Thursday, 31 October 2013

Do 7 days course and read this Murli everyday being at home healing diseases of mind and body.

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Sweet Children,

The soul has to remember the GodFather, the Creator of New World.

All souls belong to one GodFather and hence they are brothers amongst each other.

God plays the role of Father, Mother, Teacher and True Guide.

The Maya ghost – vices creates obstacles from remembering GodFather. It is the role of ghost to give pain to each other. Even in Bible, it is mentioned about ghost. In golden and silver ages, ghosts never exist.

Once again, the new world-heaven is being established at this time.

GodFather is one for all souls who takes maximum 84births.

This RajaYoga is taught by the GodFather Himself.

People keep their intellect wandering amongst relatives, become body conscious. In yoga-remembrance, even your body discomfort will come to an end, your disease will be over, pain disappears and you will experience happiness from GodFather.

The attachment is also a ghost, takes you away from GodFather. It is the role of ghost to turn you away from GodFather.

Sri Krishna and GodFather are praised differently.

In remembrance of GodFather, you remain happy, you get rid of body consciousness.

I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma at his final birth and give knowledge to you children.

You make effort to receive complete inheritance from GodFather in every world cycle.

It is so easy that you can do seven days course and can read this Murli everyday being at home.


Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success who experiments with the power of silence with the instrument of pure thoughts.

The special instrument for the power of silence is pure thoughts. With this instrument of thoughts, you can see whatever you want as an embodiment of success. First of all, experiment with this on the self. Experiment with this on your physical illnesses and the form of karmic bondages will change into sweet relationships with the power of silence. With the power of silence, the suffering of karma, the severe bondages of karma, will be experienced as a line on water. Experiment with the power of silence on your body, mind and sanskars and become an embodiment of success.

Slogan: Become a lamp of the clan and glorify the name of the spiritual clan with the light of your awareness.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

soul repents about its sinful actions knowing its future,when it leaves the body.

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Sweet Children,

Souls have bondages of so many births, have to settle the karmic accounts by taking birth. You settle them by remembrance of GodFather. You have to forget this world of karmic bondages. The attachment towards the body has to be removed.

The poor ones are able to get rid of attachment to the body and understand knowledge very easily than the rich ones.

GodFather is known as the Lord of the poor. He protects the devotees, He is known as the Benefactor.

Souls who are free from attachment remain unlimited in their intellect, attain elevated status by sharing the knowledge of Creator and creations.

The Supreme Beloved makes you the king and queen for 21births.

The intellect keeps wandering in the bondages of the world. You must have relationship with only One GodFather.

For 1250 years you have knowledge – sato in nature, then other 1250 years you have devotion which changes from sato, rajo to tamo in nature.

You must get attached to the only One GodFather, so that the sins of various actions are removed.

You benefit only by knowing about One GodFather, you receive liberation and liberation in life through GodFather. You must also know about the world cycle.

More devotees are there in Bharat and GodFather gives knowledge only in Bharat.

When soul has to leave the body, it comes to know about its actions and it understands about its future.

You share the knowledge of GodFather with others and attain elevated status.


Mamma’s Murli

The real aim object is to know that I am a soul free from bondages initially (during the first appearance on earth) and now becoming free from bondages in remembrance of God.

GodFather says, get rid of the consciousness of body and bodily relations to stabilize in the original consciousness of soul.

The darkness of ignorance – vices are removed by the light of knowledge.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

God is the Magician who shows visions of various deities to the devotees.

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Sweet Children,

Children knows that You must go to the world of flowers from the world of thorns, through this study. In this iron age of thorns, people keep pricking each other (by vices).

The most important is, it is God, the Father of all souls is teaching you children. You study this knowledge when you have faith in GodFather.

Sri Krishna is not God. God is the Magician who shows visions of various deities to the devotees. Even Meera had seen the visions of Golden age.

The more you receive this knowledge, that much you attain elevated status.

God-Father explains you the essence of all scriptures through Adam-Brahma.

Being children of the GodFather, you receive the inheritance of heaven (on earth) for 21births.

