtuous,it attracts wealth and respect naturally.

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Essence: Sweet children, your spiritual life now is higher than the virtuous deity life, because at this time you know about the three worlds and also the three aspects of time. You are God’s children.
 Question: What is the steep climb that you children are climbing?
Answer: To change from human beings into deities is the steep climb, and you are now climbing that. It is said that if you climb, you can taste the nectar of love. This is a very steep climb, but the wonder of it is that you climb it within a second, whereas it takes time (50000yrs-84births) to descend.
 Question: There will be cries of victory when the urn of sin breaks. How is this symbolised on the path of devotion?
 Answer: Sita is shown emerging from an urn, that is, when the urn of sin becomes full and breaks, Sita and Radhe take birth.
 Song: Take us far away from this land of sin to a place of rest and comfort!
Sweet Children,
You wanted to take you to the world of happiness from this world of sorrow.You know that the world of happiness,the world of king and Queen existed. Whatever history and geography you read is not even a quarter of the history. The world is so big and its history and Geography you understand now.
There is golden, silver, copper and iron age. In the confluence age, the One who creates the world of happiness comes, at the end of iron age and the beginning of golden age. Only One God-Father can transform the iron age into golden age.
People praise God as the greatest Intellect. Only the One gives the elevated right direction not any human gurus. You children have the knowledge of three worlds. There is soul world, subtle world and the physical world. Those who study well understand this knowledge very well.
When you study in a school, you must have complete knowledge. You never become the master of the three worlds but you receive knowledge of three worlds and become Trikaldarshi like God-Father. God never become the master of the golden age – heaven. No human being can be like the God-Father. People say God knows everything, God has the knowledge of three worlds but not what is happening in the minds of people.
When soul becomes pure angel – virtuous deity, they are praised by others. Deities are shown with all weapons which is the representation of all virtues. Scriptures are created based on individual’s knowledge. You know that every soul is an actor, you play different roles. The world cycle is divided in to four yugas. In reality there are five yugas. The fifth one is known as the confluence age where you climb the stairs of knowledge, only once in 5000years. It takes just a second to climb the ladder of 5000years but takes 5000years to come down the ladder of 84births.
You make a lot of effort to become virtuous souls of golden age. You know that you are climbing the stairs and will come down once again. Whoever comes late can climb within a second. There are many children. The world Parents Adam (Brahma) and Eve (Saraswati) become Great King and Queens of golden age. You say that you were the worship worthy masters of the heaven. Now, you have become the master of the worshipper.
You understand about the world cycle which is taught by God-Father Himself. Even Christ and religious followers will repeat their roles at their own time. The main four religions - ancient deity religion (Hinduism), Islam, Buddhism, Christianism, will be established once again in every world cycle. People remember One God. He is known as Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). The name Shiv is very accurate.
The New world is being established through Adam-Brahma. You children are made to belong to God through Adam-Brahma. You children and Adam are adopted by God-Father. Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind. The sacrificial fire of this knowledge is being created by you children. The whole impure old world will be sacrificed in this fire of knowledge.
No one knows how golden aged deities are created. No one other than God-Father can explain about the world cycle. Many children would come to receive this knowledge.  You are becoming the master (child) ocean of knowledge through the Ocean of knowledge.
Essence for dharna:
1. You have to study the unlimited history and geography and teach others. For the ornaments to be given you have to become a pure angel.
 2. The Intellect of the Wise is only the one Father. Therefore, follow His shrimat and become wise. Maintain the intoxication that this spiritual life is invaluable.
Blessing: May you be liberated-in-life and experience constant spiritual intoxication by having the awareness of your worthy-of-worship form.
 The pleasure of spiritual life is the stage of being liberated-in-life. Those who are constantly aware of their worthy-of-worship form can never have their vision drawn to anything but the Father. Everyone and all comforts themselves bow down in front of worthy-of-worship souls. Worthy-of-worship souls are never attracted to anyone. Their minds and intellects are never subservient to bodies, bodily relationships, possessions or sanskars. They are never tied to any bondages but constantly experience the stage of being liberated in life.
 Slogan: A true server is one who is an instrument and humble.

When all “mine” finishes in intellect, no one can pull your mind.

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Essence: Sweet children, forget everything that you see with those eyes, including your own body, and remember the one Father, because all of this is about to be destroyed.

 Question: What effort do you have to make in order to win the lottery of a royal status in the golden age?

