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"Shrimat Bhagawad Gita" - Sri Sri Shiv Bhagawan Uvacha......The Only prevailing Truth about Raja Yoga.

The Elevated Spiritual Effort – To practice
Excerpts from the book: “Shrimat Bhagawad Gita”
Sri Sri Shiva Bhagawan Uvacha…….The Only Prevailing Truth about Raja Yoga

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Stages of Raja Yoga
1.                  Checking
2.                  Action
3.                  Practice
4.                  Stage
5.                  Transformation
6.                  Balance
7.                  Consciousness
8.                  None but Only One
9.                  Concentration
10.              Karmateet

1. Desire  (itchcha) will not allow you to become good (achcha).  Food, drink, clothes, way of interacting, living and coming into connection with others – see that none of these things are taking the form of an obstacle. 
2. As long as you have any desires, you are unable to oppose Maya completely.  As long as you cannot oppose her (samna), you cannot become equal (samaan), that is, you cannot fulfil your promise. 
3. The different weakness are Lack of power in awareness, virtues, spirituality, will power in attitude, attention to incorporeal stage, influence of atmosphere, contentment in remembrance (awareness), avyakt (bodiless) and angelic stage. 
4. Only with the volcanic fire of yoga, not with ordinary yoga will the burden of the sanskars of the past burn. All name and trace has to be destroyed. The transformation of sanskars is a matter to be specially underlined.  Because the sanskars are not transformed, there are also waste thoughts.  There is time wasted and wasteful loss incurred. 
5. Check throughout the day: To what extent was the power of discrimination accurate in the timetable of the whole day?  And, where was there a need for correction and addition?  After doing that, there definitely is automatic correction.  You have to underline whether the action is elevated or ordinary.  If there are mixed actions, ordinary as well as elevated, then the success is also mixed. When the influence of the time or circumstance, the influence of the company or of the dictates of the mind become light, the divine intellect does its own work.
6. A pure life means there is no name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness.  So, throughout the day, check: At any time, do I experience any wave of sorrow or peacelessness?  Even if there is a scene of sorrow, where you have the power of purity, you don’t experience sorrow in any scene of sorrow.
7. If there is the slightest experience of sorrow or peacelessness, there is definitely the influence of one type of impurity(desires) or another. To be a conqueror of lust means to be victorious over 4 desires of physical possessions, to attain something limited from people, arise in fulfilling relationships, within the intention to do service, limited desires also arise.
8. Check and bid farewell for (1) attachment, (2) tension and (3) weakness which creates obstacles in success. Instead imbibe self consciousness, remove body (I and mine) consciousness which is the cause of all tensions and help others move forward.
9. Check every day if I remain healthy, wealthy, happy and holy. Recognize even a little bit of illness and instantly modify it with unlimited, broad and knowledgeable intellect or by taking support.

1. Early to bed early to rise.
2. Importance of Early morning hours meditation (Amritvela) is to receive sustenance by the Divine for the whole day making every action easy.
3. Due to your making the atmosphere powerful with your attitude, others attitude and internal vibrations will change.  Along with love, there is a need to fill the souls with power from your own form of power.

1. Will power to attach and detach from actions and body through attitude of unlimited disinterest
2. Powerful Ruler of Mind: Being a ruler, if a situation is very delicate and you order your mind and intellect to just see a game as a detached observer, it will not cause any opposition. Finish everything wasteful and impure to become unshakeable. Experience every power, experience every virtue.  Become so experienced that anyone who comes to you is able to attain something through your experience.
3. To be incorporeal at one moment, to be angelic in the next and to be karma yogis in the corporeal form in the next: it should not take long. 
4. The way to settle all the old debts is to keep your intellect constantly clear. Any type of burden changes the yoga of the intellect into the suffering of karmic accounts. The lighter you keep your intellect, the power of yoga and the power of the intellect will easily enable you to achieve success by right decisions.
5. In order to create an elevated stage for self and others, always have the practice of merging the expansion into its essence and of stabilising yourself in the essence. Those who remain stable in such a stage can never be influenced by any being, objects, atmosphere, vibrations, attitude or vision.  
6. Instead of experiencing the seed stage, do not get caught up in the upheavals of the expansion of the tree, that is, in the tree of many thoughts. You spiritual souls have weight, that is, a gross intellect.  Remove this burden and become those with a subtle intellect.  
7. Let there be the exercise of the intellect becoming bodiless again and again. Do not take extra food of waste thoughts. Subtlety of the intellect and lightness of the soul is the personality of spiritual life.
8. Finishing agitation inside us knowing that, in order to finish falsehood, you also need the power of truth free from force and anger.
9. The sign of truth (satyata) is manners (sabhyata), humility not stubbornness.
10. Never have a tug of war of pulling something towards your self. Whatever you receive easily is elevated fortune.
11. Easy Nature means to be in harmony but not careless. Do not have a tight nature of being too official and at the wrong time. You should be able to mould yourself and be flexible.
12. With cheerful face, simply remain happy with love and never let your mood go off during action and tension, even with those who defame or insult you.
13. The happiness of the mind transforms the little bit of tolerance into happiness. The way to become a detached observer of illness of body, mind, intellect is to be a trustee. 
14. Detached from the old nature and sanskars.  To try to prove yourself right by stubbornness is also a sign of being influenced by your old sanskars.
15. The practice to attach and detach with mind and body with ease and constantly remain detached from physical awareness known as being beyond the influence of action (karmateet).
16. Practice having a strict vision, a strict attitude and a strict awareness to stop disturbing thoughts of self and others.