Initially, there was only one religion (in golden and silver ages), later other religions appear.

You must explain about the Unlimited GodFather and limted physical father certainly, to everyone.

Now, you are at the end of iron age (confluence age) along with the GodFather, to go to heaven.

You children are Sita’s of one GodFather (Ram).

Bharat was pure with health, wealth and prosperity, now had become vicious. You make spiritual effort to become virtuous and transform Bharat (world) into virtuous-heaven.

By this study, you establish a Heavenly world. Those who are uneducated bow in front of educated.

The doubtful intellect fall down and the faithful intellect  becomes victorious.

I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you the Divine knowledge.

GodFather is teaching you easy RajaYoga at this time through the body of Adam-Brahma.

By this study, you become king of all kings. Souls take maximum 84numbers of births in 5000years world cycle.

Religious founders have followers. Here, you are all children of one GodFather, you cooperate with Me to establish Heaven on earth.


Monday, 28 October 2013

Soul consciousness, Seed stage and love in the gathering

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Avyakt Murlis


Finish the upheaval of the body and mind and become soul conscious.

At the end even this corporeal body of yours will become completely still and peaceful. There will be no further upheaval either in your mind or your body. Baba calls this the stage of soul consciousness.

Finish of all the leaves of the old sanskars and create the seed stage.

Make effort in the way so that all the leaves of the old sanskars and the bodily relations of the past can easily be shed, and you can stabilize yourself in the seed stage. Check yourself that when the time comes, none of the leaves of the old sanskars get stuck so that you have to struggle. Will the karmateet stage come easily or will some karmic bondages create any barriers? If there is any weakness, check yourself and try to fill in that gap.

Give regard to one another’s suggestions in order to maintain love within the gathering.

Even if someone gives an idea and you don’t like it, do not immediately reject their suggestion. First give regard to his ideas:”Yes, why not? It is very good.” By doing this, the force of their insistence is tempered a little. Then, when you explain, he or she will understand. If you instantly cut down their ideas, then there will be conflict between the forces of you both, and as a result, there will be no success. Therefore, it is essential to first give regard to each other’s suggestions. Only through this will the gathering continue with love.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

When you sow any seed in the ground of disinterest, it gives the fruit immediately.

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October 27, 2013 (Revised 03-04-1996)

Essence: Together with doing service, become free from your old and wasteful sanskars by having an attitude of unlimited disinterest.(behad ki vairaagy vritti)

The breath of this spiritual life is constant happiness. Those who pass with honour leave the body in just a second, never get stuck.

According to the time, children must check for the unlimited disinterest to create disinterest in souls and give introduction of GodFather. The unlimited disinterest remains constantly. If the unlimited disinterest is broken, the reason  is body consciousness.

Until there is disinterest from body, you never retain the unlimited disinterest forever.

Like body consciousness is natural, let the soul consciousness become natural. If there is body consciousness in any form (in relationship of body, bodily relations, things-luxuries, connection with old sanskars), unlimited disinterest cannot be constant.

If there is attraction towards anything, there cannot be disinterest. Check if you are free from the old sanskars. But sanskars keep attracting towards others in one or other form, there is trace of old sanskar which emerges at the right time.

There is weakness in disinterest due to the old sanskar. Where there is even a trace, it becomes huge and disturbs. When there is the war of sanskar, do you remain knowledge-full?

Those who are knowledge-full cannot be influenced by relations or sanskars.

Along with service, you must have attention for the unlimited disinterest.

By service, you receive happiness, and you also finish unlimited disinterest in service.

You receive regard from things and people but let the disinterest not finish. The things and luxuries are the reward of your spiritual effort but keep your spiritual effort of disinterest emerged like a lotus flower.

When you sow any seed in the ground of disinterest, it gives the fruit immediately.

Wherever you want, whenever you want, you must be able to stabilize yourself with the will power. If you want to apply full stop, it should not become a question mark. Do you have the will power or just power?