 Answer: 1. In order to claim a royal status in the golden age, pay full attention to yourself. See that there are no evil spirits within you. If there are any evil spirits you will not be able to marry Lakshmi. In order to become a king, you also have to create subjects here.

 2. You have to become cry-proof here. If you leave your body through shock while remembering someone, your status is destroyed. This is why you must make effort to stay in remembrance of the Father.

Song: If not today, then tomorrow, the clouds will disperse.

Sweet Children,

God-Father says om shanti. The soul of Adam-Brahma also says om shanti ( I am peaceful). One is the Supreme Soul and the other is the father of humankind. Even the children says om shanti. Souls have to know their religion of self. Om shanti means I, the soul is an embodiment of peace. Soul is the combined entity of mind, intellect and thought impressions.

If someone asks how soul can attain peace, reply that soul is already an embodiment of peace. Soul, when leaves the body it remains peaceful in soul world. When soul is present in the body, it has to perform action, how soul can remain at peace in the body.

People wander to attain peace, they don’t know that soul is an embodiment of peace. Soul is like  a point of light. Everyone bow in front of God. He is the incorporeal. He is known as Shiv – the Benefactor Supreme Soul. Your intellect is toward Supreme Soul. People are of body conscious, they don’t know about God. People also praise Brahma. No one calls Brahma as Supreme Soul. Only One is praised as the Supreme Soul. He is the Creator. You know that you are the children of God , being created, made belonged to Him through Adam-Brahma, to give you inheritance of golden age. Even the Adam-Brahma is asked to remember the God-Father, and you souls of the world also have to remember the God-Father.

Remove the egoistic conscious of body. This is about the knowledge. Your body has become old by taking 84births, it has become very ill. You children were very healthy, in golden age, you remained every healthy, never get deceived (lose your earnings), because you take 21births of inheritance by making spiritual effort at this time of confluence age.

The Supreme Soul is praised of One God. Adam-Brahma is known as the father of human kind, who becomes an angel to live in subtle world with body of light. You are asked to rest your mind on God alone, you are also an incorporeal being like the God, you have to remove your intellect from body (ego) and bodily beings. All what you see will be transformed, you have to go to soul world and come in golden age.You have to remember the soul world and golden age at this time.

If you have evil spirits of five vices within, how can you become virtuous? Give introduction of God-Father to the people. Only One God Father purifies the souls. By making the people to write down, they will not argue with you. The connection with the God-Father and the father of human kind – Adam are to be explained. You receive inheritance at this time.



Essence for Dharana:

1. Do not trap your intellect in any bodily being. You have to keep an accurate record of remembrance. You must never cry.

 2. You have to stabilize yourself in your original religion of peace. Do not wander around searching for peace. Liberate everyone from that wandering. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness.

Blessing: May you be double light and transform “mine” into “Yours” and become free from all attractions.

 While serving your lokik relation always have the awareness that they do not belong to you, that they are all the Father’s children. The Father has made you an instrument to serve them. You are not living at home, but at a service place. All of “mine” has now become “Yours”. Even “this body” is not “mine”. There is attraction in “mine”. When all “mine” finishes, then no one can pull your mind or intellect towards him or herself. Only those who transform “mine” into “Yours” in spiritual life can remain double-light.

 Slogan: In order to become obstacle-proof, accumulate your treasure of blessings.

Monday, 25 June 2012

when someone is forceful,you learn lesson of being patient and tolerant.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim the tilak of self-sovereignty for 21 births, forget the consciousness of the body including your own body and remember the one Father.

 Question: Which aspect of the poor children’s wisdom makes the Father happy, and what advice does He give to such children?

 Answer: The poor children who think that they should use all their worthless possessions in a worthwhile way in Baba’s service and accumulate their fortune for the future 21 births; Baba is very pleased on seeing the wisdom of such children. Baba gives them first-class advice: Children, become trustees. Do not consider things to be your own. Look after your children; look after everything as a trustee. Improve your life with knowledge and become kings of kings.

 Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Sweet Children,

You children understand that you receive Godly direction here, only once, now. Whatever has happened once in world cycle will repeat again every 5000years.

God is known as the Purifier, the One who gives salvation. You understand that God is everything for you. He is the Highest on High who creates fortune for you. There is one Incorporeal Father and one physical Father. By remembrance – love , you receive love in return from the God-Father.

God gives only one Mantra for everyone, and only the One gives this elevated Mantra to remember Him. You come here to create your own fortune. The world of happiness is golden age. Now you are in the world of sorrows – iron age. You receive direction from the God-Father through Adam-Brahma.