1. Prepare your stage by being light, with powerful thought, vision, clean and clear intellect and speech of practical thoughts, words and actions.
2. Unshakeable and Immovable self awareness for constant stage.
3. Stages of Spirituality: spiritual effort maker, liberated in life and bodiless stage even whilst being in the body.
4. Wasteful thoughts: By having wasteful thoughts mixed in, you are not able to become powerful and successful. The fewer thoughts you create, the more powerful they will be.
5. To have self-respect means to be aware of the original stage.  Through this, your body consciousness will finish and you will have no conflict of nature with anyone.
6. When you experiment with yoga, the powers and the virtues, then first of all check whether there is the main basis, that is, whether there is the power of the soul, the Godly power and the stage of lightness.  When there is the double-light of the stage and form, you will very easily be able to attain success in your experiments.
7. The more you become introverted and remain stable in sweet silence, the more experiences you will be able to give to all souls through the three languages of Eyes, Feelings and Thoughts. No matter how far away someone is, and even if you don't have any facilities of communication, with the language of thoughts, you can give anyone a message.
8. Do not let obstacles sit down with you as your guests. They should just come and go. Elevated yogis are those who remain deeply absorbed in love. You now need to have the stage of being a constant yogi.  Become engrossed in inventing a method for this;

1. Transform the labour of the mind (includes body, wealth and relationships) to love by knowing the importance and invoking the powers, to become free from disease.
2. Transform karmic bondages into karma yoga experiencing lightness in form, action and stage.

1. Constantly maintain a (1) balance of self awareness and action, being entertaining and serious, take divine (2) blessings during early morning hours and lead a (3) blissful life.
2. The person is deceived by the influence of action and senses. It is possible to play all the human roles and still remain free from different types of sorrow. This is attained by maintaining a balance between bodiless stage and Karma yogi stage which can be realized by natural attention on our natural nature. And being in our natural nature we are able to transform the nature of self and others in a natural way.
3. Balance of love and power (detachment), power to accommodate and tolerate. To simply merge yourself in love is being physical.
4. Equanimity: Have a balance of being loving (Angelic state of bliss) and detached (Incorporeal state of silence). If there is balance, there will be a wonder and also an income.  If there is even a little bit more or a little bit less, then neither would it be a wonder nor an income. 
5. Equanimity with good wishes and vision of a benefactor being a detached observer during praise and defamation, victory and defeat gives contentment for self and others leading to a blissful life. Balance to be maintained for love and power, dharma and karma, solitude and entertaining nature, mature and harmonious.
6. Receive blessings from self, others and God by maintaining a balance of mind and body, self awareness and action with complete knowledge, self-respect and humility, physical and spiritual relationship, detached and loving, responsibility and lightness, happiness (attainment) and flying stage.