Many children remain in battle of thoughts while doing yoga. Will power is: you think something and it happens immediately in practical. The moment you want to stop waste thoughts or any action, it should happen immediately.

Blessing:  May you be a hero actor who constantly plays an elevated part by considering yourself to be on the unlimited stage.

All of you are the show-pieces who are placed in the showcase of the world. In the midst of the unlimited souls, you are on the biggest stage of all. Speak every word and perform every action in the awareness that the souls of the world are watching you. By doing so, your every role will be elevated and you will become a hero actor. Everyone has the feeling of receiving attainment from you instrument souls. So, children of the Bestower, constantly continue to give and continue to fulfill everyone's hopes.

Slogan:    When you have the power of Coolness (truth) within you, you will continue to receive happiness and power.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Stabilize in natural soul consciousness,free from waste thoughts and words of "mine"

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Sweet Children,

You children understand the meaning of Om shanti – I am a peaceful soul. You were asked to remember GodFather and the inheritance, every second. Consider yourself as a soul and remember the GodFather.

Child always remembers the physical father along with his inheritance. Because child never knows about GodFather, God had to appear on earth at this time. Devotional activities are different from Knowledge.

Sanyasis renounce and practice hathyoga which cannot be followed by every soul. Here, God teaches you Rajayoga by which everyone can attain elevated status.

Only One GodFather gives liberation in life. After the old world, new world will arrive.

Always know that you are a soul, to remember the GodFather. Here, GodFather speaks to you souls.

The Father of souls is incorporeal Supreme Soul. The father of humankind is Adam-Brahma.

The intellect becomes pure by remembering the GodFather. Soul and body becomes pure only in golden age, not in iron age.

Everyone is making effort at this time and at the end every soul becomes pure number-wise.

The faithful intellect becomes victorious.

I teach you the essence of all Vedas and scriptures.

This is an eternal predestined drama, God gives the inheritance of kingdom of world, in every world cycle.

You children go to the world of peace and happiness (golden age) via the soul world of peace. You children take 84births to move from the world of happiness to the world of sorrows, in this 5000years world cycle. Then you listen to this knowledge to regain the happiness.

In devotion, people call everything as mother and father. The iron age is known as unrighteous. The golden age is known as righteous. Bharat is known as the golden sparrow. God comes and makes Bharat in to heaven.

God is known as Supreme Soul because I remain in the Supreme abode all the time where all the souls reside. Now, you children receive the eternal treasures of knowledge by which you attain the double crowns, of physical crown made of diamond and crown of purity of light.

When souls lose the purity, they come down the ladder of 84births through different ages.

God says, I am Supreme Soul, hence I am known as the Supreme Father Supreme Soul. You become deities – virtuous human beings by the power of knowledge.

Only God comes and gives the right introduction about Him and the secrets of world cycle. I come at the confluence of unlimited night and unlimited day of the world. I come and give you this knowledge in every world cycle.

This world cycle keeps repeating and only you children understand this.

You have to share this knowledge with others.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Check,if someone comes to you,they forget body and feel soul? It is a wonder that children forget the GodFather,the most Beloved.

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Sweet Children,

GodFather asks souls with mind and intellect to have patience, no one can say this. People at this time are unhappy. GodFather has come to give you happiness.

Infact God’s elevated versions are for the whole world. It is only One GodFather who gives liberation in life, happiness to all souls. None other.

Children must have faith that you reach the days of happiness if you follow the directions of GodFather.

You must not get disturbed by the situations. There is limited renunciation and yours is unlimited renunciation.

It is not that you believe only when you have visions but by intellect.

You receive the gift of heaven for 21 births, there is also the study of world cycle.

You children have to make elevated spiritual effort to attain elevated status.

There is Father of souls - GodFather and there is the father of humankind – Adam,Brahma.

There is also Eve-Saraswathi, the daughter of Adam-Brahma at this confluence age.

You only benefit at this time through all actions because God is only Benefactor.

If you don’t remember GodFather but take rest during this time of spiritual pilgrimage, you never get rid of the sins. You never get rid of sins during sleep.