You receive this great Mantra from God to remember Him alone. To remember only Him, you have to forget the body consciousness and bodily religions and relations. By considering yourself as a body, you remember all the bodily relations.

Consider youself as a soul and remain in soul consciousness. Leave the body consciousness. In golden age, you remain in soul consciousness and in iron age, you are in body consciousness. You never just become soul consciousness but also you understand about God and His creations at this confluence age.

Only at this confluence age, you get the real knowledge of God and rule the kingdom in golden age. In golden age, no one speaks about theist or atheist. At this time, no one in the world knows about God and His creation, and hence God is called as omnipresent – present everywhere (which is not true).

God makes you do spiritual effort, wants you to forget the body consciousness and the bodily relations, and remember Him alone in soul consciousness. This is known as the Great Mantra by which you create the fortune of golden age.

You become self-independent to rule the kingdom in the new world. This is the world of sorrows. Now, you become soul conscious. Our world is the soul world where God-Father resides. God gives the Mahamantra to remember Him alone.

Whatever bondages of sin you have are to be settled by the power of remembrance. You have to become free from disease. You listen directly from God-Father, God has come to show you the easy path. You tell God-Father that you forget Him. Father says,you don’t forget your physical father who makes you impure, then how can you forget the One who makes you pure?

Bharat was the world of heaven. You have forgotten that you were the deities. Even 5000 years before there was iron age and it will become golden aged, like it had happened before.

Remain in the household, remember God-Father, become pure. God says, Lust is the greatest  enemy. Even earlier this has been told in the Gita (5000 years before) and had made you win over the lust. Now, the world of vices must come to an end. Those who are instrument souls are creating the world of heaven.

Deities never appear in the world of vices. You know that you are becoming deities – human beings with all virtues – once again. Now, you are becoming elevated once again. Many children say that storms of obstacles come. Father says, obstacles come because you forget God-Father and then you never follow the direction of God-Father.

Only God-Father teaches you. There is Charioteer and the Chariot. There is nothing of any chariot. It is about Soul and the body.

You become a trustee, you say everything belong to You.Father says, do every action being a trustee. You have to follow the direction of God-Father. Whatever little you have, you offer to God and remain a trustee. You take care of your household and children.

You have to remember the God-Father. God-Father says you receive inheritance only from God-Father not from any human beings. You imbibe manners at this time. You have to become free from vices. There is no other difficulty, it is simplest of all. Still you say that you have forgotten, the ghost (of obstacle) has come. Father says, control the ghost of vices. For this, look within yourselves, have I become virtuous?

The residents of Bharat are the most fortunate ones. Consider yourself as a soul, then you will leave the body at the end in a very good way. You know that Bharat was very ancient, it was a heaven. Children come again to receive the inheritance from the God-Father. Whatever has happened till now is accurately according to the world drama.

Doctors never become afraid of plague, they have to eradicate the plague. You have been calling out for God-Father to remove you from the world of sorrows and give you happiness. God takes you souls back home becoming a guide. Then you come down number-wise according to the role you have to play, starting from golden age till iron age.

Now, you know in practical that you were deities with all virtues. You have come here to create your fortune. God explains the essence of all Vedas and scriptures. Deities are shown in subtle world at this time. This is the sacrificial fire of Rudr (God). Even earlier-5000years before, this sacrificial fire was created. When you become pure, you will go in golden age.


Essence for dharna:

1. Remove the evil spirits that are in you and become worthy of changing from an ordinary man into Narayan. Check in the mirror of your heart and see to what extent you have become worthy.

 2. Consider yourself to be a soul and become bodiless and remember the Father. Practise forgetting the consciousness of the body.

Blessing: May you be an image of experience who doesn’t see anything bad in something that is bad but learns the lesson of goodness.

 Even if something is completely bad, there must still be one or two good things about itself. Everything has within itself something merged to teach the lesson of goodness because everything becomes instrumental to make us experienced. It also teaches us the lesson of patience. At the time when someone is being forceful, you just learn the lesson of being patient and tolerant. This is why it is said that whatever is happening is good and whatever is still to happen will be even better. You simply need the intellect to pick up goodness. Do not see the bad things, but pick up the goodness instead and you will become number one.

 Slogan: In order to remain constantly happy transform bad things into something good with the power of silence.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Determined thought to have good feelings and wishes for all brings success.

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Sandhesh on Mamma’s day

Every child has to become victorious child like Mamma. To become victorious, early morning when you remember God-Father, after receiving the power from God-Father, create a thought that whatever test paper comes in the form of Maya-obstacles, I have to become victorious through determined thought.