1. I, the Soul is the Ruler and Subjects are the Mind, Intellect and Sanskars.
2. Consciousness of being Incorporeal, Egoless and Vice-less create good wishes and elevated relationship and connections.
3. Come into action being incorporeal (point of light).
4. Give experience of peace, power and other qualities of self awareness.
5. Be aware of the incorporeal form to become free from negative thoughts and obstacles.
6. By being Incorporeal while in action, you are able to invoke powers at the right time.
7. Action Conscious mind: You don't become so body conscious, but that you become action conscious to a greater extent. Revise and Check your consciousness again and again. 
8. Those who have a fast speed will never stop under any circumstances. The basis of attaining power and happiness is elevated action.  An action is elevated when the action and yoga both take place at the same time.  Constantly check that you are a yogi whilst performing every action. If you look at everything (bondage) with the vision of receiving co-operation, you can enjoy yourself.
9. Maya first cuts the connection of the intellect through which light, might, powers and the company of knowledge are automatically stopped, that is, Maya makes you unconscious.  
10. When there is power in your words, that is, together with love, there should be such power in your words that their hearts are pierced. On the one hand, continue to hammer them and on the other hand, give them love.  
11. To be completely light; not even to have the burden of a body? Check if all your accounts of your sanskars and nature etc. have finished.  Only when you become light to this extent can you become a guide and take others high up.  
12. Constantly make yourself move forward with self-restraint. When you are angry, you lose self awareness and intellect becomes unconscious.
13. Along with purity, being unshakeable (constantly self aware) in upheaval make you victorious.
14. If you constantly have sense, then those who are sensible are never affected by anyone and anything.
15. Since the eternal form of the soul is of happiness, how could there be sorrow? When you move away from your eternal form, you experience sorrow.
16. Constant self awareness protects from becoming lazy.
17. Bring powers to the plans with the essence-seed of self-awareness, not coming into tension, to accumulate time and thoughts leading to happiness.

None but Only One
1. Satopradhan mind: See the role of other souls as a detached observer and donate power through good wishes and pure feelings to them.  Do not be afraid.  Be stable in your satopradhan role by constantly connected with One Divine.  
2. Thoughts of constant peace and rest: There can only be either the best (elevated) or waste. If you are not absorbed in deep love for the One, then there are definitely obstacles.
3. There should be such current of Godly power that it throws Maya far away, whilst walking and moving around, there should be that connection at every second to receive the current of all powers.  And when you continue to receive all powers, you remain constantly happy; your sorrow finishes.
4. The experience of all relationships with One God.  Underline the word “all”, not just a relationship. The three signs are: experience, attainment and satisfaction, a constantly satisfied soul.
5. Always have the company in the intellect and there will always be the Father’s hand of co-operation in every task. The love of the mind and the company of the intellect.
6. Accurate Spiritual Endeavour is all four, the mind, the intellect, the heart and the body should sit together with the Father (Divine) in a stage equal to the Father.  Those who are constantly with the Father through their spiritual endeavour experience everything to be new, newness in every moment, and it is multifold.
7. You have to become karma-yogis, not karma-sannyasis.  Although you have to remain in a gathering and be loving, you must let the one Father and none other be the support for your intellect.  
8. Revise and realize the soul as you walk and move around, and experience the combined form of the Father (Divine) with determination, concentration and being economical in thoughts, words, relationships and connections, nature and sanskars.
9. To be an embodiment of knowledge and to renounce even the thoughts and constantly absorbed in the Father's (Divine’s) love, merged in the Ocean of Knowledge, Bliss, Happiness and Peace. 
10. In One Father (Divine) alone there should be the experience of all achievements of the world. There should be just One, and only One. It makes one experience being like the Father (Bapsaman).
11. Fortune of mind: The fortune of mind is always cheerful ignorant of desires known as manmanabhav, resting the mind on none but One.

1. Mind control, Determination and Success through the Power of Concentration
2. To have heart-to-heart conversation with souls, to transform the nature and sanskars of souls, to forge a connection with the Supreme Father, to give blessings of peace, power and health, -from a distance-, to souls who are unaccomplished, peaceless, unhappy and diseased, you especially need the power of concentration; concentration of thoughts and stability of stage.  The basis of these is introspection. Give others the experience of spiritual effort, elevated stage and spiritual power.
3. Wherever there is the power of concentration, all other powers accompany it. Concentration power will automatically lead to clarity of mind, and an elevated stage. 
4. The power of concentration easily enables you to experience the avyakt (bodiless soul conscious) angelic stage. Being a Master, when you are able to stabilise your mind where you want, as you want and for as long as you want, that is called having the mind under your control. With the power of Concentration and being a master you become free from obstacles.
5. Meditation and Medicine should go together but by Meditation the name and trace of the illness finishes. Meditation is the medicine for a tension-free life.  The basis for any invention is concentration with your thought power.

1. Having an Unlimited disinterest and experience Karmateet being beyond the influence of actions
2. Ruler of the mind: When you say, “Stop”, it should stop.  If you tell it to work, it starts to work.  This practice will bring you closer to the karmateet stage.  
3. Knowing the self as you are: You have to be bodiless whilst being in the body, avyakt whilst being in the vyakt form, an angel whilst walking and moving around, and karmateet whilst performing karma.  
4. The closer you come to your final karmateet stage, you will experience silence (golden aged stage) and super sensuous joy for a longer period and invoke other souls for enlightenment. This is called world benefactor stage where you can communicate and give vision from a distance. Let there be balance in your every deed, thought and word, in your relationships and connections.