To get rid of sins of various births, you have to remember GodFather.

Check yourself, if someone comes to you, they forget the body and feel the soul?

You have to make the complete world virtuous-pure by the power of yog. The more you remember GodFather, that much you will benefit the world by the power of purity.

You children receive more happiness at the same time more sorrow unlike the souls who follow the religious founders. The souls who come at the end experience short period of happiness and sorrow. Yours is the period of 84births unlike others who take very few births.

This knowledge is only for you children who play the roles from the beginning till end of the world cycle.

You must share with everyone that the days of happiness is about to come.

You are in the battlefield, have to battle against the Maya in various forms. There will be victory even for maya, otherwise everyone will attain elevated status.

It is a wonder that children forget the GodFather, the most Beloved.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

When you keep the company of GodFather constantly, there is nothing difficult.

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Children are in the intoxication that they have received the GodFather. You move in your spiritual life easily with sacrifice and interest, and also you receive from God in return.

There are lack of two powers to handle the war of maya. One is the lack of the power to face and other is the power to discriminate and decide. The reason is you don’t keep GodFather with you always. The easy method to have these powers is to remain in the stage of authority in the company of GodFather.

By not able to discriminate, there is no concentration and there are waste and vicious thoughts.

Instead of opposing maya, you become companion of maya, you leave the position of being victorious over maya.

The small mistake of mixing the direction of mind with Godly direction opens the door for entering maya due to carelessness and laziness.

You also have to pass through the thoughts like , it is the destiny, my role is like this, how long it is going to continue.To reach the higher stage, you have to pass through these stages and hence keep the Companion with you to pass over all the obstacles.

See Father, Follow Father, have courage to receive the help from GodFather.

Do not take the support of anyone other than the GodFather because the support being powerless cannot support you.

GodFather likes the stable stage of you children. You must remain stable, unshakeable, strong all the time.

Those who remain Master knowledge-full, constantly success-full, happy, those who remain free from all attractions of maya, those who have reached close to the aim object, to them Namaste.

You receive the unlimited reward of even for a simple act of service, for various births. Do you perform the service together through mind, words and actions? Along with words, you also have to serve together through the good thoughts and wishes. To become success , you have to do all three service together. You should not repeat like a pundit just by words. The one who is knowledge-full  does three types of service together, you have to become GodConscious not image conscious during the service.

If you have mercy with benefit for souls in mind, then the soul conscious will awake in others, never be mechanical in doing service.

If you keep the true company of GodFather, you will experience the treasure of happiness constantly, there will be effect of company of Truth. You will not feel any type of burden. Let every second, you have the company of God. When you belong to GodFather, whatever belongs to Him belongs to you.

Do you remain in the intoxication of God, attainments of present and future constantly? If you remember GodFather constantly, you will have the intoxication of being master almighty authority. The children of almighty authority will always remain complete.

Whenever there are obstacles, do you have the method to remain free from obstacles easily? When you keep the company of GodFather constantly, there is nothing difficult. If you leave the company of God, you become weak and for the weak, even the small obstacles seem to be difficult.

Pandav means, those who remain in the awareness of GodFather. Being in the company of GodFather, you challenge the obstacle to become victorious. Do you become afraid of maya or pass over the obstacles? Being a Trikaldarshi, you know how to pass over the obstacles.

The sign of you children of God is, to remain happy constantly, dance in happiness. When you remain happy , the feet of the intellect will remain above the conscious of body and bodily relations but remain in soul consciousness in the world of souls.

Friday, 18 October 2013

You have to use your body, mind and wealth for Godly service.

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Sweet Children,

The Innocent Lord speaks to you children, being Truth.  GodFather makes your treasure house, of purity, peace and prosperity, full. In Golden age, your treasure house was full but later maya had made you lose everything.

People never know about the period of golden age and world cycle. Bharat was the land of happiness, now had become the land of sorrow. Only GodFather, the Ocean of knowledge can explain about the world cycle.

People worship deities but the limited reward and happiness given to all only by Me. I am also the benefactor of unlimited happiness. I never give sorrow to any.