Have good blessings good wishes towards every soul, then check this every night if you had good wishes and good feelings for all whatever others say or do.  If good feeling is not there at any time, repent for it with God-Father. Mamma said, if you repent now, God-Father becomes happy with you, otherwise you will have to face the Supreme Judge at the end.

Create a determined thought to become victorious and to make others victorious.

You are all instrument souls who have good wishes to benefit everyone. This good feelings and good wishes are to be there always.

Now, bring the time of completion closer. The sufferings are increasing, our brother and sisters are suffering, now bring your kingdom closer.

Now, it is the time for fast spiritual effort, the days become worse day by day, so invoke your golden age kingdom and bring closer.

You instrument souls will become instrumental in creating pure offspring by the power of yog.

Create a determined thought that whatever actions you do, you will do it with determined thought. Success means determined thought. Together, create the thought to finish the world of suffering and bring the world of happiness closer.

God-Father said, I did. If you keep this in your awareness and perform action, you will receive the co-operation and support of Mamma, Baba and Drama. Remember this gift all the time to become victorious and bring the time of completion closer.

Om shanti.


Essence: Sweet children, you should not become trapped by the name and form of any bodily being. Become bodiless and remember the Father and your lifespan will increase and you will continue to become free from disease.

 Question: What are the main signs of sensible children?

Answer: 1. Sensible ones firstly imbibe knowledge themselves and then inspire others. The clouds fill themselves and then go and shower on others. They do not yawn at the time of studying. It is the teachers’ responsibility to bring here only those who become refreshed and who then go and shower on others.

 2. Only those who remain in yoga accurately, who help in creating a powerful atmosphere and who do not create obstacles, are the ones who should come here. Here, silence should be observed all around; there should be no noise of any kind.

 Song: Salutations to Shiva (God, the Benefactor).

Sweet Children,

The soul and Supreme soul is the embodiment of peace (the meaning of om shanti). God-Father says, you never experience peace from outside but from within. At this time, you just have to remember the God-Father. You must not get entangled in the image and form. You must remember only the God-Father by which you will become healthy.

The deities (human beings of golden age) remain decorated (with virtues). You have to forget the body and bodily beings and remember the bodiless Incorporeal God-Father.

You have the bondage of sins on your head, without remembering the God-Father you can not reduce the sins. The one who becomes No.1 impure, becomes No.1 pure. The God-Father is the most loving whom you must remember doing all action.

You must have deep love for God-Father, not towards any bodily beings, by which you will become healthy.

Sri Krishna will come once again in golden age like in the previous world cycle.

You children know that Paradise existed 3000years before Christ, you can calculate the duration of world cycle by yourself.

You remain completely virtuous in golden age. The scriptures are created in the name of Religious founders. God-Father says, remove your intellect from the old things and rest your mind on One God, remove your attachment from all beings and things.

In golden age, you would know that you have to leave one body and take another once you reach old age. In golden age, even the animals live with lot of love.

You have to make this spiritual effort, you have to remember the God-Father - who is your Father, Teacher and the Satguru - not Adam-Brahma or any deities. Then you will come in golden age.

You listen to this knowledge and make others imbibe this knowledge. You have to remain cautious at this time. To the extent possible, you have to remain in remembrance of God-Father. You receive direction to remain in remembrance of God-Father, to experience silence.

When you detach from body, you will feel yourself as a soul to experience peace-silence, instantly. When you remember the God-Father, your sins will be removed and you benefit by this. To the extent possible, remember the most sweetest God-Father.  

God-Father says, become soul conscious. You receive this inheritance of heavenly income in every world cycle. You listen to this true story and become the true master of heaven.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remain detached from the body and practise stabilising yourself in the religion of the self. Remember the most beloved Father to whatever extent you can. Remove every thread of attachment from everything.

 2. Pay full attention to the study and have blessings and mercy for yourself. Break the intellect’s yoga away from the limited and connect it to the Unlimited. Sacrifice yourself fully by belonging to the Father.

Blessing: May you be an image that attracts by imbibing the fragrance of complete purity as well as colour and beauty.

 By becoming children of God, all of you have got colour and your form has also been transformed. However, the fragrance is numberwise. In order to be an image that attracts, together with colour and beauty, you also need the fragrance of complete purity. Purity does not mean just celibacy but also to be free from attachment. Your mind should not be attached to anyone apart from the Father. Be celibate with your body, in your relationships and also in your sanskars. Only spiritual roses with such fragrance become images that attract.

 Slogan: Recognize the real truth and it will become easy to experience supersensuous happiness.

Hopelessness and arrogance do not allow you to become great.

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Points to Churn from the Murli of June 24, 2012 (19-2-1957 & 23-1-1975)
Praise of Baba:
The Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the souls, the children of God, are stabilized in our forms of peace...we listen to the knowledge, understand it, churn on it, sit in yoga and remove all body consciousness...we become soul conscious, imbibe all the main points of inculcation and the divine virtues given by God Himself, put them in use in practical life and become the conquerors of maya...we forget the consciousness of the body, break all other bodily relationships and connect our yoga with the One God....we take power from God and make our lives worthwhile... while playing our part in this body, we control our own actions, become free from the bondages of karma, and become karmateet...we are the deities of the golden age enjoying our reward of the highest stage of liberation-in-life...
2.   By playing our roles with the Father at every step and in every divine activity, we, the souls, with the powerful awareness of our positions and occupations, attain multimillions at each step...we are the elevated soul conscious children of God with elevated original forms and elevated stabilizing ourselves in the elevated position of being the destroyers of obstacles, we finish all adverse situations... by setting ourselves in the elevated seat given to us by the Father at the confluence age, we automatically and constantly maintain the awareness of our stage of self respect...we are the great world actors who transform our actions and sanskars, have the intoxication of our own land and language and receive blessings of being elevated...
3.   By becoming free of false pride, ego of our accomplishments, arrogance of our possessions, body consciousness, ego of the body, the arrogance of the body, we, the souls, become soul conscious (while performing actions), soul conscious (in remembrance), spiritually conscious, God conscious, have knowledge of God, obtain blessings from God, and are made fortunate by God...we are pure, polite and humble instruments for world renewal...we are the intense effort-makers who become threaded in the rosary of victory... by sitting on the throne of world service, we sit on the throne of the kingdom of the world...

Blessing: May you be free from hopelessness and arrogance and bring about renewal through your humility.
Never become hopeless in your efforts. “I have to do this. I have to become this.” “The rosary of victory is my memorial”. Become victorious with this awareness. Do not give a place to hopelessness in yourself for even a second or a minute. Hopelessness and arrogance do not allow you to become great. Those who have arrogance easily have a feeling of being insulted. Therefore, become free from these two things and become humble and you will be able to bring about renewal.

Slogan: Be seated on the throne of world service and you will be able to receive the throne of the kingdom of the world.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Where there is love,there is no effort.It becomes natural.

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Essence: Sweet children, repent (understand, experience and release) sincerely for your sins by staying in remembrance and you will become conquerors of sinful actions and your past karmic accounts will be settled.

 Question: Which children are easily able to renounce everything?

Answer: The children who have internal disinterest in everything are easily able to renounce everything. You children should no longer have any desire of wanting to wear, to eat, to do something etc. You have to renounce the whole world including your own body. The Father has come to give you heaven on the palms of your hands and so your intellect’s yoga should be removed from this old world.

 Song: Mother, o mother, you are the fortune of the world!

Sweet Children,

It is said those who become No.1 Charitable soul become No.1 sinful soul. Then he once again becomes No.1 charitable soul. He has to make a lot of effort certainly because like God, he also has to become a teacher and teach others.

Illness is caused according to karmic accounts of so many births. So, you need not have to fear about it. With happiness you have to settle the karmic accounts and pass the test paper. Because, the karmic accounts are created by yourself. The settlement can happen by remembrance of One God-Father.

You have to study this knowledge till you live on this earth, you have to remember God-Father till the end. You have to settle all the karmic accounts here, with happiness.

There are various types of unlimited karmic accounts, to be settled. You have to settle them in various ways. There is unlimited happiness in golden age.  When the soul leaves the body, it takes birth through another body. The body of human being is never used unlike the body of animals, when they leave the body. The impure body of human being is not used for anything.

Yours is the unlimited Father who is remembered for half of the world cycle. The True child of God, one who listens to this True Gita, has to remain completely virtuous and pure.  The people of the world who listens to the worldly Gita never remain pure. This  True Gita is the mother of all scriptures, is unknown to the world.

The God is praised the most than any deities.  Although people worship deities, no one can give them the liberation and liberation in life. Now you are in iron age, you had lived in golden age earlier. There is only one World Mother. Jagadamba – Saraswati – Eve is the daughter of Adam-Brahma at this confluence age. She cannot be called as wife at this time. Even in scriptures, Brahma is not shown with wife.