You have come to receive the inheritance of happiness through Me by this study. I prepare you, to take you to the world of happiness and there are others who will go to the land of peace – soul world.

People sacrifice the body in the Kashi culvert to get rid of limited sins temporarily. Here, you offer  self to GodFather being alive and follow the directions of GodFather. You children get rid of vices-sinful actions completely.

When the world has become old at this time, it should also become new at a later date.

People make deities, worship them and throw them into the sea, it is like they play the game of dolls, worship of dolls.

Now you transform from devilish clan to the deity – virtuous clan.

At this time, every soul is sinful. You are a soul, have not seen your soul. Soul,being a point of light, you have neither seen soul nor Supreme Soul. Supreme soul is the ocean of knowledge and peace.

You attain elevated status in golden age by making others worthy – virtuous.

Now, GodFather comes on earth and creates the golden age by making souls do the spiritual effort, according to the predestined world drama.

Those who do a good service of making souls virtuous attain elevated status like King of golden age. The vicious kings bow in front of virtuous kings.

World mother fulfils all the desires, people ask only wealth with Sri Lakshmi. Now, you children receive the eternal wealth of knowledge through GodFather. In golden age, vicious sins never exist.

GodFather establishes heavenly kingdom once again at this most beneficial confluence age of app. 100 years. In golden age, every one remains happy and wealthy.

God is only One. God transforms the old Bharat into New at this time. In new world, the soldiers never exist, partitions never happen there. Only one king rules the whole world. Now, you must receive the eternal happiness from Me.

You have to use your body, mind and wealth for Godly service. Everything will come to an end, once the battle begins.


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hey souls, remember Me, so that you will attain liberation in life at the end, become master of heaven.

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Sweet Children,

The Ocean of knowledge, the Ocean of virtues, these praises belong only to One Highest GodFather. He is not any saint or sadhu.

The Incorporeal GodFather is the unlimited GodFather and Mother.

You children have been remembering GodFather in every world cycle. God is the highest and the sweetest, He is present with you children at this time, teaching you the most elevated knowledge free of cost.

Only God gives you the reward of devotion (in various form).

Poor ones study well and attain elevated status. Here, you have to understand about the world cycle which no human being understands.

The Seed of the world human tree is only One GodFather.

People follow the direction of maya (vices) and you follow the direction of One GodFather.

In reality, Supreme God of all souls is only One GodFather.

God is not omnipresent, He is the unlimited GodFather.

You receive unlimited inheritance at this confluence age, through the GodFather.

People call the Brahm element as God which is not true. Soul sparkles at the centre of eyebrow. The tiny point of soul has the record of all births.

This world drama is a predestined one. Soul leaves one body and takes another, the soul’s role is eternally recorded and it repeats in every world cycle. Soul takes maximum up to 84births.

You children must become a stick for the blind-ignorant ones.

The new world is being established at this time. God explains you the essence of Vedas and scriptures through the body of Adam-Brahma.

The father of human kind must be available on earth, He cannot be called as the Ocean of knowledge. Only God is the ocean of knowledge.

This knowledge depends upon how much you imbibe within.

God gives the inheritance of land of peace (soul world) and land of happiness (golden age) to you children. Now, you children make spiritual effort to receive the inheritance of happiness by this study and by teaching others.

When someone dies, they say that they have become a resident of heaven which is not true. People call souls and feed them. The ancient or father of all souls is only one Supreme Soul.

You have the power of yoga, the soul becomes pure-virtuous by the power of yoga.

The One who shares knowledge is the most beloved to Me. You must remember GodFather, there is nothing to speak about.

Now, souls have to go back home and hence you must rest your mind on Me to get rid of sinful actions. Become soul conscious. It is God who makes you perform through the soul.

Hey souls, remember Me, so that you will attain liberation in life at the end, become master of heaven.

You must become very very sweet in nature like the GodFather.

Souls have become vicious along with the body and hence soul remembers the GodFather.

Only one GodFather remains pure – stainless all the time unlike souls.