Even Adam-Brahma is adopted by God-Father to give knowledge to the world. Then World Mother – Eve is adopted for the world service. God gives you knowledge directly. God comes to you personally to give the knowledge, through Adam-Brahma. Adam – Brahma never teaches you but God Himself.

The Supreme God-Father is known as the Ocean of knowledge not Adam-Brahma, the father of human kind. The golden age – heaven appears on earth. Subtle world is present up above. The world far beyond is soul world where souls reside. You rule the kingdom in golden age – heaven in Bharat.  You never become king for the soul world.

This creation one earth is physical world. The Bharat – India was heaven earlier and will become heaven once again. When people leave the body, it is said, they go to heaven which is not true. The heaven exists on earth not up above. Now, the world is impure now, which was pure earlier. Hence, the pure world of heaven is known as world beyond (parlok).

When you go into retirement iron age, the golden age is known as the world afar – beyond and is known as pa(a)rlok.

Now, you say that you will rule the New world once again. Everyone makes the spiritual effort according to their fortune. Those who study well, imbibe knowledge, become king of the golden age. You transform the world in to heaven. Bharat was heaven, deities ruled the kingdom, but nothing exists now. Once again the golden aged heaven has to be created. The golden palaces will be built once again.

We will become prince princess once again through this college. You are the students of this college which belong to the God-Father Himself. You study to attain kingdom. In the past lives, kings attain their kingdom by doing a lot of charity. You children are adopted by God-Father , study this knowledge and attain kingdom.

The prince and princess of golden age study in a very good and royal college. The students go to college in Pushpak vimaan, the aeroplane which is present outside their palaces. You never have to walk to the college. The college consists of beautiful garden and palaces, remain No.1 in the world. The five elements remain completely pure. You were served by the five elements by creating best fruits and flowers for you. Everything will be created for you.

Whenever the beautiful, best flower and fruit is created for the first time, it is offered to the King and Queen (of golden age) as a gift. Here, your father is ShivBaba (Benefactor Father) who does not have a body to consume any food, still you offer food through the body of Adam-Brahma. In reality what you would feed to the Incorporeal highest God-Father? He never has any desire for any food or dress. Even you children must not have any such type of desires.

If you enjoy the pleasure of physical objects here, your fortune of happiness, of golden age, will be reduced. Here, you have to sacrifice yourself completely by your intellect, die alive to the God-Father. You need not have to make any effort, to sacrifice, when there is true love for the God-Father.

God-Father has come with the gift of heaven for you children. Wife never forgets the husband, here you never forget the God-Father. By God’s remembrance your sins are removed , you receive liberation and liberation in life. Here, you have to remember God in silence with faith in your intellect. God transforms the impure to pure. You have to remember God-Father constantly, known as Manmanabhav.

The One who Purifies the impure souls, One who gives salvation for all souls is only One God-Father. Only He has to be remembered not the first Prince of golden age Sri Krishna or any other deities. When you remember Me, you will become the King who become victorious over the vices.

From copper age, you start coming down the ladder, fall in vice. In golden age, there is nothing of attachment. Children and everyone remain happy constantly in golden age. There will be many souls who would serve you. You study now in such a college by which you become Prince Princess of golden age.

There is a difference between king and queen of this time and Great King and Great Queen of golden age. Now, you know there is no essence in doing charity or devotion at this time. The world has to become old according to the world drama, in all aspects like purity, anger, devotion, etc., People fight a lot against each other at this time even try to kill own father and take the wealth.

This world of vices and impurity is about to get transformed, the world of golden age is to arrive very soon.


Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become a pure charitable soul, make effort to stay in remembrance. You have to settle your karmic accounts, pass with honours and return home with honour. Therefore, do not be afraid of the suffering of past actions, but settle your accounts in happiness.

 2. Always stay in the intoxication that you are becoming future princes and princesses. This is the college for becoming princes and princesses.

 Blessing: May you be a soul who is an embodiment of success and receives good fruit from the seed of good thoughts.

 All thoughts of a soul who is an embodiment of success for the self and others are successful. Such souls receive success in every action. Whatever words they speak also become practical and this is why they are said to be words of truth. Every thought, word and deed of souls who are embodiments of success prove to be practical and do not go to waste. If the seed of thought is very good, but the fruit that emerges is not good, then the soil of determined inculcation is not good or there is something lacking in paying attention.

 Slogan: In order to become free from waves of sorrow, be a karma yogi and then perform actions.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Remember God in silence even whilst doing action,make life easy.

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Essence: Sweet children, it is now the stage of retirement for all of you. You now have to return home. Therefore, remember the Father and the home. Become pure and finish all your accounts.

 Question: What is the patience that the Father gives you children?

Answer: Children, there will be many varieties of obstacle in this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. However, you have to have patience. When your influence spreads, countless people will come and they will all bow their heads in front of you. Then the bonds of those in bondage will finish. The more you remember the Father, the more your bonds will continue to break, and you will become conquerors of sinful actions.

 Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,

God Father is teaching the highest study at this time to you illiterate poor mothers.  Here, God has come to relieve you from the jail of Ravan-to liberate you from sorrows. Then you will go back to home along with God-Father.

God-Father knows that no one can receive liberation in the midst of this world drama. Every soul has to become impure. The original foundation of the ancient religion gets degraded but some memories are left out. If there is no memories, how souls can remember about them.

You know that Lakshmi Narayan were the Prince and Princess – Krishna and Radha at their younger age. Deities cannot come in impure world. God speaks the Gita but Krishna’s name is given to Gita. In reality the deities like Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar live only in subtle world.  Human beings live on earth. Sri Lakshmi is devi (goddess) and Sri Narayan is devta (god). In reality, you belong to the deity religion, which gives a lot of happiness.

Not every religious follower comes in golden age but those who got converted to other religion and those who belong to the original religion. God takes birth in Bharat. God has come to relieve you from the world of sufferings. This world is the vicious Rajasthan, God takes you to the virtuous deity Rajasthan.

God just asks you to remember Him and the inheritance of heaven. You need not have to say anything through words, even in mind. You just have to remember God in silence, doing household works. Make effort to remain pure being at home. Tell that God gives direction in dreams to remain pure.

Now, it is the time for judgement. You are in the retirement stage. God speaks to the whole world, Now, it is the retirement stage for all souls of the world. Every soul has to return home (soul world). So, souls have to remember the home. Otherwise God never gives you any trouble, it is very easy to remember God in silence.

Remain at home, prepare food, but do it in remembrance of God-Father. You remember your husband about his needs, here God is the husband of all husbands. Even if you don’t get holidays, still you can remember God being anywhere. You can receive the complete inheritance by remembrance of God-Father.

There will be obstacles in this sacrificial fire of knowledge, there has to be courage in this spiritual path. Tell everyone to remember God-Father and receive the inheritance. You have to remember only God-Father, not any deity.

If you remember God from now, you will remember God whilst leaving the body. All the obstacles will come to an end. Take medicine for health, at the same time remember God-Father. By remembering God-Father, your bondage of relations will also be relieved. The more you remember the God-Father, that much sinful action will be removed. There is also bondage of sinful actions. Lust is the number one sinful action.  You have to become victorious over vicious actions. At the end you will become karmateet, free from bondage of all actions. Then the account of happiness will begin.

It is easy for the businessmen to finish old accounts and start new. The more you remember, that much you will accumulate. Unless you remember, how it will be accumulated. God-Father never gives you any difficulty, you need not have to keep wandering, like you have been doing birth after birth.

God explains you the Truth and hence it is said, God is Truth. All others are false. What God teaches and what human being teaches, this is as per the world drama. Once again it will repeat. By following the direction of God-Father, you will attain the elevated status.

You make effort to go to golden age where there will not be any vicious sins. Those who never follow the direction of God-Father are known as non-believer of God.

Shrimat is to make you elevated. God has taught you in every world cycle. Scriptures belong to devotion. People have lot of regard for scriptures and images. Now, God says, forget all these.

1) Become a point completely.

2) Apply full stop.

3) Don’t listen to anything else. Hear No evil, See no evil, Talk no evil. Other than God-Father, don’t listen to anyone’s direction.

4) Become soul conscious,

5) forget everything else.

You soul listen through the physical organs. However much effort others make they cannot receive liberation or liberation in life. People study this knowledge if they have it in their fortune. It is very easy to explain to others, You just have to make others remember God and the inheritance of heaven. This is known as Manmanabhav in Sanskrit.

Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind. Then who is great. If you remember God-Father, you will receive the inheritance.  Many would come to this knowledge, where they would go? You know that you are creating heaven with your body, mind and wealth. Ask about relationship of God and Adam with the souls.

Supreme Soul Supreme Father creates New world of purity through Adam-Brahma. People say God becomes a worshipper. If God becomes a worshipper, how He would make souls pure? You souls become worshipworthy to worshipper.

It is said, Son shows Father, Father shows Son.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become a clever businessman, finish all the old accounts and begin the new account of happiness. Stay in remembrance and cut away the bonds of sin. Be patient and do not rush.

 2. While preparing food at home, and performing every action, stay in remembrance of the Father. Fill your aprons with the imperishable jewels of knowledge that the Father gives you and donate them to others.

Blessing: May you remain unshakeable and immovable and free from any upheaval of “Why?” or “What?” by applying the tilak of the three dots at amrit vela.

 BapDada always says: Apply the tilak of the three dots at amrit vela every day. You are a dot, the Father is a dot and whatever happened or whatever is to happen is nothing new, and so put a full stop. To apply the tilak of the three dots means to maintain your awareness. You will then remain unshakeable and immovable throughout the day and the upheaval of “Why?” and “What?” will finish. Whenever any situation arises, put a full stop at that moment. It is nothing new, it had to happen and so it is happening and so just continue to watch as a detached observer and continue to move forward.

 Slogan: Finish the force of the flow of waste thoughts with the power of transformation and you will become powerful.

Become free from illness by the remembrance of God.


Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim the full reward of 21 births, sacrifice yourselves completely to the Father, not by half measure. To sacrifice the self means to belong to the Father.

Question: For understanding which deep aspect do you need an unlimited intellect?

Answer: This is a predestined unlimited drama. That which has passed in the drama is said to have finished. We will return home and then our roles will begin afresh once again. An unlimited intellect is needed to understand this deep aspect. Only the unlimited Father gives the knowledge of the unlimited creation.

Question: What is it that makes people cry out in distress whereas you children are happy about it?

Answer: Ignorant people cry out at even a little bit of sickness, whereas you children become happy because you understand that it is an old karmic account that is being settled.

Song: You spent the night sleeping and the day eating!

Essence for dharna:

1. Bring benefit to your clan on the basis of shrimat. Make your entire clan pure. Give your true account to the Father.

2. With the power of remembrance, make your body free from disease. Sacrifice yourself completely to the Father. Break the intellect’s yoga away from all others and connect it to the One.

Blessing: May you perform the dance of happiness by being light with pure thoughts and elevated company and thereby become an spiritual angel.

For you  children, everyday’s murli are of pure thoughts. You receive so many pure thoughts from the Father every day, early in the morning. Keep your intellect busy in these pure thoughts and stay constantly in the Father’s company and you will become light and continue to dance in happiness. The easy way to remain happy is to remain constantly light. Pure thoughts are light whereas wasteful thoughts are heavy. Therefore, remain constantly busy in pure thoughts and become light and continue to perform the dance of happiness for only then will you be said to be an alokik angel.

Slogan: The form of the sustenance of God’s love is an easy yogi life.

Points to Churn from the Murli of June 21, 2012

Praise of Baba:

The Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Unlimited Father...the Seed of the human world tree...the Unlimited Master...the God of Knowledge...the Creator...Star...the Main Actor...the Director... Karankaravanhar ... the Ocean of Knowledge...Altruistic...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:

1.   In the Beneficial Kumbh mela of the confluence age, in the beautiful meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul, we, the souls, sacrifice completely to the Father and claim the full reward for 21 births...we are the easy yogis who attain sustenance in the form of God’s love...

 2.   By getting the knowledge of the creation from the Unlimited Father, the unlimited knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the cycle from the Unlimited Master, by knowing the deep secrets of the unlimited drama, we, the souls, become the trikaldarshi unlimited children...with the understanding that past is past, and that which has passed in the drama is finished, by happily settling our karmic accounts through illness, we attain the inheritance of purity, peace and happiness, liberation and liberation-in-life from the Father, and become the deities of the sun dynasty...

3.   We, the souls, attain the spiritual knowledge from the God of Knowledge...we are the God fatherly students of the God fatherly  knowledge ... we are the raj yogis who have disinterest in the old world, the old costume, the old sanskars, old relationships and connections...we break all other relationships and connect the yoga of our intellect with the One...we sit in remembrance of  the Father at dawn, become free from diseases and enjoy a long life span...we are the world servers giving our full accounts, we are decorated by the Father, and we salvage and uplift our clan on the basis of shrimat by purifying them ...

4.   We, the souls, are the fortunate alokik angels with happy faces and dispositions, dancing in happiness...we regularly and punctually listen to the murli every day, receive pure thoughts from the Father early in the morning and keep our intellects busy, keep constant company of the Father and become light by speaking elevated words and performing elevated actions...